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Mar. 16 ~ Mar. 21

Bin Laden's Poltergeist?
By Nicholas
Mar. 21, 2008

I'm sure most everyone that keeps track of the News knows that an audio tape supposedly sent by Osama Bin Laden has just been released wherein he accuses the Pope of generating a new crusade. The audio tape stated its initiation was all due to more insulting cartoons no less.

Years ago CNN, the BBC, Fox News, the Telegraph and a host of other International News sources both reputable and not reported Bin Laden died a peaceful death three months after 911 due to lung problems. The fact the US government was unable to find him, even though they found Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole in the ground speaks volumes.

The only videos we see of him for the last 6 years or so are either from pre-911, or they are from proven imposters who's faces are easily demonstrated to be someone else. For example, Click here to see the "fake Bin Laden" they got caught using on October 30, 2004. Curiously enough, after being exposed so easily that day, no more "recent" videos of Bin Laden speaking of current events have ever been aired again. Only audio's, or old video clips of him years earlier testing automatic weapons, strolling in the desert, or sitting on the floor of some hotel room conversing with friends. In fact, the article stated the video posted the other day only, "...carried what appeared to be an old picture of bin Laden firing an assault rifle." Even an Egyptian Newspaper posted his obituary as well as his last will and testament on December 26, 2001.

If you search this out online you will that in the year 2002 alone there were 6 audio tapes proven to be fakes that the US released as authentic. The CIA just yesterday stated the most recent audio was authentic as well. However, the Israeli Intelligence announced in October of 2002 that Bin Laden was long dead, and all the new videos surfacing were found to be fakes. So why do they want to keep him alive so badly?

When you get time, type "Bush and Bin Laden family" into your favorite search engine. You're not going to like what you see. Turns out, the Bush family and the Bin Ladens are personal friends. It's also been uncovered recently that the two families have many business connections and like-minded interestsWhat most Americans are unaware of is that Osama's eldest brother, Salem, was one of Bush's first business partners. There are literally hundreds of websites documenting all this. What's worse, the Bush family has been known to stay in the Bin Laden home whenever they visit the Middle East. That in itself speaks volumes to their involvement.

One thing I discovered when researching this information today was that many alternate News outlets reported that certain comments made by "Bin Laden" actually clinched Bush's second term in office. If Bin Laden was alive, would he not want Bush out of office? I can go on and on and on about all the connections between the American government and Middle East Oil, but I don't want this to be about the Bush Oil Dynasty. There is a far more sinister culprit lurking about that needs to be pointed out.

Irregardless of the fact that all of this is nothing more then a deliberately designed religious war hell-bent on making certain aspects of Christianity outlawed, all the tapes aired over the last 7 years lead me to believe Rome and certain Vatican controlled offices of the American government are responsible for this recent audio tape. For example, back in 2004 the man acting for Bin Laden stated, "...we are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy." He's talking about his Arabs friends raising the oil prices of course. Yet, nothing is being done about this via D.C. or any EU nation being financially strangled by high gas prices. Look at the simple reality of all this. If they really have evidence the Arabs are purposely raising the oil prices to force an economic collapse as this tape proposes, why I ask is there is no all out war against Saudi Arabia? For a nation to set out to financially destroy another nation is an act of war! However, it's not just America suffering high gas prices, is it.

Are you sitting down?

What I'm about to say may seem as a shock. It's so easy to see I am amazed no one has ever noticed it before. Wide eyed reality proves that every single solitary nation on earth, with the exception of Saudi Arabia that is, is presently suffering exorbitant oil prices and tottering on the brink of economic collapse. Yet no one is doing anything about it?

A global order of business is being orchestrated right before our eyes! Think about it... If it was really one nation against all the others, then there would be evidence of this in at least a few dozen of the 192 nations on earth. However, not a singe nation out of the 192 nations is seeking war with Saudi Arabia. Plus, never do you hear about Oil Sheiks talking about ruling the world!

Truth is, it's only the Vatican, and nations being controlled by Rome that push the New World Order forward that echo such things. Rome has 175 nations in her pocket right now. If she wanted to do something massive on a global scale she already has all the ducks in a row she needs to do it. The rest that refuse to bow to her, are at war or about to be at war. Whatever the case, if they are not in agreement with Rome, they are cut off from the global voice to do anything about it anyway. They simply can't say what they know about all this.

What I see here is that the Arabians simply have an agreement with the Vatican to hike up the prices globally, and the other 175 nations are in agreement to keep quite on this. Where the others that aren't, well you know. Is this why the Vatican keeps having meetings with heads of nations instead of heads of churches the last few decades? No-brainer eh? Soon a day will come where the Vatican, or it's main puppet, will step up with a wonderfully simple new idea for a fix to all this.

It all has to do with control!

The political leaders bowing to Rome are all in on this. Look at the obvious here for a minute. These leaders are millionaires. Big gas prices at the pump won't bother them at all. Every time they get in a gas guzzling limo that burns three times the gas of a Hummer because of it's extra weight due to all the bullet proof shielding, they right it off as a business expense. It simply never affects them in the slightest manner. Even if their nation's economy collapses, they will still be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Take Russia when it fell. Where their political leaders standing in bread lines? Of course not!

So... Who is being affected by all this?

Look around and you will see that all of the people on Earth outside of the political workforce are the only ones suffering because of all this. Every nation is being bogged down with high gas prices forcing "only" the private citizens to suffer. No war is declared, no light at the end of the tunnel, it's just the usual lies that "oil reserves are diminishing," so keep car-pooling, turn down the thermostats, get your wife a job, and buy the over priced Hybrids. 

Back in the 70's they started to test the "sheeple" with this lie and it appears it worked. They rationed the gasoline for weeks, and long lines at the pump had angers flaring, yet we still have plenty of oil 30 years later with 2 billion more people on earth, and who knows how many more drivers. If this fairy tale about oil shortages was true, why is it the prices always go back down a few pennies, and sometimes even a few dimes every other month or so? If the oil is really disappearing like they claim, it should NEVER go back down in price, only up. Truth is, a new article just came out yesterday where the headline reads...

Shell exec says world not running out of oil.
...data produced by the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration currently shows
1.3 trillion barrels of proven oil reserves worldwide, more than ever in recorded history, despite a doubling in world oil consumption since the 1970s.

If anyone knows about the oil reserves it has to be those that count on them for their livelihood right? One more obvious fact is this. If it was really a lack of oil, why is it Americans aren't paying less? Don't we presently have oil fields on American soil that produce quite well? Don't we now control Iraq, one of the biggest oil fields on earth? Yet our prices continue to rise like everyone else because it's a global plan to control the masses.

They need to keep the villain of choice alive so they can continue to stage terrorist threats against the people each and every time they need to get public approval for more laws. I am always reminded of the pre-911 desire of the U.S. government to have armed guards on airplanes. The people balked and Congress lost the approval by a landslide of opposition. Directly after 911 the American people begged them to put armed guards on the planes. Now I know this is not the main reason for 911. But it is a perk for their side nonetheless! Fear moves the masses into any avenue they please. If Bin Laden's ghost can be kept alive long enough, they can use his name to enact more and more controlling laws on those they seek to enslave. The article hit the nail on the head when they said, "...when Osama bin Laden talks, people listen." This is why they use him even after he died. He's their star spokesman!

The mark of the beast will fail miserably without a terrorist agenda being kept alive and always at the ready to help them control the sheeple. It's the perfect war scenario! They can tell the people of their respective nations that they are at war for literally hundreds of years using this fear factor. (That is of course if Christ tarries much longer) A war like this is fairly cheap to keep active, and quite effective to boot. A few carefully placed terrorist attacks can generate months worth of positive Press for their agenda! Think of it. Instead of an expensive "shock and awe" campaign costing hundreds of billions of dollars, they can now use a comic strip to generate a reason to threaten or even carry out a terrorist attack.

Bin Laden said the publication of the cartoons was a graver offence than the "bombing of modest villages that collapsed over our women children", in reference to U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan with European participation. "This is the bigger catastrophe ... for which the punishment is graver."

You have got to be kidding me! This is truly unbelievable. Yes, they hold their so called prophet in high esteem. But for them to suggest a an insulting cartoon of him is far worse then killing their own women and children!? No, I simply don't believe it. Who are they kidding here? All I see here is a way to get the sheeple to believe that a simple, and quite inexpensive political cartoon can set off a threat or even an attack killing scores of people. That way, instead of wasting billions on weapons of mass destruction, the Vatican puppets in the EU or US can merely draw a cartoon of Mohammed. Scare the masses into more controlling laws by the threat of an attack. And if that doesn't work, they can actually carry out the threatened attack with a small bomb for a few dollars and presto changeo, instant and utter compliance! Amazing how economical Bin Laden is making it for them now isn't it? He is a literal cash cow for Rome!

By the way.. Do you recall when Bin Laden announced he was not responsible for 911 directly after the attacks? The American government suppressed the videotape stating there was "secret code" in the video with instructions for the next attack. Their excuse was made to appear as if they were protecting us. Yet, all the rest of his videos and audio's, fake or legit since then were released? No more secret code? Or is it really there is no more Osama Bin Laden?

One last thing...

The fact the Pope is mentioned is a major red flag. This is an old and quite worn out method used by Hitler and other madmen in the past. In fact, even Marvel Comic book writers use it if I'm not mistaken. The real scoundrels have their fabricated villain put the blame back on themselves to come off as the poor innocent victim. The press has gotten billions around the world to believe Osama Bin Laden is Satan himself on steroids the last few years. Thanks to their efforts, anything he "supposedly" says is suspect at best. Especially if he points his finger at the true villain, and especially if the villain is "wondered after" and even worshipped as the pope is. When this is done, most will instantly disagree with the author that the pope is to blame, and therefore in no way connected with whatever is laid out in the statement. Rome actually makes the audio clip, and then blames itself for the reason for the tape, and everyone will instantly erase them from consideration because the evil evil Osama Bin Laden said he was a naughty Pope. The Vatican has many loyal followers, and they know the normal response to the Pope being blamed for such a thing is for the sheeple to gasp, stumble pack a pace or two, cover their mouths, widen their eyes, and cry out, "how can they accuse such a holy man of such an evil act!?" I know, I get emails like that on a regular basis. Difference is, I can back up what I preach with both the biblical as well as documented historical facts.

 VIDEO of Lindsey Williams proving there is enough oil in Alaska to supply the USA for 400 years and lower gas prices to less then $1.50 a gallon.

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Sabbath Expert?
By Nicholas
Mar. 19, 2008
On March 16, 2008 World Net Daily (WND) released an article regarding the Sabbath of the Creator God and the obvious war stirring among Christians concerning which day of the week in which it resides. I am presently working on a new video entitled, "Sabbath Justified" because of this ongoing issue in my little corner of the world. I also plan to have a tract made as well.

Turns out, there are many biblical facts most churches fail to mention regarding the Sabbath day for the sole purpose of hiding the truth. The WND article is just another example of how they do this. In the article they go back and forth, up and down, left and right and all around the truth in such a way that confusion settles in, which in turn causes the seeker to walk away with their head spinning. It also makes the Sabbath look like a meaty doctrine mere babes in Christ can't hope to comprehend. Nothing can be farther from the truth! It's actually one of the most basic truths there is. 

I must say I am surprised at WND's approach to this. It actually appears they are purposely clouding the issue with a bevy of supposed "experts" so as to make the Truth appear out of reach for both the young in Christ as well as the seasoned Christian. Most young Christians have a problem studying in the Bible as it is because they feel it's too difficult to understand. The scoffers of biblical jurisprudence feed on that thought process with a Hell inspired frenzy. False teachers use this to their advantage in the hopes of making themselves appear authoritative, thereby causing the seeker to look to them for understanding and wisdom, instead of the Scriptures themselves. Truth is, the Word of God is designed so that even a child can understand them if properly introduced.

  • 2 Timothy 3:15-17, "And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:  That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works."

One basic reality that can blast all this demonic foolishness spinning around the Sabbath away is the Lord God Himself. Where is their faith!? How can people believe the very God that created them, and all that is seen and unseen, is somehow incapable of writing a book His own children can understand?

This Babylonian method of confusing the simple truth, which forces the seeker to look to so called men of God for help, is the main staple in the growth of Roman Catholicism. Like the Pharisees of old, the prelates of Rome and their cohorts crave the adoration of mankind over and above the Creator Himself. Such hypocrites blow their trumpets loud so they can been seen of men and glorified in their eyes. If they crave such fleeting rewards, let them have it!  "...as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." -Joshua 24:15

One thing I did like in the article was that they did admit no one was ever able to use a bible to refute the fact that Sabbath was never changed by God. However, this and my previous remarks is not the main reason I chose to comment on this article. It has to do with a certain "Sabbath excerpt" they mention in the article. I find his mention particularly concerning because of his history and his connection with the SDA church.

A well-known expert on the Sabbath is Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, a retired theology professor at Andrews University in Michigan. Bacchiocchi earned his doctorate in Church History at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and was awarded a gold medal by Pope Paul VI for his summa cum laude class work and dissertation, "From Sabbath to Sunday: A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity."

This article, like the books this man authors, are nothing more then a method for Bacchiocchi to gain fame and notoriety so as to be a cog in the wheel of deception brought on by Rome. (I will explain in a moment) He needs to be put out front to do the work he was fashioned by Rome to do. Secondly, is Bacchiocchi truly an "expert" on the Sabbath of the Lord because he wrote a book on it? If so, then why does he proclaim in his book titled, "From Sabbath to Sunday" that Sunday is the Lord's day over 50 times in the first 160 pages of that 369 page book? In fact, on pages 122-23 of his book he states "The Lord's day" is one of three things:

  1. Weekly Sunday
  2. Easter Sunday
  3. The day of the Second Coming

Bacchiocchi stresses that "The Lord's day" is one of these three, but never can it be associated with the seventh day Sabbath. If Dr Bacchiocchi was truly a Sabbath keeper and bible scholar as he exclaims, he would know the prophet Isaiah said the following about the seventh day Sabbath of the Creator God...

  • Isaiah 58:13, "...the Sabbath, ...my holy day"

One more thing becomes quite clear regarding Mr Bacchiocchi's claim that the Lord's day is Sunday is that if he was truly a Seventh day Adventist, as he claims to be, then he would know that the Prophet his church holds dear also said plainly...

"`I [John] was in the Spirit on the Lord's day...' The Lord's day is the seventh-day, the Sabbath of creation. On the day that God sanctified and blessed, Christ signified `By His angel unto His servant John' things that must come to pass before the close of the world's history..." Testimonies, vol 6, p 128. par 2

"The Lord's day mentioned by John was the Sabbath, the day on which Jehovah rested after the great work of creation, and which he blessed and sanctified because He had rested upon it." The Sanctified Life, p 74.

Ellen White, the woman the SDA church declares is a prophet, clearly defines the day John the Apostles called "The Lord's day" was in fact Sabbath day. On page 360 of Bacchiocchi's book "From Sabbath to Sunday" he also preaches the ceremonial laws mentioned in Colossians 2:16,17 included the seventh day Sabbath, and thereby nullified it at the cross. In other words, he echoes what Rome has been saying for just over 15 centuries that Sabbath was done away with at the cross! Bacchiocchi also went so far as to say...

"...Paul rejected the Sabbath as a means of salvation but accepted it as a shadow pointing to the substance which belongs to Christ." From Sabbath To Sunday, p 369

Without getting into an in depth Bible study to prove this is Roman theology, the same Prophet he and his Seventh day Adventist church supposedly holds dear said many years ago that...

 "The moral law was never a type or a shadow. It existed before man's creation, and will endure as long as God's throne remains. God could not change nor alter one precept of His law in order to save man; for the law is the foundation of His government." Selected Messages, book 1, p 239-40.

Why is it the SDA church is agreeing with and promoting Bacchiocchi's unbiblical books? This confusion is an alarming fruit of Roman Catholicism my friends. For the SDA church to stand by Bacchiocchi's side, is to embrace truth with lies in the same fashion Rome has done for almost 2000 years. Is this why they cropped their name down from Seventh day Adventist recently to just plain "Adventist?" or is it the dozens of SDA churches now holding services on Sunday that testifies to their agreement with Rome? Not to mention the hundreds of dogmatic statements echoing the Vatican's Roman doctrine. In any event, it's not good for those trapped in this church. Pray for them.

The article goes on to say Bacchiocchi received his doctorate in Church history at the main Jesuit University inside the Vatican itself. I ask, since when does the Pope, or any friend of the Pope allow a Seventh day Adventist minister inside their walls to investigate Roman Dogma? Unless... they are there doing it for Rome itself. This happens to be what I was hinting at earlier when I said he was seeking notoriety to be a better voice for Rome. Dr Bacchiocchi is not a true Sabbath keeper my friends. It is beginning to appear as if he is actually a Jesuit priest masquerading as an SDA minister. I base this assumption on facts discovered over the years. Not only do his books prove this out, the camera itself provides undeniable evidence on this. Click the picture at the top of this article. It will take you to a page filled with pictures exposing the amazing apostasy running rampant in the SDA church today. When you get there, scroll to pictures # 27, 28, 29, & 30. I will let the pictures speak their 1000 words for them.

By the way, the SDA Recorder reported on March 17, 1986 that Pope Paul VI gave Bacchiocchi a gold medal for his work. The SDA of old would never have accepted such a medal. This was the church that was called (in the ninth hour) to expose the beast in Rome. It has now proven itself to have been taken by the beast completely in the 11th hour as prophecied it would be. What cuts my heart is that so many SDA brethren are still blind to such blunt facts. Please pray for them!

For more information on Samuele Bacchiocchi, and additional statements from his books, click here. Once there use the "CTRL F" feature all websites have built in and put "Bacchiocchi" in the query box. Give the page time to load. It's a huge book.

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Vatican wound healing
By Nicholas
Mar. 17, 2008
First off I would like to formally thank everyone for the comments as well as email links to all the articles of interest I have been receiving on a daily basis. You have made it so much easier to share the current events that illustrate the times we live in to countless souls around the world. I am getting emails on a regular basis now thanking for the pertinent information they are being blessed with thanks to the work we are doing as a team. So please, keep the emails coming in. Don't worry if you think it's a trivial article. If I can use it here, I will! If not, I'll store it for later use, or place it on the "articles of interest" page on the site. So again...Thank you!

On March 13, 2008 a Roman Catholic priest in Rwanda had his prison sentence of a mere 15 years thankfully extended to life in prison for his Hitler-like genocidal war crimes against 1500 innocent men, women and children he burned alive after they sought shelter in a church. This insane Roman Catholic priest ordered the torturous deaths of 1500 men, women and children in true Roman Catholic form. The article doesn't say they were Christians. But one has to wonder if this is the case after knowing of Rome's well documented hatred of Christians.

I am sure, as are all those witnesses, that the Vatican ok'd this priest's actions in the hopes he would never be found out. History has amply educated us that only the Vatican can perform such hatred of their fellow man like this. The Vatican is without a doubt known by billions to be the true terrorist. This is why Hitler used such horrendous methods in his day. He was a proven puppet of the Roman church, who like those in Washington D.C., was only following orders of his superiors in Vatican City.

ARUSHA, Tanzania - A U.N. tribunal has extended the sentence of a priest to life in prison after upholding his war crimes conviction for ordering militiamen to burn and bulldoze a church with 1,500 people inside during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda's ruling came after Rwandan Roman Catholic priest Athanase Serombawar appealed his 2006 conviction, a tribunal statement posted on its Web site late Wednesday said. He was originally sentenced to 15 years in prison.

With all the power Rome has, I can safely assume the priest won't be serving anywhere near his entire sentence. However, if true repentance isn't on his agenda, he will be serving an eternal sentence not too long (prophetically speaking) after our Lord returns. So pray for him. Even the most vile sinner can still gain Heaven if they only repent. The Lord we worship is truly that merciful.

When I saw the number of people this "one" priest killed in one day, it reminded me of an article I received from the Law offices of Easton and Levy a few years back. By the way, these are the men exposing the Vatican for it's war crimes with Hitler in the global courtroom lately. One such article they released years ago was one that uncovered evidence wherein a Roman Catholic priest came up with a contest to see how many Jews could be killed without the use of bullets. The Nazi's needed the bullets for the war effort and wanted to come up with a way to empty the concentration camps to make room for new victims. This Roman Catholic priest used a club and a large machete like blade to demonstrate how easy it was for one man to kill 1500 people in one night. They of course later settled on using Cyanide thanks to fellow Catholic Karol Wojtyla's family business of Cyanide production. After Hitler was defeated, and his Nazi murderers became global criminals, Karol Wojtyla fled to the Vatican along with hundreds of other Nazi criminals in the infamous Vatican underground "rat line" to escape prosecution. He of course became a Catholic priest to better hide his identity. He later became Pope John Paul II. Another Nazi soldier named Joseph Ratzinger became the Pope Benedict XVI of today.

More then 500,000 were killed during this 100 day war in Rwanda that was obviously lead by the Roman church. Basic reality is, if one priest is known to be involved, rest assured the Vatican was directly involved in all the rest of the deaths. Where one priest is active, we have to know the Vatican is the culprit. Simple reasoning is that no priest is ever allowed to do such a vivid political act without first getting Vatican approval. We learned that in last Sunday's article thanks to Jesuit priest Malachi Martin's comments in his book, "The Keys of this Blood." He said on page 430 that, "The Vatican knows Saturday what will happen on Monday anywhere in the world." A political move as substantial as national genocide had to have been known and approved by the Vatican for any priest to kill a single soul. We have their own admission on this thanks to Malachi Martin documenting it for us. With that knowledge on hand, it is not surprising a Roman Catholic priest was caught blood red handed doing the very act. To kill 1500 men women and children, inside a church no less, had to be done openly as a show of force. Churches are in the center of town! This was a Roman Catholic terrorist act performed in broad daylight to control the people speaking out against this church!

The article did go on to say that not only nuns and priests were involved in the killings. Do you suppose the ones not caught thus far will eventually become nuns and priests to escape prosecution? Truth is, they still do this today. Some are even promoted in the ranks of Rome to escape prosecution like Cardinal Law was recently. Case in point, look at Ratzinger's recent escape from prosecution. All he needed to do was elect himself pope to escape prosecution in his molestation scandal. He was "Dean" of Cardinals when the election for the next Pope came to his table after John Paul II died. The Dean of Cardinals was the one usually managing the election process. A no brainer he had the most to gain by electing himself pope. Had he remained a Cardinal we would be watching his dirty laundry in the News today. Or at least until the Vatican forced the media to clam up.

When you see the Roman priests being convicted of such things on a regular basis, and you find that it was the church of Rome that first cornered the market in the use of torture on mere dissidents. You then begin to realize why you see the Roman Catholic controlled American government using torture. It becomes quite clear that yes this wound is indeed healing! The Vatican is once again showing it's bloodthirsty fruits on a global basis. In fact they are beginning to stand up as if they are proud of it.

"The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her good behaviour." -Western Watchman, (A Vatican publication) Dec. 24, 1908

If the media is announcing a Roman Catholic priest was convicted and sentenced to 15 years. And then his sentence is extended to life in prison after his appeal, it becomes obvious those that were offended demanded somewhat of a fall guy for Rome. Seriously! 500,000 dead has to have ruffled at least a few feathers! Yes, at times even Rome must take the carrot, but not without exacting payment from whoever it was that was "silenced" by this partial admission. Whenever Rome admits to an act in public, History has proven that it was only a fraction of the truth. They know if the whole truth comes out they would be exposed and ruined politically. Instead, they admit to a fraction to quench any difficulties from popping up later. For example, we know for a fact that over 500 million were killed by the Vatican during the prophecied dark ages. Yet on March 12, 2000 they refused to admit to the entire sum, and at the same time put the blame on parishioners instead of the prelates that did the actual murderous acts. What's worse, they stated twice since then that "it wasn't that bad" to try and soften the blow of reality. Did it work? Sure it did! When you bring up the fact the Vatican killed millions to a Catholic, they always say, "But the Pope apologized for that" and walk away the victor in their mind.

If Rome isn't behind the prophecied killings we see now being leaked in the media. Then explain why John Paul II re-opened the Office of Inquisition in February of 2001? This office was infamous for it's killings! By the way, the man he chose to run that office, which has been renamed recently to "the Holy Office," was none other then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI.

The article went on the say...

Thousands of Rwandans have turned away from Catholicism, angered and saddened by the complicity of church officials in the genocide. Priests, nuns and followers were implicated in the killings and some churches were sites of notorious massacres.

You know what amazes and me about all this? The Rwandans appear to be far wiser then Americans in that they left the church due to all this obvious wickedness. Yet, the tens of thousands of children molested in this nation alone by Roman Catholic priests over the last dozen or so decades has yet to force this church into a coast to coast bankruptcy, or even a government shutdown. They have closed and even burned some churches down for far less in this nation.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

Interesting tidbit: There are still 27 trials underway in regards to this Vatican lead genocide. We may not have seen the last of these Roman Catholic priests and nuns being sent to jail. At least now there are a few less mass-murderers running loose out there.

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