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Mar. 09 ~ Mar. 14

Immigration's smoking gun
By Nicholas
Mar. 14, 2008
A couple of weeks ago I did a short piece entitled "Open borders keep Vatican afloat" wherein I share my thoughts regarding the influx of illegal immigrants, and how they are a shot in the arm for the sinking Roman Catholic churches seeking to avoid bankruptcy. I'm sure it appears quite obvious to more then a few reporters whether they care to admit it or not that this Mexican invasion is a last ditch effort by Rome to not only save the churches, but create a major voting block for all sorts of Roman Catholic flavored laws. However, even with all this activity flooding into the media, I never thought the Jesuits would actually jump on their soapbox to proclaim open borders a good thing. Yes we know for a fact they're behind it. Their Roman fingerprints are all over this invasion making it a no brainer for even a novice researcher. But for them to admit it's a good thing so openly waves all sorts of red flags and spotlights of exposure right on them. Experience has shown, they don't usually like to stand in the limelight regarding such things. In fact I can't easily recall the last time they did anything like this to be honest. Who knows, perhaps this is a new public relations face for the Jesuits since the previous "black pope" stepped down recently and the new one stepped up. In any event, this is what the Jesuits had to say about the apparent Roman Catholic invasion into America.

As servants of Christ’s mission to protect the most vulnerable among us, and guided by Catholic Social Teaching, the Jesuit Conference has joined the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in calling for comprehensive immigration reform, one that would avoid militarization of the border, and instead

  • provide a path to legalization for the undocumented;
  • provide a path to legal work for future immigrants (by increasing the number of employment visas available);
  • expedite family reunification (by increasing the number of family-based visas available);
  • restoring due process rights (important for the protection of refugees and others);
  • focus on the development of migration sending countries.

...The Jesuit Conference’s “Immigrants Human Rights” initiative of the mid-1990s likewise was framed by Catholic Social Teaching in an effort to implement John Paul II’s Ecclesia In America.

Amazing how a foreign nation, namely Vatican City, can has such power handed to them in this nation to be able to dictate laws that directly affect Americans thousands of miles away from Rome itself. Washington D.C. is clamoring to bow to every selfish desire of the Vatican irregardless of how it adversely affects the American people, or any other nation for that matter. Look around and you will see we aren't the only nation being invaded "peacefully" by Rome.

The Catholic church is sinking financially here in the States thanks to their constant string of scandals. And I'm not just talking molestations either. People are starting to put 2 + 2 together regarding the way the church leaders openly play the part of the hypocrite in everything from their inhumane politics to their promoting occult practices on their altars around the world. But I have to say the most powerful tool in expediting the mass exodus from this church has to be the landslide of prophecies of antichrist's actions in the last days being fulfilled directly by the Roman priests. Never before in the history of mankind do you see so many prophecies occurring in one generation then now. It's no wonder they need to keep the Mexicans flooding into the nation. Over 89% of them are Catholics who by the way, are taught like all Catholcis not to read their Bibles, or even trust them as the Holy Writ of God. They are second only to Brazilians in the amount of Catholics per capita. Yes, Brazil is number one for the amount of Catholics per capita over other faiths. I ask, is this why Brazil is so well known for its national sexual immorality? One would think so seeing how this is "the" main fruit of Paganism. It stands to reason, the more Catholics found residing in one area, the more sexual decadence will be accepted as the norm. Even the laws of the land allow for such things as decadent public nudism simply because the overwhelming majority of lawmakers in that nation are Catholic. It used to be that there were only two places on earth where you would find the naked human form glorified. Pagan temples and the Vatican. Looking around today, one can see those naked statues in Vatican City weren't all about "art" as much as they were all about their lifestyle.

This most recent admission of Rome takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. Either their publicist is totally out of touch with reality, and is about to be fired. Or they purposely planned to make it known publicly that again, it was the Vatican's idea to allow illegal immigrants on our soil in the first place. After all, the word "Catholic" in English does mean "Universal." A term understood in the church's infancy as global in nature. In fact, as a young Catholic I was taught all Catholics are citizens of two nations. The one they live in, and Vatican City. They still teach this today.

They can no longer say it was the Bush Administration's idea to open the borders. What would he have to gain if he did anyway? To do so makes everyone in D.C. appear dramatically reckless in regards to protecting our borders from future attacks. The "official" story is that terrorists from foreign lands illegally crossed our borders to pilot American airplanes on 911 to kill innocent people. But if this was truly the case, would not the American government concentrate a great deal more on tightening the borders of our land instead of opening them even wider? It has to be one or the other guys. It simply can't be both.

What many are unaware of is that the Vatican has actually set up shop in Mexico long ago in an effort to help illegal immigrants an improved method of infiltrating the United States. In an article run by Reuters back on January 11, 2008 entitled, "Catholics play vital role in helping migrants to U.S." they had this to say...

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (Reuters) - At a Catholic-run shelter just across the border from Laredo, Texas, dozens of Latin American migrants say grace and tuck into a hearty meal of sausages, beans and rice, before trying to swim across the Rio Grande into the United States.

Weary migrants on their journey north often recharge their batteries at a network of similar shelters run by the Roman Catholic Church -- a lifeline sanctioned by the Vatican, despite increased U.S. efforts to keep out illegal immigrants. ...The Nuevo Laredo shelter has been granted a papal blessing in a Vatican certificate that hangs proudly on the wall. ...Many Catholic Churches in the United States have welcomed Hispanics, with some seeing their congregations double in size.

Some are angry that the Catholic Church helps people who break the law. Others accuse it of using support for immigration as a way to win back members as the church loses ground to evangelicals and secularism in Latin America. ...The church denies any wrongdoing and says it is stepping in to fill the void created by the lack of a U.S. immigration policy and the failure of Latin American countries to create more jobs for their people.


Amazing how articles like this never seem to hit the prime time TV News isn't it? By the way, it's obvious the reporter at Reuters has agreed to "bend the truth" a bit in regards to the church loosing ground to evangelicals and secularism. True nonetheless, but the reason the people are leaving in the first place to seek out other avenues or faiths is because of the church's sins and glaring public apostasy.

Did you notice, the Vatican claims no wrong doing in the article? They believe this because not only do they feel they are above the Bible, they also believe they are above the law. American immigration laws go against their desired and prophecied agenda. So they break our laws openly to push their religion into society by force. How many Bible verses come to mind that declare they are in sin here? Quite a few eh? Still.. it's strangely accepted by most because the Vatican said it. Imagine if a "non-religious" nation were to do as the Vatican? It would be an open act of war!

Maybe it's just me. But it's beginning to look like the powers that be are in a drug induced world all their own. Either that, or we've been taken over by mind melding Martians forcing us all into some sort of dreamlike state trapped inside egg shaped pods with numerous feeding tubes pumping msg peppered mush into our veins causing us to think this is all just a nightmare that will dissipate as soon as we wake up. That's if we wake up of course. Or is it the Vatican is actually executing a legalized form of invasion right under our noses? It's as if we are at war with Rome and they are winning without firing a single shot! What a crafty way to destroy many in a peaceful manner. Sound familiar? It should for the student of prophecy, for it is written

  • Daniel 8:25a, "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many:.."

Praise the Lord Daniel finishes that prophecy saying that when this Vat of sin attempts to "...stand up against the Prince of princes; ...he shall be broken without hand." -Daniel 8:25b In other words, the Lord will put an end to this global decadence soon.

All I see in this Jesuit website article is a way to get the American Catholics, (which by the way includes ALL churches with 501C3 status now,) that it's a good thing to allow the immigrants in. Yes, "it appears" the Bush administration was the one that started the ball rolling long ago. But since the scuttlebutt has gotten so negative the last 2 years both on and offline, the one that really caused this mess had to eventually step up to help calm the masses for the sake of their "global" cause. In so doing they actually pointed directly at themselves once again as the true power behind Washington D.C. Seriously.. why else would they hang out on a limb like this unless they saw no other recourse? Anything Bush or his cabinet says makes no difference now. Their job is done, they can gain no third term, so why not chew them up before they spit then out for the new tasty replacements arriving in November. The church had no choice but to step up and make it all appear to be a good thing because they need it far more then anyone else on the planet needs it. Seriously, look at the facts as to who benefits the most here and you'll see this is the case.

With the influx of Roman Catholic Mexicans comes...

  • More voters for Roman Catholic agendas piling into Congress daily
  • More donations from Roman Catholic Mexicans piling into the pews daily
  • More Roman Catholics in the pews making the church appear more popular to onlookers
  • More Roman Catholics influencing nonbelievers to the benefits of sinfully attractive Roman dogma
  • More Roman Catholic children born in the nation on a daily basis so as to bolster their numbers here as well
  • More Government subsides via the "faith based initiative" for the church to supposedly help Catholics in need

For Rome this is a win win situation. In fact, they would be fools not to go for it. Especially now since the scandals have been closing their churches and schools in droves. This will most assuredly help them keep afloat, as well as guarantee a stay of execution via their still ongoing mass exodus.

Try this and tell me if this Immigration issue isn't a Vatican agenda. Type the words, "immigration roman catholic" into Google and you will be literally flabbergasted at the press blitzkrieg on this! I did this last night (March 13, 2008) and found 5,730,000 websites talking about this very topic!

Interesting tidbit. Have you noticed how back when the trusted (alternative) News sources broke story after story about the inevitable one world government and globalization? Remember how every single politician connected to that agenda would lie openly and say it wasn't true? Did you also noticed how many times the Vatican, and the pope himself, lied openly and said it was never going to happen? Now look around and you will see they not only speak openly about it, they speak positively about it as an absolute.

We truly are in the days of Noah when you not only see rampant evil like this in the leaders, but in the so called religious leaders as well. When lying is considered completely acceptable like this you know Satan has them in his camp. It was lies that got one third of Heaven to fall, and lies that got Adam and Eve to fall. One good thing about lies is that eventually it will all stop and the Truth will be made known! Praise the Lord this is all coming to an end SOON!

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Foreign Military Police coming to USA
By Nicholas
Mar. 11, 2008

While the politicians were dancing around before the American people in all the TV and Newspaper ads, the incumbents were once again able to slip another bombshell right under the noses of the American people. Of course, the News Media helped them do this by keeping it hush hush as usual. What surprises me is how the more trusted alternative media missed it. Still, there is a lot going on each and every day, and we can't expect anyone to be able to be on top of everything, each and every hour of the day. By the way, this is just another demon inspired reason for big government. Too many corrupt politicians are tripping the light fantastic all over the Constitution to keep an eye on, and they know it. With that said, it would be nice to set up a trusted network of researchers and writers that could keep an eye on all this. But that may just be a dream at present. Still, even with all the idiocy being pumped into the airwaves, the were unable to hide their shenanigans for too long. It happened just short of a month ago on February 14...

U.S. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, and Canadian Air Force Lt.-Gen. Marc Dumais, commander of Canada Command, have signed a Civil Assistance Plan that allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency. “This document is a unique, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation's requests for military support of civil authorities,” Renuart said.

Now do you see why it's a complete waste of time to listen to CNN, NBC, or any of the other main news outlets when it comes to news outside your local neighborhood? Do you also understand the reason for the multiple murders of investigative reporters back in the mid 80's to late 90's to ensure compliance? And are you also now understanding why they claim the alternative News outlets are nut cases? It's all done in the hopes of steering the masses to their articles. It's also because the beast in Rome knows a flurry of prophecies are exposing their every move lately. They have to do all they can to keep the Truth hidden from prying eyes. Their "re-written" Bibles flooding into the churches worked to their advantage for a few decades. But those "Bogus Bibles" were finally exposed, and people started to once again pick up the King James bible with all the verses still intact.

As of October of 2006, the now "officially" defunct Posse Comitatus Act has allowed the United States Government to use military force against American citizens. Yes, we all know this act never stopped them before. The Los Angeles Riots in 1992 and the massacre of men women and children in Waco Texas back in 1993 proved that quite clearly. But now they have it "on paper" that they can do as they please so as to quench public protest. What's worse? They can fabricate any reason for a "civil emergency" as we saw Clinton do twice in his administration. Even something like a flu epidemic can get them to use military force against you and your family. In fact, back on October 4, 2005, President George W. Bush asked Congress for power to allow him to use military force against U.S. citizens in the event of a flu epidemic.

Kind of makes you wonder what they're up to doesn't it? With all the powers they have already blessed the American Medical Association with, what's stopping them from creating such a emergency that they can use to their advantage? Didn't Clinton fabricate those "national emergencies" back in his term of office to get one of his more unpopular agendas pushed forward? Can it happen again? One of the things they did in Clinton's day during those “emergencies” was place the little blue U.N. signs on all the state parks declaring them the property of the United Nations. They sold them the land without public approval!

My personal belief on this is that they sold those National Parks to try and prevent any Christians from running for cover when that day comes. Of course, they're unaware Satan is convincing them to do this for his own personal desire which is in fact the end time prophecied agenda. All they know is they see his golden carrot dangling before them, and they then do whatever they can to get it. Satan knows his time is short. Searching for Christians in dense forests or caves is a definite slowdown, even with today's technology. There's still a lot of open land out there!  So now, with the new laws, it's considered a federal offense to trespass in those parks without their permission. I'm sure if sighted, they will try to shoot the Christians. But will they be successful?

  • Isaiah 54:17, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."

I ask, will the next national emergency be what Scientists call "Mother Nature" running amuck as we see with multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, and forest fires? Or will it be more like a manufactured flu epidemic?

The New World Order is already here, "on paper." They just need to take care of a few small problems that could mushroom out of their control. They learned their lesson from Hitler's mistakes and are obviously moving carefully. This is why the media has to be controlled. If those murdered investigative reporters were alive today, there would be so much unrest about what they uncover regarding the politicians and Rome that all their plans would lay dead in the water. For now, they flood the news with blood and gore and other "human interest" stories to keep the real truth hidden under wraps until they're ready to pounce. One night you will go to sleep in a "free" nation. The next morning you will wake up to find you are now being ruled by the Antichrist in Rome. This "United States Northern Command" of Canadian and American soldiers is just one more duck standing in the row.

Again.. do we protest? NO! Do we lobby for a change? NO! The prophecy is sure. It's going to happen. What can we do? Get yourself right with Christ. You're about to see Him with the naked eye.


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Vatican forces yet another nation to collapse
By Nicholas
Mar. 09, 2008
Just 2 weeks ago today I shared an article entitled "
Fearing Vatican more then U.S. arsenal" wherein I discussed how the Serbian government was pointing the finger at the United States for comments made regarding Kosovo's up and coming statehood in a last ditch effort to calm the storms swirling around their sovereignty. They were doing this despite the fact all the bruises made around their throats had Vatican fingerprints on them. Turns out.. the other shoe has finally dropped. Serbia, a nation that refused to bow to Roman Catholic influence has been added to the infamous long list of Vatican conquests. The only reason the American government is being used as the scapegoat here is because Rome is using Washington D.C. as her patsy to get her agenda met. If and when America crumbles under her demonic leadership, she will dust herself off none the worse for wear because she knows she has other friends chomping at the bit hoping to be the next to do her bidding.

When Hitler was moving forward and appeared on the verge of success, Rome was very happy to where the prelates even posed with their cultivated leader as a show of support. But when he was apparently failing, they backed off as if he had the plague to let him die alone. To this day they declare Hitler an enemy of the church, even though history proves he was their man. Rome always chews them up until the flavor is gone, and then spits them out to save face. However, this is their last hurrah! There is no other nation to stand up for Rome after this final push. Sooner then they care to admit, those nations that joined with them will get tired of her demands and, "...hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." -Revelation 17:16

As is common knowledge by now, the Vatican needs total compliance or it's not going to be able to rule the world and enforce its Roman mandate. It's quite amazing in my opinion how quickly they got this nation to fall. Perhaps it was the lack of press on it here in the States that made it appear short. I guess their efforts in causing the Soviet Union to collapse have been fine tuned to some extent, making them more efficient in their wicked ways.

The prelates of Rome know they now have a real opportunity to dictate commands to all nations simply because, like a few hundreds years ago, the leaders of these nations have given them absolute rule over them as payment due for services offered. The healing of the wound of the beast has just about completely healed.

Like back then, they are playing the "moral" card and pushing their version of religion to the forefront as the only approach to world peace. This is why so much talk about religion is heard in politics the last few years. Rome is considered a relgio-political state. (woman on the beast) They need to keep the religious talk moving forward so they can step up as the only "obvious" answer to corruption in the political process. They will be looked upon as the ones with the answers to all our problems. This way when they start passing religious laws it won't be considered a problem because it's a "church" doing it. In fact it will be expected as the only way out of the global calamities.

Just as Daniel predicted, there is no other nation that is a church simultaneously. (Daniel 7:23. NOTE: "diverse") As of July 1, 2004 the pope is the only religious leader on earth that actually has a permanent seat in the United Nations. Therefore they are in prime position when the day comes for religious laws to supposedly help curb the disasters. Read my February 2005 Truth Provided Newsletter for more on this. They are already testing the waters (no pun intended) to see how the people react to Sunday Law enforcement to stop disasters.

As was obvious, Serbia wouldn't bow to the Pope just like Afghanistan and Iraq refused to do recently as well. In fact, do the research and you will find all modern wars were an end result of refusing to bow to the Roman church. Yes, there are still a handful that refuse to kiss the Pope's ring today like Iran, Arabia, and Korea to name but a few. But they will most assuredly do so very shortly, or suffer the same fate as Iraq and Serbia. Just keep an eye on those nations and you will see this come to light! It doesn't take a prophet to see Christian prophecy fulfilled. It just takes an honest person who knows what they're looking at.

All the unrest and turmoil in Serbia was just another pressure tactic of the Vatican that escalated recently into the birth of Kosovo. Like the Soviet Union in 1991, Serbia simply couldn't take what Rome and the USA was doing to them any longer. They finally collapsed into oblivion on March 8, 2008.

BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbia's government collapsed Saturday over an impasse between the nationalist prime minister and the pro-Western president on how Kosovo's independence affects the Balkan country's pursuit of EU membership. "The government, which does not have united policies, cannot function," Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said as he announced the fall of his Cabinet. "That's the end of the government."

As the Prime Minister said, "The government, which does not have united policies cannot function."  In other words, either go with the "united" or "ecumenical" flow or be destroyed! Seeing how Rome was instrumental in Serbia's demise, and Kosovo's birth, could it be safe to say Kosovo will now bow to the Roman prelates when it comes time to anticipate political movements? Dumb question I must admit. They have no choice because this is the payment Rome demands for chomping on the carrot of Statehood that was dangled before them for so many years.

One more thing that most are unaware of is that whenever Kosovo, or any nation in the "club of Rome" anticipate any major political movement, they must always clear it with the Vatican first. Jesuit priest Malachi Martin outlined this in his book, "The Keys of this Blood" quite graphically just before he "died" in 1999 by a suspicious fall in his New York City apartment.

"The American ambassador says the Vatican is unmatched as a "listening post" (p. 120) The Vatican knows Saturday what will happen on Monday anywhere in the world. (p. 430) Papal structure is prepared for worldwide rule now. (p. 143) the pope will not tolerate any belief systems that oppose his, not on a civil or church level.

Little do those in Kosovo know, they have just sealed their fate. Yes, the people can escape eternal danger by seeking out and following after Christ. However, with Rome's blood soaked talons grasping their political as well as religious leaders, soon laws will be passed making any anti-Catholic faiths illegal. Only the ecumenical version of their religion can now survive legally. This is why we see the 501C3 attached to churches in the USA. With that government status, the pastors can keep their denominational differences all they like, as long as they don't preach against any political entity. Especially during election years.

Free speech will not be allowed in churches!
Agape Press News Briefs 
Commentary & News Briefs Wednesday, October 2, 2002

...After a tough debate last night in the House chamber, Congressman Walter Jones'
Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act was voted down this morning. If it had passed, the bill would have freely allowed political speech inside churches without the fear of the loss of tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. When the vote finally came in, the legislation was defeated 237-178. There were 16 abstentions. Following this action by the House, churches will remain the only place where "free speech" is not allowed in the
United States

Are Political Spies in Churches?
-cbn.com, July 2, 2004

In the United States, with presidential elections only months away,
political spies may be attending Sunday church services. The Kansas City Star reports that in Johnson County volunteers from a liberal group called the "Mainstream Coalition" will attend Sunday services in different churches; 100 volunteers will slip into church, trying to catch political statements from the pulpit which might violate
U.S. federal law.

What most don't realize is, the Vatican is not only a Church, it's also Vatican City. The ultimate political entity! The actual father of politics no less. So any sermon on a 501C3 pulpit calling the Pope antichrist, or exposing the 86.2% of Roman Catholic doctrine as spurious, would be an open violation of the 501C3 agreement they signed in to. Their tax free status is revoked, they are charged massive excise and penalty taxes, and everyone on the church board are financially destroyed.

Martin Luther's 95 thesis would land him in jail today! I guess this is their way of preventing a repeat. Problem is, the Loud Cry is not something that can be quenched!

The threat of financial destruction (corporate buying and selling "for now") is why you won't hear prophecies about the Beast in Rome being preached in most churches in the USA including the SDA church. These pastors are hirelings! Standing on the pulpit is a career for these men instead of a calling! They sold out their churches for the benefit of saving a few measly dollars on sales tax! That small foothold was purposely held in check by the U.S. Government for decades so as to assure the fines would blossom into millions today! These monumental fines is what these pastors fear more then God Himself. In other words.. when approached to "stop preaching" what the Vatican controlled IRS defines as heresy, they put their love of money before the love of the very flock the Lord thy God has placed in their care!

  • John 10:13, "The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep."

QUESTION: Are you in a 501C3 church? Ask your pastor!

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