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I am still behind.. not "all" of your comments have been added. I still have over 2800 emails left to post.

Hello, we hope all is well! We were able to print some of your tracks on  regular paper and it worked out fine.  We also did it front and back.  In the April edition of Adventist World magazine there was a story in there called "Adventists and Muslims in Conversation".  It stated how much both of them were like each other and how they share key areas.  We receive this where we were members many years ago, and now we feel that we should ask for our membership to be resolved.  We feel that the doors should not be closed to any one but the non believing or false worshippers should not be blended in with the truth.  We should hold fast to our beliefs and the truth of Jesus Christ! 

Thanks for the tracks!
The Sharps

 Yes, leaving the SDA church now is as prophecy said, God's will. See the prophecied truth here... For many pictures, Bible studies, SOP studies, articles, emails, and even a FLASH animation proving the SDA church has indeed been completely taken over by Babylon, see...

Thanks for the aliens and the Vatican article! 

God bless!
John H.

Long time no talk :-)
I just wanted to advice you to integrate a wordpress blog into your mainpage. That way you would no need to manually post comments.

G-d bless,

I am looking into that now. Yes, it is time consuming to manually add comments. But at least this way the hate emails can be filtered out eaiser.

I love your videos. Thank you for revealing, explaini g and detailing what I have sensed intuitively throughout my entire life. Growing up catholic .. and hearing Jews Consdier themselves the chosen people.. Its really nice to see the real truth surface.

I am grateful. Thank you.

I wanted to print your Antichrist tract and when clicking on it, only the first page appears.   I had watched the video and from seeing the printable version of the tract, I could tell that a good part of it was missing. Could you check out that link to let me know whether the link target is in fact incomplete or whether instead I am having some problem at my end?


On the bottom of the browser there is an up and down arrow to switch pages. Or click the screen and then roll the wheel on your mouse to flip pages.

Thank you.

I do believe that you are the only site I know of that seems to have the whole truth.  I don't know the whole truth but like you I can look it up and double check.  Since I just turned 71, I probably will have to look it up a couple of times.  Smile.  My friends and I all have to laugh about loosing our minds otherwise we would all cry.

I was baptized in the local SDA church many years ago.  When the pastor put me under the water I prayed that God would send me the holy spirit.  He did.  I am not a member of any church now. 
Terrible dissappointments in churches and no one to fellowship in truth with.  Even old friends are blinded.

Thank you and may our Father continue to bless you in truth.
Joan Johnsen

I have seen all of your videos in the past. Please tell me why when I ENTER  your site now, I can no longer watch these videos? I select all videos and nothing happens since your change of website format.   


 I had to move them to a different server at Too many people were watching them slowing my local servers down. What page link did you use? I need to re-direct all broken links. I thought I got them all.

You have a very comprehensive site here. There's a newsletter I receive from a prominent Baptist who has done a good job of connecting most of the dots in this globalist/elitist world we live in. He has yet to tie the last dot - namely to the Romish harlot.

I want to draw his attention to the historical views of most protestants until recently, and of his Baptist counterparts like Charles Spurgeon, who knew exactly who the antichrist was. Is there some kind of a short presentation (perhaps pictorial) outlining Rome's position on the web that I can send him? Something that makes the point, but perhaps succinctly and tactfully?


Yes, you can have him view a point by point study here... I have 2 dozen of my favorite  prophecies on that page. Or you can view 11 of my favorite prophecies in this video...

Prophecy is being fullfilled fast now!Many have said that time seems to be speeding up! I marvel at how accurate Bible Prophecy is,especially Daniel and Revelation.


First just wanted to say I enjoy your website, and the truth that it gives.

My comment though, in studying about the New World Order and the events now in such a fast forward motion, is when a person stops and trully asks "why was the flyover New York City necessary", one can give NO legitimate answer. To me it is very obvious that there is a hidden agenda involved with this event. One can only speculate as to what that is, but in my opinion this event is one of those occurances that trully stands out and shows something else is going on behind the scenes. With no disrepect intended, when trying to talk to most people about this, they wont listen to a word about its truth, yet one sees these incidents and blows them off as someone in the administration just making a stupid mistake. Your reaction would be appreciated.


I agree.. the only time I've known a politician to admit a "mistake" is when admitting is their way of covering up what they really did. For example, while everyone thought Jesuit trained Clinton admitted a big sin with Lewinski, it gave him the chance to meet with Bill Hybels, the man that speared headed all the "super churches" in America. Now we have super churches everywhere just as they planned so as to allow Rome better control over the people in those churches. Everyone thought Clinton was meeting with Hybels for Christian counseling due to his Lewinski affair. Yet directly after those meetings, America sees an explosion of super churches? Not buying it!

As prophecy predicted. Those controlled by Satan will use "craftiness" to get the job done. (See Daniel 8:25)

Hey again nicholas :-)

I just wanted to say that I am for once ashamed that I live in Richmond, VA. To say that Miss California would've been in violation of
H.R. 1913 here just for defending her views on marriage is just shameful. I never see that Perez Hilton guy do anything good for the community. All he ever does is gossip about celebrities. I watched a video on youtube where he whined like a little girl about what miss CA said, and proceeded to call her the B word, when all she did was state her belief. She never pushed an agenda on anyone. Meanwhile, all Perez does is preach homosexuality. Is it wrong for me not to pray for this guy? after all, Revelation 22:11 says let the righteous be righteous, and let the wicked be wicked. I am truly ashamed by Perez's actions.


 Yes we must pray for them for is it written...

Matthew 5:44-48, "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;  That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.  For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?  And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?  Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

It's all a test.

I have another question. I signed up for your news letters a few months ago and never received any. I signed up again a few days ago and still nothing is something wrong???


AOL and some others do BAN my emails from reachign people. However, I am experiencing a "mass email" problem via my mail server. For some reason many ISP's deny my emails enmasse. Am working on it.

Please keep me on your subscription list for EVERY NEWSLETTER starting this week on. I am a lay evangelist and will very much benefit from your news updates of events around the world. God bless your heart - this is a great website - just landed it this morning; I wish I knew about it 10 years ago!


Is it possible to see your material in Spanish for spanish people audience?  I am coming from a large family and I would like to share it by internet or even on CD/book.  But if not, I will try to explain it on my own way.

Thanks and God bless you.

 Sorry, no plans as of yet. :(

Hi Nic,

Just wanted to let you know what a blessing your recent sermon on "evil thoughts" was for me. The timing could not have been better matched with current struggles in my life. Just what I needed at just the right time and praise be to the Lord!


Hello Brother!
First of all, I would like to say thank you for your amazing
newsletters. I read them every sabbath from my mobile phone. I've found an interesting article -The pope will visit Australia between 15-20 July. Those who speak against the pope will be fined with 4,800$. Interesting...

Our Lord is coming very very soon!

Some years ago I sought the Lord on the matter of UFO and the answer that came was they were demons. I have no doubt satan and all his followers are going to and are using these apperances to bring about their plans. They have preparing mankind for years.

I keep abreast of your web site and writing and find them coonformation in many things the Lord has been showing me for some years, but alas not many of the Lord people want to know or are getting carried along on the current created by those involved.


I just watched your
Sabbath video...and I see truth in it. The question is, 99% of churches worship on Sunday. So, if I worship on Sunday, am I truly sinning, sending myself to hell? This IS a serious question...I'm honestly wondering your opinion.

In Christ,

See this...

Hello, we read some of your "hate" mail and I must say I was truly enraged. All we can do is pray for these people, but we can tell that satan has worked overtime.  For the little amount of time I feel we have left on this Earth, we can all pray for the souls of these individuals that they will see the light.  We will pray for you and your family's safety and if you should ever need us we are here to be Soldiers of God!  Is there any way to condense the tracts to standard paper size?  I'd love to print and pass them around.   

Thanks for all!

 The sad thing is, they say we hate them for sharing the Truth that will set them free and give them peace, not to mention eternal life. As for the tracts, yes, the tracts can be printed to fit regular size paper. Just lower the font and expand the borders out a bit.

I wanted to say, ever since I've been going to this site I wanted to look at the 'Dreams' section of the 'Signs of the End' page. But its been a broken link for sometime. Will I ever be able to read it?


 No, that page has been permanently removed.

You asked "why is the cross longer on one side" over the M on pope's coffin?? Well, if the "M" is for masonry, then the cross is not a cross at all, but a square, the Masonic square, tipped to look like a cross. Tricky devils.  Daniel wrote: "cause craft to prosper" ...


Good point! I never caught that!

May God crown your efforts in working for him with a brilliant success.

Remain blessed

Dear Pastor Nicholas:

Thank you for your sincere devotion to God. I must admit that I am really learning a lot from your site. Before I had many gaps of understanding with the Advent message; and I did not really care. i thought there are so many religion on this planet earth and everyone of them claiming they have the truth. I have been to many churches and I know God brought me to your site. I finally rest assured this is where i have to keep learning. I see the Daniel and Revelation suddenly open up clear infront of my eyes.

God bless! I am sure God will reveal to you how many stars you won when all the faithful gets to heaven!:-)


Thank you for all your effort in sharing the wonderful truth of Scripture.  The web site 'Remnant Of God' is one of the best things I have ever come across on the Internet. I hope to try and stay up to date with all the things you are uploading onto the site, for I agree with (so far) everything that I have read on it.

A question I should ask you, if I was to go to church, which denomination would you suggest? I believe God revealed to me that the Seventh Day Adventist denomination would help me best carry out His will, but this doesn't mean the SDA church today is like it was in the past though.  But what is your opinion?

Peace and God Bless

The SDA church, it is no longer safe as prophecy predicts. See the large compilation of facts confirming this here... The safest denomination out there is the Seventh day Remnant. ( ) Or you can start a church in your home. The home is where the church will be when Jesus comes. The church started in homes, it will end there as well because soon what we preach will become illegal. Truth is, all those with 501C3 would now be considered breaking the law if they preached the Vatican home ot Antichrist.

I am curious to see why certain people just refuse to see the truth. (hate responses or emails )  also i respect you along with the knowledge u have obtained. Can u explain a little on tithes, i am having a problem understanding it


See this...

Great site, lots of info, thank you so much, I bought an IPhone mostly to show videos to folks. Keep up the great work.

Joy B.

...the number of the beast,it might be this microchip[verichip]. In USA has begin to put those microchip's in human's. And guess where? In the right hand.Coincidence? I dont think so.Jesus will return very soon, my friend,we must stand still. After all this will pass,Jesus will come back, again, on the earth.

 The verichip (RFID) is placed (in most cases) in either arm in the "fatty area" near the shoulder. (not hand) It's placed in other areas of the body as well. The Bible is VERY clear about what the mark of the beast is, and it is not a microchip. See this video...

I read your page on hell, whether it was eternal or not, and I was convinced that you were correct. However, how do you explain Luke 16:19-31, which depicts the rich man consciously tormented in hell by a flame?


 See this..

I am interested in reading your hate mail from the catholic faith. Thank you so much for everything you have done. I have been able to use alot of your material for good!

Thank you, Thank you!

I read on a youtube video that one of your videos 'pope is antichrist' had been banned by Godtube?  Is this true?  I have never been on Godtube, because without ever going on there my gut feeling was that something was wrong with their site.  If they have banned your video, then that would confirm my gut feeling.

thanks dave

Yes, it's true. See this...

Hi, how are you, am on your site literally everyday for a while now. Obviously THE KING has blessed you with understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Thanks be to GOD for his SPIRIT. I no longer believe the trinity heresy. That was after i read your ''trinity?'' article. ...I also keep the sabbath know, GOD first and your site blessed me to have such an IMPORTANT fact of OUR KING. my love for you will probably be explain better in heaven when we SHALL see.

bye for now.

Hi. My goodness I am extremly offended for you. I wasn't expecting that them emails were that vile. Coming from mouths of people who claim to be chrisitan. I am just appauld. I believe a follower of Jesus Christ would understand the message he left for us to love one another just as he has loved us. And these people who claim to follow the same Jesus would write and say those nasty things and then claim that they are the real christians. By the grace of God they are allowed to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven. To me that is satan himself talking to you. I believe only the words and works of the devil would respond that intensly and hateful. Thank you again for letting me view your letters. Thank you also for your website it has really opened up my eyes to many things.

Thank you and God bless you and all you do.
Jessica A.

I'm so confused now. The 7th day? isn't that sunday (monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday) or does the first day start on sunday? But either way does it matter if we go to church on Sunday? as long as we worship God we'll be fine right? The whole world goes to church on Sunday how is that even possible to tell people it's actually Saturday? I'm so confused.


 The seventh day has always been Saturday. Recently however the Vatican has been forcing calendar changes where people can chose Monday as their first day of the so as to make Sunday day 7. But that doesn't change 6000 years of Bible truths and 6000 years of Saturday being day 7. Why does the Vatican do this? Because Daniel 7:25 prophecied the beast would THINK to change times and laws. Why is Rome doing this? See my "Mark of the beast" video. Is it safe to go to church on Sunday? See my "Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath" video. Is Saturday really the Sabbath? See my "Sabbath Justified" video.

Yeah I've seen that video. I've watched all your videos. I'm glad I have. Something was always bothering me about this Pope and I'm glad I watched the pope video also. Your videos have helped me strengthen my faith and I'm happy about that.

God bless you!

Hi I have been on this website all day long. I have learned so much. I just believe that it is no accident that i found your website. God just wanted to answer alot of questions i have had. I am really interested in reading your hatred mail letters. See i live with my grandmother only temporary but she is a devote catholic. She has numerous statues of the virgin mary everywhere the crosses the palms you name it. When i was younger she taught me all the prayers and rosary stuff and praying to the virgin mary. Well as an adult now i totally disagree and do not and will not participate in anything pertaining to that religion. I have tried explaining, telling, pointing out to her the wrongness that they do and wrong beliefs. We will absolutely get into a heated fight and almost physical confrontations over the subject. I just wish she could listen without trying to shut me down with the million wrong ways they justify there way is the only way. But i am interested in reading your hatred mail i guess because im curious what others have to say and to hear the ways the devil has just lied to those people. So thank you for your time. i greatly appreciate it and i appreciate this website so much.

God Bless You and Bless those who have written the hatemail They truely need it.

Thanks again!
Jessica A.

I wish to clear up some misconceptions about Nostradamus. People like you call him a false prophet.  As I understand, a prophet is a messenger of God.  However, I find no evidence suggesting that Nostradamus ever made such claim -- his reputation is ruined by only focusing on the failed "prophecies", rather than those which have actually happened. ...Nostradamus never intended to predict anything -- he actually would've preferred that his negative "predictions" ALL fail, rather than some. By that I mean he intended such to give people insight toward the possible results of their actions. Nostradamus is not a false prophet, for he never meant to be one in the first place; it is people like you who claim that of him, just as some have of Jesus Christ.

Sean H.

The Word of God is plain. If just ONE prophecy fails, he who speaks it is a false prophet. A prophet of God gets their information directly from God Himself, who by the way is never wrong. Nostradamus is most assuredly a false prophet according to biblical jurispridence. See the biblical facts that expose false prophets here...

G'day from down under.

Another well written article on explaining how to use 1/3 of the bible to the prothetic advantage of any Christian. The latest installment
dated 15-APR is more blunt than usual but sometimes, people need a little "push" to take the next step.

Keep up the good works mate
Dave M.

Hi Brother Nicholas,
I had a tear in my eye after watching
your video on the Sabbath...excellent work!

My question is this; when I clicked on the link to imbed the video onto my site, Faithspeak, all the other video's were available except the Sabbath video. Did I not do something right, or am I missing something? I really want to share this work with others. ...I praise God for leading me to your site. You many never know just how much I've learned and how much of a blessing your ministry has been!

Have a blessed Sabbath...
Your brother in Christ,

 Video files has been uploaded. You can now access any of the "Seven" for embedding absolutely free here....

Reporting a site problem: -

third paragraph down

"his preaching that the end of the word" it SHOULD say "end of the WORLD" not "end of the word" (Im a web designer so I notice this stuff) :)

Common nature has proven that the natural reaction to the mass opinion is to always go with the crowd. In other words, the mind-set had been cultivated that declares,  if everyone is saying it, it must be true. Problem with that thought process is, when it comes to Scriptural facts, the crowd theology is always wrong. Case in point, the entire planet back in Noah's day thought Noah was just some crazed lunatic building a boat on dry land. They came to the conclusion that his preaching that
the end of the word was coming by a flood was not accepted by anyone with common sense.


Thanks for the heads up Claudia, it's now fixed. (I have a tendency to type too fast and often forget to use spell checker before uploading.)

I read the latest newsletter and thought to myself something. "I hope this guy doesn't give the globalists any new ideas concerning ways to trap us". lol. Good article though. I do hope they don't come across, see it and say, "Thats a GREAT IDEA!" you know what I mean :D

Craig F.

Hi me name is Alicia and i have seen the video of the antichrist i really liked it and i would love to have a copy of it to show it at my church but my church is a spanish church. would you happen to have that video in spanish?


Sorry, no videos in Spanish.. yet. Anyone out there that does video and knows Spanish? If so, contact me.

This will seem like a small thing I know, but I thought I should mention it:

I was trying to watch the
Antichrist Slideshow and that little CD animation flipping round and round directly under it was quite a nuisance, so I quit watching.  If the subject matter is solemn and extremely important, it seems that you shouldn't have any such distraction going on at the same time the slide show is in motion. But I am with you 100%.  I agree with you and you are doing a great and good work!

Thank you very much for listening,
Aaron T.

Thanks for the heads up Aaron, "spinning CD" removed. :)

Thank you for all your effort in sharing the wonderful truth of Scripture.  The web site 'Remnant Of God' is one of the best things I have ever come across on the Internet. I hope to try and stay up to date with all the things you are uploading onto the site, for I agree with (so far) everything that I have read on it.

A question I should ask you, if I was to go to church, which denomination would you suggest? I believe God revealed to me that the Seventh Day Adventist denomination would help me best carry out His will, but this doesn't mean the SDA church today is like it was in the past though.  But what is your opinion?

Peace and God Bless

The SDA church, it is no longer safe as prophecy predicts. See the large compilation of facts confirming this here... (Make special note to view the "evidence in pictures" page) The safest denomination out there is the Seventh day Remnant. (See ) Or you can start a church in your home. Truth is, the home is where the church will be when Jesus comes. The church started in homes in the book of Acts and it will end there as well because soon what we preach will become illegal to preach in the churches.

How do i explain a muslim Jesus is Lord ?

Luisa doesn't matter what religion the people the Lord puts in your path embrace. You can use the same methods to introduce Jesus as you would for any other person. He created those that embrace Islam as much as He did those that deny Him openly.

I have found over th eyears that using Christian prophecy matched with historic facts will usually lead most people to at least investigate Christ. They start to consider Him because of the amazing accuracy of Christian prophecy. I have a small book that shows many prophecies that were to fulfill just before as well as in our day here... After they see this and are interested in more, you can then show them the prophecies exposing antichrist here...

Good morning,   I emailed you last night, and was asked a question to what happens to wicked that are left.  I just found all the answers in the article of 1000 years explained.  Thanks so much for your site, and all your replies.


 Also see all the verses that speak of the second coming, or as many Christians call it, "The Rapture" listed here... You will be surprised as to how many verses are purposely not being shared with the people so as to keep them believing in both a secret rapture as well as a 7 year tribulation for those supposedly "left behind." If the preachers share these verses they will be exposed as liars because they are that blunt, so they avoid these passages like the plague.

Dear Pastor Nicholas:

Thank you for your prompt reply and for showing me more of what the scripture really is saying. I have been doubting on and off; although I can't really conclude whether I should doubt once and for all or not. My long time stagnant questions are now clarified.

Thank you,
Jeanie D

I am very impressed with your site, I am curious as to your methods of study and research. Your site is so concentrated with information it's almost overwhelming, do you have a team of people working and adding to this site?

Jim W.

i like the video

But i was thinking you may want ot have a look at something. In revelations it says the beast arose form the sea. what airses for the sea? whales, dolphins, flying fish, maybe ufo's. But guess what else? the whore in englands ,who is wearing satans crown, maritime admiralty law or commercial law. it has consumed the world through the social secutiy administration. google queens printer and see the many contracts. The ITIN numbers are just more from them except they start with 999. Fit that into the equation.


2 Peter 1:20 tells us we cannot use private interpretations when deciphering prophetic symbols. As many are aware, Christian prophecy uses many symbols. What most fail to realize is, the Bible actually identifies those symbols for us. The "sea" in Revelation 13:1 is not an ocean or a sea as we know it. Revelation 17:15 confirms this when the Angel actually defines what that "sea" is for John whil ein vision... "And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues." This is why Rome put the Bible on the "index of forbidden books" in their "Councel of Velencia in 1229AD. They know the Bible can be used to clearly identify them as Antichrist. For many historic facts proving Rome's hatred of the Word, see

thank you for your cool videos! so strange that godtube did that... but that just goes to show you the true spirit behind the facade.


So much evidence has been brought forth proving "Godtube" to be pro-Catholic that they had to change their name to "Tangle" recently. As expected, they now have many unChristian videos online. However, the truth about Rome will NEVER be allowed there.

Dear Nicholas,
  I have you on my mind all the time.  You are in my prayers every day.  I just want to share with you, what you have done for me and my husband.  I have emailed you before and you might remember me, so I wont go into it all.  But, you have touched my life, you have done more than you know.  I woke up long ago to what was happening in the world and saw the signs all over.  This caused me such an intense heartache, that cannot be described.  I realized I had been right and this drove me straight to my knees to the Lord.  This was over a year ago when I hit the floor.  Since then, I have not picked up a book or a magazine to read, except the Bible.  ...The times ahead of us will be like none we have never known and I pray every day for my own strength to stand for Christ.  I am so in love with my Lord and God and I know that I am right up there at the top of the list who cannot wait to go home.  Please thank you for coming into my life and may God keep you in His precious care.

I will see you soon someday brother.

Are you members of the official worldwide Seventh Day Adventist church?

Best wishes,

We are not a member of, or in any way affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist church. Why? See this large compilation of facts from Scripture, Spirit of Prophecy, and History that's never shared on SDA pulpits proving the SDA church is now considered Babylon just as prophecy predicte dit would be...

We are of the Seventh Day Remnant church as prophecy predicted would be active in the last days. See this breakdown of prophetic facts matched with historic record confirming this...

Hello once again.  Hope all is well with you.  I've been on your site for almost a year, and I have learned so much.  I found this gentlemen on youtube with some biblical teaching.  ...Do you have a time line on how some of these things unfold, and also the 144,000 of the little flock?  How it all takes place?

Thanks in advance.
God bless,   Ace

See this Timeline... As for the 144,000 See and scroll to 07-22-06. I have a short series of sermons on the 144,000

I spoke to someone today that caused me to of course check out your site for some clarification. She said they are Messianic and they celebrate the feasts. So, I looked up what you had to say regarding all that and I find I agree with you. ...thank you for your prompt reply.. Your site is a favorite and I am on there nearly everyday. I look forward to new information every week and I always learn something.

Thank you for all you are doing to the glory of God.

 The actual need to celebrate the feasts is done. However, the symbolic version of some are yet to fulfill. For example, at present we are in the antitypical day of Atonement as a body of believers. For more info see...

Wow ! I have been reading a lot of stuff on your web site, and I have a lot more to read, but I do feel as I need to write to you and tell you thanks so much for putting things into a better perspective. I have felt deep into my heart the things that you have said about the Catholic church and the Pope, I have felt this way for many years, but thought that I was crazy for thinking this way. The way in which I have felt it in my heart is now in print on your web site ! Awesome !
 I know what you say is true. ...Your web site has shown things that previously I merely just had feelings of!

God Bless You!

Im very happy to see that you are fervent in truth and teaching it to the Christian believers.


Hey Nicholas,
Thanks for the remnant website and how you stay true to the Bible. My wife and I greatly appreciate your works; it does help us in tying worldly events to biblical scripture. However, I do have a few questions that I need some clarification on, mainly, about the topic of ancient Hebrew names of Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Thanks so much again,
Shawn and Shana

P.S. I found out such information by looking at your website,
the YahCult movement and this is what sparked my confusion.

See this...

Hey Nick!
I got in an argument with someone on the NIV and the NASB. I want you to read it. I didn't know what to say to the guy.

He said... "Acts 8:37 is omitted in the NLT, NIV, ESV, HNV, VUL, and mGNT. The reason  being that the verse did not occur in the earliest and best manuscripts of  the New Testament. The verse did not appear until about 500-600 A.D so that  is why the new translations will omit it. KJV didn't know this in there time  so they added it in. But now that we know, we are honest and want to get  down to the bottom of all varients and take them out. So please  instead of asserting the NIV and NASB are "missing" entire verses learn the  truth of the matter because you are promoting a false belief in kjv onlyism."

Any thoughts?

Saying the translators of the KJV "didn't know that verses was omitted" is simply a  lie he was taught to trust by his teachers. Not only were the translators extra careful to make sure all the proper verses were shared in the KJV so as to please God and proclaim the Truth He intended. They also made sure their  translation was accurate because the King (James) declared quite clearly to them if he found just ONE mistake he would have them killed.

Yes, many of the earlier transcripts ommited the verse. But that's only those translations published by Rome. Historic and undeniable fact remains.. the KJV is the ONLY bible that matches the OLDEST known version of the Bible. The dead sea scrolls.

I have just recently stumbled "divine appointment" across your site and wanted to first say that I am in such awe at the amount of knowledge that is being given out freely. Thank you for the time and effort that it takes to do such a thing. ...I am still trying to get some siblings to see the truth but it's a hard road when you are fighting a fierce foe as Satan himself. Please know that you and this site will be help up in prayer and again thank you for your tireless energies in teaching the truths behind the EVIL faces of the Caltholic church. One more point I may add .... we should all be praying very very very hard for any devout Catholics in our immediate circle of friends or family to be delivered from the lies that Satan has them under.

Blessings and my prayers go out to you.
Rebecca H.

Nicholas,  just walked in the door and read your e-mail.  I just finished listening to a message of yours from 2005 about salvation and "eternal security" for the second time in two days.  I had to share it with my parents.  They never heard that message before as well as the 21 references from the bible that you and a friend of yours quoted.  Amazing how denominations will hammer you hard on "no man can pluck you out of my hand" and use this as a basis for eternal security.  Anyhow I just wanted to tell thank you for all your Incredible Truths that you have placed on the web for all to see.  ...God has shown me that if I am willing to do His work that there is nothing to fear for many have traveled this path before me.  Keep up the good work!  And thanks again.  

Yours in Christ,
Eric N.

P.S. I sure do appreciate your no-nonsense non-judgemental practical approach at conveying Gods Truth!

Hey Brother

Just thought I will drop you and email. Things are going great here. God gave me a Bible study at work. It is now juts over 30 strong and I am really enjoying it. I am growing a lot lately and things are really starting to open up for me. I am quite excited about my article about Daniel’s 70 weeks. I hope you are well and things are going great for you. I am learning a lot by joining atheist and like minded people’s chat rooms and telling them the truth about God. In this way I am also learning about myself and dealing with people calling you names and saying stupid things out of hate for you. It is also shocking to see how they hate Christians, it is like we have some sort of disease or something. I am quite amazed because some of them are actually asking questions about hell and I pointed them to your hell page.

My God bless you abundantly and keep you true to His word.

Kind Regards
Clifford S.

P.S Is it only me or is things getting pretty weird in the world very rapidly??


I can't possible describe, in words fitting, the joy I had in attending the Sabbath service you provided the other day! I did have some trouble connecting, but found that I had to open a port on my firewall -- that would explain why I connected several times on the Sabbath.

I am a self retired network engineer and homebound because I take care of my elderly parents, so having the ability to attend service right from my server is a blessing. I told myself that I would keep this correspondence short, as I trust you get many emails and can't possible reply to all of them, though I am compelled to relay my thoughts and trust you understand. Your voice speaks the truth, and the word of G_d, to which I have sought for over 7 years to discover. I was raised Catholic and never felt a connection to the church nor the word they spread. I have read almost all of the links on your page, as well as the videos, and the message of truth is clear and discerning to me. I even tried to remember a time when there was a single sermon on, or about, Revelation. Interestingly enough not even one sermon do I recall!


Hello Nicholas,I am just stopping by to say, I love this site. And...I thank you with all my heart for all the time and effort and sacrifice made to make this site as awesome as it is. God bless you abundantly and continue because it is reaching so many people with truth..your videos are a greaat tool and such awesome quality. ...I will share your site with everyone I ever met who needs instruction or wants to understand the bible better on all topics. ..Again thank you, may YHWH bless you richly and keep you safe.

Until the trump!!

I'm glad that you have a site that helps to open peoples eyes. I'm also glad you're on our side.

In Jesus name,
May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to Bless You and Guide Your Steps

I Thank God so much for people like you, you explain what so many people need to hear and understand through the word of Jesus Christ. Soon i'll be copying cd's with your videos to handing them out and help people realize the truth and messages God has left us trough his Holly Bible. I am of a hispanic ethnicity and most hispanics, specially Mexicans are catholics and your videos would be of much help to open their eyes to the truth; ...Thank you and praise the Lord.

Gonzalo G.


I've just found your site, i havent had time at work to browse a lot, but i will definitely at home. I see you have great content... the truth... it's good to have people like you who still speak the truth in time of universal deceit.

Well just a little ford of encouragement, great work, i already added your site in my Blog, and i will definitely come back often...

Thank you brethren... May the our Lord Jesus watch over you
Keep up the good work.
Thomas S.

I have so enjoyed your website.  The articles and informatoin you have collected is astounding.  The Biblical Teachings have blessed me immensely.  I have been struggling to teach my immediate family about
the Sabbath.  They continue to hold that we meet on Sunday because Jesus rose on Sunday.  I found an interesting study that challenged that notion and thought I would pass it on to you. ...Keep writing and making the videos. You have encouraged me so much to follow our God's Ten Commandments and expose the Beast and her replicas.

Damon H.

Just a quick question.  What is Revelation 17:10,11,12 talking about? Especially verse 11. I know The Vatican is the 1st beast, but can you please explain the verse?

Thanks Nic

 See this...

I have great joy in reading your material, and noticed that I was not  observing the Sabbath, never the less I don't agree with you regarding the  rapture (taken away).  How do you enterpret 1 Thess 4:12-18 and specially  verse 17.  I would like to hear your comment, if possible.

Sincrely in Christ

I cover that passage, (including verse 17) as well as all the verses in Scripture that speak on the second coming at...

Hello Nic,
What do you tell a person when they ask you that if we are supposed to keep the Commandment not to kill, then why did God have the Israelites kill off so many groups of people?


The word "kill" in commandment #6 is translated from the Hebrew word  "ratsach" (Strong's # 07523) which means to "murder." Murder is wrong of  course, but to kill in war is not. This is why God allowed, and even  commanded David at times to kill in war, but judged him in sin when he  murdered Bathsheba's husband Uriah the Hittite.

By the way.. today's wars are not sanctioned by God.

I want to thank you so much for your site its so refreshing, you have so much great info...


I have to tell you that while reading through your pages, I am reminded of some the things that my grandpa used to tell me.  He was 7th day adventist up until the late 50's.  He never went to church on sundays and advised me on my diet based on the old testament.  I'm actually fascinated with your website because it gives me hope that my Grandpa wasn't the only one who believes this way.

In Christ, Tony

Goodday Nicholas,

I live in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. I am a servant and child of God for the last seven years. Until recently I have been trying to
find a church which my family and I can attend that teaches TRUTH instead of the usual LIES. I believe that in my search along with a couple of other sites I have found, I am being being guided and found yours. It also shows how far Satan is willing to go and that his time is ALMOST up and his fear is mounting!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say.

All GLORY and HONOR & PRAISE be to GOD, through His Son JESUS CHRIST because HE IS THE ONLY WAY!!!

Anne J.

Hello, I've just finished watching all of your info. And all fits well some maybe hard to swallow, but the Word of God is always right. Is there anywhere I could get more teachings about it? I would like to maybe start a group in my house starting of course with my family.

Your brother in the Lord,

I think what you are doing is fantastic.  Your site and prophecy interpretation opened my eyes to alot of things.

Yours in Christ,

I have been hearing talks in the Prophesy circle that w should flee america because the Bible says flee babylon, What do you think of this should we leave America?


The Whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic church is the one to get out of. The USA is the lamb horned beast Rome uses to enforce her mark. No matter where you go, you cannot escape having to deal with the mark. But you can easily step out of the Babylonian church. So.. no.. you don't have to flee the USA.

See this about the USA...

Glory be to the God in heavens. We indeed lift up the powerful name of Jesus.  May God keep thee in his hand and under his blood. Thank you for not leaning upon thine own understanding but just simply proclaiming what thus saith the Lord.  Be ye not conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind.  I trust that you are continually renewing your mind and leaning upon the manifold wisdoms of the Lord our God. 

God Bless you.
Joshua C.

Great page. It's amazing to see how the devil is truly in the details. If we believe in the Holy Spirit then we know that Jesus said that the Helper would bring to our remebrance all things that Jesus said and did (i.e. would give us the perfect Word of God if we were willing to seek it out)...


Dear Nicholas,
Thank you for your reply. Your site is excellent, and the information is desparately needed. I am an independent Baptist, but am well aware of the validity of your analysis. When
the whore has her way, perhaps we will die together. Keep up the fight. Sleeping Americans would much rather awake to the sound of your preaching than the screetch of the bloodthirsty destroyer of mankind.

Pastor Bruce V.

This day (April 1st) has been cleverly devised by Satan. In this day, a very small (sometimes extreme) lie is spoken to the other to fool him/her. This goes against the summary of the 9th Commandment of God - "Do not lie".

For being righteous, this one lie is similar to "a drop of potassium cyanide in a bowl full of honey".

God taught me about this thing. (I don't know whether you had posted this  article anytime or not, but I have never been across this type. So, as God  gave me this teaching, I shared it to you, so that this would help to falter the trick of Satan over most of he Saints).

Praise be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Arnab T.

 I've never seen this before.. but I do know April fools day was created by  those that know what Nisan 14 (the day Jesus died) calculates to in today's  calendar. April 1. The idea behind the day as I see it is to symbolically  mock those that trust Christ's death as necessary to salvation as "fools." For more info, see this...

I just watched the video on the Sabbath and I firmly believe that you are  right but I don't know what churches practice the real sabbath where I live. Are you Seventh Day Adventist?

Waiting for a reply,

No I am not SDA, they have been proven biblically and historically to be a sister to fallen Babylon and are no longer safe. (See this.. ) I am of the prophecied Seventh day Remnant that was to arrive after the SDA church was infiltrated by Rome and fell. See this... (The SDR main site is... )

If you need help finding a church, see this...

GBU Nicholas, thank for your time, i have been threw so many miss leading teachers that i feel its my responsibility as a student of the inspired word of God to check out those who claim to have the truth and from my studies with your teachings i have discerned them to be of God his word / Christ, thank you my brother for allowing God to use you to reach those of us who need this truth tho it will ultimately lead to our death for holding fast to the commandments and the words of our Lord and Saviour yashua the messiah, stay humble threw your persecutions and allow your enemies to put you on the cross, were it is no longer you that live but it is you dying to self allowing Christ to do his work threw you

Amen and GBU love in the word
john k.

I heard a quite disturbing fact in the "Who is Israel?" video, and I was hoping I could have you touch on it further. I heard you say, quote, "Even Christians can lose the name Israel." The verse you used to support this statement was of course Hebrews 10:26-27. My question to you is; Are we then expected to be perfect once we have surrenderd to Christ Jesus? I know God's standards are for us to never sin, and we all fail at this. How can this verse be saying that if we willfully sin after accepting Christ, we are then to be damned? If that is true then no one could bear the name Israel. Don't kid yourself, you know that at some point every Christian will choose to do something they know is wrong, and that they shouldn't do. If this verse is reading as I read it, and as how you explained it to me, it seems that very few will enter the Kingdom of God, will they not?

Brian J.

In Context the verse speaks of someone going back to sin as a way of life and turning their back on Jesus. "Sinning willfully" is what a backslider does. If a Christian sins, they have two options..

#1  1 John 1:9, "If we
confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

#2 Don't confess or repent, and end up in Hell.


Can you let me know of other Bible passages that have been omitted by the RCC because they conflicted with their doctrines? Acts 8, 37: was a blatent example. Are there other verses that have been deleted? 


 see this...

My husband, Jim, and I enjoyed your Sabbath service and chat afterward, thank you.  Jim is very interested in free energy (magnetic and hydrogen) also.  He was trying to hear what you were saying about the thing you have on your car but we kept loosing our connection.  Could you please tell us what it is?   

Thank you, Lori

Go to YouTube and search out "HHA"

ALL praise to the KING for HIS anointing upon one whom has studied to show himself approved a workman who has and is rightly dividing the word of truth,HIS blessings to ya!!I curse any evil venomous words against this ministry to die and wither. To the KING of GLORY Hallejuah!!!

Ralph M.

concerning "
America in prophecy" the beast "which had the wound by a sword, and did live." since the sword in the bible is the word of God, could the wound have been caused by Martin Luther? as he brought the truth of God's word to the catolic church which was greatly affected by it, but lived.

bless your work,

 Amen, most miss that Truth. Yes, Martin Luther did in fact has in part in the Vatican's demise. The decided blow in his day using Truth in Scripture caused so many to leave the church that eventually some gathered in force against the church in military format and in 1798 the job was finished. The Sword was lifted up and on the downward swing in Luther's day and then it struck its target in Napoleon's day.

Hello Nicholas,

I am truly blessed by finding your ministry! I have much catching up to do. My question is: Do you have MP3 downloadable versions of your sermons that I can play on my MP3 player? I would like to start with the 04 sermons and listen up to the present sermons when I am in the car or running errands, etc. I thank you for such thought provoking and inspiring messages. I was raised Catholic and then converted to Mormon when I was around 40. I thought I had found the true church, as Mormons call it, but I couldn't understand how they could get so many things wrong -- especially the Sabbath. I look forward to joining in next Sabbath for your web-based ministry. I noticed that it starts at 12:00 PM. Is that Central time? I am in Arizona and want to make sure I don't miss out on the service!

Again, thanks so much!

For WMA files (Windows media Audio) you can download sermons and studies here... The titles of the sermons are here...

I do have many mp3's of old radio broadcasts and some sermons located here... They are in Real Media format for the website, but under each player is a link to an MP3 version. And yes, that's "Central time."

I just watch the video about
the antichrist and I think it is quite interesting. ... the video indicates that there are other 12 names for the pope that matches 666, can you let me know what they are?

Thanks a lot

 See this...

Hello nick,

hope all is well you and your family and the lord continues blessing such an "EYE OPENING" ministry! I have two questions, the first one is...By my husband working on the lords day,isn't that breaking the commandment? And second question...When we die does are spirit go back to god? Does that mean we are in heaven? Thank you for always getting back with me,it means alot to me to learn to live the way our father wants us to live.

God bless,
a friend

 Regarding the Lord's day.. see this...

Regarding the state of the dead (and the "spirit") see this...
(Especially this section... )

Hello brother Nicholas!
Let me again thank God for you for the great work you are doing through our Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ.

Thank you and I will you in prayers.

Hi, I just read your aticle about aliens and UFOs, but I have a quick question about it.  I was just wondering if it is possible that God created these aliens on other planets and they have there own Bible, and ours is simply for Earth. 


 Impossible. Why?

Genesis 1:26, "And God said, Let us make man IN OUR IMAGE, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."

God doesn't look like little green men

Just read your page about guillotines in America.  I agree with you about the organ harvesting.  They are already doing that in China. Saw it on YouTube but I can't find it now.  Anyway, they have all of the prisoner's DNA stored.  When there's a DNA match to a prisoner, they just execute him and sell the organs to the highest bidder.  They have a bus to execute people on so everything is fresh!  Therefore, if they follow China's model, they will need internment camps to hold us until they find a match.  You know, keep us fresh.

Also, I THINK there is some satanic reason for spilling blood.  I am not going to research that.  I am a Christian.  And
the NWO is certainly satanic.

I worked in an operating room where there was organ harvesting.  It is pretty sick.  The team had to fly by helicopter from a place that was 3 hours away driving.  I used to be for donation until then.  All of the doctors involved are so callous.


I have been hearing talks in the Prophesy circle that w should flee america because the Bible says flee babylon, What do you think of this should we leave America?


 The Whore of Babylon, the Roman Catholic church, and any church that adopts her methods, which by the way 99% of them now, is the one to get out of. The USA is the lamb horned beast Rome uses to enforce her mark. No matter where you go, you cannot escape having to deal with the mark. But you can easily step out of the Babylonian church. So.. no.. you don't have to flee the USA.


See this about the USA...


thanks for video, I don't belive in church (any of them) but I belive that some source rules our lives. Your video it could be truth,we will see it after death.


Thank you so much for all that you do:) People need to know the truth. You have opened my eyes and ears to a lot of truths and its so nice to hear what it truly is the word of God. I`ve thought for a long time the world was falling apart and sinning day after day thinking, its alright because everyone is doing it, its so easy to fall into that trap. What a deceiver the world actually is because of the beast. I`ve felt at times the need to shut the world out and protect my little ones , my family for some reason. I know why that is now. I know something within me was right in thinking that. I think  most do know it and realize it but just choose to ignore it because it does not fit the lifestyles of men. I spend most of time at home because I really feel safer that way and its just so depressing how men have become. "Become" Well, always been. Our system is really corrupt and there are more laws that tell us what we can`t do than what we can and a law to tell us we have to go to church on sunday? I refuse, its not right.Its so twisted  and just utterly wicked of them.But then again the wicked do wicked deeds and try to make others follow.What hurts the most is there are a lot of people who think they are right in doing so, it proves that the beast has been very busy. I pray for those who are deceived to seek the truth of our God. People should really think. I mean, if the laws make you do it, then there is something going on. What happened to the land of the free? That in itself should open many eyes and realize something is wrong. Especially, the tabloids, and media how they are so quick to jump and write a story about  lives of others mostly reveling the bad things, that lead people to gossip and judge others and people don`t realize this. Our television shows like "American idol" I think about every country has one now, it teaches us idolize men, its so perfectly clear when we seek his truth. I could go on and on as could all knowing that the beast is doing his deeds even to the small children idolizing  spiderman, barbie and there are so many other choices. Shame on him  to tempt our young! I`m starting to see all this now . How he can use to littlest of things to deceive us without us really knowing and cigaretts , the addictions without us even knowing it. I use to smoke two packs a day and just a couple of days a go I cut back to almost half and will quit because I know now its a sin to smoke and I will quit! In doing so I need to find a church one that really peaces the word of God and that keeps his Sabbath. If it is at all possible, could you please help me and my family in helping find that church? Thanks so much:)

Warmest wishes,

 See this...

Hello, from wayne in Australia, i'm not sure if there is a problem with your site or not...i cannot access your next newsletter other than the June-29 to July 4 weekly newsletter, we like your weekly newsletters - I hope you keep posting the weekly newsletters up on the internet, thanks.


 The Newsletter is always on the main page for a week or so. If using FireFox hit the "refresh" key above to get most recent changes to the main page. If you have trouble getting my emails, as some do, (AOL and some other censor me now.) You can always use free RSS software and have the Newsletters automatically "pop up" on your end when uploaded. See

I also believe Bible prophecy that has been and is being fulfilled is strong when trying to speak the truth to a non-believer. Do you by any chance have a list that includes the dates the prophecy was recorded and when it was written in the word? It would be so great if you could e-mail me a list. God Bless You and keep bringing the truth.

Kevin P.

 See this...

If you need more.. see my "prophecy section" on the site's menu.

I have had many debates with people on the issue of Sunday verses sabbath and they have all used the same verses you have used and no one has yet been able to show where the change occurred or where the laws no longer apply have to say im not sure what church you come from but on this issue you surely are correct(i don't believe any church has it all) great video


hi,thanks for sharing all of your knowledge,without your help i would never been able to understand all that is written in the bible. do aliens exist? What,does the bible say if anything about that?

thank you!

See this...

WOW ...the catholic church is absolutely evil to the core. I really didn't know they are the ones responsible for changing the holy day..I always thought it was Sunday...shows how brain washed people are. kinda scary to think what else is in my brain that's lead me away from god. Ive left posts quoting some of what you have in your video.The only reply i received was someone claimed lots of names add up to 666..but what i think they are missing is what are the odds of over 12 titles of pope adding up individually to 666 "they will have eyes and yet not see and ears and yet not hear"..I hope that is ok if im quoting what you came up with...i meant to ask you if i could do that, i couldnt help but want others to know the truth, i mean once you see it you know it is. I may be able to get you in touch with the girl who had the experience with the pope slapping her and claiming he is god on earth if you really wanted. Keep up the good for christ..many appreciate what you are doing :)


Hi, I'm Robins, it's been two days ago since I found your site on you tube, and I watch those videos with my wife, it has been a great blessing. I'm not a SDA I'm from a diferent denomination, and I surely want to follow God's commandments with all my heart, would I need to re-baptise to start fresh, cause I feel that I've been taught by false prophets. one other thing, I was wondering if I can have a few DVD copies that base on prophesy:the coming of our savior, the mark of the beast, the sabbath truth. I was thinking with all these great information I can do a bible study at the church I go to now, hoping that the Lord would open the eyes of our brothers and sisters just like he opened my eyes after watching those videos. I believe that God himself is working through you to get his word out there by any means necessairy, and I want to be a part of that please.

May the Lord be with you at all time and bless your ministry richly, cause we need people like you to proclaim the word of God without the fear of the enemy.

Thank you, and I'm hopping to hear from you soon

wow, i never thought of anything this way, it makes me think more about how i act in life, and how i look at my faith!


 Hello Nic,
Thank you for your response to my last email concerning "Salvation is personal". 
I took a look at the
Surprise asteroid makes near-miss of Earth located in the HEADLINES section, and while watching the video, which i've attached at the bottom, I thought I heard the "Astro Physicist" say something very interesting. When asked about the asteroid and if anything can be done to stop it from hitting the earth in the future, he stated, "Right now the answer is no! forget the movies like Armageddon and deep impact" Then he went on to make the comment which caught my attention. He said "Our space shuttle cannot reach into deep space, Our space shuttle simply goes around the planet earth, around and around and around, we can't even approach an asteroid coming at the earth from out of space..." 
Is he stating that we cannot go to space? if so what about the so called moon landing? Or is he saying something different?
God bless

The slip of the tongue blesses us many times. There are 2 "Van Allen radiation belts" encircling the Earth. (see and this... ) Both would fry humans within minutes. The old capsules couldn't survive the belts even though they were much thicker than the shuttles today. So, yes, there is no deep space travel from what my research shows.

By the way, the moon landing can be easily proven a fake on many levels. My favorite being to look UNDER the lunar lander in those so called "moon pictures." They say that lander uses major blasts of jet fuel to land the craft on the moon. (like a massive blowtorch) Yet notice in the pictures underneath the lander.The dust under that lander is not showing ANY disturbance at all. They simply forgot to make it look like it was blasted flat (and melted by great heat) by a landing rocket. You can see soft peaks and valleys in that dust under the craft. How's that possible if they used a rocket blast to land the craft? To this day no one has answered that question. PLUS, when TV shows like Mythbusters and the like did episdoes on "proving" the landing, they always seem to forget to mention the dust pillows under the craft along with other undeniable proofs.

Hello Nic,

Saying hello and may God keep you safe and blessed.  You are in my daily prayers, and will be through til the end.  It will be wonderful to meet you "when we all get to heaven".  Don't know what I would do without your site.  This is where I get all my news updates and spiritual help.  There are no words to express my gratitude to God for you.  I know you get many emails, and I know that you are surely God's tool to bring people to His Son.  I pray for God's power in you all the time.

Please be careful and just know how very much I love you brother.

I have yet to watch any of the other videos posted on your site, but I must say, the Sabbath video was exceptional; probably the best Sabbath video I have ever seen. The arguments presented were precise and scriptural. I am looking forward to watching your other videos and thanks for posting them. God Bless.


Hi! I grew up as a Catholic and now knowing the truth about it is really a big help for me and I want to share it to the people that I know. I don't want to be a Catholic anymore. I would like to have a copy of your videos. How can I copy those amazing videos here?

Thank You and God Bless you all!!
Elyver P.

See this...

Enjoyed the antichrist video. Thanks

James M.

What a blessing you are to me! I cannot wait for the next update. This is wonderful again!!! And I must just say may God bless you and your family abundantly. You reach people, even here in Africa, with this web site. Amen

Kind Regards
Clifford S.

I just found this site today!  I was raised Catholic-having a Catholic mother/Lutheran dad.   I left Catholicism in my teens, a combination of frustration at my fruitless efforts to combat guilt and the blessings of having an ex-Catholic neighbour who through her gentle friendship and firm repudiation of Catholic teachings led me out.  I trust in His blood alone to save me, and was re-baptized at 19 in an evangelical church.  I will say I have been very dismayed and disheartened by the complacency regarding Catholicism in my journey through  evangelical and Messianic circles.  I have yet to find someone such as myself, an ex-Catholic who embraces the teachings of Torah, and absolutely 100% repudiates the pagan holidays such as Christmas, etc, not to say they're not out there though.  HE is my strength, my Light, and My Salvation. 

Blessings to you all.

Thank you for all this information ! God has truely blessed you with the Wisdom and understanding to show others the truth and to see the lies of Satan. These are scary times my friend, but we know not to worry. Take care and please keep sharing the truth.

God Bless you and your loved ones.
Take care.

I am so glad you wrote the article about aliens and satan's agenda.  I forget the title right at this moment but it was sure good to read. ...That must be why the Roman Catholic Church has an observatory out in the desert.


Hope all is well.  Do you have a study on the Last supper.  Are we to take part in it? Who is to do it as far as eating the bread, and drinking f the wine?  Thanks always for your help.  Again I'm so glad the Lord has pointed me to your website


Yes, we have the Lord Supper every three months or so, see this... (Scroll to 12-01-07 and listen to
the Sermon)

I have a deep respect for you ability to understand the bible. I know 7th  sabbath is the true sabbath, i know we are to keep the 10 commandments,  love they neighbour, love god with all our mind body and soul.

What im really stuggling with is knowing how to keep sabbath holy. ive heard  sabbath is sundown to sundown like 5pm to 5pm, am i to stay in my place on  the 7th day. i want to glorify god by his will not mine so i really need  help on what i should shouldnt can and cant do on gods great day of rest.

I dunno if i can cook the 7th day or is all preparation to be done on  friday. if someone else cooks on sabbath and i eat am i in the wrong. im  trying to cease meat eating get a headstart on
God's diet for man, i cherish  the law of health.

lately ive been debating with jw's. how can they stress we are to keep God's  commandments yet they deny all 10 as they dont keep sabbath as you know  james says break 1 guilty of all.

I pray that i can get some assistance with this.

with sincere love god bless....

 See this...
Hi Nicolas,

I was keeping an eye on that website your were talking about while the Catholics were waiting to see who the new pope was going to be.  After the pope picked his name i just forgot about all the hype that website was yacking about.  I havent been back since but now you have my curiousity about the hidden page of that site.  And i find it disturbing that you say they are redoing their ideas on the pope thing.  I dont even remember what the website was.  I just remember emailing the guy and asking him what he thought about the popes new name and at that time he emailed me saying if he proves to be a false pope then all bets are still on the table.  My words not his.  Anyways i love your site i have been visiting it over many years now.  I come here to learn what the Catholic church is up to.  Your my news source for the most part :-)  Keep up the hard work. 


I have been blessed by some of the infomation that I have read on your website. May God continue to use you and bless you. I have two young boys aged 13 and 16. Could you please recommend a school that that is patterned after the schools of the pioneers in the days of Ellen G White. Please send me the facts documented against the website that predicted that the next pope would pick a unique name. I have some friends that are using a certain website that interprets 7 kings of Revelation 17 as the 7 popes and so If this is the same ministry that you mention then I would like to give them the documents as proof that they are studying error. Thank you and God Bless you

Andrei L.

 The only school that I can see that would agree with Sister White and the Pioneers would be a Bible based homeschooling program.

As for the false prophets preaching the next pope after John Paul II had to be of a certain "number," see this

I happened onto your site by searching for the 7 yr tribulation, as the rapture and the 7 yr trib was not making sense to me. I'm glad I found this site, and am learning much. Thank you.

Also the definition of hell being a forever thing bothered me as well, to think that torment would go on forever. it's nice to know, that is not the case. Thanks for explaining. Praise the Lord!

God's blessings,

wow, i never thought of anything this way, it makes me think more about how i act in life, and how i look at my faith!

Maryssa L.

good stuff on the catholic church, more people should awaken to the coming tribulation. once again very good.

david j.

What do you think of this? Have you heard of concentration camps in the US? Please let me know what u think of this.  I have been wondering if this is for real.  ....I will wait for your respone

thank you and God bless!!

 Yes I know of these camps. It's all part of Rome's plan. See this... and

Thank you! You are helping save thousands, including me. Thank you! When I am older I will try to help God's cause more. My parents are Catholic and Christian and I think that the different religious churches are bad for Christianity. My parents now are more Christian because they see Jesus as a relationship and not a religion


Hello! I just wanted to post my thoughts on what I have been reading from this website. I have been raised in the Roman Catholic faith and had a quiet happiness with it until about 1973. ...Let's just say I have been a fair-weather Catholic for over 30 years.  ...Soon enough slowly but surely, the signs have been presenting themselves to me. Websites like this one, information on Biblical truth, the deception of false doctrines and prophets. Loads and loads of reading ammunition I needed to arm myslef with God's true teachings. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I have been sufficiently brainwashed and duped by the Roman Catholic church!! I was a Rosary praying, saint petitioning and purgatory believing Catholic. ...I realize now the prayers I did recite were just repetitive words that I was conditioned to say. Force of habit? My next goal is to find an appropriate Bible-believing church that does focus on the true teachings of Christ. This is where I must be very careful. I do not want to wind up in another place with false teachings and cultish practices. In time I know God will show me the right place to head.
So there you have it.
Another R.C. dumping Rome and her idolatrous beliefs. ...

God Bless!
Ellie N.

Nicholas,  I am anxious to learn more about POGM audio conference.  Where do I Register at on your web site? 

God Bless,

See this...

Hi, I want know is the page condensed for PDA. I need that but I would be very helpful if I could view it on a conventional PC. .. is constructed in HTML?.

Thanks. God bless. Your brother in God.
PS: sorry for my poor english
Henn M.

Yes it is in HTML format.

Beautiful video. Bravo!


Hello brother Nic,
Grace and Peace unto you though our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. The last time I talked to you I was in ____, ____ working and studying the Word of God overcoming my trials which the Word has done through faith. I have now traveled across the country to ______ because God gas called me here. In my travels I have visited many churches and talked to many Christians. The prophecy of Amos is quite accurate, there is a great famine in the land. I could not find many churches that even use the Word of God anymore, they are turned to philosophy and look for God in secular story books. I have since given up all of myself and all that I own to make myself a vessel unto the Lord. Satan is throwing everything at me to destroy me but I keep in the Word and resist him. Gods providence is upon me and I lack nothing. I have to cut this short as I am using a computer in a place that is now closing. Pray for me that I will be able to attend your
services one Sabbath. I have no computer yet that will allow your software for me to do so. There is much I would like to say and pray about.

God Bless brother Nic  
Praise The Lord!!!
Patrick S

If you're using public computers you can always listen using the WTPR radio portal, as most systems have Windows Media installed. Or, you can listen using your phone via our free phone conference. (Scheduled gathering times are posted here)

i have a potential add-on for your "where do we go from here?"page.  Concerning the witch of endor in the scripture when the false Samuel or "daemon" is summoned he says in 1Sa 28:15  "And Samuel said to Saul, Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up?" Now if he was in heaven wouldn't he say, " why have you brought me down? if there is instant judgment after death wouldn't he be coming from above instead of coming up out of hell? plus if he came back from heaven he shouldn't be old and in a mantle but at least in a robe.

i love the
state of the dead message keep it up,
Joshua R

My problem is this I want to Honor the sabbath but my job requires me to work on Friday 11pm to 7am and Saturday 3pm -11pm pleases send a rapid response.

If it was me I would alert my boss I could not work on Sabbath. More often than not, most bosses will understand. If not and they refuse to allow it, you can always quite. Trust the Lord and all will be well.

Matthew 16:26, "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

With respect to what day Christians are required to worship on, respectfully, I think you are wrong, however, I like your site because of its news collection efforts; Christians need as much news/facts as possible to navigate our fallen world system and complement our faith.

Christopher S.

 If I am wrong, and you (or anyone) can find proof of God changing the Sabbath to Sunday in Scripture, I will give you $10,000.00 cash. Can you do it?

Only if the whole world knew about this.....

John G.

I guess I have believed most of this for a long long time, but you have managed to put it into words.  Thank you for the time involved in getting this all down in one place. I use it often. 

God Bless You. 

I send this comment in thanks to your work on this site. you have revealed to me the truth about the antichrist and about the deceiving vatican. now I see the major bringer of death in this world which makes real Christians' work really hard and non-Christians' refusal of our faith easier. keep on finding and preaching the truth of the Bible to everyone because the Bible is the only text which is infallible when confronted with the facts. send the message to as much people as you can because the time is short.

God bless you!

Your web site infor. has certainly providered a spiritual awakening for me personally. Remain steadfast.

God Bless

I will like to find out if this is an Independent Adventist Website. Is there anything as Pagan Adventist? And i have learned from a reader of this site that you equate yourself to the adventist of old and not to current Adventist. What is the problem with the current Adventist church? Are we Pagan?


See this...

I am Roman Catholic and find some of your articles a bit odd, but at the same time, I would totally agree with you about the EVILS of EWTN and Fr. Bob Levis. This man is sooo filled with the spirit of Satan. He preaches with such hate, anger,ignorance, and pride. This man totally "swept under the rug" all of the pain and suffering that many of the sexually abused suffered. Kudos to you to standing up to this man and exposing his lies. He blames all of the worlds ills on protestants, homosexuals, masons, and the like. ...They say that "only the good die young." Maybe thats the reason why "Father" Levis is almost 90.


Bro, I read the Tongues article in your website and was confirmed about the true tongues. Praise the Lord. My friend too was confirmed that there is only one type of Tongue.


About the mark of the beast. Can you recieve it now by going to church on Sunday or is it when the sunday law is implemented.


Going to church on Sunday or any other day is not how the mark is received. AGREEING that Sunday is the Sabbath is how you get it. Soon they will enforce a law that demands every man and woman to make that choice publicly. So no.. you cannot get it by going to church on Sunday. But you can be lured into deception by attending Babylonian churches, of which the Lord says to "come out" of (See Revelation 18:1-5)

I'm confused you send me an email stating that worlds last chance is not a true christian ministry yet on your radio podcast you promote it, whats up?

Joseph R.

 Back when some of the radio broadcasts were recorded, Worldlastchance ministry was still part of our number. But as the enemy of souls moved upon them they soon left the fold. We tried all we could to help them see the error of their ways, but failed. See one such compilation of our efforts to warn them here...

I just want to know, what is the religious affiliation of the

Thanks & Waiting,
Noel G.

See this site for more info... For prophetic facts that explain why we are of the prophecied remnant, see this...

Hello there, we want to say that your site has really been very beneficial to us and had it not been for it, we would not be able to keep up with the current issues.  We can't wait to see Jesus and the loved ones that are asleep.

Steven C.

Dear Pastor Nicholas:

Thank you for letting me read the hate mail but honestly I could not stand it...just simply gave up...gave me a headache! and I totally do not understand Dr. Samuelle Bachiochi....I use to read his end time issues on biblical could that be?! I remember reading a comment that he might be a jesuit but he denied it...May God bless you for your faithfulness in HIM and your family and may He protect you and your family. Thank you for your Web site. It really woke me up. It doesn't seem like anyone can be trusted. Long ago I would simply get convinced that a person is ok when I see one carrying a bible, or attending church etc...

Thank you again

i love your site. This  is one of the main sites i go on its good to know i can be put in up to date on world events an prophecy. i print these off some christians can not beleive what there reading. give them out to people so to expose satan . may the lord richly bless you an be with you.

steve your brother.

Ok this is my reply email to a question you asked me. Well I asked for help with my assignment so that I could reach those in my class. I have already sent them all your NWO page. I was wondering if you had any thing on the state of the economy and the stimulus, bail out, North American Union, privacy, population control etc. Mainly I need info on the stimulus because thats my assignment. The other things are info I was sending to my classmates.

I don't have anything dedicated "online" for those topics expect the North American Union. See it here... I do comment on all of them in many Newsletters. To try and surf them would be time consuming for me. My archived list is at if you want to search it out... Or use the search engine box on top of the main page.

Dear Nic, thanks for the update. got to worship via cell phone with you this morning. thanks for being there.

your brother in Christ.

Hi Nicholas,
How can I access your Sabbath worship what time are you on? do I need some special software? is it interactive?


See this...

Hello, I was amazed with the videos, it helps deepen my conviction in God's word. i want to have a format that can play in windows media player. i want to share those videos to my family, relatives and my friends. i thank God for the wisdom that He has given to you. Thank you and

God Bless You.

Just contact us and I will send you info on how to download the videos in WMV

I researched some stuff on the net last year about a new world order and a club called the skull and bones which is said to be a satanic club within the fraternity of yale which a certain gentleman was a member whom now holds office of the presidency of the usa G W Bush  the link to the vatican in this new world order blew me away  things slipped into place as i watched your videos and read your articles on your site, i am convinced in my OWN mind presented with facts and not by  preaching that we are truly facing terrible times the beast is among us and he is waging war on man kind i have followed mans law and i now want gods forgiveness how do i achieve this please help.


See this...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible information you are providing the world. I am currently reading "the black pope". SHOCKING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! Just printed some other stuff to read(can only use library computer an hour a day). Knowing the end time is just around the corner is kind of scary but then I actually look forward to it.

Thank you again. I will let others know of your website.

After reading your web site for some time;I am convinced that "the end"/"the second advent" is very near. Are there any prophacies yet to be fullfilled? Have the trumpets already sounded? You mentioned that the plagues will happen just before Christ comes. I see the plagues are already happening. Are there any signs yet to be fullfilled? Do you think we have more or less than 10 years? 5 years? Or is the second advent possibly further away


The plagues have not begun, but the warnings signs have. We know how each plague will hit. See this... As for setting a date or a time? Matthew 24:36 says, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

Many times on the web, I have read articles by or about Christians in which the author seems to have been biased from the start. Yet I have just read much of your article about Christmas and Pagans, and I found that in many places, the author has left the reader to draw their own conclusions, and just presented information for them to get it from. I came to your site looking for information about what crossovers there were between Christmas and the various Pagan celebrations (notably Yule), and I now feel informed and enlightened from what is a very good article.

So I felt I wanted to write and let someone know I appreciated your site.

Thank you.

Hi :)
I am very happy to found this website knowing that there is a group who is study, research, and being the keeper of God's Words. This time I am looking for a lesson in Holy Sanctuary.  Will you don't mind  to email me the materials?

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Veldman A.

See this...

I read the article about false prophsey, when many of the seventh day adventist nowadays don't accept sister eg white as a prophet, but i was surprised to see sister eg white quotations, thanks alot for that encouraging message, i'm a seventh day adventist at present, i don't know about your beliefs and doctrines, i would like to know


See this...

if evolution is an important  fact in history, why was it not known before DARWIN? Perhaps I lack information . But it seems to be unknowm by all old nations like the greek and roman before Jesus. If I am in mistake, I would like have more information.


No mistake Denis, this evolution "science" is the folly of end time scientists moved by Satan to lure more away from Christ and eternal happiness.

First of all i want to say thank you for your videos. It really help me out to understand about the true sabbath day.

Thank you
Maxsrayll Y

Hey I've been reading the King James Bible a lot lately and I've noticed it mentions Babylon a lot. But one thingI can't find is the history or the beleifs that they had. Do u know where I could find it in the bible??


See this for ALL the facts about Babylon in Scripture...


If the pope believe in evolution like we know he does then the people must ask themselves: How accurate can someone interpret the Bible of he thinks his uncle is a monkey?

Great article you have no idea how spot on this specific article is for this week my brother, no idea. May God bless you and your family abundantly.

Kind Regards
Clifford S.

I am so glad the way you have put in so much effort to open the eyes of millions. Truth be told I have always had an unsettling feeling about certain religious groups and organisations but I was not able to find the right Scripture to support the ideas that I had. Your page has done alot to help me in my research of the Truth.

Thank you and May God grant you more wisdom and understanding


Hey I've been reading the King James Bible a lot lately and I've noticed it mentions Babylon a lot. But one thingI can't find is the history or the beleifs that they had. Do u know where I could find it in the bible??


See this...

Hello, I discovered your website yesterday from a youtube video. I'm a christian who was originally raised a catholic, attended a catholic school from grade 6-8 trained by nuns and priests. I always knew something was wrong with that church. I remember when I would look at the idols. Whoops, I mean statues in the church, even as a little boy, I could feel the evil demonic sprits as I looked at them. Later in my life I discovered true christianity and I'm dating a beautiful woman who was a catholic when I met her but I've led her to the Lord now. Praise God! I know the final pope will be the antichrist. It's sad that MANY MANY christians believe that the catholic church is a christian church. MOST christians are deceived into believing it's a christian church. Like Dr. Alberto Rivers stated: "Rome never was a christian church." It is an extremely evil church, the habitation of devils and evey unclean and foul bird. ...In the words of Cotton Mather: "The oracles of God foretold the rising of an Antichrist in the Christian Church, and in the Pope of Rome, all the characteristics of that Antichrist are so marvelously answered that if any who read the Scriptures do not see it, there is a marvelous blindness upon them." And in the words of Martin Luther: "We here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist." May God give us the strength to get through these last days.

Thank you for all you are doing. I plan on reading more of the material at your website as I am a new reader here. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you for it and watch over you. 


Still love you folks!   The Lord is getting ready to take us out of here....The time is so short.   You are still the best there is...


Lukewarm in revelation refers to half-hearted Christians, "right?"


 Yes.. I have a sermon on that here... (Scroll to 10-18-08)

Bro Nic, thanks for the article "Tongues" and "Speaking of Tongues". I was really amazed, genius! PTL. I thought this is just a light topic not until I met this friend who is claiming to be speaking of tongues. I was challenged to study about this. It helps a lot in sharing the truth to my friends who need discernment regarding this matter.

God bless you always...

While I do not agree w/ all you present, I sincerely want to thank you for the videos I viewed... I also appreciate your showing how pagan Rome became Papal Rome, and how the Catholic "church" is behind the powers that be.


Is this part of the SDA church?


 We are in no way shape or form affiliated with the SDA church. In fact, my sister site is, My calling is to expose Antichrist. He has reared his ugly head in Rome as well as the SDA church, just as prophecy predicted.

I just wanted to comment about Ron Paul.  I have suspected for sometime  that all Mr. Paul is used for is to find out what percentage of people think  the way he says he does.  The same thing goes for voting.  I believe that  all voting does is give the evils of the world insight into how our minds  are working. Just a comment I thought I would leave.  Thank you for your  time.


 AMEN Kent! That's exactly what I shared in a newsletter I wrote back in January. You can access it here...

I am seeking for the truth always and I happen to like this website entirely............. very informed indeed!

God bless

Great article. 
I became serious about my relationship with God about six months ago and I am learning all the time.  So much to learn though...the idea that The Vatican/Pope is the Antichrist seems, well, that it could be obvious considering the messages they have put out over the years and their stance on homosexuality and the one world government/religion. 
The evidence certainly seems to be there if you break down what these mixed messages actually mean through the eyes of the Bible, God's reasoning and the parables of Jesus Christ.
That's why I am seeking the truth in the Bible itself and in sites like this...and in other great sites who's creators have taken the time to spread the word. 


Gee Nick,
Just saw the EU Sunday document from your website, your theology is right on track! These guys are moving faster than normal, its like they can't help but see their Babylon realised ASAP. They are really working hard, and we should too!

I've been doing my bit in chat rooms, and it is so amazing how people cannot feel to verify facts in their very own Bibles. There was even an instance where a JW using their own Bible, still refused to accept the error in Sabbath. This is very real, and sometimes I still can't believe my eyes.

Anyway, thanks for your Scripture music suggestion, I never understood what you meant when you suggested that, neither did I know there was such a genre. This should help me sink in some scripture, as music works faster.


Hello again Nicholas,

Thank you very much for your permission to view
these letters. They are very hateful indeed. It's amazing these people see nothing wrong with what they are saying. ...I get a bit nervous posting my videos on YouTube, even though I expect negative comments. I was totally opposed to even thinking of making a video until I felt a desire to do so.

Nicholas, thank you so much for your site, you have opened my eyes to the answers on a variety of subjects. I hope your ministry will continue until the very end, and I know God is pleased with what your doing. The truth you have provided for me is worth more than any material thing I can possibly think of.

God Bless


  I'm going to get fired - I just spent an hour reading one of your links regarding the Pope, the NWO, symbols of idolotry that infiltrate most main stream churches, etc. I was enthralled.  ...I'll be reading more of your site to explore further. It's refreshing to find a site run by someone who appears (upon initial reading anyway) to really THINK and STUDY for themselves.  God gave us all brains - I don't see a lot of people using them when it comes to their faith.  They seem to simply adopt ideals without exploration into whether it is actually Biblical or logical. 

And while frank, I have not found any venom in your approach ... yet.  I hope I don't.  I get turned off by that venomous tone a lot of people take when extoiling their beliefs.  Just wanted to say hello - you caught my attention - I'll read more.


Hello Remnant of God,

  I have been looking for you for a long time and hope I have finally found the true remnant. ...Hope to hear something from you soon.

Thanks, Bob

Can you explain to me the passage in revelation 7. The 144,000 of Israel sealed


 See and scroll to 07-22-06. I have
a short series of sermons on the 144,000

Good Afternoon,  I have just found your sites, about Guillotines and Concentration Camps in America. I printed everything that I could, in fact I have ran out of ink several times already. ...This is an absolute eye opener for me and my friends. And Biblically sound too.

God bless you and thanks.

Good job on your revamped site. Do you have available a 16 bit stream for
winamp. I am no longer able to listen to your broadcasts as I am on a dial
up connection and anything higher breaks up.


 The only stream I have set up at present is a 32bit stream. You can listen to sermons here with dialup... and radio broadcasts here...

Hi Nicholas, thanks for replying.I saw your video on the sabbath, i think it's very interesting. I received the Lord Jesus into my heart over a year ago, and i've since been studying the scriptures as much as possible. This question about the sabbath has been something that i've been wondering about for some time. I thought you might be a sda, because i know that sda keep the sabbath, that's why i asked. God bless you


I am not SDA. Why? See I am a Seventh day Remnant. See
So, the bottom line is to reject the mark of the beast and die a martyr so I will have everlasting life after death, Correct?


 If you a a believer, yes. But not all that reject the mark will die. 144000 of them will go through the time of Jacob's trouble perfectly to glorify the Lord and will be changed immortal when the dead in Christ rise. So.. study the Word daily and strive to be in that number.

Thanks for your site it is a blessing to someone that shares your same points of view. I can't wait for His return to us. Keep up the Great work!


I would just like to thank you for opening my eyes to the false teachings and ways of the beast church. How could we have been so blind all this time? Me and my wife have both been educated and have become blessed spiritually by the inspirational stories and insight brought to us from your website and the word of God, and we wish to thank you for the good work you are doing. May God bless you in every way for bringing this message to the masses. As a former catholic and now bible based christian I have grown in knowledge and faith from the message God has given you to pass on and the light of Christ is shown through you. Thanks and God bless you, keep up the great work.

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Vince and Deb

Shalom to all of you! Blessings to all of you

... I am not SDA; I really appreciate your website, I have learned a lot from you. When it comes to current world events and prophetic events, you are right on, Please keep up the great work you arew doing for Him. It TAKES lots of courage to do the great work you are doing!! We are living in an anti-Torah and lawlessness spiritual generation, you are a beacon in dark nights of apostasy..


Brother Nicholas,

...the Nephilim came up. I don't know if you are familiar with this but they and many others beleive that Genesis 6:4 refers to fallen angels having relations with women on earth. I was wondering if you could give further information on this subject on your site? I do not believe that our Heavenly Father would let fallen angels marry earthly women. What do you think. It would be very helpful if you could let me know. That you as always for your insite.


For info on the Nephilim, see...

I have not been to your website in a while and I REALLY like what you have done!  Excellent job...including articles and news and information along with important Bible study topics...Keep up the good work.

Stephan C.

I'd like to thank you for the multiple things I learned through your website. I have another question, when the lord cause us home will I be able to remember my parents?


Yes, the word says in 1 Corinthians  13:12, "...then shall I know even as also I am known."

For more info see...
I just wanted to say Thank You for not being angry with me over the bunch of questions I first sent you.  You are very kind and forgiving.  Thank You for the timeline link, it helped me understand things a little better. ..

Thank You and God Bless You!!

Hi! I noticed that you have a wonderful timeline of fulfilled historical prophecy in your video "who is Isreal ". Is there any way that a copy of Just that timeline could be had ? it would prove very helpful in my work for our God, and Christ! When witnessing about such issues as "the so called Seven year tribulation period".  Just let me know if there is anything you can do.

Thanks brothers and sisters

See this page that exposes the 7 year trib falacy...

I've really enjoyed reading much of your articles. I'm not a Seventh Day Ad., but I have had several place membership within my congregation because of my teaching on the Sabbath and End Times. You have provided much resource and understanding to my study of God's Word. Thank you for your dedication to the Word, the Commandments, and our Lord - Yeshua.

Pastor KC

hi nicholas i,ve been a listening and checking out your web site for thepast few months now and i just want to say God bless you for what you are doing. the messages you are putting out there are really good and they are the truth. i am a seventh day believer because the LORD blessed my great grand mother with knowledge of these things and she been preaching to us (her family&friends) for aslong as i can has resinated with me over the years so much that i have started to do the same with my family and friends but it hard even with prophecy fulfilling in front of our eyes people are still sleep walking and at time i get distracted but GOD is good i,m reminded by checking out your site,listening to your broad cast and other sites like yours,plus recieving monthly cds from ktf ministry,youtube is mind blowing with information though some is false i believe but i try to study the scirptures so as not to be decieved.i will pray for you and your family if you would sir please pray for mine.THANK YOU,GOD BLESS.

Hey I was just wondering when you were going to make your newest video available to down load.. I wanting to down load it and share it with friends! Let me know if you can help!

God Bless!
John 14:15

The new video is availabe for download in WMV format to post to sites like Myspace, YouTube and the like. Just contact me and I will send you the link to download.

Dear to whom it may concern,

I have viewed your
video on the anti-christ and I believe the information that you have transmitted to be true.  Please let me know via email, how I can further be in contact with you in terms of fellowshipping, and getting to know each other better.  I fear God and His word and I want nothing to do with rome, roman catholicism, or the mark of the beast.  I don't know exactly what time we are in.  If you could please acquaint me with what time we are now in and what exactly I must do to be completely separate from this babylon in which we find ourselves, please do so. 

Thank you for your help and may the one and only True God, maker of heaven and earth richly reward you both now and forevermore.

In His love,

If you seek a church that teaches present truth as we do, please fill out this form...


I read your latest articles and you are right on it.
In other words, you are one of the true media reporters, yes a media reporter and a good Christian.  Because we can't get this true news just anywhere.  I am so glad that you are writing about these things.  So many people, even my relatives live in the dark and it seems it is where they want to stay.  Set in their ways or just what the Bible says, people reject the truth. I will keep reading your articles, will of the Lord.

Thank You,

Hello Nic,
  Just saying hello and thanking you for this wonderful
article on the Vatican.  This is great.  I know I have thanked you many times for your ministry and messages, but I am thanking God for you again.  You have brought my husband and I to a new strength.

I sent you a very important article about the
EU law of Sunday Law.  Did you get it? Looks like we are one step closer to going home!

May the Lord bless and keep you and will look very forward to seeing you in heaven.

Love Pam and Jim T.

I once read a vision of Ellen Whites.  A group of people going somewhere in wagons and horses..I think...they were heading up a mountain and then had to abandon the wagons..and eventually everything but their bodies..the ledge got narrower and rocks were sharp as they clung to them...with hands bleeding...

My question is where can I find this in her writings?  Thanks so much!

 It starts on page 179 of CET (Christian Experience and Teachings)

Great job exposing the general conference. Call me crazy but I believe that a lot of Seventh-day Adventists are going to keep Sunday due a high-level of trust in the leaders and not in God. The Seventh-day Adventists churches that are run and organized by the conference are going to deceive in people in a large way. The churches are going to be set up in such a way to conceal the fact that this is the awaited "sunday law" and that those who oppose are fanatics. Like the time when probation was closed on the Jews and they thought that they were still the favoured people of God.

 There are already dozens of Conference churches keeping Sunday holy. See this...

Hi Nic

Being a former Evangelical Christian, I have a real burden for my brothers and sisters in Christ who do not know the Sabbath Truth and are being led to the slaughter by believing that they will be "raptured" before the time of trouble begins. Tim LaHaye's Left Behind Series and Hal Lindsay's (whom I believe to be a Jesuit), The Late Great Planet Earth have led Christians right into the trap that was set for them.
     I LOVE your short
videos that you have produced. I am praying that you can produce another video on the Secret Rapture and how it came about by the Jesuits. Evangelical Christians need to know that the Secret Rapture is a lie and secondly that they better unpack their heavenly bags and get ready for the tribulation. Obviously, the Sabbath Truth needs to be woven into the video.
     Being a former evangelical, I am convinced such a short video would spiritually educate many evangelicals who simply follow church tradition and their pastors and they would then open their hearts to Bible Truth and then God could truly speak to them. If the Secret Rapture nonsense could be revealed to them, then they would be MORE OPEN to other lies that have been told to them over the centuries.
     I want to send copies of several of your videos to evangelical Christian friends and to well known radio and TV protestant pastors along with some printed literature in the near future. i hope you will consider producing the Secret Rapture video because I believe this DVD needs to be produced. This DVD would make my packette complete!

In Christ,

There are no plans for such a video, however I do have a page on the site that if and when such a video is made, all the facts laid out in this page would be used.

Brother Nic Are Ufo's From satan Fallen Angels, If They Are Where In The Bible Does It Talks About This? Or Are They Just From The Government To Scare The People Just Curious

 UFO's are both demons as well as government officials possessed by same to drum up fear in the masses. The Vatican has actually been using this method of fear for many hundreds of years. They actually have some very old paintings with UFO's in them. See this...

Great article, Nic.  May the Lord be with you always.


On the article about Columbus, I had also heard that he was not the first that came to America.  I also heard that there were many Norwegians and Swedish that were living here besides the Indians.  After reading your article about Columbus and the Roman Catholics that he killed for, it seems we've been told so many lies about history.  I didn't do too well in history class in school and now I am not so disappointed because the majority of what kids are taught out of the books are lies. Teachers teach children about these men and Presidents, etc. as if they're suppose to look at them as heroes.  When Christ reveals all secrets, people will surely be shocked that they did not listen to true christian men and women.  And I am sure even God's people will be surprized at hidden things that will be revealed about the history of this earth.  Of what has been going on for centuries between the evil men of this earth. For many things though, people will have no excuse because they rejected knowledge and would rather hear fables. Roman's killed Jesus and have been messing up the world ever since and of course because of sin.  Wasn't it jealousy that caused even the fall of Lucifer?  Angels, & Men wanting to be something they aren't.  People should just be themselves and not try to be something else.  They would have a better and fulfilling life if they'd just garden or do something close to God which you can do by planting trees, etc. 


Nicholas thanks to those videos on youtube, my girlfriend and her mom have been awakened to the reality of Catholicism and denounced it


Dear Sir or Miss at,

Today I would find your website, because it was mentioned by Tom Freiss at a Greg Szymanski radio show. The first article I would read was:
Blair jumps the gun
By Nicholas
Feb. 03, 2008
The first link there was this page;
The page I would get was this:
Action canceled......

...Greg Szymanski is a very well known journalist over here in Europe, and if he gets censored, it will get noticed. Bill Deagle is however not very well known in Europe, but he will become so, once his Eric Jon Phelps interviews can be downloaded in Europe. I only know a Youtube interview by Dr. Bill Deagle.

Best regards,

Thanks for the heads up. A re-direct has been put in place.

thanks... I have been trying to teach some of my friends about the  truths I found on your website.. I have never been able to correctly  teach or describe the trinity or the rapture with much success.. I  often felt as if I didn't really understand it myself.. NOW everything  makes perfect sense... I am in youth ministry and I feel as if God is  calling me to establish His original church.. without religion and  false doctrine.. I feel as if I have been led to this website by His  Spirit.. the last thing I want is to teach my kids the false doctrines  of todays churches here in America.. I would welcome the chance to  speak with you on a regular basis to further learn Gods TRUE Word.. 

Thank You and God bless..

.. I want to thank you for what you have done, it is changing my life. 1.5 years ago, I dropped to my knees, crying and begging the Lord to show me the way. I was terribly confused as to what the truth truly was. ...this is where God has lead me. I've realized so much. I have shared this with my family (it confuses my mother, angers my father, and my sister is interested). I have yet to contact a church.. but I think that is my next step. Please, pray for me. Right now, I'm the point where I've thrown out every DVD and CD that was in my house. I want nothing more to do with the world. I want to study and tell anyone and everyone about Jesus and the things to come. I want to follow His will.. and give up my own.. because His will is now my will. I can't explain it, but something is happening with me... and I know... this is the truth. I cannot deny the Word of God. I know why I could not know the truth, I didn't have the light. I didn't read His word. I didn't pray. I didn't know Him. You are a Blessing!

Take care and God Bless!!

you are so right ,i agree with you totally.christianity seems to have adopted alot of false doctrine when it comes to the soul. i cannot see how anyone could come to the conclusion that the soul is something we have rather than it being what we are according to the bibles definition.the bible says we became a soul,it does not say we were given one,lol.    


Hi Nic,
I read your last article about banks and Mr.Blair and no wonder it pays off to be a catholic. 1 month after be became catholic be got a great job.

God bless you and your family

 Yes, I reported on this back on February 03. I agree.. it seems a bit obvious he lands the job of a lifetime after his so called conversion.

Just like your site..lots of good infro..I live in a town with dead churches and dead I look to internet for infro to share with lost souls...

have a nice day..

To Whom It May Concern,

 Your website if just wonderful, and the articles on
easter, Halloween and christmas are a confirmation of what is placed with in my soul... These past few years the Lord has opened my eyes and conviction has been placed, today seems no different as I witness the christmas shopping race, I have turned off the favorite christian radio I listen to because the christmas songs that are being played... It's not that I am bahumbugy I am trully questions everything that our christian society has now labeled as ok.... Its like we have been covered in lies for too long that we christians deem them as truth. Just last year we explained the santa claus, easter bunny and toothfairy bit to our kids as I was really just in a tizzy with in my soul about the whole idea of lying just for fun.... Each passing year it's as though the Lord brings me more and more to a tizzy about it. Sadly even with in the Christian circles and churches doing what we have done is looked upon as are you toooo right handed... I know my aliegance is to Christ and to Him be first it is quite a struggle though against the human fleshly world. But I thank you for such a wonderful site that has helped me remain sane and knowing I am not the only one who feels this way...

Thank You


I was just wondering if the dvd's that can be ordered...Antichrist, state of the dead etc....if they are all about 20 minutes ...exactly like the links...or are they longer than what we see online?


Yes many of the videos are around 20 mins. They are all the exact same length as is found on the DVD site at Only difference is they are in much better quality on the DVD's. The videos online are "crunched" to allow for a better stream.

(I am still behind.. not "all" comments have been added. I have over 3000 left to post. I used to post them to the end of each "Monthly" Newsletter. But since I stopped doing that, I got backed up. Sorry, I will update as time permits)

I want to thank you folks for being so courageous in revealing the truth to everyone. I am so blessed with this website.


I NEEDED to let you guys know that your website is totally awesome. The articles and topics are 100% in line with the needs of todays believers in Christ.

Thank you again

Hi Pastor Nic.  Just wanted to say that this article is right on target.  Jesus is working through you mightily and what a blessing it is to all of us.  thank you so much, and God bless and keep you and your family always.  My husband's daughter is studying with me now on a regular basis and wants to keep a sabbath with me in the near future, and my sister is starting to study with me.  Please keep them in your prayers.  I am hoping that my husband's daughter helps him to come unto Jesus.


Dear Bro.Nic,

This is Samuel, we have talked about the SDA apostasy before, and wanted to know what you think outcome of the SDA apostasy. My mind was wondering about this.

I was reading that the SDA have meeting with the WWC, That is the New World Order, that is Devil government. If the SDA Church is with this organization that would mean it about of the beast system, and I could imagine that SDA leaders will renounce the SDA leader will renounce the 7th Sabbath to Sunday. But appears to be they have already started.

The election will be 2010, the new president, I believe they reorganizing their chess pieces.

Do u think it possible they will renounce the 7th Sabbath to Sunday before the plagues. Because we already that God spit the entire world into two groups. Hope all is well bro! I look forward to hear from you.     

God Bless,

The apostasy we see in the SDA church was prophecied. See this... As for renouncing the 7th day Sabbath, there are already dozens of SDA churches that keep Sunday holy. See this...

  ! JESUS !

waoo, I am in "AWE" by this website!! i was just looking at videos on youtube, and i found one of the videos that you guys have and it brought me to this website. this is better then YOUTUBE OR GODTUBE, which i think the godtube creator are CARNAL CHRISTIANS, so im veryyyy happy, and it is a blessing that people like you guys are bringing the word of God FORTH and making everything so clear ((sabbath)) which by keeping the sabbath day HOLY we know that we are the children of Jesus Christ, the one that died for those that are and were going through tribulation for his sake's name, amen!! jaja

Im very exited for this website, it has been blessed. Because we dont have time to pat people's sin, its time for the real GOSPEL to be preached,amen.


Dear Nicholas;

Thank you so very much for the quick response and the information!  Since my last e-mail to you, I have been studying and researching daily.  I have talked to my family, especially to my dad, and I want to tell you that I believe God is working in my family and stirring hearts.  My dad came for a visit one day, and we spent some time on your website.  My dad, who has always had a very strong faith and strict beliefs, is being moved as well.  Like I told you before, I was raised in the pentecostal Church of God (not the Worldwide Church of God – though my husband was raised in that church).  My dad nor I have gone to a church in years, but have always remained deep in our faith in God.  I love and adore my dad, and I cannot tell you what it means to me to see his heart stirred and his mind contemplating the things that we have been studying and pondering.  My dad has a deep knowledge of the Bible and the scriptures, and since we have been studying and learning, he has opened up to me that many of the issues that we have come across have been things that he has questioned for years (i.e. Saturday Sabbath, etc).  My dad has told my sisters and I for years that the Catholic Church is wicked, so you can imagine how he must have felt when I showed him the proof that the Pope changed the Sabbath to Sunday worship all those years ago.  My dad made the statement to me “no wonder God hasn’t been pouring his blessings out on His people – we haven’t even been keeping the Sabbath the way it should be kept, and it is one of the Ten Commandments”. 

Needless to say, I truly feel that God is stirring hearts in my family and I am SO excited and thankful for that!  I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you to tell your family that you were leaving the Catholic church and the ways that you had been taught all of your life.  To tell your family or others in the world that you are no longer going to celebrate Christmas and Easter, and that you keep Saturday as the Sabbath, etc – most people think that you are a lunatic!  There can be nothing harder than coming to the knowledge and realization that most everything that you have been taught in church is wrong, and not the truth!  This past weekend, my dad and sisters and I talked about some of these things.  And for us to even be discussing these things, I know that God is working in my family.  At least I feel that we are being shown the real truth – and what we decide to do with that truth is up to each of us. 

I hope that as I have questions, that you won’t mind that I e-mail you for your opinions, knowledge and any information that you might have on a subject.  I feel like God has opened my heart and mind wide open, and I have been like a sponge these past few weeks!  :o)  Everything that I see in the news and read causes me to start thinking.  It has been absolutely mind-blowing!

Please, please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers!    And I will keep yours in mine!

God bless you,

Hi Nicholas,

It is very refreshing to find your site. As I read through, things I have long known are being validated. You are the first person I have ever "met" that knows the holocaust was not masterminded by one man, and that the Vatican was behind it. It seems I'm surrounded by "blind" people, and it can be very frustrating. I would like to join your chat room, so if you can send me a password at your convenience I would appreciate it.

God Bless,

Great job exposing the general conference. Call me crazy but I believe that a lot of Seventh-day Adventists are going to keep Sunday due a high-level of trust in the leaders and not in God. The Seventh-day Adventists churches that are run and organized by the conference are going to deceive in people in a large way. The churches are going to be set up in such a way to conceal the fact that this is the awaited "sunday law" and that those who oppose are fanatics. Like the time when probation was closed on the Jews and they thought that they were still the favoured people of God.


They are already keeping Sunday holy. See this...

Hello sir, my name is Luis. I am looking to return my life back to Christ. I want to applaud and salute your diligent work you conduct here on this eye-popping and outstanding website with all its spiritual and prophetic messages.

Sincerely- Soon to be Born-Again Believer,
Thank you and may the Lord keep on blessing you and your ministry.

I just recently told my mother that I am leaving our church. It is a Baptist church and I strongly disagree with the ways that things are handled there and in Baptist churches as a whole. This decision and strong urge has always been in me but has grown ever stronger through my learning of churches in every denomination following in the image of Roman Catholicism. ...One main thing is that this church teaches the change of the Sabbath Day and I have noticed many inappropriate dealings with money. Aside from all of these things the church has formed a rather high pedestal of reverence and respect for the pastor of the church, who many trust in his teachings as opposed to reading the word to confirm and learn. 


Happy holidays to you i don't like using the xmas word but i like to know or better yet where do u get your info from? and if you don't want to reveal your source then can i have permision to use your writings for an on air radio show. info like this must be told and i like to spread the word. please respond back asap


I responded, and the Truth was shared.

this is a burden on my heart,since i found out the origin of this practice, (xmas) how can adventist celebrate this practice and then still try to preach against Sunday Keeping, when the same church that says they started sunday worship... (also invented xmas)


Hello, my name is Anthony and I am diligently seeking Bible truth. I was wondering what denomination this website is because I have found a lot of truth here and want to join your church. Thank you for your time and ministry.

God Bless

We are of the prophecied Seventh Day Remnant. (Main site = )

Hello Nic,
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate this week's article "
Do We truly love The Lord?". I can't wait to open this information to many. While my family and I do not celebrate christmas, some of our friends including church members do. I know that with all the evidence you researched and put together I can better present this information.


Hi Bro Nic,

Thanks for the new video, it is really needed since most of the protestants use those 7 passages as an alibi to keep Sunday their holy day.

God bless your ministry and family.
brother sidney

I just got done reading your page about the coming Declaration of a New World Order and the same way that Hitler came into power is the same way its happening now. I believe in the Website of the very little Remnant we have left. I wish to Bless this page with all my heart because i have faith in our Lord and in You to shift Hearts away from the lie and bring people to come love the truth.

May you be Blessed all the days of your Life.

Thank you for your wonderful radio program. We listen to it every sabbath and it helps us tremendously. We have been put through tremendous trials lately and the truth is all we have to get us through it. I believe you are sincere in what you teach and have many trials that you don't even talk about that you and your family have experienced. Sometimes I guess we try to keep our trials personal because they are so painful to use.'s sometimes very tough.

But anyway God Bless
brother rob


Loved the new video, you have done a good job. One thing thou, it seems to me that when I listen to it the vid the music is drowing your words out and I lose interest in the video really quickly. Is it possible to make the music lower and your voice higher in level. 

God Bless,

Thank you for your advice. I agree, it was a bit loud. I re-encoded the video with a lower sound track.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication toward spreading the Truth and the message of Christ.  I have over the past few months have been digging deeper and deeper for the real truth and sites like these are overwhelmingly helping in leading me in the right direction.  Keep up the good work.

God Bless
Robert W.

I have been reading your latest articles here on "Christmas morning".  Your articles are a great gift. I found it interesting that I just watched a movie the other night on the western channel called "Cimmeron". I hope I spelled it correctly. It is about pioneers going to Oklahoma during the land rush. Toward the end the main character 'Glen Ford' refused to be appointed Govenor because he would be required to 'go along' with those who put him there. His wife was very disappointed and told him to leave forever. So he suffered for his convictions. Your newsletters are very timely and I am glad that God has truly blessed you. What an honor! I send you articles I find whenever I can. The last one was about the Pope and homosexuality. Keep up the good work.

Rick S.

Thank you for your production of your latest video: Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath?

I have recently been made aware of the Sunday/Saturday/Sabbath issue and just how serious it is. I am moving to make changes in my life to honor God's 4th Commandment. I work most Saturdays.

One thing however I wish you had mentioned in your video is the claim that a lot of professing Christians make where they say that Jesus is now our rest replacing the weekly sabbath. By refusing to believe this they say we are rejecting Jesus. They insist that Matt 11:28-29 is evidence of this. However, I feel this means rest from our own efforts of salvation by works under the law.

I find it very concerning that most are fine with 9 out of the 10 Commandments. I can't see how 1 can be removed! But most don't have a problem with this. The way I see it is if 1 is removed they must all be removed. If we don't have to observe the weekly sabbath day, it should be fine to make idols or steal.

It also concerns me greatly how messed up Christianity is today. Where is God's TRUE church?! Satan is still doing what he did to Adam and Eve: Lie and cause confusion. God is not the author of confusion, Satan is. God gave them a clear command which they clearly understood, but Satan caused them to question God. I think it is CRUCIAL we read the old testament as well as the new to truly understand.

Thank you and God Bless!

I just fiished reading your recent newsletter, and a few thoughts came into mind, so I thought I would share.  First, I couldn't figure out why a prominant liberal like Blagojevich was being indicted so fast.  I had even heard they were investigating him for several years and it didn't make sense that he was being charged with only taking money for Obama's seat.  Second, Bank of America - I watched a 60 minutes interview with the CEO of BOA, and he admitted on national tv, that they didn't need the money.  But they were pressured into it by the government to take it because one bank needed it, and they didn't want to let the public know who it was due to the fact people would pull their money out and kill that bank.  And third was Meet the Press - There was a financial expert being interviewed and he was asked where the money was coming from.  He said that in times past the government would do creative finances, where they would shift money for payments and simply skip other payments on loans so they could provide a bailout, much like the chrysler bailout of the eighties.  He then said these bailouts are different, they are literally printing more money to pay the bailouts.  I wish I would have written down that experts name so I could follow up on him.

Peace be with you

What exactly, will us Christians be doing after a thousand years? After Satan, death and all that are rotten is cast into the lake of fire, will we be with our lord for eternity?


 See this...

You are doing such an awesome job spreading the truth of God's word and I am glad that I have found this site so I can refer my friends to it.  Also I am starting up a youth group at a church and am going to be teaching everything off of your statement of faith page.  The event is called Rock Solid and I am grateful that we have such an awesome God who gave us all the knowledge we need in one book.

I pray that God will continue to bless you in all your life.

your brother in Christ,
Douglas B.

Greetings in Our Lord Yeshua the Christ. Thank You a thousand times for standing for the Sabbath and the truth of His word. You will be greatly blessed in Him:) and in Heaven. I was hoping for a simple embedd code not a zip file for the video Is The Christian Sabbath Sunday.

Love your sister In YHWH

Sorry, but due to popularity, the videos cannot be embeded anymore to be run via poGm servers. Please download the FLASH versions and post them on your servers. If you need WMV format, contact me.

wow! what an eye opener! do you know how i could find a church in my area i live in southern oregon in the roseburg area. if not is there anything online?


If you need a church, please see this...

It is my prayer that your ministry stays strong and grows. God has truly opened my eyes through your ministry. God Bless and Keep you forever and forever...

-Dave D.

Great article thanks a million.


Hello Nick,
I think I've come to completely confirm and accept your theory regarding the above. (
mark of the beast)

I've read that passage, and so have you before: , but for some reason it just made greater meaning today.


my dear friend,
as i already said to you once,i have to say it again....
thank you...for everything.i am telling everyone about your site but people dont believe me..even my girlfriend laugh at me.. anyway,i know that someday i will have the honour to shake your hand and to say thanks in person.

i feel the end is near,and wish you the best for whats left.god bless you for helping people opened their are a soldier of god and made me also a soldier of god.


Dear brother

My Son 20 yr old  and I have been disusing your web site for the past week. I am 44 yrs old, I began studying the bible at the age of 15 yr old..I first study with Jehovah witnesses for many years until the last 12 yrs ...what  they teach is pretty much in line with you, I'll say about 80%  on the same page ur on. My goal is to keep an open mind and research all things that pertain God's word the bible...U have giving me a lot to think about i just view the article on the rapture and the kinda blew my mind on the prophetic time line following it to present, during our day... Thank you for your patient with me it is very much appreciated. you are very deep spiritually speaking and I like that, u are keeping me on my toes for such a young  Christan brother lol   keep up the Good work !

Ps.   Are u a seven-day Adventist?

God bless

 No, I am of the prophecied Seventh day Remnant. See this page...

I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you are doing! May God bless you immensely for your work and i am absolutely shocked as to how this stuff about the roman catholic church isn't known by the great majority of the world. i have watched your video about antichrist and i have shared it with many people and i speak to my catholic co-workers about these things and not a single one of them have ever heard these things before! once again thank you for this biblical truth that you have made available to the public from years of research and God Bless You!

Juan A.

Hello Nic and Happy Sabbath!
I was reading the article you wrote on "celebrating birthdays" (which by the way was a very excellent and well written artcle) and I felt compelled to share it with my friends and family. I found this infomation to be quite new but more so an eye-opener. At first, I saw no harm in the celebration of birthdays and I believed that it was a doctrine associated with Jehova Witnesses. However, after reading the article I now ask myself how come I never noticed the obvious silence in the bible regarding the celebration of birthdays as it relates to non-pagan individuals. So, I thank God for givivng you this light to share with others who strive to do all that pleases Him.
God Bless
While sharing the article to my family, I went to check how other bibles rendered (Job 1:4) and it seems that perhaps some versions were re-edited as the word "birthday" is now omitted.  Even in the NLT. I thought you might want to check it out.

I am so glad the lord led my family to this ministry!! It has been a huge awakening. May the lord continue to bless this ministry.
Kara and family

Wow!  Thank You.   You saw right through this message! I'm trying to help one of my best friends see the light, and he is so stuck on the Jehovah Wittness teachings.  They take a word, or verse and make a doctrine from it.  Dangerous.  Not sure how I can help him, cause he is a great person.  I'm doing all that I can do to help him.  Thanks Nick,

I think I finally hit the jackpot with Matthew 12:1-13 on Sabbath, I'm using your Sabbath facts page, and seriously I can never be convinced otherwise by anyone.

Thanks Nick,
God Sent Ya



Thank you for being so solid in your theology. I read your articles a lot and they really help me when people ask me questions and I always refer everyone to your web site. I just want to say thank you for always being so nice to me even though you do not have to be. I thank you my friend and may our Almighty God bless you and you’re family abundantly.

Kind Regards
Clifford S.

Wow! Your reply to my presidential question blew me away. Your insight is incredible.
Thank you once again Nick!

Rod A.

Thank you for all the articles and videos you offer freely on your site.

In viewing your website I was unable to find any link that would give me information on your doctrinal statment. I would like to know what your basic beliefs are concerning

The it infaliable?
The Gifts of the Spirit etc.

Thank you
Sharon C.

See this page...

I like what you are doing to help others see the truth about God and how he wants us to live holy.

Joseph D.

Very good newsletter, it hits the nail on the head.  Truly the world worships one God, but his name is Satan.
But I am writing for another reason.  I was in north eastern Indiana a few weeks ago, visiting family.  And in the smaller towns there were signs saying that the church alliance welcomes you to their town.  The rest of my family didn't see the connection or the dangers of such an accord.  It is also amazing that no one has heard of the URI.  I was wondering if you have seen the same kind of thing?


 See this page...

Ok, first of all, I would like to say that the Lord sent me to this website about 6 months ago when I prayed to Him to show me a way that would allow me to understand about the mark of the beast, the antichrist, the two witnesses, and other things found in Revelation that I have learned about, and finally understood, because I have found this website. 

Jeremie M.

Thanks for the weekly updates. Time is short.
Your Brother Kris.

Dear Nicholas,
Thank you so much for your message of registering. All data's are correct. I was impressed by your video's I saw on my PC. My age is 84 year from which I am already 70 years a SD Adventist. Hope to see our Saviour when I'm still alive.

God bless
Sincerely yours,
Jan K.

TO whom may this concern... First thing first "God Bless you"

  I was visualizing the clip of the ANTICHRIST and i was wondering if u guys have an actual dvd production of it and if so if how can i receive a copy of it?

Thank you for your time and god bless you once more!
Thank you!
Guzman S.

See this...

   I just discovered your website and while going through your statement of faith, I see that you consider the Seventh Day Adventist church to be an apostate church.  Yet you seem to make all the exact same claims that they do in regards to the sabbath, the prophetic teachings, and even adhering to the teachings of Ellen White.  Can you please tell me what separates you from their beliefs and how is that they are an apostate church and yours isn't?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

In Him alone,

 Prophecy did state the SDA church would become apostate and a "Remnant" that still embraces the Truth from the old SDA church. For more info on that, see this...

Hi! Just letting you know that I just read the headline about the Big Pharma and trying to make pregnancey a mental illness. I was just going to tell you that it is a eye opener as to what they are doing. This is just a little thing. I am studying to become a holistic health practitioner. And, with all the coventional medicine out there that is why I chose to practice natural medicine for me and my family.

Thank you for posting, and God Bless.
Jade H.

Above comments is based on this article...

Im a seventh day adventist from South Africa and i wanted 2 ask if its true that we as seventh day adventists have been infiltrated by jesuits who work undercover for them to add false doctrines in our church


Yes the Jesuits have infiltrated just as prophecy predicted they would. The church is no longer of God. In fact, it is presently considered Babylon and Ellen White predicted it would become one day.

Thank you so much for the work you do.  I have been reading your web page for several years and have been remiss not to tell you how much I appreciate you.  I recently told a friend about your website and she told me she wouldn't take thousands of dollars for the address to your website, it has been such a blessing to her.


I was searching your site and I could not find a statement of faith. Could you please tell me what your denomination is and what is your statement of faith. Thank you for your time.

See this...

I am in no way advocating using drugs in any way. The main reason hemp is illegal is because it is  possible to manufacture everything  that  can be made out of crude oil. This is why they make every nation that comes into treaty with the United States sign an agreement to out law hemp. Thomas Jefferson I believe once said that we are rich in hemp. It is  very possible to make oil and fuel for the entire nation to power every fuel need we have and lubricate engines with. All that can be done with unproductive land in the United States. Popular Mechanics once did an article about how hemp was to be a multi billion dollar industry before it was illegailzed in 1937. The fuel it was to produce was pollution free, very cheap, and renewable. So they the government got it out of the way. Plus the plastics made from hemp was biodegradable and pollution free. There is just about anything you can make from it. The fabric or textiles made from hemp is also naturally mildew  resistant
and lasts longer than cotton and more durable. DuPont did not want competition as well.

Yeah, they are doing all they can to control people and enforce the mark of the beast for sure. Years ago I felt that the Lord was telling me that the end of the world was coming soon. Thing is I did not know how soon. Now after reading all your articles on prophesy and the bible I now know time is truly short.

Michael Y.

Above comment is based on this article...

1. Will there be a one world government?
   (Prophecy tell us that Europe will never be united)
2. Isn't the UN the image of the beast?

I know the SDA understanding of Revelation 13 is that the image to the beast is the United States, but does the United Nations fit into that somehow?  The UN uses many of the symbols of prophecy in there communications and the statue outside of the UN is of a "women who rides the beast".  It would seem to me that the UN would be the image to the beast - it is the only way for world dominion. I hope you can give me some answers.


1 world Government.. see this.. The image of the beast.. see this..

Thanks for the Videos your ministry has been a great blessing to us here in Joliet IL. We are just starting out but will be joining you on the front lines soon. Our prayers are with you.

Johnny M.
Matthew 10:7

Good day,

I'm a Seventh Day Adventist living in Malmesbury, 60 km from Cape Town in South Africa and have been visiting your site for the past month. I believe it was divine intervention that I found your site and are truly blessed by your work.

I've been feeling the urge and need to find real spiritual contact with God and am at this moment not to happy with the dealings inside my own local church in relation to no bible study or knowledge, diet, worldly clothing, etc. Although I'm only 32 years of age, older folk in the church labels me and my wife as traditional and old-fashioned because of not watching secular TV at all, being a vegetarian and not wanting to celebrate Christmas, Easter or any other pagan holidays.

I've been called to leave my career as a Chemical Engineer behind due to not being able to work on Sabbath and sometimes I feel as though my own church community do not appreciate the fact that I want to leaving my previous life of luxury to become more primitive in a sense, to prepare for the time of trial and tribulation.

I do not have any specific reason why I want to read all the hate mail that you've got, but I feel just compelled to be informed of how people feel about prophecy and the end-time events.

Please keep on proclaiming the 3 Angels message; I'll be praying for you and your ministry and pray for me, my wife and my son for wanting to go in full-time ministry for Christ.

Robert M.

Does accepting the real I.D card & abiding by the sunday sabbath mean that i have been given the mark of the beast?


No, the ID card is not the mark of the beast. See this

I am so blessed to have found POGM. Your ministry has sparked a revival in our family. Thank you for faithfulness to provide truths for our time.

Tim And Kim B.

I need to ask you a question: awhile back you gave me two links from your website that explains the mark of the beast: the link/links you gave me explained about "science making a discovery that our "forehead" is a place where we make a "conscious decision" and the other link was receiving the mark in the "hand" by force" taken by rome...ect...  Can you please send me that link/links? (I've been searching your site by can't find those same links you gave me awhile back) 

Thank you.

See this

First of all thank you for the work that you are doing in exposing the works of the enemy. My question is, "what have you heard or researched about Rev. Billy Graham?" I have heard somethings which I have had a hard time accepting and justifying in my mind. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
God bless the work of your hand!

See this about Billy Graham (scroll about 1/3 page down)
I love your radio programs.  I am learning so much!  Thank you.

AMEN Nicholas!!!!  I've been saying this Since the 70's when I was one in one of those lines!!  Thanks for the term "sheeple"  I Love it!!!  May God truely continue to bless you as you are such a blessing to me and I'm sure many others. 

With LOVE-IN-CHRIST, LOVE Never Fails...

Comments above are on this article on web-site:

first of all...hello. I've been watchfull about your site and this is the first time I answer.

Although I must admit I'm not one closly connected to God, and truth be told, I frankly don't believe. However...I know something's wrong with this world. As most of your articles say...there are forces that are trying to control us. This may seem clich and taken movie but it is true. Another thing... you mentioned briefly in one of your articles the NWO (New World Order). It so happens that Bush's family, not only are close-knit with the Bin Laden family but also a historical memeber of the Bones and Skulls, being Bush Senior and Junior fellow Bonesman. I mention this...because I think here, among all places, are more lines to be followed, more intrigues that are there, but invisble. I would research it on my own...but I lack the time to do so. Thereby I leave this comment and this idea so you could incentivate others with more hability to explore this possibility.

I bid you farewell and keep up this site.

WOW! those videos are amazing! the way you quote the bible is incredible! I was trying to see how I could upload those videos on my myspace so that people could listen to this but it doesnt seem to work everytime i download it. any suggestions? thanks a lot and keep up the great work i can't wait till the sabbath video comes out because im a Seventh-day Adventist! take care and god bless!


So what are nephilim are giants because they are mention in the book of genesis?


See this...

I was wondering about something in regards to the Eucharist. Being an ex-Catholic (left as of about 5 months ago), I have gotten some flak about this issue (particularly in a thread at a Catholic forum on the subject), to where I'm supposedly denying Christ and such. Well one person linked me to an article about eucharisitic miracles, or times where the bread wine physically turned into flesh and blood. I had forgotten about this (was kind of a sticking point for a while before I finally left amid everything I was learning), and I really don't have an answer to defend it. The only thing I can think of is it could be done of the Devil, as he likes to use smoke and mirrors I'm sure. What are your thoughts on this?


1 John 4:1, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

When you try the "spirits" involved at Fatima or during a Eucharistic "miracle" you need to validate that with the Word of God. For it is written in Isaiah 8:20, "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."

Satan performs miracles as well. What you see before the eyes means nothing. It's what you see before the TRUTH that matters. Have you seen my page about
the Eucharist? If not, see this...  Also see this short (and true) poem...

The Eucharist was initiated by Satan for the Pagans thousands of years ago. Let me ask you this brother. A few years ago they FILMED stone Hindu Icons slurping up milk though their nose. I saw this on the News no less. Does this mean we must all become Hindu's now because their false god performed a TELEVISED miracle? Or course not.

By the way... It's an easy parlor trick to make a dry piece of wafer turn wet with blood. Especially when it's held inside a monstrance that can hold a red liquid inside the frame. Any magician can do as these priests do and more. If there is really miracles happening, and God is truly working through these men, why is it 86.2% of their doctrine is not found in Scripture? I know this as fact because I used to be a Eucharistic minister and teach of Catholic doctrine when I was a Catholic.

Thanks for the work you are doing on your web site. It's a wealth of great info. Keep it up. Here is a link (that will hopefully work). It's a State government site (Australian)asking for 600 volunteers to help with the upcomming Catholic church's world youth day in Sydney, paid for by the New South Wales tax payer.


Hello Nic,
How have you been? I pray that all is well. I just wanted to let you know that this past Friday I had the chance to deliver God's truth to my church, regarding the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it was a blessing. The study was based on the prophecy of Revelation 13 (The anti-Christ and The Mark of the Beast). This was the second time I presented this study, once at my home and this past Friday at my church. Both times, I prayed that God would subdue the hearts and minds of all in attendance, and both times it seemed like a revival took occurred. I want to thank God for introducing me to you and your ministry. I always pray that God would instill in me the spirit of discernment to help me understand that which is in Harmony with His word, and since I have been surfing through your site, it's been a blessing. I want you to know that I believe that God is truly using you to awaken His flocks, so that they may understand the signs of the end time. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, Thank you,
God bless,

Happy Sabbath! brother Nicholas.My wife & I have stumbled upon your website & haven't stopped looking at it since.We enjoy every bit of it because my wife & I are Seventh-Day Adventist we believe in the bible as our authority & the Spirit of Prophecy. ...After the fellowship meal, we hold Media Ministry. We purchase DvDs to show to the church and we would like to purchase some from your ministry. Is it possible to have "The whore of Babylon" animation on DvD?

May God bless you in your ministry.
Keep up the great work!
Brother & Sister in Christ, Joe & Kym

Sorry, the Whore of Babylon animation is only available on CD's that work on computers.

Dear sir,
Your article on the house of Cain's Latin invasion of the US is very truthful.  If you have read "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy you know that they sent him to the US from Canada during Abe Lincoln's time to try to do the same thing by way of bringing in the catholic French.  But God's timetable wasn't ready, and so when Brother Chiniquy found true salvation, God used him to turn the tables on Rome.  But since America crowned Elvis king in 1956 instead of King Jesus, she next elected John Kennedy by a crooked machine, and forty years later elects the omega with another disputed election.

I saw a photo of George Bush and pope John Paul II with a picture of Ignatius Loyola prostate at the feet of what the harlot calls Mary in the background in the news, and not long after that, we had a 9/11.
May God Bless,

I have found an article from 1915 from the catholic sunday visitor issued on April 18th that talks clearly about Vicarious filli dei being on the Popes miter hat.  I know many have tried to debunk this title to the popes but there is evidence of it's exhistance in this artcle and would like to share it with your ministry if you do not already have this. 

Your friend in Jesus Christ
Todd M.V.
Shoot me an E-mail and i'll send the file.

The file he is referring to can be viewed on this page...

After reading the attack on homeschooling, I would like to share of a father who recently went to court and/or jail because his son is a dropout and not attending public school. Hmm, is this the result of No Child Left Behind Act?

Xavier C. T.

How can I learn more about this ID card? I live in Pittsburgh
Pa., where we are run by the state already. will I have to apply for it or will it automatically be issued? Either way,
I don't want it.

Ms. Robin B.

See this page...

DEAR NICHOLAS, I'M WITH YOU BROTHER, GOD BLESS YOU! Those letters prove, people hate the truth. That's why they killed jesus, he stood his ground and  simply spoke the truth. A catholic friend once argued with me that Mary ascended into heaven, I asked her to show me where in the bible it says that. She was stunned. She had never read the bible, they taught her that at church. I told her about Jesus ascending into heaven, that's what my bible says. But yet, she mocked and ridiculed me to the point that I quit being friends with her. I was taught that hate is a sin. Jesus is about compassion. So, I didn't hate  her, Just felt sorry for her. But Boy, she hated me.

I formally apologized to God, especially after watching your video. I realize now that my grandfather was right. He was a bible believing man. Have you seen the news about the worlds water supply?? My pap never wanted city water, he used a well on his property. He always told us that the bible states that one day man would be drinking his own urine. My pap taught me all about Jesus and to avoid catholicism. Thank-you for the video, it brought everything my pap taught me to mind. My 15 year old daughter and I are reading our bibles and praying too. Thank-you once again.

Ms. Robin B.

I just sent you an email concerning the Georgia HB 1274. My apologies. I now understand. The conflict is that their website only searches for the last year or two sessions unless you go to the bottom of their place and click on "previous Sessions". So, they have a HB 1274 for each year. Your information is accurate. Sorry for the doubt.
P.S. I love your article about the
Yah Cult groups.
Keep up the good work.

I have just finished reading the eighth king, and it is the only thing I have ever read about the topic that makes any sense.

D. T.

wow!you are awnsering all my questions, whats going on? i myself am a theoligist, originally a secular protestant from northern ireland and you are the only people i have found who are truth tellers, and that i have any thing in christ in common with...i was with the jesuit college in london last week and their headquarters in mayfair with their head of their order trying to draw them out with some work i have been doing in london with blasphameys that are going on in the so called art world,  concerning a statue some jewish pornographer has comissioned and the chief rabbi refuses to condem. i brought the details to the attention of their order and the cardinal of the rcc london and when i made them aware of it,  none of them wanted to know, i have found their accelies heel i belive. as you know they worship the creation and not the creator. and when shown the truth they react as if they are frightend.

please stay in contact and thank you for brother sydney and your work and faith, maranatha...

Fin H.

Dear Nic,

Praise the Lord for the amount of information I have been reading through your site. I was baptised with my wife through an SDA church on our neighbourhood in August 2007. From January we have been stopping going to church because we were not happy with what is going in church. I just want to ask you if I can reproduce your PDF file on The Antichrist and also reproduce the DVD's on my own cost and distribute them out for free. I really want spread the good news out with my family and also we are praying to go fulltime on distributing and spreading the good news. I know the time is very short. I will not alter or change anything on the printing side of it.  

I am looking foward to your reply.

God Bless you. 


Hi Nic,
How are you? hope all is well by God's Grace. I was searching through the site for an article you posted a few weeks ago, speaking about the 501C3 status. I searched through the old article section but I was unable to find it. I'm not sure how to find it?? Thanks
God bless

See this page...

Hi Nicholas,

This is Jose Rivera. I'm so thankful that I've found your website. ...if people recieve that real id would they go to hell

Jose R.

No they will not.. See this page...

Thank you for your web site, and all the articles, all the videos and your radio show. Every time I think I have a problem with something in the world and feel alone in noticing it, you have either noticed it already, or going over it extensively in your radio broadcast. Ive always thought of doing the same thing as you are doing, so I wouldnt say you inspire me, but seeing you successfully standing up to the age old lie, comforts me in knowing it can be done and is being done.

I hope the Living Word keeps showing you the lies, compromises, and corruptions of the world.

Your fellow student of The Living Word;

   Amen.  Thank you for your articles, Nick.

Isaiah M.

I love your radio program and web site. Have been reading and listening to your web site and radio on and off for some years now. ...keep speaking the Word Of God.

Michael S. Y. II

I think that the cross on the Pope's coffin may not be a cross at all.  It may be more of an occultic runic inscription which could date as far back as the Teutonic Knights in Germany.  The stylized letter M from this perspective becomes not the letter M at all but the runic letter Mannaz representing mankind on its most basic level.  The elongated cross becomes not a cross any longer but the rune Gebo, meaning on its most basic level to bind someone or something under occultic power.  Thus I would read the inscription as a runic symbol representing the intent of the Catholic church to "bind" or enslave mankind under the kingdom of the antichrist.  I hope you find this perspective helpful. 

Your website is fascinating as I have been a student of such things for many, many years. You have done an excellent job from what I have seen so far.  I look forward to exploring further as time permits. May the presence of the Living G-d order your steps and light the way before you.

In the grace and mercy of the Messiah,

Respectfuly yours,

I love your website!  Thanks for the eye opening news!!!


May God continue blessing you always. Its the first time i am visiting your website today, i was so much moved by the website. I learned alot and i will continue visiting the website and i strongly believe i will be blessed from what you do.

I am a Seventh Day Adventist living and working in Tanzania.

God bless you.

Dear Nicholas,

Thank you very much for this very informative site, keep it coming brother.

God bless,



Dear Pastor Nicholas and Family:

Does my heart good to address you with a title you have long deserved. Praise the Lord. His timing is perfect, just in time for the final harvest. So swiftly do the days pass and eyes and hearts are open to His Word.

I had no idea your ministry was so far out reaching. I recall Sister White saying thousands would be converted, or words to that effect, perhaps in "The Great Controversy" at a time. I can't elebroate any more, after all that was in "69 when I really did a deep study on her works. Surprisingly how clearly some of her writings have stuck with me.


Can you please send me the direct link of Sister Charlotte's testimony? I have just finished reading it and I wanted to give the link to my friends and hope they will read it, but I always have all the time in the adress "fält" (I'm sorry I don't know what it is called). What ever I click in your website it just that adress that shows up.

Let us not forget all those Nuns in the convent.

Your sister in Christ

See this page...

...I enjoy our Sabbath Church and I sometimes listen to Friday night readings on WTPR.

         God Bless  Arnold

What Hitler did with Reichstag was similar with what Nero did when he burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. Yet history repeats it's self with the attack on September 11 except they blamed it on terrorists. Soon they will do something else and blame it on the Christians.


Hey Nicolas,
   Man...the truths you bring to attention and light are instrumental to awakening Christians of the testimony there is on our part to do the work assigned to us in Christ!
I'm a college student and am 22. I would like to actually speak with you sometime over the phone to discuss some important issues concerning The Work. Get back with me when you can, and I thank you already for the quick responses you sent me concerning the
hate mail from certain catholics. I was reading on your website of the Arabian who is in hiding for proclaiming the Gospel. The pastor of the church I attend actually spoke with this man over the phone to pray for his safe keeping and deliverance from his enemy.

Hope to hear from you soon!

2 Corinthians 9:8-15
Jacob W.

I really enjoy and in agreement so far with most of your teachings. I'm new to this site and would like to benefit as much as possible, i'm a truth-seeker and a good friend of the truth. Keep up the good work and if by any chance there's something i don't quite fully understand or not agree with i'll let you know.

Schaeffer J. D.

Hello again Nicholas,

I find your website to be a complete revelation. I can't dispute anything that I've read on there and that both scares me and gives me consolation that the bible is accurate and that Jesus Christ  will return soon. Your
article dated yesterday is a blessing to me as it helped me put things in better context.

I wonder if you've noticed the uptick in the  numbers of videos featured on tv recently featuring cops beating/stripping women or using excessive force during arrest? There appears to be a conditioning going on here, not to mention the cameras everywhere taping this criminal activity. Also, the article on your site "
Meeting the devil" is right on the money.

I believe the tv was created by the devil and he is using it to lead people astray in THEIR OWN HOMES!

God bless you,


   Have you completed your book yet on the Antichrist?

The book is more or less finished "online" but it has not yet been published. It will be published by the Seventh-day Remnant Publishing Asscociation when the workload has slowed a bit. They have a more pressing work to do at present. You can view it online here...

Hi Nicholas

I was reading the Today's Headline and I can only agree with you.  When I had made my stand against the practice of phychology a SDA had accused me of spreading hatred too, when I had become aware of phychology is one of the methods of church ecumism to unite all churches (including the SDA church) under Rome.

God bless 

I am a baptist Christian and alot of what you say makes alot of sense.  I wanted to ask who is behind this ministry? Is it many people from many churches?  Is it one church? Who is the main person behind the videos? I read my bible and see the signs that are here and coming, but i like to know who i'm listening to and who is feeding my faith.

Thank you
Marcus D.

My name is Nicholas. I am the creator of the Website, and all it entails. The only church I am affiliated with is my home church, which is of the Seventh-day Remnant faith.

Hi from Australia, please tell me what religoun are you's??  Also - i have read about Real-ID coming to USA, well i want to ask your oppinion on something... In Australia we were going to have what was called the "Access Card" which was really an ID-Card, but... then we had the Australian elections and now that goverment is ousted ! now a new goverment is in, and their not interested in the Card ! If Rome wants a ID-card in all countries, how are they going to get it in here in Australia now ???
please respond to me, thankyou.
Wayne B.

After the end times began, "dates" were no longer part of our understanding. We know what will happen next. We just don't know when. We must live each day accordingly. With all the attacks focusing in on the Christian, it is best to keep as close to the Lord as possible each day. Then it won't matter when they do as they are prophecied to do. We will be ready.

I ran across a newsletter of yours while doing some researchy on the Internet, and in one of them there were images of coins, mag coveres, pictures of the woman riding the beast and speaking of a united Europe.  Wow! It's shocking!  I've come to understand Revelation 17 along the same lines as you, and I was taken aback at the image, a blatant testimony of things to come. 

Thank you for sharing the information.
Amanda P.

I am a new adventist convert and I have been searching for websites in order to know more about the adventist church and its beliefs and doctrines.As I was doing this I came accross some websites which appeared adventist only to find that i've been drinking poison i.e world's last chance, eternalgospel e.t.c and as a result of this nowadays I first find out if a particular website is purely adventist (not Reformers).My question states"is remnant of god an adventist site?"

I will be grateful to know before I can continue reading material in this site.


 Presents of God ministry, ( is in no way affiliated or associated with the fallen SDA church. We are of the prophecied Seventh-day Remnant church.

Could you please explain the 144,000 and who they are?


I don't have the explanation "on paper" online at this time. However, I do have a three part sermon series identifying the 144000 that can be accessed on this page... Scroll down to the series starting date of 07-22-06.

I found you website quite by accident but I really enjoy it.  Its so strange that you are talking about Vietnam in your recent post.  ...The more I read about the Catholic Church the scary it gets.  Keep up the great work and I will continue to read your site.  Thanks.

Brett D.
Seoul, Korea

WOW! I have spent the last two days on your site reading and reading and reading! I was born into a Catholic family, but left the church at age 18 when I left home. I am now (age 57) a born again Christian and do not celebrate easter, christmas or halloween AND I go to church on Saturday, the Sabbath day of the Lord. Sadly, my mother is still a practicing Catholic, but claims she has a relationship with Jesus. I want to share this site with her, a little at a time, while I continue to pray for her eyes to be opened. I would like to read the mail you have received from Catholics so I might be prepared for some of her and other family member responses. Thanks for a great site.
Your Sister in Christ
Denise C.

  What does Valentine's Day represent?


Please see this page...

Can you please supply me a link to download the videos on your site in mpeg format. The file format you have on your site is not supported on my nmachine at work or at home. I do have the unzip tools required to extract the files.

Thank you and God bless.
Paul J.

Sorry, but the POGM Videos are only available in "fair" quality in either FLASH or WMV format. If you want them in best (DVD) quality you need to order the DVD's themselves. You can then convert them to any format you wish as long as they are not edited.

what is your opinion on  keeping the feast days  do you feel that they were nailed to the cross? or should we be keeping some of them. I have a sda friend  that is. I do not think we should  But I would like your thoughts on the matter.

thank you  for your time. 

Please see this page...

Hey, how are you?
Im just wondering, is there any way that i can download your videos? Because i would love to download them, as i find them very interesting. Also im a student and im 15 years old, and i go to a catholic school which follow the roman church and etc. I always argue with my religion teacher about what is right and wrong. Im too scared to talk about the vatican and their evil plans. But i tell the truth of the bible. How can i prove to my friend evolution is crap and Creation is the true way. My friend has a thick head :P but i want him to learn and i wanna save him, he does know about the roman catholic church cause ive been teaching him, i preach sometimes and people call me walking bible.. but I love God. =

God bless you

Please see this page...

Hi first of all I want to say that I only found your website through a Protestant forum a few days ago and I must add your site has a wealth of information. Today alone three of my friends were wanting your web address to check up what I told them. An absolutely brilliant site.

I was reading about infant baptism and would like your feedback on it if possible.  ...Your
video on the state of the dead clearly explained alot of things to me as I always thought that when you died you went straight to heaven or hell. I would appreciate any feedback that you can give to me and thanks again for providing such a wonderful site.


   Please see this page...

Dear brother in Jesus Nicholas!
My name is Medard from Romania. First of all, I`m glad to see that you are sharing the truth with the people. This is our mission, God bless you for this. But I would like to ask a question? Why are you against the Seventh Day Adventist church? I`m a SDA member, and I just can`t understand this. Your teachings are our teachings. (except the anti-adventist view) You keep the Sabbath, we keep the Sabbath. You believe in Ellen G White, we believe in Ellen G White and so on. Our fundamental beliefs are the same, but you are against the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Why? ...Waiting for your answer and I would like you to know, that you can count on my prayers.

Kardos S.

Please see this page... It shares the prophetic events that lead up to the present states of the SDA church. For much more info as well as pictures, audios and flash animations, see

Hello Nic and God Bless,
I just wanted to let you know that the presentation of
the videos were a blessing and thanks be to God all went well.  Everyone in attendance were convicted in their hearts by the message of the anti-Christ and the Mark of the beast. It almost seemed like a revival. I just wanted to thank you for your support in aiding me with the email download version of the lessons, although it was a last minute request. I will keep your ministry in my prayers as I truly believe that God is working in you to assemble His Remnant flock in the path which leads to heaven. Once again, thank you,
God Bless,

Hello and God Bless,
I was so thrill to have discorver your site and i've been stuck on it ever since. This is the awakening sound that those who slumber in the church needs to hear. I can't state enough on how captivating and alarming that Presents of God ministry has been to me. I must admit however, I tested you guys strongly before giving the approval, but once I notice that you spoke according to the word, I knew that there was light in your ministry. I myself am a Seventh-Day Adventist, and I try to stress the matter that we must prepare for trouble times ahead, now with the discorvery of your site, I can better proclaim the truth of God. I conduct a bible study every Friday evening at my home, and I was wondering if there is anyway that I can order the three dvd's (the AntiChrist, The Mark of the beast, Act of worship) for show and receieve it on the same day express delivery?? If it is possible and you get this email in time, I will contact you again to try and make  some kind of arrangement. Once again, thank you and continue in the work until it is finish.

God Bless,

First I would like to say you have a very powerful website! It is straight forward and the scriptures to back what you are saying up. I read the article on aspartame and was shocked. Then MSG was mentioned so I looked this up and was shocked. Then I am reading that it is being sprayed on our fruits and vegetables, even the ones labeled organic! I thought since you had the article aspartame that you might do some research on MSG to add to your site. I feel it is just as important for everyone to know. Here is the link to what I read.

May God Bless You and this website that it may reach many.


As an Adventist, I just wanted to say "thank you" for your site in general, and your great articles in particular.  We read your monthly newsletter each month and find it full of information that we need to keep us informed as to what is happening behind the scenes at the close of earth's history.

Please keep up the great work. 

Happy Sabbath!


Marcus W.
Ogden UT

hi i didnt celebrate christmas with my family this year and i withdrew from the covenant church  that we were going and now i'm pretty much alone i want to thank you for your ministry and help     i feel that i need to start from scratch and learn all over again GB


I was reading your website concerning the Tribulation and Rapture.  I was not raised in a christian home, so I have never been indoctrinated into a certain way of thinking, however, when I accepted Christ as my Savior, I gravitated towards and attend a Baptist Church.  My mental picture of the Tribulation and Rapture have been, as you described, a futurist view. I found your proposed timeline of these events to be very interesting and do not automatically dismiss them. I am curious, what is your opinion concerning where we are presently?  If
the Tribulation has occured, one could also certainly find examples of all the end time events occuring presently.  What is left to happen prior to Christ's Return?

Gary R.

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I love your site and thank God for allowing you to have this site to futher (my) our knowledge on the end time and events leading to the Christ return!

God Bless!
Minister Brandon W.

Hello & greetings in the the name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth,

After having seen the article about the new 'popemobile', & having remebered that Wojtila's bullet proofed Fiat-built --they own Caterpillar--, popewagon, must have been pretty pricey, it doesn't surprise me that the company that many of the 'leaders of the third Reich' rode in & drove should also build such a glorious looking coach for this man.

His self-exaltation, & the fact that, just like 'Boss Hogg' of the old t.v. series 'The Dukes of Hazzard', insisted upon driving a white Caddy, & dressing in white, though his heart & soul was about as dark as the inside of a 'black hole', this fellow to appear to be pure & spotless white should top the former popes by trying to outdo them.

I had a article from an old issue of 'Cars & Parts' magazine, from the late 1980's. It showed a very expensive Duesenberg with open area for the driver, a closed coach, & an open seat in back as was typical of many specially built cars of the 1930's. This one, having been owned by 'Father Divine', had been auctioned off for either hundreds of thousands, or one to two million, I'm not sure which. Yet, even in the depression, when the car was bought for, in excess of 20,000 dollars, who had that kind of money, & what true believers used it for that?

Clark Cable had a famous 'Twent Grand'Duesenberg, but even that was inexpensive compared to the 'penthouse on wheels' in which 'Father Divine' rode around. Interestingly enough also as a side note, 'Father Divine' has been tied to Jim Jones, as having been his mentor, or teacher in times long before Jim Jones did his last 'hitch' in Guyana.

The Lord bless & keep you under his holy blood,


Hello, I am a RC, however on reading your articles I realy don't understand what to say,why is the truth hidden from us. Is there any way we can tell our Church to guide us and show us the correct path just what our Lord Jesus said.


There is only one thing left to do dear one. Revelation 18:4-5, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities."

I am Student. i want to know about GOD plan for me in the last days. So I like to see the movies that i have seen in the website of remnantofgod (Remnant of GOD ). May be in the wmv format.

Thanks to God, if u to send it.

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I was wondering about something in regards to the Eucharist. Being an ex-Catholic (left as of about 5 months ago), I have gotten some flak about this issue (particularly in a thread at a Catholic forum on the subject), to where I'm supposedly denying Christ and such. Well one person linked me to an article about eucharisitic miracles, or times where the bread wine physically turned into flesh and blood. I had forgotten about this (was kind of a sticking point for a while before I finally left amid everything I was learning), and I really don't have an answer to defend it. The only thing I can think of is it could be done of the Devil, as he likes to use smoke and mirrors I'm sure. What are your thoughts on this?

Adam K.

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