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United States of Rome

This aint no peace train


Christian greetings, in these last days of life on earth. Some may call those of us that preach such things conspiracy theorists; some may just call us nuts. But have you ever noticed those that make such claims are the very ones that believe a 767 actually hit the Pentagon and left no debris, carnage or damage to the lawn? For those that believe the lies, even though overwhelming evidence has been stacked up against them, this newsletter will not affect you. Sadly, in such a heart as this, lies is what eventually becomes their truth. However, for those that see the truth for what it is, isn’t it a great adventure to be able to see the forest for the trees?

Some time ago on the radio as well as online I mentioned that I believe the Vatican was involved right at the creation of the United States Government for the sole purpose of future global domination. Can such a statement be proven, or at least given a chance at discovery? Let’s look at the facts shall we?

As we already know, prophecy details who will be “running things” in the last days…

Revelation 13:1-2, 11,12 "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, ... and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast..."

This unholy “trinity” is of course well known among students of prophecy.

  1. The Dragon (Satan)
  2. The beast rising from the sea (Vatican)
  3. The beast rising from the earth (USA)

(For more info click here)

Common sense grants us the reality of truth quite easily here. Since the Word of God declares the USA will help the Vatican, the enemy of God’s children would naturally make plans to that end. As foolish as it may seem for the devil to do something so transparent, we cannot deny prophetic fact. His foresight is not something mortal man can comprehend. This is why prophecy is set before us in such pictographic manner. A picture is worth a thousand words to those that know the language.

Only those that TRULY want to know the truth will investigate what those pictures in prophecy proclaim. That is the key by which prophetic knowledge is granted. The Lord will only give understanding to those that seek it for righteous reasons. That way, only those that love the Lord can understand the Lord.  In short, those that claim the Bible contradicts itself or is nothing more then gibberish believe it to be as such merely because they cannot define the symbols in prophecy. Most fear admitting they simply don't know because their vanity proclaims it makes them look bad. That vital key to understanding is missing, so they will naturally become ignorant of the truth without ever realizing it. Their “thirst” for truth is nonexistent, and therefore their gift of knowledge is held back. They honestly have no clue.

1 Corinthians 2:14, "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

With that said, is there evidence to support the fact that Rome has been covertly involved in the USA all along as prophecy stated they would be?

Starting with the basics, have you ever noticed all the Latin terminology on American soil? It’s literally built into the fabric of our existence today. Latin terminology is used for naming medical symptoms or drugs. It’s used in public education. Latin terms run rampant through the law of the land. Colleagues and especially frat houses use its symbolism for all sorts of reasons. Certifications of all sorts from law degrees to a PHD are riddled with the Latin terms. Even everyday conversation finds the use of Latin unavoidable. Rock musicians use Latin in their music as well as their satanic imagery. Truth is, this is a “bona fide” fact of life in the USA today. By the way, even the term “bona fide” is a Latin term! Ergo (also Latin) let’s move on.

The architectural style of all government buildings of the USA are of Roman Catholic design. Of this there is no doubt. Notice the Pantheon on the left built between 118-135AD by the Romans for the sole purpose of worshipping Pagan gods. Notice the dome? The Roman columns? The phallic spire? Remind you of anything you see here in America?

On the right we see the Pagan dome atop this nations Capital building. And below we see even more Pagan styles on both the Supreme Court and U.S. Bank buildings. Is all this mere coincidence?


As you enter this nations Capitol building you see the Pagan god Mars enshrined in all his glory! We have been taught since day one that this was a Christian nation at birth, yet all around us we see buildings built in its infancy that declare no such thing! Christians may have started this nation, yes. But the Catholic church took it when the Government was forming. Again, I ask is all this Roman architecture mere happenstance?

It’s not just the Federal buildings either. Have you been to your county seat lately? If this is all just a coincidence, then why are there literally hundreds of county offices with Roman architecture throughout the nation? What of the capital buildings for each state? Notice the picture on the left of the Illinois State Capital building. Is that not Roman Catholic in design as well?

Some will say this was a “Protestant” nation if nothing else in its infancy. But when you look at all the buildings in the federal and local level sporting what appears to be spin offs of the Vatican itself, I wonder who started such a rumor? It's obvious why.

Do you recall the old silver dimes we used to use back in the 1960’s? Were you aware that was the Pagan god “Mercury” on that coin? Take a look at the two pictures…

The coin of the left is of course the discontinued American dime. That coin on the right is the ancient Pagan Denarius. Notice the SAME Pagan god “Mercury” on it? It’s not just the coins either. Take a look at the back of your dollar bill. Notice the pyramid with the eye in it with the solar blaze behind it? (below center). That happens to be the “eye of Horus” or eye of Satan as it is formally known. The Roman Catholic Bishop on the left stands before the same symbol as he “officiates” in a Catholic mass. And the image on the right is from a Roman Catholic Monastery in Greece. Imagine that! The eye of Satan watching over the Roman priests.


  • Rome in the 1st century ran things from "Capitaline hill"
  • Wash DC today runs things from "Capital Hill"

Both had "domes" on their buildings. The word "Dome" comes from "domas" which is used in words like dominate, domineering, domesticate... etc Domas also "means" the "presence of God" or "presence of the Divine" You can now find domes on on all state capital buidlings, as well as many churches and schools. Captial hill dome is an exact duplicate of the Vatican dome

To give you an idea of just how evil this symbol is. Notice this picture (on left) of Aleister Crowley, who was dubbed “the wickedest man alive” before his death in 1947. He is wearing upon his head the “eye of Horus” as a sign of Satanic worship and acceptance. This man, a proclaimed 33 degree Mason was reported to have single-handedly been responsible for the birth of Satanism into modern American civilization. He spawned more disciples to Satan then any other man alive to date. He was a self proclaimed “Magus” in the Pagan church for many years as well. His anti-social values and legendary rebellion towards authority catapulted him as an icon which in turn generated “hero worship” by many young people, especially rock musicians of the 60’s and 70’s. This man’s symbol for Satan’s “watchful eye” has always been a major symbol in Catholicism from its infancy. So much so that they insisted upon its appearance upon the American dollar!

 In my “Whore of Babylon” FLASH animation I have a special section dedicated to the origin of this symbol, as well as its importance in Roman Catholicism. (See scene seventeen) What amazes me is how so many Satanists today know of this symbol, yet never warned anyone about it being in the Catholic churches. But then that’s part of being a Satanist now isn’t it?

The military protecting our sons and daughters reflect this Roman beast’s Pagan gods as well it seems. Notice the medals pictured below that are handed out by this Vatican controlled American governing force.

Besides the obvious Satanic Pentagrams (upside down star) one can see images of Pagan gods all over them. And yes, that statue in New York harbor is of the Pagan goddess “Liberty!” (for more pics, click here) She is NOT a Christian symbol by any means!

Now, let’s look at the churches of today. All of them sport the vulgar steeples, the solar wheels, Celtic crosses, phallic windows and other Catholic images. The Southern Baptist church (left) for example has claimed all along to have sidestepped Rome’s infiltration from day one. I can recall years ago when I frequented Baptist churches in my adventures seeking the true church how they would speak of their denominations birth process. This church quite boldly proclaims they were never affected by Rome in any way shape or form. They even had a small booklet called “the trail of blood” that seemed to validate their Roman avoidance. Yet they too display the steeples, stained glass windows, solar wheels, phallic window styles, and gothic format in almost all their churches. Their doctrinal stand is also an echo of Catholic Paganism with their state of the dead doctrines to prophetic definitions. Even their traditions have been adopted from Rome. They embrace everything from Easter Sunrise services, to Sunday keeping itself. ALL of this is strictly from Roman Catholicism.

No church is safe from the infiltration of this beast because sin always comes off as the attractive and more convenient method by which to worship the God that never changed. Even the Seventh-day Adventist church itself (right), which once was the most vocal church on earth exposing Roman Catholicism. It too has fallen to temptation and is now known to embrace all that Rome has to offer. Notice the huge phallic tower, and the Roman Catholic shaped Miter of Dagon the fish god in the doorway of the Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist church. I have never been inside the church, but one can imagine how bad it is when they have such a grand display out front. You would be literally shocked if you ever saw what the leaders of this church have actually put in writing over just the last few decades alone!

Rome has even clawed her way into the educational system of this nation. Ignoring for a moment the obvious Roman architecture of all major Universities today, one can see the very same philosophy of Roman Catholicism running rampant through the halls of higher education. From evolution being taught as scientific fact, echoing John Paul II's statements in 1998, to the stealthy suggestion of Roman Catholic doctrines being taught throughout.

Looking at the grade schools and high schools we now see we have to deal with the altered historic records designed to hide the truth about why people came to this nation in the first place. It wasn’t British taxation that forced this nation’s birth. It was clearly recorded many times over that people being cut in half, buried alive, and burned alive by Roman Catholic priests caused thousands to brave the dangerous high seas for a better land not yet affected by Roman rule. People don’t risk life and limb for a few dollars per year being wrenched from their hands. Revolutions are the end result of such acts. Only certain death would force entire families to leave their homes for uncharted lands! Want proof? Look at the insane taxation in the USA today. Has this caused a mass exodus? Over 60% of your income is taxed now! Yet they want us to believe a tax rate of around 2.5% forced people to leave Britain? No wonder this is called “higher” education. You literally need to be high on drugs to fall for it.

Look at your calendars! The days of the week are named after Roman gods. Who are in turn named after the planets. Wwho are in fact named after Pagan gods. Wow! Vicious circle eh?









English Day Name








Anglo-Saxon Day Name

Sunnan daeg
(Sun god)

Monan daeg
(goddess of moon)

Tiwes daeg
(Tyr / Mars)

Wodens daeg
(Odin / Mercury)

Thurs daeg
(For Thor / Jove)

Frige daeg

Satern daeg

Products you buy in the local market have Roman inspired names or symbolism all over them. Yes, all roads truly do lead to Rome! The prophecy is plain! ALL the world wonders after this beast! Not just the churches and government agencies, but ALL the world wonders after this beast!

When you look at how the USA is running around the planet playing the part of global policeman, as well as passing strange laws right here in the states, it kind of makes you wonder if this too is a fingerprint of mother Rome. As most are aware, Hitler himself was a Catholic. But that’s truly neither hear nor there when it comes to what he did in his day. The fact of the matter is, HITLER IS DEAD is he not? Yet, when you look around at today’s laws in the USA as well as the media control, homeland, or should I say, ROME-Land security, and prison camps cropping up all over the nation you begin to realize that Hitler wasn’t really the problem back then at all. If it was Hitler that masterminded all those unjust rules and regs, then why is it covertly happening today long after his death with absolute replication? Simple, Hitler was merely a puppet of ROME! No other explanation is plausible here! Common sense can now prevail! We know just by breathing that Rome has their hand in all things great and small today simply because it is the prophecied beast. Only a fallen angel with a longer lifespan and an intelligence that far outweighs that of man could mastermind such a conglomeration as this! But, I’m a conspiracy theorist eh? Hitler and Rome? Am I kidding? Can I PROVE IT?

Without pasting all the photos I already have online in my “Hitler & RCC” page, let us instead look inside Rome’s walls to see if my claims can be verified. Before doing so, what was Hitler flag? A swastika right? Now when you adopt a symbol for a flag you do something with graphic purpose as well as permanence do you not? You don’t just haphazardly go about such a task as this. Even the USA took their time in selecting the stars and stripes. So a flag is something that means a great deal to a nation. However, what if that nation is being controlled by another? Then something important to the controlling nation would find its way upon that flag! The FACT the swastika was FIRST inside the Vatican as well as displayed within their Cathedrals long before it was on Hitler’s flag, PROVES the Vatican was the controlling entity here! In fact, they are being SUED AS WE SPEAK for what they did in this war. Hitler’s flag was nothing more then the Vatican’s way of declaring their controlling involvement in all he was instructed to do. Why else did he have so many meetings with the pope of his day and all those bishops and cardinals?

Interlocking swastika design in pavement of “Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens” in France. (Official name is The Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Amiens” Wikipedia Encyclopedia states in writing that Amiens Cathedral is famous for having altered Swastika symbols on its floors

The church (Cathedral of our Lady of Amiens) was rebuilt after a fire in 1218AD by Roman Catholic Bishop Evrard de Fouilloy. (Robert called of Luzarches) Re-building of this church was of course LONG before Hitler was born! Seeing how the swastika was found first on Roman Catholic churches, is it not plausible that Hitler was instructed by the Church of Rome to use such a symbol? I find it hard to believe that Hitler chose this as his symbol merely because he saw it etched in an Etruscan fibula (a crescent shaped pin) inside the Vatican itself one day. A man such as Hitler does not base his “flag” on a mere bobble. The etching of the swastika on that ornament speaks much bolder then the jewelry it graces! It was Rome’s symbol first! It is Rome's symbol today!

As this Newsletter was being researched I found something rather peculiar that you may find interesting. We already know Rome controls this nation. However, where you also aware that the U.S. Military has decided to grace us with the Roman Catholic swastika in a most grandiose format? Like the aerial pictures of the White House, Pentagon, and U.S. Capital showing their satanic symbolism. Symbolism that can ONLY be seen from above by the way. We now see the following images using Google Earth. Just across the bay from San Diego lies the United States Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California. Do you see anything strange about the shape of that military building? They only do these "overhead" symbols for Satan. Fact is, unless you happen to be flying way overhead and actually looking down at that very moment, no man on earth would ever realize the building is built this way. Another fact is, this is restricted air space. So no man is going to see this! PLUS, even if a commercial flight did fly overhead, they would be too high up for anyone to catch this. When I copied this picture using the "Google Earth" software I had to zoom in to just under 1200 feet to get a clear enough picture. When I zoomed to 30,000 feet where most airplanes fly it was impossible to find.

(Copy and paste ->
32 40'34.09" N, 117 09'27.96 W into Google Earth to see for yourself)

Check out the New NATO building built to represent the Nazi SS symbol.


Strange factoid #1: Where you aware that on the eve of Hitler's 116th birth anniversary, the College of Cardinals, headed by none other then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger himself, elected Ratzinger to be the next pope of Rome. This is all despite the fact that he was a member of Hitler Youth as well as an anti-aircraft gunner for Nazi Germany during their heyday. Ratzinger was also a war prisoner of the Allies that eventually defeated Hitler! By the way, Ratzinger is GERMAN to boot!

Strange factoid #2: Wilhem II, Emperor of Germany said, "The Pope said to me...that Germany must become the sword of the Catholic Church.”

That’s right! Hitler was the first to use the term “New Order” which has now been changed slightly to “New World Order.” Who started using the term AFTER Hitler? First the Pope’s of Rome, then George Bush senior, and now George W. Bush. By the way, those are Roman Catholic prelates he is smiling with. Notice the Maltese cross on the prelate shaking his hand? That was also a favorite of Hitler's Nazis. Looking at how the USA emulates Hitler’s patriotic marketing, dishonest politics, and covert martial law agenda to the letter, one can easily see that the Roman puppet master is still in control.

Even the KKK can thank Roman Catholic symbolism for their hooded robes of old. Notice the Roman Catholic priests “dressed to kill” in a Vatican ceremony below.

No too long ago I received an article from a subscriber that detailed how the American government is selling our Country out from under us. (Click here to see the article) The article was of course sparked by the Bush administrations desire to sell 6 U.S. sea ports to United Arab Emirates. Problem with that fact is, most people are unaware that the Washington Times reported not too long ago that as a nation we have 3200 sea ports which are already 80% owned and operated by foreign countries. The only reason people got their blood up about the recently reported 6 sea ports is because of their Arab shoppers. Fact is, the American government sold us out a LONG time ago and all the lazy watchmen blessed them greatly with the go ahead with their complacency. This is no different then the Clinton administration when it shut the national parks down for a few days “claiming” a national emergency. When in fact it was done so they could post new blue signs on all National Parks that read, “Property of the United Nations." Why would they sell those lands out from under us? Common sense. It allows more control over the land that could in fact become a refuge for modern day Wesleyans when Rome's mark is enforced.

The Vatican itself is the first and only "global" governmental structure today. It has agreements to their desires in 174 nations at present, and those that refuse to bow to Rome end up in war with the USA. Prophecy clearly states the USA will give power unto the Vatican whenever it is needed. These 6 ports are merely long range palm greasing, rest assured.

Satan knows the people on the earth are mostly in his camp at present, so a few wicked movements of politicians and big government won't concern the complacent couch potatoes much. The ones it does alarm are so small in number that he figures they could only generate little if any opposition in Washington or any other government entity. (He of course fails to realize we have a God) So why not go for the odds on favorite

The USA with all its Roman laws, Latin terms, Vatican inspired churches, money inscribed with Catholic symbolism, Catholic controlled Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court is finally spilling its wolverine undercoat into reality. The USA was created by the beast in Rome so as to have a long range supply of tools to get their global aspirations realized.

The Vatican has all along been a multicultural church / nation. Is it any wonder the USA is also multicultural? You can find catholic churches in absolutely every single nation on earth now. So it's only natural that an exact copy of its structure would echo in this land seeing how they run all aspects of its government anyway. Prophecy did say the USA would create an image of the beast, and now we see that it's happening on EVERY aspect of reality. Truth is, I don't see the USA as "selling out" at all with these 6 ports. I see the Vatican simply setting up shop from across the ocean a little more "out in the open" now then in the recent past. Rome has pushed its ecumenical movement far longer with big government then it has with the churches. That's why a LOT more sea ports are in the hands of other nations then we all first realized. The Arabian sales were just the catalyst that got a few eyes to open is all. And guess what? It’s been a few weeks so… all is forgotten. Ahhh yes, the blessings of MSG and cable TV! What a combo meal!

When you understand prophecy and see the facts as they are laid out before you, you can’t help but to see the one world government is already set up. All they are waiting for is the final go ahead in Rome. Before doing so of course, certain nations need to comply or be forced to comply so they can assure they have their money making commodity in the bank as it were. They don’t want a repeat of what happened with Hitler.

The Roman Catholic Vatican is the only nation on earth that was designed from day one as a GLOBAL entity. The word “Catholicism” is a Latin term meaning UNIVERSAL. It is obvious that by naming this denomination thusly, they planned from day one for global dominance. But then, those of us that study prophecy already knew that.

What amazes me is how most people missed the obvious. The Vatican is a puny nation. They don’t even have a military. Yet, because they are setup with governing institutions, (they call them churches) in all nations now, they have both a political as well as religious stand globally. Not even a dozen superpowers can hope to match their control grid! And rightly so. Only a supernatural fallen angel straight from the pits of hell itself could set a trap like this. Man could in no way hope to even come close even if he had many nations behind him! And NO, I am not glorifying Satan by any means. This validates and confirms the prophetic Word of the very God we worship! HE TOLD US ABOUT THIS BEFORE IT HAPPENED!

Looking back for a moment we can see that yes, Rome wanted to take over back in Hitler’s day, but all her ducks were not in a row. Certain feathers were ruffled that forced them to back off and hide out for a few decades. So they infiltrated, and schmoozed their way into every church that opposed them and every government entity they could to make sure this day would come. This is why you see governing agencies like FEMA with toys like the train you saw at the top of this Newsletter. That train was designed for transporting prisoners on US soil to the many camps throughout the land. Many of these camps are only accessible by rail. That my friends are an exact duplicate of Hitler’s, or should I say Rome’s prison camp design from the start.

These rail cars can hold scores of prisoners each. Eye witness reports have come in more then once already stating they have human shackles in these cars. Do you recall the executive orders I shared in last month’s Newsletter that spoke of seizing the American people for work forces under federal supervision? (E.O. #11000.) The “laws” Revelation 13 speaks of are already on the books.

By the way, I have it on good authority that Gunderson Rail Car Company received a contract by the United Nations to build over 400 more of these boxcars. And seeing how they aren’t making them fast enough. Trinity rail Group joined in the work just a few weeks after 911 to help in the manufacturing of these boxcars. With all that said, are you aware that a Halliburton subsidiary received a $385 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security to provide "temporary detention and processing capabilities." (prison camps) They are claiming it’s to curb the massive influx of immigrants to our land. Yet, at the same time the Bush administration is removing the security forces from our borders to allow for the NWO. So, who’s fooling who? They are playing with the borders to manufacture the “ok” for such detention centers, even though no immigrants are in them. If those rail cars were manufactured for reasons other then as I mentioned, and with as many as were built, one would think they would be seen by a lot more people by now. So I ask, why all the secrecy if it’s for our benefit in the first place?

One other obvious fact about Roman Catholic influence in this land of ours is the now widely publicized acceptance of torture by our governing officials. Besides the obvious atrocities even the “controlled” media can’t seem to contain, were you aware that as of January 2005 we have been testing torture on what the government calls “Christians” at Oxford University! Torture was invented FIRST by Rome! And the Roman Catholic priests used it to kill over 500 million people! So.. is it any wonder they are “testing” it again? And does it have anything to do with the fact John Paul II reinstated the office of Inquisition back in 1991? Why set up such an office if there is no use for it?

And now this…

Vatican changes heart over Crusades - again
      Reopens debate on war for 'noble aim' of regaining Holy Land for Christianity
      Posted: March 25, 20061:00 a.m. Eastern
      © 2006

      Despite a 2000 request for "pardon," widely interpreted as an
apology to Muslims for the Crusades, by the late Pope John Paul II, the Vatican reopened the debate last week with a conference that characterized the wars fought centuries ago as defensive measures taken with the noble aim of regaining the Holy Land for Christianity, according to the London Times.

      The conference, held at the
Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, brought together scholars from around the world who were anything but apologetic for the series of wars fought by European Christendom over 750 years ago.

…While agreeing the Crusaders were sometimes undisciplined and committed acts of cruelty, it was true of the Muslims and troops, even now, in "all ideological wars." The worst excesses of the Crusaders, Riley-Smith said, were generally reserved for the Orthodox and heretics. Those who seek forgiveness for the Crusades, he said, "
do not know their history."

      "Westerners should not be embarrassed by the Crusades," Spencer concluded. "It's time to say, 'enough,' and teach our children to
take pride in their own heritage. They should know that they have a culture and a history of which they can and should be grateful; that they are not the children and grandchildren of oppressors and villains; and that their homes and families are worth defending against those who want to take them away, and are willing to kill to do so."

 Click here for entire article

This article is nothing more then a pack of twisted historic facts concerning the Crusades of Rome against the Muslim nation. All I see the Vatican doing here is trying to give the Crsaudes a facelift so as to gain their much desired real estate. There was nothing noble about all that killing no matter how much you gild the lilly. History has already verified that the Vatican covertly created the Islamic faith so as to create a religion that would make it a holy act to run rampant across the land killing off Jews and Christians. Once they conquered Jerusalem the Vatican would step in and exact payment as was previously agreed. When the Muslim’s refused to give up Jerusalem, Rome responded with the Crusades! That is recorded historic fact.* What this article is preaching is nothing more then a collection of lies designed to gain acceptance for another Vatican Holy War against those that won’t allow the Vatican its unbiblical claim to Real Estate in Jerusalem.

The stage has been set. They are proclaiming this “noble aim” that makes the Crusades appear dignified only to gain control of the "Holy Land" for themselves. They also make such “noble” claims to seed the "approval to kill" in the hearts of many around the world. Perfect timing I say, after so many have been conditioned by the entertainment industry into thinking less and less about murder now-a-days.

Whether it's a bluff to make the Muslim bow or not makes no difference. The fact they spoke of such things in a positive manner is all that's needed in the global arena. Especially today when the bulk of the human hearts are exactly as Christ said they would be in Matthew 24:37 Soon the Sabbath keeping child of God will be considered worthy of death for the same "noble" reasons. Rome has all along stated to kill for their cause was a good thing. In fact, they have put it in writing many times!

 "The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her good behavior." -Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908

"The church may by divine right confiscate the property of heretics, imprison their person, and condemn them to flames.  In our age, the right to inflict the severest penalties, even death, belongs to the church.  There is no graver offense than heresy, therefore it must be rooted out." - Public Eccliastical, Vol. 2, p.142.

Mr. Raywood Frazier, in the booklet
"Catholic Words and Actions," presents documentary proof of the intensive persecution of Protestants and non-Catholics in
Columbia, South America, between 1949 and 1953. The Catholic Church had the support of the Columbian government in the destruction of many churches, and the liquidation of more than 1,000 documented cases -- some of whom were shot, drowned, or emasculated. He says there is evidence of over 60,000 killed. Pope Pius XII awarded the President of Columbia with one of the highest awards which the Church bestows, and praised Columbia for its example of the Catholic faith." (Pp. 59,60)

For MANY MORE insane quotes like this, click here

Christ has risen! Christ will come again!


*For historic info on this as is related by an ex-Jesuit priest. Click here Please disregard the site it's posted on. I do not condone their doctrinal stand.

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I thank our wonderful and gracious Lord Jesus for using people like you to bring such important end-time information to the remnant.  I can\'t tell you how much I have learned from your newsletters and your many articles on your website.  This information is vital and extremely important.  We need to be armed with information regarding end-time events that are unfolding before our eyes.  We need to know what the Lord says in his word and how current events are fulfilling prophecy 100%.  We need to constantly read and learn so we can remain strong when these things finally come upon us.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your major contribution and your tireless efforts in bringing this much needed information to those that are truthseekers.  May you have many jewels in your crown and may God continue to bless you, watch over you and keep you in his care.

Yours in Christ Jesus,


good newsletter.  some of that stuff i have forgotten about =)~ 

its hard to keep all this information in my head! i remember when  forst met you we were tslking about the y2k and bill clintons executive orders! now look at where we are!

its scary yet exciting times.  i cant believe there selling all our ports. 

God bless

Thank you very much for the excellent work you are doing for the Lord Jesus Christ.  I think your website is one of the most extensive and most well-researched on the net for end-time Biblical truths. 

Dan C.
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Hi! Thank you for your ministry. Praise God, it\'s a blessing. I have a couple questions. I read the page on 7 Churches--4 Movements, and I was thoroughly surprised. I\'ve never heard anything like that. I was recently taught in a Spirit of Prophecy class at a school of evangelism that the SDA movement is the remnant--therefore, we must stick with it. But I always wondered how the separation between the \"last\" remnant and the SDA remnant would occur. ...

Jessie K.

When I lived in NJ, I occasionally attended the Lake Nelson Seventh-Day Adventist church.  One December (1994 or 1995), I was shocked to see pointsettias and holly decorating the narthex and equally aphalled to hear the congregation singing \"Silent Night\" and \"Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem,\" both of which any former Sunday worshipper would recognize as \"Christ-Mass\" carols. 

In Addition, two of the deacons sent me a copy of \"The Great Controversy\" with a \"Happy Holidays\" note in the front.

This \"church\" is located in Piscataway, NJ.

Elisha B.

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