Due to the large amount of articles and emails sent to this ministry, I am unable to comment on all of them. Some do become part of a World Wide Truth Provided Radio broadcast, and some may end up in my Truth Provided Newsletters, some also appear in the RSS feed that runs off the MAIN page. Other areas of interest that contain articles on this site are my old "Breaking News" and "Not so Daily" news pages. The amount of articles are now piling up. I do feel some are very important and worthy of mention for the Christian in todays fleeting world. So, to prevent a lack of info being supplied, below please find a growing list of articles and emails that have been sent to this ministry that may directly or indirectly affect you as a Christian. Also understand I do not necessarily endorse any of the websites that report these articles in their dogmatic or political belief structure. I have no political agenda whatsoever. Politics and the present day political landscape has been created by Antichrist and I therefore have no desire to take part in supporting any party, republican, democratic or independant.



Below articles are "linked" from news sources.. If the news source archives (moves) or pulls the article, there is nothing I can do. The link will die.

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For those that send the articles, THANK YOU!
Your work is much appreciated and greatly needed!


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