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 A Response to ~ "Worlds Last" (WLC) "Restitution ministries" and "Restoration Ministries" (RM)

In a nutshell, this page exposes two Seventh day Adventist ministries that have fallen off the path. The first is "Restitution ministries" and the second is "Worlds last chance .com." As you will see on this page, they are preaching a multitude of errors to as many as will believe them. The "main" errors are as follows...

They preach:

Jesus was non-existent at one time
Jesus is not to be considered a God
The Holy Spirit does not exist as a person

Below you will find information that will help you see what the bible truly says on these errors. The format of this page starts off with an email I sent to Gxxxx Xxxx in response to an email he sent me. One day he wrote me and requested I do a bible study and research out a "new doctrine" being preached by "friends" of his and get back to him. After a few days of study I did just that. In short. I found this book he sent to me that Bob and Peggy Boyd wrote places Jesus Christ in a lesser light so that the "one" God, of Rome, the Jews, and Muslims can be used to pull all religions together as one. They need to get all peoples believing in the Roman Catholic Trinity of "one God" so as to ready the people to accept Antichrist as God.

As you will see in the bible studies and email below that all Scriptural facts laid out were completely ignored by those that originally requested them. Many questions that were asked in regards to blunt facts exposing their "new doctrines" as errors were never answered. Instead, they avoided the questions completely and generated a few more of their own. This has always been the method of approach by those seeking to attack I am sad to report. For as long as I've been doing this work, it seems they never seem to change their methods much. Still, their "new" questions were answered, and as you will see below Scriptures were again used to expose the errors again and again. Still, they ignored the facts as well as more questions asked of them. When you read the back and forth of all this one thing appears to be happening. An agenda has been adopted and nothing will sway them from their set course. So.. pray for them. They are in grave danger.

Feel free to use the following studies and facts contained therein to enlighten any souls being pulled away by this "not so new" doctrine of these Seventh day Adventist ministries.

The "nutshell" section of this page was my first response to Gxxxx Xxxx after receiving his email and the blasphemous booklet. Afterwards are more studies in answer to responses generated as well as reactions observed.

Dearest brother Gxxxx,

After reading the "Solid Rock" booklet you sent I must say I am greatly confused. I am having a hard time understanding the message of this booklet. The author is using confusing methods to preach. I may be mistaken, but are these the main issues they seek to proclaim in this booklet?

1. Christ was non-existent at one time

2. There is only one God

3. The Holy Spirit is not a person

If this be the case I must declare at this time there is error in this line of thinking. Before I explain myself I must make it clear that I have only recently come to trust Sister White as a prophet of the Lord. (a little over 3 years now) If you seek a more experienced voice in regards to Sister White’s writings, it cannot be found by seeking my advice. There are other brethren far better suited to the task then I.

I am also reluctant to comment on writings of the pioneers because they are not inspired writings.  I am of the old school in that respect. When discussing doctrinal issues I refuse to step out of the safety of the Inspired Word of God as well as the Spirit of Prophecy to gather facts. Of course the pioneers offer much in the area of church organization as well as other aspects of normal life. Moreover they do echo Scripture and Sister White quite readily as all can see, so I figure it’s best to just stick with that which can be trusted. If I am to be assured of absolute truth, I would rather look into that which all can agree on as inspired and trustworthy. I believe this method blesses us with a way to avert unnecessary added work we always find to be the case when trying to decipher the words of mere men.

The Scriptures on the other hand are a trusted and infallible source of truth that even the staunchest of scoffers cannot refute. In fact this is where I usually prefer to make my stand, and since it is agreed that Sister White is a prophet, it is also agreed she would not contradict the Word we hold dear in the first place. All too often I have found that many of the dear SDA people are side stepping the Scriptures so as to better pull Sister White out of context. When I see this occurring I ask the simple question, “Is she a prophet?” I ask to see if they agree of course. If they do, I then ask them to use the Scriptures for the base of discussion so as to prevent misunderstanding. For it is common knowledge a prophet would never contradict the Word. So why not start there?

This is not to say I am totally without SOP knowledge however. I do cherish some already studied and trusted info on topics that I have researched and found to be truth and in context. I research to use them in sermons of course. Thanks to truth being so powerful, I am constantly learning more with each day’s journey into the Spirit of Prophecy. This research is in fact what led me some time ago to realize Ellen White to be a prophet. With that said, I must again say that I do see error in this doctrinal stand brought forth in the “Solid Rock” booklet regarding the Godhead. Without getting into much detail, because not much is required when examining truth, I have some questions regarding blunt Scriptural truths that have not been highlighted and or addressed that I believe bare witness to the truth. I ask because like any man, I may be mistaken in either understanding the context, the proclamation, the content, or even the Scriptural references put forth in the booklet, for I am only a man in search of the truth, and as I said earlier the author put forth the message in a rather confusing manner for me.

First, regarding the begotten issue of our Saviour. If Jesus Christ was at one time non-existent, how do we explain this passage from the Apostle John?

Now I know that part of this passage is alluded to on page 47 of the booklet, but it is never touched on or stressed the fact that Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh according to John 1:14. And it appears to me that it is never discussed anywhere in the book that Jesus Christ, who is the “Word made flesh” is also the Creator of all things seen and unseen. That point alone should have been discussed because truth within it would have quenched the errors I see in the booklet.

For example…

If all things are created by Jesus Christ, then how I ask could He be nonexistent at any time, linear or not? If He created all things, then time itself is a product of His handiwork. How can He be nonexistent at one time when all things in existence needed His hand to come into existence in the first place?

Even Sister White agrees that…

“Christ is the pre-existent, self-existent Son of God.... In speaking of his pre-existence, Christ carries the mind back through dateless ages. He assures us that there never was a time when He was not in close fellowship with the eternal God. He to whose voice the Jews were then listening had been with God as one brought up with Him.”--Signs of the Times, Aug. 29, 1900.  {Ev 615.2}

“Life, Original, Unborrowed, Underived.--Jesus declared, "I am the resurrection, and the life." In Christ is life, original, unborrowed, underived. "He that hath the Son hath life." The divinity of Christ is the believer's assurance of eternal life."--The Desire of Ages, p. 530 (1898)  {Ev 616.2}

Secondly, if Jesus Christ is not part of the Godhead and not considered a God Himself, then how shall I explain this passage to the brethren once asked?

This passage attests to the fact that Jesus Christ is considered an absolute separate part of the Godhead as a God Himself. The Father Himself backs this up by calling His Son, "O God" in this passage. This passage also declares God the Father is the God of Jesus Christ at the same time when it says, " therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness..."  So in one fell swoop, the statements in the booklet declaring there is only one God, and Jesus Christ Is not to be considered a God, is proven error by this passage.

Reality states that one God is speaking to the other God, saying that "thy God" has anointed Him, His Son. The wording of this passage makes it ever so clear that there is more then one God in the Godhead.

Now I know the booklet touches on this passage on pages 20 & 30, however, in both cases they skirt the issue and never dwell on the fact that God the Father is actually calling Jesus Christ a God in that passage. The passage is only used to cover the topic at hand and then dropped quite hurriedly. Sorry to say brother, but that came off as a major red flag to me. There were countless words to explain all sorts of theories and concepts in this booklet, but when a verse is shared that openly places the theories in jeopardy, it is treated as of the least importance when in fact it stands firmly against it. A passage so blunt as this one should have been better addressed. Or it should have at least been left out of the picture altogether. For this passage alone places the entire premise that Christ is not a God on the proverbial chopping block.

To further add to the confusion, the author shares a list of Scriptures designed to declare only ONE God and ONE Lord Jesus Christ. Yet looking at the two verses she starts the list with on the bottom of page 13 we find this…

Mark 12:28-32 "Which is the first commandment of all? And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord…And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he:"

1 Corinthians 8:6 "But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him."

I highlighted the truths that appear to have been missed by the author. If the Father is the only God in the Godhead, and He is called Lord in the first passage, why I ask would Jesus not be considered God when He is called Lord in the second passage?

Plus, the author of the booklet declares on page 14 that we have one Lord Jesus, our Mediator between the Father and guilty man.”  Is not the title “Lord” the same title we see used in the passage the author chose to use from the book of Mark on page 13 where Jesus Himself uses the title “Lord” as a title for God? Is the author now calling Jesus God as well? This is very confusing to say the least.

 Furthermore, I must also ask, what of Michael the Archangel? Is He not Jesus Christ, and is He not declared God in many areas of the Old Testament by those He has visited?

For a few quick examples…

Sarah is visited…

Sarah relates her visitation…

She is visited by the angel of the Lord we as Christians understand to be Michael the Archangel, who is in fact Jesus Christ Himself. Then she declares it was God who visited her.

What about when Michael stops Abraham from killing his son…

It was God that told Abraham to sacrifice his son, and then we see Michael declaring it a good thing that Abraham wasn’t going to withhold his only son “FROM ME”.

Many years later we see Jacob is also visited…

Quite blunt is it not? The angel of our Lord boldly proclaims Himself to be the God of Bethel. And to make it even more direct, Jacob declares in the next chapter the following words…

There are many more passages that confirm this to be truth of course. I have them all listed on my “Is Jesus Michael” page on the website. You can view them all here -> )

Thirdly, if the Holy Spirit is not a person as the author contends in the booklet. Then why does the Word of God speak of Him as such?

If the Holy Spirit is not a distinct person of the Godhead, then why is He declared as such in this as well as many other passages? Here we see Jesus Himself proclaiming man can actually blaspheme and speak out against Him and He will forgive them. But any man that blasphemes or speaks against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven? How is that truth reflected in the doctrine laid out in this booklet? If Jesus and His Spirit are only one entity, then how is it Jesus can forgive blasphemy and the Holy Spirit cannot? The only way this is plausible is if the Holy Spirit is a completely separate person from Jesus Christ.

In this passage we see Paul forgiving in the “person” of Christ. Yet Paul is not Christ, is he? Strong’s Concordance defines “person” as “presence” here. (#4383 prosopon {pros'-o-pon}) Since it is well understood that Jesus Christ is no longer omnipresent, we must also understand that this has to be His “Holy Spirit” that is referred to here as a “person.” Like the Son being in agreement or “one with the Father” (John 10:30) so would they both be in agreement with the Spirit.

Now I know this appears a bit vague and perhaps even a cliff hanger of common grammatical standards when describing 2 Corinthians 2:10 in this way. But do we not already hope to have the “character” or “mind” of Christ as Christians today? Do we not pray “in Jesus name?” If we have His character and His mind, and He is no longer able to be omnipresent, then is it not the comforter that He did in fact promise to send in the first place Paul is referring to here? Or is it my “human spirit” that I operate under? If the latter, then I am only fooling myself and all those I hope to evangelize.

The Lord’s presence is a real thing to the Christian, but it can’t possibly be Jesus Christ “personally” because of his inability to become omnipresent. So who is that true and real presence all true Christians discern?

If the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are one in the same, then why does Jesus say His Father will send the Comforter “IN MY NAME” in John 14:26?

It is deliberately obvious here that Christ is referring to the Comforter as a separate Person. Not only does the Father send the Comforter in Jesus’ name. But Jesus says HE “will bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said…” Twice in the same passage the Comforter is described as a separate person other then Jesus Himself.

Even Sister White agrees plainly that…

“There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers --the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized, and these powers will co-operate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ.-- Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63. (1905)  -Evangelism 615.1

“Here is where the work of the Holy Ghost comes in, after your baptism. You are baptized in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. You are raised up out of the water to live henceforth in newness of life--to live a new life. You are born unto God, and you stand under the sanction and the power of the three holiest beings in heaven, who are able to keep you from falling.” {7MR 267.2}

“The three great and glorious heavenly characters are present on the occasion of baptism. All the human capabilities are to be henceforth consecrated powers to do service for God in representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost upon whom they depend. All heaven is represented by these three in covenant relation with the new life.--Ms 45, 1904, pp. 9, 10. ("That They All May Be One," May 14, 1904.) Released March 11, 1975.  {6MR 389.3}

Dear brother, lately there has been an apparent movement among the forces of evil to get people, and the ministers off the present truth and off the work they are called to do. The enemy has been busying the faithful with anything he can devise to keep them chasing rabbits. I have seen many strange doctrines and “new truths” popping up in the last few years that have made it apparent this is the enemy’s agenda. One such attempt to quench the present truth is the trinity verses the nature of God issue. Time and time again this has come up before me in my ministry. And in all cases it has caused the work to stop dead in its tracks so as to help dear loved ones from being pulled into error. We have even had to hold three special online meetings with dozens of the faithful to re-preach this truth recently. This is the main reason I placed a “Trinity” page on my website so as to help the seeker, and at the same time prevent my having to be pulled away from the work I am called to do. I pray you view it when you get time. You can see it here ->

One last thing my brother. Is the author of the booklet stepping into an area the prophet of our Lord bluntly stated we would never understand? Either Ellen White lied, or mankind has once again sought to glorify himself beyond his design. To the author of the “Solid Rock” booklet, and all those embracing this error I must echo the following words of the prophet for this age…

“We are to pray for divine enlightenment, but at the same time we should be careful how we receive everything termed new light. We must beware lest, under cover of searching for new truth, Satan shall divert our minds from Christ and the special truths for this time. I have been shown that it is the device of the enemy to lead minds to dwell upon some obscure or unimportant point, something that is not fully revealed or is not essential to our salvation. This is made the absorbing theme, the "present truth," when all their investigations and suppositions only serve to make matters more obscure than before, and to confuse the minds of some who ought to be seeking for oneness through sanctification of the truth. {14MR 178.3}

Your ideas of the two subjects you mention do not harmonize with the light which God has given me. The nature of the Holy Spirit is a mystery not clearly revealed, and you will never be able to explain it to others because the Lord has not revealed it to you. You may gather together scriptures and put your construction upon them, but the application is not correct. The expositions by which you sustain your position are not sound. You may lead some to accept your explanations, but you do them no good, nor are they, through accepting your views, enabled to do others good.  {14MR 179.1}

     It is not essential for you to know and be able to define just what the Holy Spirit is. Christ tells us that the Holy Spirit is the Comforter, and the Comforter is the Holy Ghost, "the Spirit of truth, which the Father shall send in My name." "I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever; even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him: but ye know Him, for He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you" [John 14:16, 17]. This refers to the omnipresence of the Spirit of Christ, called the Comforter. Again Jesus says, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth" [John 16:12, 13].  {14MR 179.2}

     There are many mysteries which I do not seek to understand or to explain; they are too high for me, and too high for you. On some of these points, silence is golden. Piety, devotion, sanctification of soul, body, and spirit--this is essential for us all. "This is life eternal, that they might know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou hast sent" [John 17:3]. "This is the will of Him that sent Me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on Him, may have everlasting life" [John 6:40].  {14MR 179.3}

     I hope that you will seek to be in harmony with the body. I have been shown that you would not exert a saving influence in teaching the truth, because your mind is restless, and unless you drank deeper of the Fountain of life, you would make the mistake that many others have made, of thinking that you have new light, when it is only a new phase of error.  {14MR 180.1}

     You need to come into harmony with your brethren. You may take certain views of Scripture and, searching the Bible in the light of your ideas, may gather together a large number of texts and claim that they mean this and that, and call for anyone to prove to you that your views are incorrect. But what influence could anyone have upon your mind, when he takes the same scriptures and interprets and applies them differently? Both of you claim to found your views on the Bible.  {14MR 180.2}

     It is your duty to come as near to the people as you can, and not to get as far away from them as possible, and by your interpretation make a difference that should not exist. Here is your danger, of diverting minds from the real issues for this time. And you are not the only one who seems to be moved with ambition in this direction. It would not be right or prudent to send you out as a worker to promulgate your peculiar ideas and thus cause division; we have plenty of this now. We want men of solid experience, who will anchor minds and not send them adrift without chart or compass.  {14MR 180.3}

     Now, my brother, it is truth that we want and must have, but do not introduce error as new truth. I would be glad to write further on this point, but must drop the subject now. God wants us to be a unit”.--Letter 7, 1891. Ellen G. White Estate Washington, D. C. December 6, 1984 Entire Letter  {14MR 180.4}

I pray you were blessed by all the Lord has moved me to share.

 Christ is risen. Christ will come again!

John 14:29


Is Jesus Christ God?

 Just a "few" of the MANY passages that reflect His eternal truth...

Stephen calls upon GOD, and according to this passage the God he chose to speak to was JESUS.

 God judges. What is that Judge's name?

 Who is this Saviour?

 Who is that Lord?

 Who is the Creator?

 Is Jesus Christ equal to God?

NOTE: In John 1 it said the "Word was WITH God" and then it said the "Word was God" in that passage? This not only declares Jesus is the Word, but as a God He was "with" God as well.

As most will agree, it was God Himself at Sinai that wrote the Ten Commandments.

Another time Jesus was approached by a rich man who claimed to understand who he was. Jesus knew He knew who He was as is clear in the following passage.

The rich man plainly called Jesus "Good Master." Jesus then said "Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God", in return. This is why Jesus only quoted the last 6 commandments to the man in the following verses when instructing him on what he needed to do. Those commandments deal with how we love each other. But the first four were never shared with the man by Jesus because he already appeared to know who God was. The first four commandments deal with how we love God. Why would Jesus declare calling Him "Good Master" was the same as calling Him God if it wasn't true?

One thing to keep in mind in regards to Jesus Christ being God. When they declare Him to be either non-existent at one time or only a man and not God or part of the Godhead they are in essence denying God are they not? What does the Word say of such people?

Not only are they considered to be liars and without the Father when they deny His Son, they are also declared by the Word of God itself to be in fact one of the many antichrists we find running rampant in these last days.

Is the Holy Spirit God?

We know the Father is God because of numerous Scripture on it. However, have you noticed that these teachers use only the verses pertaining to Him while avoiding the above verses pertaining to His Son in their battle to confuse. But what of the Holy Spirit? Does the Word declare Him God as well, further proving the "one God" theory false?

Does the Word also share characteristics of the Holy Spirit that prove it to be a separate person all on its own?

Truth is, BOTH the Father and the Spirit sent Jesus...

Is Jesus being deceptive and saying the Holy Sprit will testify of Him when in fact it's only "Jesus Spirit" testifying? Saying the Holy Spirit is just Jesus' mind or thoughts makes Him to be a liar when you read this verse.

Notice that in that verse it states the Holy Spirit will HEAR and then tell us what He hears. If the Holy Spirit is just the "thoughts" of Jesus or the Father, how is this possible?

If the Spirit is just the "thoughts" of Jesus, how did it raise Him from the dead?

Why would Jesus pray for ANOTHER Comforter if it was just Him all along?

Keep in mind, the term "blasphemy" can only be attributed to a GOD


If the Spirit is just a "thought" process of the Father or the Son as some preach, why is it the Father is sending forth the Spirit of His Son? Why not send forth His own Spirit? This proves the Spirit of the Son is a separate being altogether.

If the Spirit is just a "thought" process of the Father or the Son, why is it the Father is sending forth ANOTHER Comforter? Who is th Comforter?

The phrase "He shall teach you..." denotes the Spirit is a separate being. If it was just the thought process of Jesus it would say "I shall teach you..."

Here the Comforter is spoken of in the THIRD PERSON by saying, "HE shall testify of ME "I will send HIM unto you."

If you deny the Holy Spirit exists, than all the promises shared above regarding what He will do for you in life are forfeited by YOU! Now do you see why your prayer life is so lacking?

 Spirit of Prophecy States the "non-existnce" doctrine of WLC is error

World's last chance and their followers preach Jesus was "non-existant" at one time. Yet they also declare Ellen White to be a prophet. What does she say about their strange doctrine?

"Another dangerous error, is the doctrine that denies the divinity of Christ, claiming that he had no existence before his advent to this world. This theory is received with favor by a large class who profess to believe the Bible; yet it directly contradicts the plainest statements of our Saviour concerning his relationship with the Father, his divine character, and his pre-existence. It cannot be entertained without the most unwarranted wresting of the Scriptures. It not only lowers man's conceptions of the work of redemption, but undermines faith in the Bible as a revelation from God. While this renders it the more dangerous, it makes it also harder to meet. If men reject the testimony of the inspired Scriptures concerning the divinity of Christ, it is in vain to argue the point with them; for no argument, however conclusive, could convince them. “The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” [1 Corinthians 2:14.] None who hold this error can have a true conception of the character or the mission of Christ, or of the great plan of God for man's redemption.  {GC88 524.2}


 Spirit of Prophecy Proving this strange "Godhead" Doctrine to be Error

"Christ came to earth as God in the guise of humanity." -Bible Commentary Volume 6 p 1053

Nearly two thousand years ago, a voice of mysterious import was heard in heaven, from the throne of God, "Lo, I come." "Sacrifice and offering Thou wouldest not, but a body hast Thou prepared Me. . . . Lo, I come (in the volume of the Book it is written of Me,) to do Thy will, O God." Heb. 10:5-7. In these words is announced the fulfillment of the purpose that had been hidden from eternal ages. Christ was about to visit our world, and to become incarnate. He says, "A body hast Thou prepared Me." Had He appeared with the glory that was His with the Father before the world was, we could not have endured the light of His presence. That we might behold it and not be destroyed, the manifestation of His glory was shrouded. His divinity was veiled with humanity,--the invisible glory in the visible human form. 

      This great purpose had been shadowed forth in types and symbols. The burning bush, in which Christ appeared to Moses, revealed God. The symbol chosen for the representation of the Deity was a lowly shrub, that seemingly had no attractions. This enshrined the Infinite. The all-merciful God shrouded His glory in a most humble type, that Moses could look upon it and live. So in the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, God communicated with Israel, revealing to men His will, and imparting to them His grace. God's glory was subdued, and His majesty veiled, that the weak vision of finite men might behold it. So Christ was to come in "the body of our humiliation" (Phil. 3:21, R. V.), "in the likeness of men." In the eyes of the world He possessed no beauty that they should desire Him; yet He was the incarnate God, the light of heaven and earth. His glory was veiled, His greatness and majesty were hidden, that He might draw near to sorrowful, tempted men. 

God commanded Moses for Israel, "Let them make Me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them" (Ex. 25:8), and He abode in the sanctuary, in the midst of His people. Through all their weary wandering in the desert, the symbol of His presence was with them. So Christ set up His tabernacle in the midst of our human encampment. He pitched His tent by the side of the tents of men, that He might dwell among us, and make us familiar with His divine character and life. "The Word became flesh, and tabernacled among us (and we beheld His glory, glory as of the Only Begotten from the Father), full of grace and truth." John 1:14, R. V., margin.  -Desire of Ages p 23.1-3

Contrast this with the riches of glory, the wealth of praise pouring forth from immortal tongues, the millions of rich voices in the universe of God in anthems of adoration. But He humbled Himself, and took mortality upon Him. As a member of the human family, He was mortal; but as a God, He was the fountain of life to the world. He could, in His divine person, ever have withstood the advances of death, and refused to come under its dominion; but He voluntarily laid down His life, that in so doing He might give life and bring immortality to light. He bore the sins of the world, and endured the penalty, which rolled like a mountain upon His divine soul. He yielded up His life a sacrifice, that man should not eternally die. He died, not through being compelled to die, but by His own free will. This was humility. The whole treasure of heaven was poured out in one gift to save fallen man. He brought into His human nature all the life-giving energies that human beings will need and must receive.  -SDA Bible Commentary Vol5 1127.1

There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers --the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized, and these powers will co-operate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ.-- Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63. (1905)  -Evangelism 615.1

Those who proclaim the third angel's message must put on the whole armor of God, that they may stand boldly at their post, in the face of detraction and falsehood, fighting the good fight of faith, resisting the enemy with the word, "It is written." Keep yourselves where the three great powers of heaven, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, can be your efficiency. These powers work with the one who gives himself unreservedly to God. The strength of heaven is at the command of God's believing ones. The man who takes God as his trust is barricaded by an impregnable wall.--The Southern Watchman, Feb. 23, 1904, p. 122.

 Our sanctification is the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is the fulfillment of the covenant that God has made with those who bind themselves up with Him, to stand with Him, with His Son, and with His Spirit in holy fellowship. Have you been born again? Have you become a new being in Christ Jesus? Then co-operate with the three great powers of heaven who are working in your behalf. Doing this you will reveal to the world the principles of righteousness.  -Signs of the Times, June 19, 1901 par. 4

"Here is where the work of the Holy Ghost comes in, after your baptism.  You are baptized in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. You are raised up out of the water to live henceforth in newness of life--to live a new life. You are born unto God, and you stand under the sanction and the power of the three holiest beings in heaven, who are able to keep you from falling. You are to reveal that you are dead to sin; your life is hid with Christ in God. Hidden "with Christ in God,"--wonderful transformation. This is a most precious promise. When I feel oppressed, and hardly know how to relate myself toward the work that God has given me to do, I just call upon the three great Worthies, and say; You know I cannot do this work in my own strength." Manuscript Release, vol 7, p 267-268 ("Lesson from Romans 15," Manuscript 95, October 20, 1906, sermon preached by E.G. White at the Congregational Church, which was being temporarily used by the Oakland SDA Church, 18th and Market Streets, Oakland, California, on Sabbath afternoon).

"When God's people search the Scriptures with a desire to know what is truth, Jesus is present in the person of His representative, the Holy Spirit, reviving the hearts of the humble and contrite ones." (John 15:23, 10-11 quoted.)--Ms. 158, 1898.  {12MR - Manuscript Releases Volume Twelve p145.2}

"We need to realize that the Holy Spirit, who is as much a person as God is a person, is walking through these grounds." Manuscript  66, 1899. (From a talk to the students at the Avondale School.)

"Sin could be resisted and overcome only through the mighty agency of the Third Person of the Godhead, who would come with no modified energy, but in the fullness of divine power." Desire of Ages P. 671

"The Holy Spirit is a person; for He beareth witness  with our spirits that we are the children of God. When this witness is borne, it carries with it its own evidence." -Evangelism p 616.6

" And that doctrine that denies the absolute Godhead of Jesus Christ, denies also the Godhead of the Father; for no man knoweth the Son but the Father." Signs of The Times  June 27, 1895

"Christ is the pre-existent, self-existent Son of God.... In speaking of his pre-existence, Christ carries the mind back through dateless ages. He assures us that there never was a time when He was not in close fellowship with the eternal God. He to whose voice the Jews were then listening had been with God as one brought up with Him.--   Signs of the Times,   Aug. 29, 1900.

"Before Abraham was, I am." Christ is the pre-existent, self-existent Son of God. The message He gave to Moses to give to the children of Israel was, "Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you." The prophet Micah writes of Him, "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, tho thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall He come forth unto Me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting." The Signs of the Times August 29, 1900.

"When we have accepted Christ, and in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit have pledged ourselves to serve God, the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit-- the three dignitaries and powers of heaven.... (Manuscript 85, 1901).

"Our sanctification is the work of  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is the fulfillment of the covenant God has made with those who bind themselves up with Him, to stand with Him, His Son, and His Spirit in holy fellowship. Have you been born again? Have you become a new being in Christ Jesus? Then cooperate with the three great powers of heaven who are working in your behalf." (Manuscript  11, 1901).

"There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers --the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--...." Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63. (1905)

These things (some doubted her prophetic gifts) wounded my spirit, and wrung my soul in keen anguish, well-nigh to despair, while many would have me believe that there was no Holy Ghost and that all the exercises that holy men of God have experienced were only mesmerism or the deceptions of Satan.  {Early Writings 21.3}

 E.J. Waggoner comments on the Godhead


To Christ is committed the highest prerogative, that of

judging. He must receive the same honor that is due to God,

and for the reason that he is God. the beloved disciple

bears witness: "In the beginning was the word, and the word

was with God, and the word was God. "John 1:1. That this

Divine Word is none other than Jesus Christ is shown by

verse 14: "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us

(and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only-begotten

of the father), full of grace and truth. p. 8, Para. 2,

[Christ and His Righteousness].

 In many places in the Bible Christ is called God. The

Psalmist says: "The mighty God, even the Lord [Jehovah],

hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the

sun unto the going down thereof. Out of Zion, the

perfection of beauty, God hath shined. Our God shall come,

and shall nor keep silence; a fire shall devour before Him,

and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him. He shall

call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that He

may judge His people. Gather My saints together unto Me;

those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice. And

the heavens shall declare His righteousness; for God is

judge Himself." Ps. 50:1-6. p. 9, Para. 2,

[Christ and His Righteousness].


So we know that Ps. 50:1-6 is a

vivid description of the second coming of Christ for the

salvation of His people. When He comes it will be as "the

mighty God." Compare Habakkuk 3. p. 11, Para. 1, [CAHR].


"For unto us a Child is born, unto us a

Son is given; and the government shall be upon His

shoulder; and His name shall be called Wonderful,

Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the

Prince of Peace." Isa. 9:6.


Christ Himself taught in the most emphatic manner that He

is God. When the young man came and asked, "Good Master,

what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?" Jesus,

before replying to the direct question, said: "Why callest

thou Me good? there is none good but One, that is God."

Mark 10:17,18. What did He mean to intimate that He was not

absolutely good? Was it a modest depreciation of Himself? -

- By no means; for Christ was absolutely good. To the Jews,

who were continually watching to detect in Him some failing

of which they might accuse Him, He boldly said, "Which of

you convinceth Me of sin?" John 8:46. In the whole Jewish

nation not a man could be found who had ever seen Him do a

thing or heard Him utter a word that had even the semblance

of evil; and those who were determined to condemn Him could

do it only by hiring false witnesses against Him. Peter

says that He "did no sin, neither was guile found in His

mouth." 1 Peter 2:22. Paul says that He "knew no sin." 2

Cor. 5:21. The Psalmist says, "He is my Rock, and there is

no unrighteousness in Him." Ps. 92:15. And John says, "Ye

know that He was manifested to take away our sins; and in

Him is no sin." 1 John 3:5. p. 13, Para. 1, [CAHR].

Christ cannot deny Himself, therefore He could not say

that He was not good. He is and was absolutely good, the

perfection of goodness. And since there is none good but

God, and Christ is good, it follows that Christ is God, and

that this is what He meant to teach the young man. p. 14,

Para. 1, [Christ and His Righteousness]. 


The word was "in the beginning." The mind of man cannot

grasp the ages that are spanned in this phrase. It is not

given to men to know when or how the Son was begotten; but

we know that He was the Divine Word, not simply before He

came to this earth to die, but even before this world was


READ ENTIRE BOOK, Christ and His righteousness (E.J. Waggoner 1888)


 A Strange Response by Worlds last

My Response to the above statement...
by Nicholas on Wednesday, May 03, 2006 2:39 PM 

One of the last things to happen before the seven plagues of Revelation arrive, and Jesus comes to take us home, we as Christians understand the fourth angel declares there is a CALLING OUT TO GOD'S PEOPLE TO LEAVE BABYLON. Of this the Scriptures can be no clearer. THAT is Present Truth!

Worlds last publicly announced in writing... "The test for God’s people today is not whether to separate or not to separate from Babylon... The test is: who do we worship, the One and only true God, our heavenly Father, and His only begotten son.."

When the Present Truth is understood there is no question as to who we worship. Sadly, we now have in writing the ultimate in Babylonian theology. Dearest Gxxxx, you have a website at ~ World's Last Chance .com where you have a tract proclaiming people must COME OUT OF BABYLON as Present Truth. However, now we see you claim in writing that this is no longer the Present Truth for our day? Present Truth has now be re-assigned somehow?

The word Babylon = "to mix" truth with error. One minute truth benefits, the next it hinders.

Only those outside the camp would call the Lord Jesus Christ a liar regarding His Present Truth. We have written in His Word that the Present Truth is to come out of Babylon for today. Is it not true the mark of the beast is about to be enforced? How can any other "Present Truth" be proclaimed outside of coming out from a place that will stamp you eternally sealed for Babylon? Sadly, they now preach that is a lie. No longer is it important to leave Babylon, but now the "Present Truth" proclaimed by worlds last chance (and friends) that "who we worship" is considered Present Truth instead.

"I saw the necessity of the messengers, especially, watching and checking all fanaticism wherever they might see it rise. Satan is pressing in on every side, and unless we watch for him, and have our eyes open to his devices and snares, and have on the whole armor of God, the fiery darts of the wicked will hit us. There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is "present truth" that the flock needs now. I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth, to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the soul. Satan will here take every possible advantage to injure the cause."  {EW 63.1}


As many are aware I was Catholic 29 years, and as is known, I have also been evangelizing Catholics for almost as many years. In my "travels" I have come across many methods used by Roman prelates, including both formal and short robed Jesuits, that are designed to quench the forward motion of Present Truth. The Present Truth to come out of Babylon MUST BE PUT DOWN AS TRIVIAL AND UNIMPORTANT!  I do believe the Lord allowed me to see such things in my years so as to alert the brethren He has graciously placed in my path that have never stepped into such a realm as this. I would be failing in my duty as a Christian if I did not warn you of what I see firsthand happening here. Research the facts listed below online and you will see that yes these methods being administered by "worlds last chance" and "the Boyd's" are in fact Roman Catholic tactics designed to infiltrate churches, and even separated movements of God to destroy them from within.


 Who Originated This Strange Doctrine?

 “Holy is God, the Father of all things, the One who is before the First Beginning.” THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES, p.XL an OCCULT PUBLICATION.

 “Son of God, First-Born…the Second Logos or Higher Self––the first emanation from the Father, the Absolute, or the First Logos.” DICTIONARY OF ALL SCRIPTURES AND MYTHS by G.A. Gaskell, p. 702.  An OCCULT PUBLICATION.

 “The eternal Birth or generation of the Son or Divine Word…From our proper Source, that is to say, from the Father and all that which lives in Him, ‘there shines, says Ruysbroeck, ‘an eternal Ray, the which is the Birth of the Son…We are celebrating the feast of the Eternal Birth which God the Father has borne…” MYSTICISM Pg 146. An OCCULT PUBLICATION.

 Also the Logos has an origin, but as God's thought it also has eternal generation. It exists as such before everything else all of which are secondary products of God's thought and therefore it is called the "first-born." The Logos is thus more than a quality, power or characteristic of God; it is an entity eternally generated as an extension, to which Philo ascribed many names and functions. The Logos is the first-begotten Son of the Uncreated Father: "For the Father of the universe has caused him to spring up as the eldest son, whom, in another passage, he [Moses] calls the first-born; and he who is thus born, imitating the ways of his father, has formed such and such species, looking to his archetypal patterns." The Logos and Its Function in the Writings of Philo of Alexandria: Greek Interpretation of the Hebrew Myth and Foundations of Christianity

 “It is a most suggestive fact that there is not a word in the so-called sacred Scriptures to show that Jesus was actually regarded as a God by his disciples…The kabalists were the first to embellish the universal Logos, with such terms as "Light of Light," the Messenger of LIFE and LIGHT, and we find these expressions adopted in toto by the Christians, with the addition of nearly all the Gnostic terms such as Pleroma (fulness), Archons, Æons, etc. As to the "First-Born," the First, and the "Only-Begotten," these are as old as the world. Origen shows the word "Logos" as existing among the Brachmanes…The kabalistic: "God's first-born emanated from the Most High," together with that which is the "Spirit of the Anointing;" and again "they called him the anointed of the Highest," are reproduced in Spirit and substance by the author of the Gospel according to John. "That was the true light," and "the light shineth in darkness." "And the WORD was made flesh." "And his fulness (pleroma) have all we received," etc. THEOSOPHY, Vol. 56, No. 11, September, 1968

THE UNITARIAN VIEW:The General Convention of the Unitarian Universalists formulated the five principles of the Universalist Faith in 1899.

THE MORMON VIEW: “The Holy Spirit is in a class with magnetism or electricity. He is a divine fluid, composed of material atoms or particles, or in other words an impersonal energy or cosmic force through which God acts” (Parley Pratt, Key to Science of Theology, 1855 edition, p. 29, emp. added). Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

THE JEHOVAH WITNESS VIEW: Jehovah’s Witnesses…believe that the Son is merely ‘a god’…but He is definitely NOT Almighty God – Jehovah…And Jesus is only called ‘a god’ by way of concession.” JEHOVAH WITNESSES: ANSWERED VERSE BY VERSE, Pg. 42, by David Reed.


 For our SDR friends, Sister White declares...

There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers --the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized, and these powers will co-operate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ.-- Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63. (1905)  -Evangelism 615.1

Those who proclaim the third angel's message must put on the whole armor of God, that they may stand boldly at their post, in the face of detraction and falsehood, fighting the good fight of faith, resisting the enemy with the word, "It is written." Keep yourselves where the three great powers of heaven, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, can be your efficiency. These powers work with the one who gives himself unreservedly to God. The strength of heaven is at the command of God's believing ones. The man who takes God as his trust is barricaded by an impregnable wall.--The Southern Watchman, Feb. 23, 1904, p. 122.

 Our sanctification is the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is the fulfillment of the covenant that God has made with those who bind themselves up with Him, to stand with Him, with His Son, and with His Spirit in holy fellowship. Have you been born again? Have you become a new being in Christ Jesus? Then co-operate with the three great powers of heaven who are working in your behalf. Doing this you will reveal to the world the principles of righteousness.  -Signs of the Times, June 19, 1901 par. 4

"Many claim that it was impossible for Christ to be overcome by temptation. Then He could have not been placed in Adam's position; He could not have gained the victory that Adam failed to gain. If we have any sense a more trying conflict than had Christ, then He would not be able to succor us. But our Saviour took humanity, with all its liablitiies. He took the nature of man, with the possibility of yielding to temptation. We have nothing to bear which He has not endured." -Ellen G. White, Desire of Ages p.95

Sister White also declares the following regarding the Holy Spirit...

The nature of the Holy Spirit is a mystery. Men cannot explain it, because the Lord has not revealed it to them. Men having fanciful views may bring together passages of Scripture and put a human construction on them, but the acceptance of these views will not strengthen the church. Regarding such mysteries, which are too deep for human understanding, silence is golden.” -Acts of the Apostles p 52

“The Holy Spirit has a personality, else He could not bear witness to our spirits and with our spirits that we are the children of God. He must also be a divine person, else He could not search out the secrets which lie hidden in the mind of God.” -Manuscript p 20- 1906

“In 1888 in the General Conference held at Minneapolis, Minn, the angel of Revelation 18 came down to do His work, and was ridiculed, criticized and rejected. And when the message He brings again, swells into a loud cry, it will again be ridiculed, spoken against and be rejected by the majority.” -Ellen G. White in Taking up a Reproach. 1888.

It is to say, to reject, to despise or to minimize to the Holy Spirit will untie an effect dominoes in all the whole of truths that have been accepted. Beginning by this: “The Holy Ghost is the author of the Scriptures and of the Spirit of Prophecy" -Selected Messages Vol. 3 p 30. 


 Why I stopped trying to help those "shaken out" of the truth in Christ

For those that come against this ministry, and the Truth it represents I can only do as the Lord demands when dealing with you. Some have asked why, after a few attempts, I turn my back on those that shout railing accusations, twisted Scriptures and out of context Spirit of Prophecy in an attempt to gain my attention. I can only do my Father's will...

I prefer to keep a healthy relationship with my Lord. Drawing nigh does not mean stepping out of His will.  I need, and yes, actually like having my prayers answered. It's a wonderful blessing to know when you fall to your knees His hand will move. Without His protection and perfect love upon me I stand naked and in eternal peril. No soul is worth endangering my walk with my God! There is too much at stake to allow the wicked to tempt the faithful.

As Christians we must understand that Satan has already convinced these precious souls that attack us to stop preaching present truth by pushing their estranged errors to the forefront as if it is the new truth for our day. Yet, nowhere in Scripture do we see we must stop preaching the 4 angels messages to pick up a new message. They are doing as Satan suggests by ignoring present truth. Are we not to be watchmen on the wall? We must be careful not to allow Satan to convince us to place present truth on the back burner so as to argue with those that deny it so boldly. Had Sanballat been successful, the wall would never have been built. (See Nehemiah 6:1-3)

As I look in the Word and see our Lord directing His faithful children in handling such situations, I am always careful never to sidestep His suggestions or second guess His perfect will. When we make over a dozen attempts to help them see the light of truth, shall we try a dozen more? When does our Lord's will come into play? When do we shake the dust off our feet of them? (Matthew 10:14) When do we stop casting pearls? (Matthew 7:6) Was our Lord not serious about this work He has called us to preach? I know it's a hard truth to bear, but even the heretic only received TWO admonitions. (Titus 3:10) If we keep preaching to those who hate the truth, we will be too busy to help those that seek real truth, and then they may look elsewhere. (Romans 10:14)

As for the souls that are being lead astray by spurious doctrines,and fanaticism. Do we not already have ample evidence to display before the eyes of those that seek real truth, thanks to our conversations with them? Of that I am thankful! We now have their "best defense" in writing, as an evidence against them. Let the truth do its work! Many will see and have already seen that they were completely unable to explain basic Scriptures that expose the lie they proclaim as truth. They have absolutely no truth to stand on in this matter, and the Lord's true servant will see this. A twisted passage does not a doctrine make! It must be able to be verified in Scripture before it is preached to the people. (Isaiah 8:20 & 28:13) Will not the Holy Spirit protect His elect from deception as He promised?

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying we should give up on the souls we meet being led astray by these people. But I am saying I will do as my Lord leads in regards to those actually preaching this error that denies His truth. Our Lord can be no clearer in both His Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy. When we have done all we can, we HAVE done all we can. With that said...

We have a work to do. If the blind are pleased to follow the blind, let them. There are many dear souls we can share with that do crave the truth we bear. However we MUST pray for them while there is still time. Hopefully they will see the Light and come to do as the Lord would have them do. As far as their fruits have proven, we the remnant of God must withdraw from them. Doing anything else would be to ignore the very God we worship.


Some that attack use lies, sew discord, spread hatred, threaten, use vulgar language, and actually use name calling while evangelizing their message. No, I have not seen all this with WLC other than the deceptions brought forth as doctrines and actual threats of lawsuit. But there are some out there that do use such tactics. When they do such obvious evil works, we must react exactly as the Lord demands...  

To allow them to get you upset would only make them appear (in their minds) worthy of attention in some way. Think about this when this happens. While in the desert at the end of the 40 days of fasting, what did Jesus do when Satan asked Him to prove He was the Son of God? Did He give credence to Satan's questions? NO! Jesus knew Satan heard the Father in Heaven announce Him as His Son right after He was baptized. Truth is truth! The enemy of souls only wants to busy those that have a work to do by dealing with problems he manufactures! Like Sanballat tossing stones to slow the building of the wall, those that attack use all sorts of sinful methods to busy us to slow the work. IGNORE THEM!

PLUS.. why else do they do this? To get us to sin. How? It is written...

Looking upon a woman in lust is the same as committing adultery, right? (See Matthew 5:28) Adultery is breaking commandment # 7. According to 1 John 3:15, if you hate a brother you commit murder in your heart as well. Murder is breaking commandment # 6.

When those that hate the truth come against you they must convince you to sin at all costs so as to soil the message of Truth. Of course they have no idea they're doing this, they are merely doing as the father of lies directs them to. All their lies, hatred, name calling, vulgar words, and threats are designed to make you hate them, and in turn make you murder them in your heart, which is in fact SIN!

This is why Jesus instructs to stop casting pearls and withdraw from such as these. They WILL drag you down with them if YOU let them.



In the Word of God we find some evidence as to why this topic is so allusive to us. Yes, there are basic facts about the Godhead the Word brings forth that we are able to understand. Still, there are some areas we simply cannot grasp. Why is that? It has to do with the wisdom of our God.

Have you ever heard the term, "The information I have is on a need to know basis"? In the government of mankind, which we already understand has its basic structure patterned after the Heavenly government, there are certain times when privy information is held back. Reason being is, if the information were to be made known, the uneducated would run with it in ways that would be harmful to both the individual as well as the nation at large. The WHOLE picture needs to be understood before any further information is put forth by the Lord regarding His Holy Spirit. However, doing so would make matters worse simply because we are unable to grasp certain Truths in the whole picture He has to offer in the first place. For it is written that . "...His ways are past finding out!" (Romans 11:33) Since we cannot understand the whole picture, then we would obviously misunderstand what He has to share regarding His Spirit. The fact He doesn't share proves that quite plainly.

Yes, there are some that believe they know it all. These "doctors of divinity" fail to realize that while in Heaven we will be studying God's Word all throughout eternity. If they understand it 100% now, why do they not walk upon the waters, raise the dead, heal the sick, and preach sermons that enrapture billions? Truth is, if they know it all, what shall they study once they arrive in His Kingdom? Even Science admits that mankind can only hope to muster 15% to a whopping 18% of his own brain activity in his pre-Heavenly state. Me thinks a re-think is in order for those that know "all things" of His Holy Writ.

Bottom line: Mankind simply cannot understand certain things at this time. With that said, what would the apostles had done when Jesus was lifted up to Heaven if they were allowed to see the massive Heavenly gates ajar, the beautiful streets of gold reflecting His brilliance, the retinue of angels rejoicing and the Father Himself seated upon His throne welcoming His Son Jesus into the City of Heaven in a grand celebration of creation like none ever contemplated on Earth? They would have preached a message from that day forward that was far different then that which the Lord preferred. The prize of salvation would have been marred by the hope of fleshly gain instead. Such wisdom is presented by this mighty God when He allowed those clouds to shield such an event as His ascension!

If the Word of God does not cover certain areas of the Truth, we must NEVER second guess our Father which art in Heaven! He wrote what He wrote, and held back what He held back, simply because He is all knowing. He understands perfectly what is best for each and everyone of us in all aspects of life in a way that even the greatest minds of all time could never hope to imagine. It is not our position to correct Him or even suggest that He is lacking in His Word, and therefore our duty to "discover" secrets He has held back. All that we see in these estranged doctrines of the Trinity and other strange philosophies on this topic is simply mans uneducated assumptions seeking to take the position of Truth our God has never penned. We must NEVER assume the secret things that belong to our God are ours for the taking!

 "The nature of the Holy Spirit is a mystery. Men cannot explain it, because the Lord has not revealed it to them. Men having fanciful views may bring together passages of Scripture and put a human construction on them, but the acceptance of these views will not strengthen the church. Regarding such mysteries, which are too deep for human understanding, silence is golden." -Acts of the Apostles p 52

That God should thus be manifest in the flesh is indeed a mystery; and without the help of the Holy Spirit we cannot hope to comprehend this subject. The most humbling lesson that man has to learn is the nothingness of human wisdom, and the folly of trying, by his own unaided efforts, to find out God. He may exert his intellectual powers to the utmost, he may have what the world calls a superior education, yet he may still be ignorant in God's eyes. The ancient philosophers boasted of their wisdom; but how did it weigh in the scale with God? Solomon had great learning; but his wisdom was foolishness; for he did not know how to stand in moral independence, free from sin, in the strength of a character molded after the divine similitude. Solomon has told us the result of his research, his painstaking efforts, his persevering inquiry. He pronounces his wisdom altogether vanity -Selected Messages Vol. 1 249.1

What is our Father's perfect will for us?



The Seventh day Remnant teaches…

The eternal Godhead consists of Three Living Persons- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three beings are eternal. It is in the name of God- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit- that those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized, and these three separate eternal powers will cooperate in changing the character of the obedient subjects to reflect their own. (Gen. 1:26; Isa. 48:16; Matt. 1:23; 3:16, 17; 28:19; John 8:58; 18:5, 6; 14:26; 15:26; Acts 5:3, 4; 10:38; 17:22-29; 2 Cor. 13:14; Eph. 4:4-6; Heb. 9:14; 1 Peter 1:2).

It appears lately the separated SDA movement is becoming more and more bold in their attempts to get souls into the Roman monotheistic view of the Godhead. In other words, they have been teaching far and wide that there is only one God and Jesus is not part of that equation, and the Holy Spirit doesn’t exist at all as a person. I don’t want to get into all of the strange doctrines they embrace, but I do want to touch on this main one as it is the catalyst for the rest.

I am only going to share the major religions of the world that embrace this strange doctrine for the sake of getting to the point more quickly. I am not going to use this page to prove their doctrine is error, because I have done that many times before already. I have a page on the website all about this that proves using scores of Scriptures they are in error here. No, this page will be based on the reason why they have joined too preach one god.

Since Rome announced the other day that the Muslim church is now the largest church on earth, we will start there. And by the way, they lied when they said the Muslims were the largest. If you want more info on that, see my article dated, April 02, 2008

The Muslim people, as we know, claim there is one God. We also know they claim this God grants them Heaven immediately with numerous virgins at their beck and call if they kill Christians or Jews in suicide bombings. That right off tells us they are not worshipping the same God we do as both they and Rome claim, but I will get into that later on.

The Muslim claims the God we worship is the same God they worship. But they boldly deny this one God has a Son named Jesus Christ. They do acknowledge Jesus as a prophet, but do not embrace Him as part of the Godhead. They also place Mary on a high pedestal equal with Christ just as Rome does.

Islam teaches…

Next we have …

The Jews that claim they have only one God in which they trust will eventually send His Messiah one day soon to their rescue.

 Modern day Israel teaches…

The Shema, is a liturgical prayer and the basis of Jewish belief. They quote a series of verses each day. "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is ONE" (Deut. 6:4). The Jews proclaim the Shema each and every day of their lives. They also write this prayer on their doorposts (Mezuzah), and bind it upon the hand or the head (Tefillin). This prayer proclaiming God's One-ness is the first words a Jewish child is taught to say, and they are the last words spoken before a Jew dies.

Like the Muslim, the Jews openly deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Messiah on multiple points by stating He never fulfilled certain prophecies. Prophecies He did in fact fulfill, but their blindness prevented them from seeing the fulfilments as we have seen and have documented for 2000 years.

Next we have…

The Catholic who also teaches there is one God with their Trinity doctrine. The Catholic church by the way is also the one spearheading the ecumenical charge that both Muslims and Jews agree with. The Catholic believes the God of the Bible is also the God of Rome, Judaism and Islam, and therefore all religions should join under this banner as one for world peace.

Rome also places Mary on the same level as Jesus Christ, and in so doing entice the Muslim to join their camp, because they also look upon Mary as a prophet. However lately Rome has been placing Mary as the key figure in Catholicism thereby nullifying Christ altogether as does Islam.

 Catholicism teaches:

Notice if you will the Catholic church uses the exact same Bible verse the Jew uses in their daily "Shema" discussed earlier. Coincidence? I think not.

Now we move onto …

The Protestant  which agrees with the Catholic message in that they not only preach the Trinity, they disobey Jesus Christ in many doctrinal aspects, especially His Law. This places Him on the same level Islam and Catholicism place Him out of sheer disrespect. However, unlike Rome the Protestant places Jesus higher then Rome places Mary.

 Protestantism teaches:

As we know the Protestant has already adopted the Trinitarian doctrine of Rome as prophecy declared they would. So there is no need to post over 3000 statements of faith for each denomination out there claiming to be Protestant to illustrate this point. Everyone knows they believe in the one God theory of the Trinity.

Strangely enough, we now have…

The Seventh day Adventist that also agrees with the one God theory of the Roman Catholic Trinity doctrine.

The only reason I share an excerpt from the statement of faith on this topic for the Seventh day Adventist is because prophecy declared them to be the ninth hour worker, and the only true Bible Protestant against Rome in their day. However, prophecy also predicted they too would fall and join with Rome in both doctrine and persecution of God’s people. What is the Seventh Day Adventist statement regarding Trinity?

 Seventh day Adventism teaches…

Seventh-day Adventists believe that Jesus is one of the three persons, called the Trinity, who make up our one God.” - (Official SDA church website)

Finally we have…

The separated Seventh day Adventist who are teaching there is one God and Jesus is not part of the Godhead at all. In fact they go so far as to say He was non-existent at one time and in so doing declare Him a liar when His Word says He created all that is seen and unseen. For Him to be non-existent at one time means someone had to create Him. But His Word says "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." -John 1:3

 The separated SDA movement teaches…

“The Bible teaches that there is but one God, who is the Father of all.” -

And again…

The Seventh day Remnant teaches God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as the biblical structure of the Godhead.

Sister White confirms…

There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers --the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized, and these powers will co-operate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ.-- Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 7, pp. 62, 63. (1905)  -Evangelism 615.1

With the obvious exception of the Seventh Day Remnant, all religions on earth claim to be worshipping the same God. In fact they declare this quite openly in the thousands of statements printed in the media both online and offline. What many are unaware if is, the Vatican actually places this belief that the Muslims worship the same God as the Catholic in their Catechism  (doctrinal books) which are used to teach their children at a very early age.

The Church’s relationship with Muslims. The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place among whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day (Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 841, quoting Lumen Gentium 16, November 21, 1964).

The popular Pope John Paul II stated…

'We believe in the same God, the one and only God, the living God, the God who creates worlds and brings creatures to their perfection' (What Dialogue Means for Catholics and Muslims, US Conference of Catholic Bishops,

Even the United States government has joined Rome’s ecumenical charge when they had President George W. Bush declare …

"I believe we worship the same God," the London-Telegraph newspaper, (Nov. 24, 2003) quoted Bush as saying.

Are they speaking the truth? Do Muslims and Catholcis worship the same God as Christians? We can find this out by looking into what their God says on certain topics in their statements, holy books, and doctrinal standings. However, before starting I must declare that when I quote the Muslim, it is for the Islamic faith and all those that embrace it. Since it is outside Christianity I cannot join it with those that claim Christianity.

When I quote the Catholic, it is for the Catholic, but it is also for those that embrace Catholic doctrine. As we just learned, all so called Protestant Christians agree with Rome on the Trinity doctrine among other doctrines I do not cover here but do prove all over this website. So common sense states that in this case they are indeed in agreement, and will be lumped in with them when I share what I am called to share here.

For the sake of time, I will not be doing an in depth look at all Islamic or all Catholic doctrine that proves they do not embrace the same God. Instead I have decided rather to use the violence or hatred factor we see in all faiths Christian and non-Christian alike in regards to the Truth true Christian preach. This ministry as well as many of those listening have first hand experience on how Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, and yes even Seventh day Adventists have come against us using hatred and even violence to try and stop that which we preach. So I figured using this “like minded fruit” of those proclaiming there is only one God should do well to illustrate the truth behind this end time agenda.

Before moving on, I need to show a connection on doctrine between the Muslim and the Jew so as to close the book on their unknown similarities. So like the Catholics and the Protestants being lumped together, I can now do the same for the Muslim and the Jew in this regard.

Islamic doctrine:

·         The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than God’s apostle (Sura 4).

·         They do blaspheme who say: Allah is Christ the son of Mary (Sura 5:72).

·         In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary (Sura 5:17).

Right off we see Islamic doctrine states Jesus is not God, but a mere Apostle of God. In fact they declare it blasphemy for Jesus to be called God. Is this not also what the Jews have said in…

·         John 10:33, "The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God."

It appears the Muslim has more in common with the Jew then the Catholic in this respect. This is why they can be lumped together on this key point in this illustration.

Now for the violence factor.

·         "...kill the disbelievers wherever we find them" (Koran 2:191); "fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem" Koran 9:5); "murder them and treat them harshly" (Koran 9:123).

Do these sound like words of the same God we worship? Or does this sound like the god of this world that is speaking? Using common sense one can see an agreed agenda here.

Catholicism admits:

The God of Creation whom the Muslim and the Catholic claim is their God, says…

It is that easy to see the Muslim and Catholic god is not the same as the Christian God of the Bible.

If they have already agreed to come together as one under their “one God,” for the sake of peace, how big of a jump do you think it will be for them to come into agreement that violence is acceptable for them to use against the true Christian? Some have already started doing this as we know first hand. This “one God” doctrine is paving the way for them to join as one against the child of God. This was prophecied to occur, and now we see one method by which it will occur.

“Satan deceives the soul with false pretensions. He leads the unbelievers to think that they are badly used, treated unkindly. He perverts the judgment and misleads the mind, so that the very best motives of those that serve God are misinterpreted; their actions are misjudged, and they themselves are persecuted. {The Bible Echo, March 19, 1894 par. 3}

All of these religions already agree in unbiblical doctrine that there is only one God. Soon they will agree in the unbiblical doctrine that it’s acceptable to kill innocent Christians for their one god as Jesus predicted…

·         John 16:2, "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service."

Truth is, the Catholic and Islamic religions have already been known to do this for their god in the past. In fact, they have been exposed recently as still doing it to this day. Sadly, many of us have already witnessed first hand the birth pangs of this prophecied wicked mindset coming to fruition in the Protestant as well as Seventh day Adventist people. We know how hated our faith is to them now.

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" -Galatians 4:16

Sister White said,

“We are living in the last days of this earth's history, and we may be surprised at nothing in the line of apostasies and denials of the truth. Unbelief has now come to be a fine art, which men work at to the destruction of their souls. There is constant danger of there being shams in pulpit preachers... - {2SM 147.1}

·         Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

·         John 16:33, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

We can still love them knowing if they knew the Truth as we do, they would never hate us. It’s the demons in them, or around them that move them against us. We fight against those powers outside the world, not the people that are moved to hate us.

Years ago I could not understand why Satan was using the Trinity doctrine of Rome to deceive the masses in and outside that church. Yes I saw it as spurious and false. But I never once for a moment thought it could be used to gather the forces against the people of God. Till now.



Some have asked why I still have this posted online years after walking away from helping worlds last chance. Many years ago I learned how Catholics work in regards to trying to slow the work that exposes their church's agenda. I used to frequent the Newsgroups daily so as to help Catholics see their error. Many were blessed, because truth is truth. But some were very wicked in that they would ask questions they knew would take many hours of study and even days at times to answer them. Then after being exposed by the Scriptures I posted they would run off and hide, only to pop up again weeks and sometimes months later using a different name. They would have the same questions and being in a public forum I was compelled to answer. So, I learned early on to store all that I shared offline so as to avoid repeating the same study. Then, just recently I discovered the below statement of Sister White of which confirms this is their plan, and it is wise to keep a stockpile of truths nearby.

"The first-day Adventists as a class are the most difficult to reach. They generally reject the truth, as did the Jews. We should, as far as possible, go forward as though there were not such a people in existence. They are the elements of confusion, and immoralities exist among them to a fearful extent. It would be the greatest calamity to have many of their number embrace the truth. They would have to unlearn everything and learn anew, or they would cause us great trouble. There are occasions where their glaring misrepresentations will have to be met. When this is the case, it should be done promptly and briefly, and we should then pass on to our work. The plan of Christ's teaching should be ours. He was plain and simple, striking directly at the root of the matter, and the minds of all were met.

     It is not the best policy to be so very explicit and say all upon a point that can be said, when a few arguments will cover the ground and be sufficient for all practical purposes to convince or silence opponents. You may remove every prop today and close the mouths of objectors so that they can say nothing, and tomorrow they will go over the same ground again. Thus it will be, over and over, because they do not love the light and will not come to the light, lest their darkness and error should be removed from them. It is a better plan to keep a reserve of arguments than to pour out a depth of knowledge upon a subject which would be taken for granted without labored argument. Christ's ministry lasted only three years, and a great work was done in that short period. In these last days there is a great work to be done in a short time. While many are getting ready to do something, souls will perish for the light and knowledge.

     If men who are engaged in presenting and defending the truth of the Bible undertake to investigate and show the fallacy and inconsistency of men who dishonestly turn the truth of God into a lie, Satan will stir up opponents enough to keep their pens constantly employed, while other branches of the work will be left to suffer.

     We must have more of the spirit of those men who were engaged in building the walls of Jerusalem. We are doing a great work, and we cannot come down. If Satan sees that he can keep men answering the objections of opponents, and thus keep their voices silent, and hinder them from doing the most important work for the present time, his object is accomplished." -Testimonies Vol. 3 page 37-38



Galal Doss was warned years ago that if he chooses to deny Biblical jurisprudence regarding the above doctrinal facts, Satan will most assuredly lure him into deeper heresy. Below is a new list of heresies World last chance is now preaching as confirmation to that warning given. I do not have the time, nor the desire to expose these heresies as most with a competent knowledge of the Word can do so easily. In fact, many of his staff, and all of his video editing staff have left his side and have alerted all the world of their decision recently online. I will not post their site here as they do link to the other site listed here that continues to preach the above heresies.

Worlds Last Chance .com is now teaching...

Again.. I need not address these issues so please don't email me for any Scriptural evidence proving this to be wrong. The above studies already prove Worlds Last Chance has stepped off the platform of truth. That in mind, they cannot be trusted in anything they preach and therefore no more worthy of our precious time than was Sanballat to Nehemiah. If the above studies do not already prove they are Babylon preaching for Satan, then discussing these heresies won't help at all. If the above studies do help you see, then you need no more proof.


"For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones." -Isaiah 57:15.

"When man has taken the lines in his own hands to guide and drive, he will be rewarded, for the work of God will reveal terrible mistakes. Reason becomes blinded, even with the greatness of light, unless that agency is under the yoke of Christ. Every day some plan will be devised when Satan thinks he can lend a hand to sow his tares among the wheat. Vice is not to be commingled with virtue, and the cry may have to go forth in no measured tones, even now while missionary work is being done, "Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you" (2 Corinthians 6:17). God is now working for His people, but how many do not recognize the work of God from a strange work.

Drawing aside the veil which conceals the glory of God, it shows Him in His place, high and holy, and lifted up, not in a state of solitude, but surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of holy, happy beings, every one waiting to bear the message, to do His bidding--all heaven is in active communication with every part of the universe through a variety of channels, and that holy One is actually stooping, bending from His throne, listening to every sound uttered, observing the movements of every earthly power. It is the highest Being condescending to the lowliest, approving or condemning every action which is developed.
He is interested in the oppressed, and sends messengers to engage in the work in connection with the gospel for the beings who have corrupted their whole mind and thoughts, and they are placed in connection with truth and righteousness. Unless they become righteous themselves, they will contaminate others. There is a work to be done in our world, but if the way of the Lord is not distinctly followed, to put them in the way of life through conversion, there is reason to be afraid lest Satan shall introduce himself to work the abandoned ones our institutions undertake to help.

Satan is playing a game of life for the souls of men and women for whom Christ has died. In our zeal to do a work for the Lord, we must be sure we are not going before Christ, in the place of following after Christ."--Letter 171, Jan. 9, 1900, to Edson and Emma White. Upward look page 23  


"Do not repeat the words of your opponents, or enter into controversy with them. You meet not merely the men, but Satan and his angels. Christ did not bring against Satan a railing accusation concerning the body of Moses. If the world's Redeemer, who understood the crooked, deceptive arts of Satan, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but in holiness and humility said, "The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan," is it not wise for His servants to follow His example? Will finite human beings take a course that Christ shunned because it would afford Satan occasion to pervert, misrepresent, and falsify the truth?"  -Testimonies to ministers page 249


Some may wonder as to why it's bad to own AVON and still be called a Christian. Besides all the sexually charged commercials selling makeup, are you aware that Avon also sells the following...?

Galal Doss may finally sell Avon for 18.8 billion! Does this make things all better? Let me ask you this. If you were a drug dealer that had 18.8 billion dollars worth of stock stashed who suddenly became a Christian, would you sell your drugs to the highest bidder and then use that blood money to work for Christ? Or would you burn, or even bury all that you had as some Biblical patriarchs have done to please God in the past? Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"


The Big list is out! See "Avon Products Inc." listed as a major contributor to homosexual causes here...


 The Presents of God ministry