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Mar. 30 ~ Apr. 04

They want your baby's DNA
By Nicholas
Apr. 04, 2008
The American Medical Association (AMA) is literally running amuck. They have so much money, so much power, and so many friends in D.C. that now they actually have the United States Government pushing their medical agenda for them. Well.. actually.. that's been happening for decades. It's just that recently they no longer feel the need to hide it. The American people have become so complacent that the powers that be feel no pressing desire to hide most wicked acts. Kind of makes you wonder just how bad is behind closed doors doesn't it?

It's this simple. The United States Government is not in the medical field. It's a governing entity. Yet for some strange reason they are now pushing for a another way to make the AMA even that much more powerful and insanely wealthy with their pro-guinea pig order of business for the babies of this nation. In this huge article of mind numbing falderal, they stated the following, which I believe to be one of the key issues at hand.

...They want to test every child for 200 conditions, take the child's history and a brain image, and genetics, and come up with a plan for that child," Brase said. "They want to learn their weaknesses and defects.

A few points pop right out in this excerpt. First off they seek to test each baby for 200 conditions. Besides the fact this is a win win scenario for the doctors, in that the mother will opt to have the baby tested out of concern, and the doctor gets the data on top of the DNA strand he is being pressured to harvest. What they won't tell most mothers is that medical Science has already declared that most babies have a myriad of "slight" conditions at birth that never actually bloom into a problem thanks to their powerful immune systems. Most conditions dissipate as the babies grow in the first year, especially if the child is breast fed. However, think on this for a minute. You, the parent aren't one to research this out simply because you aren't practicing medicine, and the doctor that you have been unfortunate enough to find knows it. They test your baby acting as if it's the norm to do so, only to find a condition they can blow out of proportion. They can easily pull on your heart strings which in turn drains your insurance company dry of countless dollars. Of course, this won't usually financially affect the parent. But the drugs they are about to prescribe for the baby, will affect the baby. Sometimes for life.

Now yes.. I understand we love our babies, and any mention of danger is going to distress the parents into doing all they can for the baby. What I would do, and have done in fact, is get a second and sometimes third opinion. Not all doctors are hopped up on clamoring for the commissions offered by Vatican inspired drug companies. There are still some good doctors out there.

The other strange thing I see here is that they can use all this DNA info and list of conditions to create a "plan" for the child as hinted. But not in the way you may think. Sure, some doctors will use the data for good. But, come on already. It's 2008, we know Hospitals are big business and they are most assuredly more interested in their bottom line. Have you read the horror stories from doctors who speak of their bosses pressuring them to push drugs no matter what the condition?

We hear of lawsuits all the time against doctors and hospitals that get caught putting the dollar before the patient. Truth is, all the hospitals are going to do all they can to increase each quarters profit. This is "the" natural fruit of corporate America. With that said, what's to stop them from prescribing medications they know will eventually harm the baby so as to cultivate a future patient they can milk for millions over a lifetime. They have already been exposed by many reputable sources to be doing this already with flu shots each year. And what of the dozens of commercials every hour on the hour on TV and radio and yes, SPAM, that push drugs with dozens of side effects. Some of the side effects actually include DEATH. But that's "an accepted loss" for these legal drug pushers.

Again, this is big business. Truth is, hospitals are actually the largest money maker known to man. Those of us that have spent the night, or had a loved one spend the night in a hospital know what I'm talking about here. With that kind of money comes crazed power hungry CEO's hell-bent on guarding their capital gains at all cost. As we have learned from the Enron, CountryWide and other large Corporate scandals, they have no heart when it comes to their projected quarterly earnings. We, their customers, are looked at as money funnels perched in their silk lined pockets. Money rules their world and has become their corporate god. This is why they are so focused on gaining more wealth and power regardless of the consequences. If it means taking a chance that your loved one may die from using a drug they know statistically kills thousands, they decide to go for it with the heartless mindset that it's an "acceptable loss" to them if they do die. Sadly, the Government we elected that was supposed to protect and serve the people is now in agreement with such foolishness. No second thought to the grieving loved ones or the child that dies because their first and second thoughts are always focused on next quarters earnings.

Lawmakers in Minnesota recently endorsed a proposal that would exempt stockpiles of DNA information already being collected from every newborn there from any sort of consent requirements, meaning researchers could utilize the DNA of more than 780,000 Minnesota children for any sort of research project whatsoever, Brase said.

"The Senate just voted to strip citizens of parental rights, privacy rights, patient rights and DNA property rights. They voted to make every citizen a research subject of the state government, starting at birth," she said. "They voted to let the government create genetic profiles of every citizen without their consent."

The only reason big government allows the doctors so much freedom is because of the billions they pass unto them. Most know how lobbyists work. The common thread is they grease the palm to assure the law. This is why unjust laws are passed almost daily now. Corporate greed clearly drives the D.C. machine now. It's no longer the good of the people, it's the good of the corporation that matters. If there's a buck to be made, they make it! Pretty amazing how many carrots are being dangled by Satan in Washington D.C. these days isn't it? For those of us that have eyes that see, we look at most of the politicians now as mindless drones following every whim of the devil so as to ensure they protect their livelihood. The unnecessary increase in oil prices proves that out big time. The money has far surpassed the good of the people.

I wonder... Is this why so many children are being born at home with old fashioned midwives at their side? It used to be the vaccines that have been proven to damage the brain and other vital organs were the reason mothers were fearful for their infant child. They are literally willing to risk it all in home births to protect their babies welfare. Imagine that! Mothers are scared to bring their babies to doctors today! What does that say about our society!? Compile that reality with all this DNA idiocy and we're going to see millions more babies born at home to avoid these Babylonian medicine men.

So.. where's the prophetic twist in all this?

The final scenario I am pressed to share may seem more like a futuristic science fiction B movie plot but, hear me out for a moment anyway. We already have an admission of guilt from the German Government back in February of this year that ChemTrails are indeed real and are in fact filling our atmosphere with dangerous chemicals all for the so called cause of global warming. And just last week German Scientists exposed the fact that chemtrails are now being used in military operations. Then, just the other day, we in the States found most big cities have upwards of 24 pharmaceuticals in the drinking water. Shockingly enough it was also discovered that the AMA has used SWAT teams to invade Christian homes. Plus we have had on record for years Executive Orders in this nation that demand in the event of a pandemic, the U.S. Government has the authority to enforce martial law in a county, state, region of the entire country if they so desire.

With all this DNA data now on file, in just a year or two they can have literally millions of little babies in their database wherein they know exactly what chemical cocktail can be pumped into water supplies, local food banks, or cloud formations to effect them adversely. Yes, it sounds like science fiction but, the technology is already here and has been in use for decades in military operations. How large of a stretch would it be to create a designer germ that can target a specified crop of babies in one area simultaneously for "peaceful" purposes? They know if they use one drug, many will die. But if they use another, only a few hundreds will die. With all this DNA data they can easily fine tune whatever scenario they wish. We have already witnessed more then a few times how the American government uses military tools on citizens. What's to stop them from doing it with surgical accuracy. What's worse, most parents will be completely unaware they are being attacked. At any time they can declare the need for a Pandemic and create one. We have the technology!

Now I doubt somewhat such a scenario is likely. But looking at the way Rome works, what's to stop them from using this tool? One of the fruits of any big government is to cover all bases before dropping the other shoe. It may be that they put all this in place "just in case" they need it I'm sure. But will they use it? Time will tell. I am sure they do have some immediate plans for much of the data already harvested. Why waste so much time and effort if you're not going to use it in the first place.

The mark of the Roman beast has to be able to go globally with nary an obstacle in its path. This is just "good planning" on their part. Since we already know the AMA is a puppet to the Vatican, and the prophecy already stated the beast will use pharmaceutical drugs to deceive the nations, (Rev. 18:23) this tells us it's actually Rome behind this DNA data gathering. Yes the United States government is the one pushing it, but Rome has been controlling D.C. since Reagan's second term. Plus, the simple and undeniable fact glaring brightly is that our Lord's prophecy doesn't speak of any other entity on earth using what it calls sorceries, but Rome. (Sorcery =  "pharmakeia" Strong's #5331)

It's a no brainer to realize Rome can, and will use the political power-plant in D.C. to strengthen the AMA agenda they themselves were the first to cultivate since the year 1277AD in the first place. They need this to do as they are called to do. "deceive the nations." (Rev. 18:23) Yes, the Vatican was the first in modern times to use and manufacture pharmaceutical drugs on a mass scale. And since the Vatican took over the Whitehouse in Reagan's day, it's only natural for them to push what they have been pushing for eons. That in itself speaks volumes about this new invasion of privacy coming to a child near you.

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Islam outpaces Catholicism
By Nicholas
Apr. 02, 2008
Vatican City released an article on March 30, 2008 that again shows their ecumenical spirit is actually a political move and not the religious move they would have all churches believe. This church has been caught literally thousands of times speaking out of both sides of their mouth for the last 1470 years since it became the prophecied "
woman on the beast," yet most don't seem to care.

This has always been one of the most heart wrenching things that amazes me about the dear Catholic people, or anyone for that matter that claim Christ Lord while standing in an apostate church. Pray for these dear souls. A wonderful blindness is upon them.

The Vatican is like no other church. There is so much historic evidence now that it can only mean one thing and one thing only. Nary a Catholic prelate nor devout lay person in that church truly opens or studies the precious Word of God with a heartfelt desire to follow the God of that holy book. If they did, they would not only understand why it's imperative they leave the church, but they would also understand why the Vatican killed so many Bible studying Christians during the dark ages. The Truth supernaturally moves people towards Jesus and away from Babylon. That is why Rome outlawed the Bible in the Council of Valencia back in 1229 A.D. They knew that once a devout Catholic opened that book and studied it, they would not only leave the church, they would do all they could to enlighten loved ones of their findings. Not even death by flames could quench their evangelistic crusade! This is why so many died. Many were moved to preach the Good News. That was the prophetic death knell to Rome that still rings loud today.

In the article the Vatican stated the following...

 Islam has surpassed Roman Catholicism as the world's largest religion, the Vatican newspaper said Sunday. "For the first time in history, we are no longer at the top: Muslims have overtaken us," ...He said that Catholics accounted for 17.4 percent of the world population — a stable percentage — while Muslims were at 19.2 percent.

Besides the obvious jaw dropping disbelief that a "proclaimed" Christian church would carry out a positive PR Campaign for a non-Christian religion, what really struck me as odd, and at the same time a glowing beacon of hypocrisy, is the following statement made by the Vatican press in that article...

When considering all Christians and not just Catholics, Christians make up 33 percent of the world population, Formenti said. Spokesmen for the Vatican and the United Nations did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment Sunday.

If this church was really a Christian church as they claim. Why is it every time they make statistical or demographic statements involving the church, they always fail to add to the equation all those that claim Christ Lord in other denominations? The Vatican claims to be a Christian church, but here their own words prove them to be thinking of themselves as the only viable church here. Yet for decades they have been crying "we must all join as one church" have they not?

Truth is, it's the political Vatican talking when ecumenicalism is on the table, and the so called "Christian" Vatican when they wax religious. They have no desire to join with your church, but they will demand you join theirs. This is why it's always Roman dogma that's highlighted and embraced when they speak with an ecumenical agenda. Never will you see them agreeing to Protestant doctrine no matter what the denomination is. If it clashes with their Pagan doctrine, it won't permitted. This is why all the Protestant churches, including the SDA church, have adopted Roman Catholic dogma over the years. Everything from the Trinity to life eternal in Hellfire.

Another red flag popped up in the article when they stated "Islam has surpassed Roman Catholicism as the world's largest religion." How can Islam be the largest religion on earth when the Vatican claims to be a Christians church, which when their numbers are melded with all the other Christian denominations makes up 33% globally? That blows the doors off Islam! How can Islam be number one when the stats bluntly portray the exact opposite? Because deep down inside Rome does not embrace Christ! Call it a Freudian slip or even a prophetic belch, truth is truth and it's becoming more and more apparent it's not a welcome guest in the Roman Vat of sin.

What's obvious is this. The Vatican, and not the Islamic leaders, are the ones reporting to the world at large on these congregational numbers. It is the Vatican as well that is claiming Islam is "number one" on earth! Truth is, Rome knows as does Islam that the Christian church would never believe or even read an article from the Islamic church claiming to be number one, or even in the running. However, if the "trusted" or should I say, "worshipped pope" makes the statement on a global scale, then the Christian church will believe it. Rome knows this, and the Muslim leaders know this as well! So why do it?

Just thinking outloud I have to say this... Could this global statement placing the Islamic church "out front" be payment for services rendered? Or is it a prepay on that which is to come? Who knows. In any event, to proclaim another religion outshines your own shows a hidden agenda to say the least. Especially a religion that adamantly craves at all cost to be number one in the world. Will this generate more souls for Islam? Yes it will! Of this I have no doubt! Sheeple are very easy to manipulate. Especially if they don't read Bibles like the prophet Amos predicted they wouldn't in today's world. (Amos 8:11)  They will always gravitate to the "popular" choice simply because the crowd theology is, "it must be good if everyone else is doing it." Now that the Vatican has proclaimed Islam to be the largest religion on earth, I expect an influx of new Muslim converts is on the near horizon.

We already know the Vatican started the Muslim faith as a way to destroy the Jewish and true Christian faith centuries ago. Are they hoping to use the Muslim as pawns once again? Is this Rome's way of calling for a military draft? Time will tell.

We certainly have a lot of people to pray for these days!

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Pot is illegal because...
By Nicholas
Mar. 31, 2008
Before I start this article and share some info I found online, thanks to a friend of the ministry alerting me of this unbelievable information. I thought I was fairly well informed in some areas, but I guess we can't all be info bots. What I'm about to share may seem a bit off kilter for a Christian ministry at first, but when you see the big picture you'll understand why I felt compelled to share. Please understand
I am not condoning the use of Marijuana in any way shape or form in this article. And yes, I do understand medicinal Marijuana is legal in some States for people with Glaucoma as well as those taking the poisonous Chemotherapy.

For Glaucoma patients, marijuana has been proven to release the pressure on the oversized optic nerves, which slows, or in some cases prevents eventual blindness which would be the end result if left untreated. People receiving Chemo treatments use marijuana to relieve the nausea that usually comes with the administration of that "legal" poison. Still, I am not condoning the use of marijuana. The Lord created it for good reasons, yes, as He has all things. Sadly, mankind's abuse of His creation forces lawmakers to put limits on things. However, the desire to smoke Pot to get high may not be the main reason it's been declared illegal as many have been taught to believe.

First off, I used to think, like most that marijuana is illegal because anyone can grow marijuana quite easily, and since it's so easy to grow, the Government found they can't regulate it. Since the Government can't regulate, or control (tax) it as easy as they can alcohol for example, they naturally declared it illegal to try and prevent people from growing it. I still believe this is somewhat of a small part of the reason it's illegal. Of course, this never works because people grow it like crazy anyway. Still, that is not what was revealed to me just the other day by a friend in email.

To prohibit knowledge, people were literally kept in the dark, without a piece of paper to write on. The monasteries preserved and guarded hemp's secrets. They saw that it held two threats to this policy of absolute control: papermaking and lamp oil. -
The Emporer wears no clothes

Satan has always been able to use the Vatican priests as pawns for his agenda. This obvious desire to hide the benefits of hemp oil long before today's technology would greatly benefit proves a ancient demonic influence within the Roman church. The fact the Vatican was active using deception in such an area so long ago proves them out as a major problem for the world at large in the last days.

At present, in America there are over 950 million acres of farm land. To get an idea of the stats, I found that back in 1987 farmers planted just over 450 million of those acres, leaving 450 to 500 million acres unplanted. So, as you can see, there is plenty of land left over that is never planted each and every year. (I won't even get into the fact that the Government actually pays some farmers not to grow crops.)

Marijuana has been proven long ago to produce Methanol even better then corn can produce it. Using the old calculated World War 2 production rates of marijuana being processed into methanol, we could generate 10 to 15 barrels of oil per acre back then using marijuana. Using today's technology, that jumps to 20 to 30 barrels of oil per acre. In other words, to have enough oil to fuel all of our transportation needs in the United States we would only need 12 to 34 million acres of marijuana!

Having a cash crop of marijuana would easily prevent the New World Order plans to use oil price hikes around the world to generate global economic collapse so as to be forced under a "global ruler" that would supposedly get all nations out of financial trouble. Marijuana was known long ago to be a viable alternative fuel source that blew the doors off of all others way back in the World War II era. In fact, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. (marijuana) Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper, and Jefferson even drafted the Declaration of Independence on paper made with hemp. Strangely enough, Henry Ford made a car specifically designed to run on hemp oil in his day! Recently some people have created cars that run on hemp oil in Canada.

The powers that be have known about this a long time and ignored it. That fact alone proves mankind is being used here by Satan as easy as the Vatican uses politicians to do her bidding. Only a long living entity like a demon can use mankind over eons of time to get an agenda like this met. Most of the wicked desires of these men that they hoped as payment for their wicked acts are never realized in their lifetimes. Yet they do them with a zeal that declares an outside influence known for longevity is at work. Especially when the men being used are homosexuals because they can't say, "I do it for my children's future" because the true homosexual is repulsed by the opposite sex.

One more very interesting fact about all this is, is how upset some tree huggers are going to get when they find out that not only does hemp oil burn pollution free, but there are host of other benefits associated with hemp oil that makes it very attractive to the "green" agenda.

"It also runs parallel with the "Green Future" objectives that are becoming increasingly popular. Hemp requires little to no pesticides, replenishes soil with nutrients and nitrogen, controls erosion of the topsoil, and produces lots of oxygen, considering how fast it grows."


Even the farmers know how inexpensive marijuana is to grow. It's over 90% maintenance free, and doesn't deplete the soil like most other crops, which in turn force the farmer to purchase chemical to both protect as well as replenish nutrients.

Just to name a few, marijuana can be used for lubricants, paint, soap, paper, shampoo, detergent, facial creams, bird seed, resins, shellac, biodiesel, fiber board, beams, fence posts, rope, as well as for medicinal use. Some paper-mills in France use hemp to print Bibles because it lasts longer then regular paper and never yellows with age. Most school in America have large ropes in Gym class made out of marijuana to this day. I was also informed the other day that marijuana fibers can also be used for the same products petroleum is used for but with far better and cleaner end results.

Take plastic for example. Petroleum based plastic has a half life of (they say) 30,000 years. You through out that water bottle and it's going to lay there for a long time polluting the planet. But a plastic based in marijuana is biodegradable and will dissolve in months! Now I don't see us making plastic out of marijuana for cars or other long term items for obvious reasons. We can still use the more costly petroleum for that.

The fibers created using marijuana also last longer then cotton and are mold resistant to boot. Back in 1938 an article in Popular Mechanics declared hemp a "billion dollar crop." Keep in mind, that was back when a billion dollars was still worth something. Imagine all the farmers that could have saved their farms with such a crop? And by the way, industrial grown marijuana have 0.05 to 1% of the drug THC in it, where wild grown marijuana can have upwards of 20% THC. So, no, the large marijuana fields would not be an attractive target for pot smokers. They would have to some 10 to 12 cigarettes made of the weed in a very short period of time to gain a high. Problem is, that much smoke, gas, and vapor would be impossible for anyone to handle. So growing the marijuana for industrial use would not be an issue.

The known politcal friendly cash cow Dupont and the government itself put a stop to the multi billion dollar industry of hemp and had it deemed illegal in 1937 to prevent their global plans from being thwarted. Yes, they have been planning this for a while. Keep in mind, 1937 is 8 years AFTER the Roman Catholic church regained it's church and state powers as prophecy predicted they would. So yes, they were obviously involved back then as we see so clearly today.

Thinking out loud, I don't doubt the government was involved in starting the marijuana smoking craze of the late 50's that came to a head in the 70's to continue to today so as to make it appear as a demon weed wherein the American people would most likely agree to keep it illegal. If you tried to grow some now to make fuel for your car, do you actually think the DEA would believe you're not going to smoke it? Even if it's industrial grade (weak) weed, they would go after you with a fervor. That is the "norm" for marijuana today thanks to all the abuse.

They've thought of everything it seems. One thing they may have missed is that people would get wise and speak out. Will it do any good? Probably not on a large scale. But the Elect that cannot be deceived can see this as just another nail in their coffin filled with lies. Amazing isn't it? We could have so much extremely cheap and environmentally safe oil to sustain us forever by using hemp oil. Yet they refuse to do this, and at the same time shout we need to get greener and save the planet. Hypocrites! This goes without mentioning the crude oil under the Northern slopes of Alaska which dwarf Arabian wells a few times over. So many lies are stacking up! There is no oil crisis. They are only raising the prices for two simple reasons.

  1. To generate money (a global tax?) for their coffers to be able to buy the tools to..
  2. Control us.

It's as I said before. They needed ONE product to be able to cause economic collapse. They simply chose oil. I guess we can be glad they didn't choose air eh?

Again.. marijuana is ILLEGAL! No matter how right it may appear to be the better choice for our environment. The leaders of this nation have chosen the Vatican agenda as their future, which in turn makes marijuana illegal to grow, own, smoke, or ingest. So PLEASE, don't assume I am condoning the use of marijuana. I am just showing yet another way to prove they are using the so called oil crisis to control the masses for the soon coming mark of the beast.

UPDATE: I was informed by a professional drug/counselor that medical marijuana is only legal when in pill or liguid form. (Marinol or Marisol)
"The leaves from the cannabis plant, prescribed and smoked is still illegal according to the Federal Government, and it is considered a Schedule 1 drug (no medicinal value).  When smoked, the 400 and some chemicals change into 2000 and some chemicals, that can cause cancer and lower the immunities considerably.  These states that are prescribing it are doing so with the risk of the Feds coming in and putting them in jail for possession and trafficking.  Fed. law trumps state law." - a Concerned Christian


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