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Dec. 30 ~ Jan. 03, 2008

Ron Paul may not be who you think he is
By Nicholas
Jan. 03, 2008

As most of you are aware, I don't vote. nor do I sponsor, back, or agree with any politician or political party on this planet. So please don't assume this is a political ad. I am completely aware the entire system is corrupt, as it is historically known to have been the invention of Roman prelates, even before they "claimed" Christ as Lord so as to gain absolute power over the people when Justinian ascended the Papal chair in 538AD as both a political as well as religious leader. Or as prophecy calls it, the "woman on the beast."

Lately I have seen so much hoopla both on and offline for a certain candidate that I must interject my thoughts on what has to be a first in grassroots campaigning. The man I am referring to is Ron Paul. The only man in history to raise over $6 million dollars in one day, and all of it from small donations from the people in the nation. (Mostly on YouTube it seems)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this man may not be who most think he is. First off, he has obviously fashioned his strategy by borrowing the concerns of the alternative media from coast to coast. He is echoing every single issue found on all these more reputable news source outlets via radio and Internet. The basic ideas of freedom and the American way spoken of in these outlets that are never publicized in the main stream media that happens to be controlled by 5 major corporations.

It has become evident that everything Ron Paul stands for is suspiciously and precisely what the people of this nation want from Washington D.C. Things like no income tax, troops out of Iraq, dissolving the IRS, dismantling a large portion of the Federal Government, a complete halt to New World Order plans, our borders re-enforced, a right to bear arms, free speech, closing of the Federal Reserve Bank, the list goes on and on. It's as if Ron Paul has made a check list of all the things that dreams are made of and claimed them as his running mate. Common sense may need to be activated here for a moment. In my humble opinion I have to say that I do not believe there is any way the powers that be would ever allow such a man to run for office, let alone win. All this work they have done over the last few hundred years would be put to an end by this one man? It appears to be too good to be true! What's even more evident is that prophecy does not predict a "better" form of government for our day, but a worse form of government.

So.. what's Ron Paul really up to? To be honest, I am not sure at this point, but I have my concerns. To be even more honest, I haven't looked into his history in Congress to see if this is his regular stand on such things. I do know they jokingly call him "the Constitutionalist" in Congress because he usually stands up for it. But still.. all this seems a bit too good to be true, especially after I read his praise report for John Paul II after he died. In this speech he overwhelmingly praises the Pope as a man of God worthy of our respect and trust. The very Pope that stands in the same papal office that has been instrumental in causing all the problems Ron Paul is supposedly campaigning to fix. If Ron is honest and truly a man of his word, I fear for his life. The Vatican has killed many politicians that refuse to tow the line, so if nothing else, pray for this man.

Thinking outloud, I do have to say one thing. The Vatican needs to know exactly what needs to be done to better control the people via the Roman Catholic Whitehouse. Without knowing what makes the American people tick, the mark of the beast won't be an easy row to hoe for them. Everything on Ron Paul's agenda happens to be exactly what Rome has been doing against this nation for decades. I would like to hope Ron is a man that has the courage to finally stand up and do something about it. But I must say, when was the last time any of us saw anyone trustworthy in politics? Most of the trustworthy ones are behind the scenes. Reason being is, once they go out in the open, mass corruption becomes the norm. It's best to stay out of the limelight if you seek to make real changes.

If Ron Paul is on a fact finding mission for Rome, as I suspect, then expect Rome to use his gathered facts to further tighten the noose on the American people. One evidence of this as being the real reason for his campaign would be soon and sudden suspension of his campaign. Even though the numbers showed him to be a shoe in. Think about the reality of that fact. If he really had all the votes (which it appears he did) then why back off if you're guaranteed to win?

Again.. I do not support Ron Paul or any candidate. Leave me outta this mess :)

 VIDEO Ron Paul was used as predicted
-As warned, if you 'supported' Ron Paul, you are now on their list



Pope doesn't read the Bible?
By Nicholas
Jan. 01, 2008

The Pope, or at least the Vatican City reporters don't appear to know what's in the Christian Bible. On December 25, Vatican City Press announced, "Pope Benedict XVI revealed a new-style nativity scene in St. Peter's Square depicting Jesus' birth in Joseph's house. The pope unveiled the scene, which is apparently based on St. Matthew's version of the nativity and does not include the stable and manger typically associated with nativity scenes, ANSA reported Tuesday. St. Matthew's version of Jesus' birth states Joseph took Mary into his house and that is where she gave birth. The version makes no mention of a journey to Bethlehem."

Had the Pope or those researching the article read past Matthew chapter 1, they would have come to the very first verse in Matthew chapter 2, which states...

  • "Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem," -Matthew 2:1

Now I know some will email me and say the Pope probably didn't write the article per say. True enough. But he did authorize the altered Nativity scene in his newly acquired 1600 room mansion. The article even went on to say he "spoke on the importance of nativity scenes " to his church at large. He's the head of his house, and being the head he will indeed lay down the law in that house. Irregardless of who wrote the article, the fact remains, the Pope set up a Nativity scene outside the Truth in Scripture and even spoke on that altered nativity scene as Gospel truth. Strangely enough, this so called religious leader has no clue that the book of Matthew does in fact mention Jesus was born in Bethlehem. I guess this is what you can expect from a pope that echoes John Paul II by declaring evolution to be fact. Such a mindset comes from one who does not read or trust the Bible. In fact, there are documented Vatican statements declaring they hate the Bible.

Why is this such an issue? Have you checked the WCC website lately? As prophecied, if you are outside "the Remnant" your church name is on that roster! Meaning, this pope is your elected leader! (Rev. 13:13 & 17:18) If you don't read your Bibles as the Prophet Amos predicted most won't today, simple facts like this will whiz by you like a rabid bat on steroids.

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Vatican hypocrites at it again
By Nicholas
Dec. 31, 2007

I just received an article from a  friend of the ministry that the Vatican put out a couple weeks ago. (Dec. 14, 2007) The article stated the following. "The Vatican on Friday defended the "right and duty" of Catholics to do missionary work aimed at converting people from other religions and other Christian denominations. The assertion came in a document titled "Doctrinal Note on some aspects of Evangelization", issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, the Vatican's department in charge of matters of church orthodoxy."

It is a well known fact that the Vatican frowns on other denominations doing what they claim to be their "right and duty" here.  In fact, when I was involved with a prison ministry about 20 years ago, we were told point blank by prison "religious" officials that to prostalize any Catholic inmate into any denomination other then Catholicism would lead to a revocation of our Chaplain licensing in that entire State. I ask... Why is it illegal to convert Catholics to other denominations, yet perfectly acceptable and the "right and duty" of Catholics to convert others to Catholicism? It has to do with the ancient agenda of this anti-Christian church. The word "Catholicism" when translated into English means "Universal." In the infancy of this church it was a well known agenda to do this. Don't get me wrong, I know this is also the agenda of the true Christian. We are called to bring Christ to all. But Rome has been proven by literally thousands of respected men and women of God to be home to Antichrist.

As prophecied, this church will take over all churches, Christian and non-Christian alike, some by force if necessary. It is also prophecied they shall do this with the governments of this world. In each Country we find the Vatican holds the political majority so as to ensure laws are passed in their favor. To make it even easier for them to do so, the ecumenical charge of Rome received it's biggest boost after June 26, 2000 when the Pope was elected the leader of the global one world church. The church leaders, no matter what denomination, have now been proven to be useless hirelings when they agreed to join hands with the Vatican to sing "Kumbaya" that day. What's worse.. if you have the prophecied 501C3 tagged onto your church books, you MUST comply with Roman Catholic Doctrine in order to keep your tax free status.

Now do you see why it's so important to study prophecy? If the pastors of the Protestant churches would have done so NONE of the Vatican's stealthy movements would have been missed. The prophecy given to Amos best described our day! (See Amos 8:11)

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Pope declares Catholic Dogma (Catechism) Frames Life?
By Nicholas
Dec. 30, 2007

In an article posted by the "Times Online" on December 24, 2007 it was stated, "In his
Introduction to Christianity, Professor Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, gave warning against the “secularisation of love” as preached by Luther, the founder of the Protestant Reformation. This text is almost certainly among the documents that Tony Blair will have been given to read as part of his “instruction” before becoming a Catholic."

Tony Blair officially converted to Catholicism on December 23 of this year. What amazes me right off is that if in fact he read Ratzinger's article regarding "Catechism frames life" he would have seen why the church of England separated from the Vatican so long ago. Problem is, when politicians today convert to Catholicism they aren't doing so as a "statement of faith." Rome is well known to be "THE" political father to all those in politics. If you are a politician you must do all you can to please the prelates in Rome if you want to bolster your career. If you are already considered a major cog in the political wheel, then openly converting to Catholicism puts a feather in your cap as one truly connected to all the power in Rome. When men like Bush's Brother in Florida or his buddy in Britain convert, they are making a public statement that whatever Rome says goes. Blair is known for his pro-abortion stance. Rome "acts" as if they are anti-abortion. But like many of the pro-abortion Catholic Congressmen and Senators here in the States, this is something that will be graciously ignored. Just like all the Roman Catholic hospitals out there that perform live birth abortions daily. I can assume Blair won't be getting any slaps on the wrist anytime soon.

By the way, this is all besides the fact that 86.2% of Roman Catholic Doctrine is extra-biblical. (Not found in Scripture) When I say 86.2% I am being generous. I give them the benefit of the doubt when they say His name is Jesus and there was a wooden cross, and His mother's name was Mary. Truth is, the Jesus of Rome is in no way to be compared with the Jesus of Scripture. So in essence, the Pope wants society to be based on Paganism.

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