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Christian greetings everyone in these last days of life on earth…

"Ever since 1888, there has been a continual push for Sunday to be the official day of rest. Especially in 1961, when the Supreme Court Chief Justice--Earl Warren, upheld Sunday laws as being Constitutional in the United States, not just one time, but FOUR times!" -#207. Margaret M. McGowan vs State of Maryland, 366 U.S. 420, docket #: 8 (May 29,1961); Gallagher vs Crown Kosher Super Market of Massachusetts, 366 U.S. 617, docket #: 11 (May 29, 1961); Two Guys from Harrison Allentown (Pennsyvania), Inc. vs McGinley, 366 U.S. 582, docket #: 36 (May 29, 1961); Braunfeld vs Brown, 366 U.S. 599, docket #: 67 (May 29, 1961); also see Dateline Sunday, p 42, by Warren Johns.

"It seems to be plain that by these laws, the states compel one, under the sanction of law, to refrain from work or recreation on Sunday because of the majority's views on that day. The state by law makes Sunday a symbol of respect or adherence." - Justice William O. Douglas McGOWAN ET AL. v. MARYLAND SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES 366 U.S. 420 May 29, 1961, Decided 

Making special note that it was in 1961 that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of National Sundays Laws should be of interest to some. 1961 is when the first Roman Catholic president ever elected was in office. John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Since that declaration, and enforcement of “blue laws” in the US Government, we have seen all Government agencies CLOSED on Sundays since that date. Sure, some may suggest that this is no big deal, but the fact of the matter is, it’s the United States GOVERNMENT that is suggesting a “so called’ Christian doctrine to become an enforceable LAW OF THE LAND. The US Government is NOT a church, yet it is speaking as one in Rome! This is a prophetic event most students of prophecy to this day ignore. And rightly so, for it never was enforced on the American people at that time. However, those days are now gone! The thing is, the Government will eventually start to “suggest” it’s doctrinal desires on the general public very soon. In fact, it’s already starting in many areas as we speak.

Some states already have on the books Sunday Laws that restrict buying and selling on that day. In my “Mark of the Beast – about the be enforced” page in the “warnings” section of the website, I share the documentation that proves as of January 1, 1999 it was against the law to work on Sundays without a work permit in Rhode Island USA.

It’s not just Rhode Island anymore however. Almost every state in the Union has a mayor in office that has placed plaques on City Hall ground declaring no buying and selling in their municipality will be tolerated on Sundays. Even some rural areas won’t allow hunting on Sundays as is apparent by the signs pictured outside Baroursville Community Park in West Virginia. The Herald Dispatch posted the picture in an article about Sunday hunting back in October of 2002. I have the entire article and more on my Attacking Sabbath page in the “warnings” section of the website.

Just about every small town I have ever been in lately throughout the Midwest will not allow Alcohol to be sold on Sundays in their local stores. Check it out the next time you stop in a small town on Sunday. Go to their local convenience mart. In the Midwest a store called Casey’s is in almost every small town that has a main road nearby that refuses beer, wine and liquor sales on Sunday’s nationwide. They rely heavily on the truckers using the roads as well as the people in the small towns that frequent the store often because that’s all there is for the bare necessities for many miles in most cases. If you go to the back of the store where they sell water, soft drinks, beer and wine, you will also notice a banner will be hung over the doors that contain the beer and wine all day Sunday. And if you open that door a buzzer goes off to alert the clerk.

I used to sell new cars many years ago. Back in the 80’s it became law in Illinois that all new car dealers must be closed on Sundays. Since then many more states have opted to follow their lead. I’m not sure that it was Illinois that started it, it’s just that I happened to be living in Illinois at the time and selling cars as well. The excuse given was people wanted to be able to check out the new cars without be bothered by a salesman at least one day a week. So they picked Sundays. The problem with that lie is this. Visit most new car lots today and you will find all the cars are locked up in showrooms on Sunday’s or behind 12 foot fences where it would be illegal to trespass. Sure there are a few that have no fences. But they’re realizing the advantages to having the fences. If the people can’t get to the car on Sundays to view it, they WILL come the other six days of the week to look at them. So, the law was a failure on both ends. It’s only goal was to have more and more of the private sector going along with the Sunday laws and so they have.

So.. how long has this been going on? Right around the beginning of the end times we see things happening. Those of us that know about certain dates will find this date rather enlightening. The previous articles spoke of it, and now we see this coming to be at this time. It’s not the exact year for the finalization of the 2300 year prophecy of Daniel, but it is a date many have found to be significant to say the least. Is there a connection? You tell me…

"The Lord's Day Alliance of the United States was founded in 1888 to maintain and promote the Sabbath (Sunday) as a day of rest, worship, Christian education and spiritual renewal...

     "I, Joe Frank Harris, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby proclaim the day of February 12, 1989 [Sunday], as a special day for THE LORD'S DAY ALLIANCE OF THE UNITED STATES as they celebrate their 101st anniversary, and for placing emphasis on the importance of observing Sunday as the Lord's Day." -Copy of A Proclamation: By the Governor of the State of Georgia, signed and sealed on January 25, 1989, by Governor Joe Frank Harris.

Many will yell this is a violation of church and state. But their arguments will be considered trivial and disregarded because the Sunday laws Kennedy placed on the military and Government agencies have already been allowed by the Congress long ago. So with that “legal” fact in already place, they cannot say it is a violation anymore, as it is a reality the Government already sanctions closing on Sundays by law anyway. All the government needs to do now is to rally the people to AGREE with them on this and things will move smoother. Are they doing it?

"All businesses, including gasoline stations and restaurants, should close ever Sunday...  by force of legislative fiat through the duly elected officials of the people." -Harold Lindsell, Editor of Christianity Today -May 7, 1976

The “so called” Christian voice in the Country, and many other countries has already been compromised. They are merely mouthpieces for the government officials now. Look around and you will see MANY Christian business closed on Sundays. Some have even gone so far as to have special signs created and placed on their doors letting people know they agree with the government on this. I’ve seen them. Have you? I recall a hobby shop in Oak Lawn Illinois about 20 years ago that I used to buy my art supplies from. On one Sunday I noticed they were suddenly closed and there was a sign in the window stating… “We are closed so as to worship our Lord and be with out families on this the Lord’s day.” Some of these “Christians” have even gone so far as to suggest making those that break Sunday Laws, criminals. Notice the headline of this one article back in 1998…


On my “Attacking Sabbath” page in the “warnings” section of the website I have literally hundreds of articles about this topic. The main reason I posted all these articles was to make those that say there will be no such laws, therefore the prophecy is bogus, aware that it’s happening as we warned. How can it be bogus I ask when first of all it is a Christian prophecy, and second of all, if it were a lie, why is it they are doing exactly as the prophecy said they would! I implore you to take a look at those articles. And seeing how there are so many, give the page time to load! It’s huge! Even for broadband users!

So.. what’s happening September 15, 2004 you ask?

Lawmakers Put an End to Sunday Shopping

The National Assembly has voted in favour of legislative changes that demand the closure of shops on Sundays. The lawmakers decided unanimously, with 63 votes, to implement the will of the Slovenian voters, who decided at a referendum last September that shops should be closed on Sunday, bar a few exceptions. …By adopting the bill of changes to the trading act, the National Assembly set down that as of 15 September shops have to be closed on Sunday.

Shops with "essential food products" are an exception, as they will be permitted to open ten Sundays a year. Moreover, there will be no limits for shops at petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, airports, border crossings, train and bus stations of area not exceeding 80 sq. metres. . -Source: Slovene Press Agency STA (For additional articles in this region as well as this one, see this… )

Besides the obvious that the government of this region sees no wrong in implementing the will of the voters, can you see the obviously Satanic flavor of their hypocrisy? They say shops must be closed on Sunday’s, yet certain shops will be allowed to stay open ten Sundays a year. And the agencies that bring in large amounts of tax dollars to the governing officials will be allowed to stay open year round!? Isn’t this always the case with Roman Catholic laws? They SAY they are a necessity, but when it conflicts with their desires to make money they “allow” for certain options. Take for example the so-called law of the church that says no meat on Friday’s during Lent. This of course generated a problem for all the alcoholics in New York’s Manhattan and Bronx areas to go ahead and eat meat on that Friday because it was St Patty’s day. The church figured it was unfortunate their “traditions” of eating corned beef and drinking green beer clashed on that day, and so they let them do what they “usually” defined as sin. How convenient. No wonder Catholicism is so popular. Where else can you find a church that LETS you sin and you can still gain Heaven?

Can anyone see a pattern here? It’s like I said earlier. If the Government can get the people to go along with their desires peacefully, they will. But if there is resistance, then the unjust laws need to be put in place. Even if it means the laws are “by definition” a mistake. Case in point, look at what’s occurring right now in Virginia. It seems an old law has been allowed new life and it has some of the people a bit agitated, and for good reason…

New Law Gives Virginia's Workers a Break, by Accident

Published: July 2, 2004
New York Times

RICHMOND, Va., July 1 - On Saturdays and Sundays, rain or shine, locals and visitors fill the restaurants, boutiques, bookstores and coffee shops of Carytown, a popular residential and commercial district here. At night, restaurants bustle, and the line for the second-run movie theater wraps around the block. But thanks to an unnoticed clerical error in a new state law, some here fear that could all change.

Even after the bill's sponsor, Senator Frederick M. Quayle, a Republican from Chesapeake, said unequivocally that the bill was in error, the mistake has Virginia's business community reeling back to colonial times, when working on Sunday was a crime. Under the state's new "day of rest" law, employees in the private sector can refuse to work on Sunday or their chosen Sabbath, leaving Virginia employers to wonder how they will continue to do business on weekends. The ensuing brouhaha has the governor and attorney general at loggerheads as to who should solve the problem, and how.

…Ms. Boschen said she feared that customers who could not get immediate service would walk out. "What am I going to do?'' she asked. "Put up a sign that says 'Lack of attention due to blue laws'?"

The new law, which went into effect Thursday, was intended to get rid of the section of the state's so-called blue laws that restricts business operations on Sunday. But when it comes to anything 400 years old, Virginians are hard pressed to make changes. Instead of repealing blue laws, legislators over the years have layered on legislation overriding the original intent. The code itself does not change; new legislation just creates exemptions to the old.

In other words, Virginia law still holds that businesses cannot operate on Sundays. So even though added exemptions - covering retailers, movie theaters, hotels and other businesses - have made the law virtually obsolete, it is still on the books.

When the new bill was drafted, the section of exemptions was mistakenly left out. "Businesses that operate 24/7, 365 days in the private sector run the risk of substantial disruption," said Hugh Keogh, president and chief executive of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

No one - from the bill's sponsor to the legislators who passed it to the governor who signed it - noticed that the exemptions were missing. Without the exemptions, employees have the right to refuse to work on their chosen day of rest.

The mistake came to light when a labor lawyer contacted Mr. Keogh to warn him of the potential dangers of the new law. After alerting the governor's office, the Chamber of Commerce sent letters apprising its members of the possible pitfalls. When the Virginia news media began reporting the story on Wednesday, the response from local businesses was overwhelming.

…For now, Mr. Murtaugh said, his office is referring calls to the State Department of Labor and Industry, which, barring intervention by the governor, the attorney general or the legislature, is legally bound to live by the law as written.

Informed of the problem, Gov. Mark R. Warner, a Democrat, asked Mr. Kilgore to rule on the law's constitutionality, said Ellen Qualls, the governor's spokeswoman. If the attorney general were to declare the measure unconstitutional, the governor could direct the labor department not to enforce it until it could be rectified by next year's General Assembly. But Mr. Kilgore, a Republican, quickly distanced himself from the issue.

"If the governor has a problem with the law he signed, he should get the legislature back and fix it," Mr. Murtaugh said. "The governor should know that the attorney general cannot tell people what laws should or should not be enforced."

Pulling legislators back to Richmond for a special session is not likely. This year's General Assembly met for 115 days, the longest session on record for the oldest legislative body in the Western Hemisphere, as state lawmakers wrangled with the budget. In addition, the expense of a special legislative session could cost the already beleaguered state budget as much as $100,000 a day, Ms. Qualls said.

By the way, on the New York Times website where they posted this story you will find at the end of the article a listing of “similar” topics to surf to. ALL of them are advocating Sunday as Sabbath and one of them is a link to a ministry that targets Ex-Seventh-day Adventists as a missionary field to bring them back to Sunday. I thought that was pretty obvious… don’t you? If you want to check it out, click here.

So.. what Law are they talking about that is 400 years old? See this...

"Every man and woman shall repair in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath (Sunday), and in the afternoon to divine service, and catechizing, upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipped; and for the third to suffer death.!" -Laws, and Orders, Divine, Politique, & Martial For the Colony in Virginia: established by Sir Gates, Knight, Lieutenant - General, the 24th of May, 1610

No wonder some of the people are up in arms. They fear this could lead to major problems. And by the way, it’s already September since this so called “mistake” was made in the Virginia law. Why is it a law that was put in place back in June that everyone agrees is a mistake is STILL on the books today? And how is it the Governor, the actual sponsor of the bill, as well as every single legislator that was involved in discussing this bill before actually signing it into law missed the mistake in writing? Don’t they read what they sign? Do we all recall how the Congress admitted they never read the infamous Patriot act, and even if they planned to they were never given time to read the thousands of pages anyway? So, the fact of the matter is, it does not appear to be a mistake. When that many people are involved and ALL of them missed it are we that brain dead to not see this? No, what I think happened is when the general public got wind of the law, they complained, and then the idea of a “mistake” was born so as to spin this one off the table. I am sorry, but I cannot be convinced that so many people could miss this mistake. Especially after they supposedly discussed it in detail before signing.

Sunday laws are about to be enforced. In fact, as we just learned they are already in force in many countries, and so far two states have laws on their books as we speak enforcing them. And ALL states carry the blue laws that Roman Catholic John F. Kennedy put in place in the same year he outlawed prayer in public schools. I always thought that was a bit comical. If you have tests in schools, you’re going to have prayer!

Do you recall the excerpt I shared earlier from Robert Sessler’s book, To be God of one World? Robert Sessler stated, and I quote, “Germany is taking a leading role to make Sunday rest a reality in the whole European Community.” Well it seems this is exactly what’s happening right now.

Germany rejects Sunday shopping

Metro storeGermany's highest court has upheld the country's restrictive retail opening hours, disappointing consumers hoping to shop on Sundays and public holidays.

The Federal Constitutional Court said the principle of rest on Sundays and public holidays was "sacrosanct." …The retail lobby is now expected to focus its efforts on Germany's state governments, which have most influence over trading hours regulations. But resistance to the 24-hour shopping culture remains strong in Germany, with trade unions protesting that the regulations are needed to safeguard workers' rights.

Michael Sommer, head of the DGB union, welcomed the court's decision. "It's a good day for shopkeepers who would like to have family lives that are just a little bit organised," he said. Church groups, keen to preserve Sunday as a day of rest, are also opposed to easing trading restrictions.

Does this sound familiar? The USA is trying the same thing in laws they are lobbying as we speak. They are claiming Sunday Laws are needed to protect the employees! But I ask why Sunday? Why not the real Sabbath? Or if that offends you, how about giving them Wednesdays off? I believe my answer is found in the strange word used in the start of this article. “The Federal Constitutional Court said the principle of rest on Sundays and public holidays was "sacrosanct." Sacrosanct? What does that mean? I have no clue, so I looked it up. It’s a Latin word no less! Meaning, whatever you use it on is considered SACRED or INVIOABLE, or secure from being violated. One has to ask why the European Union’s Federal Constitutional Court would be using Latin terminology? Truth is, the student of prophecy has complete understanding why the Roman Catholic Pagan language of Latin is being used here. It’s merely a fingerprint of Roman Catholic control. In fact, the entire European Union itself is a mini testing ground for Global government under Roman dominance.

Sunday as Sabbath?

The European Union has set up the policy that every member-state must have one day of rest during the week. But the policy explicitly states that the designated day needs to be Sunday, since for reasons of “religious pluralism” a nation’s government might choose another day.

In Italy, the designation of Sunday as a “day of rest” was first set in 1993. That policy was changed in 2000, however, when – in order to grant more flexibility for employers – the nation required only that every employer provide workers with a 24-hour rest period each week. But by August 2003, under the new European policy, Italy will again be required to fix a certain “day of rest.”

In an interview with the daily Corriere della Sera, Bishop Giancario Bregantini – who heads a committee dealing with social issues for the Italian bishops’ conference said… “How can you overlook the fact that Sunday is a special day for millions of Europeans?” -The Catholic World Report, February 2003

Rome is most assuredly in control here! Everything from their blue flag with stars that perfectly mimic the flag of the Pagan Queen of Heaven which Rome calls the mother of God. To their coinage that sports the Pope’s image on one side and a woman riding a beast on the other. It’s almost as if they are flaunting their physical powers as well as their spiritual powers before the Universe. Anyone that has ever studied prophecy knows the pope is the puppet of Antichrist himself, and all children of God know full well whom the woman on the beast represents in prophecy! It’s evident now that Rome is boasting that they feel they have so much control over the minds of the masses that blunt prophetic facts such as these are going to be missed by most anyway. Rome has doctored so many Bibles, and twisted so many verses, and lied to countless millions that these people truly have no clue as to what’s happening right before their eyes! There truly is a famine in the land for the Word of God as the prophet Amos warned! Only a small Remnant can see this plainly now. And Rome KNOWS THIS! So they flex their muscles as a show of intimidating force proclaiming they have many more in their camp then we do in ours. But I would like to echo the words of a prophet of old here this day! "...Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them." -2 Kings 6,16 Only one third of Heaven fell! That means two thirds are with us! Plus to top it all off, we have a mighty and wonderful God that fights for His chosen few! So I say unto Rome, go ahead, flex your muscles as did Goliath! And you will see the Lord send many of the meek to confound the mighty you parade before the world, for they shall have angels from on High walking beside them the entire way!

Almost daily we see laws being passed that chip away at the freedoms we as Americans enjoy. Before you know it, Sunday laws will be enforced. Many main stream preachers have been constantly keeping this topic before the ears of both the Congress and the Senate for obvious reasons. As is always the case, laws like this can’t be passed as easy as others. A general uproar will no doubt be the result. You have Atheists to contend with, as well as religions that don’t embrace Sunday. And of course you have Jews as well as Sabbath keeping Christians that won’t much care for it. So what can you do? Well, you need to invent new reasons to rewrite laws, or you need to find situations that appeal to the people regarding their almighty dollar. These laws are in fact being passed. Either by clever methods of deceit, or by simply using force as we see in some countries. Or, as is apparent here in the USA, many main stream “Christian” leaders will be shouting for the Government to help the church enforce Sunday keeping just as Rome did in the past. So, yes, in some areas the people will clamor to this Roman Sabbath as if it’s some Biblical necessity. For example…

"All businesses, including gasoline stations and restaurants, should close ever Sunday...  by force of legislative fiat through the duly elected officials of the people." -Harold Lindsell, Editor of Christianity Today -May 7, 1976

MANSFIELD -- The Rev. Mark Dettmer, senior pastor of First Church of the Nazarene on Straub Road, and many of the 130 members of his church are among those conservative Christians who would prefer to see stores closed on Sundays in deference to the Sabbath.

Associated Press - SALT LAKE CITY- A Mormon Church authority called on members to boycott Sunday shopping as a way to force community wide obediance to the fourth commandment God gave Moses - to keep the Sabbath holy


"Without saying so explicitly, the Ten Commandments set the only order that will bring world peace... The next obligation that a citizen of God's world order owes is himself. "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy," is a command for a personal benefit of each citizen..." Pat Robertson, The New World Order, p. 233,236 (NOTE: Pat Robertson is a SUNDAY Sabbath keeper)

Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy –Pope John Paul II Dios Domini p 112.

There are literally thousands of articles on the Internet that echo these very same concerns. Even the so called Sabbath keeping SDA Church is joining this bandwagon lately. The General Conference Ministerial Association was documented as urging SDA'S to Keep Sunday in a fairly recent book called, “Confessions of a Nomad”, published by the SDA Ministerial Association through Pacific Press. The book instructed their readers that Sabbath keepers can only find rest, refreshment, and strength by keeping Sunday holy. I carry the entire article and many many more on my “Attacking Sabbath” page in the “warnings” section of the website. I have also learned there are Sunday keeping SDA’s in other countries as well as right here in the USA. In Nevada for example the Pastor of the Las Vegas Mountain View Seventh-day Adventist church thought it a good idea to do as did Rome in her infancy. This Pastor, Tim Dunfield, decided to mass mail all the residents in the area to attend Sunday worship services in his Seventh-day Adventist church so as to pull in the Sunday keepers. He bowed to error as did Rome with the Pagans in the hopes of bringing Christ and His Truth to them? (See the article here… ) What’s even more amazing is the Adventist Review thought it a good enough story to promote. So much so, it’s a permanent feature on their website. And to further lend injury to error, this Seventh-day Adventist Pastor coordinated a similar event in Berrien Springs Michigan while he attended the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary there. From what I understand, other Adventist churches are now following suit. What’s going on? Is it the aged old adage, “if ya can’t beat em, join em?”

So, since the laws are being passed, and the so called Christian leaders are agreeing with them in all denominations including the Sabbath keepers. Is this movement becoming a global effort? Is there already talk of a global Sabbath?

World Sabbath considered:
"It is so dangerous when people are divided over language, ethnicity, and religion." Hakismana said Wednesday. His parents and six siblings were killed in Rwanda's 1994 civil war; and he subsequently devoted his life to promoting peace. "People need this World Sabbath, the whole world needs it." January 25, 2001 Detroit Free Press 

..The Pope is calling for GLOBAL Sunday observance. [-From the Brook, July-Sept 1998 Vol. 4, No. 3]

For more information just type “Global Sabbath” in any major search engine (with quotation marks to focus the query) and you will see a little over two hundred pages. Now type in “Sabbath Laws” and you will see almost 3000 pages! The powers that be are flooding the media, the air waves, and the Internet with all sorts of suggestions as well as case studies on Sabbath laws that have been passed already! Do you think this will make Sabbath keepers and even some Adventists appear as a danger to their cause and worthy for intense persecution?

Sudan: Crisis Deepens As Adventist Churches Are Destroyed

Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Abu Garajil and Juruf districts of the Darfur region of western Sudan have been destroyed during the escalating humanitarian and security crisis unfolding there, church leaders say.
"Our members have been displaced. They are without food, clothing or shelter to sleep under," reports the district leader for the Adventist Church in the area.
In spite of their difficulties and constant threat to personal security, the members are eagerly gathering for worship services. Since the forest there is not thick, they find it difficult even to shelter under the trees for services. Instead they prefer to worship in the evening when the sun goes down because during the day you cannot bear the hot sun. … "In general, all internally displaced people are living in miserable conditions, having lost all their belongings and all their livestock except for one or two starved donkeys. Crops and houses have been burned down and agricultural land is inaccessible due to insecurity."
 Adventist News Network, June 1, 2004

My question remains…

For all those that STILL scoff and say Sunday Laws will never come to be. You ignored the "blue laws" of Roman Catholic president John F. Kennedy in 1962. You ignored the US Government when they started forcing all car dealers from buying and selling on Sundays back in the 1980's. You even ignored the laws in Rhode Island that prohibit work on Sundays without a work permit as of January 1, 1999. You ignored the Sunday laws in Tutamonga Africa in 2000. And yes, you even ignore the fact that Virginia passed laws supposedly "by mistake" in June of 2004 that prohibit buying and selling on Sundays, and now September 15 you have yet another opportunity to ignore prophetic fact again!? I ask, how many times must they do exactly as prophecy said they would do before you realize THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY AS PROPHECY SAID THEY WOULD?

Kinda makes all those strange Sabbath keepers out there that have been preaching for years that this was prophesied, appear to be a bit more trustworthy now don’t they? One of my favorite verses of all time is so pertinent at this time. Yet do you some have ears to hear it?

·       John 14:29, "And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe."

Well people... It’s already come to pass in numerous areas worldwide, and it’s quickly gaining ground as we speak. Will you wait till it comes to pass in YOUR backyard? If you do, it may already be too late.


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Keep up the good fight, I copy what I can and pass it on to others who do not have computers. I am thinking of starting a home church, any advice you can give me? The seventh day sabbath must be kept. And I refuse to step foot into any church that errs and goes against God.

I wanted to get a message to Nicholas regarding a man named Benjamin Creme who claims  that he speaks with the Maitreya, the coming world teacher who will bring world peace. and that a 500 foot statue of buddha is being built in India which will hold a large complex for education, museums etc, and you can see the slides of the building on the share site. this man claims that Jesus is alive and living in Rome waiting to take over the seat of peter. just wanted you to know. can you do a radio program on this as to what you know? thanks so much

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Great radio show on August 8.  You will find this interesting:

The Virgin Mary Connection

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Dear Nicolas!

Your site is one of the best Christian sites on the Internet! My other favorite site is and Cutting Edge ministries by David Bay. 


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