This ministry is biblically capable of accepting your tithes and offerings. Although dedicated people are the heart of our ministry, the reality remains that it takes money to effectively reach the multitudes in America, and the World. Donations are the solitary source of funds that make it possible for Presents of God ministry to maintain an effective website as well as a worldwide outreach. Presents of God ministry receives no denominational subsidies whatsoever, making your gifts vitally important. Our work is totally dependent on the financial support of people like you who share our passion for telling the world about Jesus Christ and at the same time warning them about Antichrist.

If you feel this message is worthy of support, and you can commit to a certain dollar amount each month. (It costs $50.00 an hour) Then the Truth Provided Broadcast will be able to stay on the air and possibly expand to 2 hours... 3 hours.. or even 5 hours a week! There is plenty of current information as well as archived information to keep an hour a day filled quite nicely. And I plan to have guests on the show as well. I already have two authors lined up to do the show with me. Can you spare $50.00 each month to commit to one hour of broadcast time? If I can get 4 people to commit each month, I can expand the show to 2 hours a week!

Or, you can purchase CD's of the Truth Provided Broadcast to help support the ministry. You can give them to friends and loved ones, or leave them as audio tracks at trucks stops, gas stations, airports, or bus stations.

Please pray and ask the Lord if this is what He would have you do at this time. If you can help, please make your check's out to, Presents of God ministry

Our mailing address is...
Presents of God ministry
PO Box 522
Fowler, IN. 47944

Thank you
Malachi 3:10, Luke 6:38, 2 Corinthians 9:6-7




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