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May 18 ~ May 23

Vatican Hypocrisy
By Nicholas
May 22, 2008
Jesus prophecied in Luke chapter seventeen two scenarios we as a church should be watching for as an obvious sign that His return is on the very near horizon. The first was that the wickedness of the world will be like that of Noah's day wherein the thoughts of men's hearts were evil continually. As we can plainly see, decadence has escalated to high putrid phase like it did just before the global flood. The churches of every denomination, except the prophecied remnant are corrupt. The governments are easily seen as corrupt in the local and federal level. All this corruption has tempted the common man to think nothing of lying, stealing and even killing his fellow man in record numbers. So yes, when you look around you come to realize that most of the thoughts of the people are evil continually. This if of course without mentioning the fact that the love of God has become so belittled and so ignored lately that most no longer look to God as the final authority in their lives, let alone worthy of their love and respect. Instead of His name being used in prayer to call on His love and guidance, His name is now taken in vain and used a way to curse their fellow man. As prophecied, very few are doing His will to gain eternal life these days, and when He comes back only a few will be called to His side.

Yes, our numbers are small. But this is when our God shines the most. The Creator God is always best glorified when it becomes clear that the only plausible explanation for the miraculous is that His hand had to be involved in the event, act, or miracle performed. Today we are already beginning to see many David's defeating their Goliaths. Sadly most look at it as dumb luck, or some other trivial reason for the miraculous. Still, in the hearts of those that have eyes to see, we know what it is we see. His hand is very active today. It has also become apparent that the Gideon band is right now bathing in the Latter Rain so as to soon stand up to glorify the Lord like no other generation in the history of man. In my book, "People Get Ready" I already outlined the prophecies that Jesus said must occur before His arrival. So I will not outline them again here. Suffice it to say, it's no longer up for debate by even the most staunch skeptic. His prophecies have been fulfilled. All but a few "global ones" have yet to be fulfilled. And those few will follow in quick succession, as they are not type of prophecies that need much time to be fulfilled, especially in today's world with its technological advances that makes even global travel a daily option. By the way, even this advanced technology was prophecied to occur in our day.

I would like to mention that Jesus also touched on something in His prophecy of Luke chapter seventeen that will happen just before His arrival that further confirms the days we live in more clearly. It has to do with what He stated right after speaking of the mass decadence that mimics Noah's day where the thought of men's hearts were evil continually. Jesus prophecied about the Homosexual agenda we see raging out of control as a sign of His return as well. The Lord's prophecy pin-pointed two absolutes for us so as to give us a better focus on the days in which we live. This is why I like the passage of John 14:29 so much...

  • John 14:29, "And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe."

Most choose not to believe or trust Christian prophecy until after the event occurs. This shows a merciful and loving God even though man of the people He created are slow to see Him as the loving Father He is. Jesus knows that mankind has a heart that leans towards distrust and skepticism thanks to the enemy of souls teaching us all on a daily basis not to trust our fellow man. All of us have been hurt one time or another in our lives by liars. Liars are so invasive wherein we trusted them, only to find we were used to their advantage. So naturally mankind will be slow to trust anyone, even if it is a preacher that proclaims the written Word of God. However, when we see prophetic events happening just as Jesus predicted, we see confirmation, and validated evidence that sparks their faith in the direction of His Word. No other god or prophet can do as the Christian God of the Bible has done time and time again for 6000 years.

Over the years I have found one thing that pulls on the heart of everyone I meet no matter how young or old. When sharing my faith over the years I found one thing that makes it so easy to drive the recipient into a listening mode. That one thing is Christian prophecy. It's uncanny how people are drawn to the prophetic Word. And rightly so, for even in today's world we see the multitudes clamoring to psychics for the answers in life. What's strange is, they believe the psychic over the very God that created the psychic. Casein point.. Do you older brethren recall a psychic named Jean Dixon? She what tagged the most powerful psychic of her day because she was a whopping 18% correct! Most psychics can only sport 10%, to perhaps 13% accuracy! She was 18% correct, and because of that she became famous around the world. Well, guess what my friends. If she was 18% correct, that meant she was actually 82% WRONG! Yet, no one seemed to mind. Amazing how people will listen to a psychic who is proven to be mostly wrong, but ignore a God that is 100% correct.

Jesus said, along with our day being like the days of Noah, it would be as it was in the days of Lot when He sent His angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their perverted sins of the flesh. So perverted in fact, the term "sodomy" is still used today to describe the perverted act of the homosexual soul trapped in such sin.

The Homosexual agenda has gotten so out of hand that in some countries, like Canada for example, a Christian can be jailed for up to five years if a Homosexual is offended by Scriptures the Christian is sharing with them. We all know what happened in California last week, so I won't comment on that in this newsletter. However, I would like to allow the Pope to share his comments because his office is also mentioned in prophecy as we all know. But I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of the Vatican most Catholics, and pro-Catholic Protestants are unaware of. This church is known around the world for the sin of sodomy as well as their blunt hatred of the sanctified biblical act of marriage. Hear what the pope has to say about the most recent California fiasco...

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI is pressing his opposition to gay unions. He says traditional marriage is an irreplaceable good for the entire society, and calls the union between man and woman the "natural cradle" of life.


As we are all very much aware, the Vatican is the one and only establishment that has been documented as having the largest known organized group of homosexual men on earth. To top it off, they are also the largest known group of pedophiles under one roof. What's worse, they are without a doubt the oldest and largest known group of men that refuse to marry women. What does this prophecy of Daniel say to your heart when you read it? Keep in mind, he is speaking of the one global entity that is in power just before Christ's return...

  • Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

I will not comment on their homosexual problems. or the hundreds of thousands of child rape crimes. Main reason being is, quite frankly, I'm sick of it. Besides, I have plenty on the site in numerous areas on this already. But I would like to further expose the Vatican's hypocrisy here. They said, and I quote, "traditional marriage is an irreplaceable good for the entire society..." This of course coming from a man that refuses to marry. A man that insists all his underlings also refuse marriage. By the way, these men are actually called upon by Catholic to counsel them in marital problems. I ask, how can they relate when they were never married?

How soon the media, and the Pope himself forgets that we exposed this Vatican hypocrisy back in John Paul II's day not too long ago. But, since they like to continually lie to the people at large, and spin-doctor every nuance of wickedness as it rears it's ugly head in the hopes of covering their tracks. We too must continue to expose them so as to remind the people they hope to deceive of imminent danger. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Vatican hypocrisy when it comes to marriage.

Do you recall back in July of 2001 when Archbishop Emanuel Milingo did the unthinkable? Well, unthinkable for the Vatican that is. He got married while still standing as a Roman Catholic Bishop. Do you recall what the Vatican did when this Catholic Bishop attempted to do as the Word of God said was perfectly acceptable for him to do? Before sharing what the Vatican did. Let's see what the Word says a man that holds the office of Pastor should be like. (Keep in mind the word "Bishop" in Bible times = "Pastor.) We only need to highlight one area of this passage to make the point clear.

  • 1 Timothy 3:2, "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife..."

Here we see the Lord God instructing Timothy what to pen in the Inspired Word of God as per regarding the office of bishop. According to our bibles, the Lord declares a pastor, if he chooses to be married, must be married to one wife. This of course means all those pastors that on their second marriage due to divorce are in fact in sin as we speak, and should step down immediately. But that's not my point for this newsletter. My point is, yes I understand Paul said that it was best if a man wasn't married as Pastor. (See 1 Corinthians 7:9) But not all men can handle the temptation of the flesh and therefore will be unable to curb their lusts. So, Paul also instructed in the very next verse that it would be better for them to be married then to burn with lust. However, the Vatican declares all priests must never marry. Yet the Bible says otherwise in more then one area. Now let's see how the Vatican really feels about marriage. In an article discussing the 2001 marriage of Archbishop Emanuel Milingo, the Vatican posted the following to the Catholic World News network as well in private format to the offending bishop...

VATICAN, Jul 17, 01 (CWNews.com) "Noting that Vatican officials have been unable to communicate directly with Archbishop Milingo, the public statement warns that he will be formally excommunicated if he does not "make amends for the scandal given." The notice sets a deadline of August 20, by which the African prelate must leave his wife..." -17-Jul-2001 -- EWTN News Brief

On this website you will find priests that have been convicted of murder, molestation, rape, armed robbery, public intoxication, contributing to minors, kidnapping, torture, genocide, and a host of other criminal acts, but never did the Vatican announce any of them excommunicated. Even after they moved into their jail cells they were still considered Roman Catholic priests in good standing. However, to give them the benefit of the doubt, I just found out as I was writing this Newsletter that a Roman Catholic priest was "defrocked" after being convicted for child rape recently. But the Vatican did not excommunicate him. He was only "dismissed" as a priest. What's worse, it took them three years after he plead guilty to dismiss his robe!

The Vatican is boldly stating, if you murder, you are NOT excommunicated from the church. If you molest young boys you are NOT excommunicated from the church. If you as a priest are convicted and sent to prison for numerous criminals acts you are NOT excommunicated from the church. But if you so much as marry a woman and become the "husband of one wife" as 1 Timothy 3:2 says a bishop (pastor) of a church must be, then you ARE excommunicated from the church of Rome? What's worse, the church of Rome is also telling the man that did marry the woman he loved, as Scriptures said is his right, to LEAVE HIS WIFE in direct denial of that which is written in scripture concerning the issue of divorce being only allowed if the spouse commits adultery? (See Matthew 5:32) So in one fell swoop, the Vatican is forcing this man to deny God in marrying a women so as to prevent the lust of the flesh from soiling his walk. The Vatican is also forcing this man to deny God one more time by divorcing his wife without biblical jurisprudence wherein she didn't comitt adultery, which would make the marriage legally dissolved in God's eyes. Still, it doesn't end there! If this man divorces his wife in this manner, she is now destined to commit adultery if she ever re-marries. To top it off, her new spouse will also be committing adultery if he marries her.

  • Matthew 5:32, "But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery."

Since Bishop Emanuel Milingo claims the Christian Bible as his holy book, and since he is declared the head of his house by that same bible, (1 Timothy 3:4) he and his wife must abide by Christian doctrine.

As far as I know, not one Roman Catholic priest has ever been excommunicated for the criminal acts I have listed all over this website. Not even after they have been convicted and sentenced to prison. As far as this ministry can tell, all of the priests in prison are still considered to be ordained Roman Catholic priests worthy of the title "ambassador of Christ." However, if you do the biblically sanctified act of marriage, as did Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo back in May of 2001, then you will find yourself excommunicated. Yet, the Vatican says they uphold marriage as a blessing for society?

Are you wondering if the Vatican forced this bishop to leave his wife and divorce her outside biblical jurisprudence?

The Korean wife of a Roman Catholic archbishop has accepted his decision to dissolve their marriage and return to the church. Maria Sung married Emmanuel Milingo in a ceremony organised by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the head of the Unification Church movement. But the union caused outrage in the Catholic church and Milingo, former head of the Zambian diocese in Lusaka, was threatened with excommunication unless he chose his faith ahead of his wife. ...On Thursday Sung told reporters: "For the great love for my husband, I'll respect his decision to leave me. But that does not change the feeling I have for him in my heart." ...Milingo announced he had left his wife in a television interview last week, saying he had embraced the pope's appeal to return to the Catholic church and keep his vow of priestly celibacy. Sung, who at one point believed she was pregnant, refused to believe his television revelations. She claimed he had been drugged and went on a hunger strike for 16 days demanding that the Vatican allow her and Milingo to meet face-to-face. -The Post, August 31, 2001 Article~ "Milingo's Wife Accepts Divorce"


In less then two months this man left his bride and crawled back to Rome. Do you see the hypocrisy now? This church, and its doctrines are all based on lies. They use them when it helps them and they ignore them when it helps them as well. Jesus plainly said when speaking of the devil that, "...He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44) This is why it's so easy to see that Vatican prelates are in fact followers of Satan. They can no longer hide their fruits.

When a Christian follows Christ they display the fruits of Christ. They do not lie, steal, kill, commit adultery, etc. They keep the Law of God because they are moved by the Holy Spirit to do so. This is what Jesus meant when He said in Matthew 7:20, "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." The fruit of a Christian would not be the fruit of Satan for in doing so they are wolves in sheep's clothing. When you see the Vatican stating in one breath, "traditional marriage is an irreplaceable good for the entire society..." and the next telling a man newly married that he, "must leave his wife." You have overwhelming proof they are of their father the devil.

The Vatican is as I stated earlier the largest known organized group of homosexual men in power. This is why you see so many pro-homosexual laws being passed all around the world. No, it's not the homosexual community doing this per say, because truth be known, they are in fact the smallest political group known to man. That fact alone proves someone else is helping push their agenda forward. It's like the miraculous movements of our God's hand being made known when David fought Goliath, or the Gideon band glorifies Him in the near future. When insurmountable odds against them fail it proves an outside influence was at work here. In the case of David or the Gideon band, it is God's hand. The same is true when we see the strange ability of the smallest political party known to man getting their unjust laws passed. It can only mean an outside influence is at work here. In this case it is Rome behind it all because they are the ones that have the most to gain by it.

As I have said dozens of times before, yes the homosexual community has something to gain by such laws being passed. But a few tax write offs at the end of the year afforded them by legal marriages is dwarfed in comparison to the tens of thousands of lawsuits falling out of courts on technicalities when certain pro-homosexual laws bless the pope and his coven with their new legal loopholes. We all saw what happened in California in 2003 that allowed hundreds of pedophiles to be freed from jail "on a technicality." This allowed numerous priests to walk free as well that day! Rome knows how to play the judicial system because they created it. Do some research and you will find Pagan Rome's "blessings" have helped Papal Rome immensely in latter years. It's no coincidence you see Latin terminology all over the courts of this land. What I'm getting at here will only generate a huge Newsletter this week, and I don't have the time or the patience for such a dissertation. For those of you that want much more on this topic and all the facts contained therein, I suggest you read my February 2004 Truth Provided Newsletter.

The Vatican has an agenda behind all these homosexual laws. It's no mistake this is happening at this time. We already know they lie with such ease it appears to be their native tongue. They boldly proclaimed their innocence for decades regarding their still on going child molestation scandal. As many are already aware, the Vatican is actually a Satanic church doing all it can to destroy Christianity from within. The homosexual act alone degrades the image of God in that man was created in His image. However, ever notice this?

There are only two places on earth that have the following characteristics.

  • Men wearing black robes
  • Men wearing scarlet robes
  • Men chanting in a dead language
  • Men chanting in unison while walking in the circle of Baal
  • Men gathering to perform a "Mass"
  • Men offering a sacrifice at that Mass
  • Men using incense at that Mass
  • Men using black candles
  • Men wearing and displaying crucifixes with a "dead Jesus" on them
  • Men that wear black clothing when not in "full dress"
  • Men using numerous ancient Pagan symbols in their Mass
  • Men seeking the innocence of young boys to perform their Mass
  • Men using alcohol during their Mass
  • Men standing under the "eye of Horus" during their Mass
  • Men speaking ancient prayers in a monotone manner
  • Men speaking those prayers in the circle of Baal

There are only two places on earth in which you will see these rituals. In the Roman Catholic church, and in the Church of Satan.

One more thing needs to be addressed. Long ago, before sin entered the world the Lord instituted the Sabbath as well as marriage in the garden of Eden. Something this blessed and sanctified by God is a sore spot with Satan. That is why we see the Roman Catholic church admitting they tried to change the Sabbath for all Christians, which by the way was prophecied by Daniel as an act of the end time beast. This is also why we see all popes, priests, nuns and monks refusing to get married. The institution of marriage, and the Sabbath are a direct focus of attack for the Vatican. Always have been, always will be. History cannot be changed. It was Rome that changed the Sabbath over 1000 years ago, and it was Rome all along that has declared war on marriage with all their homosexual priests and politicians..

Truth is truth! Fruit this blunt can only mean one thing. The Vatican is indeed home to Antichrist.




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