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 Prophecy: Popes to be Homosexual (And so the Pope Endorses Homosexual Marriage)
RCC and SDA now Funding Homosexual Agenda
Vatican invests $1.1 M in Steamy Elton John biopic
Drag queens replacing Road Runner, Yosemite Sam

Pope Hires LGBT Activist to Creat & Manage Vatican News Site
Catholic parish hosts gay dance party for Lady Gaga's LGBT charity. Seriously
Pope Places creature above Creator

Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment
Rome's Homosexual Agenda!
Pope's Homosexual Agenda in full swing

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In this month’s Newsletter I would like to run through a series of events that I believe prove the Vatican is secretly pushing for homosexual marriages in both Canada and now the US. Was it intentional? You tell me. I am going to share a few facts and let you the reader be the judge of all this. But before going into it, does the Word of God proclaim Antichrist be of a homosexual nature? Is there prophetic evidence that this church is doing as Antichrist will do even in this regard? Can prophecy be that blunt?
Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."
On my “Words of a Beast” page I shared quiet a few quotes from the Vatican itself that prove, yes the Popes do not regard the Father, and yes they do magnify themselves above God. But what about this homosexual situation? Can prophecy be that accurate? Is this church one that would deny women completely?
Now most are aware of this fact without even having to research it too much. But let’s see how deep this goes. First and foremost of course is the unbiblical stance that all Roman Catholic priests must be celibate. Rome openly demands that their priests refuse the biblical requirement of marriage. This is all of course besides the fact that1 Timothy 3:2 says, "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;"
Since I have been exposing Rome some 19 years now, I have come across the occasional priest or layperson that has insisted that if in fact a priest sought out marriage, Rome would not object. It’s just that the priests prefer celibacy. They in fact claim marriage is holy and sacred. In fact, just the other day I received an article from the Roman Catholic publication named Zenit.org regarding this very fact. In this article on February 10, 2004 Roman Catholic Cardinal Edward Egan assailed the notion of homosexual marriage and criticized Hollywood for "desecrating" marriage and destroying "something sacred and holy." (Zenit.org #ZE04021024)
I know this seems confusing for Rome to say in one breath that marriage is holy and sacred, and in the next say it is NOT for our priests! Prophetic fact is, the god of Rome is in fact the author of confusion. They seek to “appear” holy, so as to make all think they have no stake in this homosexual agenda. In fact, what occurred quite recently has blessed me with an open and shut case on Rome’s hatred of the sanctity of marriage. This Cardinal lies when he said the Vatican embraces marriage, and I can prove it. 
In May of 2001 Roman Catholic archbishop Emmanuel Milingo married Korean acupuncturist Maria Sung. Rev Sun Myung Moon officiated at the wedding. When the Vatican got wind of this, they threatened the archbishop with excommunication if he didn’t divorce the woman. If I’m not mistaken they did excommunicate him. This of course is regardless of that fact that…
Mark 10:9, "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."
Milingo held out as long as he could, but in August of that very year, he did finally renounce his marriage and left his wife behind so he could go back to Rome. This amazed more than a few people. Rome actually forced this man to divorce his wife even though she did not do anything worthy of divorce. How can Cardinal Egan say that Rome embraces marriage as something holy and sacred, and then force a man to divorce his wife because he’s a priest? Does the prophetic word speak of a church as this…? Look in 1 Timothy chapter 4 and you will see that yes, in the latter days, not only will they depart from the faith and embrace doctrines of demons, they will forbid to marry! Why? Satan hates the institution of marriage. It was instituted in Eden BEFORE sin entered the World. By the way, this is also why Satan attacks the 7th day Sabbath. It too was instituted before sin entered into the world.
The Word is plain. If you seek to be a Pastor you must be the husband of one wife. Yet Rome says no way! You will be excommunicated from the church if you marry a woman! However, do a little research and you will find that NONE of the child molesters that are behind bars for molesting little boys have been officially excommunicated. Not even the ones convicted, last I checked. Yet they DID commit hellish acts, and were convicted of same! Archbishop Milingo committed no sin in getting married, and he is threatened with excommunication. THAT says a lot about Rome’s true intentions towards the homosexual lifestyle. This church is not even trying to hide their homosexual tendencies at time. In fact, they are openly lobbying in favor of man boy love as we speak.
TORONTO, Nov. 2 (LSN.ca) - LifeSite has learned that an Oct. 27 concert at St. Basil's Catholic Church in Toronto featured a composition by Gerald Hannon, Canada's leading advocate of "intergenerational sex," or pedophilia. Hannon was part of the choir and he was applauded separately after the piece by the musicians and those in attendance.
...Hannon is one of Canada's most outspoken defenders of pedophilia. In Dec. 1977 he published an article, entitled "Men Loving Boys Loving Men," wherein he discussed favourably and explicitly homosexual sex acts with boys as young as seven years of age. The article led to criminal charges, but Hannon was acquitted
This may seem shocking to some, but it appears all those at that Catholic concert had no problem applauding Canada’s leading advocate of pedophilia. In fact, in France we see this happening…
Priest says paedophilia was good for children
September 04 2001 at 05:40PM
Aix-en-Provence, France - A Roman Catholic priest on trial in this southern French town for failing to disclose the sexual abuse of minors has argued that the paedophilic acts that took place in his parish were actually good for the children.  Father Hubert Barral, 67, who heads the parish in the village of Vernegues, faces up to five years in prison if convicted on a charge of failing to assist a person in danger and failing to report a crime.  …  Barral had also told one of the children that making love was a way of being in touch with God. - Sapa-AFP http://www.iol.co.za/html/frame_news.php?art_id=ct2001090417400733_1623670&set_id=1&click_id=79
With all this in mind, I would also like for you to keep in mind all the pedophilia lawsuits that are popping up all over the world against Roman Catholic priests. In fact it gotten so bad that a gag order was placed on the media regarding these lawsuits. Why? Common sense… if the Catholic people knew just how bad it really was, they would have to close a lot more than just 80 churches in the Boston area!
All this legal activity is causing such a drain on the Vatican’s finances that it is obvious they are in trouble. They know that if this continues much longer they will be shut down permanently. So… what can they do to either lesson the dollar amounts on the lawsuits, or get them to drop altogether? HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGES!
Ok..ok.. some of you may be thinking…HUH? Did he say homosexual marriage is going to help Rome out of this mess? Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Before homosexual marriage, you had lawsuits that are legally very offensive. But with homosexual marriage you open then door to a bevy of perversion that the laws of the land can accept and allow for some leeway. Case in point is what happened in Canada recently.
I reported in a few Truth Provided Audio clips back in June and July of last year, that Rome needs to push the homosexual agenda forward so as to help them out of this looming financial disaster. Since the Roman Catholic Scandal regarding the vulgar and sickening act of child molestation, I have noticed a political blitzkrieg in the media regarding homosexuality. Articles on almost every topic concerning the homosexual lifestyle have flooded the media. Directly after Canada allowed homosexual marriages, I reported in an audio clip that we should be watching Rome and their pedophilia problem more closely now.
Thing is… as usual, Rome will get her problem fixed by hiding behind governing officials doing her dirty work. This is how the Inquisitions worked, this is how Hitler worked, and this is how the US Government has been doing it lately. Case in point, less than a week after the homosexual marriage announcement in Canada you saw this occur in the USA…
Victims Angered and Upset by Ruling Freeing Molesters
July 12, New York Times
LOS ANGELES, July 12 — George Neville Rucker, an 82-year-old former Roman Catholic priest, was on a two-month cruise off the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, when, the authorities said, his past finally caught up with him.
…But this week, before any evidence was presented to a jury, Mr. Rucker walked out of court a free man.
He is among perhaps hundreds of people in California who are being freed from trial or jail as a result of a United States Supreme Court ruling on June 26 overturning a 1993 California law that allowed charges against child molesters protected by a previous deadline on prosecutions.
State officials said the decision affected as many as 800 people accused of sexual offenses or already convicted.
The ruling and the release of the offenders has infuriated victims and frustrated prosecutors.
"We're still licking our wounds here," said William Hodgeman, head of the sexual crimes unit of the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. "Conservatively, we have over 200 impacted cases in L.A. County alone, with the prospect of it going higher."
He added, "Without question, there will be established child molesters free from custody and allowed to go back into the communities from whence they came."
Let’s stop here for a moment. Can anyone see what is transpiring here? Absolutely every person in the United States of America that has access to a Television, a radio, the Internet, or even a newspaper knows that the Roman Catholic church is the sole beneficiary of such a horrendous law as this! Only Rome will benefit by this! Sure some pedophiles that are not Catholic priests will be released from prison, and we can solely thank Rome for that. But it’s TRULY Rome that will be blessed by this. Literally thousands of lawsuits across this nation prove that beyond a doubt! You would have to be literally dead, or in a coma to miss this simple reality! The largest organized group of child molesters is in fact Roman Catholic priests!
The Roman Catholic church needs the homosexual community to flex their muscles right now. They NEED laws like this overturned! They NEED to get their priests out of trouble no matter what the expense! They need to make the homosexual agenda appear not only normal, but completely acceptable before the eyes of the American public, and especially the court systems! They have far too much to loose otherwise! There are so many lawsuits pending before the courts regarding child molestation that the US Government placed a gag order on the media regarding reporting on the number of lawsuits after the Boston scandal hit the news. The Roman Catholic church knows that if the American people knew how many thousands of lawsuits were pending, this would cause a massive exodus from Rome that would dwarf the Reformation!
The media in cooperation with the Roman Catholic controlled Government need to pump the homosexual agenda into everyday life now. In fact, while I was watching the Chicago News report regarding this law, the reporter stated they did a Poll regarding the Supreme court’s decision and found that 74% of the people agreed with it! That is not only utterly ridiculous, it’s a bold faced lie! How is it possible to do a Poll of the American people MINUTES after a Supreme Court decision is handed down? That’s right, the new broke in with a report that the court decision was realized, and immediately this reporter spoke of a so called poll. PLUS, how is it possible to get 74% of the people to agree with the smallest minority known to man? That’s right, the homosexual community is the smallest minority to date, yet they are the most vocal. Why? ROMAN CATHOLIC FUNDING AND SUPPORT! It is essential you understand this. Using the old adage that “money talks.” WHO I ask has the most to gain by these positive reports regarding this evil lifestyle recorded in the Word of God in both the OT and NT to be an abomination? Does the homosexual community have much to gain? Sure.. they have somewhat of a positive outlook on this, yes. But can you compare it to the Roman Catholic church? Night and day people! Night and day! The homosexual community is still the smallest minority known to man. But the Vatican is the largest recipient of child molestation lawsuits. It is the largest known organized collection of homosexual men as well. And it is also the largest known organized collection of known child molesters!
As we all know the homosexual community wants these insane laws passed. That’s a no-brainer. But what is always the main reason for a major political push whenever it is realized? MONEY! And do the homosexuals see a cash cow in this law? Not really. Sure, they may see some benefits regarding tax right-offs and the like. But when you hold that up to the now admitted over 1 BILLION dollars in possible payouts for the Vatican in lawsuits. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that Rome is most definitely the main beneficiary of all this. And being the political monster that it is, something like this is an easy game to play. Especially if you have a few million homosexual’s already picketing for such laws to be passed. Are we that dumb in America to believe that a few people with perverted sexual desires, and without the political hutzpa needed to perform such a campaign can get laws changed so easily? Someone very POWERFUL has to be behind all this! Especially when we see this occurring in a “so called” Christian nation!
It’s no wonder we have homosexual couples in sitcoms, as well as homosexuals kissing on network TV now. Take for example the reality shows that depict many men seeking after one woman, or vise versa. Well now we have a homosexual reality show where a group of men are doing who knows what in the show. The strange twist on the show that is designed to make the straight community tune in to watch such homosexual decadence is that some of the men flirting with the homosexual men in the group are straight! They planned on letting everyone know at the end of the series! Will that not get the ratings up?
The media is doing all it can to get this perverted lifestyle constantly in front of the eyes of the people so as to break down our defenses. It’s common sense that sooner or later it’s going to be accepted out of sheer repetition. And now we have Massachusetts… New Mexico… San Francisco… and New York marrying homosexual couples!
Think of it… America is flooded with the homosexual lifestyle repeatedly by the media. The courts overturn homosexual laws. America becomes a land complacent to the homosexual decadence. Therefore, the Judges handling all these child molestation lawsuits will no doubt be swayed. There’s no way around it. They are wearing them down!
By the way… this new ruling will also place more pressure on all those States that don’t much agree with homosexual marriages. Since Massachusetts did what it did, we saw it mushroom across the land. Common sense is that now that Canada has allowed laws for homosexual marriage, the United States Supreme court is going to have to jump on the band wagon as well. They know many homosexual couples will run to Canada to get married, and then return to the states to live as husband and wife. I am sure we all heard about the many legal problems this was going to cause in all the articles the media flooded us with. I recall an article not too long ago that showed a sad homosexual couple pictured in the article. The two men were very sad and depressed the article stated because they were married in Canada, and now unable to return home to the states as a married couple. This Supreme court ruling is almost perfectly planned. Their timing is actually a bit obvious as well!
There is still a problem left for Rome however. Sure, this new ruling may ease some of the legal responsibilities of the church when their lawyers are able to somehow prove it’s ok to have sex with boys who are 18 years of age. But what of all those youngsters they attacked and forced themselves upon? They’re minors! What about them? Is there such an agenda of Rome to get this legalized as well? Do you recall the article I read that started this Newsletter about the well known child molester that held a concert in a Catholic church? NAMBLA, or the “North American Man/Boy Love Association” is most definitely working on this one. And as was reported in that first article I read, Rome is all for it! Sure they will lie in the media so as to make themselves appear moral when it comes to decadence like this. But when you look at the facts where the Vatican openly REFUSED a zero tolerance policy regarding child molestation, and St Basil’s Catholic church in Toronto holding concerts for NAMBLA, well… it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.
The prophesied unjust laws are being passed that first and foremost benefit Antichrist and his homosexual priests. Many of us knew this day was coming when we saw how the Supreme court placed that gag order on the media regarding the massive number of lawsuits being filed against the Vatican. They were protecting Rome then, and they are protecting Rome now! The US Government, the lamb horned beast of Revelation NEEDS the beast in Rome, and vise versa if their NWO agenda is going to work right! Prophecy declares these two will play a major role in enforcing the mark of the Roman beast.
Still… regardless of the fact that the government controlled media clammed up on these facts. The truth is there truly ARE hundreds of priests in jail, or about to be in jail. Satan knows this!  So… his man in Rome has to get busy spin doctoring not only the media, he has to shmooze the law makers. And seeing how the majority of the Congress is sympathetic to the Vatican, and the majority of the Senate is as well, it should be a snap to convince the majority of Catholic sympathizers in the Supreme court to follow Rome’s lead on this!
The article continues to say…
Among those the decision frees, prosecutors said, are Roman Catholic priests accused in some of the most notorious molestation cases in California. In addition to Mr. Rucker, prosecutors dropped charges this week against two other former priests. The decision applies to all molesters recently charged in crimes that occurred before 1988 or recently convicted in such crimes.
…Until 1994, child molesters could not be prosecuted in California more than six years after the offense. The new law extended the time in which prosecutions were allowed and authorized prosecutions that the old law's deadline had barred.
Under the new law, an adult could provide evidence of sexual molestation before age 18, regardless of when it occurred, and prosecutors had a year to bring charges.
Fact is people, the reason the law was changed back then was to accommodate even then the massive amount of people stepping forward declaring the priests of Rome pedophiles. How many 11 or 12 or even 17 year olds do you know that are considered to be credible witnesses? The courts knew that back then as always. Most prosecuting attorneys know that the defending attorneys would have an easy time of it if they saw a 12 year old boy sitting in the witness stand!
So, the law bumped up the age. Problem is, too many credible adults came forward. They messed up. And thanks to the Truth coming to a flood in Boston not too long ago, many others decided to get on the bandwagon because of how easy it was being made known. It was no longer embarrassing for many mainly because of two things. There is strength in numbers, and the church has GOBS of money to shell out.
Again, yes, there are some pedophiles that are being let out of jail that are not Catholic priests. That is inevitable if this is going to work for Rome. Keep in mind however. These pedophiles are NOT part of a multi billion dollar entity like the Vatican. No one single lone pedophile is going to cause a landslide multimillion dollar lawsuits like the thousands of Roman Catholic priests can generate. That in a nutshell is why we see these unjust laws targeting our children being passed!
The article goes on to say…
The Supreme Court's ruling said the Constitution's ban on retroactive laws prohibited prosecution for offenses that had been previously barred by the passage of time. The ruling took effect immediately, and several people accused of sexual offenses were released the next day.
"Trials were stopped, people were released from prisons, investigations were closed," Bill Lockyer, the California attorney general, said in an interview. His office is compiling records of cases affected by the decision, and he estimated that 500 to 800 prosecutions would be dropped.
When was the last time you saw a law, lobbied… changed… and implemented THAT FAST? This was done INSTANTLY! And keep in mind people… that’s just ONE state! Let’s play the averages on the low end here. Let’s assume for a moment that each state has only 500 pedophiles in them. And by the way, California is only projecting those estimates on the data in only TWO counties of that state! But for the sake of argument, lets still say that only 500 child molesters are released per state. That means, the Roman Catholic church has blessed a minimum of 25000 child rapists with freedom! Not only that, they don’t have to report to the local authorities anymore! They are literally free to live right next door to anyone they please! And we all know that child molesters never molest just one child! Do that math.
Rome MUST have their priests released from jail. It’s common knowledge now that this church is unable to keep the priesthood filled. Even if these men are child molesters, Rome needs them to continue their duties as priests! There are articles, videos, and even books on this topic now designed to make the priesthood look attractive! Reason being, most heterosexual men refuse to join the priesthood because of the unbiblical stance that they can not marry woman, and they don’t want to be looked upon as homosexuals either. However, the homosexual community already rejects women, and they don’t care what people think of their evil ways, so the priesthood is actually Heaven on earth for them. Fact is, what little numbers they do have in recruitment is most assuredly a majority of homosexual men now. It’s the old saying coming to light before our eyes. Roman Catholic priests don’t’ become pedophiles… pedophiles become Roman Catholic priests because they will be protected!
These Catholic priests were finally caught red handed right before the eyes of mankind molesting children! And instead of doing the right thing, they seek to do the “legal” thing just to save their church. And just as I stated long before it happened, the Judges have indeed stepped forward to say sodomizing children is now no longer considered illegal or decadent! And to think MANY of us thought that this day was somewhat long in coming, or never to arrive. Soon you will see a flurry of child molesters being released in our neighborhoods. Not just priests mind you! If they are going to get this to work, they have to say ALL child molesters are acceptable now. If you say that only Catholic priests are exempt from this crime of pedophilia, it will look like their playing favorites. But if you make EVERYONE that does this act seem acceptable in some way or another, then the priests look even better because…. IT’S NOW CONSIDERED A NORMAL FACT OF LIFE!
Not only does this insane ruling of the Supreme court allow for child molesters to be freed. It allows for all sorts of sexual decadence to be legalized. From polygamy, to incest! We are about to see this nation go straight into the pits of hell! Texas.. California.. Massachusetts.. San Francisco… New Mexico.. and now New York is just the beginning.
Think about this for a moment. MANY, and I mean MANY are now seeing this putrid garbage played out in the media on a daily basis. Even young children are watching this sewage. It’s all over the Televisions! Many are about to step forward and voice their concerns in one way or another. Soon you will see more websites, new articles, radio announcers, preachers, and ordinary people from all walks of life talking about how evil this church truly is. Even more Catholics are going to leave because of this. And then we will see the church REALLY start to flex its muscles! Like during the Reformation, the church graphically fears its church pews being emptied! The Vatican will revert back to the days of the persecutions to try and quench the opposition against it that is so graphically exposing it. The difference at first will be done in a somewhat secretive manner. Just like we see the laws in Texas and California being passed. Many that look upon these laws are still unaware that Rome is behind it all. They will do the same thing with the Christians that speak out against them! Many of us will be arrested and even killed for crimes we never committed. Or they will invent laws that will cause those that do good to be considered criminals. Case in point is the bill that recently passed in Canada…
'Bible as hate speech' bill passes
Sponsor: 'It's been a good week for equality in Canada'
Posted: September 18, 2003
9:00 a.m. Eastern
By Art Moore © 2003 WorldNetDaily.com
Canada's House of Commons passed a controversial bill yesterday opposed by religious believers and free-speech advocates who say it will criminalize public expression against homosexual behavior. The bill, passed 141-110, adds sexual orientation as a protected category in Canada's genocide and hate-crimes legislation, which carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.
The article went on to say that pedophilia would be considered part of the laws scope of protection. You can read the entire article and more in my September 2003 Truth Provided Newsletter on the website.
As I was researching this Newsletter I received an article titled, “Homosexuality and Hate speech” from Zenit organization where it stated that just last November 10th A British Anglican bishop, who suggested that homosexuals seek psychological counseling, ended up becoming the target of a police investigation, according to the Telegraph newspaper. Is this not a Roman tactic? The Governments pass a law that infuriates the masses, and to assure their law is adhered to, they put a jail sentence on anyone that would speak out against it! FORCE is always the case with Rome. And don’t think it will end there. Not by any means. John Paul II made sure of that when he re-instituted the Office of Inquisition back in February of 1991.
Luke 17:28-30 states, "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;  But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.  Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed."
The world is embracing the sin of Sodomy that is fitly named after the city of Sodom. They are doing exactly as Jesus Christ said they would do in these last days. Jesus said it would be as in the days of Lot when He returns, and so it is! And all of this decadence is being orchestrated via the halls of the Roman Catholic Vatican. And the wonderful thing about all this is… You have God’s Word on it! IN ADVANCE NO LESS!
By the way… to further stir the pot… were you aware that it is now documented that Roman Catholic priests are dying of AIDS ELEVEN TIMES GREATER than any other group in the USA? I have all the facts and figures laid out in my, February 7, 2000 Truth Provided Newsletter. How many children have been infected? I recall a couple years back that a family was in massive turmoil when they found out a priest that molested their sons was HIV Positive. Strange thing is, the media never followed up on that story. I wonder why.
It’s time for the people trapped in Rome and other churches that walk with her to realize that enough is enough. I am not saying we can stop what prophecy said is going to occur anyway. Not at all. What I am saying is we need to be more adamant in our approach towards those trapped in these churches. We need to convince the loyal Catholic people that this is now how the world defines Roman Catholicism. Sad to say, it’s a literal joke now in most circles. They can’t even claim they are being persecuted, because many are now looking at them as the ones doing the persecuting. And what’s really strange, IT’S THEIR OWN CHILDREN their church leaders target!
I know it seems strange to have to try and convince people of this. One would think common sense would play a large role in this. But we are dealing with the prophesied BEAST here! The Word doesn’t kid around when it says all the World wonders after this beast. Truth is folks.. some of this is our fault. Those of us outside of Rome KNOW how evil it is. But… do we warn them?
We need to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves when approaching our dear Catholic friends and neighbors now more than ever. They need to be made known of these facts. But we must be Christ-like in our approach. Yes, they are looked upon in a very evil light by the world now thanks to their church leaders. But we are not of this world. We see them as people in desperate need of Jesus. We need to share Jesus with them in a way that opens their eyes to just how evil their church leaders are. The Catholic people are not solely to blame here. Treat them with respect, and you will be surprised how Truth can affect even the most devout Catholic. If you walk up with a Catholic bashing attitude, spewing all sorts of hate, you will get nowhere. We need to understand that even the devout Catholic states boldly,”I love Jesus, and I don’t agree with what my priests are doing.” It is our job to inform them that no longer can they use that as an excuse. If they REALLY do love Jesus, they would do as He says in Revelation 18:4!
Revelation 18,4 "...Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. "
What’s happening in Massachusetts, New York, Texas, California, New Mexico, and even Canada is going to make it even easier for Rome to get out from under all these lawsuits. It’s a no brainer for those that have eyes to see. What’s also very apparent is why MASSACHUSETTS is the first to allow homosexual marriages via the court systems in the USA. It is within this state that the news broke first with all these molestations!
Again… Daniel 11:37 says, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women..
The Vatican is the largest organization known to man that not only forbids their priests to marry, they are also the largest known organization of homosexual men. And now that the truth is coming out, it is also known as the largest known organized group of child molesters on the planet. Oh… and one last thing. It’s WORSE than we thought!
More than 4,000 U.S. priests accused of molesting children since 1950
Canadian Press 
Thursday, February 26, 2004
WASHINGTON (AP) - A national church-sanctioned study documenting sex abuse by U.S. Roman Catholic clergy found about four per cent of clerics have been accused of molesting minors since 1950, a diocese said Thursday.
The Diocese of Yakima, Wash., said in a news release the survey compiled by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice found 4,392 of the 109,694 clergy who served over that five-decade period faced allegations of abuse.
The survey was overseen by the National Review Board, a lay watchdog panel the bishops formed at the height of the abuse crisis. The review board had a Friday morning news conference scheduled in Washington to discuss the report and a companion study on how the abuse crisis developed.
Dioceses received 10,667 abuse claims since 1950, the news release said. Of those, claims by 6,700 were substantiated. Another 3,300 were not investigated because the accused clergymen were dead.
Are we supposed to believe this? Let’s look at the facts first. It was a CHURCH SANCTIONED study. The Bishops that allowed the abuses in the first place APPOINTED some of their BIASED PARISHIONERS as a watchdog panel. They “said” that they only received 10,667 abuse claims. And they admit that 3,300 were never investigated because the PEDOPHILE that attacked the children was dead. So, the actual number of 4,392 child molesting priests is NOT a true number! PLUS, it is common knowledge that the grand majority of those molested NEVER come forward because of obvious reasons. It’s truly too embarrassing for them. I personally know of people that were molested as children by these priests that never came forward. I wonder how many people know of someone that never came forward. I wonder… should we step forward for them? Would it matter?
I don’t believe a single line of this report from Rome. How can anyone believe an organization that has lied AND GOT CAUGHT so many times in the past? Just to name a few off the top of my head. They lied about the compilation of the Bible... they lied about Mary's role... they lied about the MILLIONS they tortured and killed... they lied about Ustashe... they lied about their involvement with Hitler... they lied about molesting all those children... and now they want us to assume they aren't lying??  There is no way they can convince me, or any Christian with all their lying ways that the 4% total is a realistic total. This report openly reeks of yet another openly biased cover-up. Rome will do all it can to hide the truth about this. The fact they NEVER investigated the abuse claims against the dead priests proves this quite boldly. In essence they are saying.. “You’re out of luck… and we are off scott free because those priests died.” Not for long Rome! OUR Jesus is soon to return, and all that you have done will soon be made known!
Until then, Rome WILL allow the molestations to continue
  1. Article Stack Date: 11-29-23 VIDEO: DHS whistleblower EXPOSES America's HIDDEN Child Trafficking Ring * Pope invites large group of transgenders to dine with him at the Vatican * EXPOSED: Bill Gates’s Relationship with Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Revolved Around a Global Health Investment Fund * Florida Principal and Four School Officials Reassigned After Allowing Biological Male to Join Girls’ Volleyball Team * U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Florida Law that Protects Children from Sexually Explicit Drag Shows * Major church governors trigger outrage with anti-Christ scheme
  2. Article Stack Date: 11-22-23 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade will be 'transgender extravaganza' * Trans pop star encourages gay sex among fans at concerts that also permit 8-year-olds * Transgender Activists Attack Feminists Holding Event for Women’s Rights * Franklin Graham: ‘Sad Day for the Church of England’ After It Approves Blessing Same-Sex Couples on Trial Basis * 'So creepy and wrong': 2 lesbians demand adopted daughter birth their baby * Prestigious med center pounces on doctor who dared to tell truth about men in women's sports
  3. Article Stack Date: 11-15-23 Vatican Says Transsexuals and ‘Homoaffective’ Persons Can Be Baptized, Serve as Godparents * Biden targets Christians Free Speech * Pop Star Pink Pulls Stunt Against ‘Book Bans’ — but Won’t Touch Lewd Books Parents Actually Oppose * As ‘The Marvels’ Bombs, Disney Doubles Down on Pushing LGBTQ Streaming Shows * VIDEO: Pennsylvania School Counselor Charged for Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Boy * Sorority gals banished for objecting to membership of 260-pound male * Senator-wannabe tied to trans-lovin' group backing end to parental rights * 'The Left lost their mind': Plan to add 'wokeism' to schoolbooks bites back * U.S. taxpayers billed millions for child mutilations, report says 
  4. Article Stack Date: 11-08-23 New Big Pharma Policy Allows Children to Transition in Secret * Med school claims it's 'not trying to change' students' beliefs with mandatory LGBT training * Danica Roem Becomes First Transgender Elected to State Senate in South * Roman Catholic Biden lavishes astronomical dollars on LGBT promotions in 3 years
  5. Article Stack Date: 11-01-23 VIDEO: Gen. Michael Flynn: Congressmembers 'compromised by sleeping with children' * Elite university 'Sex Week' includes... * 'Soared to new heights': Woke U.S. Air Force brags about packing 'diversity' and 'equity'
  6. Article Stack Date: 10-18-23 Pope Francis Thanks Notorious LGBT Activist for His ‘Ministry’ * Government warned crackdown on 'conversion therapy' would criminalize protected speech * Gender-Bending Teacher Couple in Tennessee Busted for Prostitution in Police Sting * Obama-Appointed Judge Halts Tennessee City Ordinance Banning Drag Shows From Public Spaces * 11-Year-Old Transgender Kid Is Grand Marshal of Orlando Pride Festival Parade * AUDIO: Conference addresses call to 'liberate' children for 'sex work' * Biden's tobacco survey asks kids about their gender identity, sexual orientation
  7. Article Stack Date: 10-18-23 Pope Francis Receives Dissident LGBT Nun in Vatican * Teacher attacked for supporting Bible beliefs at Christian school! * Labour Party to Make ‘Misgendering’ a Crime in Britain with Up Two Years in Prison: Report * U.S. courts accused of 'dismantling science' with pronoun lunacy * Students march against university removing tampons from men's bathrooms
  8. Article Stack Date: 10-11-23 'Progressive minority' pushing Catholic female ordination, LGBT issues * VIDEO: Boy targeted for T-shirt with scientific fact gaining support * 'Thought police': People who affirm biological sex are now 'Nazis' * Elementary schools in blue city force 5-year-olds to celebrate 'National Coming Out Day
  9. Article Stack Date: 10-04-23 Pope suggests Catholic Church could bless same-sex couples * VIDEO: Pastor kicked out of school board meeting over reading explicit books: ‘This robs children' * Library association officials work on plan to provide porn to kids * Nolte: Evil Disney Produced the Most Homosexual Content in 2022 * Los Angeles Unified School District Plans Weeklong Celebration of National Coming Out Day * Archdiocese of blue city files for bankruptcy, braces for expected wave of sex abuse lawsuits
  10. Article Stack Date: 09-27-23 California Gov. Newsom Signs Law Requiring Foster Parents to Show They Will Support Children’s ‘Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity’ * Christian Doctor in UK Appeals Case After Being Fired Over Transgender Pronouns Use * Utah gender clinic performs sex changes on minors despite being 'fully aware' of permanent side effects * Veterans Affairs says there are more than 50 genders * Author of 'Gender Queer' book found in schools doesn't recommend it for kids * Megachurch to host LGBT-affirming conference * THOU SHALT NOT TRAFFIC CHILDREN * Accused 2017 ‘Vault 7’ Leaker Convicted of Hosting Child Porn on Server Maintained While in CIA Employ * VIDEO: Watch: Ad Hits Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown for Using Tax Dollars on Drag Queen Story Hour * Roman Catholic Biden admin shells out $200,000 for LGBT 'mentoring program' to connect teens with adults * Federal judge blocks red state ban on sex changes for minors * VIDEO: LGBT extremists claim of children: 'Our kids!' * Governor signs law barring removal of LGBT books from schools
  11. Article Stack Date: 09-20-23 VIDEO: Texas Church Holds a “Drag Sunday” Service to Bless the Satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Drag Queens * Parents Appalled After Biological Male Crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School * Poll: Half of U.S. Young Adults Say Open Marriages Are ‘Acceptable’ * Pennsylvania: Hundreds of Students Walk out of Classes in Protest at Trans Bathrooms * Library facing shutdown after officials refuse to protect kids from gender lunacy * VIDEO: WATCH: U.S. church holds 'Drag Sunday' to bless satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence * Drag Queens & Adventism * SDA Church "celebrates" LGBT+ leaders at 44th Annual Kampmeeting * VIDEO: PART 2: HiTOPS Designs Sexual Identity Training for Kindergartners
  12. Article Stack Date: 09-13-23 State threatens to remove kids from parents who don't 'affirm' transgenderism * Attorneys General from All 50 States Unite to Combat AI-Generated Child Pornography * Completely Inappropriate’: Oklahoma Elementary School Hires Drag Queen as Principal * Los Angeles Schools Host LGBT ‘Rainbow Club’ for Kids as Young as 5 (BTW - Lust is NOT love) * VIDEO: INDOCTRINATION: University of Arizona is Teaching Future Nurses to Start Asking Patients About Gender Identity as Young as Three Years Old * VIDEO: California Assembly Passes Controversial Bill Granting Judges Authority to Remove Child Custody from Parents for Refusing to “Affirm” Their Kid’s Gender Identity: Newsom to Make Final Decision * VIDEO: They’re Sexualizing Children: LA School District Launches Virtual Gay Club for Kindergarten Through Age 11 Students * Instagram Censors Teen ‘Detransitioner’ Chloe Cole for Grotesque Reason * VIDEO: California Quietly Getting Rid of Travel Ban to ‘Anti-LGBT’ States, But What It’s Planning Instead Is Much Worse * SURPRISE! Democrat Mayor Filmed Getting Spanked by a Drag Queen is a Self-Described MARXIST * Maine Church Vandalized With ‘Queer Love’ and ‘Abortion is a Human Right * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: WATCH: Senator John Kennedy Forces the Illinois Secretary of State to Make a Brutal Admission After Kennedy Reads Passages from Two Pornographic LGBTQ Books Available to Children * Coach ousted after speaking against male athletes competing against women * 'Utter madness!' Bill passes requiring parents to 'affirm' kids' gender 'transitions'
  13. Article Stack Date: 09-06-23 Use”Paper and Pencil… Digital Records are More Permanent:” Colorado Teachers Union Directs Educators How to HIDE and DESTROY Evidence of LGBTQ Indoctrination * Jurors removed because they're Christian, now Supremes asked to rule * VIDEO: Lesbian Marxist American Library Association President Brags About Subverting “Normal Family Types” and Makes Anti-White Statements * Parents Outraged After Teachers Union Tells Educators to Destroy Evidence of Student Surveys Regarding Gender Identity * VIDEO: Canadian Teacher Kayla Lemieux Ditches Z-Cup Breasts — Was It All a Hoax * VIDEO: School board forced to remove dozens of books after parents read 'graphic' passages aloud
  14. Article Stack Date: 08-30-23 WOKE POPE: 'Church must pay less attention to “sins of the flesh * Virginia K-12 District Rejects Gov. Youngkin’s Rules to Shield Kids from Transgenderism * Biden-Appointed Judge Rules Maryland Parents Have No Right to Opt Their Children Out of Woke LGBTQ Curriculum * Study: Transgender Surgeries Tripled After Obama Forced Insurance Companies to Cover Expenses * BBC Edits Article on Convicted Paedophile, Removes References to Role as a Pride-Promoting Drag Queen * Video from ‘Disturbed Visitors’ Shows Men Dressed in Drag Greeting Children at Disney ‘Princess Makeover’ Boutique * Chicago Teacher Found with Boy at Airport Charged with Trying to Make Child Porn * 'Bring It’: California School District Defiant as State Sues over Transgender Parental Notification * Judge Dismisses Lawsuit From Six Sorority Sisters Over Transgender Biological Man Being Allowed to Join * School District Pays Massive Fine for ‘Pushing Girl to Change Gender' * Church of England Priests Say Premarital, Gay Sex Not Immoral * Fresh battle over schools forcing LGBT mantra on children * The Biden administration's brazen, pro-pedophile agenda
  15. Article Stack Date: 08-23-23 The Biden administration's brazen, pro-pedophile agenda * Academy Museum in Los Angeles to Host Drag Queen Story Hour for Children, with Scene Readings from John Waters Movies * University pushes ideological transgender 'toolkit' on med students
  16. Article Stack Date: 08-16-23 Report: Planned Parenthood Opposes Child Marriage Ban in California * Uganda’s Marxist Dictator Defends ‘Anti-Homosexuality’ Law After World Bank Cuts Off Loans * VIDEO: ‘Only Two Genders’: Kari Lake Challenges NYT, WaPo Reporters to Milk a Bull to ‘See How That Goes’ * VIDEO: TASTE THE BACKLASH?: Candy giant debuts transgender ad campaign * Science redefines 'personhood' with 'THREE-parent' embryos (Science?! LOL!) * Largest school district in state defies governor's guidance on bathrooms, pronouns
  17. Article Stack Date: 08-09-23 Perverters in chief: Jill Biden goes on grotesque new mission * U.S. proposes new 'programming' to queer up foreign nations * O’Shae Sibley Murder: Media Paint NY Dancer as Victim of ‘Homophobia’ Without Mentioning Muslim Suspect * Gay, bisexual men can donate blood as revised FDA rules take effect * Disney Partners with Cross-Dressing Influencer to Promote Minnie Mouse Outfit * 'This guy must be gay': Obama's brother whacks Barack again
  18. Article Stack Date: 08-04-23 VIDEO: ‘There’s a Bigger Agenda to Hurt Children' * VIDEO: Detransitioner shares heartbreaking testimony: 'Let me be your final warning' * Boy Scout Leaders Invite LGBTQ Advocates to Jamboree Camp * Transsexual Requests Euthanasia in Canada over Pain from Sex Change Surgery * LGBT mob violently assaults Christian students peacefully protesting woke grooming of children * Oklahoma Governor Signs Women’s Bill of Rights to Protect Girls from ‘out-of-Control Gender Ideology’ * VIDEO: Whistleblower charges Disney's wokeism even worse than thought
  19. Article Stack Date: 07-26-23 Stanford Study: Leftist Twitter Alternative Mastodon Has a Major Child Pornography Problem * VIDEO: Police: Transgender Democrat Former Lawmaker Conspired to Get Sexual Images of Daycare Children * Sen. Josh Hawley: Left Pushing Gender Ideology on Children Is ‘Latest Frontier’ of Attacks on Nuclear Family * VIDEO: Tim Ballard: Thousands of Unaccompanied Children ‘Disappearing’ into U.S. Interior * 'Dangerous for Christians': One nation looks to severely punish truth-telling * Christian pastor and family flee North America due to government persecution * VIDEO: 'Head of the snake': Republican for president unveils detailed plan to unravel Deep State * Sports coach gets fired for saying males are different from females * Dylan Mulvaney heads back to school for speaking gigs
  20. Article Stack Date: 07-19-23 Conservative Party Suspends Christian Councillor for Calling Pride a Sin * VIDEO: ‘Furious’ dad goes viral for objecting to doctor’s gender questions to son * Police Commander Targeted Reporter Who Exposed Political Pedophile Network, Say Mexican Investigators * Report: Female Army National Guard Recruit Was Forced to Shower with Transgender Male * VIDEO: WATCH: Cosmetics giant decides to kill itself with disturbing new ad * Children's hospital pilots sex-ed program where students are teachers * Moms for Liberty Activists Get ‘Violent Rape, Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality’ Books Removed From Florida School District
  21. Article Stack Date: 07-12-23 GRADE SCHOOL INDOCTRINATION WORKED! - 40% of Brown University Students Identify as LGBTQQIAAP2S+ * Social Credit: Bank Blocks Account for Parents’ Organisation Opposed to Child Transgenderism * Thousands of Methodist congregations flee conference that turned LGBT-friendly * Woke Christianity: Archbishop of York Brands Lord’s Prayer ‘Oppressively Patriarchal’ for Saying ‘Our Father’ * Lesbians demanding constitution be changed in tropical paradise * YMCA Accuses Teen Girl of Hate Speech for Opposing Man in Girls' Locker Room * Surgeon Admits Performing Transsexual Surgeries on Young Children * Police can arrest parents for NOT PAYING for their child's sex 'transition'! * VIDEO: GRAPHIC Stunning video exposes how trans activists 'conquered American life' * Never Upset the Alphabet People: St. Philip’s College Fires Prof for Making LGBT Student ‘Uncomfortable' * California Democrats Block Bill to Make Child Trafficking a Felony * Almost half of elite university's students identify as 'not straight' * VIDEO: 'Insulting': Disney+ invents person's homosexuality in famous true story * Companies must allow men to use women's restrooms at work, high court rules in one country * Jim Caviezel movie attacks child sex trafficking, so media attack movie! * 'An obscene stunt to market the killing of preborn babies'
  22. Article Stack Date: 07-05-23 VIDEO: ‘Trans man’ curses out religious pharmacist for refusing to give her malehormones * Michigan House Democrats Pass Bill to Make Using ‘Wrong’ Pronouns Finable Up to $10,000 * NJ Drag Queen: Banning Drag Queen Shows for Children a ‘Disservice to Their YoungMinds’ * Detransitioner: Genital Surgery ‘Destroyed My Life’ — ‘You Need to Be Insane’ to Think ThisHelps Patients * Ex-NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Blasts LGBT Community: ‘Most Unfair Group Walking thePlanet Right Now’ * Report: Alleged Philadelphia Gunman a Cross-Dresser, BLM Supporter * U.S. military celebrates trans officer ’embracing authenticity,’ drag queen ‘motherfigure‘ * VIDEO: WATCH: Parents launch ad campaign targeting ‘anti-parent’ lawmakers * VIDEO: Serious pushback in one state against ‘truly Orwellian’ profs * VIDEO: ‘I just started estrogen’: Little-noticed Biden event features trans8th-grader, LGBT student activists * Homosexual Pete Buttigieg: Christian web designer went into business to ‘provoke’ legalfight
  23. Article Stack Date: 06-28-23 VIDEOS: “We’re Coming for Your Children!” MAPs Openly Chant at NYC Pride March (Not to worry - the plagues are just around the corner) * VIDEO: Drag marchers spark outrage with ‘we’re coming for your children’ chant at NYC Pride event * VIDEO: This is unfathomable * AMC Theatres Pulls Documentary About Detransitioners After Transgender Backlash * Report: Four Children Found in Boston-Run Housing with Drag Queens, ‘Drugs, Sex Toys,’ and Dead Body * PHOTOS: Another Brawl in Glendale over LGBTQ+ Curriculum * U.N. ‘Expert’: Religious Liberty Must Yield to LGBT Demands * U.N. ‘Expert’: Religious Liberty Must Yield to LGBT Demands * VIDEO: The Party Never Stops! Admiral Rachel Levine Declares ‘Summer of Pride’ * Army Special Operations Command Posts Intersex-Inclusive ‘Progress Pride’ Flag on Social Media * Christian university offered a course on 'The Queer Art of Drag' * 'Preposterous': Biology professor fired for teaching basic biology! * VIDEO: 'Homosexuals are literally taking over the National Park System' * VIDEO: Washington Students Marched To Principal’s Office And Lectured For Wearing ‘There Are Only Two Genders’ Shirts * State's 1st elected transgender rep arrested on child porn charges * Another major beer company goes all-in on LGBT 'pride' * Bud Light sponsors Pride parade with naked participants and kids * Children's hospital charges thousands on how to teach gender identity, anal sex * Fired for expressing Christian beliefs, worker now collects * 'Appalling': U.S. parents warned about what Biden thinks of their beliefs * Leftists Stage Cyberattack on Fort Worth, Texas, over Restrictions on Child Transing Procedures * VIDEO: Truth Hurts: Biology Prof Says St. Philip’s College Fired Him for Teaching that Sex Is Determined by Chromosomes * VIDEO: LGBT Uniparty: Tory and Labour MPs Block Bridgen Bill Banning Radical Gender Theory in Schools * There's a transgender clinic tucked away inside this Walgreens * UN Demands Christians Bend to LGBTQ * Roman Catholic Biden's new LGBT toolkit encourages student 'sexuality' clubs at school * Top library official goes public with scheme to pounce on Christians
  24. Article Stack Date: 06-21-23 Protesters Gather at Church Frequented by Joe Biden over ‘Pride Mass * Major League Baseball Strikes All Pride Jerseys * The Trans Lobby Wants To Make It Illegal To Talk A Child Out Of A Sex Change * VIDEO: 'God is queer' says German Protestant "pastor" at conference * VIDEO: Teacher Calling Students' Transgender Remarks 'Despicable' Sparks Outrage * Teachers boast of going 'subversive' to secretly take kids into trans ideology * VIDEO: Sexually 'explicit' books 'really valuable' to students, librarians told at conference * Health clinic promoted drag story hour to kids with autism * 'Really bad science': Biden admin admits LGBT lifestyle produces worse mental health, addiction * Promise Keepers 'rejected by Christian school over biblical marriage' * Biden folds in fight over mandate for doctors to do body mutilations * 'Offensive': School district won't let students opt out of LGBT 'pride' lessons
  25. Article Stack Date: 06-14-23 Priorities: Roman Catholic Joe Biden to Host Largest White House Pride Celebration ‘in History’ * Nike Set to Unveil ‘Gender Inclusive’ Clothing Line for Children for Pride Month * Bud Light Co-Sponsoring ‘All Ages’ Drag Party — ‘Family Festival Event’ * Air Force Celebrates Pride Month with Graphic of Service Member Saluting Rainbow Colors * VIDEO: The left is calling these parents 'White supremacists * Bank of America Goes Woke and You Will Suffer (This Banks was started by Jesuits) * Roman Catholic Biden Centers Trangenderism Flag on White House (Pope is Silent) * Has Chick-fil-A Gone Woke? An Updated Rap Sheet * VIDEO: Charges Dropped for Street Preacher Arrested at LGBTQ Event: ‘I’m Just Here to Spread the Gospel’ * California Bill Seeks to Cover Surrogacy Costs for homosexual Couples * 'Students start coming out': 'Rainbow Library' program pushes LGBT content to kids as young as 5 * America's largest teachers union unveils LGBT toolkit * Private schools teaching 'sexuality curriculum' in woke kindergarten classes * Parents feel blindsided by school's use of pro-abortion sex ed * 'Unacceptable': Gender-studies prof defends zero grade for student's use of 'biological women' * Big Tech slaps down pastor's letter to parents about Pride month * Some churches embrace Pride month with drag queens, queer proms and gay concerts * Did the Pentagon make a boy-loving 'chickenhawk' its 'Pride Month' hero? * 4,000+ Churches Split from Pro-LGBTQ+ United Methodist Church Denomination * SHOCKING: Transgender Felon Awarded $495,000, Moved To Female Correctional Facility In Minnesota * Teacher Threatens to Punish Students Next Year After They Object To PRIDE Video Shown In Class * VIDEO: Cartoon Network’s ‘We Baby Bears’ Children Series Introduces Gender ‘Non-Binary’ Characters With ‘They/Them’ Pronouns * U.S. county a 'sanctuary' to mutilate kids without parents' consent * 'I fill out your opt-out forms every single year and it's a joke. They don't get followed' * What do Americans REALLY think of 'changing genders'? Poll has answer * State senator tells parents to flee his own state amid law taking kids away from non-'affirming' parents
  26. Article Stack Date: 06-07-23 ROMAN CATHOLIC JESUIT PRIEST James Martin: Gay Pride Compatible with Sacred Heart of Jesus * Vatican promotes orgies in Heaven!" (See paragraph 6) * Glamour Magazine Puts Pregnant Transgender ‘Man’ on June Cover for Pride-month * VIDEO: Lawsuit: Oklahoma Parent Says Daughter Was ‘Severely Beaten’ by Male Trans Student in Girls’ Bathroom * Biden’s DOJ Celebrates ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex’ for Pride-month * Joe Biden Criticizes States Protecting Children from Mutilation in LGBTQIAAP2S+ Pride-Month Proclamation * 'Vulgarity and Violence’ Cited as King James Bible Removed from Some Utah School Libraries (Yet homosexual porn is NOT vulgar?) * Trans Babies? Health Centre Asks Parents if Their Newborns Are Transgender or Non-Binary * Looney Tunes Uses Bugs Bunny to Celebrate Drag Queens for Pride Month: ‘Get Your Drag On’ * Disney Pride Collection Includes Mickey Mouse Bodysuit for Babies * Survey: One-Third of Democrats Disagree with Laws Protecting Children from ‘Sex-Change’ Surgery * LGBTQI+ Advocates Cheer as Federal Judge Overturns Tennessee’s Ban on Drag Shows in Front of Kids * VIDEO: ‘Sesame Street’ Goes All-In for Pride Month: ‘Happy Pride! Elmo Loves You’ * Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Star Melissa McCarthy Honored at West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade Featuring Explicit BDSM Sex Acts * Democrats Use Drag Queen to Rally 2024 Voters * VIDEO: First SDA church to host LGBT affirmation Lectures on Sabbath * VIDEO: PRIDE Scandal Stripped Target of More than $13 Billion in Market Value * School gave elementary kids sex-ed lesson pushing puberty blockers * Iconic children's show shoving 'Pride month' down kids' throats: 'Happy pride! Elmo loves you' * Court denies Massachusetts 7th-grader free speech request following legal battle over 'two genders' shirt * Be-YOU-tiful: Blue-city library to host pride parade for kids * Community irate as student cut from graduation for saying only 2 genders exist: School now invoking nuclear option * Leaked email: Nike set to bring in doctor who performs evil surgeries on children * U.S. military makes radical homosexual activist its poster boy for 'Pride Month' * Poll: More Than 7 in 10 Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage * They just don't learn: Now Bud Light sponsors 'all ages' drag-queen pride party * 'Horrific': Instagram connects vast pedophile network, report says * Parents banned from attending LGBT pride carnival for kids * What the devil? FBI director teams with pentagram-wearing LGBT star
  27. Article Stack Date: 05-31-23 VIDEO: Taught to be TRANS in Catholic church! * VIDEO: Target partners with org pushing for kids' genders to be secretly changed in schools without parental consent * VIDEO: Groomer Reverend Investigation Update (The "pastor" uses X-rated language) * VIDEO: North Hollywood parents boycott school district's planned Pride assembly: 'Keep your kids home' * Kickstarter abruptly suspends comic project for 'defying transgenderism' * North Face Slammed over Ad Featuring Drag Queen Urging Viewers to ‘Come Out’ in Nature * Bud Light Sponsors Cincinnati Pride Parade as Sales Plummet with Boycott * Target VP Was Board Member for K-12 Transgender Advocacy Group * Kohl’s Faces Boycott Calls Over Pride Onesie for Babies Following Target, Bud Light Backlash * Joe Biden Threatens to Cut Some of America’s $1 Billion-a-Year Uganda Aid over Anti-LGBT Bill * Designer of Satanist Apparel Says ‘I Don’t Believe in Satan’ After Target Pulls Brand’s Merchandise * LGBTQ Activists Warn Corporate America — ‘You Need to Be Our Ally’ * VIDEO: NYT says Disney movie not kinky enough * Kohl's and Target poured cash into LGBT group pushing secret gender transitions for kids * School demands $11,000 for access to public records about locker room fiasco * Nevada Democrats to Fine Schools $5k Per Day for Banning Males from Girls Sports * VIDEO: Nolte: Backlash Grows Over Male Transvestite Greeting Children at Disneyland * Bud Light Donates $200,000 to Support LGBTQ+ Businesses amid Boycott * VIDEO: WATCH: San Francisco Launches First Ad in Bid to Attract Tourists Back * Yet another major retailer faces backlash over LGBT clothing for children * Now it's getting sticky: Trans activist glues self to floor during school protest * Using Catholicism (again) to spread hate of Christians * 'Godlessness': Super popular Christian TV show defends gay-pride flag on set
  28. Article Stack Date: 05-24-23 VIDEO: Admitted Child Porn Solicitor Identified From Whistleblower Database; Brooklyn DA Presses No Charges * VIDEO: Pastor GOES OFF on school board over graphic sex book * Her son said his stepdad was sexually abusive. A judge gave the stepdad custody anyway. Then his mom found the photographs * VIDEO: 'Absolutely wild': Democrats vote down parental rights bill * VIDEO: So sex offenders 'shatter' now? * VIDEO: Nebraska senator flips out debating ban on sex change surgeries for minors, screams 'we need trans people' * VIDEO: Demon Possession on Camera * Target Partners with Satanist Designer Abprallen for Gay Pride Collection * VIDEO: Corporate Queering: Target Selling “Pride” Clothes for Children * VIDEO: Watch — Lizzo Pushes Transgenderism on Children During Nebraska Concert: ‘Don’t Let Any Laws Tell You Who You Not’ * Christian teacher banned from class for 'misgendering' student * School stocks boys' bathrooms with tampons, now has unexpected problem * Biden claims NOT having X-rated books (IN SCHOOL) is a civil-rights violation * 'Heartbreaking': Girl loses track meet to male athlete, mom says parents are being silenced * Groomers': Pro baseball team snubs Christians to honor drag queens * PhRMA, Pfizer funded LGBT index scoring hospitals for promoting gender ideology * Governor vetoes bill banning student pronoun changes without parental consent * School board defies state law so it can force LGBT ideas down kids' throats * Popular company (North Face) goes 'Bud Light' woke with queer clothing for kids * La Sierra University Church will hold the “I Am Affirmed” LGBT+ Graduation Ceremony on the Lord’s Sabbath * Celebrating the LGBT+ Seventh-day Adventist Class of 2023
  29. Article Stack Date: 05-17-23 QTP Sends Build-A-Queer Kits Sent to Minors Without Parental Consent * VIDEO: WATCH: Major retailer’s sex grooming for kids goes so far, even gays sickened * LGBT1984: UK Parliament Staff Told to Police ‘Preferred Pronoun’ Usage — Report * Middle Schooler Made to Remove Shirt that Said ‘There Are Only Two Genders’ SuesSchool * VIDEO: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Star Brags of Meeting ‘So Many Kids’ at LA Drag Mega Event * VIDEO: Florida 5th Grade Teacher: Parental Rights ‘Are Gone When Your Child Is in thePublic School System’ * Japan Bristles at Biden’s Ambassador Rahm Emanuel Pushing LGBTQIA2S+ Law: ‘Sick andTired of the Interference’ * School forces LGBT indoctrination onto 4-year-old, all hell breaks loose
  30. Article Stack Date: 05-10-23 Catholic Church Proclaims ‘God Is Trans * U.S. State Department Offers Funds to Teach English to ‘Transgender Youth’ in Pakistan * Anthropologie Awash With Boycott Backlash After Brand Uses Man to Model Dresses * Security Researchers: Online Predators Target Children’s Webcams * Governor blocks funding for PBS station promoting drag queens to kids
  31. Article Stack Date: 05-03-23 Teacher caught berating kids who object to LGBTQ lesson with severe threat: 'You don't have a choice' * California Teachers Sue School District Over Policy of Hiding Children’s Gender Transition from Parents * Stunner! Dem lawmakers have proposed legal protections for pedophiles * This was the only way he could "win" * Young mom makes Walmart stranger uncomfortable for saying baby was ‘flirting’ with her * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Chelsea Clinton Accused of Pushing ‘Porn for Kids’ over Support for Sexually Explicit LGBTQ Books in Schools * REPORT: Australian Police Investigating Woman for Opposing Trans Inclusion in Women’s Soccer * Scientific American Mag Publishes ‘Embarrassing’ Essay Claiming ‘Human Sex Is Not Binary’ * Activists invite consumers to complain about TV show mixing nude adults with kids * Latest 'trans' disorder has people intentionally disabling themselves * VIDEO: 'Evil, Inc.': Dems OPPOSE making indecent exposure to minors a felony * ACLU tells school board it has a 'legal obligation' to conceal students' gender transitions * World's largest Baptist university hosts 'Queer Sex Ed' night * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Huge transgender student pummels schoolgirls after entering female locker room * As In the Days of Lot: 1 in 4 High School Students Identifies as LGBT+ * U.S. State Department Offers Funds to Teach English to ‘Transgender Youth’ in Pakistan * Navy Confirms Using Drag Queen Influencer as a ‘Digital Ambassador’ to Attract Recruits
  32. Article Stack Date: 04-26-23 VIDEO: Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick Blast Anti-Grooming Laws: ‘Drag Is an Art. Drag Is a Right’ * Lawmaker: Force doctors to do trans procedures, hold them 'accountable' if they won't * Grown man identifying as 'trans' exposed genitalia to 4 freshman girls * 'Dirty books': Librarians celebrate efforts to keep homosexual porn in schools * Transgender threatens all who try to keep him out of women's facilities * Nolte: Racist Hollywood Offers More Trans Privilege to ‘The Flash’ Star Ezra Miller * FBI: California Professor Tried to Arrange Rape of Child, Lure Her with Doll — ‘University of the Horrific’ * VIDEO: White House Welcomes ‘The L Word’ Stars to Press Briefing for ‘Lesbian Visibility Week’
  33. Article Stack Date: 04-19-23 Public accuses churches of abandoning tenets of faith * UN report calls for decriminalization of all sexual activity, including between adults and children * VIDEO: New UN-backed legal recommendations normalize sex with minors, outraged critics say * VIDEO: Gates funds millions to NGO claiming kids born sexual, 10-year-olds should learn about 'commercial sex work * Teen suspended for opposing trans ideology files human rights complaint: 'Shockingly discriminatory * Son of jailed Canadian pastor faces potential fines, prison for preaching outside kids' drag queen story time * Disneyland Gay and Transgender ‘Pride Nite’ to Welcome Children of All Ages * 'My question is very simple': Biden Cabinet member refuses to define what a woman is * MrBeast is introducing millions of children to transgenderism without parental consent * 'Unadulterated evil': State declares 'war' on parents over genders * Teacher says 'Good afternoon, girls' at an all-girls school, then gets fired * Nike does something even worse than Bud Light with latest move, and kids are involved * Christian facing jail for reading Bible, preaching near drag queen story time * University of Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ task force makes demands, including trans-inclusive health care, housing
  34. Article Stack Date: 04-12-23 VIDEO: Riley Gaines to Tucker: This does not deter me, this does not silence me * VIDEO: Transgenderism is America's fastest-growing religion * VIDEO: Religious liberty nonprofit blasts bill banning protests near drag shows: 'Deranged parody of public law' * VIDEO: California mom confronts school district after 11-year-old changed genders without her knowledge * University of Miami Encourages Students to Undergo Sex Change Surgeries * Communist Vietnam Considers Law to Allow Transgenders to Change Their Sex Legally * School district donated to gender clinic that promotes transitions for kids * Alarm sounded over scheme to eliminate parental custody of children 12 and older * Federal judge rules against two teachers who sued school district over mandatory diversity training
  35. Article Stack Date: 04-05-23 President Biden Commemorates Transgender Day of Visibility: ‘Made in the Image of God and Deserving of Dignity’ * Trans Pastor Compares Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale to Jesus * Unitarian Universalist church distances itself from controversial 'sexual fantasy' school assignment * Teen disqualified from Pokémon tournament for laughing upon being asked his pronouns * Elon Musk’s Twitter Restricts Conservatives Raising Alarm About ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ * Straight Male Rockers Performing in Drag to Protest Tennessee, Florida Laws Protecting Children * State Department fund offers $1.5 million grants to promote 'LGBT Inclusion' around globe * Canadian gov't 'sponsoring' Drag Summer Camp for children 7-11 years old * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Trans activist literally goes for conservative's throat during pro-trans rally * Gender clinic offered puberty blockers to 8-year-olds, surgery referrals at 14 * Superintendent candidate dropped after calling ladies 'ladies' in an email * Christian school fighting state discrimination over faith * State denies adoption for Christian mom, now she takes serious action * Apostate Pastor compares Christian school shooter's trans identity to Jesus' crucifixion
  36. Article Stack Date: 03-29-23 Woke Lancet Praises Pope Francis for LGBTQ and Climate Advocacy * VIDEO: Fight breaks out at Texas Capitol over trans activist's viral speech comparing lawmakers to Hitler * State issues emergency rule restricting 'inhumane science experiments' on children * Pentagon urges more access to sex-change hormones for military kids as young as SEVEN! * VIDEO: Minnesota advances 'trans refuge' bill opponents say would strip custody from non-consenting parents * WATCH: Five Times Pro-Trans Protesters Turned Aggressive, Violent * Elderly councilor suspended for objecting to LGBT promotions on her street
  37. Article Stack Date: 03-22-23 VIDEO: Canadian pastor arrested second time for protesting children's drag queen events: 'Sick, twisted perversion' * VIDEO: This Dem-run city held a taxpayer-funded drag queen story hour for kids * Christian Teacher Fired for Saying ‘Homosexuality is Invading the Church * Conservative’ Councillor Suspended After Questioning Pride ‘Sex Flags’ * Vermont Dem Defends Ban of Christian School from State Sports Over School’s ‘Dangerous’ Transgender Objections * Nolte: GLAAD Counts 596 LGBT Characters on Your TV * Minnesota elementary school teacher proud of confusing students about gender * Bible college fires theologian for tweet against homosexuality, threatens to report as terrorist: lawyers * NJ Mom Treated Like a Terrorist Threat, 'Demonized' for Questioning Sexual Posters in Elementary School * One of USA Today's 'Women of the Year' is a man who dismissed child sex-abuse allegations
  38. Article Stack Date: 03-15-23 Germany's Catholic Church approved blessings for same-sex couples. Is this a revolution? * Seven-Year-Olds Can be ‘Mixed Berry Gender Fluid Muffins’, Teachers Instructed * University of Indiana Medical Students Get ‘Sex and Gender Primer’ for Basic Human Structure Class * Wiener Vows to Stop California Bill Requiring Schools to Inform Parents About Gender Transition * Hilton Hotels to Support ‘Queer Formals’ for Teens * 'Horrifying': Huge proportion of kids pursuing gender transitions actually autistic, experts believe * Roman Catholic Biden calls bans on gender surgeries 'close to sinful,' now Americans respond * Principals go nuclear on Christian school for refusing trans insanity * The Big List of U.S. companies (to boycott) going crazy woke for LGBT * We were wrong': Pioneer in child gender swaps makes damning admission (She will be ignored) * Police get ordered not to interfere in arguments over same-sex marriage * Arizona High School Kicks Real Girls Out of Locker Room If They’re Uncomfortable With Fake Ones * New York Attorney General Letitia James to Host Drag Story Hour for Kids * Now Your Tax Dollars Will Pay for Gender Madness for Veterans * Santa Rosa Diocese files for bankruptcy in face of potentially 200 abuse claims * Why have your child in a school that needs a LAW to stop them from abusing your child?! * Day of reckoning for Christian fired after refusing LGBT training (Judge rejected Christian)
  39. Article Stack Date: 03-08-23 VIDEO: Catholic School has Student Expelled & arrested for his Biblical values * Elementary school's private emails show secret plans to defy parents' wishes on transitioning their child * Christian Preacher Reported to UK Terror Police After Calling ‘Transwoman’ a ‘Man in Woman’s Clothing’ * VIDEO: Cyndi Lauper Compares Laws Banning Transgender Surgery on Children to Nazi Germany: ‘This Is How Hitler Started’ * Mayor Pete's gay 'buddy' fellow mayor busted for atrocious crime against kids * 'Kids are precious gifts from God': State grills clinics on 'sterilization,' gender transitions * State wants to punish cities for having 'male' and 'female' options on marriage forms * Famous Catholic university pushing abortion, transgenders as 'reproductive justice' * Students demand famous Catholic university 'eliminate' Christian group from campus * 30,000 demand apology to cop pressured to quit over biblical marriage * Readin’, ‘Ritin, and Rainbow Madness: Drag Queen Forces 11-Year-Old to Leave Class for Denying 73 Genders * UK: Chaplain fired, reported as ‘potentially violent religious extremist’ for sermon questioning LGBTQ activists * Canada: Calgary pastor thrown in jail for ‘hate’ after protesting drag show for kids at library
  40. Article Stack Date: 03-01-23 VIDEO: De-transitioned teen: Keep your kids away from this * Wichita Public Schools: Not Using ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Can ‘Lead to Death * Only in the end times do we need such a law * Red-state university to hold 'genital diversity gallery' during annual sex week * What a drag: Red state kills bill barring 'lewd or lascivious content' at schools * Teacher allegedly forces girl, 9, to use male pronouns, causing her to be suicidal
  41. Article Stack Date: 02-22-23 VIDEO: Alaska board members brawl over silencing dad exposing book on kinks and sexting: 'I'm going to interrupt you' * VIDEO: Missouri's AG launches investigation into pediatric transgender clinic * St. Louis Gender Clinic Told Teachers to Encourage Whole 5th Grade Group to be ‘Transgender’ * Superintendent admits district knowingly provided book on sex apps, extreme fetishes and orgies to kids * VIDEO: Woman sues EIGHT doctors who put her through sex-change ops * Major Christian church on brink of split over one hot-button issue * BBC comes out in defense of Islamic child marriages in India * 2024 GOP Fantasist Hogan Says Opposing Trans Propaganda in Schools Is ‘Authoritarian
  42. Article Stack Date: 02-15-23 VIDEO: Christian teacher loses job after refusing to deceive parents on kids' gender transitions: 'From the devil' * Nonbinary teacher has 'good laughs' about hiding kids' gender changes from parents, claims admin supports it * Whistleblower at trans care center exposes ‘appalling’ practices inside gender-affirming hospital for kids * Pre-K teacher attacks idea of 'childhood innocence,' claims toddlers not too young for 'sexuality' discussion * Brazil’s Top Court Approves Using Grammatically Wrong ‘Gender Neutral’ Language in Schools * Doctors at pediatric transgender center could lose licenses after whistleblower testimony * 'Obscene, sexual activity': Girl pressured to memorize porn takes serious action * Former Georgia cop lawyers up after resigning over gay marriage Facebook post: 'Unconstitutional violation' * Private School Sex Ed. Teacher: Kids Are Sexual Beings ‘Since Birth’ * He actually tweeted this * VIDEO: “...everyone single one of these kids is a sexual being. They have been since birth and at every age and stage, we can offer them age appropriate transformative sex Ed.” * Sexuality educator Al Vernacchio had students create genital replicas out of Play Doh. * Dangerous and un-American': Lawmaker rips families with 'a married mom and dad' * Now We Can Rest Easy, We Have a Gay White House Communications Director (IOW - Christian speech will be targeted) * An inside look at how the Boston Archdiocese is crafting gender-identity guidelines
  43. Article Stack Date: 02-08-23 San Diego Cardinal Doubles Down in Defense of Homosexuality * Roman Cup Depicting Child Sex Promoted by British Museum for LGBTQ History Month * Bill would make another state a 'trans refuge' for kids * VIDEO: WATCH: Library staff defends having obscene books for kids * Ireland to Use St Patrick’s Day to Promote ‘Diversity’ and Drag Queens * Faith communities pushed to 'fully comply' with LGBT agenda * School to host lunchtime screening of graphic trans film with full-frontal nudity * VIDEO: 'Evil behavior': Hallmark's 'family' time-travel show goes super woke * So-called 'Christian' leaders blast laws criminalizing homosexuality * Catholic high school student arrested after suspension for opposing transgender ideology * Church of England to consider gender-neutral God: reports * Mom: Probe school district that hid my daughter's gender transition, provided chest binders * Pro-Trans Demonstrators Occupy Oklahoma Capitol to Protest Bill Defending Children * Wokeness Tracker: 1792 Exchange Releases Index of Political Bias at 1,000+ Companies
  44. Article Stack Date: 02-01-23 You're 'only a state, not a god': Officials push Christians to support sin * Bucks' halftime drag show sparks debate on social media * VIDEO: Training video uses 'non-binary' doll to pervert minds of 4-year-old kids * Minnesota health mentor reportedly offers student chest binder for gender transition behind parents’ backs * Finland Changes Law Removing Medical Requirement, Making it Easier to Change Gender * School's mandatory LGBT indoctrination for kids goes to court * New meaning to voice changing: 'Vocal feminization' lessons for trans students * VIDEO: Police chief who placed officer on leave for voicing traditional marriage views retires * In papal first, Francis backs decriminalization of homosexuality: 'Not a crime' * New book on queer Catholicism highlights need for centering queer voices
  45. Article Stack Date: 01-25-23 Pope Francis: ‘Homosexuality is not a crime,’ encourages bishops to stop conversion therapy (He is NORMALIZING it) * Jesuit Father James Martin Says Gay Marriage Is Marriage * VIDEO: Christian charity worker faces potential jail time, fine after speaking about leaving LGBT lifestyle * VIDEO: Planned Parenthood sex educator teaches how minors can acquire ‘spicy toys’ or substitute with vegetables * Wisconsin School District to Teach Students LGBT Program Created by Activists * Bombshell from grave! Pope Benedict, who is dead, unleashes on Catholics * Parents sue school district over ‘Gender Support Plan’ that hides children’s transitions * Police officer resigns after being put on leave for Facebook post on traditional marriage * EU rebrands pedophiles ‘People with a Sexual Interest in Children‘ * ‘Gay clubs’ run in seminaries, says Pope Benedict in posthumous attack on Francis
  46. Article Stack Date: 01-18-23 Vatican APPROVED Homosexual "saints" * VIDEO: Teen at California YMCA claims she encountered naked transgender woman in girls' locker room * America's biggest school districts explicitly hiding kids' gender transitions from parents * Church of England to Bless Gay Marriages Under Bishop Ruling * ‘Shameful!’: Flyers’ Ivan Provorov Called a ‘Homophobe’ for Refusing to Wear Pride Night Jersey * America ‘Most Permissive Country’ for Child Sex Change Operations * Legal team demands federal probe of perverted local school system * TAPES: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here's What We Found * 'Gender recognition' bill throws country into chaos amid fears for women's safety in jails, bathrooms * Major nation moves to ban 'conversion therapy' for transgenders * 'Trans people are divine': So-called 'Christian' pastor says 'transphobia is a sin'
  47. Article Stack Date: 01-11-23 Toronto Catholic School Teacher Brags of ‘Trans Jesus’ Icon In Class Prayer Space * Seriously? Study claims trans patients unhappy with their new bodies are 'transphobic' * Number of 'women' pedophiles suddenly surges * 'I hate wearing a ****-**': Principal defends profane 'sex advice' book * UK: Scotland police slammed for referring to pedophiles as ‘minor attracted people’ (Normalization 101) * Madonna’s Malawi orphanage accused of ‘child trafficking based on LGBTQIA+ content’ * The Pentagon’s Pronoun Wars
  48. Article Stack Date: 01-04-23 The CDC – yes, the health agency – now pushing trans activism on teachers * VIDEO: Report describing pedophiles as 'minor-attracted people' * Colleges actually offering glasses on 'queer dance,' porn, more * California Becomes ‘Sanctuary State’ for ‘Transgender Kids' * VIDEO: Children's book editor blasts kid-focused Emmy's touting LGBTQ content * Study: Social Media Causes Children to ‘Dislike Their Own Bodies’ * PTL : Another Western nation retreats big-time on sex changes for kids * Taxpayers forced to spend millions on gay, trans projects via omnibus bill
  49. Article Stack Date: 12-29-22 VIDEO: Libs of TikTok’s Raichik: LGBTQ Community Is a ‘Cult’ – ‘Evil People’ Who ‘Want To Groom Kids’ * VIDEO: A Washington mom claims her school tried to ‘transition’ her ten-year-old daughter behind her back * Teacher probed for 'heartbreaking' lesson that split class by gender, made nonbinary teen feel 'isolated' * Here's what's in those 'obscene' books yanked from schools across America * High school to host lecture on raising transgender kids * Movie revealing reality of biological sex gets shut down * No counseling AGAINST queerness: U.S. judge hammers Christian view
  50. Article Stack Date: 12-21-22 GRAPHIC VIDEO: Video of ‘all ages’ Christmas drag show sparks outrage: ‘These children are being groomed by adults‘ (Who are these parents?!) * Omnibus Bill Earmarks $11+ Million for LGBT-Related Projects * State Department Awards $30K Grant to Pro-Trans Group in Kyrgyzstan * Biden opens probe into school district that dared to yank 130 LGBT books
  51. Article Stack Date: 12-14-22 VIDEO: Roman Catholic Joe Biden Invites Drag Queen to White House Who Said.. TO VULGAR TO POST * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * Retired Navy SEAL made famous after coming out as trans announces detransition: 'Destroyed my life' * VIDEO: Cambridge Dictionary changes definition of 'man' and 'woman' * VIDEO: Church of England receives petition to scrap 'deeply damaging and wrong' transgender guidance for children * Roman Catholic Joe Biden uses same-sex marriage bill signing to push child gender surgeries
  52. Article Stack Date: 11-30-22  VIDEO: Lara Logan Joins Emerald Robinson To Talk About Project Veritas' HHS Child Trafficking Investigation * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * Church of England clerics silent on 'trans' Jesus sermon * VIDEO: Arizona polygamous leader Samuel Bateman had 20 wives, most under age 15 * Nearly 150 churches split from major denomination over same-sex marriage * Doctors giving gender-confused kids 'puberty blockers' used to castrate sex offenders * Indiana sues TikTok for allegedly pushing adult content toward teens * VIDEO: HHS Whistleblower Says Government Complicit in Trafficking; Child Admits Being ‘Pimped’ by Sponsor * California Releases Thousands of Convicted Pedophiles Within a Year of Conviction * VIDEO: Steve Bannon & James O'Keefe Discuss New HHS Whistleblower Investigation Exposing Child Trafficking * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: Washington Post scolded for ‘normalizing pedophiles’ in glowing review of a play about sexual predators * VIDEO: WATCH: Boston Children’s Hospital Admits 14-Year-Olds Are ‘Pursuing’ Transgender Surgery * Senate passes same-sex marriage bill with bipartisan support * VIDEO: Watch: Balenciaga Flagship London Store Daubed with the Word ‘PAEDOPHILIA’ by Activist * VIDEO: Senate Rejects Lee Religious Liberty Amendment, Passes So-Called ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ * 'Straight up evil': Top paper hammered for praising pedophile film as 'brilliant' * New Disney CEO pledges to double down on LGBT 'storytelling' in kids' movies * Senate passes bill to enshrine gay marriage in federal law * U.S. plunges into 'intolerance' for those not promoting LGBT ideology
  53. Article Stack Date: 11-23-22 Stunning claim: 'Jesus would be grand marshal' of gay-pride parade (The Roman Catholic version of "Jesus" would agree) * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: Woman who detransitioned warns against minors using puberty blockers due to potential long-term effects * VIDEO: Transgender Bill of Rights * VIDEO: Oregon school district sparks outrage, moves meetings online as parents air concerns about gender ideology * ‘Trans Women Are Women’: NHL Goes Ultra Woke, Supports All-Trans and Nonbinary Hockey Tournament * Luxury fashion brand used 5-year-olds to advertise sex-bondage teddy bears * Everyone who 'misgenders' students at this school threatened with violence * House Dems Demand DOJ Go After Critics of Child Sexual Mutilation
  54. Article Stack Date: 11-16-22 United Methodist Church body elects openly homosexual bishop in violation of its rules: 'Inmates running the asylum' * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: California early childhood teacher admits using 'gender unicorn' to instruct kids on sexual attraction * VIDEO: Wisconsin teacher sues school district after being fired for speaking out against 'gender identity' * Ladies and genital men! Mind-blowing surgery lets patients have TWO sets of genitalia * University pushes to terminate professors for failing to meet diversity standards * Another megachurch and 58 other churches leave major denomination over LGBT insanity * Leaving the transgender lifestyle? Be prepared to be a target * Disney educates workers with 'two-spirit,' 'she/they,' 'merperson' drag queen
  55. Article Stack Date: 11-09-22 Now that billions are embracing the sins Rome has wallowed in for centuries, the pope now sanctions all of it * Elementary school bans teachers from telling parents if their child is transgender * MSNBC claims that efforts to remove pornography from public schools are ‘book banning’
  56. Article Stack Date: 11-02-22 All-Gay Streaming Channel DivaBoxOffice to Launch in December * Now that Rome "normalized" homosexuality world-wide, they can now act as if it's proper to accept homosexuals into the church * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: US-funded drag shows in Ecuador draw GOP scrutiny: 'Wokified' State Department * VIDEO: Pentagon's schools infested with shocking pornographic material for military kids: 'Time to send a **** pic' * VIDEO: Florida proceeds with ban on puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries for minors * American Jewish center hosting drag queen story hour as part of 'family fun' day * State creates diversity commission to oversee university system * Pennsylvania taxpayers have paid $16 million for child gender reassignment surgeries: report
  57. Article Stack Date: 10-26-22  Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: Derek Schmidt Slams Democrat Laura Kelly: ‘Funding Drag Shows for Kids Not Middle of the Road * State residents flag hundreds of books in schools for 'pornographic' content * VIDEO: Student protest turns ugly as trans activists, Christians clash over ‘What is a Woman’ * For real: U.S. taxpayers funding drag shows in foreign nation * 'Party of child abuse': Biden pushes unlimited amputations for kids * Poll shows real reason medical industry pushes transgenderism * Jewish university creates own LGBT club amid battle over religious freedom
  58. Article Stack Date: 10-19-22 VIDEO: Tucker: Parents will be sent to jail for this * VIDEO: California mom obliterates school board over 'family-friendly' Halloween drag show: 'Pimping out our kids' * New York congressional candidate makes porn video in order to show 'Sex Positive' campaign * VIDEO: Christian childcare teacher who refused to read LGBT books to kids sues after being fired: 'Blatantly illegal' * VIDEO: Gen Z defends cancel culture as ‘positive thing’ on Dr. Phil ‘Zoomers vs Boomers’ debate * VIDEO: State attorney general: Prosecute over drag queen's graphic sex show in front of child * Elementary schoolteachers get trained on introducing 5-year-olds to sex changes * Makeup giant goes to the dark side in brand-new marketing campaign * CDC chat site uses tax dollars to target teens for sex changes, polyamory, even witchcraft * VIDEO: Vermont school district suspends father of girl who pushed back against biological male in her locker room * VIDEO: GOP bill ends federally funded drag queen story hour, other sexually explicit programs for kids under 10
  59. Article Stack Date: 10-12-22 Death threats for opposing tax funding of drag queens * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: ROMAN CATHOLIC Biden administration demands Alabama embrace genderless schools or else, but we aren’t giving in (Notice how the Pope is silent?) * Trustee of transgender kids' charity resigns after unearthed speech to group for 'minor-attracted persons' * VIDEO: Planned Parenthood criticized for cartoon on YouTube promoting puberty blockers to children * Another teacher boasts of 'indoctrinating' students into gender ideology * VIDEO: FBI probing 'hate speech' attack on school that banned girls from their own locker room * 'Renewal of our minds': Church features drag queen in kids' sermon * Maryland’s Largest Public School District Sees 582% INCREASE in Gender Madness Among Students
  60. Article Stack Date: 10-05-22 3 Churches sponsor LGBTQ event for kids * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: Vermont girls volleyball players banned from locker room after objection to transgender student: Report * VIDEO: Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Offers Transgender Drugs, Hormones to Children * EXPOSED: Children’s Hospital Offers Puberty Blockers, ‘Tucking’ Advice to Nine-Year-Olds
  61. Article Stack Date: 09-28-22 US Air Force Academy holds seminar promoting ‘transgender visibility and awareness in our Air Force’ * VIDEO: In Chicago, the city's largest children's hospital offers 'kink' and 'trans-friendly' sex toys for minors * Focus on Catching Criminals! UK Police Criticised After Ordering Public to Not Misgender ‘Trans’ Pedophile * School caves to trans teacher, will enforce preferred pronouns and restroom policies * VIDEO: ‘Where’s Law Enforcement?’: Video Shows Drag Queens Dressed as Disney Princesses, Performing for Children in ‘Family Friendly’ Show * TransTape, chest binders and packers: Schools stock up on disturbing, 'gender-affirming' gear * Ohio school district promotes NEA ‘LGBTQ+ resource guide’ with instructions on prostitution, abortion
  62. Article Stack Date: 09-21-22 VIDEO: California teacher speaks out after 'queer library' with BDSM/kink exposed: ‘I believe... in what I’m doing' * VIDEO: Ad Rips Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly for Backing ‘Policies Pushing Transgender Drugs,’ Operations on Youth * Media melt down over state's schools barring males from girls' restrooms * State punishing schools that DON'T teach young kids about gender identity! * Drag events target children for grooming, former drag queen says * 'Parents approve': Top college defends child sex-change surgeries
  63. Article Stack Date: 09-14-22 U.S. surgeon using popular social-media app to promote sex changes to teens * VIDEO: California high school teacher boasts 'queer library' with material on orgies and BDSM/kink * AUDIO: Teacher canned for telling students to call pedophiles ‘minor attracted persons * VIDEO: ‘Raw, Horrific Evil’: Journalist Sounds Alarm on ‘One of the Most Grotesque, Horrible Medical Scandals the World Has Ever Seen’ * Christian school sued for allegedly refusing to hire LGBT teachers
  64. Article Stack Date: 09-08-22 AGAIN WE ARE VIDICATED: Paedophile Academic Calls for Tolerance for ‘Minor Attracted Persons’, Demands Acceptance from LGBTQ+ Community * Soaring increase in 'gender journey' for young children * 'Unscientific nonsense': Nobel-winning biologist shreds trans 'madness' * Chicago Children's Hospital promotes sex toys for kids * Senate gay marriage bill negotiators to meet on how to advance the legislation before midterms * Wisconsin school district sued for violating parents' rights with Gender Identity Policy * VIDEO: Woman who de-transitioned sounds alarm against 'dangerous' surgeries being allowed for minors * Orthodox Jewish University Appeals to Supreme Court After Being Forced to Recognize LGBT Student Club * VIDEO: Lurie Children’s Hospital: Children ‘Never Too Young’ to Learn About Transitioning * CloudFlare Folds to Pressure from Transgender Activists, Blacklists Drama Site ‘Kiwi Farms’ * Children’s Show ‘Peppa Pig’ Introduces a Gay Couple * Miami-Based Surgeon Proudly Advertises Transgender Surgeries on TikTok * VIDEO: 'Harmful content': At least 3 countries demand Netflix remove sex grooming * School recommends kindergartners read about trans INFANTS! * 'Sinister and absurd': Christian teacher jailed after refusing to use 'preferred' pronouns * UK: Fire chiefs spend $19,500 to paint fire trucks in LGBTQ rainbow colors
  65. Article Stack Date: 08-31-22 VIDEO: Oklahoma parent sounds the alarm on teacher directing students to 'pornographic' books * DC children's hospital offered 'gender affirming' hysterectomies for kids, audio and deleted webpage reveal * VIDEO: Fairfax County Public Schools says parent consent not needed for gender change on school forms * VIDEO: As a doctor and dad, I am ashamed by how horribly my field mistreats kids with 'gender-affirming' therapies * VIDEO: DISGUSTING! California district curriculum claims there's 10 sexual orientations, including skoliosexual and gynesexual * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Nightclub Hosts Teen Drag Performance to Fund LGBT Agenda in Schools, Tickets Sell Out * Gamescom: Sexually Suggestive Merch of 10-Year-Old Character for Sale at ‘World’s Biggest’ Gaming Convention * Transgender Movies Take the Spotlight at Venice Film Festival: ‘A Child Who Feels She Is a Boy’ * Kroger ‘Allyship Guide’ Tells Employees to Celebrate Trans Holidays, Support Bail Fund * Report: 20 MLB Teams ‘Promote or Fund’ Groups that Perform Child Sex Change Operations * Mom 'discovers sexual conversations between kids and adults in LGBT chatroom' * Judgment Day for Sunday-school teacher for sex crimes with young children
  66. Article Stack Date: 08-24-22 Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Apple Docuseries Celebrating ‘Gutsy’ Women Features a Drag Queen and a Transgender YouTuber * Yale Pediatric Gender Clinic Accepts Patients as Young as 3-Years-Old * 'Psychologically abusive': When back-to-school plans divide students by gender * Biden accused of 'running the largest child smuggling operation' ever * Scottish local authorities come under fire for appointing man as ‘period dignity officer’ (Pandering to the Gender Agenda)
  67. Article Stack Date: 08-17-22 This Pride Month, Catholic Church shows clear, if subtle, shifts toward LGBTQ welcome * VIDEO: California Department of Education advocates books promoting gender transitions to kindergartners * Pediatrician group slams its own members over transgender teen puberty blocker criticism: 'Disinformation * Toyota Sponsors Lesson on ‘First Steps’ of Drag Artistry for Children * Boston Children’s Hospital: Children Know They Are Trans ‘the Minute They Were Born’ * Pro athletes who are Christian take stand, refuse to wear LGBT uniform * The REAL reason transgender groomers are targeting America's children * We are watching the government conspiring to undermine parents' * 'Get to know you': Teacher requires students to provide pronouns, personal contact info * 'Terror campaign': Trans activists push censorship of discussions on child sex changes * Governor unleashes executive order banning 'conversion therapy' He's openly targeting Christians)
  68. Article Stack Date: 08-10-22 VIDEO: 4-Year-Old ‘Comes Out’ as Transgender at Vancouver Pride Parade * Pennsylvania gay pride event features shirtless instructor teaching children to pole dance * VIDEO: Proposed curriculum in Wisconsin school includes gender identity, sexual orientation in elementary school * VIDEO: trans activist of illegally sending hormone ‘drugs to children,' citing social media * VIDEO: AFT union promotes method for teachers to help kids change their pronouns without parents knowing * Schools Forcing Transgenderism on Children Face Legal Reckoning – Attorney General * Private Girls Middle and High School in Tennessee to Admit Boys Who Identify as Girls * Trans Activist Accused of Sexual Assault Offers Hormones to Youth Across State Lines * New sex-ed curriculum includes trans books for kindergartners *  * WaPo: Drag Shows for Children Are ‘Squeaky-Clean,’ ‘Family-Friendly’ * 'Revolting': 'Married' gay guys accused of using own adopted kids for porn
  69. Article Stack Date: 08-04-22 FL Education Commissioner: USDA Trying to Hold Poor Kids ‘Hostage’ with Food Program to Impose Transgender Policies * Disney Embraces Drag Queens: Marvel Studios ‘Ironheart’ Casts ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Star Shea Coulee * Drag queen at church?’: NYC private school holds mandatory drag show in chapel * Visa knew it was allegedly enabling site to host child porn, judge says (Yet no one will be jailed?!)
  70. Article Stack Date: 07-27-22 What's REALLY behind today's youth transgender craze? * LGBT NGO Scrambles to Clarify Tweet Claiming Babies Can Identify as ‘Trans’ * Biden Administration Sued for Tying K-12 Gender Ideology to Lunch Money * VIDEO: Sorry - some videos are just too graphic for me to post! * Puberty Blocker Company Paid Co-Director of Children’s Transgender Clinic * 'Christian' college now giving students pronoun options * How gender ideology cost a Chicago mother custody of her child * Teachers must hide kids' transgender status from parents in major U.S. city * Brand-new 'marriage' law called out for attacking 'people of faith' * Biden poised to force insurers to pay for sex changes * State working to become a 'haven' for body-mutilating surgeries on children * Global disasters are coming harder and faster. Here’s how we can cut the risks (Expected demographic research) * Germany: LGBTQ protesters demand arms for Ukraine to ‘make pride in Mariupol possible'
  71. Article Stack Date: 07-19-22  Miami Herald editorial board defends drag queen shows for kids, Twitter calls out 'insanity' * VIDEO: Our kids' schools told us to 'cease and desist' but we're fighting back * VIDEO: Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf vetoes transgender sports bill; GOP pledges to 'never stop fighting' for 'fairness' * VIDEO: Florida teacher rips school district's gender policies: 'Exact opposite of loving and safe' * NJ transgender woman transferred from women’s only prison after impregnating 2 inmates, report says (Who did NOT see this coming?!) * News agency telling 'journalists' to promote LGBT ideology * Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime (We warned many about this and now we are vindicated AGAIN!) * New med-school guidance teaches future doctors to get seriously woke * VIDEO: Trans Biden official wants to 'empower' kids to get sex changes
  72. Article Stack Date: 07-01-22  Dozens of Georgia churches split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ issues * Jesuit Father Martin: ‘Especially Important for Churches’ to Celebrate Gay Pride * U.S. Embassy to Vatican Celebrates: Flies Rainbow Flag for Pride Month * Groomers Say Kids Will Be Exposed to 'Nudity and Kink' at Pride Parades, But Don't Worry, It's 'Educational' * Pizza Hut features 'drag kids' book for children as young as kindergarten * U.S. Marine Corps Goes Woke, Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ with Rainbow Bullets * Texas legislator to introduce bill banning children from drag shows after 'Drag the kids to pride' event * Pizza Hut Promotes Book on Boy in Drag Attire for Its Children’s Reading Program * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Drag Queen In Dallas Gay Bar Dances In Front Young Child After Taking Money * Magazine in bull's-eye after portraying LGBT agenda as 'golden calf' * Disney World employee among 12 arrested in undercover child sex predator sting * VIDEO: NBC News drag queen columnist says 'drag queen story hour' echoes 'most effective learning practices' for kids * Kentucky Catholic church holds ‘Service of Apology to the LGBTQ+ Community’ * Disney kids' show character: Men have periods, too * Now gun bans could be based on your IDEOLOGY! * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Children Watch Nude Cyclists at Boy Scout-Led Seattle Pride Parade * MICHIGAN ATTORNEY GENERAL DANA NESSEL CALLS FOR 'A DRAG QUEEN FOR EVERY SCHOOL'
  73. Article Stack Date: 06-01-22 North Carolina preschool uses LGBT flashcards depicting a pregnant man to teach kids colors * Southern Baptist Convention releases alleged abusers list for churches to 'proactively' protect the vulnerable * Biden: Let boys into girls showers or we'll withhold school-lunch funding * Major Companies to Boycott * Biden’s Energy Department Calls for Pride ‘This Month, Next Month, Always’ as Gas Prices Hit Record High * Marines move from looking for 'a few good men' to rainbow bullets * Pride parades should go on despite monkeypox concerns: WHO * Principal walks into pre-school classroom, finds sick woke tool used to 'teach colors' * Educators refuse to let kids opt-out of lessons 'steeped in' critical gender, race theories (wnd.com) * Major-league baseball team: Buy a ticket, help pay for kids switching genders
  74. Article Stack Date: 05-25-22 VIDEO: State Farm pushing LGBTQ on 5yr olds * VIDEO: Virginia mom criticizes school board for 'totalitarian' rule that could punish students for misgendering peers * U.K.'s Royal Mint creates gay money to celebrate 50 years of LGBT pride * Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children * VIDEO: Seven books that show NYC is pushing transgenderism, LGBTQ+ curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten * Publishing Company Changes 'Fishers of Men' to 'Fishers of Persons' in Spanish Edition of Jerusalem Bible * Biden using new 'interpretations' of statutes to push transgenderism * WHO adviser: Monkeypox 'random event' spread by gay sex * ARIZONA State sending kids as young as 10 to sex chatrooms (wnd.com) * Backlash prompts State Farm to stop donating trans books for 5-year-olds (Too little too late) * Australia: Troubled teen girl groomed, given drugs to change into a man, wants female life back * VIDEO: Audi features hijabbed woman holding gay flag in video celebrating diversity
  75. Article Stack Date: 05-18-22 Johns Hopkins center against child sexual abuse hires professor who defended 'minor-attracted persons' * Fisher-Price unveils drag queen toy set * Florida church hosting event for kids featuring drag show and 'forbidden queer literature' * Biological Science Rejects the Sex Binary, and That’s Good for Humanity * VIDEO: ‘Family Guy’ Mocks Transgender Mania: Boys & Girls No Longer Exist, ‘Just a Vast Sea of Chubby Theys and Thems’ * French City To Replace Mother and Father with ‘Parent 1’ ‘Parent 2’ On Civil Documents * VIDEO: Republican senator apologizes after affirming 'fundamental scientific truth' of biological sex * Pastor criticizes LGBT promotion, church gets evicted from property * Poll: Americans not buying pitch that switching genders is healthy * Court takes action on Biden's mandate for 'sex-change' surgeries * Fact Check: Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam
  76. Article Stack Date: 05-11-22 NJ transgender woman who forced daughter into child porn operation sentenced with 3 others * Taco Bell putting on drag show tour at restaurants across America * HHS chief: Taxpayers should fund cutting off kids' genitals * HHS Chief: Wants taxes to cut off kids' genitals * Marvel Promotes Executive Who Promised More Trans Characters in Disney Superhero Films * Disney Star Tom Hiddleston: Making Loki Bisexual a ‘Small Step,’ Still ‘Further to Go’
  77. Article Stack Date: 05-04-22 VIDEO: Disney employee: The magic is gone * VIDEO: Florida mom filing suit after child transitioned at school without her consent: 'Happening all over' US
  78. Article Stack Date: 04-27-22 World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space * VIDEO: iPhone now has pregnant "man" emoji (One more reason NOT to have an iPhone) * Not kidding: Biden's answer to border implosion is to accommodate gender ideology * 'Groomer school' sued for pushing gender-bending, hiding it from parents * 'Predators': Disney employees arrested in human-trafficking sting
  79. Article Stack Date: 04-13-22 Becoming Transgender a ‘Sacred Journey’, Bishop Claims * Conservative commentator: Planned Parenthood is driving force behind 'Don't say gay' movement * VIDEO: Watch: Hundreds Descend on Disney Headquarters in California to Push Back Against Studio’s Woke LGBTQAI2S+ Agenda * Nolte: David French Likens Grooming Kids to Adults Appearing in Playboy * Media Go Wild for Child-Porn Offender Friendly Judge * VIDEO: Video: Disney Producer Boasts About Exploring ‘Gay Advanced’ and ‘Gay 101’ Content * VIDEO: Disney Executive Celebrates ‘Targeting Gen Z and Millennials’ with LGBTQIA2S+ Content: ‘Nobody Stopped Us’ * Report: Hannah Tubbs, Given Light Sentence by George Gascón, Accused of Attacking 4-Year-Old in 2013 * Hillary Clinton: ‘People Should Go Around Saying Gay All the Time’ to Puncture the ‘Cruelty’ * VIDEO: Groomer-Gate: 15 Times Disney Promoted LGBTQAI2S+ in Children’s Programing * VIDEO: New videos expose Disney’s radical turn * VIDEO: Dem Opposition to Parental Rights ‘Not Really About Trying to Groom Little Kids — Overall, It Is Even Worse than That’ * VIDEO: Buttigieg: Kids will be killed if teachers aren't allowed to teach about sex, gender * VIDEO: Schoolhouse Sickos: New Jersey Lesson Plan Endorses Puberty Blockers to Fifth Graders to ‘Manage’ Teen Years * NJ Gov. Murphy distances himself from 2nd graders learning gender identity, calls for age-appropriate content * Duke Divinity School Students: ‘God Is Queer'
  80. Article Stack Date: 04-06-22 Seattle Museum Hosting Sex-Themed ‘Drag’ Camp for Children * Biden’s DOJ Warns States’ AGs: Feds Back ’Gender-Affirming Care’ Rights for ‘Transgender’ Children * California city to give universal income to transgender, nonbinary residents regardless of earnings * Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Urges Parents to Reject Disney: ‘Cut Off Disney Channel. Cancel Your Park Trip or Your Cruise’ * Disney Names Hillary Clinton Campaign Deputy Communications Director as Lead Spokesperson * Apple throws huge lobbying weight behind pro-transgender movement * Doctors receive cash bonuses for helping people switch genders * Report: Trans study cited by Biden funded by trans drug makers!
  81. Article Stack Date: 03-30-22 VIDEO: Watch: Disney Executive Producer Says Company ‘Welcoming’ of Her ‘Secret Gay Agenda’ * Army IT leader allegedly ran child sex-abuse ring, compromised national security * SOCIAL ENGINEERS REPACKAGE, MARKET PEDOPHILES AS 'MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS' * Disney Announces Task Force to Create More LGBTQ Content for Children * Democrat angry LGBTQ+ talk not allowed in Kindergarten class * Judge Jackson Sentenced Those in Possession of Child Porn to Nearly 60 Percent Less Time than National Average * Revealed: Ketanji Jackson's 'soft spot' for drug dealers, pedophiles * Graphic ‘Gender Queer’ Sex Books Marketed to Kids
  82. Article Stack Date: 03-23-22 Hospital staff told police their patient was not raped as alleged attacker was transgender, despite CCTV showing assault in ward * Disney's Pixar Retaliates Against Conservatives, Reportedly Puts Disgusting Scene Back in Movie for Your Kids to See * VIDEO: Disney employees, retired judge among arrested in undercover investigation * Over Half of Anglicans Believe Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Right': YouGov Survey (Actually 100% see no issue, for if they did they would leave the church) * Ketanji Brown Jackson Won’t Say if U.S. Should Strengthen Child Pornographer Punishments * Pre K-12 School Where Judge Jackson Sits on Board Pushes Cultural Marxism on Kids * VIDEO: Josh Hawley Grills Ketanji Brown Jackson on Alleged Leniency on Child Pornographers * Mitt Romney Thinks Ketanji Jackson Child Porn Attacks ‘Off Course,’ Will Not Impact How He Votes * Disney+ ‘Moon Knight’ Star Oscar Isaac Chants ‘Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gayyyyyy’ over Florida’s Don’t Groom Kids Bill * Anti-Republican group begs for $300,000 for billboards saying 'GAY' * VIDEO: After 7 years at Harvard, Biden's Supreme Court pick can't define a 'woman' * Hospital puts male in female ward, then denies rape happened
  83. Article Stack Date: 03-16-22 Cardinal George Pell Urges Vatican to Admonish Pro-Gay Bishops (It's pretty bad when a Cardinal has to ask a Pope to do the right thing) * LGBTQIA+ Disney Employees Plan Walkout over Company’s Response to Florida’s Don’t-Groom-Kids Bill * VIDEO: WATCH: Sports-apparel giant unleashes ad promoting men in women's sports * USA Today pick for 'Woman of the Year' is a MAN!
  84. Article Stack Date: 03-09-22 Florida Democrats Chant ‘Gay!’ To Protest A Bill That Doesn’t Ban Anybody From Saying ‘Gay!’ * Delicious: DeSantis turns the tables on reporter 'pushing false narratives' about controversial bill * 'Studies' promoting trans surgeries for kids blasted for gross 'bias'
  85. Article Stack Date: 03-02-22 SOTU: Joe Biden Touts Child Transgender Treatments * Are they actually 'WOMEN'? Top court rules on male-to-female transgenders * U.S. soldiers undergoing gender training while nation faces threat of WWIII
  86. Article Stack Date: 02-21-22 Exclusive Footage — Private Schools Nation-Wide Pushing ‘Queer Inclusive’ Curriculum, Trans Ideology Starting in Pre-K * ‘Gender-Free Model’: Students Should Stop Calling Teachers ‘Mr and Mrs’, UK Educators Told * Poll: Nearly 73 Percent of Democrats Believe Teachers’ Unions Should Have More Authority than Parents * University hosts 'Wheel of Fornication' and 'Genital Diversity Gallery * VIDEO: California trans child molester Hannah Tubbs gloats over light sentence in jailhouse phone calls * 1 in 5 Gen Z adults now say they are LGBTQ
  87. Article Stack Date: 02-02-22 NEW REFORMATION – Over 100 Catholic Priests “Come Out” As Homosexual, Demand Everyone Bow Down To Gay Agenda * Sex Offender, 26, Gets Juvenile Sentence Thanks to Soros-backed D.A. George Gascón * VIDEO: SUNY professor under review for 'reprehensible' video defending pedophilia * Factually inaccurate': Biology teacher says biological sex can be easily changed * Cobb County elementary school employee accused of eavesdropping on students in bathroom * Graphically sexual book in school enrages parents * BLM Week teaching students to 'choose their own gender' * Student sues after suspension for voicing 'Christian beliefs' about LGBTQ+ community
  88. Article Stack Date: 01-19-22 Pope Francis writes to controversial nun, thanking her for 50 years of LGBTQ ministry
  89. Article Stack Date: 01-12-22 Christian leader warns LGBT agenda is targeting 'the pulpit' itself * Newspaper asks readers if 'COVID internment camps' should be introduced * Teacher charged after locking COVID-positive 13-year-old son in trunk to 'quarantine' * U.S. Judge Denies Prince Andrew’s Bid to Dismiss Virginia Giuffre Lawsuit: Will Go to Trial * USA Today Tries to Destigmatize Pedophilia, Fails Miserably (Timing's not right - YET) * 5 Years in Jail for using Bible to help Homosexuals * VIDEO: Sex Abuse Cover Up at Planned Parenthood * GRAPHIC: Longtime CNN producer John Griffin slapped with $15M civil suit amid federal child trafficking case
  90. Article Stack Date: 12-29-21 Fairfax County Police: Former Jake Tapper Producer Under Investigation by Child Exploitation Squad * VIDEO: Border Patrol agents in Del Rio nab multiple child sex offenders in a week * Loudoun County schools flooded by FOIA requests seeking to crack sexual assault scandal wide open * Bible museum portrays Jesus as 'queen' of heaven
  91. Article Stack Date: 12-22-21 VIDEO: Lutheran Church Hosts Drag Queen Sunday Service to ‘Reflect on Joy’ * Seminary students marry same sex * Dance performance with lesbians sparks uproar at Christian school
  92. Article Stack Date: 12-15-21 Vatican official apologizes for removing LGBTQ outreach video from synod website * Ex-Danish Minister Convicted and Jailed for Separating Child Brides from Migrant Men * Biden nominee pushing 'gender advisers’ for U.S. military * What I've learned rescuing my daughter from her transgender fantasy
  93. Article Stack Date: 12-08-21 Metastasizing Like A Cancer’ — Parents Across The Country Sue Schools Over Clandestine Transitions * Fairfax County library puts 'Gender Queer' and 'Lawn Boy' next to Bible in 'holiday reading display' * 'I've got your face on video': Sony exec allegedly caught in pedophile sting (The video)
  94. Article Stack Date: 12-01-21 Colorado attempting to normalize pedophilia by replacing “sex offender” terminology with more palatable “adults who commit sexual offenses” * California public school teachers caught trying to groom, recruit young students into LGBTQ cult clubs * Teacher boasts of teaching her 'queerness' to 1st-graders
  95. Article Stack Date: 11-24-21 Philippine church leader who threatened women with 'eternal damnation' charged with sex trafficking * Roman Catholic Joe Biden Education Department to Curtail Trump-Era Effort to Track Teacher Sex Crimes; Teacher Unions to Continue ‘Passing the Trash’ * GRAPHIC: 'Degenerates': School board reinstates porn over parents' objections * Roman Catholic Biden working to roll back Trump tracking of teacher sex-crime data * Teachers union tells members how to undermine parents on sex and gender issues * LGBTQ+ organization holds drag show at church
  96. Article Stack Date: 11-17-21 'Non-binary' professor calls for 'destigmatizing' pedophilia * Florida Parents Sue School for Secretly ‘Transitioning’ 13-Year-Old Daughter * Catholic Football Player Suspended for Saying There Are Two Genders * Prof looking to mainstream pedophiles suddenly put on 'leave' * VIDEO: 'Minor Attracted Persons': School erupts as prof wants pedophiles mainstreamed * Student expresses religious belief, gets suspended, now suing school
  97. Article Stack Date: 10-27-21  Satire becomes reality: Elementary school takes kids on gay-bar field trip
  98. Article Stack Date: 10-27-21 Christian parents launch legal fight over school's extreme trans policy * Disney Division Hosting Drag Queen Story Hour for Employees’ Children * United States issues its 1st passport with ‘X’ gender marker * VIDEO: Watch: Library book so graphic, school board tosses man for voicing it
  99. Article Stack Date: 10-20-21 MTV Says Award Show in Hungary Will Protest the Nation’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws * Transgender appointed admiral of Public Health Service corps * Biden sued over demands Christians pay for or perform body mutilations * VIDEO: High School Football team holds 'drag ball' show to let 'boys express effeminate side'
  100. Article Stack Date: 10-13-21 Transgender Medical Group: We ‘Stand Behind’ Use of ‘Puberty Blockers,’ ‘Gender-Affirming Hormones’ for ‘Gender Diverse Youth’ * Mom says she reported school to police after she found gay pedophilia porn sitting on library shelves 
  101. Article Stack Date: 10-06-21 VIDEO: You're not allowed to point out this is insane * VIDEO: Woman Tears Up Woke Ads On Subway Train * NYTimes Muzzles Child-Surgery Warnings by Transgender Doctors * University awards 'Sportswoman of the Year' to Laurel Hubbard, 43-year-old MAN who placed last in Tokyo
  102. Article Stack Date: 09-29-21 VIDEO: Showtime’s ‘L Word’ Pushes Idea of Giving Puberty Blockers to Children Without Parental Consent * Liz Cheney endorses radical transgender agenda * NBC contributor becomes spokesperson for controversial group accused of ‘normalizing pedophilia’
  103. Colorado's Polis marries longtime partner in first same-sex marriage for a sitting governor
  104. Article Stack Date: 09-15-21 LEGO Introduces ‘Queer Eye’ Toy Set Inspired by the Netflix Show * VIDEO:Cartoon Network, HBO Max Target Preschoolers with Woke Animated Shows * Megan Rapinoe replaces God with 'gay' in blasphemous Met Gala outfit
  105. Article Stack Date: 09-08-21 Study: Transgender Mortality Rate Twice as High as Those Without Gender Dysphoria (From Rome with lust) * Vatican leaders on Grinder * 'Terrible confusion': Parents turn on Christian girls' school for 'going woke'
  106. Article Stack Date: 08-18-21 VIDEO: Please Keep Your Children Out Of School! This Is Not Ok!!! * Federal Court Blocks Biden Administration Transgender Mandate
  107. Article Stack Date: 08-11-21 ‘Muppet Babies’ Reintroduces Male Character As Transgender Princess * VIDEO: Disney pedophiles! Grady Judd a great sheriff * Judge Places Boy in Custody of Mother Who Supports His Alleged Desire to Live as Girl
  108. American Medical Association urges shocking change to birth certificates
  109. Christian baker (again) fights back after state orders him to violate faith
  110. Article Stack Date: 07-28-21 ‘Obsession with Defending Criminals’: HIV Transmission Decriminalized in Illinois * Woke Doctor Apologizes for Using Term ‘Pregnant Women’ * Church's Bible quote 'solving gender identity' sparks outrage  
  111. Judge: LGBT law forcing Christians to violate beliefs is no threat to churches 
  112. High-ranking priest quits over data linking him to Vegas 'gay bathhouse


    Article Stack Date: 07-14-21 VIDEO: GRAPHIC VULGARITY! Rainbow Monkey D**** Story Hour at London Library ‘Reading Challenge’ for Kids (Still don't think it's the end of days?!) * Vatican suddenly wakes up to fight new law that could harm Christians (After waiting decades to help it grow - They now use fake PR to cultivate a "moral" stance)

  114. Article Stack Date: 07-07-21 VIDEO: Sesame Street introduces family with two gay dads marking Pride Month, Father's Day * Spreading 'human rights' at the tip of a bayonet: the LGBT agenda has now become a tool in Western foreign policy across the globe * Methodists in Britain torch biblical marriage * VIDEO: ‘Craziness’: Disneyland won’t say ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ * VIDEO: How 'queer creators' pushed LGBT agenda in kids cartoons
  115. Article Stack Date: 06-30-21 Outcry over South Africa's multiple husbands proposal * France to legalize IVF for lesbians, single women * Spain takes first step to legalize gender self-determination * VIDEO: Woman Confronts Business about a Man being in the Womens Bathroom with Little Girls * VIDEO: Ohio Democrats Scream, Bang Furniture in Opposition to Amendment Banning Trans Athletes from Women’s Sports (Notice the chairman does NOT demand order) * Biden's State Dept. letting people choose own gender on passports * VIDEO: 'Google whatever is in your head': School gives 11-year-olds sex-promoting flyer * VIDEO: Girl nails school board: 'I don't want to hear about sexuality during class' * VIDEO: Miss Nevada USA Pageant defies science as a man gets crowned the winner
  116. ‘Not a good look’: US Embassy in Vatican flies LGBT pride flag, offending (indoctrinating) Catholics
  117. VIDEO: Homosexuals promote Vaccine
  118. VIDEO: Biden's Woke Military: Nellis Air Force Base Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen Show
  119. VIDEO: Transgender US Olympic Alternate Threatens to Burn American Flag on the Podium
  120. Military Offering ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery for Vets: ‘A Disgrace'
  121. San Francisco Giants Become First MLB Team to Wear Pride-Themed Uniforms
  122. Family rejected by adoption agency due to ‘Christian values,’ opposition to transgender ideology
  123. Catholic agency denies adoption to couple who hold Christian view of sexuality
  124. VIDEO: Rep. Nadler: God is no concern in this Congress
  125. Biden to ‘Brave’ Transgender Youth: ‘Your President Has Your Back’
  126. Biden’s Education Secretary Says Trans Athletes ‘Deserve’ to Compete in Sports
  127. Poll: 55 Percent of Republicans Support Same-Sex Marriage, Shifting from 16 Percent in 1996
  128. 'Deeply Distressing': Scottish Teachers Union Promotes Play Portraying Jesus as Transgender
  129. 13 TV Shows and Characters Pushing the LGBTQ Agenda on Children
  130. School sued for suspending teacher who opposed transgender activism
  131. U.S. embassies fly LGBT flag with Biden's blessing, including at the Vatican (They make my job so easy some times!)
  132. VIDEO: GAYDAR hits 100% - Vax Advertisement for Kids
  133. Kellogg’s, GLAAD Invite Children to ‘Create Your Own’ Pronouns on Cereal Boxes (Does SDA church still own Kellogg's?)
  134. Kellogg's sexualizes cereal boxes: How they are indoctrinating children before breakfast
  135. VIDEO: WATCH: De-transitioned men, women describe how frighteningly easy it was to get trans surgeries
  136. VIDEO: Former Homosexual Reveals Truth of LGBTQ Agenda Flooding the Culture
  137. Major church looks to kill saying 'husband and wife' at weddings
  138. VIDEO: Former Homosexual Reveals Truth of LGBTQ Agenda Flooding the Culture
  139. VIDEO: PM says UK to ban ‘abhorrent practices’ of conversion therapy (If it's Christian it's abhorrent - if it's homosexual it's acceptable)
  140. Congresswoman criticized for using term ‘birthing people
  141. Biden's new definition of sex is 'total nightmare'
  142. Evangelical Lutherans abandon Bible, elect first transgender bishop
  143. VIDEO: Pixar Audition 14 Year Old “Authentic” Trans Child For New Cartoon 
  144. VIDEO: Pastor arrested after citing Biblical marriage definition a ‘vile attack’ on freedom of religion
  145. Ohio to Allow Transgender People to Change Gender on Birth Certificates
  146. VIDEO: ‘Non-Binary’ Singer Sam Smith Gets Tattoo of Young Boy in Underwear, Heels
  147. Maine congregations splinter from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ inclusion  
  148. VIDEO: Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson, FNC’s Carlson Clash over Youth Gender Reassignment Bill Veto
  149. Vatican’s homophobic hypocrisy: 80 percent of priests are gay, explosive book reveals (Actually it's 98%)
  150. VIDEO: 'Appalling': Boys made to apologise to female classmates on behalf of gender
  151. Joe Biden Displays Transgender Flags at the White House to Celebrate ‘Day of Visibility
  152. Experts’ Provide Tools to Raise Woke Children: ‘Antiracist Baby,’ Drag Queens 
  153. Cambridge, Mass. Passes Measure to Recognize Domestic Partnerships of More than 2 People
  154. Children’s Court Judge Who Led Drag Queen Story Hour Foundation Arrested on Child Porn Charges (And they're Surprised?!)
  155. In landmark ruling, Japan court says it is ‘unconstitutional’ to bar same-sex marriage (As it was in Noah's day, it will be today. Final straw was global homosexual marriage)
  156. Biological Male Crowned Miss Silver State USA
  157. Outrage mob tries to ruin career of journalist who dared to acknowledge kids sometimes 'desist' after presenting as transgender
  158. EXPOSED: Elton John Accuses Vatican Of Hypocrisy Over Gay Marriage After It Invested 'Millions' In Rocketman (I guess they figured Elton wasn't going to say anything)
  159. Marvel Comics’ Latest Captain America Is a Gay LGBTQ Activist
  160. Catholics priests vow to keep blessing homosexuals
  161. Lawmaker: Ban prayer that is 'inconsistent with LGBT theology' (And the 501c3 government agents aka pastors WILL COMPLY)
  162. Transgender surgery is now free for military, thanks to Biden executive order
  163. Biden executive order provides taxpayer-funded gender-transition surgeries for U.S. military
  164. BJP’s opposition to gay marriage reflects Vatican’s puritanical position
  165. CA Bill Would Require ‘Gender Neutral’ Clothing, Toy Sections in Stores: Children Need to Find ‘Identities’
  166. Seminary chief: Christian adoption agency surrendered 'before battle began'
  167. VIDEO: Adult guides child through 'The GayBCs' alphabet book in LGBT brainwashing session
  168. Legal team warns of Equality Act nightmares to come
  169. Child-rights activist sounds alarm as new book celebrates 3-man 'throuple' named children's legal parents
  170. House approves gender ‘Equality Act’ in 224-206 vote
  171. 7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act (Notice # 5 & 6)
  172. House Passes ‘Equality Act’ to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex
  173. VIDEO: Watch: Rand Paul Hammers Biden’s Transgender Nominee on Child Surgery, Sterilization
  174. VIDEO: Marjorie Taylor Greene Feuds with Far-Left Hallmate: ‘There Are Two Genders… Trust the Science’
  175. VIDEO: Sen. Paul to Dr. Rachel Levine: Do you support amputating kids' private parts?
  176. College student suspended for saying 'A man is a man, a woman is a woman'
  177. Mr. Potato Head to become 'gender neutral' to allow kids to create same-sex familites
  178. California bill would force toy stores to be gender-neutral
  179. Life of the American Child Under the Equality Act
  180. Harvard launching app to help students find inclusive bathrooms
  181. Roman Catholic Priest Sex Abuse List
  182. University tells staff to replace 'mother' and 'father' with gender-neutral terms
  183. Amazon deplatforms book on transgenderism by conservative author without explanation
  184. Roman Catholic Priest Sex Abuse List
  185. VIDEO: Young children are being taught ‘utterly inappropriate’ content
  186. Book promoting transgenderism pulled from elementary school  (One can only wonder how many children were affected by this book)
  187. University blocks research of transgenders who regret switching sex
  188. VIDEO: The Truth of It | Victoria to Criminalise Christians
  189. The pope says God made gay people just as we should be – here’s why his comments matter
  190. Nickelodeon’s ‘Blue’s Clues’ Brings LGBTQ Message to Alphabet: ‘P Is for Pride’
  191. Feminists Torn: Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood Now Major Player in Transgender Industry
  192. Australian province criminalizes prayer for sexual orientation change (Psalms 59:8)
  193. NIH refuses to say 'women,' refers to them as 'pregnant and lactating people' 
  194. VIDEO: 'It's nonsense': Piers Morgan blasts policy replacing 'breastfeeding' with 'chestfeeding' in transgender-inclusive effort at UK hospital
  195. New York State Employees Required to Have ‘Gender Identity Toolkit’ Training
  196. VIDEO: ‘What Planet Are You From?’–Rand Paul Denounces Biden Transgender Sports Policy
  197. School demands Christian girl attend explicit homosexual sex-ed class
  198. Network 'retires' video teaching children more than '100 genders'
  199. University professor says heterosexuality is 'tragic' and causes all sorts of societal problems for men and women
  200. BBC Educational Film Tells Children There Are ‘over 100’ Genders
  201. FBI investigating explosion, graffiti at California church known for anti-LGBT views
  202. ACLU Wants to Erase Male, Female Sexes from ID Documents, Add ‘X’
  203. North Carolina Towns Plan Expansion of LGBTQ Special Protections
  204. Woman threatens to bomb Catholic school for sharing same-sex marriage announcements
  205. Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi Bans ‘Gender’ Terms Mother, Daughter, Father, Son in House Rules
  206. Actress Busy Philipps Announces 12 Year Old Daughter Is Gay and Prefers ‘They’ and ‘Them’ Pronouns
  207. Gender utopia scheme seems satirical, but isn't
  208. 'Frozen in time' – Archaeologists discover ancient food shop buried in Pompeii (Just so you know, Pompeii was a Homosexual resort frequented by Roman soldiers)
  209. Medical Journal: Birth Certificate Sex Designations ‘Harmful’ for Transgender People
  210. Cartoon Network promotes multiple gender identities
  211. LGBT Lobby Enlists Faith Leaders to Plea for Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy’ (They WILL comply to keep their 501c3)
  212. VIDEO: ‘Family Guy’ Skewers Trans Ideology With Woke Gender Neutral Nativity Scene
  213. Transgender activist says all children should be put on puberty blockers until they can decide their gender
  214. Methodist church schism results in a prohomosexual Methodist church
  215. Roman Catholic Duke students organize ‘Queeristan’ event series to support LGBT Muslims
  216. A ‘Young, Queer Asian-American Businesswoman’ Will Control Free Speech on Twitter
  217. Lawsuit: Starbucks fired employee for refusing 'Pride' shirt
  218. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Applauds Harry Styles for Wearing Dress on Vogue Cover
  219. Obama's Memoir Reveals He Read Marx in College to Pick Up Girls (Yes, he is a Marxist but No - the man is actually homosexual)
  220. Hallmark rolls out 'gay'-themed Christmas movie
  221. Christians who affirm biblical sexuality likened to 'Holocaust deniers' by homosexuals
  222. Teen Beaten Up by Trans People for ‘You Need a Fanny to be a Woman’ Remark
  223. Feminists: Joe Biden Support for LGBT Equality Act Would Harm Women’s Rights
  224. Parents Sue School District for Transgender Lessons, Bullying Family for Following Religious Convictions
  225. Norway criminalizes private criticism of LGTBQ people
  226. Joe Biden’s Delaware Elects First ‘Transgender’ State Senator
  227. Computer-science department offers new class on race and gender
  228. Catholic university faculty upset that school criticized gay marriage
  229. Judge charged with sexually abusing child was a church leader who 'had sleepovers with boys'
  230. In an attempt at inclusivity, Tampax tweets that men get periods, too — and it backfires spectacularly
  231. Man Living as Woman Targets Canadian Beauty Pageant for Not Allowing Him Entry into Contest
  232. 13 Year-Old ‘Gender-Creative’ Boy: ‘Gender Is Over’
  233. Election Stakes Are ‘Extremely High’ Say Transgender Activists (They need Roman Catholic Biden to win - The Pope just proved that)
  234. Court to review new definition of 'woman'
  235. Venezuela's Maduro, citing Francis, asks congress to consider same-sex marriage (He already did)
  236. 'Ridiculox:' Campus campaign for gender neutrality goes off deep end
  237. Catholic leaders issue sharp warning on pope after he embraces gay unions (Won't change a thing. - they answer to him, not the other way around)
  238. VIDEO: Pope Endorses Homosexual Marriage
  239. Pope Endorses Same-sex Civil Unions in New Documentary Film
  240. Victims of childhood transgenderism speak out: 'I should have been told to wait'
  241. LGBTQ Community Celebrates Pope Endorsing Gay Civil Unions
  242. VIDEO: Just to prove what we alll knew about Obama (He is a homosexual) 
  243. Wikipedia Forbids User Profiles Expressing Opposition to Gay Marriage
  244. Report: Netflix Faces Criminal Charge over ‘Cuties’ in Texas
  245. Transgender elections judge facing charges of tampering
  246. Clarence Thomas: Kim Davis a 'victim' of same-sex marriage case
  247. Report: Cops openly promote LGBT political causes
  248. Navy SEALs change official ethos to be gender neutral
  249. Nevada to Vote on Bill Removing Definition of Marriage as Being between One Man, One Woman from State Constitution
  250. School fires worker who alerted friends to LGBT agenda in classrooms
  251. Kroger sued after allegedly firing employees for not wearing rainbow insignia
  252. Big-Breasted Jesus Causes Controversy
  253. Police tell pastor facing LGBT arson threat not to be offensive
  254. Pope Francis Praises Eating and Sex as Pleasures That 'Come From God'
  255. Burger King Depicts Mascot in Gay Kiss with Ronald McDonald for New Ad Campaign
  256. Poll: 74% of California Voters Reject Children’s Transgender Medical Treatments (They'll still do it)
  257. Transgenders use Supreme Court ruling to advance agenda
  258. California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Sex with Willing Children
  259. California reduces penalties for pedophilia with 'willing' kids
  260. California the Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah!
  261. Roman Catholic Australian diocese to teach kids LGBT studies, gender fluidity, atheism in new religion class
  262. L.A. to Close Hollywood Boulevard to Install LGBT-Themed ‘All Black Lives Matter’ Mural
  263. VIDEO: Report: Kamala Harris Stopped Cooperating with Sex Abuse Victims and Failed To Prosecute Accused Clergy
  264. Report: Texas School Sides with Mother Pushing Son James to Be Transgender ‘Luna’
  265. Students forbidden from criticizing BLM, gay marriage, abortion
  266. VIDEO: Fired for accidentally calling a transgender student 'she,' teacher takes case to court
  267. Catholic Judge Drops Child Sex Abuse Charge Since 10-Year-Old ‘Didn’t Enjoy It’ (Also see this
  268. Drag Story Twitter Account Claims 'Love Has No Age'
  269. Law-review author finds article changed to appease transgenders
  270. Court suspends city rule demanding photographer promote same-sex unions
  271. California Senate Passes Sen. Wiener’S Legislation To End Discrimination Against Lgbtq Young People In Sex Offender Registry
  272. Scott Wiener tries to salvage bill fixing sex-offender list’s inequity toward gay people
  273. San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Boys
  274. VIDEO: Catholic Abuse Survivors: Kamala Harris ‘Chose Not to Prosecute a Single Abusive Priest
  275. Judge flip-flops, gives mom power to transition son to girl
  276. VIDEO: Shocked church takes action when pastor goes public as trans
  277. 'Mob rule' campaign cancels Christian group's bank accounts, social media
  278. EU defunds Polish cities that declared themselves 'free of LGBT ideology'  
  279. Facebook bans posts promoting gay 'conversion therapy'
  280. VIDEO: Hallmark Channel plans to promote LGBT themes
  281. Homosexual Mayor Pete gets hired by Roman Catholic Notre Dame to 'restore trust' in politics
  282. High Court Rules Christian Adoption Charity Must Allow Same-Sex Carers
  283. 'What on earth is this?!' Store chain apologizes for promoting child porn
  284. Netflix Orders Queer-Friendly Animated Children’s Series ‘DeadEndia’
  285. Supreme Court's LGBT discrimination ruling forces Harvard to end ban on single-gender clubs
  286. Homosexual Mayor Pete Butigieg to teach at Roman Catholic University Notre Dame
  287. Taylor Swift and Barack Obama to Headline LGBTQ Event to Honor Stonewall Day
  288. Michael Jackson's Daughter to Portray Jesus as a Lesbian Woman in New Controversial Film
  289. Mums furious at Asda education pack that 'normalises paedophilia
  290. Church puts bishop on trial for following Bible on marriage
  291. Ted Cruz torches 'Sesame Street' over LGBT Pride Month tweet
  292. VIDEO: YouTube censors 3-hour video over 6 words about transgenderism
  293. SCOTUS LGBT Decision: ‘May Be the Biggest Sellout of Conservatism by Conservative Justices’
  294. Mind-blowing makeover: Supremes redefine 'sex'
  295. Polish president compares 'LGBT ideology' to Soviet indoctrination
  296. SCOTUS Rules 6-3 that Gay, Trans Employees Protected by Civil Rights Act
  297. Nickelodeon Celebrates Pride Month with ‘Queer Icon’ SpongeBob, Bisexual, and Trans Characters
  298. Judge orders lawyers to call biological boys 'girls' – or else!
  299. Government agency attacks ministry for not recruiting homosexuals
  300. Pope gives aid to transgender prostitutes with no ‘customers’
  301. VIDEO: The TRUTH about Vaccines
  302. VIDEO: W.H.O.'s Not Telling the Trruth?
  303. Google owned YouTube BANNED another poGm Video Exposing Rome's Homosexual agenda
  304. VIDEO: Flamboyant socialist in Congress joins 'RuPaul's Drag Race'
  305. Sony Entertainment Creates a Game with the Villains being Homophobic Christians
  306. Pope Francis accused of comparing convicted child abuser cardinal to Jesus after controversial comments
  307. VIDEO: Former Gay Reveals Truth of LGBTQ Agenda Flooding the Culture: They're Sanitizing the 'Horror Storie
  308. Middle school hangs LGBT flag in cafeteria, bans flag of traditional family
  309. Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Wants to ‘Urgently’ Redistribute Power and Fight ‘Gender Inequality’
  310. Newly proposed bill in California would require stores' toy aisles to be gender-neutral
  311. Ralph Northam expected to sign gay and transgender protection bill that religious leaders fear will lead to discrimination
  312. Roman Catholic diocesan magazine floats idea of official blessing for same-sex couples
  313. White House getting gayer? Trump should exercise caution regarding gay affirmation 
  314. VIDEO: Fr. James Martin: Pope Francis supports LGBT, wants to ‘move on’ from abortion
  315. University doctors completely silent about proposal to provide ‘chest binders’ to female students
  316. Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Demands Action on Gender Inequality
  317. Trump appoints openly gay LGBT activist to director of intelligence agencies (Notice his hands?)
  318. New Marvel superhero film to feature ‘beautiful,’ ‘moving’ homosexual kiss
  319. LGBT activist Catholic teacher brags about reading pro-gay, trans books to 5th, 6th graders
  320. Drag Queen to appear on ‘Sesame Street'
  321. US archbishop: Pope told us gay civil unions can be ‘acceptable’
  322. Catholic bishops’ OKs removing gender IDs on baptism certificates
  323. Vatican caught up in scandal over ‘queer’ rave in Rome 
  324. United Methodist Church proposes historic split over gay marriage, LGBT clergy
  325. Swedish Church to Replace LGBT Eden Painting with Jesus in High Heels Art
  326. Vatican retracts ‘unjust’ sanctions against openly homosexual Dutch priest
  327. In new interview, Cardinal Marx speaks on same-sex blessings
  328. Newspaper publishes secret report on former W.Va. bishop
  329. VIDEO: LGBT flags handed out at school, kids rebel and raise Confederate flag
  330. Catholic LGBT advocates praise Francis' meeting with Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin
  331. US man gets 16 years in prison for stealing, burning LGBT ‘pride’ flag
  332. US Navy begins construction on ship named in honor of homosexual pederast Harvey Milk
  333. In Reversal, Hallmark Will Reinstate Same-Sex Marriage Ads
  334. Under pressure, Hallmark pulls gay-themed wedding ads
  335. Netflix Releases ‘Gay Jesus’ Christmas Special
  336. German bishops commit to 'newly assessing' Catholic doctrine on homosexuality and sexual morality
  337. Roman Catholic German Bishops Pronounce Homosexuality ‘Normal’ and ‘Unchangeable’
  338. Vatican invests $1.1 M in Steamy Elton John biopic
  339. VIDEO: Disney Spotlights 12-Year-Old Transgender Girl in Latest Marvel Series
  340. Pro-LGBT Catholic schools trustee calls words of Christ ‘death threat’ when quoted to him
  341. LGBT Jesuit Priest Showcases ‘Gay Jesus’ Art
  342. Bishop promoted by Pope Francis pledges to return to Argentina to face sex abuse accusations
  343. Proposed pro-homosexual changes to US Commission on International Religious Freedom draw fire
  344. US bishops claim $750K grant to pro-LGBT org does not violate Catholic teaching
  345. Austrian diocese confirms that Catholic priest held liturgy celebrating lesbian union
  346. Toronto Catholic School Board votes to adopt ‘gender’ ideology in code of conduct
  347. Judge bans business owners from stating Christian beliefs
  348. VIDEO: Ex-gays, ex-trans demand Congress not block escape from LGBT lifestyle
  349. VIDEO: Strange Things about the Vatican
  350. Fr. James Martin: Pope meeting me was ‘public sign of support’ for my pro-LGBT work
  351. Diocese recommends youth ministers read books by dissidents who endorse homosexuality, women priests
  352. LGBT Jesuit Priest Says Bible May Be Wrong About Homosexuality
  353. VIDEO: Health-insurance giant celebrates sexualized men in dresses reading to kids
  354. VIDEO: Beto O’Rourke: Religious Institutions Will Lose Tax Exemption If They Oppose Same-Sex Marriage (One more reason for the Vatican Inspired 501c3)
  355. VIDEO: Democrats Say Yes to Every Transgender Demand
  356. Pope Francis Endorses Homosexuality in the Catholic Church
  357. Vatican suspends US archbishop’s decision to strip ‘Catholic’ label from pro-gay ‘marriage’ Jesuit school
  358. Why is LGBT media normalizing quasi-pedophilia?
  359. Calls to Normalize Pedophilia on the Rise: New Report Recommends Workshops Instead of Prosecution
  360. VIDEO: Roman Catholic Homosexual Mayor Buttigieg is misrepresenting scripture to push pro-abortion agenda
  361. N.Y. Times cheers 12-year-old drag queens
  362. Catholic parish allows 1st-graders to sign up as ‘gender neutral’ for Communion class
  363. US Govt offers Change of Sex Marker for Passports
  364. NBC News: “Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working’
  365. New Jersey Catholic Church Celebrates LGBT ‘Pride Mass’
  366. No Skirts: Bradford Schoolgirls Ordered to Wear ‘Gender Neutral’ Trousers
  367. The 5 stages of homofascism now complete
  368. Trump’s Celebration of L.G.B.T. Rights Is Met With Criticism
  369. VIDEO: A Dark Rainbow Hangs Over the West
  370. VIDEO: Vatican official says Catholic church welcomes homosexuals
  371. VIDEO: Brunei will not enforce death by stoning for gay sex, after global outcry (More like a Vatican command -  Brunei is not known to care what the world thinks)
  372. House approves sweeping bill to expand gay rights
  373. VIDEO: Cardinal hosts satanic play in Vienna cathedral
  374. Cardinals blame 'homosexual agenda' for abuse crisis (But they hid the fact it started WITH the Popes)
  375. Pope Knew of McCarrick’s Crimes but Considered Them Unimportant
  376. Belgium Report: 76% of Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse Were Males
  377. Duterte Tells Philippines: ‘Kill Bishops,’ ‘90% of Priests Are Gay’
  378. Homosexuals shut down Aussie Wedding Magazine
  379. Pope appoints ‘gay-friendly’ bishops, cardinals to change Church on LGBT
  380. Jesuit Magazine Defends Ordaining Gay Men to the Priesthood
  381. Young Catholics urge Vatican to issue inclusive LGBT message
  382. Switzerland votes overwhelmingly to jail citizens for ‘homophobia,’ ‘transphobia’
  383. Vatican cardinal was at drug-fueled homosexual party, and Pope knows it
  384. Pope doesn't remove pedophiles, but when a priest burns an LGBT flag, they quickly removed him
  385. Video  "Fr." Martin proves Francis and the Vatican II Sect endorse homosexuality and "transgenderism"
  386. Drag queens replacing Road Runner, Yosemite Sam
  387. NY Cardinal: Pope’s Affirming Comments to Gay Man Were ‘Conservative, Traditional, Catholic’
  388. Pope says God made man homosexual!
  389. VIDEO: This California State Assembly bill would BAN the Bible!
  390. As in Noah's day, Rome's homosexual agenda is going GLOBAL
  391. Allegations about 40 gay priests in Italy sent to Vatican
  392. Leading German Cardinal Opens the Door to Church Blessings of Homosexual Couples
  393. In Gender-Inclusive Guidelines, Catholic College Eliminates Use of ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’
  394. Vatican puppet Obama's 'cultural terrorism' left trust deficit abroad
  395. Video  Pope Hires LGBT Activist to Creat & Manage Vatican News Site
  396. Vatican hires LGBT activist company to create and run new internet news platform
  397. Video  Pope Places creature above Creator
  398. New book alleges gay sex in Vatican dorm, shady banking
  399. Lutheran Church Bans God's gender
  400. Video  Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment
  401. Catholic parish hosts gay dance party for Lady Gaga’s LGBT charity
  402. Vatican Priest: Some Saints Were “Probably Gay”
  403. Vatican condemns radio station over anti-gay comments on quake
  404. Pope says respect gays and transsexuals
  405. Criticizing homosexuality now 'crime against humanity'?
  406. Video  Rallies in Rome Italy for gay civil unions
  407. Video  Homosexual Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Pope Francis at the Vatican
  408. 70% of Catholics TOP LIST of those accepting homosexuality!
  409. Rafael Cruz: lgbt activists will fight to legalize pedophilia
  410. VIDEO: CNN Exclusive: Pope held private meeting with same-sex couple in U.S.
  411. Obama's LGBT Executive Order endangers religious liberty 
  412. Equality Act creates 'LGBT rights' everywhere!
  413. Obama: 'Gay' trumps religion in Constitution
  414. Pope blesses lesbian authors for their “excellent Christian values
  415. Pope urges same sex marriage
  416. Report: Vatican Operating Secret Brothels For Catholic Priests
  417. Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals
  418. VIDEO: Same Sex Mariage! A MAJOR sign of the END!
  419. VIDEO: Ireland legalizes 'gay' marriage in historic vote
  420. Catholic Mercy Health mulling option to extend same-sex benefits to employees
  421. New Vatican Document: Homosexuality Accepted, Believing The Bible Outdated!
  422. VIDEO: Bishops say gays have gifts to offer church
  423. 'This is beginning of end of Western civilization'
  424. Illinois, Hawaii Poised to Legalize Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ after Pope's comments
  425. Catholic bishop attends installation of Canada's openly homosexual Chaplain General
  426. VIDEO: Pope discusses gays and women in church
  427. Where the pope gave ground on 'gays'
  428. Pope's startling announcement may end Vatican's war on homosexuals
  429. 'Who am I to judge?' pope says of gay priests
  430. Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests
  431. Italian Magazine claims 98% of priests in Rome are homosexuals (LINK FIXED)
  432. Catholic Church Grapples With Openly Gay Priests
  433. Video~ Homosexual Vatican Priest Caught ON CAMERA
  434. Video~ 'Hidden Voices, Reflections of a Gay, Catholic Priest'
  435. Cardinal says Homosexuality 'Moral Degradation' yet Had A Boyfriend
  436. Catholic expert details 'Huge homosexual underground in the Church
  437. 63 ex-Catholic priests in Washingon: We back 'gay' marriage
  438. Catholic Church Embarrassed By Gay Priests Revelations
  439. Catholic sex scandal as undercover reporter 'films priests at gay clubs and having casual flings
  440. Homosexuals better priests, Jesuit says
  441. Homosexuals taking over catholic priesthood
  442. Homosexuality is divinely ordered, say catechism
  443. Co-Ed Bathroom Bill Passes California State Assembly
  444. UK's Guardian publishes favourable article on pedophilia
  445. VIDEO ~ Homosexual Vatican priest caught on hidden camera inside Vatican!
  446. Click here for hundreds of articles articles confirming this prophecy fulfilled by the priests of the Vatican





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United First Methodist church of Kansas City has changed marriage vowels to accommodate sodomites as reported by channel 4 KCMO and my wife who blew up at the idea.

My wife and I left the our Charismatic church in May after 16 years of active membership.  Of many reasons for leaving, the main reason was our Church's involvement in ecumenism.  We have been attracted by SDA doctrines but, to our great disappointment have discovered that they seem to be just as involved in ecumenical activity, at least they are here in England.  We strongly believe that God has called us out to be part of His remnant but WHERE IS IT?  We are studying and worshipping at home but are desperate to fellowship with like minded people.

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