There are some broadcasts aired on this station wherein I spoke favorably of "Worldlastchance" and "Lightministries" websites. This is no longer the opinion of Presents of God ministry. Both these men (Galal Doss & Robert Sessler)  have stepped off the platform of truth as put forth in the Word of the Creator God. Please keep them in your prayers. The shaking has begun.

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Roman Catholic Priests and AIDS

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UnHoly Fathers of Rome
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Kennedy - Abortion - Communion (*missing 10 mins)

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The Actual First Pope (with Anthony V.)

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*Starting at 43:09 in this broadcast you will hear a quick beep and then about 1.2 seconds of static. The broadcast then continues on normally. However, there is a little over 10 minutes missing. There is nothing I can do about this. It's lost forever. What I was discussing was the following article in that 10 minutes...

Priest Charged After Drunken Punch-Up in Rome
May 20, 2003

A Roman Catholic priest was among four drunken men arrested after they allegedly attacked a tramp and two police officers in Rome.

Police say the 35-year-old, who they refused to name, had to be held down by other officers called in to help, after he lashed out at them, kicking and punching. Tourists watched amazed as the priest, complete with dog collar, was bundled into a squad car at the Campo di Fiori square in the centre of the Italian capital. Witnesses said that he and the other three men were drunk as they first insulted and then attacked a tramp who was sitting under a statute in the square.

When officers arrived at the scene the men refused to come quietly and allegedly began attacking police with the priest being in the forefront of the attack.
A police spokesman said: "Not much charity was being shown by these men especially the priest. "They were all drunk and we received a call to say they were insulting a tramp and then had started to beat him up. "When two officers in a squad car arrived they tried to calm the situation down but instead found themselves being attacked by the priest. "They suffered cuts and bruises and had to call for back up so they could get the handcuffs on him." The priest and the three others, have all been charged with resisting arrest and assaulting police and have been bailed until their court appearance later this month.

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