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Synchronized Hate

Christian greetings in these last days of life on earth. On the site I have a page already dedicated to the topic of “hate.” (click here to view) Today’s Newsletter is a new method by which this agenda is moving forward. As I suggested back a few years ago when I wrote the Newsletter that gave birth to the afore mentioned webpage, this hate agenda was not going to go away anytime soon. In fact, they need this scheme to be successful so as to prevent those that speak truth via Scriptures from gaining souls to Christ. Doing so slows their forward movement drastically. If the people are “moral” the desires of the wicked leaders is crippled. This is why we saw lawmakers generating a new method of tracking what they call “hate crimes” by melding statistics on race with religion a few years ago.

Basis of crime

1995 data

1996 data

1997 data

1998 data

1999 data

2000 data

Total hate/bias crimes





















Sexual orientation







Ethnicity / National origin














Multiple bases







As one can plainly see, hate crimes levied against "religion" more or less stayed constant at about 16% from 1995 to 2000. Granted, 16% is no small problem, and I am sure some "biased" calculation may have allowed for a bit of "puffing up" in the totals as well. Still, 16% is not a big number in either respect when comparing it with racism’s whopping totals. That is why many statements that echoed the following statement via the Vatican were made AND ACCEPTED by those crunching the numbers around the world…


Vatican City (AP)-- A new Vatican document on how to interpret the Bible condemns the fundamentalist approach of word-for-word literalism as distorting,
dangerous and possibly leading to racism. --Associated Press -
March 18, 1994

If you join crimes based on religion with a much worse problem like racism, you can create a crisis the Vatican (a political & religious entity) can use to their advantage in Washington D.C. Why you ask? Well, first off the obvious reason is CONTROL. They need to be able to sway the playing field in their favor so as to guarantee Roman “Catholic” religious control across the board. They need to keep their religion protected by law so as to gain strength. The mark of this beast can never be enforced without such power. If you have the law on your side, you can literally do anything you wish! That’s what mad scientists refer to as ABSOLUTE POWER.

But there is also a “hidden” agenda, those with eyes that see have been exposing for a few years now.

Which agenda?  

As we all know Rome has a major problem with homosexuality. But as you can see by the stats above, crimes aimed at “sexual orientation” are as low, and at times even lower then crimes against religious preference. However, the Vatican corners the market in this problem with homosexuality. So, the reality here is, they need to protect this lifestyle at all costs now.

Where you aware that this problem was actually prophecied about them long ago? Speaking of the Roman beast, Daniel the prophet stated the following interesting fact…

Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

As I have said time and time again, pushing the homosexual agenda forward so intensely is a must for Rome if they are ever to gain the upper hand in all these lawsuits. Since their globally publicized child molestation scandal, a scandal Rome admits is costing billions, a need arose to place the homosexual lifestyle in a more positive light. They need to keep this pushed so often and so intensely that those with morals will eventually be lulled into submission concerning this decadence. It’s a sad but actual reality of the vulnerable patience of man. Most will come to a breaking point when they have no strength (Jesus) to draw on. So they simply give up and look away. Problem is, this agenda isn’t moving along as fast as the Vatican hoped for. So since they have both political and religious power at their beck and call, FORCE was of course their obvious ace in the hole. Too many Christians are still protesting and speaking out against this ghastly lifestyle described in both the Old and New Testament as an abomination unto God. So they need to shut them up. This is specifically why we see laws passed in Canada that have declared the Bible to be “hate literature.” It’s true! Christians in Canada can now be jailed for up to 5 years, and fined thousands of dollars for using a Bible to share Christ’s love with homosexuals. As I have been saying all along, this hate agenda is purposely designed to muffle the Christian, and it will find a way into the USA law books soon. Quicker then we may realize in fact.

Rome must put the pressure on Christians using Bibles to help educate the lost because as the Vatican knows doing so will cause the people to leave their churches, and at the same time stop the flow of donations they so desperately need. Especially now since the molestation scandal has mushroomed out of control globally. What’s worse, they will loose their parishioners as pawns in their political playing field they so avidly cherish. Empty pews mean fewer votes and less control in D.C. The political homosexual agenda, even though it is of the SMALLEST of all minorities known to man, is the perfect method by which to control the “Bible thumpers” as we are called. But without the votes, it’s dead in the water.

A “new” hate crimes proposal on this very platform is at present pending in Congress. Is it any wonder such a thing is happening seeing how Congress as well as the Senate and Supreme Court are now Roman Catholic by majority across the board? This hate crimes proposal is of course aimed at free speech, and to coin the phrase of one of those “trying” to stop it, it’s being referred to as, “stealth legislation at its most devious.”  The proposal (H.R. 254) will give the legal muscle to homosexuals who claim emotional damage by simply hearing Scripture regarding their lifestyle! They can literally (if passed) press charges against any pastor, preacher, broadcaster or Christian at large who reads a bible in public within earshot!

Diss a 'gay'? Go to jail!
Activists warn Christians targeted under new 'hate crimes' proposal

Posted: February 15, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern By Bob Unruh
© 2007

Two Christians in Australia have been indicted for criticizing Islam, and another for criticizing Zionism. A filmmaker has been threatened with arrest for using the word "homosexual" rather than "gay." Now a German priest faces jail time for publicly criticizing abortionists, and in Holland, "fornicators" and "adulterers" are protected classes and cannot be criticized.

All courtesy of the concept of federal "hate crimes" legislation, which unless defeated soon could be mandatory in the United States, warns a rising chorus of critics.

"All that matters are the delicate feelings of members of federally protected groups," said Michael Marcavage, director of "Truth is not allowed as evidence in hate crimes trials. … A homosexual can claim emotional damage from hearing Scripture that describes his lifestyle as an abomination. He can press charges against the pastor or broadcaster who merely reads the Bible in public. The 'hater' can be fined thousands of dollars and even imprisoned!"

All this, he noted, to attack incidents that according to the FBI's 2005 Uniform Crime Report make up on one-fifteenth of 1 percent of all crimes.

Full article

Hate Crime Legislation Will Target Your Freedom of Speech
By Tom DeWeese


HR. 254 would require every state to pass and enforce "anti-hate" laws, making it a federal crime to express bias against specifically federally protected groups. Some hate laws have been interpreted to mean documents like the Bible are hate literature and preaching from it is hate speech. Nowhere was this more clearly shown than in England under a similar law, where two men who called Islam "wicked" were indicted, and now face seven years in prison. The British law blatantly says "truth" cannot be used as a defense

Full Article

If “truth cannot be used as a defense” in today’s world, WHAT CAN BE USED?

Even the FBI admits this sexual orientation problem to be exceptionally small as far as hate crimes go. However, thanks to Rome’s successful act to fudge the numbers a few years ago when melding the stats on religion and racism together, no matter how much common sense is used, no matter how much gray matter is activated or available, they can always shout, “the numbers don’t lie!” Even though in this case they actually DO LIE! The numbers are FABRICATED, and for some reason, even the FBI is stepping up to the plate to admit this as fact. Still, what Rome wants, Rome gets because the world is Satan’s oyster. …for now.

Now I know you’ve all heard me say it was first tried, tested and passed in Canada so as to see how easy it was to do for the USA, seeing how we are all going to be ONE BIG COUNTRY under Roman Rule from Mexico to Canada anyway. Revelation 17:12 is no joke! In fact, it’s already been fulfilled… on paper.

This prophecy was easily brought to its conclusion due to all the millions of pew potatoes ignoring prophetic Scripture and movements of big government for the sake of keeping their credit card bills paid, lawns manicured, new cars waxed, and careers on track. But what sparked this agenda forward here in the states recently? Besides the obvious desires of Rome to put this lifestyle in a positive limelight so as to lesson the dollar amounts on their thousands of lawsuits. With a majority of Catholic lawmakers in power we don’t need to be political scientists to realize a majority of pro-homosexual law making will be the end result when Rome is so ensconced. Again, what Rome wants, Rome gets. So get used to it beloved. Whenever Christians step up in a public manner to help their fellow man see the Light, those in power will always jump at the chance to use it against us so as to hopefully quench further Christians from doing the same. Anyone recall this strange event three years ago?

'Philadelphia 11' told 'gays' limited speech
Judge's ruling says permit allows biblical messages to be restricted

Posted: February 14, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2007

A new federal court decision in the case of the Philadelphia Eleven could send Christians' free speech rights another step towards extinction, according to group members who have been told police officers had a right to silence their biblical messages at a public homosexual festival.
Full article

The Christians shared Scriptures and loving warnings for those literally parading their sin before the general public. In retaliation, the homosexuals shared hatred, insults, profanity, vulgarities, violence, and even death threats. So who was arrested and accused of a crime by the Roman Catholic controlled police force? The Christians of course!

Back in 2004 many Christians “in the media” stated nothing would ever come of this and dropped it like a hot potato that may ruin their ratings. Even though they knew full well what recently happened in Canada regarding the bible and homosexuals. “It could never happen here” they said. Yet… 3 short years later it’s STILL on the table, and is now being escalated as an echo of Canada’s new hate crimes law? Could it be these “Christians” in the media were puppets churning out their leaders words so as to prevent outcry from mushrooming that WOULD stop this from happening here in the states? Just think how many years this agenda could have been shoved back had some pastors with vertebrae actually stood up for what is right? Is it any wonder with this Catholic majority in D.C. where such immoral ideals are easily and readily pushed forward and true morals shoved backwards so often? Is it any wonder that popular Catholic politicians fear no career endangering reprisals when spawning such amendments as we see Kennedy doing in late 2005?

Kennedy tries another tack on 'hate crimes'
      Group says senator 'trying to slip it in under the radar'
      Posted: October 21, 2005
      1:00 a.m. Eastern
      © 2005

      After a failed attempt at passing "hate crimes" legislation, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., is trying to
attach an amendment favored by homosexual-rights activists to another bill, an activist group warns. Kennedy sought to pass the controversial legislation - adding "sexual orientation" to the hate-crimes law - through the "Child Safety Act," but
this time the vehicle is "The Streamlined Procedures Act of 2005," which deals with federal criminal procedures, says Concerned Women for

Full article

Truth is beloved, all they are doing is seeking to make it an uneasy row to hoe for Christians. They know we are moved to speak for Christ, as this is the Great Commission. The Christian faith has been proven time and time again to be the only true faith, and this is why it is attacked as it is. The enemy of souls knows the Latter Rain has already started to fall, so he needs a way to scare off those that are now being urged to speak out.

Sadly, many young in the faith will clam up because they fear jail and other obstacles Satan puts before them that threatens their couch, cars, credit, or careers. These “new” laws are nothing new at all in fact. They are an age old forward movement on the warfront of Hell. It’s as old as the planet itself. The reason it’s more graphic today is simply because the enemy of souls knows his time is short. So of course, out comes the big guns. Since most people are already ignoring bibles as the prophet Amos predicted for today, Satan knows he can commit acts bluntly prophecied in the bible. If you don’t READ the warning signs, the disaster is imminent.

When you add these new attacks to all the other attacks on Christians over the last few decades, even an Atheist has to start to see a pattern here. That’s one of the things about such hellish hatred that grants us the upper hand here. They cannot help to show their cards for all to see! We can now show how much easier it is for nonbelievers to look into ALL the religions on earth to see which one Satan hates the most. Truth is, every religion speaks of a devil. So, half the work is done for us. Even supernatural intelligence must bow to reality at this stage in the game. Christianity is THE FAITH in the cross hairs today!

So.. how bad is it getting? Here’s a few headlines that may help those that think “peace and safety” is the norm.

On my “Hating the Christian” page you can see these headlines…

On my “Persecution Today!” Newsletter, you can see these headlines… (NOTE! Graphic pictures of martyrdom!)

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you EVER see any headlines like the above with Muslims, Buddhists, Satanists, Witches, or any other religious groups as being the problem lawmakers need to focus on? No! Only the CHRISTIAN has been targeted as worthy of censorship! Why?

"If Catholics ever gain sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say; so we believe" -The Shephard of the Valley, journal of the late bishop of St. Louis.

"Socialism, Communism, clandestine societies, Bible societies... pests of this sort must be destroyed by all means." The encyclical Quanta Cura Issued by Pope Pius IX, December 6, 1866

"The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her good behaviour." -Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908

"The church may by divine right confiscate the property of heretics, imprison their person, and condemn them to flames.  In our age, the right to inflict the severest penalties, even death, belongs to the church.  There is no graver offense than heresy, therefore it must be rooted out." - Public Eccliastical, Vol. 2, p.142.

Mr. Raywood Frazier, in the booklet
"Catholic Words and Actions," presents documentary proof of the intensive persecution of Protestants and non-Catholics in
Columbia, South America, between 1949 and 1953. The Catholic Church had the support of the Columbian government in the destruction of many churches, and the liquidation of more than 1,000 documented cases -- some of whom were shot, drowned, or emasculated. He says there is evidence of over 60,000 killed. Pope Pius XII awarded the President of Columbia with one of the highest awards which the Church bestows, and praised Columbia for its example of the Catholic faith." (Pp. 59,60)

The defense of Roman Catholics to this presentation is as follows: "Communists destroy churches because they are God's enemies; Catholic's destroy churches because they are God's friends... Against such men-founded churches... Catholics in Latin America should arise and wipe them out with fire." -John J. Oberlander, in The Voice of Freedom, 1954, p. 20.

The rector of the Catholic Institute of Paris, H.M.A. Baudrillart, revealed the attitude of the church and her leaders toward persecution. "When confronted with heresy," he said, "she does not content herself with persuasion, arguments of an intellectual and moral order appear to her insufficient, and she has recourse to force, to corporal punishment, to torture." The Catholic Church, The Renassance, and Protestantism, pp. 182-183

For MANY more quotes like this, click here

What is all this Roman hatred leading to? Laws of the land designed by the POPE. Can this happen?

Speaking of the time, about 500 A.D., when the Roman Empire was crumbling to pieces:] "No, the [Catholic] Church will not descend into the tomb. It will survive the Empire . . . At length a second empire will arise, and of this empire the Pope will be the master--more then this, he will be the master of Europe. He will dictate his orders to kings who will obey them"--Andrea Lagarde, The Latin Church in the Middle Ages, 1915, p. vi.

The archbishop of St. Louis said: "Heresy and unbelief are crimes; and in Christian countries, as in Italy and Spain, for instance, where all people are Catholics, and where the catholic reigion is an essential part of the law of the land, they are punished as crimes." ... "Every cardinal, archbishop, and bishop in the Catholic Church takes an oath of allegiance to the pope, in which occur the following words" "Heretic, schismatics, and rebels to our said lord (the pope), or his aforesaid successors, I will to my utmost persecute and oppose." [Josiah Strong, "Our Country," ch. 5, pars 2-4.]

The beast never changes!

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Good work at ROGM God has obviously bless you with incredible insight of His word. Keep up the good work God bless you

-a friend

I do not remember how I came upon this web site, but it has provided some of the most riveting and shockingly eye-opening reading in my life. Very glad I did, about one year ago I think.

I am very interested to know the connection between the RCC and Islam, and how the former is supporting the agenda of the latter. Among the many thousands of pages I have scanned and/or read, I remember this being mentioned but have no idea how to retrace my steps.

I would also like to know your opinion regarding HR 254 that is before the house.  I have seen it characterized as the biggest outright step toward suppression of free Christian speech yet to date.

Thank you.
Douglas A.

Click here regarding Islam and the Pope. As for HR 254, that is the topic of the next (THIS) Newsletter.

Praise our Lord!!

Thank you very much for your Bible truths. After reading your response, I no longer than my understanding of the Word of God is out of line with
what the Bible teaches. I will be reading and studying more from your website.

Martha B.

I've been reading this website for a few days sometimes till the wee hours of the morning. I wept when I realized I had to leave my church. But I am not leaving Christ.

I am a fouth generation adventist. I never knew we would have to leave. My dad might have. He's been gone for 5 years. He had the gift of prophecy as do I. He felt the call to be an Elijah and a John the Baptist. He spoke out about sin in the church all the time. He was physically thrown out of the church several times. Later, he was assaulted while in a wheelchair!

It took me reading your website and for awhile to be convinced that our church is Babylon. It was the quote from the Bible Commentary that finally did it for me. Thank you so much for being a vessel for God!

There seems to be some receptive people in my current church. I will try to reach who I can. Do you have some written material you could send me?

Sarah L.

I just made a donation with paypal for the antichrist flash animation cd. I have studied symbolism and how it is everywhere in our society from major company logos to the church and wanted to let you know what a great flash movie your church has made to open peoples eyes to the deceptive nature of satans false pagan deception that is in this world. Looking forward to show my friends, since this symbolisim cant be seen by everyone.

Thanks..keep up the good work!
Your Brother in Christ Jesus. 

Dear Show Producer,

I heard your show the other day on, and I think it's fantastic!


I was listening to your broadcast of Ratzinger as pope where you mentioned the devotion of muslims to Mary.  I thought that you might enjoy reading about the founding of Islam from in a online comic called the Prophet, which talks about the Roman Catholic Church\'s role in founding Islam.  God bless you as you work to expose the works of the Antichrist.

Gilbert W.

Yes Gilbert, I know of the booklet. VERY informative. Be careful though. His historic documentation is right on, and well sourced, but his doctrinal stand is not as we believe. Pray for him as he can be used in a mighty way even moreso if he bows to absolute truth before long.

My fervent prayer Is that you are blessed by the Truth Provided In this Newsletter. I also pray you share It with others that are trapped In Babylon.

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