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The Pope & Islam

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Christian greeting’s everyone in these last days of Earth’s history. Are you concerned with the growing number of politicians and governing officials, as well as church leaders that are getting a bit too chummy with the nation of Islam? Is it becoming more and more obvious that the desires of the Muslim are being preferred by the powers that be no matter what faith they claim to embrace?

A couple or so years back I noticed something a bit strange going on in this area. In fact, it was so strange that I decided to keep track as best I could. I wasn’t looking by the way for any confirmation, or documented info on it at this time. Only an inkling as to what I perceived. I just wanted to see if my discernment was accurate on this. After a year or so of watching the news, especially in areas regarding the Pope, and Islam, I noticed in my last count that John Paul II had eleven meetings with Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat regarding Middle eastern peace, and NONE with the Jewish leader Ariel Sharon during their ongoing unrest. It was then I decided to start keeping track of any and all articles that connected the two together. All the while I am researching this, the thought kept crossing my mind that Roman Catholicism sports 1.2 billion people that claim the Pope their leader, and Islam has just as many claiming Arafat theirs. One would think a joining of the minds here would be VERY advantages in the Pope’s global aspirations, as well as his boss Antichrist. Especially if he starts to show desires of the land we call Jerusalem as Daniel 11:45 says he most assuredly will.

This also became more plausible in my mind after researching how the Islamic faith came to be, and Rome’s obvious involvement in it. History show that the Vatican arranged the marriage of Mohammed and his wife who was a catholic, and the Catholic bishops help Mohammed write the Koran and gain his power. This was done by Papal Rome all in an effort to cause the Muslims to hate the Jews, as well as all Christians who were not catholic. Two birds with one stone if you will. Get rid of the Christians so that Rome could stand as the supreme moral authority, and rid the Jews of their land so that Rome can set her temples upon the holy land in triumph. Of course history proves it backfired for the Pope, which in turn caused him to growl across Europe in the crusades that saw countless deaths for centuries. However lately, it seems Jerusalem is finally within the grasp of Rome once again!

At present I have 62 articles dating back to May 5, 2001 that cover a bevy of Vatican middle eastern movements and theological acceptance regarding it’s global desires and merging with the Islamic state. Also keep in mind I have not put all ministerial duties on hold and immersed myself in researching this project. I just happened across most of these facts just as easy as anyone else could have done. I wanted it to be that way so that I can see just how subtle this movement was going to creep upon us all. The media has been ever so gently programming the people of the World that the Islamic religion is good and we should all embrace them as friends that are just as wholesome as our Christian brothers and sisters. And all this started AFTER they attacked the United States. Not to mention the fact that all Muslims embrace the Koran (or Quran) as a holy book. A book literally drenched with words declaring the Christians worthy of death and damnation. Is it any wonder I ask, that Rome, a KNOWN Christian persecutor and killer would join forces with the nation of Islam?

Think about this reality for a moment… During the persecutions of the Vatican where we see over 150 million Christians tortured and killed, we also see Rome having most of these murders performed by officials “outside” the Vatican itself so as to play the innocent card. It wasn’t until the “Mea Culpa” of John Paul II on March 12, 2000 that the Vatican actually admitted they did this. Seeing how we now have graphic proof that Islam sees no wrong in “killing the infidel” as their Koran states is the fate of all Christians. Is the Pope making nice nice with Arafat so as to assure he has a ready supply of henchmen hell bent on killing Christians or Jews for Allah? Fact is, this has always been the way of Rome. They kill in the background, and denounce the murders in the foreground. In fact, Rome actually invented what Politicians refer to today as “spin-doctoring.” Looking at what’s happening today in the Homosexual agenda should prove that out nicely. Everyone knows that the Catholic priesthood is mostly Gay in orientation, and we all know for a fact they molest little boys, and we all know for a fact they hate the Bible. Yet when laws are passed in Canada, or the USA, helping the Gay agenda move forward as well as ban the Bibles, we see Rome acting as if they are totally against it. This two-faced, or wolf is sheep's clothing theology works well. But it only works well on “sheeple.” Honest Christians are not the least bit hoodwinked by this! Especially Christians that have understanding of prophecy.

I have a few articles out of the 62 that I felt may make this point a bit clearer. I pray you are blessed by the facts, as well as the Truth being brought forth in these articles. Share them with as many as you can, for the days are indeed upon us.

Pope's stances are appreciated in the Arab states
Regional-Vatican, Politics, 7/15/2003

The Vatican announced yesterday that the denouncement pronounced by Pope John Paul II of the American military interference in Iraq and his call for a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East were appreciated in the Arab states.

The statement explained that the participants expressed their appreciation for the Pope's position and the Catholic officials on the Middle East, especially their condemnation of the war against Iraq and their demand of a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East especially in Palestine."

As anyone that watches the News knows, the Arab people are not very pleased with the United States Government. In fact, that's considered a graphic understatement. Our Government chooses to ignore that fact for the sake of the oil pooling under their soil. However, Rome can jump on that profitable avenue with seemingly invulnerable ability because they can play the partiality, or “neutral” card with great ease. The “I am a church” fiasco of the Vatican seems to go far with those that have no clue as to the true definition of Christianity. The fact that most of the “sheeple” of the World look to the Vatican as “moral” is a great advantage to Rome. Antichrist is no dummy when it comes to the benefits offered him in pretending to be a humanitarian entity. Even if it means forsaking the very Creator of those humans he seeks to manipulate.

Those of us that understand Bible prophecy know the Pope needs to keep the peace with Arafat and his army of terrorists if he is going to ensure the “Christian-Muslim” connection stays firm. And yes, the media has been pumping that into the minds of billions almost daily now.

Archbishop says uncompromising Pope saved Muslim-Christian relations
-Catholic News Service
Opposition to the Iraqi war by Pope John Paul II and other Christian leaders kept the conflict from damaging Christian-Muslim relations in the Middle East, according to an official of the Maronite Patriarchate in Lebanon.

Since the “One World Church” was formed on June 26, 2000, the Pope has been able to rally all religions to his camp. That is why when the Pope makes pro-Muslim remarks, it’s a no-brainer to realize all those from within the URI (United Religions initiative) had better tow the line if they want to stay connected to the worlds first and foremost powerful “Christian Coalition” of the most evil organization ever known to man... the Vatican.

New York Catholics, Muslims pledge cooperation

May 21, 2003 - ROCHESTER, N.Y. (CNS) -- Leaders of the Catholic Diocese of Rochester and the Council of Masajid (Mosques) of Rochester have signed an agreement pledging mutual cooperation and support. They signed a two-page document called "An Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation" after a May 5 dinner at the Islamic Center of Rochester. The document pledges both communities to respect each other's religious traditions. It also challenges religious and ethnic bigotry and pledges that both faith groups will make efforts to foster mutual respect, including the establishment of joint educational programs for children and adults, and mutual outreach efforts. It also calls for the establishment of a joint committee of Catholics and Muslims to implement the agreement.

Holy See Stresses Need for Fostering Ties With Muslims
At Conclusion of Meeting in Syria

VATICAN CITY, JULY 14, 2003 (Zenit.org).- The Holy See says the fostering of relations between Christians and Muslims is of decisive importance in the wake of the Iraqi war and the relaunching of Mideast peace efforts.

Since Catholics are taught NOT to read their Bibles, and Canada, as well as other Governments, are already seeking ways to ban the Bible, it’s no wonder the Pope can get away with making statements such as this. Is it not written in Amos 3:3 that two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement? Why is it the Pope seeks to foster ties with Muslims? Some may say it’s all a conspiracy, but if you look at all the large and small of it, everything from the one world church movement seeking ties with Muslims, to statements that are strangely pro-Muslim coming directly from Rome itself, one can easily see that Antichrist is indeed doing all the prophecy said he would do. Plus what of the innocent Catholic children that will have Islamic rituals taught to them in the Catholic schools now that the Vatican has agreed to establish “joint educational programs for children and adults.”  

Let’s look for a moment at the pope’s desire to help form a Palestinian state. The Pope is not concerned with the Jewish leaders at all. Anyone with a television, or a newspaper subscription can see he is more desirous to buddy up with the Muslim. By the way, at the time of the following announcement, PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat actually had nine meetings with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican since the signing of the Oslo I Agreement on September 13, 1993. How many did John Paul have with the nation of Israel's leaders? I didn’t see any… did you?

The Pope Meets with Colin Powell, Calls for a Palestinian State

Date:  6/2/2003

The Vatican and the Palestinians signed an agreement on February 15, 2000, stating the following:

An equitable solution for the issue of Jerusalem, based on international resolutions, is fundamental for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, and that unilateral decisions and actions altering the specific character and status of Jerusalem are morally and legally unacceptable; Calling, therefore, for a special statute for Jerusalem, internationally guaranteed, which should safeguard the following: (a). Freedom of religion and conscience for all. (b). The equality before the law of the three monotheistic religions and their Institutions and followers in the City. (c). The proper identity and sacred character of the City and its universally significant, religious and cultural heritage. (d). The Holy Places, the freedom of access to them and of worship in them. (e). The Regime of "Status Quo" in those Holy Places where it applies.

The Israelis responded by saying, "Israel expresses its great displeasure with the declaration made in Rome by the Holy See and the PLO, which includes the issue of Jerusalem, and other issues which are subjects of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on permanent status. The agreement signed by these two parties constitutes a regretful intervention in the talks between Israel and the Palestinians."

This announcement looks more like a list of demands rather than a possible peaceful solution to me. And did you notice this? The pope agreed in that statement that the Muslim and well as Jewish sites are considered ‘HOLY’ places.

Fact is, the Pope has been pushing Arafat’s buttons from day one. Not because it’s a good thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do if you want the acceptance of over a BILLION Muslims! Antichrist isn’t lacking in this area of manipulation. By the way, this all reminds me of Rome’s open and obvious friendship with Hitler back during that time. It also reminds me of how the pope slithered away from Hitler when it became common knowledge to even the lay people that Hitler was truly evil. Rome suddenly backed off and tried to hide their friendship with him and the fact Hitler was a Catholic. History exposes that perfectly now. I wonder, once the new video exposing Arafat as the true father of Mideast terror attacks gets popular that Worldetdaily.com is offering, will Rome once again try to slither out of this mess? (You can get the video here… http://www.shopnetdaily.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=380 )

Did you know that the Vatican has also been able to take advantage of the Muslim people using Mariology? It’s true! Looking back at “Our lady of Fatima” one can see the connection easily. But who would have thought it would snowball to such an extent as this…

Islam Sees Mary as a Model for All Believers

Mentioned 34 Times in the Koran, Observes Archbishop Gioia

ROME, MAY 29, 2003 (Zenit.org).- Mary has a place in Islam too, says a Vatican aide.

"God is the only point of reference for the Muslim believer, but next to him are those who reflect his holiness.
Mary is one of them," Archbishop Francesco Gioia, president of the Pilgrimages to the See of Peter. The archbishop expounds on that point in a book, "Mary, Mother of the Word, Model of Dialogue Between Religions," published by Città Nuova. "Mary occupies an outstanding place in Islam," he said. "She is the only woman whose name the Koran mentions -- up to 34 times."

Mary is particularly fascinating to Muslims. "She is the model of all believers because of her absolute faith and perfect 'submission' to the will of God," he added. "
Vatican Council II took note of the benevolent attitude of the Muslims toward Mary, and in the declaration 'Nostra Aetate' one reads: 'They honor Mary, the virginal mother (of Jesus), and at times invoke her with devotion," the archbishop observed. Muslim faithful's affection and devotion for Mary is reflected in the pilgrimages they undertake to Marian shrines, especially Fatima, and in the fact that many Muslim women are called Mary, he added.  … "In the Koran, Mary has a decided Christological function, underlined by the prevailing designation of Jesus as 'son of Mary,'" he continued.

The way Antichrist showed up in 1917 in “Fatima” of all places, and the way Muslims place Mary over and above Christ Himself, it’s a no brainer to predict this day was inevitable. Is it any wonder the Vatican has placed Mary as “Co-Redeemer, or “Mother of God” in their theology? Plus, is it any wonder EWTN (A Catholic Television ministry) would put out an article titled… “Our Lady and Islam: Heaven’s Peace Plan.” You can view it here… http://www.ewtn.com/library/mary/olislam.htm It’s actually an article taken from the Roman Catholic “Soul Magazine” in their September – October issue of 2001. (See page 6)

This Mary/Islam connection was obviously designed by Satan long ago. Looking into the Koran, and then the Dogma of Rome, one can see ONE mind at play here. SATAN’s! The connections are far too numerous and obvious now to ignore. The CoNfUsIoN alone on this topic should be enough to come to that diagnosis!

Vatican official: War, terrorism show need for interfaith dialogue

May 20, 2003 - ROME (CNS) -- Recent acts of war and terrorism, which have sown death and create a popular perception that Christians and Muslims have nothing good to say to each other, underscore the absolute necessity of interreligious dialogue, a Vatican official said.

How ridiculous is that? Think about what the Vatican is saying in REALITY now. You are a Christian… those who HATE Christians, and other non-Muslims are killing you all over the World because you won’t join their church. So, the only recourse is to come together in an INTERFAITH DIALOG? How insane is that? The Muslim faith declares you an infidel worthy of death, and so you, a Christian should join with them and meld your religions together in a state of mutual cooperation? How dumb do these Vatican officials think we are? That’s actually an insult to our intelligence! Even a little child can see the sheer stupidity of that statement. Wow!

And by the way, don’t think the Muslim people don’t appreciate Rome’s help. In most countries that have a Muslim majority, you hear of Christians being persecuted, and outright killed. But what if those “Christians” call themselves Catholic?

Uzbek City Gets Its First Church, With Help of Muslims
Signatures Helped Land Urganch a Catholic Parish Facility

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, APRIL 2, 2003 (ZENIT.org-Fides).- After years of attending Mass in private homes, the 35 Catholics of a remote area of Uzbekistan are preparing to celebrate this Easter Vigil in a real church. Father Stanislaw Rochowiak, 35, a Conventual Franciscan of Polish nationality, confirmed that very soon a building will be turned into the parish church of Our Lady of Charity.  This will be the first and only Christian church in the city of Urganch, in the region of Khorezm, 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) west of the capital, Tashkent. Uzbekistan is a country of about 25 million. Muslims make up 76.5% of the population, Christians 1.7%. There are 40,000 Catholics. The Catholic Church recently established three parishes and three mission stations.

You scratch my back…   

Here we see two pictures of the Muslim's Koran. Picture #1 shows the Pope kissing it. Picture #2 shows the terrorist Muslim displaying it…

Do you understand what it means to KISS a book? Catholics have always been taught to kiss their Bibles if they dropped unto the floor. Priests as far back as I can remember have kissed the Bibles after reading from them at mass each week. I know, I was Catholic 29 years. The kiss was a form of extreme respect and reverence. Yes, I know it sounds hypocritical for Rome to do that, but this is Rome, the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing we’re talking about. For the Pope to kiss the Koran is to say it is a book worthy of extreme respect and reverence. So I ask, just what do we find in this book the Pope loves to caress and kiss? Is it really a book worthy of extreme respect and reverence?

Surah 5:51 "Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. God does not guide the wrongdoers."

Surah 9:73 "Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate."

Surah 9:5 "When the sacred months are over slay the idolators wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them."

Surah 5:33-34 "Those that make war against God (Allah) and His apostle (Muhammad) and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or be banished from the land."

Surah 47:3-6 "This, because the unbelievers follow falsehood, while the faithful follow the truth from their Lord. Thus God lays down for mankind their rules of conduct. When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take a ransom from them, until War shall lay down her burdens. Thus shall you do. Had God willed, He could Himself have punished them; [but He has ordained it thus] that He may test you, the one by the other."

Surah 4:99 "He that leaves his home in the cause of God shall find many a refuge in the land and great abundance. He that leaves his dwelling to fight for God and His apostle and is then overtaken by death shall be recompensed by God. Surely God is forgiving and merciful."

Surah 22:57 "Those that have embraced the true Faith and done good works shall enter the gardens of delight; but the unbelievers who have denied Our revelations shall receive an ignominious punishment." -The Koran, Translated by N. J. Dawood, Penquin Books, London, 1999

It’s easy actually to see how the Pope would embrace such a book as this. For the words of this book, sound amazingly like those of the Vatican during the Inquisitions were countless numbers of Christians died for their faith. Rome has a history of killing Christians, and as we see in the Koran, so does Islam. Now do you understand why they are joining forces? Birds of a feather do indeed need to flock together to get a work such as this done for the ultimate unclean bird!

Twelve U.S. bishops attend first institute on Islam

March 19, 2003 - WASHINGTON (CNS) --
Twelve U.S. bishops attended the first three-day institute for bishops on Islam and Catholic-Muslim relations. The March 10-13 program, sponsored by the bishops' Subcommittee on Interreligious Dialogue, was held at St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore. It featured sessions on major aspects of Islamic belief, life and spirituality. Cardinal William H. Keeler of Baltimore was among the 12 bishops who participated in the first institute. He told Catholic News Service afterward that the institute highlighted "the importance of meeting with people of other faith backgrounds" to dialogue on shared values. It also underlined "the unfortunate effect" of media misrepresentations of Muslim teachings by their focus on the views of fundamentalist Muslims, he said. "A basic teaching of Islam is reconciliation and peace, rather than war," he said.

Did you catch what Cardinal Willam H. Keeler of Baltimore said in that article? He said, "the unfortunate effect" of media misrepresentations of Muslim teachings by their focus on the views of fundamentalist Muslims, he said. "A basic teaching of Islam is reconciliation and peace, rather than war," Really? Has this Cardinal read the Koran lately? It’s obvious they are not teaching truth at these “Institutes on Islam” isn't it? And did you also catch the fact that they held these meetings at ST. MARY’S seminary? Would a Muslim enter a Seminary named after Christ? Not likely! But seeing they worship Mary from afar, common sense is to invite them to this Seminary instead.

So… I ask, what’s all this lovey dovey agenda with Islam all about?

Daniel 11:45 informs us rather bluntly that, "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him."

Italy Suggests An 'International' Jerusalem At OSCE Conference
By Julie Stahl
CNSNews.com Jerusalem Bureau Chief
July 12, 2002

Jerusalem (CNSNews.com) - Fears that Jerusalem's Christian holy sites might one day come under Palestinian Authority rule has prompted an Italian lawmaker to suggest putting Jerusalem under the control of an international consortium, an Israeli lawmaker said.

Like William Jefferson Clinton said a few years back, we see the Pope echoing his statements almost perfectly. Soon you will see the One World Government come to be (It actually began in 1999 with the enacting of the Roman International Criminal Court) The fact that Christian holy sites may one day be part of Palestinian authority is definitely another reason the Pope is so chummy with those that boldly and graphically hate Christians. Is this why during the Pope’s trip to the Sudan, a country in which the Christians are suffering a bloody persecution, and are even reduced to slavery, the Pope declared: "Baraka Allah as-Sudan! Translated that means, "May Allah bless the Sudan!"

For whatever reason, we see how Satan is moving the man to get the demon’s work done. Satan wants his temples in the holy land. The Pope wants the same thing. Satan wants to rule the world. The Pope wants the same thing. No matter how it gets done, doesn’t matter, as long as it gets done. If the Pope has to make nice nice with graphic anti-Christians to get his agenda realized, he will do it! This is no different than a wolf in sheep’s clothing doing the will of Satan concerning the Christian believers. The Masonic church is living proof of that!

By the way, were you aware that on May 6, 2001 Pope John Paul II made religious history by being the first Pope ever to set foot inside a mosque? When he stepped foot inside the “Great mosque of Damascus” he boldly proclaimed to all the world that he has no problem with those that would kill Christians. He is also boldly proclaiming Christ a liar regarding joining with those that hate truth. It's not hard ti understand 2 Corinthians 6:14 where it says plainly, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"

As many of you may already know, the European continent is in fact the testing grounds for the One World Government we see forming before our very eyes. The cashless society is tested there. You can travel from country to country without exchanging money or passports now. Catholicism is the “legal” religion. The One world court system is housed there. So it would only be fair that the Muslim get involved in this up and coming global landscape…

The Islaming of Europe
Alan Caruba

It may surprise you to learn that Muslims are the second largest religious group in England after the Anglican and Catholic majorities. There are some two million Muslims in Great Britain. They are not indigenous to England, being largely newcomers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Others come from Africa, Asia, and even Europe. The Muslims of England are very diverse in many ways, except for their faith in Islam. Increasingly, though, demands have grown for education of Muslim children to reflect their religion, for official recognition of the Islamic faith. Native-born Brits are less than thrilled with their growing numbers and demands. –(See entire article here…  http://www.newswithviews.com/conspiracy/conspiracy5.htm )

It’s not just Europe. It’s all over  the World! From Muslim clerics saying opening prayers for a Texas House of Representatives meeting on March 18, 2003, to declaring Ramadan a national holiday in Portugal! That’s right, I said Portugal. The grand majority of people in that nation are Catholic. Last I checked it was something like 95% of the population is Catholic. And only a fraction of them are Muslim. Yet, Ramadan is now an official holiday according to their proclamation # 298. (See it here.. http://www.op.gov.ph/proclamation.asp an actual facsimile of the proclamation is here… http://www.op.gov.ph/ramadan.jpg )

The Pope is pushing Islam. The Koran is pushing Mariology, or “Mary worship.” In fact, “Muhammad” himself stated “Satan touches every son of Adam the day his mother beareth him, save only Mary and her son.” –Muhammad by Martin Lings, p. 26

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that the founder of Islam would be preaching Roman Catholic theology? What Muhammad is preaching is in fact the Roman Catholic theology of “ORIGINAL SIN!” All throughout Muhammad’s “mission” you see Roman Catholic monks, priests, and even Catholic kings helping him. It actually started to escalate rather quickly when he was 9 years of age when a Catholic monk declared him a holy prophet merely because of a BIRTHMARK on his back! Still… why would Rome seek to do such a thing?

Ask yourself this question. Who do Muslims hate the most? Christians and Jews right? Who does Rome hate the most? Christians and Jews. If Rome can remove the Jews, they have Jerusalem. If they can stifle the Christian, they have everything else! History proves the Vatican has never fought their own battles exclusively. They have always sought the help of others to do their evil deeds. During the Inquisition, it was the civil authorities. During World War II it was Hitler who helped the Vatican kill 6 million Jews. And today we see the United States Government doing all it can to help Rome. Even if it means making friends with the very Muslims that destroyed the Twin Towers! There are over 1 billion Muslims, and over 1 billion Catholics. But they have a very real problem. There are too many Jews and Christians running about. And it’s NOT the so called “Protestant” Christians that anger Satan. As of June 26, 2000, the One World Church has gotten most of the Protestant churches to join them anyway. It’s that small remnant of Sabbath Keeping Christians that anger the dragon running things from Rome. (See Revelation 12:17) As for the Jews, according to Daniel 11:45, they are on the land the Vatican WANTS! Do some research in history. During Islam’s conquest of North Africa, two groups of people warred with Islam. Christian’s and Jews. NEVER will you find Islam and the Vatican at war during this time. Nor will you ever see a single shrine of Rome harmed in any of these conflicts! Problem was, the leaders in Islam started to get puffed up when they realized they were so victorious. So much so that when it came time for the Pope to exact payment (the land of Jerusalem) for all his help, they refused. They figured they could have that for themselves as well! That made the Roman Pontiff very angry! So angry in fact that history records the “crusades” the Pope initiated to prevent Islam from completely taking Europe. These wars lasted for centuries, and Jerusalem finally became completely unattainable for the Pope. UNTIL NOW!

Thanks to all the Vatican has been doing over the years, and all that Satan has been doing behind the scenes with other major and minor governmental movements, we see Islam melding to Catholicism more and more. In fact, in 1917, the apparitions of the demon calling itself Mary (Our lady of Fatima) generated new interest in the Muslim hearts. Truth is, in the book, “The Woman Shall Conquer” Bishop Sheen said the following…

Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima marked the turning point in the history of the world’s 347,000.000 Moslems, the most difficult of all religious people to convert to Christianity.” (When he says “Christianity” he means Roman Catholicism) –The woman shall conquer –p 164

Is Rome still preaching Mary to the Muslim? According the Zenit Organization, a Roman Catholic publication, yes they are!

Virgin Mary Seen as a Model for All Muslims
Interview with Islamic Theologian Sherazade Hushmand

ROME, DEC. 10, 2001
(Zenit.org).- Muslims venerate Mary, the Pope reminded the faithful Sunday during his Angelus address. Iranian Muslim theologian Sherazade Hushmand affirms that view.

There are
verses in the Koran that include a significant prayer to God by Mary's mother, Hushmand explained in this interview with Vatican Radio.

--Q: Of what significance is the figure of Mary to Muslims?

She is very present in the Koran, which presents her, specifically, as Mary Immaculate. In the third sura, beginning with verse 34 and subsequent ones, the Koran speaks about this aspect of Mary, about her total purity.

Speaking of Mary, one of the verses talks about freedom. The woman of Hemram, who is Mary's mother, prays to God saying: "God, I dedicate to you the one I have in the womb, and I dedicate her so that
she will be free, absolutely free."

This word is used only once in the Koran,
and only for Mary. This freedom is an absolute freedom from all what might be seen as sin, evil, failure, weakness. Mary is pure of all this. Then comes God's affirmation: "I accept her."

--Q: Do all followers of Islam believe this?

--Hushmand: In Chapter 66, the last verse, 12, the Koran says: "Do you want me to give you a faithful example to follow, valid for all the world's believers?"
Mary is proposed there as the example. This is very strong -- because not only is Mary an example and a symbol for Christians to follow, but also in the Koran, Mary becomes a symbol and model for all believers, also for Muslims themselves.


So… how serious is the Pope about getting his hand on that land? How serious is he about making sure Palestine has their way so he can place his temples there?

Vatican Says No Peace Until Israel Quits Territories
December 13, 2001 3:31 pm EST
By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican said Thursday peace between Israelis and Palestinians would never be possible until the Jewish state withdrew from the occupied territories and a Palestinian state was born.

To put it in street slang, “THEMS FIGHTEN WORDS” from where I come from. Seriously! A comment like that only means one thing. Keep fighting! Think about it... who is it that really seeks peace? Israel! And who is it that has to give up the land? Israel again! This article was actually a shot in the arm for all those Islamic terrorists. One would think that if the Vatican REALLY wanted peace, they wouldn’t be egging Palestinians on with an Vatican approval to continue fighting for it.

Think of it... Not only does Rome hate the true Bible believer, Islam hates them as well. And if you think it's going to be easy for the Christian soon because all eyes are on Jerusalem, think again. Before all out holy war, and the mark of the beast is enforced, you will see law after law looking to quench our Christian spirit, our message, and our way of life. In fact, Islamic sympathisers both at home and abroad are already showing signs of seeking to prevent the Christian from exposing the true evils of Islam...

Ministers Asked to Curb Remarks About Islam
Washington Post
Thursday, May 8, 2003; Page A03

Evangelical Christian leaders from across the country called yesterday for fellow ministers such as Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson to stop making broad, inflammatory remarks about Islam.

Christians perplexed over Bible ban
Scriptures in native tongue considered 'detrimental to public peace'
Posted: April 18, 2003
© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

Muslim-majority Malaysia has banned 35 books considered "detrimental to public peace," including a translation of the Bible and some Muslim titles.

If I were to share all the facts, all the articles, all the evidence that shows the Vatican and Islam joining forces, I would have to start a new web-site all together. (Any takers? I have FREE SPACE on the server reserved for just such a venture) I know I am only scratching the surface here with this newsletter. In fact, there are areas I wanted to cover that I am simply unable to effectively do so in a comparatively small newsletter such as this. Perhaps one day the Lord will bless me with the opportunity to build a web-page just for this topic. Ya know, I might just do that to log all the articles in one place. That's more or less how I started the POGM web-site to begin with anyway. All I did wa stransfer my research from my hard drive to the server's hard drive one fateful day.

One last thing. Many years ago I came across information that the throne the Pope sits on in the Vatican during Catholic mass was actually dedicated to Allah. In fact, if you were to turn the throne upside down it is inscribed to Allah in the base of the throne. However, I have lost the source on that data. If any of you have come across it would you please send it my way?

Thank you .


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Truth Provided Newsletter's E-Mail Box

Hi, Nicholas :)  Thank you for this- I greatly appreciate all that you have done. Although, I know that God's appreciation is in far greater measure than mine ever will be. I thank God for your work, and I am not sure who is paying for the printing and mailing of this newsletter, so I would like to contribute as soon as possible (meaning when I finally find new work-- please pray for me!). Thank you again for your commitments, and I will look forward to receiving this with great anticipation :)

Frank E.

Hello and God bless. I would like to know if you still have article on backward masking because whenever I click on it says not found. Did you take it off because of its content or you were forced to?


---it will be back up soon. The agents of Satan that caused it to be erased failed in their hateful mission.

"Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor".  (Proverbs 12:24)

 Dear Nicholas
I received by regular mail your truth letter.  It was wonderful to sit back and read such a well written paper.  I passed on to my daughter and she says Wow!  There's not a lot of people that will speak the truth today.  I'm so glad we have you. I want to thank you for the help you have given me in your written word and your  Internet site.

 Thanks again.  I will be looking for this months news letter. 

Love in Christ

--Please pray for this Christian folks. Cancer is the enemy attacking this child of God.

Hi Nicholas,
           This message is coming from New Zealand in the South Pacific. I have only just come across your site, and from what I have seen so far I have to congratulate you on such a superb layout and abundance of knowledge, this is absolutely terrific, and I appreciate this, I being on a similar wave length. I am a independant Sabbath keeper, and also I follow the historicist school of thought. You are the first I have ever met up with who recognises both, apart from some S.D.A. friends.

Bill R.

This will make people think! (The "click on the falling cash, animation) That was a good idea. May God guide you to open others eyes to see the Truth

A Brother in Christ

It looks to me that you are right Brother Nicholas.  You deserve a relaxing vacation after that defense. Long live the truth.

"...it came to pass, that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened. And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon Him, and a voice came from heaven, which said,Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased." Luke 3:21,22

It couldn't be more clear that One God is a family name with three members.  If God were to tell us everything on our terms then, we wouldn't know very much.  Some truths must come to us with submissive reliance on the Holy Spirit in as much as they were written by inspiration.

Still some must have it in proud human flesh terms which is why contentions always follow where truth goes.  grace


(This note was sent in regards to my response to a mass e-mail rebuttal of my "Trinity?" page )

Help!!! I just became a SDA. I just read your timeline. It goes hand in hand with what my church believes but, what is this about the pope? Did SDA give the pope a gold metal? Where can I confirm this? (My chuch does not like the SDA conference.) Could this be why? What else can you tell me? I love this web site. I found it two days ago and I have told at least 7 people to visit it.

Your website is just what I needed to get me excited once again. I haven't felt this way since just after I was baptized, in May. This coming Sabbath I am going to share my findings with a few more people from church that are also concerned about the GC. Once again, thank you so much I am going back to the website now. I can't wait. I think that it is such a great witnessing tool.

Thank You and God Bless!  
Jennifer Lambelet

My fervent prayer is that you are blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter. I also pray you share it with others that are trapped in Babylon.

Truth is Truth!
John 14:29

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