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State Run Churches?

Christian greetings everyone in these last days of life on earth. Last July I did a Newsletter exposing the Bush administration’s use of mixing religion and politics to gain votes. That Newsletter had a picture where we saw the President and a high ranking Roman Catholic Bishop PRAYING together in the “Pope John Paul II Cultural Center” that was erected down the street of the White House! It became very obvious to all looking on that using Christ to cultivate votes has now become the norm in Washington. The antics of the Clinton administration set the American people up for a “moral” form of government. Of course, their definition of morality is light years away from Biblical Christianity. The fact that their “born again” Candidate was so successful has most assuredly turned the eyes of many.

Now that the USA has been pushing their version of the “Gospel” to Americans, it’s only natural that other nations would try the same. Reason being, the USA has always been on the forefront of design. Our national (corporate) structure has been emulated far and wide, our outline of law has been emulated, even our economical structure has been embraced by many nations, so why not follow our lead in a so called “moral” form of Government as well? Those of us that understand prophecy agree this is inevitable due to the fact that a STATE RUN religion must be enacted so as to be able to enforce the mark of the beast in Rome. Secular government can in no way influence the people in religious matters, UNLESS of course the state has it’s own approved and regulated religion. Prophecy shines so wonderfully in this area! It’s fulfillments like this that will make our job that much easier. So many are waiting for the “axe to fall” of the “final straw” to the camels back. Perhaps now they will listen?

Canadian National Public Radio Broadcasts Call for State Control of Religion, Especially Catholicism

OTTAWA, July 19, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) -  Just as Senate approaches the final vote on the gay 'marriage' bill, C-38, Canada's national public radio CBC Radio has aired a commentary by a retired professor from the Royal Military College calling for state control over religion, specifically Catholicism. While parliamentarians dismissed warnings by numerous religious leaders and experts that such laws would lead to religious persecution, former professor Bob Ferguson has called for "legislation to regulate the practice of religion."

By the way, the article never intimates as to what type of professor Bob Ferguson is. However later in the article he does admit to being an engineer of some sort. What confuses me is how such a man is able to make such claims on a National radio program as well as to be take seriously. Well I guess if you have something to say that blesses the powers that be with even more power and control you will get your 15 minutes of fame.


"Given the inertia of the Catholic Church, perhaps we could encourage reform by changing the environment in which all religions operate," Ferguson began his commentary in measured tones yesterday. "Couldn't we insist that human rights, employment and consumer legislation apply to them as it does other organizations? Then it would be illegal to require a particular marital status as a condition of employment or to exclude women from the priesthood. "

Who would of thought that after all this homosexual talk in the media as well as concerts in Catholic churches with pedophile advocates being applauded? How convenient you may ask, but guess again. Canada is known for its extreme liberal and evil desires. So what better place then Canada to try the waters of public opinion.  Especially one that actually has such a deep vested interest in the European Union. We have seen everything from Bibles being legislated as hate speech to laws allowing Homosexual to wed here. It’s an easy to see end result that such an evil Government would be used by Satan to ensure the image of the beast a place to flex its muscles and shake off the dust of opposition. When the Club of Rome comes to a reality and the World has been sectioned off into 10 separate kingdoms just as prophecy in Revelation 17:12 predicted, we will see Canadian Laws enforced on the entire North American Continent. If you think the homosexual laws, the hate speech laws, and now this inevitable law will be kept within the boundaries north of the border, think again.


Ferguson continued, "Of course the Vatican wouldn't like the changes, but they would come to accept them in time as a fact of life in Canada. Indeed I suspect many clergy would welcome the external pressure."

Hold on a second Professor. The Vatican not only embraces these changes, she suggested them as well as created them long ago! The word CATHOLICISM in English means UNIVERSAL. One would think a Professor would know that. Prophecy states clearly an image of the beast will be set up so as to enforce the mark of that same beast. The Vatican has all along been a church & state, which prophecy directly identifies with the woman on the beast. Why wouldn’t they embrace that which they have been preaching for eons to all nations? This ministry has collected so many articles where the Vatican has been pushing a church & state form of Government to any nation that will listen that I literally had to split the page four times because the amount of articles became so numerous. In fact, I eventually had to stop researching that topic altogether because of overkill. I no longer update that section of the website. It’s in my “Old Articles” section of the website menu now. Just click the submenu heading named World church/Govt. There is so much evidence that this is their agenda that it can only be debated by those that never read newspapers, history books, Bibles or even watch the news.

To say the Vatican wouldn’t appreciate the change is a bold faced lie simply designed to make it appear as if the Vatican is not involved. AGAIN. This is what the prelates in Rome have literally lobbied, preached, pressured, persecuted, and even tortured and killed for ever since Roman Catholicism came to life as a church & state in 538AD. This is what they have re-ignited as an agenda ever since the signing of the Lateran Treaty between Rome and Italy in 1929. Anyone that has followed the movements of this church as well as what prophecy says this beast will do, knows full well this is Rome’s blatant desire! The prophecies are so blunt and so accurate it’s no wonder they re-write Bibles today. If the people get wind of the truth on this, the Vatican would be in a heap of trouble. So to prevent this, Rome has been attacking Bibles and the use of Bibles since 1229AD when they literally put the Bible on the index of forbidden books! If you haven’t already, I suggest you get your hands on a KJV Bible and do some historic research into those prophecies and you too can see this plain as day.


The former professor pitched his idea as a boon to religious freedom

I must ask… How do you generate religious freedom by taking religious freedom away? You can double talk this all you like Professor, it won’t make common sense appear any less factual. When you place checks and balances on any organization, especially a religious one that is guided by the Creator God Himself, you are seeking to control a bit more then you or any man was created to do. Now you’re messing with God’s direct will and order of things. How I ask does this generate a boon to religious freedom?


"We could also help the general cause of religious freedom by introducing a code of moral practice for religions," he said.  "They will never achieve unity so why not try for compatibility? Can't religious leaders agree to adjust doctrine so all religions can operate within the code?"

There ya have it folks, the real idol of this man finally rears its ugly face. Scriptures describe a God in Heaven that does not change. (Mal. 3:6) A God that gives command to bless where no man can change. (Num. 23:20) A God that has written His Law in stone to show permanence, (Ex. 20) and a God that has predicted they would try this with uncanny accuracy. (Rev. 13:14)

Professor Ferguson knowingly or unknowingly suggests we take the doctrines of this very God and manipulate them so as to generate a global group hug of all those that love sin. Jesus Christ Himself said in Matthew 15:9, "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." What Professor Ferguson is proposing is a direct fulfillment of that statement! Can you imagine, he actually said religious leaders should ADJUST THEIR DOCTRINES so as to operate within the code of the government? Besides the landslide of millions of documented statements noted in historic record of the Vatican’s Ecumenical movement. Where have I heard this before? That’s right, on my site I have a page in the warnings section of the web-site that is called Roman Catholic IRS. At present, in the USA if you want a 501C3 tax free status, you must adhere or “ADJUST YOUR DOCTRINES” to Roman Catholic dogma no matter what denomination you are! If you don’t you will never receive your tax free ID number. And soon, as was the case in an Indiana Baptist church in 2001, if you already have the tax free status and refuse to bow to Rome, they will remove the status, add penalties, excise taxes and literally bankrupt you, and all those on your church board permanently!

All I see happening in Canada, London, or anywhere else in the EU, is the Roman Catholic church testing out it’s doctrinal theories so as to best suit it’s needs, and at the same time quench any and all opposition to it. It appears the Professor is Catholic evangelist, for if Professor Ferguson was anything less, he would never made such a statement as this. Only the Vatican will benefit by such a structure, and only the Vatican will be able to enforce such a structure. No other religion on earth is designed to handle such a societal configuration. This was prophecied by the very God they mock. The bittersweet slant on this is that it’s all happening exactly as He predicted in the first place! Their mockery actually confirms His deity!

Ferguson is merely a mouthpiece to try the waters. Will the weak-kneed Protestant preachers speak out? I doubt it. Reason being is, they want this just as much as Rome does. Especially since the One World Church began. If you doubt this, investigate Pat Robertson and his so called “Christian Coalition” and their Roman Catholic desires for a church & state conglomerate in the USA. Even if there was a Protestant preacher against this, what Vatican controlled media mogul in his right mind would air such a preacher? Is it any wonder my broadcast was pulled off the air years ago in Oregon? They truly fear Rome and its long arm. They have no faith in the God they proclaim as Lord. They are no different than the Pope standing in a bulletproof Pope-mobile. They have all the faith in man and his abilities, but none in the Creator of man. Sound familiar? That too was prophecied for our day. Check our Romans chapter one when you get time. Make special note of verses 22 and down. 


Ferguson, would see religion regulated by provinces in the same way professions are regulated.  "I am an engineer so the model I am thinking about is rather like the provincial acts regulating the practice of engineering," he said.  "For example, engineers must have an engineering degree from a recognized university or pass qualification exams. They must have a number of years of practical experience and pass an ethics exam. The different branches: mechanical, electrical, civil and the like have a code of practice that applies to everyone. Why can't religious groups do the same?"

They do Professor. Well the real ones do. However, like any crooked corporation you will always see men and woman stepping up to pulpits to do work they were never called to do. This has lead many down the path of sin and caused many doctrines of demons and traditions of man to be embraced. But those that truly allow God to guide them draw close to Him. So close in fact that their very steps are ordered daily. Problem with this Professor’s theory is that it’s based on a massive lack of faith in the very God he purports to worship. His theory shouts boldly GOD CANNOT CONTROL HIS PEOPLE, SO WE MUST DO IT! Again, this is no different then the pope driving down the road in a bulletproof pope-mobile. He too shouts GOD CANNOT PROTECT ME, OR CONTROL THOSE THAT SEEK MY LIFE, SO I WILL HAVE MAN PROTECT ME.

Could you imagine David thinking this way as he ran towards Goliath with those stones? Or what of the three worthies as they were tossed into the furnace of fire? No one seems to have ANY faith anymore, and sadly that too was brought forth in prophecy long ago. Amos saw the end results of Rome’s attack on the Bible clear as day. Sadly, most IN THIS DAY are blind to it. Strange how a prophet can see it thousands of years in advance, and the people living during the time can’t see it at all?


Continuing his comparison Ferguson stated, "I envisage a congress meeting to hammer out a code that would form the basis of legislation to regulate the practice of religion. Like the professional engineers' P.Eng designation, there would then be RRPs (or registered religious practitioners). To carry the analogy to its conclusion, no one could be a religious practitioner without this qualification."

How convenient! Then perhaps you wouldn’t have to keep worrying about new laws popping up all over the place to try and control those that use that “hateful” bible, or to prevent those from sharing true love with homosexuals! If you regulate the preacher, then you need not worry about his message. Those that step out of line, well.. that’s what they have jails for eh?

Does he really expect to stop all those Christians of today that were prophecied to walk in the same Spirit of Elijah that John the Baptist embraced so long ago? Do they really expect us to stop cold in our tracks now? Strange how uneducated a Professor can actually be eh? Satan couldn’t stop John the Baptist or any prophet in the past with such rules and regulations of men, what makes him think he will be able to stop those that preach present truth today? You can hammer out all the laws you want and you will never move the Elect to go against the will of the very God that created all that you see before you. Sure you will get some Christians to clam up out of fear, but that’s because they haven’t been allowing the Lord to educate them in all areas of trust yet. Or should I say, they haven’t been divinely “REGISTERED” as of yet.


Ferguson also suggests 'obvious' prohibitions on religion including preaching of 'hate'. He says, "I won't try to propose what might be in the new code except for a few obvious things: A key item would have to be a ban on claims of exclusivity. It should be unethical for any RRP to claim that theirs was the one true religion and believers in anything else or nothing were doomed to fire and brimstone.

Again, where have we heard this before? In the Roman Catholic IRS laws it states you cannot claim to be the one and only true church. You must allow for people to join your church without having them leave their previous churches. To proselytize would result in a rejection of tax free status and would result in financial penalties that would most likely destroy you and anyone on your church board. What this Professor suggests is not mere words that will be embraced by all that hear and followed to the letter. With law comes law breakers. What he suggests will force the government to place literal PENALTIES upon any and all that deviate from the prescribed government norm.

Again, I ask, how is this religious freedom?


One might also expect prohibition of ritual circumcisions, bans on preaching hate or violence, the regulation of faith healers, protocols for missionary work, etc.," says Ferguson.

Ah yes, leave no stone unturned. Get them all under your thumb. That should stop Christ from returning don’t ya think? Fact is, this is his true agenda whether he realizes it or not. The Vatican is literally a Vat of sin and they know for a fact they do not want Christ to return. If they can slow His arrival, or even foolishly think to stop Him, as most 33rd degree Vatican prelates agree, they will have heaven, or should I say hell on earth.


The retired professor concluded his comments aired on CBC yesterday morning saying, "Now what is the point of proposing this? I do it because I am worried that the separation between church and state is under threat.

Confused? I’m not, but it appears he is. Isn’t it strange how Satan can convince someone that black is white and vise versa? What Professor Ferguson proposes is in fact a removal of church & state separation. He is literally echoing what Rome has echoed for centuries. Governments must have a religion controlled by the government if the mark is to be enforced. This is the exact way the Vatican is designed. It is a church and a nation at the same time. And as prophecy said, she wants her image created globally so as to ensure her mark upon all who reside on this planet.

What’s strange is, this professor is saying church & state separation are threatened and his remedy is to have the state regulate religion? Double talk? Well ye sit is, but in his case it may be brainwashing. Rome has always said if they declare evil good, and good evil, their people must go against all they believe and actually see if the church says so. Don’t believe me? Listen to this quote…

"For an inferior readily to declare his assent and consent to his Superior in active obedience when he says, the snow is black, or the crow is white... ...we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." -The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141, -By Ignatius de Loyola

So.. saying church & state separation is threatened and the best way to prevent it’s demise is to have the state regulate the religion is double talk, or nonsense to those of us outside Roman influence. To them, it is merely a command of Rome. Don’t question it, just comply. OR ELSE!


Religion is important in our lives, but it can become a danger to society when people claim that the unalterable will of God is the basis for their opinions and actions.

Judging by the fruits of this man one can see that this Professor is not following our Lord Jesus Christ or trusting His written Word. If he was he would know that God’s Word declares in numerous areas that the will of the Lord IS unalterable. The fact that he is proposing all that prophecy predicted proves that perfectly. Sadly, this Professor appears to be putty in the hands of Antichrist. Pray for him, he is about to have a rude awakening. Hopefully it will be one that sees him repent before long.


Yes religion can be a comfort and a guide, but we cannot take rules from our holy books and apply them to the modern world without democratic debate and due regard for the law."

Professor Ferguson. What you just proposed is in fact the direct opposite of Biblical jurisprudence. We cannot take man’s suggestions from the law books and apply them to the Ancient of days holy book and regard His Word to be useless for the sake of man’s desires. We ought to obey God rather then man!! Just because man has a law on the books doesn’t nullify God’s Law! Want to play a childish game, then let’s revert to what some may consider childish yet in essence are simple facts. HIS LAW WAS HERE FIRST!

Folks.. this is going to happen in all nations very soon. Some nations won’t be as bold as Canada because Canada is merely a testing ground. The somewhat conservative nations have the same agenda but they do so in a more gentle and hidden manner so as to prevent public outcry. Canada, or should I say the Canadian people are merely their governments guinea pig for end time laws. What we see happening here has been quietly happening in the USA for decades. It’s just been hidden better is all.

Let’s just take George W for example. This man “becomes” a born again Christian and witnesses how his decision to use God in politics helps him gain office. As Governor he uses his so called faith to change the relationship between churches and big government almost immediately. His new found faith is then the unquestionable common strategy to and springboard he needs to cinch the 2000 and 2004 elections. Then his first executive order is to establish an office to help in funding religious groups. Of course this ignites a fire-storm over church & state separation in America which is easily quenched by former presidential candidate and long time supporter of Rome’s beastly image, Pat Robertson. His so called Christian Coalition as well as other main stream Protestant preachers that speak more on political issues then Gospel issues flood the media and the fire is out. Then directly after the Government planned 911 attacks, Bush is repeatedly “blessed” with the opportunities to actually preach and bring biblical themes of good and evil as well as his definition of God’s will before the American people daily in his so called somber comments. There are even what the world calls “Christian” singers with clips of Bush’s comments in their videos to further push the church & state agenda forward.

So yes, what they’re doing in Canada is nothing more then an investigative study on how the people will react to religious laws. Couple that with the craftiness of the Bush administration and his predecessors, you will soon realize the image of the beast right here in America, and then throughout the world.

The nice thing about all this? Jesus is coming back! Soon all this will be history. Or should I say prophetic fulfillment.

FOR MORE INFO ON TIS INEVITABLE FACT. SEE THE FOLLOWING NEWSLETTERS! THEY HAVE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR SOME TIME... (Some of the Newsletters are still in the old format of "black background" I haven't had time to reformat them yet.)


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Bravo!  A masterpiece!  I will print this out in order to use it as a witnessing tool.  Many thanks and do not become discouraged.  The agenda has been set, as it was written by the prophets Daniel and Yohannan.  And all the world shall wonder after the BEAST!  You are preforming the duty of man as declared in the three angel's message. 

Blessings to you and yours always,
In Messiah Yehoshua's holy name,
Sister Catalina
(Kol Hamid Bar - voice in the desert)

I was listening to the show a few weeks ago early Sabbath evening (Friday) as Nicholas was discussing the Encyclopedia of Herbs. Who is the author of this book as I am going to purchase from Amazon.com

Thanks and God Bless!

The author is, Deni Bown

I notice on your weekly broadcast you always mention do you believe that no phrophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation 2Peter,20, I am not writing to say it is, I just can\'t grasp what this scripture means, Would you Brother Nick be able to provide a quick explanation or a place to look so I could understand this particular scripture. Thank you and blessings and I really appreciate your weekly radio broadcast on wwfar and your web site.  

David in Seattle

Before investigating the prophetic symbols that describe the characteristics of Antichrist or any other topic in prophecy we need to understand that the Word of God tell us how to define symbols in prophecy. 2 Peter 1:20 says that, "...no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation." According to the Word, Christians are told not to give our own opinion of what a prophetic symbol means. We must allow the Word of God to define it's own symbols. Our private interpretations and opinions are useless.Truth is, there are 404 verses in the book of Revelation. Were you aware that out of those 404 verses, 278 of them carry the bulk of the prophetic message of that book? Did you also know that all 278 of those verses can be found almost word for word in all the other books of the Bible? In other words, THE BIBLE DEFINES ITSELF PERFECTLY! Don't let anyone give you their "opinion" or "interpretation." Let the Word define the Word! That's an easy way to expose false teachers. Just hear what they say, and then open a Bible and see if what they say matches up with what the Lord says regarding a certain symbol.

You sent me the link for the hate mail section. Vile. Vulgar. I can see these "christians" coming after us, when the pope gives the word. Not once did I see anyone state facts, always with the name calling, these "brothers".

I really can't see you hating anyone. There is no hate on this website. You present facts, and these facts speak for themselves.

They are the ones showing hate. To me, it is a unreasoned, kneejerk reaction to what is obviously factual to a true believer. Their reaction is based entirely on emotion. They cant even say what ticks them off, and present their arguments in a coherent way.

 Because of this, I can see them being emotionally manipulated in such a way that they will kill us and think they are doing God a favor, when the inquisition is started again. After all, since these are emotionally driven people I can see the antichrist pope tapping into that emotion to do his bidding.

Now I need to think on how I am going to respond to this, when the time comes.

I say God bless you, brother! Keep up the good fight.


Regarding the POGM....I am unabel to playback any of the past sabbath study or past church services except for the Colusa Conference.  All I get is a blank page except for in the upper lefthand corner where there I find:
above that are 2 spaces, 1 of which is small & light blue, the other larger & white.... help

You MUST have Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher for it to work. (Click here.. It's free)

Thank you so much for comforting and empowering words and prayers.  Most especially, thank God!

I will definitely make the decision now.

Also, let me say the article about "eternal burning" was a real eye-opener!

I'm goingt to tell my mom to burn the copy of Left Behind she just bought.

Your friend in Christ,



Well, what can I say?  :)  It's such a relief do hear my mom say, to paraphrase, "I beleive in God and not the Catholic Church... I guess I never really did." ...  .... ...

In Christ,

My fervent prayer Is that you are blessed by the Truth ProvIded In this Newsletter. I also pray you share It with others that are trapped In Babylon.

Truth Is Truth!
John 14:29

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