Truth Provided Newsletter 6-28-2002

The Roman Catholic Pedophile

Greetings everyone in these last days of earths history. As a few of you are already aware, on May 11, 2002 the Lord graphically answered my prayer regarding going full time into the ministry. So I would first of all like to solicit your prayers for me and my wife and children as I engage in this calling from on High. As many of you know I do not preach for money. I choose rather to preach for souls. Fact is, they are worth a LOT more than the money that will soon become absolutely useless. I feel it is better to concentrate on things of Heaven that never rust or corrode than on things of this earth that are passing in every sense of the word. So please pray for me in this calling.

Secondly I would like you all to know that I now have ample time to update the Presents of God  website, as well as a few other projects I have been working on. I hope to double the site size within a year if possible. (The site is a little over 2000 pages now) So, thank you for praying. We truly do appreciate it! 

Moving right along... In this Newsletter I hope to illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Vatican has known all along about this child molestation problem in their church.

I am sure many are aware of the massive problem the Vatican seems to have found itself in lately. I am also rather sure that many of you reading this Newsletter have also been well aware of the Pedophiliacs working in the Vatican since day one. In fact, my October 24, 2001 Newsletter reported long before it "exploded in the media" on the fact that the Vatican truly IS and WAS aware of the massive amount of pedophiliacs posing as priests. Yet, they DO allow it, and they DO protect them. Much evidence has been found supporting that fact. If nothing else, this proves the Vatican itself is indeed a NON-Christian organization solely designed for the gathering of homosexuals, pedophiles, murderers, liars, thieves, false teachers, and antichrists, all working together in a common goal. To destroy Christianity from within. There is so much evidence of this fact that even the most staunch Vatican defending Catholic cannot deny it. In fact, when they try to do so, even the most wicked and uninformed non-believer can see them as 'IN DENIAL' of the numerous basic facts most anyone with a working brain can realize. The researchable historic as well as modern day facts confirm it with uncanny accuracy. The Vatican is indeed a Vat of sin.

"There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."

We have all heard the horror stories of how priests molested friends, relatives, church members, and even complete strangers. Not too long ago it was taboo to speak of such a thing in mixed company. Even now, I find it difficult to talk about something like this. In other countries it is NEVER spoken in public about sins such as this. The only reason it is spoken about so freely in the USA is because of the American people and their open acceptance and obvious obsession with sex.

I am a Christian preacher and I don't much like to speak of such evil acts as this. But as usual, the Vatican always seems to parade their dirty laundry into the faces of anyone they please. The media is literally flooded with it. There are so many priests doing this wretched evil act, that every media source in the USA is reporting on it. And that means even your CHILDREN have to sit through "special Reports" and News Media advertisements from time to time. But then that's the price we pay for being on the same planet as Antichrist.

It's so sad that a "church" that calls itself a "Christian" church has to cause such XXX-rated garbage to be pumped into the minds of our children. Not only are they molesting countless numbers of little boys and destroying their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually, they are DAILY pumping their homosexual sewage in front of literally MILLIONS of unsuspecting children via the TV's their parents let them watch. This fallen angel is so crafty! It's actually killing two birds with one stone! If it can't destroy your faith by molesting you physically, it will instead try to molest you spiritually using your children's eyes and ears to do so!

When I was called to this ministry I was so excited. I thought, wow, the Lord trusts me to join the many faithful that are proclaiming His Prophetic Word in these last days. I never thought for a moment I would be talking about child molestation done by Roman Catholic priests. I never thought for a moment I would have to report on how the Pope himself has a naked man and woman on his music video CD. (click here for additional info) Who would have thought that the children of God would have to tell people about roman Catholic priests posing nude in magazines using a BIBLE to hide their genitals. (click here to see article) Or Catholic schools calling police on there very own parishinors that were praying on Church grounds to try and stop the pedophile priests and nuns from teaching their children not only how to masturbate, but giving them homework assignments to do so. (click here to see article) I never thought for a moment I would have to speak about Roman Catholic priests being arrested for masturbating in public in front of young boys. (click here to see article) Or that the Vatican would be promoting and encouraging sexual deviancy of over a ONE MILLION teens on the Vatican grounds itself! (click here to see article) And I certainly never thought I would be reporting on Roman Catholic priests manufacturing and dealing the date-rape drug "GHB." (click here to see article) (((( I cover all this and a LOT more on the "RCC&SEX page ))))

Fact is folks. This IS part of the calling I have been created to do. The Vatican is without a doubt the most evil organization ever known to man, and rightly so, for it is the dwelling of Satan himself. He must have an earthly base of operations and as many have already made aware, the Vatican is it. Only those that hate Bible prophecy cannot see such a blunt fact as this. And it's not only the place where absolutely EVERY prophecy both great and small concerning Antichrist has been fulfilled. It is also the only place on Earth that one can find every sin known to man being embraced, encouraged, promoted, and sanctioned. So without any further ado...

Here we go again...   :(

Just recently I was updating my "RCC&SEX" page on the site. (It took 3 days! I literally had hundreds of articles to research!) This page has numerous articles regarding the sexual problems of the Roman Catholic church. On the page I have articles and quotes regarding the Vatican's problem with...

While updating the massive amounts of data ESPECIALLY regarding the Child molestation area, I came across a few facts that appear to have been given a back seat in the media for obvious reasons. I would like to share these facts with you now.

Prophecy as well as history proclaims this church has killed millions... tortured millions... aborted millions... wiped  out complete nations... infiltrated every church on earth with her doctrinal lies and traditions of man, re-written Bibles, as well as removed Bibles from souls seeking Truth, etc. This church is presently under investigation for everything from money laundering... organized crime... holocaust war crimes.. direct ties with Hitler... insurance fraud... political assassinations... tax fraud... political corruption... genocide... etc. This church has been caught red-handed lying in books, tracts, newspapers, TV, radio, videos, tapes, and pulpits. This church has been openly helping the gay movement as well as sanctioning such lies as evolution and the like since its inception. Prophecy concerning Antichrist has been openly proven to be 100% accurate to the smallest detail when pointing towards this Synagogue of Satan. This has to be the most disgusting organization of rancid evil that has ever been gathered into one place. However, there is one evil in this church that I believe makes all the rest pale in comparison. And that is the evil of child molestation! For it not only destroys the child mentally, it sets him up for spiritual destruction later on in life.

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Matthew 18:6 says, "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

It is no wonder Antichrist seeks to attack the children of this world. It knows what to use as well as when to use it. The Vatican is now promoting the evil music in "Rock & Roll' openly to the youth of the world with the help of such wicked people as the whore-mongering rock band Aerosmith, to the extremely popular sexual deviant known as Britney Spears. (click here to see article) They want to appeal to the youth of this world using the exact same methods Satan has used since Eden.

STILL, this does not compare with that which we see coming from Rome today. Antichrist has devised an ingenious set of circumstances that have allowed for countless numbers of children, specifically young boys, to be trained up in a way they should NOT go! These young boys do eventually become MEN. Men who have now a complete distrust of God Almighty, because of what the pedophile priest not only did to them, but TRAINED them to do at an early age. Research has revealed that the majority of boys that are molested by these horrific child molesters become gay when they grow older. Not to mention that an even greater majority of them have decided there is no God in heaven because of what they think "He" allowed the priests in Rome to do. They therefore become advocates as well as preachers for all sorts of Antichristian theology. I know of this end result because I know of some personally that HAVE been molested by priests and NOW speak out against the Almighty. And 100% of them say the same thing, "If there was a God why did He let this happen to me?!" ALL thanks to the Roman Catholic church!

While updating my RCC&SEX page I came across many articles that I literally forgot about simply because the media "for some strange and obvious reason" failed to follow up on them. At this time I would like to share a few of these articles with you. I do so in the hopes that some Catholics will get a copy of this Newsletter and decide that enough is enough! I do believe with my heart that there ARE true believers within the burnt flesh and spilled blood walls of Rome. For Revelation 18 would not have been penned otherwise. It IS plainly written that the Lord is calling HIS people out of there. If they weren't IN there He would have no cause to call them out.

Revelation 18:4, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Before going anywhere NEAR these articles, lets first understand the true character of Rome. They have known ALL ALONG about the child molestation going on in their church. You must understand this! The Roman Catholic church has ALWAYS been a child molesting organization. The invention of altar boys was nothing more than a crafty way to get the parents to ok the collection of young boys as a collection of "toys" for the priests. And as usual they used the so called "holiness" of the priests as a way to dupe the parents into unquestionable trust! And then the "horrific site" of an angry Roman Catholic priest hovering naked over a young boy proclaiming that if he didn't allow him this pleasure, he and his parents would burn in hell, would cause many young children to allow the rape to continue. They love mommy and daddy that much!

I implore you. Pray for these children of yesterday as well as tomorrow! Pray for them today as well! Rest assured, it's STILL happening right now!


Excerpts from 1985 document:
The following excerpts have been compiled by Gary MacEoin from the
June 1985 report by Fr. Michael Peterson, Dominican Fr. Thomas Doyle,
and F. Ray Mouton titled "The Problem of Sexual Molestation by Roman
Catholic Clergy: Meeting the Problem in a Comprehensive and
Responsible Manner
." Block letters appear as they appeared in the

...Some extremely serious issues have arisen which presently place the
church in the posture of facing extremely serious financial
consequence as well as significant injury to its image. ... The
criminal considerations, civil considerations, canonical
considerations and clinical considerations are of such magnitude, not
to mention the other substantial considerations such as insurance and
public relations, that it was decided that the presentation of these
extraordinary issues necessitated an extraordinary response. . Time is
of the essence.

...The necessity for protecting the confidentiality of this document
cannot be overemphasized. . The national press has an active interest
in items discussed herein, and therefore, an abundance of caution is

...Over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS ($100,000,000) in claims have been
made against one diocese as a result of sexual contact between one
priest and a number of minor children. ... A TEN BILLION DOLLAR
($10,000,000,000,000) class-action lawsuit has been threatened, which
threat is documented.

...A minimum of national print publications (NEW YORK TIMES, THE
episodes into a national story, presumably one of scandalous
proportions. Several of these publications have already published
lengthy articles (NCR, June 7, 1985).

(Click Here for Entire collection of excerpts)

As I stated earlier. This church KNEW all along the problems that would arise if and WHEN the truth was out about its clergymen. This not only proves they lied to all of us in recent months about NOT knowing what was up, it also proves they did not care and had every intention of covering it up. Pretty awesome how not only hindsight, but documented facts have a tendency to make the truth come forth eh?

Many people think that Roman Catholic priests BECOME pedophiles. However, this is not the case. Fact is, pedophiles become Catholic priests because they know they will be protected. Think about that simple truth for a moment. Look around! If Joe Shmoe is caught in "AnyTown USA" for child molestation, what happens? He is arrested, brought to trial, convicted, and jailed.. right? What happens when a Catholic priest is caught? NOTHING! Sure you see an "occasional" Bishop or Cardinal in a bit of hot water for what he allowed his priests to do. But do you ever hear of a priest ending up in jail?? RARELY if at all... and why is that so? It has to do with the fact that ALL the world wonders after this beast. It also has to do with the fact that the majority of both the Senate and the Congress of the USA is CATHOLIC and the US Supreme Court is 100% Catholic. Rest assured, the bulk of the police, lawyers, prosecutors, etc are Catholic as well.

In other words... Not only is the Vat of sin in Rome making sure their priests evade trouble. The strangely loyal Catholic people are being directed via EACH priest in EACH parish to be "lenient" towards their brother and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church. I am not yelling conspiracy here either. This is an everyday reality. Just recently in a small town near me a Roman Catholic priest was accused of child molestation. The following Sunday a friend of mine attended a Roman Catholic mass. She informed me that the priest told the people not to believe what was being said concerning the pedophile priest. In that gathering of "faithful" you would find a bevy of "community conscious" Catholics. Would the prosecuting attorney tend to look the other way after attending such a mass? Would the chief of police be extra lenient towards his brother in Catholicism now? Would the judge attending mass lower the bail, or allow the priest to walk without bail all together?

Keep in mind. There is at least one Catholic church in EVERY major city in the USA. And most small towns and even rural districts have them as well. You do realize that's no mistake right? Need I also mention the power of the VOTER?

Now do you understand why the HUGE majority of Catholic priests caught molesting children do NOT receive prison terms? Could it be the prosecutor is Catholic? The judge? The jurors? The Governor? Senator? Congressman? Or the man or woman seeking VOTES sees a possible problem with re-election if the priest is jailed.

By the way, not only did the Vatican KNOW of this pedophilia problem. Just two years ago, THEY HELD CONCERTS where a man (Gerald Hannon) who is an advocate for child porn as well as "man-boy love" took part in. PLUS, this advocate for the vilest of Satanic decadence was applauded not only by the Roman Catholic audience, the choir applauded him as well. Was this not spoken of in Scripture?

Romans 1:32, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

Seriously! Even a loyal Roman Catholic must know that child molestation is wrong. Yet... they applaud this man?



TORONTO, Nov. 2 ( - LifeSite has learned that an Oct. 27 concert at St. Basil's Catholic Church in Toronto featured a composition by Gerald Hannon, Canada's leading advocate of "intergenerational sex," or pedophilia. Hannon was part of the choir and he was applauded separately after the piece by the musicians and those in attendance.

...Hannon is one of Canada's most outspoken defenders of pedophilia. In Dec. 1977 he published an article, entitled "Men Loving Boys Loving Men," wherein he discussed favourably and explicitly homosexual sex acts with boys as young as seven years of age. The article led to criminal charges, but Hannon was acquitted.

...In an interview with LifeSite, Fr. George LaPierre, the pastor of St. Basil's, said he was unaware of Hannon's background, but that the reporter was "the only person who's complained about it" and that he has "no intention of being swayed by one complaint."
The next Kammermusik concert will take place at St. Basil's Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m.

© Copyright: LifeSite Daily News, a production of Interim Publishing.
Acknowledgement of source is required.

(See entire article here)

The pastor of this Roman Catholic church ignores the reporters evidence against the pedophile advocate and goes ahead with the second concert anyway! By the way, not long after these concerts we find this next lie being proclaimed before ALL eyes in the media...

Priest says paedophilia was good for children

September 04 2001 at 05:40PM

Aix-en-Provence, France - A Roman Catholic priest on trial in this southern French town for failing to disclose the sexual abuse of minors has argued that the paedophilic acts that took place in his parish were actually good for the children.  Father Hubert Barral, 67, who heads the parish in the village of Vernegues, faces up to five years in prison if convicted on a charge of failing to assist a person in danger and failing to report a crime.  The trial is taking place amid mounting criticism of the French Roman Catholic Church, which has been accused of not taking charges of paedophilia seriously.  In his testimony, Barral defended the man accused of having sexually abused or raped two minor children, as well as a boy over the age of 18 who had psychological problems, describing the rapes as "moments when the children flowered". The alleged crimes took place between 1986 and 1998. The victims included a British boy who was aged six when his mother abandoned him at the church in 1986 and a 12-year-old runaway. Arrested and charged for the rapes was Marc Ruther, a 49-year-old drifter. Ruther admitted to the charges against him and said he often gave his victims dagga before raping them. Investigators said Barral had also told one of the children that making love was a way of being in touch with God. - Sapa-AFP

This priest is declaring the acts of rape he committed upon young boys WERE GOOD FOR THE CHILDREN? This priest not only believes it's good to rape children at the "moment they flowered." He actually believes it's a way to be closer to God. So much so, that he preaches this ridiculous lie to at least one of the children that we know of. And again... no comment from the Vatican. Nor is he excommunicated. He is allowed to continue as a priest! And this story, like many others, is dropped by the media like a hot potato.

Is this something new for the church of Rome to "praise sex with boys?" No, in fact it's decades old as far as the media is concerned...

What is the Vatican waiting for? Are they waiting for one of these priests to contract AIDS and transmit it to a child? Well, the sad truth is, that may have already happened! The below article came out in December of 2000. Keep in mind that's two years before the recent problems of Rome.

Abuse inquiry at top Catholic school

An investigation has been launched into allegations of child abuse at the London Catholic school attended by Prime Minister Tony Blair's two teenage sons.  The inquiry focuses on a former chaplain and governor at the London Oratory School in Fulham, south-west London, who died of a suspected Aids-related illness, several newspapers have reported.  Police and social services were alerted after pupils wrote letters about Scots-born Father David Martin to Childline.  While Mr Blair sends his sons, Euan, 16, and Nicholas, 14, to the school, there has been no suggestion that they are involved in the investigations.  

The former chaplain is alleged to have met at least six pupils in his rooms at the London Oratory Church, to which the school is affiliated.  Two boys were said to have expressed fears that they may have contracted the HIV virus from the priest, who died two years ago, aged 44.   -BBC News Tuseday Dec, 5, 2000 13:56. GMT

Did the children contract AIDS from this pedophile priest? No clue, the media dropped this story as well!  Hopefully this will make some of those parents out there think twice about taking "hush money" from the Vatican. That has to be the greatest and most horrendous evil being generated by this church in fact. Think about that for a moment! You are a Roman Catholic parent. Your child gets molested by a Roman Catholic priest. And you ALLOW the priest to stay on as a priest so he can continue his decadent behaviour and choose NOT to alert the authorities as long as the Vatican hands you a few hundred thousand dollars? And then you find he had AIDS? THAT'S INSANE!

The awful truth in this matter is that MANY priests are very active in the homosexual lifestyle. Not only do they molest little boys in their parish, they also seek sex from male prostitutes on the streets. Numerous priests have been exposed in this behaviour as well. But none so graphically as Fr Paul Shanley. Not only does he molest children, he has been very busy in the "night life" on the streets. So busy in fact that he has been a "regular" at local VD clinics...

...Last week, the archdiocese released an additional 800 pages of records in the case. They included Shanley's own writings on his life as a street priest, including how he frequently visited clinics for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Associated Press, Ex-Boston Priest Arrested in Rape -May 2, 2002 by Robert O'Neill

(Click here for entire article)

For all the Catholics reading this Newsletter. I have two questions... Is your child being molested by your parish priest? And does he have a sexually transmitted disease?

Are you 100% positive?

I would have to say the ONLY reason this Roman Catholic child molestation problem has gotten so far out of hand, is actually because of the parents. That may be hard to hear, but truth can be very blunt at times. Think about it... The parents ALLOWED it to flourish by accepting the hush money years ago as well as recently from the Vatican. For all those Catholics reading this newsletter right now, YOUR CHILD was molested today, last week, last month, last year, or even tomorrow because one of your Roman Catholic brothers or sisters thought it best that the child molester STAY as a priest as long as they get a windfall of dollars. And the priest that may be molesting your child may have STD's fuming from his body. I dread to even mention the fact that what if he has AIDS? Are you finally making decisions to LEAVE this church? Or are you going to wait till one of your children contract the AIDS virus? Fact is, Roman Catholic priests are dying of AIDS ELEVEN TIMES GREATER than any other group in the USA! The odds are against you now! Roman Catholic boys that are molested by priests are far more likely to get AIDS now than anyone else.  And that statistic is all thanks to the Roman Catholic Pro-Homosexual Vatican. Want to read the proof? See this Truth Provided Newsletter... "Catholic Priests Dying of AIDS in record Numbers"

And by the way, if you think all the negative press regarding the pedophiles in Rome is going to slow these predators down. Think again. Just before I was going to send this Newsletter out I received a few more articles. Here's "one" of them that reports on a priest that was arrested for forcibly molesting a 12 year old boy less than two weeks ago!

Priest molested boy, 12, at rockaway beach: da

June 26, 2002 -- A Catholic priest was arrested yesterday on charges
of abusing a 12-year-old Queens boy he had taken on an outing to
Rockaway Beach.
Peter Kiare, 41, a missionary priest visiting from Kenya, was charged
with sexual abuse, forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a
after he molested the boy on the afternoon of June 16, said
Patrick Clark, a spokesman for the Queens District Attorney's Office.

(Click here for entire article)

It's bad enough some parents would rather take money than to stop predators like this from attacking other children. More often than not it's mostly because they are taught to TRUST the priests 100% regardless of what is written in the Word. Even after all the lawsuits and negative press, some parents STILL leave their children alone with Catholic priests. Why? Because the church lies, and they simply believe them because they are taught the church would never lie to them. The highest ranking Jesuit has made that fact painfully clear in the following statement...

"...we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." -The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141, -By Ignatius de Loyola

So, if a bishop tells you that the priest that molested your son is a "man of God" and in need of staying IN his position as priest. You MUST believe him because the hierarchy of Rome demands it! Plus... the hundreds of thousands of dollars they place in your lap makes it far easier to do so. Money does strange things to those who have never been taught to trust the Creator. And the doctrinal structure of Rome ensured them that opportunity. They know that their evil and unbiblical teachings, traditions, and doctrines will make it easy for them to BRIBE their members into absolutely anything. Even if it means molesting their children! Don't believe me? Then you are NOT reading the newspapers, magazine articles, court dockets, TV news transcripts, Radio transcripts, books, and prophecy of our Creator. This proof is literally everywhere. Closing your eyes won't make it all go away. So... open them, and "come out of her my people..." -Revelation 18:4

Those that choose to defend these pedophile priests are so blinded by Rome that they not only place other children at risk of getting AIDS, they are also making sure that countless more children are trained in the way they should not go so that they may burn in Hell! That's the bottom line folks! It's not the AIDS... it's not the molestation... it's not the money! It's the grand design of Antichrist to guarantee that millions upon millions are slated for eternal damnation. And ALL of the loyal Catholics are helping each other do so via the cause of "loyalty" to mankind over and above loyalty to the Creator who in fact WARNED them this was to occur.

Romans 1:25, "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen."

Since the explosion of pedophiles erupted in Boston, I have come across dozens of well meaning Catholics that tried to convince me it's an isolated situation in that city. Regardless of the fact that I have known of molestations in my area (Chicago area) since childhood. Regardless of the fact that there are now thousands of cases popping up all over the nation in at least 46 states...

Regardless of the fact that the Vatican is seeking ways to "HIDE" these allegations from the media as well as Catholic church members so as to mask the scandal.

In fact, the Vatican is getting so desperate in trying to hide the massive amounts of lawsuits against them. That abuse victims have actually come forth in a class-action suit to try and STOP them from hiding what really is happening. The "secrecy Provision" allows for the Vatican to continue on as "business as usual" while literally thousands of cases in the USA alone are brought before the courts! This not only makes many that are "joining" Rome feel it's safe to do so,it's placing millions more children as risk!

And regardless of the fact that it HAS been reported that it is a GLOBAL problem...

Sex Abuse by Clergy a Global Problem
Fri Apr 19, 1:46 PM ET

By RICHARD N. OSTLING, AP Religion Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Canada, Australia, Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland

It may be the American cardinals who are headed to the Vatican, but the Roman Catholic Church has faced clergy sex scandals around the globe — with the most widespread problems in English-speaking countries.

...Canada has faced devastating sex abuse scandals. Indians in that nation have filed 2,500 compensation claims over physical and sexual abuse at boarding schools run by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and the order filed for bankruptcy protection last week.

Also, Archbishop Alphonsus Penney of St. John's, Newfoundland, became the first prelate to resign for poor administration when he quit in 1991 after more than 20 of his clergy were charged with molesting boys.

Australian cases began surfacing in the late 1980s, and during the past nine years at least 50 priests and brothers have been sentenced for sexual offenses.

One of the worst involved sex rings at four Christian Brothers orphanages. Barry Coldrey, a Christian Brother who aided government inquiries, said he received Vatican pressure to stop releasing material about his findings.

In Ireland, the church faces "the greatest institutional crisis in its modern history," the Irish Times editorialized last week.

An estimated 3,000 victims at church schools and orphanages will share $110 million in compensation under a January deal, with the church paying perhaps a fourth and taxpayers the rest.

Twenty-one priests were convicted of molestation between 1995 and 1999 in England. There, as in Ireland, bishops have set up a child-protection office.

Continental Europe has suffered fewer public cases, but they have still been embarrassing.

For instance, in 1995 several former high school boys charged Austria's primate, Cardinal Hans Groer, with molestation. He went into exile amid thanks from the Vatican for his service; no full explanation or apology has ever been given.

Poland's Archbishop Juliusz Paetz, formerly part of the pope's personal staff, denied priests' allegations of past sexual harassment but resigned in March anyway.

This week, the pope accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Franziskus Eisenbach of Mainz, Germany, who was accused of sexually abusing and injuring a woman during an exorcism. Prosecutors lacked enough evidence to pursue the case but the Vatican asked Eisenbach to step down, adding that did not mean he was guilty.

In France, the secretary general of the bishops' conference says nearly 30 priests have been convicted of molestation over the past decade. That prompted the bishops to set new guidelines in 2000, pledging abusive priests will not be shielded from the law.

In nations such as Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, few or no cases have been reported.

In Italy, however, if instances do occur "it's almost impossible that a priest would be accused," given the nature of the country's heavily Catholic culture, said author Giordano Bruno Guerri.

Why are there scandals in America? "The United States is more open about sex," he said.

When Mexico's hierarchy met this month, church authorities first said that nation had no abuse cases — then admitted it did. But Archbishop Sergio Obeso told a news conference evidence of crimes won't be given to authorities.

"Dirty laundry is washed at home," he said.

Notice the last statement made in the article? "Archbishop Sergio Obeso told a news conference evidence of crimes won't be given to authorities. Dirty laundry is washed at home," he said"  Washed at home? They are going to "wash" things clean in the Vatican? Remember, this is the same Vatican cesspool of decadence and spiritual adultery. They have absolutely no intentions of washing their dirty laundry. Their recent "legal strategy" discussed at the last meeting of American Cardinals proves that. Ancient history as well as RECENT history has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Still, the Jesuit taught philosophy plays a strong role here as well. If the "hierarchy of the Church" says to do it this way or that way, they WILL do it! Even if it means NOT prosecuting those that molest YOUR children!

Did you also notice this in the above article? "Christian Brothers orphanages. Barry Coldrey, a Christian Brother who aided government inquiries, said he received Vatican pressure to stop releasing material about his findings."

This was BACK IN THE 80's! The Vatican KNEW of the pedophile priests due to this man's reports! Yet the Vatican told him to STOP releasing his findings?!

Do you recall when Rome called all it's Cardinals in for a meeting regarding this child molestation problem a few months back? And do you also recall what happened directly AFTER the Cardinals came back to the USA? You started to see articles like this... 

Cardinal Law says plaintiffs contributed to alleged abuse

Chicago Tribune
April 30, 2002

Cardinal Bernard Law, firing back in an increasingly contentious
clerical sex scandal, has declared in court papers that unspecified
"negligence" by a then-6-year-old boy and his parents contributed to
alleged abuse

The nation's senior Catholic prelate made the assertion in response to
a lawsuit filed
against him and the archdiocese by Gregory Ford and
his parents. Now 24, Ford claims he was molested for six years by Rev.
Paul Shanley, a priest in the Boston archdiocese.

...The family's lawyer said he saw a "common theme" in the church's
response: "One, blame the priests. Two, blame the victims. Three, gag
the lawyers
. Four, don't turn over documents. And when you do, turn
them over in incomplete portions."

He also called the latest action by the archdiocese "bad legal
" because anything contained in the new filing can be
questioned at the cardinal's deposition.

(Click here for entire article)

That's right! They have no intention of admitting their evil actions. They have no intention of helping those they destroyed. They have no intentions of loosing their 'almighty dollars' even if it means sacrificing their own members children! Yet they have EVERY intention of suing the parents of the boys they molested BE CAUSE THEY ALLOWED THEM TO BE ALONE WITH A PRIEST? It's no wonder the lawyer said that was "bad legal strategy" in the article. He can easily use that against them in any court of law. They actually ADMITTED the priests of the Roman Catholic church are not safe to be alone with young boys when they filed that counter-suit!

Do you recall the article I shared above that stated Rome knew of the pedophiles back in 1985? Keep in mind that means they were actively molesting boys for YEARS to be able to come up with that report. In fact, there is documented record of a priest by the name of Norman Rogge that was convicted TWICE of child molestation back in the 1960's and early 1980's. The first case he pleaded guilty, and no contest the second. Yet he was allowed to continue on as a priest anyway. Even though families reported that their son's told them he fondled them in "nude swimming" lessons he held in a lake near a cottage the priest owned. (Click here for entire article)

And if you think this is an isolated case. SEE THIS...

The priest (Norman Rogge) is convicted TWICE for child molestation and the Vatican allowed him to stay on as a priest regardless! And to make matters even worse, as well as PROVE the Gay Organization in the Vatican is not only bold, but very much alive and well. It is now proclaiming that homosexuals make better priests. Notice the following article...

Homosexuals better priests, Jesuit says

Montreal Gazette

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Do homosexuals make better priests? Yes, according to a leading Roman Catholic magazine.

Homosexuals have a "unique experience of suffering," "deeper inner lives" and "more creativity" than heterosexuals, according to an article in the Jesuit weekly America last month.

And those qualities are three precious "gifts" that priests can use to "lead people closer to God in prayer," according to the article, written by Rev. James Martin, a Manhattan Jesuit. - Mathieu Perreault's E-mail address is

(Click here for entire article)

Now it is better understood why Roman Catholic Cardinal Bernardin was "pro-homosexual" before his death. Did he know something most Catholics are unaware of? Whatever the case, his statements made in the media regarding the homosexual lifestyle are now confirmed to be as I reported they were many years back in my book "The Second Window." An accepted part of the actual makeup of the Roman Catholic Religion.

Cardinal Bernardin writes... On homosexuality: he says "gays are children of God, that they should be loved and that Catholics ought to defend their rights. ... God's plan for sexuality ... is best fulfilled in a stable union... But to teach that in no way is to belittle a person who may have a homosexual orientation. Chgo SunTimes Oct. 21, 1994 p. 18 art. Bernardin Letter Tackles Hot Topics for Teenagers


I am not saying we should go out and show hatred toward every homosexual we meet. Not at all. But to say they are the children of God lends one to believe this lifestyle is accepted by God. A child of God is one that believes and follows their Heavenly Father in all aspects of life, including sexuality. For the Bible tells us how to be the children of God. Ephesians 5:1 says we must "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;" If we walk in conflict to His Word, how can we be His  dear children? Reading a few verses further we find the true description of one who would delight in this sinful lifestyle. Ephesians 5:6 states... "Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience."

For Bernardin to say that all Catholics must 'defend their rights,' would mean all Catholics must now acknowledge sin as an alternative lifestyle approved by their church. And this is one very lethal mistake. And as the previous article above suggests, this is exactly what the Jesuits of Rome are now preaching, in fact have preached since day one.

An amazing Truth:

For those of you evangelizing homosexuals who declare they were "created gay." Here's a fool proof method I have found that quenches their claims, especially if they claim to be "gay Christians." Tell them that their very own body exposes the lie that they were "created gay." The "sperm" inside the testicles of gay men can ONLY be used to procreate life if placed inside a woman. Their very own genitals proves they were NOT created Gay. That very sperm was created TO be administered in a Heterosexual manner! In other words... between a MAN & a WOMAN. In fact, if they were created gay, they would be either created sterile, as well as "without" certain sexual parts only "heterosexuals" can use. Or their gay partner would be able to conceive and give birth. Since this is impossible, they will eventually die off. Therefore the proclamation made by the Almighty to "be fruitful and multiply" would also expose them as NOT created gay.

Getting back... So WHY do you suppose there is such a bold and obvious UN-Christian stance by the Vatican in regards to the homosexual / pedophile lifestyle? MONEY! That's right! The StRaNgE lawsuit tactics... pedophile advocates in concert... man-boy love lobbying... and Jesuit approval of homosexual priests, is all a tactic to lesson the peoples desire to want to "go for the throats" of all those pedophiles attacking their children. They are hoping they can prevent further lawsuits by making it "accepted" human behaviour to be gay and flesh hungry. They are hoping the courts will eventually see it "their way." In fact, this has been the agenda of Rome for many years. Look at the pro-homosexual laws being passed in record numbers via the Catholic controlled Senate as well as Congress. Did you know it's against the law for a person with the CURABLE disease of Syphilis to work in a hospital or restaurant? Yet it is AGAINST The law to discriminate against a homosexual with the INCURABLE AIDS virus in any occupation including emergency room surgery!

Notice the following article. Notice the obvious "pro-pedophile" agenda being lobbied before the general public in yet another strange twist...

Judge: Child porn has 'artistic merit'
Jurist says author's book 'Boyabuse' legal in Canada

Posted: March 28, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Julie Foster
© 2002

A Canadian judge in British Columbia has issued a controversial ruling in which he both convicted a man of possessing child pornography and said the defendant's written works of pornography have "artistic merit."

That definition states in part that, "unless written material advocates or counsels the commission of sexual crimes with children under 18 years of age, the possession of such material is not a crime under the child pornography provisions of the Criminal Code." According to the high court, "any objectively established artistic value, however small, suffices to support the defense. Simply put, artists, so long as they are producing art, should not fear prosecution" under Canadian law.

This article alone sparked my desire to create a web page that has many articles as possible that show the media... judges... attorney's... protestors... organized groups... talk show hosts on radio or TV, advertising campaigns, political officials, and the like supporting as well as advocating child molestation, man-boy love, homosexual clergyman, and any sort of gay laws that would not only benefit the Vatican, but help pull the onus off if it regarding the countless children it has molested. If you have any articles that I can use regarding this new up and coming page, feel free to email the URL's to asap. (No attachments please. ALL attachments will be deleted without viewing) As it stands now, (June 27, 2002) I have 62 articles that are directly connected to the "spin-doctoring" of the facts regarding the pedophile predators of the Roman Catholic priesthood as well as 177 articles pushing all sorts of pro-homosexual agendas before lawmakers today. So, anything you find regarding these facts would be appreciated.

Here's another one I found that makes it apparent the "Catholic" media is looking to help it's god in Rome...

University of Minnesota Press book challenges anxiety about pedophilia

Mark O'Keefe
Newhouse News Service
Published Mar 26, 2002

Sex between adults and children has been a societal taboo so strong that it's considered one of our few unquestioned moral principles. But arguments have emerged in academic journals, books and online that at least some such sex should be acceptable, especially when children consent to it.

Those making the case aren't just fringe groups, such as the North American Man-Boy Love Association, but a handful of academics at mainstream universities.

I see no reason to share the remainder of this article because I feel it is way to graphic and disgusting and down right Satanic!

Is it "per chance" that articles and facts like these happen to be popping up directly AFTER the Vat of sin is caught literally with their pants down? You would have to be completely brain dead, down a quart of brain fluid, and in a coma to miss such obvious Satanic tactics. Only the Vatican with all its historic evidence as being the most vile organization ever known to man would try something like this. Which reminds me, I have also come across a list of "the gayest popes in history" that after I finish verifying the sources will be posted on the site. If this list is true, it will literally curl your hair! The list actually has "explanations" as to what some of these popes did. VERY disgusting to say the least! Once people read this, and the facts that are "connected" with all the other blatant and obvious Vatican movements in the media, I am hoping that droves of Catholics realize, like I did a little over 17 years back, that the Roman Catholic church is indeed the home of the well prophesied Antichrist.

Not too long ago I found this article which in turn explained why Gay 'Catholic' websites started to pop up...

Electronic Telegraph UK
Homosexuality is divinely ordered, say catechism

By Victoria Combe Religion Correspondent
Monday 11 June 2001

 A RADICAL rethink of Church teaching on homosexuality that declares it to be "divinely ordered" is revealed this week in a catechism commissioned by the Archbishop of York.

 The second most senior churchman in the Church of England, the Most Rev David Hope, has given the new catechism his imprimatur and described it in his forward as "a celebration of Christian living."  Written by Canon Edward Norman, canon and treasurer of York Minster, the catechism seeks to define Anglicanism for the first time since Thomas Cranmer wrote The Book of Common Prayer in 1662.

"Homosexuality," says the catechism, "may well not be a condition to be regretted but to have divinely ordered a positive qualities."  It continues:  "Homosexual Christian believers should be encouraged to find in their sexual preferences such elements of moral beauty as may enhance their general understanding of Christ's calling."

It is obvious that this bishop seeks to make homosexuality accepted by the masses by saying its divinely ordered. The Church of England is hoping this will help the cause of the Vatican. This obviously possessed bishop of the church of England is declaring that the possessed lifestyle of the homosexual is not only something "Christian believers" can take part in, he is also proclaiming it a preferable choice as it is a lifestyle that "may enhance their general understanding of Christ's calling"

First of all, are they stating Jesus is a gay man? It appears they are. They did say that being gay will help you to better understand Christ's calling did they not? I wonder how long it will be before the Roman Catholic church picks up that idea and starts to persecute you for NOT being gay? Not long I would presume. As a matter of fact, there are already gay CATHOLIC websites all over the net. Not only are they openly gay, they are also openly Catholic.

I copied the "main page" text from one such website below. I will NOT give the URL as I will not condone, nor will I be a party to any "hits" they may receive via my website.

(a Gay Catholic movement)

Are you or a loved one experiencing homosexual attractions and looking for answers?   

Courage is an apostolate of the Roman Catholic church whose purpose is to minister to those with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. We have been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family. 

From our website you will learn about homosexuality and how by developing an interior life of chastity, the universal call to all Christians, one can move beyond the confines of the homosexual identity to a more complete one in Christ. 

In Courage you will get to know men and women who share in your concerns meeting them online or in person at chapter meetings, Conferences and Days of Recollection. 

Come see what we are about.  Browse our pages.  Get to know our community.   You'll be glad you did!

This openly homosexual Roman catholic website is nothing more than a homosexual meeting place for Gay Catholics. They masquerade as a "religious" page so as to help with the GUILT generated by the Gay lifestyle deep within. Instead of asking Jesus Christ for help, this Roman Catholic church site is designed to help you DEAL with your sin and learn to live IN your sin with Catholics who revel in the same sin as you do.

Jesus did not come to save us IN our sins people, He came to save us FROM our sins.

In closing...

For all those Catholics reading this Newsletter right now. If you think "denying" this issue will make it go away. Think again. If you think defending these pedophiles will make it all better. Think again. If you think ALL people in your church are like you in thinking this is not as big a problem as it appears. Think again. For people IN your church ARE speaking out. They ARE leaving in droves. The donations are dropping. (That's why the Vatican put forth "secrecy provisions.") And "some" are finally hearing the call to "come out of her my people" as it is stated in Revelation 18. In fact, one such person that has left is doing so in a very bold way. Notice the following article that has just been published...

(Disclaimer: I am not backing this man's choice of theology, or present lifestyle, however I do back his decision to leave the Roman Church 100%)

Campaign Hopes to Open Eyes of Catholics

By Rusty Pugh and Allie Martin
June 26, 2002

(AgapePress) - An Ohio-based pro-family group says Catholics need to be educated on the depth and scope of the homosexual problem within the priesthood.

David Miller is with Citizens for Community Values, which has launched a national ad campaign in Catholic newspapers hoping to educate Roman Catholics on the depth of the homosexual problem within the clergy. Miller says Catholics have not been told the whole truth.

...Miller says Catholics should let church officials know that they will not tolerate homosexuals in the ministry because it is in conflict with church doctrine.

...Kirkwood says the church bishops are not telling Catholics about the genuine source of the problem because "it would rattle the Roman Catholic Church down to the catacombs."

...children in the Catholic Church are taught that priests can do no wrong.

"[We were taught] these men are above anyone," Bennett says. "And of course, when we were growing up, the Bible was not promoted. These were the only men who could interpret in reading the Bible."

"We were taught that when we were out in public and we'd see a priest or a nun ...We had to make the sign of the cross. It was really a very, very odd thing."

Bennett is no longer a Catholic. He is now a Christian songwriter and musician who travels the country giving his testimony.

(Click here to see entire article)

Hopefully many eyes will open. But after seeing comments from the Pope himself regarding this issue, it's not going to be that many eyes that open.

I saved the most disgusting for last. And it just so happens to be coming from the Pope himself. This not only sums up the Vatican's thoughts on this subject. It also proves that the highest ranks in this church "the pope" is the most blinded of ALL Catholics...

Pope Forgives Molested Children

VATICAN CITY—Calling forgiveness "one of the highest virtues taught to us by Jesus," Pope John Paul II issued a papal decree Monday absolving priest-molested children of all sin.

      "Though grave and terrible sins have been committed, our Lord teaches us to turn the other cheek and forgive those who sin against us," said the pope, reading a prepared statement from a balcony overlooking St. Peter's Square. "That is why, despite the terrible wrongs they have committed, the church must move on and forgive these children for their misdeeds."

      "As Jesus said, 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,'" the pope continued. "We must send a clear message to these hundreds—perhaps thousands—of children whose sinful ways have tempted so many of the church's servants into lustful violation of their holy vows of celibacy. The church forgives them for their transgressions and looks upon them not with intolerance, but compassion."

(Click here for entire article)

Just like the Pope did on March 12, 2000 when he blamed the Catholic people for the 150 million Christian tortured and killed by the Vatican. He is once again claiming the Catholic CHILDREN for tempting his priests! Can you imagine? The pope of the over 1 billion strong church thinks 6 year old children TEMPTED HIS PRIESTS and they should be forgiven for the evils they did and NOT the priests??

Can you finally see yet another definition to the word BEAST!?

Just a "few" articles that MOST are un-aware of regarding the Vatican's sex problems...

For hundreds more articles on the sexual degradation behind stained glass, stop by the "RCC & SEX" page on the website

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I thought you might be interested in this,  I read your report on the guillotines,  

We are getting closer to the end every day!!


Dear Nicolas,

I read carefully your article about guillotines in America.  Very inspired by God's Word.  Very relevant!  I am not surprised at all.  The Living God told me that I will be beheaded in His Word approximately five years ago. 

I am going to email your article to my friends at Chick Publications and other friends right now. (approximately 8 persons)  

I am going to study carefully your site.  I want to know you more. Thank you, Nicolas for your article.

A servant of the Master Jesus
ex-"master" of psychology


I got this from someone I forwarded your newsletter to-


 I am impressed with this web site and the really good info.  I have been talking for years about the guillotines and now I have a reasonable explanitation for why and how Revelation 20:4 will be fulfilled. There is a lot of very useful stuff here. 

Thank you

You have a great website.  So much truth that I thought only a handful of people knew. It is encouraging to see you share my beliefs about the rapture, the catholic church and more. 

God Bless you friend.

I love your website!! it is LOADED with TRUTH!!  All what you say is TRUTH, I have been told by Catholics I was a heritic, that I would burn, I have had viruses sent to me. But truth is truth and I will continue to speak it



Dear Nicholas,

 Of a truth God is preparing His people now.   So many websites (SDA or Independent) do not believe in the Trinity.  Praise God.   I don't either.   I have just finished another book on it.    Going to Melbourne on Wednesday to have it printed.  God is so good.

 God bless you again.  I am happy with your answers, including the :)    J


Hi Nicholas,

 Is there a printable version of the article by Dr. Greg J. Dixon, "Roman Catholic IRS?" I want to show this to our Pastor at our church.

 I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist. What brought me to church was all these scary things happening in the US and around the world. What made me join the church was the truths that most other churches would not/will not touch. I'm very intrigued by the unknown or little known truths.

 I also appreciated what you are doing at Presents of God ministry. I'm spreading the word about your site.

 Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

Hi,  Just a thought--would the lack of definition in the word "terroism" have anything to do with the one world court?  Let me know...



    Happy Sabbath! We are thankful for this day of rest to commune and fellowship with our Lord, God.
    We are sincerely thankful for your ministry, it is truly a blessing to find a teacher who will speak the truth in the face of adversity. It can be overwhelming at times when the world has taken a strong stand with the gospels of untruth.
    We, who keep the commandments of God and know the testimony of Jesus are a minority today and it is our prayer that many will turn to Christ before it is too late. We know that it must be hard for you, individually with the resent set backs with the ad. But know that the lord will give us strength and always has another door that will open. With faith we also need patience.

    May the lord give you strength, courage and peace.
    Your Brother and Sister in Christ
    Don and Diane G. and Family.

It is my upmost thanks for your ministry and web page...   It even breaks my heart to  hear scoffers....   I  hear christians of all denominations calling there brothers cults.....   Yes this persecution is coming and you present it well  even so Come quickly Lord Jesus..    


I would like to say that I really enjoyed your testimony.  I have been a Christian since the age of eight and when I was 21 I married a man who was raised in the Catholic Church.  After five years of marriage my husband gave his life to the Lord and got saved, but his parents and sister still remain in the Catholic Church.  For years I said nothing, not really knowing that much about the Catholic faith, even though for the first eight years of my life I was a Catholic.  But recently the Lord laid it upon my heart to seek more information about the Catholic Church and boy has it been a real eye opener.  I never in my wildest dreams imaged what exactly was taking place within this Church.  My comment to you is that I'm glad you are speaking out about Catholicism.  Nothing grieves me more than to think about all of those lost people.  I have had several conversations with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law regarding the Church, but it seems like they refuse to listen.  All they keep saying is they believe it is the one True Church, even though I continually point out error to them.  I will continue to pray for them and for you.  Thank you for sharing your story.

 Rebecca D.


My fervent prayer is that you have been blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter.

Truth is Truth!


John 14:29!

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