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Aug 19, 2000 - 08:41 PM
John Paul II Draws Million or More Sweating Faithful
By Ellen Knickmeyer
Associated Press Writer

ROME (AP) - Nuns clapping alongside bikini-wearing young faithful, as many as 2 million candle-waving Catholic pilgrims lit up the hills outside Rome on Saturday in a spirited World Youth Day with Pope John Paul II.
A helicopter ferried in the 80-year-old pontiff as a fat, red sun sank below the hills, cooling a day that earlier had hit 100 degrees - baking the crowds blanketing a 15-acre university campus. ...With the Saturday night prayer pep rally, John Paul sought to charge up the faith of these young Catholics so they will steadfastly lead the church in a new era.

As at least a few couples in the crowd kissed or cuddled, John Paul acknowledged the difficulties of following some church teachings, including ones against sex before marriage.  "Is it hard to believe in the third millennium?" the pope asked the crowd. "Yes! It is hard."  ...His speech was frequently interrupted by cheering, singing and shouts of
"long live the pope." At one point the pope shot back, "John Paul Two, he loves you!"

A young woman in a T-shirt managed to break through security to embrace the pope, resting her head affectionately against his for a few seconds.

Crowds lit candles as darkness fell. John Paul closed the evening with an apology to those fans in back - but added modestly they at least had heard  the "chaos" of his prayers and speech. "Tonight they heard us in Rome," he said, ebullient. "And they will never forget it!"

Young people stripped down to shorts and bikinis around gushing hydrants, splashing in welling mud pools. "It's hot, and I'm going to get wet anyway," said Dina Focina, 22, waving a hand at her two-piece.

So, once again we see the Pope doing as the Pagan church has all along been doing. Glorifying the flesh over and above the Truth. Bikini clad young girls frolicking on a hot summers day in the refreshing streams of cold water for all the "young boys" to lust after and even "kiss and cuddle" to their young hearts content! And all this done under the allowing eyes of their religious leader. And is always the case with the Paganism  of Rome. It is ROME that is the main issue. For even the Pope declared, "TONIGHT THEY HEARD US IN ROME" Instead of today they hear us in Jesus. Did you also notice that a "young woman in a T-Shirt" was allowed to break through the security to embrace the Pope and "affectionately" rest her head against his? I wonder...was she wearing anything else besides a T-Shirt? Jeans maybe? The reporter ONLY says T-shirt. Let's see here. Was it the Pagan gOD of the "SUN" again that initiated this decadent behavior? It appears so. Just as in it's so called "Fatima dance" we see the Pagan "sun god" doing that which the Pagan Church desires. Or is it just that it was hot out and they HAD to strip down to bikinis and shorts? The Son of God would not permit that which the "sun god" seems to insist upon. Or so it seems eh? Any excuse will do here for those that have not the eyes, nor desire to see it for what it is. A grand display of sin.

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