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Hitler's Pope a Saint!? (11-16-08)
By Nicholas
November 01, 2008



On October 09, 2008 Pope Benedict, AKA "God's Rotweiller" started a Vatican push to seek sainthood of Pope Pius XII. (By the way, the Washington Post removed this article almost immediately!) The very man that not only helped Adolph Hitler to power, but made it easy for him to commit genocide by killing millions of innocent people. He wasn't only killing Jews as many assume. Christians were killed as well because they refused Catholicism as their faith. Before sharing documented facts regarding all this I would like to share some biblical facts regarding the term "saint."

  • Acts 9:32, "And it came to pass, as Peter passed throughout all quarters, he came down also to the saints which dwelt at Lydda."
  • Philippians 4:21, "Salute every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren which are with me greet you."
  • Psalms 106:16, "They envied Moses also in the camp, and Aaron the saint of the LORD."

Here we see the Word of God declaring LIVING people to be saints. In fact, the Word of God uses the term "Saints" 95 times and "Saint" 3 times. Amazing as it may seem, the word "Saint" or "Saints" is used 98 times in the King James Bible and never once does it declare these saints must be DEAD to carry the title of saint. Rome's morbid pre-occupation with death is appalling to say the least. Only those that seek to follow the god of the dead, (Satan) will display such grave fruits. They go directly against biblical jurisprudence that even a babe in Christ can discover when suggesting death as a fruit of sainthood.

Some have suggested the main reason they wait until death to proclaim people to be saints is because they know if they were to declare a living Catholic prelate a "saint," the people would rebel simply because most everyone knows, with the exception of a few hundred million Catholics that are deceived by the Pagan pomp and cirmcustance, that all prelates of Rome are graphically evil men. Most Vatican prelates are involved in all sorts of wicked acts as we are well aware of by simply reading the News. All my adult life it's been common knoweldge that Catholic priests are mostly wicked men. However, once a few decades have passed by, the church believes they can easily push the person forward as a saint simply because most people that were alive at the time the so called "saint" was proving his or herself a graphic sinner, are now dead and gone. What amazes me is the sheer blindness of the present day Vatican prelates in that they simply don't realize that even though most that were alive during Pius XII's reign are now dead and gone, his wicked legacy has lived on well intact in all the history books as well as in the families directly affected by his monsterous reign. Methinks these guys need to get out a bit more and read the newspapers. It's beginning to appear as if the real world is far different then it is behind the gold drenched walls of Vatican City.

On the other toss of the coin, Rome also likes to declare non-Catholic people "Catholic saints" after their death so as to further destroy their true Christian heritage and life long message of Christianity. Strangely enough, many so called Catholic saints are actually Christians martyed by Rome for their faith! For example, one such saint named "Saint Patrick" has been cannonized as a Catholic saint even though he was not a Catholic. He became the Patron Saint of Ireland even though around the age of 16 (376AD) he was captured by Roman Catholic Irish raiders and kept as a slave for 6 years until he escaped to retrun to his family. Another unknown fact is that Patrick was also a Sabbath keeper. Yet Rome has declared him to be Roman Catholic for some strange reason. And now millions around the world celebrate Saint Patty's day with drinking green beer and eating corned beef.

Why is Rome seeking to make Pius XII, aka Hitler's Pope, a saint? I believe the answer to that question is three fold. Firstly, Rome's image has been gravely soiled the last few dewcades and they need to push a more positive P.R. spin on things to keep their "moral" image up so as to stand as the ultimate moral authority on earth when they choose ot use their power to enforce the mark of the beast. Secondly, since Hitler's agenda is being pushed forward again by both the Vatican and the historically infamous Bush family, it's only natural they would want to get their favorite modern day Inquisitor, Pope Pius XII, recognized or at least respected for his contribution of all this Nazi activity. And last but certainly not least, it's yet another attack on the Christian faith. Rome claims to be Christian, and in so doing all Jews will look upon Christians with as much hatred as do Muslims because they both believe Christians killed them in either the Crusades of the Vatican against Mohammed, or the Holocaust of Hitler against the Jews when in fact it was Roman Catholic leaders that did all this. Christians understand and obey the Word of their God wherein it says in both Exodus 20:13 that "Thou shalt not kill." and "...Do violence to no man" in Luke 3:14. By the way, look around even today.. WHO has the guns? WHO has the hate? WHO has the violent hearts? WHO has the wicked government powers behind them? Christians? No, I am proud to annouce you won't find a single Christian in that crowd. Still, their blindness has prevented from looking past the length of their own noses when it comes to the reality that the Christians on earth are the only peaceful people alive. They are ALL clamoring (so they say) for peace in life. Yet when the Christians show them the method by which to gain that peace in Christ Jesus, they get angry, hateful, violent, and murderous.

Did you notice the picture that sits at the top of this article? It's no mistake Hitler had his troops gather around that Nuremberg church back in 1928 to take that piture. It's also no mistake the church has a massive pyramid structure with a symbolic version of the "eye of Horus" (Satan) on the front of facade. It's also no mistake that pyramid is capped, unlike the one on the back of the American dollar bill. The uncapped image on the dollar represents an "unfinished" agenda for these NWO globalists. When they take over as is prophecied to enforce the mark of the Roman beast they salute, that final image of the church and State will be solidified as one. Click the picture to get a better look at it.

A week or so ago I received a letter from the Law offices of Easton and Levy regarding Hitler's Pope, PiusXII, that I believe you may find very interesting. These are the men called of God to place the sins of the Vatican before all eyes in the global courts. They send me their Press Releases on a regular basis knowing they will be posted before many. Take a look at what they researched about the next "possible" Roman Catholic saint. However, before doing so, Please keep in mind that LAWYERS wrote the letter I am about to share. That means they can back every statement using historic documentation. Had they no such data they would never write it and post it online. They, "being Lawyers," know full well that if they were to speak a lie regarding Vatican activity of this sort they would not only lose their case against the Vatican they have been working on for years, they would also be liable for a counter lawsuit amounting to millions.

By the way... If you, the reader, are Catholic and feel this letter is in the slightest sense false or mis-interpreting the history of your church leaders. Please feel free to either email the lawyers, or call them at your earliest convenience. Both their email address and office phone numbers are listed at the end of the article.

The Greatest Sins of Pius XII & The Genocide of Orthodox Christians

Croatian Nationalism & Roman Catholicism are Intermeshed

With the 50th Anniversary of the death of Pius XII, the Vatican is again pushing for his sainthood. While Pius can be legitimately criticized for his tepid condemnations of the Nazi Holocaust there is no question he was complicit in the deaths of at least 500,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs, Jews and Roma murdered in Croatia, Bosnia, and Krajina during the Second World War by the Axis allied Croatian regime.

The First Sin of Pius – Genocide

The first sin of Pius, complicity in genocide of at least 500,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs, Jews and Roma in Croatia, Bosnia, and Krajina 1941-1945 by the ultra Catholic fascists known as the Ustasha. The mainstream Orthodox Christians (Pravoslavni) were killed because of their religion, the main difference between Croats and Serbs. The Ustasha ranks were swelled by clergy particularly Franciscan monks, priests and seminarians.  A Franciscan monk known as Fr. Satan was commandant at Jasenovac, the chief Croatian concentration camp, where hundreds of thousands perished and the source of much of the gold in the so called Ustasha Treasury.

The Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic was welcomed to the Vatican by Pius during the Second World War and his representative Fr. Krunoslav Drganovic became a fixture at the Holy See. While the Ustasha were busy butchering coreligionists, Pius praised Pavelic for outlawing abortion in Croatia. The Papal Legate Marcone in Croatia and

Cardinal Stepinac of Zagreb kept Pius and the Vatican well informed about the extermination and forced conversions of the Serbs.  Pius instead of condemning the Ustasha blessed them.

The Second Sin of Pius –Obstruction of Justice and Money Laundering

After the collapse of the Ustasha regime in May 1945, the Ustasha leadership fled towards Italy with their plunder, 200 million Swiss Francs mainly in gold, robbed from their many victims. Waiting in Rome for the Ustasha Treasury and Pavelic were two high ranking churchmen. One was the former Ustasha official Fr. Draganovic now Apostolic Visitor for Croatia reporting directly to Pius’ Undersecretary of State Montini (later Paul VI).  The other was the former treasurer of the Franciscan Order (OFM), Fr. Dominik Mandic, an Ustasha sympathizer who promoted bizarre racial theories of Croatian superiority.  Pavelic and his associates were hidden at safe houses in Rome until they could flee to Argentina and the Ustasha Treasury was taken to the Vatican Bank for safekeeping.

The Third Sin of Pius –Historical Cover Up

The Vatican hid Pius’ secret connection to the murderous Ustasha for decades. In 1998 the US State Department released the Eizenstat Report linking the Vatican to the Ustasha Treasury.  This in turn led to the class action lawsuit, Alperin v. Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order, still pending in the US federal court system for an accounting and return of the Ustasha Treasury to its rightful owners, the victims of the Ustasha. 

The testimony of former US intelligence agent, William Gowen, who reported on the Ustasha in 1947, has aided the lawsuit.  Gowen stated that his investigation in 1947 led him to believe that the Ustasha Treasury had been concealed at the Vatican Bank and that the Vatican was implicated at the highest level with Pavelic.  Professor Michael Phayer followed in 2007 with a well researched book, Pius XII & The Cold War, setting the record straight.

However, instead of seeking truth and reconciliation the Vatican and Franciscans have fiercely defended against the lawsuit on technical grounds while the few remaining survivors of the Ustasha atrocities dwindle to handful.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jonathan Levy

Co-counsel for Plaintiffs

Alperin v. Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order

United States District Court for Northern California, Case No. C-99-04941 MMC

resistk@yahoo.com   tel/fax +1 202-318-206




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