Frauenkirche in Nuremberg. (Frauenkirche = Church of Our Lady)

Note that it is no mistake that Hitler was the first to coin the phrase, "New World Order" during his reign. It is also no mistake that George W. Bush, the grandson of Prescott S. Bush, the very man employed by "Brothers Harriman," a US base for German Industrialization helped to fund funded Hitler's rise to power has been instrumental in bringing the Nazi era to America in the form of "Homeland Security" a phrase also coined by Hitler. And it's no mistake that when the Dollar Bill design was created it was embossed with the Latin term, "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which literally translated means, "A New Order of the Ages." (Some mistakenly translate it "A New World Order") Nor is it a mistake a German Pope, (Joseph Ratzinger) who was a Nazi Soldier, is pushing for the canonization of Hitler's Pope. By the way, the previous Pope, John Paul II was used to gather all the nations to Mother Rome for this final NWO push, who by the way had a family business that supplied Hitler with the lethal gas to kill millions of people. It's amazing how much dirt is available for all to see now-a-days.





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