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May 11 ~ May 16

Cultivating Papal Worship
By Nicholas
May. 14, 2008
Recently Roman Catholic publishers at Zenit organization released a flurry of letters to the editor wherein some people praised the pope as if he was a god on earth worthy of worship. The term "Holy Father" was of course used to blaspheme our Lord as is the case in all mainstream Catholic publications. What strikes me as odd however is how the media frenzy with all their repetitive use of the same blasphemous title over the last few decades, and even more so the last few weeks was never picked up by a single Protestant leader recently as being offensive to the Christian heart. I guess the method of wearing down the opposition used with
Pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter is just as effective on weak kneed pastors and preachers when it comes to blasphemy.

Another shocking reality check was that I don't recall the SDA church speaking out on this global group hug of blasphemy either. But then again, like the Protestant leaders, the SDA church has also declared their allegiance with the Pope many years ago when they honored him before the world as a man worthy of honor and worship. In fact, their internal documents, court transcripts, and oftentimes public announcements regarding SDA doctrine and their church structure has become boldly Roman Catholic in nature. (See facts here)

Before emailing me, please understand that I am not placing all the blame on the dear SDA people still within the walls of their church, anymore then I blame Catholics still embracing Roman Catholicism. Both simply trusted their church leaders not to lie to them. Of course, they should heed the counsel of Christ and dig into Scriptures like the Bereans did to make sure they aren't being bamboozled. But sadly, in today's "convenient society" most choose to sit back and let the pastors do all the bible studying for them. They become what I like to refer to as "pastor echoes" instead of "Jesus echoes." The leaders are mostly to blame as they are called to be shepherds, not wolves. They have failed miserably many times over. But then that was prophecied to happen as well wasn't it. No surprises here. Well.. at least not for the elect.

The way the people allow the church leaders to control their eternal lives now-a-days is why we see so many blinded souls following after the crowd when their government leaders lead them into more and more danger. Looking back in history we can see this happening again. It's always been the devil's plan to manipulate the people at the church level first so that when it comes time to manipulate them on the secular level, they will have been so beaten into compliance that they become easy prey.

In 2001 the Vatican used the political leaders in their control to kill nearly 3000 innocent souls in New York city so as to bring about the exact same legislation they employed first in Nazi Germany when their pawn Hitler burned his own Reichstag building. Hitler burned that building just like the ones that destroyed the Twin Towers today so as to generate a never ending villain called "terrorism." A villain they could call on any time their agenda was being threatened. As history has recorded twice now, not long after the Vatican performed it's insane acts they were able to generate their "patriot movement" that allowed their Third, and now Forth Reich to fashion a stranglehold on millions. They even used the term "homeland" to soften the blow back then when they enacted their prophecied unjust laws under Hitler. Do a little research and you will find we, like the poor souls in Hitler's day, had a September 11th, a patriotic movement, homeland security laws, church and State laws, strange tax laws, and yes, even concentration camps on U.S. soil. Hitler is dead and gone as we know. But the organization behind the man is still very much alive. This is why we see so many Nazi fruits blossoming through legislative halls of today. It's no longer a coincidence. It is now a documented and proven agenda.

  • Revelation 13:15, "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."

As students of prophecy know, "Speak" = Legislation and "Cause" = enforcement. The beast is doing exactly as the Lord prophecied for today. All that we see happening has not only been planned long ago. It has been prophecied long ago for our benefit so as to ready our souls and make straight our paths for the coming of the Lord.

It appears nevertheless the Vatican is not all too happy with the work they have performed thus far. It's not moving as fast as they had hoped. They don't seem to understand the Lord still has His people in strategic positions preventing their plans until every last soul on earth makes the final decision for or against salvation. Our Lord loves us so much that He gives everyone a fair shot at His amazing gift of eternal life before allowing the plagues to start.

  • Ezekiel 18:31-32, "Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye."

By the way.. Many preachers fail to teach Truth in regards to who the real Israel of the Bible truly is. If you trust Christ as Lord, then according to Scripture, you are Israel!

In order for Rome to get more of blind souls performing the act of worship on the pope, they need to step up their public relations campaign around the man of sin. But before spending millions on such a campaign they need to make sure they get as much bang for the buck as possible. That's just good business is all. The Vatican knows, as do all students of both Scripture, prophecy, and history that the pope and his mountain of evil evidences against him have cultivated quite a large number of people that simply don't trust or even like him anymore. Over 1400 years of bone chilling graphic evil acts against their fellow man made for a major undertaking of creating a positive image of themselves that appears holy and blessed to the people that don't read bibles. How can they spindoctor this massive problem to a positive end? After all, they can't just walk into any city in the USA and take a chance that a lot of Catholics are going to show up cheering, weeping and bowing in worship before the pope and his cameras. They have to do their research well in advance if they hope to make all the world wonder after their man as prophecy says is their final agenda just before enforcing his mark.

Well.. after 2 years of crunching the numbers, watching the trends, spindoctoring the lawsuits, and dealing with new atrocities, the time had come to make their move last month. In fact, they planned this out far better then they did the Roman Catholic commercial called "the Passion of the Christ." That Hollywood fiction brought in quite a few people into the church, yes. But not as much as needed.

Last month the pope visited New York city as we all know. As planned he got the reception he hoped for. Looking at the numbers we can see it was a no-brainer as to why the Pope chose New York for his visit. New York was demographically the best place for him to visit if they had any chance at getting a positive response from the sheeple. Notice the top 5 states for Catholics in the USA as per 2006 Vatican statistics.

Number of Catholics
State Percentage of State population
1 10,906,992 California  28.8%
2 7,433,366 New York  37.6%
3 6,742,690 Texas  29.2%
4 4,865,216 Massachusetts  42.7%
5 3,867,102 Illinois  63.0%


Yes, California has the most Catholics, but it's also the largest state in land mass. This would naturally make it very difficult with their planned oil crisis in play for Catholics and other papal worshipers to travel to see the pope cruising in his 2 MPG pope mobile. Illinois has a larger percentile of Catholics as well. But it too would be a problem because many of the Catholics are still in the rural areas and outlying suburbs. Plus the metropolitan area is not as large as needed and not as pro-Catholic as well. But, let's look at New York city for a moment. Tell me if you see what I see. A big city with a tight-knit suburban link that is also a very popular city around the world in regards to fashion, movies, high finance, and trends. So popular in fact that many look upon it as the voice of America. New York has a very large population in a comparatively small area and almost 38% of them are catholic. This is of course without mentioning their metropolitan numbers that are far higher at 45%. This is also without adding to the mix the large percentage of catholic sympathizers thanks to the Roman Ecumenical charge being so effective since the One World Church began wherein the Pope was elected leader of all churches on that roster. Are you aware that YOUR church is under Roman rule right now?

This visit to New York also works its sorcery here in the United States as well because most of the American sheeple are all about following the herd. If the herd appears to be worshipping the pope on all the TV News reports, Posters, Commercials, Radio programs, and Websites, the rest of the sheeple will fall in line like the true herd they are. So yes, New York was without a doubt the best city for the pope to visit. Rest assured they are definitely going to milk the miles of video tape they recorded of his visit to keep all people around the world thinking the American people worship the pope like a god. In fact, they already started, and this is the reason for this weeks article.

Prophecy declares all the world will wonder after this beast in Rome. (Revelation 12:3,4) What better way for the enemy of souls to perform such a task world-wide then to get all the rest of the world thinking "the" most powerful and most popular nation on earth that most other nations crave to emulate, wonders after the pope religiously and politically. Nothing can be farther from the truth when it comes to Americans of course because many of us are very much aware of what this pope, the previous pope, and all popes truly represent. But the truth is not what is being portrayed by the duped majority, possessed preachers, controlled media, and paid off government leaders. Truths you see on this website is not something you will ever see on CNN, or any other mainstream news outlet. They are working towards their day, and will soon have their day. They will use all their well oiled poli-religio machines to get their day realized. Little do they know of course that their days are prophetically numbered at the same time. Soon the Lord that created them will return to put an end to all of this and only the birds feasting on their rotting bodies all over the Earth will have a work to do that day.

  • Revelation 19:17-18, "And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great."

All their plans, no matter how high minded and far fetched will come to naught! The Lord thy God is no dime store psychic that is over 80% wrong, 100% of the time. Christian prophecy is 100% accurate each and every time. That fact alone has brought even the most hardened Atheist into the church more often then most realize.

(Want to be effective in street preaching to young adults and teens? Try using prophecy to glorify the Lord! It has amazing results! Want to learn prophecy? Contact this ministry!)

As I hinted earlier, Zenit Organization put out a Newsletter jam-packed with all sorts of "letters to the editor" about the Pope's visit in April. They are doing this for a reason and will continue to do this until they get all the world bowing before the man of sin as prophecy said most will. Here is just one of the poor souls they have deceived into papal worship speaking for them and their agenda...

Keeping Up With the Pope I have never in my life seen so many Americans of all denominations as touched as they were by our beloved Pope Benedict's visit here. I was blessed to have been able to attend the mass at Yankee Stadium and to see 58,000 go absolutely CRAZY for the Vicar of Christ was something to behold. He has stolen away the hearts of ALL Americans and we love him and continue to thank him for his visit here. Even people in  my exercise class went BANANAS when they all heard that I was at Yankee Stadium. I  am talking about everyday people of ALL RELIGIONS and BACKGROUNDS. They kept  repeating to me: "Wow, how wonderful to be in YOUR presence knowing that you had been in the Pope's presence." Holy Father, you brought us an even deeper and renewed hope in our Lord, Jesus Christ. THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND  PRAYERS!! -Gail Giacobbe (Article titled, "Thank You Holy Father")
By the way, I did not "CAPITALIZE" the comments. "Gail" did.

Dearest Gail;

I noticed how you declared "all denominations" and "ALL RELIGIONS" were touched by the pope's visit. This is true as many have fallen for his prophecied crafty methods. I am also somewhat amused at the same time when you use terms like "CRAZY" and "BANANAS" when describing the peoples reaction to the pope's visits. But what amazes me the most is how you described the pope steeling away the hearts of "ALL Americans." First off, I find it hard to believe you are a real person off the street sharing your candid thoughts on this. Your letter seems more like a well versed and well rehearsed script then it does an honest depiction. Still, if you are a real person, you must be one on the Vatican or Cathedral payroll to say the least. Whether you are real or not, let me remind you of what actually happened that day.

As I mentioned above, the pope visited New York City because of the demographic research done in advance to his arrival. Had the cities of Chicago, Dallas, or New Orleans for that matter shown the numbers of Catholics per capita as New York did, one could lay dollars to donuts that he would have not visited New York last month. Some could even argue that Massachusetts would have generated better crowds as small as their land mass is in comparison to New York. But thanks to the molestation scandal having blossomed within that state first, the cameras would have depicted a far different view of the peoples reaction to his pro-pedophilia presence now wouldn't they. The pope certainly couldn't take the chance that up and coming friends in China, India, or even Russia would be so apt to worship him if they saw thousands with large signs protesting the still ongoing lawsuits in that city. The gag orders placed on the judges can't stop people from protesting. Well at least not yet. One would think the Vatican lies and spindoctoring on this topic would have been blindingly uncovered had they stepped one foot near Boston. All those protestors would remind those foreign leaders of the thousands more lawsuits around the world still clogging the courts after all these years. All those prelates, and even water cooler preachers that shouted "it's not that bad" can't hide the reality that most of the cases have yet to start due to the massive backlog. There are that many lawsuits! That fact alone proves they too have lied about what they did to those children.

The pope needs to make everyone around the world think the most powerful nation on earth is in love with him because most nations emulate the American lifestyle. If Americans do it, it must be popular... cool.. fashionable... etc.. It would also make it appear as if the lies Rome has been telling them about their scandals being "taken care of" are true because America is where it started and now look at them. They are happy.. giddy.. and pleased with the pope and all his wonderful good works.

Dear Gail, the Pope needed to have all the cheering "faithful" at that stadium photographed and videotaped over and over again by the hundreds if not thousands of media drones so as to have ample ammo they can use around the world to help them proclaim yet another lie that "ALL Americans" had their hearts stolen by him and his manufactured godliness. But I am here to tell you Gail that not "ALL Americans" were pleased with this pope, or any pope for that matter.

Let's touch on what this pope has in his closet to see if indeed "ALL Americans" do in fact love and worship him as we see "ALL Catholics" and "ALL the media" seem to be doing lately.

I will not get into lengthening the list by hundreds of more facts against all the previous popes and their unholy acts. No, that would be redundant Gail. No, I do not think you, Zenit, the pope, the Vatican prelates, the media, or the American government are being truthful here at all. Only those that do not read bibles and history books trust or worship the pope now. But this lie of yours will be affective nonetheless. The prophet Amos said long ago that the people would stop reading their bibles just before Jesus comes. It is these spiritually lazy people that trust their leaders to keep them informed. It is these people that love and worship the pope. Prophecy declared the majority of the world would wonder after the beast. We are seeing that prophecy coming to fulfillment each and every day when we read letters like the ones offered by Zenit Organization. The world is wondering after this beast just as Christ warned they would. What's worse, all people on earth could have heeded the warnings and found safety and eternal peace by merely trusting Christ and opening His Word. They are so close... but yet so far!

If you don't stand for the Truth, you will most assuredly fall for anything!

If you don't read your bibles... this is what you can expect to happen to you. Worshipping the pope will become a personal act of fulfilling prophecy for all those too lazy to open a bible each morning. At least we can use this indolent mindset as evidence to better educate the masses that have not made such a decision as of yet. Some good will come out of the billions duped by the man of sin I'm sure. Others will understand and the seeds we have been blessed to sew will be watered by our Lord as He promised. For our God can use even this evil to glorify His name. In fact, He already has! He said they would do this thousands of years ago. And today, we see it happening just as He said, right before our eyes. The accuracy of Christian prophecy has caused millions to stop.. look.. listen.. and repent! Praise the Lord! For His Truth is a powerful truth!




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