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By Nicholas
May 10, 2009

Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop

May 10, 2009

As we all know, the Banks in America are playing the fail game. I say playing because if any of you have read or even skimmed the research manual titled, “America 2000 / Goals 2000 – moving the nation educationally to a “new world order.” Yes, even the title is huge, but if you’ve seen this book, (not sure if it’s online, but I did find a site selling it.) you will find that the so called collapse of the Banks here in America was planned decades ago so as to create the New World Order. Truth is, this was planned 2000 years ago when Satan saw Jesus resurrect!

In the article I posted on the site, it says the following…

The Federal Reserve could become the supercop for “too big to fail” companies capable of causing another financial meltdown under a proposal being seriously considered by the White House.”

First off, what many fail to realize is, the “Federal Reserve” is a private company! The only thing federal about it is it’s name! Men that worship money have been running this scam with the United States Government’s help so as to come to today’s scenario. All this talk about economic collapse and financial meltdowns is nothing more than bold faced lies. They need for the “Feds” to have control of all the money because as the saying goes, “whoever controls the money controls the world.”

Let’s use common prophetic sense for a moment shall we? If all the Banks around the world are allowed to have their own CEO’s and rule and regs, how easy will it be for Rome to enforce the mark of the Beast on people by threatening their ability to buy and sell? For the sake of illustration, let’s assume for the moment there are only 10000 banks worldwide. When the Vatican wants to remove the ability to buy and sell from people around the wolrd that refuse to bow to their mark, aka. Sunday Laws, they will have to convince 10000 bankers to go with the flow. However, if they have ONE person in charge who is already in bed with the Pope, it will be an easy task. Hence, the next excerpt of the article…

” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other officials made it clear they were not inclined to divide the job among various regulators as has been suggested by industry and some federal regulators. Geithner told the group that one organization needs to be held responsible for monitoring systemwide risk. “Committees don’t make decisions,” said Geithner, according to one participant.”

And who do you suppose they want as that “one organization” to run all the banks worldwide?

” Officials from the Treasury Department and National Economic Council, which hosted the meeting, told participants that the Fed was considered the most likely candidate for the job, according to several officials who attended or were briefed on the discussions.”

Prophecy clearly says…

Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Isn’t it amazing to watch end time prophecy fulfill right before your eyes? The Bible said they will figure out a way to prevent people worldwide from buying and selling, and today we find they are making plans to control all the banks through one entity on Earth! Now do you see why remnant Christians are such a threat to their agenda? Our God has blessed us with the understanding of His prophetic Word. His Truth exposes their agenda in advance and makes the Truth of Scripture that much more relaiable in the eyes of those seeking TRUTH!



Bloggers facing fines & Jail?

May 7, 2009

One of the articles I posted today titled, “Hostile bloggers facing fines, jail?” is an expected move of the powers that be that fear the God of creation working through His people. Will it pass and become law? I hope not, but this does appear to be their prophecied end time agenda. As we have seen so many times before, even if the American people are polled and send back a resounding “NO” to their prophecied plans, they will still do as they please. But then we knew that too didn’t we.

The Lord is using the Internet to draw many to Christ as many of us are very aware of lately. This blessed work we find ourselves in is a real threat to those that “…loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19) Question: Are there any laws to protect the Christians that experience “emotional distress” when a porn site, Viagra pushers, or pyramid schemers SPAM’s us? No, of course not. They have been doing this since the Internet was invented! (by Al Gore?) But the constant complaints from non-believers as well as denominations that fear what we preach are bearing down on weary politicians. Like a nagging wife, Satan’s church members are stomping on the last nerve of many in political office.

There are so many articles out there now about censoring the Internet that you could literally spend months researching them all. Many of them have an obvious religious flavor to them as well. Extremists from all faiths are being prodded by Satan to act out so as to get such laws passed to prevent “emotional distress.” Still, the true offensive websites and strange lifestyles are “protected” by Government. In other words, our elected officials stand as the prophecied hypocrites they are. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see who is repeatedly being ignored as a possible group in need of protection. Christians! And rightly so, for we have our God on our side and He protects us just fine. They can ignore us all they like, it won’t stop His arrival one iota! Nor will it stop the way He hears our prayers and moves His hand when needed. That fact alone is what scares the life out of the powers that be! And so they act accordingly.

In a nutshell, they are trying to figure a way to prevent God’s last day message regarding the Antichrist in Rome and his plans for a global mark being administered on all mankind from getting out. This new article is just one more step towards that prophecied goal. Seriously, how many of us believe they are going to go through all the bureaucracy and red tape so as to pass a law to prevent something as ridiculous as emotional distress?  They are merely lying about why they need this new law so as to get the job done for the Vatican who needs to stop people like us from exposing them so easily. One would think they could come up with a better lie than this, but then, is even that needed when they do as they please in the halls of Congress anyway?

The article stated…

A new proposal in Congress is threatening fines and jail time for what it calls “cyberbullying” – communications that include e-mails and text messages that “cause substantial emotional distress.” The vague generalities are included in H.R. 1966 by California Democrat Linda Sanchez and about a dozen co-sponsors. But it already is being condemned as unconstitutional, unrealistic and probably ineffectual.

Something as childish as emotional distress is what they now hope to use to cause someone to land in jail. How often have some true Christians been ridiculed, persecuted, threatened, and sadly, even killed for simply causing “emotional distress” on someone that hated the Truth we shared. Yet do they have plans to protect us? Not likely, this is aimed at us. We already see laws being drafted against Christians that share their faith with Homosexuals, right? That fact alone proves they fear our God! The insanity of calling the Bible hate speech can, and appears to be the chosen method of paving the way for this new insanity regarding emotional distress. They have been trying to make preaching the Gospel a hate crime for years! Soon people will be arrested for simply saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes!

Is the big picture getting clearer?



American Dictator?

May 6, 2009

It appears there is a Bill before Congress “H.J. Res 5” that is seeking an amendment that would allow for the removal of term limits on American presidents. What this means is, if passed, Obama will be able to be re-elected for more than the two terms presently allowed. Is this why Obama is repeatedly personified as a Messiah by main stream media?

Is this media fueled rush to worship Obama a way of fanning the sheeple into Obama worship and in so doing create America’s first Dictator? Time will tell.

Back when Clinton was president I always thought he would seek such an amendment. His refusal to step down after he was impeached made many feel he was a determined man. However, they didn’t have all their ducks in a row as they obviously do today. Now the main stream media is 100% controlled. Soon all opposing voices to this controlled media’s agenda will be silenced if the so called “fairness doctrine” is allowed to remove free speech from the radio waves in less than 3 months time.

With Obama, or any man being allowed to stay in office more than two terms, this will allow for Rome an easy way to get their agenda met without too much trouble. This is why up until John Paul I, (who was murdered and replaced my John Paul II), all Popes were usually elected in their late 70’s or early 80’s. This allowed for easier control if the Pope was a bit hard to control once elected and not willing to make the radical changes the true man behind the scenes, “the black pope” wanted. All they had to do was wait for him to die off. Seeing how he was already an old man, they didn’t usually have long to wait.  But John Paul I was a young man, as was John Paul II. Why? They needed a man they could trust to do what Rome needed to get all the nations under their thumb. This would take all of 20 years to do. An old Pope simply couldn’t get the job done. John Paul I had obvious issues with the Mason’s in the Vatican, so they made sure he died quick and elected a man with no morals. A man that sold Cyanide to the Nazis. John Paul II.

Now, look at Obama. A man that cannot step to a podium without a teleprompter because doing so would mean he would have to speak his own mind.  They need a man that would allow for 100% control of “someone” that is pushing all the buttons for Rome here in the States. Like Bush, Obama is just happy to be in the Oval Office and set for life financially. He’ll do anything they tell him to do as long as he can stand out front and receive all the praise and the wealth.

Satan is well known for using pride, fortune and fame as a way to get men to bow to his will. With a man that agrees to do as he is told and say what they want him to say each and every time he stands before a camera, they may have found the perfect man for the job in Obama. So far he has proven to be an excellent puppet dictator for Rome. If he one day changes his mind and refuses to follow orders, expect him to loose a future election so that the next man who will do what mother Rome wants can step up. With the corrupted voting process now in America, they can literally gaurantee anyone that position.



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