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Censoring the Internet?
By Nicholas
Apr. 22, 2008
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Back in November of 2005 I shared an article that appeared to be a bit pre-mature in nature regarding talks about Internet control / censorship. Still, I felt back then it was something to keep an eye on as I have seen certain websites censored in the past,
including my own.

During John Paul II's reign, he actually had 5 websites shut down because he believed it blasphemed Mary. Yes, those that understand Bible doctrine know that it's impossible to blaspheme Mary because she's not a "god." But Rome believes she's is a god, and therefore speaking about her in a negative way is considered blasphemous. Truth is, Rome has been proven to blaspheme God thousands of times over the last 1470 years. I can't imagine how many biblically proven blasphemous statements are on the Vatican website at present. Yet... since Rome has all the power, as fleeting as it is, they can more or less do as they please. Well, at least until Jesus returns.

Now I don't condone speaking negative of Mary in any way shape or form because I do in fact call her blessed as Luke 1:48 said she deserves. But to place her as a god, or believe like dozens of popes that call her co-Saviour, no, that's actually the true definition of blasphemy.

Rome does preach heresy, yes. But they also control all international politics and 91% of all the governing powers on earth. With that said, one would think they can't afford to continue allowing literally millions of websites to expose them so graphically day in and day out. It has to be cutting into their collection plates in a major way to say the least. It also cuts them to the bone in election years as new converts to the Truth leave their churches and stop voting. This is why Rome has prodded and actually forced in some cases the U.S. Congress and Senators to allow for millions of Hispanics to flood our borders in recent months. Stats shows that 87.9% of those coming into our land illegally are Catholic. This allows for warm bodies in the pews, and more pro-catholic votes to push the Vatican agenda forward. It's no mistake the borders have become so openly neglected with a major election coming up and all.

There is so much evidence compiled against the Vatican that you could actually have a crew of 100 reporters researching and reporting on it daily, and still have evil acts and documents of same piling up untouched. They have been committing crimes against God and humanity for just shy of 1500 years! This is why we see so many websites exposing the Vatican today.

ICANN manages the current domain-registration system, which means it decides who gets Web addresses ending in ".com," ".net," or ".info," as well as which governmental entities operate national country-code suffixes, such as ".uk" for Great Britain. ICANN also runs the up-to-12-digit Internet Protocol (IP) numbers that every computer needs to have in order to be recognized by others on the Internet. Since only about 4 billion IP numbers can currently be accommodated, it has to make sure there's no duplication. According to ICANN, the Internet is in use by over 1 billion people. About 76 million second-level domain names — such as "foxnews.com" — have been registered and 2 billion IP addresses have been allocated.

The Internet was developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the U.S. military and American universities under the auspices of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.The European Union has blasted ICANN, withdrawn its support from the domain-registration system and called for giving other countries control of it.

... But the United States and some other governments, while acknowledging ICANN isn't perfect and some kinks need to be worked out, are worried that internationalization could threaten the Internet's ability to serve as a medium of free expression. They fear it would subject the Internet to censorship by countries that are also U.N. members.


Notice if you will the European Union (EU) wants control of the American homegrown ICANN for the sake of control. I am not going to list all the articles and Newsletters I have online that shows the Vatican is the creator of the EU, but suffice it to say, it's no wonder they want to control the Internet.

The author of the article hit the nail on the head when she said, "They fear it would subject the Internet to censorship by countries that are also U.N. members." If Rome got control of ICANN outside the USA, one would be hard pressed to find any real Truth online from that day forward. Case in point, about one year after I started to post my Bible studies online by converting them into a webpage, my ISP was approached online by four Roman Catholic lawyers from Australia telling them to shut my site down or they (the ISP) would have legal problems. I informed the ISP of my rights as a U.S. Citizen and how I would do all I could legally to prevent the illegal shut down as well as speak to as many in the media regarding same. Needless to say, the "town meeting" I was invited to (I chose not to attend) decided not to shut me down. However, conveniently enough, my ISP was later "hacked" which forced them to be shut down completely due to a $33,000.00 phone bill generated by the hacker. This removed Internet access to all in the small town of about 600 people. Praise the Lord it was "revealed" to me in prayer two weeks earlier before the Australian threat was fabricated that I should move the site unto a more secure server. I had no idea there was another ISP in the area, but there was. So the site never lost a hit through the whole ordeal. Then a few months later I was sent a strange email by a "mysterious" organization offering me $6 MILLION cash to shut the site down. I of course refused. If I was in it for the money, I might have been moved to accept their offer. But this is a calling, not a career choice. So I never even gave their offer a second thought. Even after I had the document "validated," as authentic it was never more then a waste of ink and paper to me. I only had it checked out to see how far they would go.

In short, CENSORSHIP is their agenda and CENSORSHIP will be a reality soon. The enemy of souls cannot have the Internet effectively exposing his every move day in and day out. Especially since the true child of God understands prophecy so clearly today. We know exactly what's going to happen next. We just don't know "when" since dated prophecy ended when the 2300 year prophecy of Daniel was fulfilled. True Remnant Christians with the ability to build websites with all sorts of verifiable Scriptural as well as historical proof upon them are becoming an obvious nuisance to Satan's end time agenda. So, yes, soon sites like mine will be forced offline. But not before those that need to hear the truths we share are blessed by it.

The Lord allows what He allows, and His wisdom far surpasses our own. There is no need to second guess the Lord. We will be online as long as the Lord sees His Truth being effective in the hearts of man. Nevertheless, I have no doubt plans are already being made in our Father's Heavenly Kingdom to have His people "move on" with the message in new avenues once this proverbial brook Cherith dries up. And yes, soon the site will be zipped onto DVD so as to allow anyone with a computer full access to over 6000 pages of printed data, not counting the gigs of audio and video now available.

Even if they do eventually censor the Internet from hearing Present Truth, they cannot stop the street preachers from doing as their Lord moves them to do. There are a lot more people offline then there are online anyway. Prophecy is sure! "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." -Matthew 24:14

WASHINGTON - Writers Guild of America, West, president Patric Verrone is on Capitol Hill today to push for legislation that he hopes will guarantee the Internet's status as an open forum for communication. ...At the hearing, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin testified that his agency's policy gives it sufficient authority to prevent discrimination by Internet providers. ...The issue of "network neutrality" — the principle that people should be able to go where they choose on the Internet without interference from network owners — has heated up again recently. ...The network neutrality debate has divided Congress, with Democrats largely in favor and Republicans mostly opposed, a point that was clear at Tuesday's committee meeting. "It is a political division now and it's getting more so," said Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska. "It is unfortunate." ...They say it is unnecessary and amounts to a solution in search of a problem.

No, there aren't laws to censor us yet. However, there is some action in this area on a global scale. You may be a bit shocked to see how many countries are already doing this. At present, it's mostly aimed at certain vulgarities, hate, racism, and other dangerous online activities. But truth is about to be their target of attack soon. I have no doubt they are learning how to iron out the kinks in their present efforts of censorship so that when they decide to go after the Christians they will have their methods perfected. Strangely enough, the truth of the matter is, they are already censoring Christian sites here in the USA by what appears to be personal choice of some online corporations. For example, AOL has been banning my ministry from sending email to around 85% of their AOL members that subscribe to my Truth Provided Newsletters since March of 2004. Google has also been censoring this site in their database as well recently. Problem for them is, so many other websites already link to this site either to the main page, or pages throughout it. These websites are considered somewhat less threatening to Rome so Google can't sufficiently ban me at present. Recently, and not that much of a surprise to me, I found that GodTube has also decided to ban my Videos from being posted on their so called Christian video portal. I say "so called Christian" because of the content of GodTube's site. It is literally loaded with all sorts of Satanic Rock music videos and other strange things that proves to the elect that they are no different then Rome in their ability to mix truth with error.

In the above article they stated "...it is unnecessary and amounts to a solution in search of a problem." I agree 100% This is usually how they work in Rome or any big government. Even if the people overwhelmingly vote to proclaim they don't want a certain Bill passed, if it will help the government further control the masses, you can rest assured it will be passed no matter how much opposition is driving against it. Sure it may take them a bit longer because now they have to break the Bill up in pieces and secretly attach it to other Bills with less opposition so as to ensure the same end result. The American government has done that for decades.

The people the world over have no problems with the way the Internet is running. Sure there is porn and other offensive sites, but if you never surf to those sites in the first place they won't be a problem. Still, Rome does have a problem because they are the main target being exposed by the true Christian church the world over thanks to yet another prophecy coming to fulfillment.

The truth is known now and Rome can no longer hide it. Like Jeremiah the Christian heart burns within them and they can't hold their peace any longer. Rome burned bibles in the past. That didn't stop the truth. Rome even burned Christians and that didn't stop the truth. In fact it fanned the flames of revival so much so that for every soul killed 3 or more stepped up to proclaim the truth even louder. Shutting down the Internet will only allow more of the Elect to step out onto the streets to glorify the Lord before the eyes of man in a way that says clearly the Latter Rain is falling more abundantly. The days are approaching fast when we shall see with our own eyes the Lord thy God glorified and tens of thousands of faithful coming to the Saviour from every village, town, or city around the world! The Lord doesn't need the Internet to share the Present Truth. He only needs Christians!


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