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Vatican seeks global supremacy
By Nicholas
February 12, 2009



One of the blessings of being a student of prophecy is that we can be prepared for our Lord when he comes and this is thanks to the fact we study His prophecy. In so doing, we come to realize we "...are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief." (1 Thessalonians 5:4) All that we see in the News that the media moguls are too blind to realize and remove before airing, shines a light on the times we live in and lends credence to our message. Our knowledge of end time prophecy helps us to prepare for that great and dreadful day racing towards us with every breath. This day is great for us, but dreadful for those that fear its arrival.

As many of us have already discovered due to our daily study in the Word, is that we now know who the man of sin is today with perfect clarity. The prophecy of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 has been fulfilled by our Father granting us this knowledge as He promised when we study His Word diligently. Daniel 12:4 prophecied our understanding of the Truth would increase in the last days, and so it has. The fact we have 6000 years of fulfilled prophetic facts behind us is quite a collection of information that we can draw blessings from as well as offer blessings from. This massive amount of info is also why Satan seeks to keep people out of the bible today. Being the end times, the Christian bible is the most frightening book for Satan in the entire Universe! So many prophecies and so many historic facts to prove them fulfilled is why he fears this God we worship. And yes, his desire to stop people reading the Word was also prophecied in Amos 8:11.

Since we know the man of sin resides in Rome, we watch him like we should so as to alert those the Lord puts in our path. When he does as prophecy says he will do, we proclaim it far and wide so as to bless others with the seeds our Lord will water to make them ready and able to "...Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.". (Matthew 3:3) Many come to embrace Christ simply because of prophecy. When they see it happen as the Word said it would, it bolsters their faith in the Author of that Word. So they seek Him out and become His people.

John 14:29, "And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe."

In prophecy we have discovered that the house of Antichrist did reign on earth for exactly 1260 years killing Christians all around the world. Not only did Scripture and historic record confirm this as fulfilled in amazing accuracy that only a living God could foresee, the house of Antichrist itself admitted this as fact back on March 12, 2000 when Pope John Paul II uttered admission of same in his globally broadcast mea culpa.

The Word of God stated plainly that this Antichristian organization running rampant around the world killing hundreds of millions of Christians, would then be mortally wounded and knocked out of commission for a short while. Had it not been for our Lord shortening the days in that prophecied and already proven fulfilled great tribulation as He promised to do in Matthew 24:22, no true Christians would have survived the Roman Catholic rampages during that 1260 years. Still, as promised, the beast was mortally wounded, and the Christians were able to regroup and grow in number to finish the work we were called to do.

"In 1798 General Berthier made his entrance into Rome, abolished the papal government, and established a secular one." -Encyclopedia Britannica 1941 edition

As students of prophecy we are also very aware that the Lord prophecied this Antichristian organization with the man of sin who is not only controlled by Satan himself, but is the one who bears his number 666. He became Satan's puppet long ago. And while he stands as leader today, he will soon see his wound totally healed granting him once again the power to go after the Christians as he did long ago. But according to the prophecy, this time he will be allowed only a short time to attack. It will be intense yes, but short lived nonetheless.

If you are a student of prophecy, or have at least studied the facts outlined on the pages I just linked throughout this Newsletter, we can then agree it is the Vatican that fulfills each and every prophecy ever made known to man regarding Antichrist. With that said, are there any new evidences in recent News Reports regarding their newly realized global power?

Vatican divorces from Italian law
By David Wiley, BBC News,

The Vatican City State, the world's smallest sovereign state, has decided to divorce itself from Italian law. Vatican legal experts say there are too many laws in Italian civil and criminal codes, and that they frequently conflict with Church principles. With effect from New Year's Day, the Pope has decided that the Vatican will no longer automatically adopt laws passed by the Italian parliament. All Italian laws will be examined one by one before they are adopted. Under the Lateran treaties signed exactly 80 years ago between Italy and the Pope, and the Italian Parliamentary system, Italian laws were applied automatically.

What most are unaware of is, this event that occurred "exactly 80 years ago" is part of a prophetic event wherein the prophecy declared the Vatican would regain its previous power so as to do the evils it was prophecied to do. Thing is, back then, the Vatican was very weak and still licking its wounds administered by Napoleon in the exact year of 1798. So they had to agree with Italy to adopt all of their laws so as to gain sovereignty. They hoped back then that eventually they will grow to such a powerful position that they could easily negate the agreement without the slightest fear of opposition. That day has come just as prophecy said it would.

Before the signing of the Lateran treaty by Premier Mussolini and Cardinal Gasspari in June of 1929, the Vatican was unable to perform its "church & State" activities due to what Napoleon did in the exact year prophecy said he would do it. (1798) They even used to term "healing the wound" in that article while reporting on it.

As the prophecy stated, the Vatican would see this wound healed. Ironic thing is, students of prophecy knew of this event long before the Vatican leaders did. The prelates of Rome hoped for it, yes. But seeing they were completely devoid of prophetic understanding, it was only a hope of theirs at the time. You cannot know the future without knowing Christ who opens His Word to you.

This pact made in the Lateran Palace between Mussolini and Gasspari was the beginning of the healing prophecied by our Lord so long ago. Without the "church and State" power they had in the past, they could in no way enforce their hellish desires upon the people simply because church and State activity had long been separated by Governments of the world. They did this because they feared allowing Rome to repeat the past. They knew what it lead to and did all they can to prevent it after Napoleon did as he did. The Vatican could only enforce their desires upon the Catholic people within their own walls after that day. But with church and State power now back in their hands, they will soon become that global entity we saw long ago. The prophecy of the Christian God is sure!

Before 1798 we saw them kill hundreds of millions using the laws of the land commingled with the laws of the church. This is why we see so many churches joining with Rome today. This is also why all church leaders with the 501C3 tax ID code are now considered Government agents as of March 7, 2006 when George W. Bush signed it into law. Since they already agree with Rome, they saw no problem in creating the exact image of this beast to follow after her. Prophecy said Rome needs to be as she was back then, and she is just that today. Her power now extends beyond the Vatican walls into all churches that agree with her "in writing." Rome now has a say so in all that the churches do no matter what denomination they are. All denominational leaders have already signed off on this years ago, and thanks to the lack of prophetic sermons, most Christians are completely unaware of anything happening within their own ranks today. This is why we saw the National Council of Churches and the World Council of churches formed so quietly not too long ago. When all the church leaders signed unto this charter they agreed to officially bow to Vatican rule, and they were forced to do so without the approval of their church members. In fact, they have stated this ecumenical desire in writing for all the world to see numerous times over the years. Here is just one "public" instance...


THE Pope was recognized as the overall authority in the Christian world by an Anglican and Roman Catholic commission yesterday which described him as a "gift to be received by all the Churches". ... -Electronic Telegraph-UK News
May 13, 1999 Oliver Poole http://www.freerepublic.com/

Now that the Pope has all the power he needs in all "so called" Protestant churches, he now needs to be able to stand supreme in political office as well so as to have power to do as he pleases around the world. This is why he must "divorce himself from Italian law." He must stand supreme and alone so as to appear to be "the" one and only moral authority on earth just as prophecy said Antichrist will do. Why else would the popes proclaim the Roman Catholic church the "only true church" on earth time and time again? He's just setting the stage. The article continues...

...A senior Vatican Canon lawyer, Monsignor Jose Maria Serrano Ruiz, has gone on record as saying that Italian laws are too many, too unstable and too often conflict with the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

As we have seen in all governments across the globe, whenever a law goes against the law of the Vatican they declare it immoral. This is besides the fact Scriptures prove the leaders of Rome to be cult leaders and unworthy of proclaiming themselves bible Christians in the first place. The unfortunate Catholic people have no idea how bad their leaders are no more than the Jews knew how evil the Pharisees were in their day.

The Vatican has boldly declared their hatred of the Christian Bible for centuries, not to mention their hatred of Christians. Yes the Catholic leaders proclaim themselves "Christian," but no one can claim that title without at least agreeing with the Bible of the Christian God. Christians trust the Christian Bible. Catholics are taught it is not trustworthy. Their own documented statements against the Bible proves they are not Christian. To claim their way is "moral" when in fact 86.2% of their Catholic doctrine is extra-biblical, makes the Vatican prelates out to be bold faced liars just like the Pharisees of old were when Jesus called them liars in John 8:44. Another prophecy proclaims this church will "preach another Jesus" unto the masses, and their very own doctrinal books prove this prophecy fulfilled. The article continues...

...An Italian parliamentary commission is at present working out how to delete tens of thousands of obsolete laws from Italy's civil code. The Vatican has also decided to scrutinise international treaties before deciding whether or not to adhere to them.

Full article

Here's the prize they have been working towards since 1798ad. As prophecy predicts, they seek to be free of any international laws so as to stand supreme on earth. Antichrist craves global worship simply because it is sin to worship any other God but the Christian God. Satan will always seek to tempt man to sin. The tens of thousands of photos of political leaders and common people bowing in worship before the Pope's are no mistake. This demand for worship will naturally be the agenda of such possessed men because Christ is their god's enemy. This hatred of Christ, His Biblical jurisprudence, and His people spews forward from Satan to such an extent that each pope he literally possesses over the years can't help but to proclaim themselves worthy of worship on earth before the eyes of billions. It's his way or the highway, just as it was during the Inquisition when the Vatican made over half a billion choose between Christ and Roman Catholicism with their lives. As prophecy declares, it will be this way globally again very soon. Sad truth is, as many middle eastern and anti-Christian nations have already proven, this prophecied "short time of trouble" has already begun in the world. Many of the Christians being killed are done so before cameras so as to generate fear in the same way Rome did with their public executions of old.

Have you noticed? This modern day massacre only occurs in certain nations that are either cut off, or easy to cut off from the main stream media so as to prevent certain eyes from seeing what Rome has already started. For those events that slip through, Rome, the author of politics, will spin-doctor the event into oblivion. They need to keep the fear localized and away from eyes they fear will slow their forward motion. Note also when you research this out online; all these nations that are killing Christians also seem to have friendly relations with Rome. That fact alone proves Rome uses the title "Christian" in the exact same way a roaring twenty's speakeasy uses the title "dry cleaner" to hide their sinful acts in the back room.

I received an email the other day on this topic that I believe you will find interesting. The author of the comments is unknown; so if you know who wrote the following excerpt, let me know and I will give credit where credit is due. I did research it out online and found it posted as "author/Source Unknown" on a blog. The author outlined the facts rather well and I felt compelled to share the comments as given. Speaking of the Vatican divorcing itself from Italian Law, the blogger states...

This ploy has tremendous consequences for the future.  According to  the January 5, 2009 issue of Newsweek, the Pope firmly believes that "his church [the Catholic Church] is the only one true church". To underline this, the Pope declared last year that the only way for man to gain salvation is through conversion to the Catholic faith. Twice during the last quarter of 2008, Pope Benedict referred to the need for the masses to prepare for the return of Christ, and his influence was behind a failed effort during 2008 to write into EU law as a compulsory day of rest the celebration of Sunday, the renowned sign of global Catholicism.  Furthermore, observing the current worldwide economic chaos, he indicated that the only way to establish a sound foundation for global economy is through attachment to a religion meaning the Catholic Church which is "the only one true church".

Now can you see the puzzle pieces lining up? Once the Vatican becomes the global moral authority, and it will; Sunday Laws are a sure thing. With all this being said, the timing of the following article seems a bit blunt for me. After reading it, I wonder if you'll see what I see in this so called terrorist "no buy" list?

Problems With "No Buy" Terror Watch List
Similar To "No Fly List" And, Like "No Fly," "No Buy" Impeding Non-Terrorists

(CBS) Imagine not being able to buy a home, car, or other "big-ticket" item because your name shows up on a terror watch list. That's happening to some people who haven't committed a crime and aren't terrorists, Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen reported Monday.

The "No Buy" list terror watch list, Koeppen explains, is similar to the "No Fly" list you've probably heard of. The latter is designed to prevent terrorists from boarding planes.

And, says Koeppen, the "No Buy" list is hindering some innocent people, in the same way the "No Fly" list does.

...a report documenting dozens of cases of consumers who were denied homes, health insurance, even the purchase of a treadmill because of an OFAC alert.

...Pratt says the large fines and possible jail time for companies that do business with someone on the list forces his members to cast a wide net in their searches.

© MMVIII, CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

full article

Some  may not see this as threat to Christians because they are known worldwide to be gentle and loving. This by the way is why Rome uses the title Christian even though they hate our Bible. Most people with some knowledge regarding the Vatican's murderous past look upon Christians as hateful and violent simply because they believe all Christians are Catholic. That is why Rome used our title. They had to make the Christian appear as a  threat for their future plans to work. Truth is, never was their a Christian that burned alive, buried alive, skinned alive and boiled alive people like the Roman Catholic church did. In fact, true Christians never killed a single soul all throughout history. Jesus said the gates of Hell would never prevail against His church, and they most assuredly never did. Rome on the other had admitted those gates prevailed when John Paul II performed his mea culpa on March 12, 2000. Why the dear Catholic people miss that cold reality is beyond my understanding.

Strange thing is, when some Catholics hear of the mountains of documented historic facts against their leaders, they proclaim those of us that preach it hatemongers for some odd reason. Yet we were not the ones that killed hundreds of millions of Christians, and we never wrote the history books. We are simply trying our best to warn them of the imminent danger they are in.

The true Christians must be put in a light that proclaims them hateful, merciless as well as terrorists if what Rome plans is going to work. True Christians will never bow to Roman Sunday Laws and they know it. So they have to generate a way that will work to their advantage. This is why Rome does as she does with the religion of Christ. Their efforts to make the Christian appear evil has worked for them thus far. In fact, when you put the term "Christian terrorist" in Google today you will actually get 7 million websites that speak on this topic!

As far as I can tell, the first use of the term "Christian terrorist" was done by the Boston Globe on June 8, 2003 when Eric Rudolph was accused of bombing the Olympics, among other crimes. This is why the term "radical Christianity" or "Christian terrorist" has been used so often the last five years or so. The idea has to be burned into the sheeple's minds so as to assure little opposition when they finally decide their loving and gentle next door neighbor is a terrorist simply because you refuse to bow to the mark of the beast. The calamities occurring world wide will be the reason for the Sunday Laws. In fact, they have already tested this method back in 2005 when they proclaimed the Tsunami was the end result of poor attendance in Sunday services.

As true Christians we will of course know why these calamities are occurring. But they will not listen to reason because the majority will already have been mentally herded into Roman Catholic corrals the world over. They will believe the Roman "moral authority" is divine and all knowing and therefore worthy of worship. When they suggest all of the prophecied natural disasters are because we, the remnant of God, refuse to bow to Roman Sunday laws, they will ignore us and the biblical evidence we offer in defense and worship the beast and his law. Of course they won't put 2 + 2 together and notice we have no boils as they do upon their bodies, no bloody water as they do in their cups, no problems with the noonday sun as they do each day, etc. when the plagues hit. They will only be focused on what their supreme leader has stated is best for them and the world.

This is the end result to why the Vatican has divorced itself from Italian law. Seeking to become the only true or "main" global entity on earth, it must claim the title "global moral authority" so as to ensure her laws are enforced around the world. This is why we saw the Roman International Criminal Court System created back in 1999, as well as the One World church in 2000. This global universal power of the Pope must be just that, global.



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