O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3


Most of the testimonies are shared during the online church services over the years. This is why this page never seems to grow. However, if you have a testimony to share, let me know and I will add it to this page asap.

God is on the move in India today and reports of revival are now  reaching the  West. Whole villages are being converted to Christ often  amid fierce persecution. At a recent pastors' congress it was estimated  that in one region over 17,000 people are turning to Jesus every day and that a church is established every three minutes. A mixture of poverty, injustice and religious dissatisfaction has opened  India to the gospel. For many thousands of people, the Christian message  of forgiveness, justice and love is truly good news! As evangelists and churchesmove among the people with increased faith  and love, God is sending amazing signs, according to these reports. In one area of Bihar, a village lived in fear of its four witch-doctors,  who controlled people by cursing their cattle and their relatives. When  the Christian evangelists arrived, these witch-doctors warned them that  they would be cursed, too.  The Christians continued to love the people in Jesus' name, and in a few  weeks the witch-doctors came to ask the secret of their power. They had called up demonic powers to attack the Christians, but the demons had returned saying, "We can do nothing against them, as they are surrounded  by angels and by fire."  As they spoke with the evangelists, the conviction of God fell on all four and they were converted and delivered from evil! The whole village followed, amazed at God's power. One man was so consumed by leprosy that he decided to end his life. As he walked to the railway line to throw himself in front of a train, a man in a white robe came and walked with him. After talking for a while, the man in white vanished and the leprosy was  totally gone! That healed man is now winning whole villages for Christ.

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April 30, 1987 my wife an I were blessed with another child to add to our many blessings. His name is Joshua. He was born with two holes in his heart, aneamic, and very weak. He was a "blue baby" as well due to the cord being wrapped around his tiny neck. It took the doctors what seemed forever to get him to breath. When the doctors told us that he was in bad shape we didn't know quite what to say, or even think for that matter. They kept our baby ten days in the cold and scarry hospital. It was just a little over a year back that I had a life changing experience with the Lord. I was  a Christian a just little while now. My wife and I were thoroughly confused as to what was happening with our little baby boy. He was so small and frail compared to all the other children we had. After we took our baby home we were informed we would have to bring the child to another hospital across the state in six months or so. They wanted him to gain some weight before attempting to cut open his little chest to repair his very small heart. They told us it's possible one of the holes would close up soon, but the other was way to big to close on it's own. They had x-rays, ekg's, and a bunch of other charts and graphs that made no sense to me or my wife. All I knew was we needed a miracle. The "heart problem" we found to be in my wife's family for years. She had a cousin who was born wih the same heart problems as our little Joshua. But the technology wasn't there as such until the boy was eight years old. When he was eight, some doctors in Canada perfected a technique that would close the holes in his heart and save his life. But on the way to the airport the young boy suffered a massive heart attack and died. I was worried to say the least. I knew I wasn't supposed to worry, but I was a babe in Christ at the time and I wasn't sure of much. All I knew was I didn't want them to cut open my beautiful little boy's chest. I didn't want to leave his life in their hands. I prayed. I asked the Lord what we should do. It was revealed to me that we should anoint the child, lay hands on him and pray. A month or so later we took our beautiful baby boy to the hospital across state. All the while we KNEW he would be ok. I knew the Lord Jesus had a plan for this boy. I knew he wouldn't die, and I knew they wouldn't be cutting him open, scarring him for life. I was trusting Jesus 100% on this simple fact. After the doctors examined the boy for a few minutes they came to my wife and I and asked us why we brought a different baby. I was shocked! He said, "This isn't the same boy we saw 8 months ago." I assured them he was the same child. They said, "It can't be, this boy has gained too much weight to have a heart problem such as this. Plus they said THERE WERE NO HOLES IN THIS BOYS HEART!" I was speechless, I really didn't know what else to say. All I said was "We took him to a better Doctor." When he asked for the Doctor's name," I told him. "His name is Jesus Christ"

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On June 30, 1992, I collapsed in a grocery store from a grand mal seizure. I was rushed to the emergency room, where I was told that I either had a stroke or a brain tumor. A CAT scan ruled out a stroke. The next day an MRI revealed a brain tumor the size of a small egg. A needle biopsy revealed that it was either a grade 3 or 4 anaplastic astrocytoma. Because my speech and motor control on the right side were involved, it was considered inoperable. They started me on oral chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

After 33 radiation treatments and two courses of oral chemotherapy, I started on intravenous chemo. After the first course my blood counts were not coming back up fast enough so the second course was delayed. During an eight week wait I was given platelets and packed red cell transfusions. All through the treatments I had a real peace calm. Physically I showed no sign of regressing as I should have if the tumor was growing. I still had a focal seizure about two weeks or so but that was all that I suffered. I took my last course of intravenous chemo and in January 1993, my last oral chemo.

An MRI in May 1993 showed a larger, brighter area than on any of the previous ones. That meant either the tumor was growing or that area of my brain was dying. A SPEC scan showed that is was inactive brain tissue. The July 1993, MRI showed that the tumor had shrunk 50 percent and the bright area had almost disappeared. By October 1993, the MRI showed hardly any tumor and none of the bright area was left. In April 1994, the report from the radiologist was that the tumor had disappeared. It will be three years in April 1997, since the MRI showed the tumor was gone.

After I was first diagnosed I was watching an evangelist on TV and in the prayer segment of the show he had a word of knowledge that a brain tumor was being healed. I instantly felt a warmth flow through my body and I broke down in tears because I know it was for me. My sister, who was watching the same show at our parents house, in another state, felt the same thing and jumped and said that was for me. Many faithful believers around the world were praying for me. I praise the Lord God and Jesus for healing me and providing the doctors and the wisdom he gave them about my treatments.

I have been told many times since this time that the chances were very slim of my recovering and living this long.   I give all the glory to God and His Son Jesus.

CU Chris Lutz     ?:>}

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Jagruti’s Testimony

Hi everyone.
My name is Jagruti. I was born and grew up in India into the
Hindu religion. That religion was my birthright. I did not know any
other religion. I had no choice in what religion to be in.

When I was 18 I came to NZ to have an arranged marriage with
Bip. One year later we bought our house and we decided to
have kids. But we had a few problems. I had a miscarriage and was not able to get pregnant for a long time.

I prayed a lot to my Gods to give me kids and I was told that if I gave up something I needed everyday , I might have kids, so I gave up eating rice…and I am a vegetarian. Also my mum sent me an iron anklet that I had to wear on my right ankle. This I did for about 3 years.

We spent a lot of money with a specialist but no luck. So me and Bip went to India to visit the family and they took us to temples to pray for kids. Also we went to a doctor who taught us acupressure exercises.

Anyway I became pregnant…but I do not know if it was acupressure or the God’s…..this was after trying for 8 years.
Puja was born in November 1992. Puja in our language means prayer…..we believe that she is an answer to prayer. My prayers for a child…..
About 18 months later we had a little boy….we were very happy. We now had a boy and girl.

Puja was doing very well and talking a lot. She laughed and played with our dog. But we had to put our dog down. We had Him for 14 years. Puja was about 18 months old then.
It was after this time that we noticed that Puja had stopped talking and was crying all the time for no reason….

We thought that maybe she missed the dog and that Bhavik was born.
She cried a lot for no reason and we put her in Daycare when she was 2 . Then this kindy to help her to talk…we even put her in hospital for tests ..but everything was ok….

To add to our worries Bhavik our son had problems walking and the specialist said he had cerebral palsy of the legs….he will not be able to run properly and will need help walking later on…He was 15 months old then.
We were very upset. One side I had Puja and other side I had Bhavik. Where was my Gods…? but I helped Bhavik…….I spent 3 hours a day massaging his legs and taking him to therapy 3 days a week….he’s doing really good now…

But Puja was making us worry…she cried all the time..she did not talk..and looked scared all the time. A Hindu lady told us that Puja was cursed and to fix the curse we had to go to India….So we sold our business and went for 6 months….

In India we took Puja to the temples …some high on mountains..some by the sea .. whatever someone told us to do to help Puja we did it….she even had acupuncture there too . we did everything to help Puja…..
But the Gods did not hear us…Puja got worse…..

We came back to NZ and one day Pastor Keith heard Puja crying at Kindy…he asked Bip if he could pray for Puja…. At first we said no because we were told that Puja would talk 3 months after coming back to NZ…so Pastor Keith asked again 3 months later…Puja was still no better…so we said yes…….

At that first prayer session Puja changed..she had never looked us in the eyes for 4 years and she did after that….
Also about this time some Indian Christians asked if they could pray for Puja too….so we said yes….
That amazed us because no one asked to pray for Puja before and here were complete strangers asking to pray for her…

Pastor Keith and Pastor Andrew came to our house to pray and saw all my Hindu stuff. They told me that if we wanted to see Jesus at work we must remove all this stuff …
I was not very happy because this is what had I believed in, but I did it for our little Puja…

After they prayed in the house we noticed she settled down a lot more…but at times she still screamed especially at night….we tried praying but she never settled, but when the Pastors prayed in the name of Jesus Puja always settled..it was amazing..we asked Pastor Keith why….he said we must pray in faith. We had to learn what this meant. This learning took over 9 months. We were amazed at Keith’s patience with us.

One day Puja said 3 words at kindy….She said “God Made Me”
We have no idea why she said those 3 words and not lolly or something else……That evening after asking Pastor Keith a lot of questions about what was happening to us we gave our lives to the Lord…it was awesome…..
That was on 11/11/97 and we were baptised on the 2/2/98

We have come a long way from where we were 10 months ago and have a long road ahead….we are the first in our family to become Christian and it is very hard for me…
I had a faith I had believed in all my life….and to change was a big thing for me to do….it was like asking you to turn away from Jesus and become a Hindu….that was what it was like for me.

But I thank God that He did save me and my family….
I thank God He brought Denise and Pastor Keith and Pastor Andrew and this church into my life.
Actually it was Denise who let Puja into the kindy here even though the kindy was full.

I thank God He brought Puja’s teacher aide Trish and her boss Jan into my life..she has been with Puja for more than 2 years .
I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for Puja and my family…

I know the Lord has answered those prayers.
One thing that amazes us is, because of Puja, we have come to know Jesus….so in a way all the hardship has been worthwhile….
Praise God Puja is doing very well. We still have our problems but we have faith in Jesus now and He will help us all the way.
Thank you .

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This story was given to me by Simon. This miracle story is about his brother
and the prayers of a mother. How awesome is the works of our Lord.
Prayers and Blessings,

Don't ask me how or where they got my name from - I neither know nor care.
I must, however add to their story and return it too, (in reference to the
Jeremy's Egg Story that I emailed out a week or so ago) that it may in some way
return the blessing that it has given me.

My younger brother was born a Spastic Epileptic when I was eight years old.
His epilepsy was of the worst kind imaginable - potentially terminal.  He
was indeed declared medically dead on many occasions during his first two
years of "life."  The last time, the doctors gave him a massive dose of
medication which, they said, would have knocked out many an adult.  This is
what saved him in the eyes of the doctors.  Had they done nothing he would
most certainly have died from this major Epileptic attack and this time he
would have stayed dead!  As it was, it left him severely brain damaged,
unable to sit up and barely able to suck food from a spoon.  At two years
old, he was returned to the mental abilities of a new-born baby.  Who was,
at first, the only one to notice this problem?  Our Mother, God bless her.
The nurses said don't exaggerate, the doctors said don't be silly, even our
own father was not convinced.  But - Mother stuck to her guns.  "My child
needs help", she said many, many times.  At long last, after several
exhaustive tests, Mother's diagnosis was confirmed.  "Oh well, Mrs
Smalley - take him home and do what you can for him.  When it gets too much for you
we can put him somewhere 'nice'".  Needless to say, Mum was incensed, but
holding her tongue, determined to prove them all wrong.

Mother put my brothers needs first and for-most - ahead of everyone else's,
ahead of her husband's, ahead of mine, ahead of her own.  At ten years old
I suppose I should have been a little offended at this interloper getting all
the limelight that had been mine for those first eight years.  But, no.  I
loved my brother and wanted to see him well as much as Mum did.  Not once
do I remember feeling jealous or envious of him and for that I have only One
to thank!

At five years old Mum managed to get him accepted into the local primary
school.  "Just for a term or two, you understand" said the headmaster.  At
the end of the very first term Mother was summoned to appear before the
great man.  "I'm sorry, Mrs Smalley, but we must insist you take your son
away from this school."  Mother could not understand and asked, "Has he
been causing trouble?"  "Oh no," came the answer, "it's just that he is not
learning anything and we feel it is a waste of his time to keep him here!"
Mother asked if he was disturbing the other children. Was he annoying his
teachers?  Was he noisy?  No, it was simply that he was 'failing' to learn.
Not good enough claimed Mother, sticking to her guns. "If he is not a
nuisance or disturbing others, I fail to see why you should stop him mixing
with the other children."  Mother won that round hands down.  Two terms
later we went to see an old friend of hers at his London practice.  He was
a Harley Street children's consultant  - one of the best in his field.  "Take
him off the drugs", was the prescription "or he will be dead within a
year." "Mind you, he could have another massive attack and die anyway".  "The
choice is yours, but he will surely die on the medication anyway.  Hobson's
choice?  No, decided Mother - God's will!

Less than a term after that, Mother was again summoned into the presence of
the headmaster.  What was the problem this time?  "NO problem," said the
big man. "I just thought you should know that Nicholas learned to spell his
first word this week!".

No life history to follow.  Suffice it to say that my brother is now clear
of epilepsy and the only sign of his previous spasticity is a little
clumsiness and a slight tendency to stutter when under pressure.  Well
don't we all do that?  I do for certain.  He is married, works for his living and
drives a car as well as the next person.  Oh - just by the way - a brain
tumour was the cause of his epilepsy (Mr Nash, that dear consultant, found
that out on examination) and it just vanished - poof - literally overnight.

Let no-one say, in my presence, that God does not answer prayer - HE DOES!
It's just that we don't always see the way he answers it.  The blessing
that Mother and I received, was in watching the working out of that miracle,
before our very eyes.

Mum passed on a couple of years ago, happy and contented, her work
completed, her two boys well and truly loved (and what's more, we always
knew it) and sure in the knowledge of where she was heading.  Guess what?
My little brother is picking me up in his car on Sunday evening and you can
guess where we shall be heading!

Thank God for my Mother, and thank God for my Brother. But most importantly - Thank God for Jesus!
Without his sacrifice - we would all be dead for ever.
Simon (aka The Saint)
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Like any good mother, when Karen found out that another baby was on the way, she did what she could to help her 3-year-old son, Michael,  prepare for a new sibling. They found out that the new baby is going to be a girl, and day after day, night after night, Michael sings to his sister in Mommy's tummy.

The pregnancy progresses normally for Karen, an active member of the Panther Creek United Methodist Church in Morristown, Tennessee. Then the labor pains come. Every five minutes ... every minute. But complications arise during delivery. Hours of labor. Would a C-section be required?

Finally, Michael's little sister is born. But she is in serious condition.  With sirens howling in the night, the ambulance rushes the infant to the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Mary's Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee.

The days inch by. The little girl gets worse. The pediatric specialist tells the parents, "There is very little hope. Be prepared for the worst."

Karen and her husband contact a local cemetery about a burial plot. They have fixed up a special room in their home for the new baby - now they plan a funeral.   Michael, keeps begging his parents to let him see his sister, "I want to sing to her," he says.

Week two in intensive care. It looks as if a funeral will come before the week is over. Michael keeps nagging about singing to his sister, but kids are never allowed in Intensive Care. But Karen makes up her mind.  She will take Michael whether they like it or not. If he doesn't see his sister now, he may never see her alive.  She dresses him in an oversized scrub suit and marches him into ICU. He looks like a walking laundry basket, but the head nurse recognizes him as a child and bellows,

"Get that kid out of here now! No children are allowed.

The mother rises up strong in Karen, and the usually mild-mannered lady glares steel-eyed into the head nurse's face, her lips a firm line. "He is not leaving until he sings to his sister!"   Karen tows Michael to his sister's bedside. He gazes at the tiny infant losing the battle to live. And he begins to sing. In the pure hearted voice of a 3-year-old, Michael sings:  "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray --- "

Instantly the baby girl responds. The pulse rate becomes calm and steady.  Keep on singing, Michael.  "You never know, dear, how much I love you, Please don't take my sunshine away---"

The ragged, strained breathing becomes as smooth as a kitten's purr.   Keep on singing, Michael.

"The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping, I dreamed I held you in my arms..."   Michael's little sister relaxes as rest, healing   rest, seems to sweep over her.   Keep on singing, Michael.

Tears conquer the face of the bossy head nurse. Karen glows.   "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Please don't, take my sunshine away."

Funeral plans are scrapped. The next, day-the very next day-the little girl is well enough to go home! Woman's Day magazine called it "the miracle of a brother's song." The medical staff  just called it a miracle. Karen called it a miracle of   God's love!


Send this to all the people that have touched your life.

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I just had to tell everyone of another miraculous moving of the Hand of the Almighty God of ALL creation!!!! A few days ago (April-99) I became a Grandfather for the first time. My oldest daughter Jillian was blessed with a cute little baby girl by the name of Aliyah. It was a rough labor for her, and after 14 hours of intense pain they decided to give her an epidural. Well to sum it up quick they messed up the procedure and Jillian was left with a hole in her spine and intense pain from her shoulder blades all the way to the back of her head becoming migranes. The pain was so intense and "fresh" each time she moved her head in the slightest manner that she would vomit immediately! The doctors told me they wanted to "try" and stick her again and place a blood clot on the hole to stop the pain, but the Holy Spirit said NO WAY! The doctors said that Jillian will have to suffer at least 6 days flat on her back, drink tons of caffiene, and HOPE the hole closed up. The Holy Spirit still said "NO" to their desires to stick her again. Then a day or two later after examining her again they said Jillian will now be in intense pain with migranes for at least 3 weeks, maybe more! And if the pain still persists after the 3 weeks she will have to consider alternate methods to close the hole. Still, the Holy Spirit wasn't budging on this. Then the doctor said 5 WEEKS is the probable amount of intense pain. Again the Holy Spirit told me to tell him NO! A few days later they allowd Jillian to come home. A couple days after that Jillian called me to ask that we lay hands on her. So I brought my wife (and a few kiddies) over to her home,  laid hands on her, annointed her with oil, prayed the prayer of faith over her. (We have a home church) Jillian then drifted off to sleep after we left. The very next morning she woke up, got out of bed, and suddenly realized, SHE WAS HEALED!!!! She is up an out of bed, walking around! No pain! No headaches! No throwing up! No nausea! No pills! No kidding!!!!

Praise the Lord on High!!!!!! He is an awesome and loving Father to His child!!

Psalms 34:3, "O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together."

T H A N K Y O U J E S U S !!!!!!

Truth is truth!


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Happy Sabbath ,

Greetings from Iligan City. I got teary eyes tonight reading the testimonies of Brother Nic about your son Joshua. We are of same age, im just 7 days older than him since I was born April 23, 1987.

By the way, let me introduce myself. I am Novi, sister of Ardelene (CountryLiving in POGM).

 Im going to share  my experience on how Jesus Christ helped me and saved me.

When I was first year high school (13 years old) I joined the school's journalist writers club. There I was trained to write news and do copyreading. At the middle of the year we were sent for a contest; the first level (Division LEvel) with 40 contestants. Unfortunately,  I did not make it in the top 10. I was not discouraged. I prayed to God. His will be done.

The year after that, my family was driven out from Seventh Day Adventist GC because of the questions my parents asked to the pastors. By then we started to have home church. 3/4 of our brethren from the GC church joined our first worship up to the present.

When I was in 2nd year high school, I started my training again but that time I was assigned to do the Sportswriting. I undergone trainings. But I made sure I dont have trainings on Sabbath Day and the couch gave special exemptions for me. I prayed to God fervently that He will let me win in the Division level so that I can join the next level which is the Regional level. But God did not permit it. I was not discouraged. I just prayed and thank HIm. Same thing happened the next year (3rd year high school).

During my last year in high school (4th year) I joined again the writing contest. As usual...training..reading..writing..and all. I prayed that God will let me make it. In the division level I ranked 2nd (the first 7th will qualify for the regional level). So I joined the regional level with 88 contestants I prayed to God that He will let me win so that I can join the biggest event which is the National Level (whole philippines). I ranked 6th (first 7th will qualify the next level).

February 2004 we sailed to Manila via Cagayan de Oro city because the Regional Office of the Dept of Education is in Cagayan de Oro and they will sponsor us with all the expenses for the fare back and forth. I prayed so hard that I would be able to keep God's commandments away from home. I said to myself "I need to be courageous to say NO if they will tell me to do things that is against God's principles." I kept reading my Bible and shared the truth about the sabbath to other students that were with me. I explained to them why I dont eat the food they eat, why I keep the sabbath saturday than sunday. And they just nod and do their rosary too.

We arrived in Manila friday. The Regional Director (Dept of Educ) announced that enhancement seminar will be held tommorow (Saturday) no one is exempted! I talked to my couch heartily, "Ma'am, before I came here, you promised I will be exempted from Sabbath trainings." She replied, "can't you hear that? He is our head. We must follow or you go home. Dont worry I wont tell your mom that you joined the training. Dont worry you will do this once only, your God will surely understand." I got teary eyes. I asked her "What can I do to fight my faith?" she said, "If you have the courage to talk to one of the Division Supervisors for a request to be exempted. But I tell you shes very strict, you'll be embarassed." That time all I have in my heart was the courage to talk to the Supervisor. I went inside the room and prayed, "Lord I dont want to violate  your Holy day. Please touch the heart of the Supervisor"

I took a deep breath, I went to the supervisor and said, "Good Afternoon Maam, I'm one of your students. I would like to ask for an exemption for tommorow's training since It is Saturday. It is the sabbath of the Lord according to the Bible. If Im going to violate it, He will surely wont answer my prayer. He will not help me. All our efforts will be in vain." Unexpectedly, she replied, "Yes, miss Novi, I respect your faith with your God. You are exempted tommorow. Please pray to your God that He will help you win." Happily, I ran to my room and prayed to God and thanked Him. That Saturday, I worshipped God and studied His words.

The night came before the contest. The head of all the teachers from diffrent schools called everyone to gather for a special worship, asking for God's help.  There were nearly 40 students and teachers in the room that night. The principal teacher stood up and said "for the message we will ask Ms Novi to give us an encouragement". I really wondered why she pointed me (maybe because I was the only one bringing a Bible). I did not refused coz it was a privilege. It was a chance for me to share GOd's truth to these brilliant minds (although worldly wisdom). I quoted the verse my mom gave to me before I left home. In Deuteronomy 28:13...And the Lord shall make thee the head and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them: I stressed to them that we have to keep His commandments in order for Him to make us the head. God's promises are conditional. We have to keep His commandments. I enumerated the 10 commandments. I finished the message uplifting God's Laws. I never heard a word from them.

Hours later after the worship, I was reviewing the words I've said. I prayed to God, "Lord, please help me. Show to them that you are with me and that my words are from you. Show to them that you love those who keep your commandments. But if it isnt your will I would accept that just like I have accepted the failures I have been through along the way before I get here."

The contest came, in my thoughts were the promises of God. I kept on praying for His help. The gymnasium was so crowded with different contestants from different regions of the country. I cant count them one by one. We were given 1 hour to watch a  game and then 1 hour to write the news about it in  separated rooms. With an empty stomach, I finished my output 5 minutes before the due.

Upon arriving at the building, where the students are accomodated, the Regional Director announced that for the first time they will asked for help from the Division OFfice. The Regional office (for the first time) will no longer shoulder the fare going back to our place (Misamis Occidental) due to financial shortage. So the tickets were rebooked and we have new tickets. Instead of via Cagayan, we have to sail via Ozamis this time since it is one of the cities of Misamis Occidental (much nearer).

We were in the sea port while the awarding was going on in the huge auditorium in Sta Cruz, Laguna, Philippines. A text message came to one of the teachers (I dont have a cellphone). It states, "Champion, Sportswriting, Novilene. Congrats!"  After hearing that, the first thing came to my mind was the Deut 28:13. I thank God so much. I heard them saying, "She won because she kept the commandments of God. Have you observed that she was always reading her Bible, indeed, God helped her." I told them, "It wasnt me, To Him be the glory." God did not want me to be ashamed of the words I shared to them the night before the contest. I remember the contest between Prophet Elijah in Mount Carmel. At the end, God showed to the people the truth.

Finally, we got onboard. Some of the students and teachers were no longer with us almost half of them are boarding at the other ship, the Superferry 14 (the first ship in which our ticket was booked). Around 5am, I heard the news from the national television that Superferry 14 is in tragedy. It has bombed in it at the tourist accomodation (my ticket was tourist accomodation). It burned the entire ship. Some of the news about the Superferry 14 of February 2004 tragedy is found in  http://www.newsflash.org/2004/02/hl/hl100123.htm

Everything in our life is God's will. I learned not to complain during failures. During trying hours I just prayed to Him for strength. If the ticket was not rebooked by the Regional director, I should be one of the victims in that tragedy. Some of the students were missing until now. My life is in God's hand. I know He has a plan for me.

He made me the head and not the tail in a national writing contest and He saved my life from the tragedy because I keep His commandments.

Later, I heard that competition is not good. Especially in the classroom because it might cultivate a pride in the heart and that invites sin. I always bear in my mind and heart that the success of that event was from God and not from my own strength. Without Him Im nothing. And thats what I always pray to God...to be humble.

The news spread throughout the province. I just replied, "It was Jesus Christ who helped me, not me alone!"

Sister in Christ,

Thank you so much for the website www.remnantofgod.org. It helped me a lot in spreading the truth to my classmates and friends. the quotes I needed were there.

Johnny R

Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.
Psalms 66:16
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My earliest recollection of my childhood was when I was approximately 4 ½ years old. I remember waking up to the sound of horrific screams which resonated off the walls because my mother had been murdered. After the murder I moved into a very poor neighborhood in the West Dallas suburbs where I lived with my grandparents who loved me, At the time that was all that seemed to matter. It wasn't very long before I realized I would be betrayed , as I experienced sexual abuse for the very first time.

I was still confused about my mothers death, it seems no one thought it was important enough to explain it to me.

Then at about the age of 8, my father who had been released from prison for murder,started physically abusing me from the age of 8 until I turned 17. The physical abuse consisted of black eyes, busted lips, and bruises. The abuse was done at the hands of my father and step mother took place while we attended a church where my father also served as a teacher for a youth group. Therefore, we lived a double life, one that was done in a manner that seemed noone noticed that I was being abused. My parents threatened to make things worse if I told anyone. I honestly don't remember having told anyone, although teachers and other adults questioned me. When questioned about my bruises, I would simply say I fell down or was hit by a ball. I believe the teachers were aware that something was very wrong by my behavior. Even so, why would I confide in any adult since I did not trust them because as a child I remember telling my parents of another sexual abuse that had taken place by a family member who babysat us but they did not believe me. In revenge my aunt came back the very next day and burned me with a butter knife as I was using the restroom as she called me a snitch.

As I got older I began to understand the circumstances surrounding my mothers murder. As if things were not already bad enough, I was being told my mother committed suicide which I knew to be a lie. So to add insult to injury I was being told don't be a quitter like your mom, or why are you so stupid, retarded and ugly.

Proverbs 8:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.Parents, choose your words wisely.

So you can imagine why I grew up so confused, hating church and God because I did not understand why He would allow this to happen to me. I would hear my dad teach & preach at pro-teens (youth group) then come home and beat me and call me all types of bad names. Therefore, I did not want anything to do with HIM (God) especially if he was anything like my earthly dad.

I joined the marines,but unfortunately after a year I was kicked out, in other words given a general discharge. My combat & weapons training in the marines coupled with all the anger bottled in me, made me attractive to the gangs and drug dealers alike. While in Phoenix where I grew up, I engaged in selling drugs even though at the time I did not use them myself. Eventually, I began to do drugs and became addicted and so began my downfall.

I was thrown in prison for drug related crimes.. It was while I was doing a stint in prison that I began to experience God's presence. I sensed "God's" grace and mercy calling and drawing me. I truly felt like the prodigal son but figured God would beat me up and think of me in the same manner of my earthly dad. Like I was an ugly stupid quitter, and He would not have anything to do with me. So I kept running from Him, once I was released from the Arizona State prison system I headed to Colorado. I was in Colorado for several months when one day as I left a Sureno gang party, I ran across a Mexican drug dealer who asked if he could use my phone. I allowed him to use it but it wasn't very long before I realized his intention was to keep my phone. I was very angry and began to beat him with my fists and even used a brick. Till I felt his warm blood trickling down my arms I stopped. I thought of moving back to Phoenix to escape being arrested, when I was turned in by my sister and charged with attempted murder. I was very angry as I thought about the betrayal by my own sister. Once again I questioned why God hated me so much. As a result of my arrest I spent 5 yrs in prison, after which I was released and paroled.

Once I was released from prison, I felt weary and asked God if I could go home. I told Him, I love you, if you love me show me because I have no where else to go. I began attending church services in Greeley Co at the Rock Church where I met a beautiful Christian Mexican lady named Sylvia. I was captivated by her and fell in love. At this time I had not had a girlfriend in six years and we were inseparable. We dated for 3 month and planned to marry. One day while waiting for her in the parking lot of her apts she was murdered. I was angry with God and even go as far as to say I hated Him, as I believed He hated me. This was the second significant woman in my life to be murdered.

After Sylvia's murder I went back to the Colorado State penitentiary to complete my prison term. Once I was released from prison I had a heavy heart and felt devoid of life. I went back to Phoenix where I started selling drugs again, and became a caretaker of 3 prostitutes whom I moved in with so that I could use their place as a pad to deal drugs and sell guns. Of course I knew I would eventually get unwanted attention from other gang members and drug dealers and also cops who were already hot on my trail, so after awhile I relocated to Dallas. By this time I was ready for a change and wanted to clean up my act as I was tired of running from God. I knew of God, always knew of Him but something was missing or didn't make sense to me. I wanted to know God the real God not the one I had been taught. Although that was my intention once I got back to Dallas I found myself selling drugs, using, and dealing as well. I was dealing to call-girls, doctors, and anyone who had money.

Things seemed to be going well at least from a worldly prospective when I started using drugs more heavily, and i started shooting up, something I had never done to this point. It wasn't very long before I had people after me so I was forced to pack a gun for protection.

One day while sitting in a parked stolen vehicle which was located in front of my Aunt Yolanda's house, a police officer ran the plates on the vehicle and it came back stolen, in which case they proceeded to arrest me. I resisted arrest and got involved in a physical altercation with police Officers who were given support by an innocent bystander, and eventually I was subdued and placed under arrest. I was charged with grand theft auto-for being in possession of a loaded firearm & Agg. Ass. On a police officer At this point I was facing a 55 year prison term. At least that was the only offer that was being floated by the states prosecuting attorney.

One week before trial began, they lost the gun that was to be used as evidence against me, so my term was reduced to one year after which I was released. Once released from prison I decided to move back to Colorado, since I was being informed by family members that a “Hit” and/or contract was put on my life. At this point I was coming to the end of myself, and longing for a better life, as I was restless, and weary, and I knew I needed to get right with God.

Once I arrived in Colorado I met a lady who was involved in the drug trade and moved in with her. I was really worn out and didn't want to sell drugs anymore but I was still using. I started getting
job offers to collect for drug dealers and even crooked businesses. One day in line with my job as a “Collector” I approached a young man who owed some money. He told me he was not going to pay the money he owed and even threatened me. So I beat him up and told him I would be back for the money he owed.

I returned that night for the money but he was no where to be found. I decided to check for him at his next door neighbors house where I was met by a beautiful white girl who happens to look Mexican. I found her really attractive and although it was sexual at first, I thought it could turn into something more serious. I turned on the charm and introduced myself as Listo, as soon as she heard my name her eyes lit up as if she knew me. What I didn't know was that the individual I was looking for was there and was hiding himself from me the whole time I was talking with her. She knew that I was the individual that had beaten him up. I proceeded to party for 3 whole days with this lady named Kim. After I left, three day's went by and I started to realize I could not live with without her. Thankfully, after a couple of day's she called me because she wanted to buy drugs. It was at that time I considered going back into the drug trade that I might stay in contact with her. It wasn't very long before I left the other girl I was living with and moved in with Kim. This whole time five years I'd been praying for a Christian wife.

We, Kim and I, knew in order to have a fighting chance, we would have to move out of state. At this time, one of the ladies I broke up with, and one of her friends was seeking vengeance as they planed to have me arrested on a trumped up charge of a stolen car, Thankfully God is faithful and delivered me from adversity. We moved to California and things were going great, for the very first time I felt like a normal human being. No drugs, gang violence, or having to look over my shoulder for cops and/or other gang members. We started attending church and Kim gave her life to God. Unfortunately, I still needed deliverance as I continued in a destructive path. I was play acting in my walk with God. On one hand going to church services, while on the other hand still craving meth viewing porn, listening to gangster rap, and violent tendency. I was literally two persons in one body. On one hand I was “LISTO” or “JOHNNY LISTO” which in English means “READY” like in ready for action, who wanted to live a worldly life, and on the other hand there was plain “JOHNNY” who just wanted to be affirmed by God. My struggles led me to several relapses which caused me to beat my wife, where I left her with black eyes and busted lips. Eventually,at 5 months of being pregnant my wife had enough and left me. It was then I broke down and cried realizing it was time for a permanent change. I repented and made a promises to God that I would never touch meth, view porn or hurt people again. I know now that my life has been given back to me as a gift from “Yah” through the power of the Holy Spirit. I was born again baptized and now I am filled with the Holy Spirit. Praise God I have been clean for 3½ years, all the glory,honor, and praise be to our loving heavenly Father God .

In the interim we had become homeless, the only car we had was breaking down every other day, and we did not have jobs. Everything seemed hopeless, but we stayed faithful to God. We knew by staying faithful and obedient, even when it didn't make sense, that He would keep His promises and be faithful to us. God doesn't lie and never will, I can promise you that!!! He has since provided
us with a nice home and cars, has blessed us with new spiritual truths which opened our eyes to erroneous man made doctrines, which eventually led to our stepping down from a church where we served as youth pastors, because we decided we would no longer compromise.

Y'all can have this world just give us Jesus . He blessed me with my best friend as my wife, and with a precious lil girl who we named Minnie after my late mom. He promised restoration and believe me, He is good to us, and we are truly blessed!! Now yall see why the TRUTH OBEDIENCE & PURITY ARE so important to us! I should be dead or in prison for life but God had a different plan for my life and here I am as a testimony of His love, mercy & grace......Praise God!

So anything good in us is all from Him. New Heart & New Spirit = new desires! If God can change me He can change anyone are you ready?

“And I shall give you a NEW HEART and put a NEW SPIRIT within you. And I shall take the heart of stone out of your flesh, and I shall give you a heart of flesh, and put My Spirit within you . And I shall cause you to walk in My laws and guard My right-rulings and shall do them. Ezekiel 36:26-27

My wish for all who read this testimony is that you would be encouraged to know that God loves you and can deliver you as he has me. I hope it serves to encourage you to walk closely with our heavenly FATHER and allow HIM to minister to you as he restores you and brings you into a deeper relationship with Him..... Praise God!!!

in Him your brother with love~Johhny no more “LISTO” Rodriguez

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