"When he maketh inquisition for blood, he remembereth them:
he forgetteth not the cry of the humble." - Psalms 9:12



Vatican Bank Holocaust Litigation

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With the 50th Anniversary of the death of Pius XII, the Vatican is again pushing for his sainthood. While Pius can be legitimately criticized for his tepid condemnations of the Nazi Holocaust there is no question he was complicit in the deaths of at least 500,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs, Jews and Roma murdered in Croatia, Bosnia, and Krajina during the Second World War by the Axis allied Croatian regime. -

Dr. Jonathan Levy
Co-counsel for Plaintiffs
Alperin v. Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order
United States District Court for Northern California, Case No. C-99-04941 MMC
resistk@yahoo.com   tel/fax +1 202-318-2406


Detals emerge about Nazi Gold in Vatican

Vatican Fights to Keep Nazi Gold Lawsuit Out of US Courts

The Greatest Sins of Pius XII & The Genocide of Orthodox Christians

10 Year Anniversary Update on the Whereabouts of Ustasha Treasury 


Vatican Bank Claims Newsletter year end report

Vatican Bank Refuses to Release Stolen Roma Gold, April 1, 2006

Vatican Bank Lawsuit Progressing, February 23, 2006

Lawsuit to be Amended, Janauary 13, 2006

The Vatican Threat Against the Serbian State, Belgrade August 27, 2005

Vatican Dealt Another Legal Setback in Holocaust Claims Lawsuit, June 14, 2005

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Reinstates Lawsuit Against Vatican Bank, Details and Link to Court Decision, April 18, 2005

Tragicno los dan za vatikansku banku, April 19, 2005

Monument to Victims of Jasenovac is Unveiled in New York, April 17, 2005

Top Secret Documents Reveal Croatian Liberation Movement Threatened to Kill Croatian President Mesic, March 11, 2005

Listen to Oral Argument, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, October 7, 2004, Alperin v. Vatican Bank

Vatican Faces Legal Setbacks in US Courts, October 10, 2004

Roman Catholic Church is Abusing Bankruptcy Laws, July 8, 2004

Christmas Card to the Vatican 2003

State Department document from 1946 reveals United States knew Vatican sheltered Balkan war criminals

US Secret Service confirms Croatian Liberation Movement was a Terrorist Organization

A new Internet website, PavelicPapers.com, has been launched to publish and analyze a tremendous collection of declassified intelligence documents, court decisions and other materials which implicate the United States government as well as the Vatican in the continued existence this deadly terrorist organization, the Ustasha.

CIA Declassified Documents Link Missing Treasury To Peronists, View documents here


Sex, Fraud, Money Laundering: All Roads Lead to Rome, June 28, 2002

Vatican Lawsuit Liability Exceeds $1 Billion US, May 19, 2002

New Book Features Chapter on Vatican Bank by Jonathan Levy

Vatican Gold Transactions

Vatican Facing Another Legal Time Bomb

The Original Butcher of the Balkans: Pavelic not Milosevic, February 17, 2002

A Response to John Paul II, January 2, 2002

Vatican Bank Top Ten Money Laundering Destination

Vatican Revealed As Major Dealer in Gold

Declassified Army Counterintelligence Memo, Vatican Caught Sheltering War Criminal, 1947

Declassified Army Counterintelligence Memo implicates Vatican Foreign Secretary Montini in meeting with War Criminal

Croatian Nazi Party Faces Its Final Battle

Armija Sjedinjenih Americkih Drzava objavila dokumente iz perioda Hladnog Rata o Vatikanskom Spijunu.Svestenik bio nacista osudjen za ratne zlocine i americki tajni agent

US Army Releases Cold War Documents on Vatican Spy: Priest was Nazi War Criminal and US Secret Agent

Declassified document, US Army plan to hire Croatian mercenaries to fight Castro from Draganovic file

Declassified document from Draganavic file, Army aware of Nazi war criminal status of Draganovic and loyalty of Franciscan Order to him


Pope Apologizes to Orthodox Christians but Vatican Attorneys Deny Liability

Federal Court to Hear Case Againsy Vatican Bank, March 23, 2001

Nacisticka veza sa Frankovackom odredom, otkrivena

Nazi Connection to Franciscan Order Uncovered

News Insider Editorial, Vatican Sued for Looting Nazi Gold, under CIA, MI Permission

Vatican files Challenge with California Attorney General, Claims California Holocaust Survivor Law is Unconstitutional.

Vatican Attacks California Holocaust Law as Unconstitutional.


1.25 Billion Swiss Holocaust Plan, A Disappointment.

Who Owns the Vatican Bank? Vatican refuses to Say.

Attorneys Question Fairness of Swiss Bank Holocaust Settlement

Cold War Era Files May Hold key to Holocaust Lawsuit

Text of Speech by Jonathan Levy to Serbian Unity Congress, Toronto, Canada, October 6, 2000

Swiss National Bank

Declassified document, Franciscans provide "scholarships" to Ustasha war criminals

Copy of Declassified US Intelligence report reveals Vatican and Franciscan Order funded postwar Nazi organization

Copy of Declassified CIA Report on Ustasha mass murderer hiding in safe-house provided by Franciscan Order in Rome

Anti Fascist Organization Joins Class Action, July 5, 2000

Hungarian Gold Train Treasure, July 2000

Letter to the Editor, Ha'aretz (Israel), June 26, 2000

An Open Letter to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Transcript of 1944 OSS memo obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the CIA implicates Swiss National Bank in the transfer of the Croatian Nazi Treasury


May 3, 2000 Lawsuit targets Franciscans and Medjugorje


Serbian Language Information

Pope's Apology too little, too late for Victims of Roman Catholic Ethnic Cleansing MARCH 29, 2000



Emerson Bigelow, US Treasury department investigator who in 1946 blew the whistle on the Ustashe- Vatican connection. This memo was "buried" for 50 years before finally seeing the light of day.

What the Press is Saying About this Lawsuit

Catholic World News, Supreme Court Allows Suit Against Vatican Bank, January 17, 2006

Haaretz, Tied Up in Ratlines,January 15, 2006

Chicago Tribune, Lawsuit accuses Vatican Bank of role in World War II crimes,July, 8, 2005

Opinion Editorials, The Holocaust, Pope & Vatican, May 6, 2005

Class Action Alert, April 2005, Ninth Circuit Declines to Apply Political Question Doctrine and Allows Holocaust Survivors to Proceed with case against Vatican Bank

Update on Vatican Bank Lawsuit by Danko Vasovic (Serbian language), Politika-Belgrade

Canadian National Post, Holocaust survivors win right to sue Vatican: Lawsuit seeks assets looted by Croatia's Ustasha regime, April 29, 2005

American Constitutional Law Society, Class Action to Proceed Against Vatican, April 21, 2005


American Society of International Law, United States (U.S.) Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: Alperin, Romanova, Organization of Ukrainian Antifascist Resistance Fighters et al. v. Vatican Bank, Croatian Liberation Movement et al.April 18, 2005

International Law Update, In case of claims by Holocaust Survivors against Vatican Bank for alleged support to Croatian puppet regime during World War II, Ninth Circuit finds property claims justiciable, April 2005


The Recorder, Circuit OKs Suit Against Vatican Over Holocaust, April 19, 2005

Associated Press,Court reinstates Holocaust case against Vatican Bank, April 18, 2005

Sacramento Bee, 9th Circuit allows partial suit against Vatican Bank, April 19, 2005

San Francisco Chronicle, Court Revives suit against Vatican Bank;Claim alleges church held money looted by Croatian Nazis, April 19, 2005

Metropolitan News Enterprise, Panel Revives Claims That Vatican Bank Aided Nazi Puppets, April 19, 2005

World Jewish Congress, American appeals court reinstates proceedings against Vatican Bank by Shoah survivors, April 19, 2005

Serbian Press Agency SRNA, Jasenovac camp survivors sue Croatia for war crimes damages in US

News Agency of the Slovak Republic, Americký súd skúma zalobu proti Vatikánu z prepierania nacistických vkladov, 10-10-04

Court Examines Case Against Vatican on Nazi Gold, Reuters, October 7, 2004

Lawsuit Dismissed, Pavelic Papers, June 2003

Center For Investigative Reporting, Riding on the tide of the Catholic Church's sex scandals, as well as mounting demand for transparency in corporate financial dealings, a new case in San Francisco attempts to break the Vatican's bulletproof wall of impunity.

Ex Vatican Bank President Living in Arizona, Arizona Republic, May 4, 2003

National Catholic Reporter, Lawyers Target Holy See, July 19, 2002

NewsMax, April 25, 2002, Plaintiffs Probe the Deep Pockets of the Church

CNS News, May 22, 2002, Vatican Lawsuit Liability Could Reach $1 Billion in US

19-02-2002 Blic, Optuzeni zastitnici Pavelica

El Banco del Vaticano es una de las diez principales plazas financieras y bancarias más frecuentemente utilizadas para el blanqueo de dinero.

Réseau Voltaire, La Banque du Vatican au hit-parade des dix destinations les plus utilisées pour le blanchiment d'argent

Israel national news, August 8, 2001, Vatican Complicity in WWII

August 12, 2001, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Croatian Priest was a Nazi War Criminal & Cold War Spy

Fakty Ukraine, June 2, 2001, Swiss Bank and German Slave Labor Fund Distribution News (Ukrainian language)

Serbian Unity Congress, Croatian War Criminals linked to Franciscan Order

Jerusalem Post, December 8, 2000

Vatican Wants US to Quash Holocaust Survivors' Lawsuit, Jewish Bulletin, Dec. 1, 2000

Palm Beach Post, Vatican Claims Immunity in Nazi Gold Suit, Nov. 25, 2000

Reuters, Nov. 24, 2000, Vatican asks US Court to Dismiss Nazi Gold Lawsuit

November 3, 2000, Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, Bay Area Holocaust Lawsuit Targets Vatican Bank & CIA

CNS News, Oct. 9, 2000, Gentile Victims of the Nazis also want Restitution from the Swiss National Bank

Pakistan Press International, Oct. 4, 2000, Foreign Swiss Bank Lawsuit

Reuters, Oct. 3, 2000, California Lawsuit Targets Swiss National Bank

Wire Services, September 17, 2000

Reuters, September 15, 2000, Judge oks lawsuit against Swiss National Bank

BBC, September 15, 2000, Swiss, Vatican banks cited in US lawsuit over Croatian war booty

Neue Zuricher Zeitung, September 16, 2000

Tages Anzeiger, September 16, 2000

Berner Zeitung, September 15, 2000, New Lawsuit against the National Bank

Britian Used Money from Holocaust Victims to Finance Cold War Operation, Flame

Ottawa Citizen, September 10, 2000, Nazi loot used in Cold War fight: lawyers: Right-wing groups allegedly funded with money stolen from Jews

San Francisco Bay Guardian.com, Examining the Holocaust, September 4, 2000

CNS News, Nazi Era Victims Demand CIA, Army Release Records, September 4, 2000

Nedeljni Telegraf (Weekly Telegraph, Belgrade, Serbian language) August 9, 2000

CWN Catholic World News, July 2, 2000, Victims of Nazis ask UN to Investigate Vatican

CNS Cybercast News Service, June 29, 2000, Nazi Era Victims Want UN to Investigate Vatican

USA Journal, June 29, 2000, Holocaust Victims Want UN Probe of Vatican

Battle Cry, May/June 2000, Dr. Rivera's 15-year-Old Claims Verified by Current Events

CBS News, December 3, 2000, Holocaust Survivors demand payment from Vatican

CNS News

Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

The Guardian, Ukraine: Class Action Lawsuit Againts the Vatican, December 1, 1999

Interview with William Dorich, Plaintiff

The Case Against the Vatican Bank by William Dorich

Business Week, Jan 24, 2000, Did Nazi Loot End Up at the Vatican Bank?


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