A little over a year ago I received this letter. I had placed it on the website immediately. However, "somehow" I see it was removed. I just recently realized it missing and would like to re-introduce it as "new" information. The author prefers to remain "unknown" for obvious reasons. Below  is described an actual event. The names  and places were changed to "protect the innocent" as well as the author.



All was normal in the city of Pleasantville. For years and years it was as if nothing could ever come up that would get anybody excited. The people just went about their daily business as if they were performing a play which they never had to rehearse day after day, hour after hour. This scene was soon to abruptly change however. A commotion developed in that city.

An itinerant minister came to town and there saw a field which was ripe for seeding. He saw the lull in the lives of the people about him. He saw the need in the faces of everyone he saw. He therefore began to preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. He started a major crusade in that city. He expounded upon the ailments of society and opened up to their eyes their destituteness. In this he created a natural contrast between himself and the other ministers of the city and soon acquired a following which not only rivaled theirs but was threatening to rival their numbers combined.

He first presented to the people the problems in their lives that needed to be solved. He painted the gloomy picture as accurately as he could, and his piety gave a stamp of authenticity to his testimony. At just the time when relief was necessary and a solution to the problems was so much a desired reality till the people could literally taste it, he presented to them a crucified and risen Saviour. From there he expounded to them Christ's love, His mission, His desire, His character, and His commands.

Already there were signs that this was not appreciated. As this new itinerant received more and more members, the other city ministers lost theirs. New members gave testimonies of the things their pastors did to prevent them from leaving their churches and going under the umbrella of the new itinerant preacher. Often in their testimonies were revealed the terrible things those ministers said about the new preacher, and the reactions they gave when questioned where they acquired their information. Yet the more those ministers complained was the bigger the movement of the itinerant preacher became. Several times those ministers appealed to the law in order to stop the itinerant preacher, but they were disappointed when they noticed that the Sheriff started to attend the meetings and would not be convinced to stop.

With relations between the city ministers and this itinerant minister at its lowest point, the time soon came when the itinerant minister, in the course of his crusade, began to teach the people about the secrets of the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation, and the need to prepare for what's coming. He began teaching them that the prophecy of the Antichrist points directly at the Papacy as all the Protestant Churches once believed-a Remnant still concurring today. Many were enthralled and spellbound by the presentations, and the membership of the itinerant minister shot up significantly more than the former success he was enjoying.

This was more than the city ministers and their members could bear. They called together for a council meeting to be held with the lawmakers and dignitaries of the city. Many of the wealthy class were urged to attend and appeared at the gathering. The topic was to be what should be done to stop the messages of "hate" and "Anti-Catholicism." The meeting was planned for a month in advance to allow as many as possible to attend at the Town Hall. The public was invited by referral as well as most every politician and law enforcement official.

The day had finally arrived and the noise of buzzing could be heard all over the building. A tenseness was evident, and the determination of those present could not be hid. Scarcely could the proceedings begin without unruly shouts being hurled at those presiding as they were preparing to address the crowd. Within the crowd were people shouting for and against banning the preaching and teaching of the itinerant minister and his following from the city.

The Mayor rose and went to the speaker's table. Often, as he tried to speak, he was interrupted by unruly outbursts. He made an opening statement and begged the people to respect the order and dignity of the place so that the proceedings could go on without hindrance. He warned them not to present themselves in any semblance of a mob, lest they lose the very cause for which they are striving. When there was relative calm, he called for the representative first of the plaintiff's party, who happened to be one of the leading ministers of the city. This man arose and went to the front to state and present the case against the itinerant minister.

This minister went up calmly and began to address the distinguished members presiding individually with much respect. He then began to speak, first stating that the city of Pleasantville used to be just that: pleasant. He started to tell the listening audience that they are sensible and thinking individuals who must have some idea what is right from wrong. He described how peaceful and productive it was until the itinerant minister arrived with his messages of "hate." He then began to describe the affect of what he called "hate preaching" in the community. He elaborated on the lasting affects upon children who get introduced to "hate" based on a different race, sex, persuasion or religion. "Sensible people" he described, "should be able to figure out and tell love from hate. That is what we're up against here today. This minister who has recently come in has given us nothing more than confusion and instability from day one. His preaching threatens the foundations of those institutions which we hold dear, and which our forebears served with untiring and undying devotion. They were sensible people too. Yet this man is trying to tell us that we're all wrong, that no one else has religion but he and his gang. He is preaching that we're all damned and that we're all in league with the Antichrist of the apocalypse, and that that Antichrist of the apocalypse is the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Catholics!!"

This minister, in his conclusion therefore stated, "It therefore behooves us to do something to protect our fair city from hate and confusion! We must understand that if the churches fall, everything else will go also, INCLUDING THE STATE, for these things work hand in hand for the good of society! The positions of those dignitaries here present will also be in jeopardy! It is better that we dismiss this man who calls himself a Minister of the Gospel, rather than allow our fair city to be placed in irreparable confusion and anarchy, and our children to be placed in hopeless jeopardy! Matt. 7:20 tells us, 'By their fruits ye shall know them.' Judge for yourselves! See before and AFTER!!"

The Mayor had to step in and call for order at this time, for supporters were voicing their approbation to the speech of their minister. After each sentence, members of the audience would urge the pastor on, as if he was giving a service there at the Town Hall. One after another a minister would come up to voice his concerns about the preaching of the lone minister, but, their messages were essentially the same. The last minister spoke. His last words were, "And so my brethren and fellow citizens of Pleasantsville, I mutually entreat you to consider the sensible alternative. We as sensible people cannot just sit by and allow this assault upon our society to continue. I urge you to band with us. Let's work together for the good of our community and not be deceived by any cultic minister or movement that may seek to disrupt our fair city. Sensible people would not allow such hate to continue!"

When it was just about time to vote, someone disrupted the whole gathering. Someone yelled out "WAIT!" All noise ceased, and all turned around to see what was the cause of the interruption. What they saw was the Sheriff walking in quite boldly and courageously with a slight look of contempt noticeable in his facial expression as he headed toward the front of the assembly. As he was walking he looked at as many as he could directly in the eye. It was obvious that all knew exactly where he stood in the issue.

While the Sheriff approached him, the Mayor, surprised, asked: "What are you doing here?!" He replied while proceeding to the front, "I decided to come even though I was not invited." There was instant commotion, for the general public did not know that the Sheriff was not invited. Yet, being awestruck at the entrance, the Mayor, as if paralyzed, moved out of the way and allowed the Sheriff to stand at the speaker's table to say his piece.

The Sheriff didn't waste any time. He immediately first stated, "I have heard what you all have said about sensible people: what sensible people would or would not do." The Sheriff then immediately, without saying another word, introduced all to a certain book by reading it while not revealing what was the name of the book. As he read, many of the learned in that gathering understood what the book was.

The book continually described many and horrible murders of people who desired to live their lives according to what the bible said. It revealed their murders in the most gross of details, and the Sheriff steadily read off from broken references incident after incident. The gross details showed how neither age nor sex was respected. From the aged mother to the beautiful lass to the baby boy, all were exterminated without mercy. He described how young women had stakes hammered up their bodies, how many were committed to wear their lives away in horrible dungeons, how many were slowly tortured to death in the most horrible of ways. He read how many were ruthlessly raped and how their bodies were exposed of after their deaths. As he read, the faces of many in the audience grimaced. The dignitaries at the front were clearly restless, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. The Sheriff continued to read while the agitation grew among those around him.

Soon the Mayor stood up and yelled at the Sheriff: "What is the meaning of all this!! What is your point!!" Then was when the Sheriff finally decided to stop reading. He announced that the book which he read was called, "Foxe's Book of Martyrs." He then started to add some very significant points by saying:

"Rome had adopted some new principles which had not been accepted by the Apostolic Church. The time soon came when there was persecution. Therefore for the sake of the Gospel, according to them, one person was killed, then two, then three, then ten. Was that the way it was supposed to happen?"

He continued,

"Then 100, then 200, then 500, then 1,000 were cold-bloodedly murdered. Did it end there?

Then 2,000 then 3,000 then 10,000. Did it end there?

Then 2,000,000 then 3,000,000, then 10,000,000. Did it end there?

And all this happened for one day, two days, three days, a week. All this happened for one month, two months, three months, a year. Did it end there? It continued for two years, three years, ten years. Was that all there was? Fifty years, one hundred years, three hundred years it raged on. Was that all there was? A whole millenia passed by and more!!! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!!" the Sheriff asked.

Many became restless in the audience and many were standing up to protest what the Sheriff was doing. Members of the wealthy class were notably disturbed. They were very uncomfortable about the facts presented, yet they were not unruly. Some who understood what the Sheriff was saying also began to stand up and protest against the interruption of his speech and to protest what was done in past ages. This became so disruptive that the Mayor stepped forward and, with much difficulty, finally got the multitudes into a hush. After that was done, he looked quite sternfully and impatiently at the Sheriff and coldly asked, "OK now, you have had your say. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US WHAT ALL THAT YOU READ AND SAID HAS TO DO WITH OUR MEETING HERE TONIGHT?!"

He quite calmly replied:

"I keep hearing about 'sensible people.' From day one, all these atrocities took place and for so long in full view of all. Why did it take so long for people to finally put a stop to it? I will tell you.

It was finally stopped, but not by 'SENSIBLE PEOPLE' as you have described. Left to 'sensible people' these things would have continued till the very day of Christ's return. These atrocities came to an end when people whom you would protest against, came together and, through the help of God, WRESTED control of the world away from Rome. I therefore declare to you that most of those of this gathering were there during those dark and fearful times who even celebrated when they heard about the Protestants being massacred.

What we are now faced with is 200 years of Protestants, in light of Scripture and prophecy, telling the world who and where the Antichrist is while 'SENSIBLE PEOPLE' now strangely go irate in view of their actions. More than a millenia of atrocites could not make them even be concerned! It was 'sensible people' who could not understand that a man should not be tortured nor put to death for his honest beliefs. For so long they kept quiet in these atrocities and only made noise when celebrating the gruesome deaths of the victims. They also did all in their power to make sure that these atrocities continue.

I therefore ask who would like a trade-off. 1.2 millenia of atrocities and persecution for 200 years in merely speaking thereby exposing the guilty party and exposing the renewed efforts of that guilty party to convert the world back to the same engine of destruction-more than one millenium for 200 years of mere speech in alerting the world of a danger the Scriptures have told them exists, and has commanded them to give the warning, and SENSIBLE PEOPLE are going irate!"

There was instant silence. The Sheriff continued:

"Let us now make an agreement in the City of Pleasantville! Let us agree first that we persecute and solemnly condemn to death EVERY CATHOLIC for a full year sparing no race, sex, nor age. After that is done, we will agree to NO MORE SPEAK AGAINST THE PAPACY EITHER FOR WHAT IT HAS DONE OR IS DOING IN THIS PLACE AGAIN!"

Horror filled the eyes of many, while others were stunned and realized what was being said. Some actually began to leave dumbfounded. Many of the wealthy class got up out of their seats and gave the Mayor a piercing gaze. One by one they were then leaving. The Sheriff continued:

"We do not have the conscience to do such things, so we, in our endeavors will enlist the aid of the worst criminals in our jails today, to give them power to carry out the directives, but not to go beyond the boundaries set for this directive."

Immediately the Sheriff looked to the side and nodded his head to give the signal. In walked some deputies who had seven of the worst criminals in the jails handcuffed. The criminals were a little confused. They didn't know what was happening. The audience was even more horrified when they saw that the Sheriff was not making any joke, but was actually planning to implement what he was saying.

The Sheriff first sat them down on some chairs at the front and slipped into each of their hands the record of the horrible murders that took place throughout the Dark Ages. He then gave them a record of the account of the Nazis and the Ustashi killer soldiers that committed the most horrible atrocities of the 20th century, and who told their helpless victims that they could have their lives if they converted to Catholicism--ALL THIS HAPPENING IN THE 1940s!!

He then read an account of what happened when the news of the killings with the supporting photographs were brought to the United States. He showed that militant Catholics were telling the world that the news was merely another "anti-Catholic" attempt to humiliate the church.

The criminals began to read the documentation. After a while, their eyes began to squint and collect tears. They read of the people who had their eyes torn out, who were pushed off of mountains, who were tortured with hammers, spades, saws and whose heads were cut off with axes. They read of the man who was seated and had a bucket placed before him, who then was approached by an executioner who slowly cut out small pieces of his flesh all over his face and body and dropped the fragments in the bucket before his eyes until he died. They read about the women who were raped and who had stakes hammered up their bodies and were hung upside-down till they bled to death. He read about those pregnant women who had their unborn babies cut out and were thrown to wild dogs which ate them in full view of their husbands. They saw the supporting photographs showing those who demanded that the victims become Catholic, bearing not only no shame, but who proudly even posed for their pictures while wearing a Satanic grin.

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Some of the criminals turned their heads and closed their eyes tight! One of them interrupted the proceedings by standing up and exclaiming, "WE CAN'T DO THIS!! It's ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL!!"

The Sheriff had that convict to sit down and to calm down. He then added:

"The convicts that you see here will be commanded to take care of 'SENSIBLE PEOPLE' first after which they will go after the rest. We are offering them their freedom to perform this horrible work." At those words the eyes of the criminals lit up. The Sheriff continued:

"We promise you all here today that the inquisition that will result from this state of affairs by our criminals WILL NOT BE AS BAD AS THOSE WHO HAD DONE THE SAME THROUGHOUT THE DARK AGES. It being done for just a year still gives 'sensible people' the far better part of the bargain who performed these things for so many centuries. After that is done, all tensions would cease and no more of such preaching will be done in this city.

We will however agree to stop the directive IMMEDIATELY if anyone can prove from the scriptures that the Antichrist IS NOT where our minister has determined. If his preaching or group is in error, reveal what the error is and show him to be a fool scripturally, instead of attacking his character and calling him what was missed throughout all the Dark Ages: UNLOVING! Embarrass him by his perversion of the scriptures only if he has not committed any crime. Show all what the mystery of the Revelation is so we can compare it to his interpretation, then all will be well. DO YOU AGREE?!!"

After a long period of silence, the Sheriff looked up and noticed that 95% of the people who attended that meeting had left. He yet continued:

"What has happened here only proves one thing. That must be the reason why the scriptures have informed us that God's people should be 'fools for Christ' (1 Cor. 4:10). Where will there ever be a single cubic inch in heaven that would justify 'SENSIBLE PEOPLE' being there!!!

We must now allow the pastor to continue to preach and, like the Protestant Reformation, win more and more Catholics to his message. I trust that it was not the labeled 'hate' that accomplished this. After all, the United States was built by a few scanty believers who fled to the dens, rocks and caves to escape death. How is it that those few through 'hate' were able to build such a great nation? The answer is obvious: more and more Catholics saw the love and joined."

A week later, before the directive was actually carried out by the convicts, news came to the Sheriff that two of the criminals chosen to perform the work of destruction had secretly left both the town and country completely and went to the Vatican to plead with the Catholic dignitaries there how they can be trained to become "as horrible as they are."



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