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You will know them by their fruits!

Christian greetings everyone in these last days of Earth’s history. Over the last few weeks, I have been approached by Catholics attempting to downplay current events in their church as trivial. Sure, this kinda thing happens all the time, but lately there seems to be an upsurge in this activity. I am sure it is directly related to the upsurge in decadence spewing from Rome as well.

All too often I find people proclaiming with new found confidence, “it’s not all that bad” in the church of Rome. They look at the present day crimes of their church leaders and act as if it's something completely new happening. They blow it off as if it's merely a fluke and move on. The intentional, short lived memories of some seems to be all they require to ok staying in this church.

With that said, I would like to share with you a few facts and figures that some have conveniently forgotten. Perhaps having a fairly small collection of them all in one place may be instrumental in opening some eyes. What I have compiled below is a collection of articles that I have found this week, last week, and some of them are of course from some time ago. I am determined not to allow such things as this to be swept under the carpet. I hope and pray some of you share this with some Catholics you know. You don’t even have to hand it to them personally. Just print it out, and leave in the pews of their churches… in confessionals… in the hands of the statues in their churches… or on the windshields of their cars as they attend their church. Or email it to them from an anonymous Hotmail email account if you wish.

I ask…


Did Not Jesus say that the “gates of hell would NOT prevail” against His church? Is the Roman Catholic church a church of Jesus Christ? Or has hell taken complete control of this church. Fact is, the articles below should be all that is needed so as to make this decision. It has gotten so bad that you don't even need to be a Christian to realize how evil this church has become.

I feel it is only fitting that I start this collection of facts with some up to date info on the child molestation situation. Of course, we will go on from there, as I am getting a bit tired of speaking on this topic. Don't get me wrong, I am not becoming complacent with these child molesters. It just gets to me to have to see such filth day after day is all. And keep in mind the entire time you are reading these facts. Jesus said that it is “by their fruits ye shall know them…” Look carefully at the fruits of the leadership of this church. The only way anyone can miss these facts is if they intentionally choose to ignore them.

Files Show Archdiocese Paid $21 Million in Abuse Cases

BOSTON, Aug. 12 — As sexual abuse plaintiffs began considering the offer by the Archdiocese of Boston to settle 542 suits, newly released records show that the archdiocese paid at least $21.2 million in settlements to 149 people from 1994 to 2001.

Did you notice the DATES? Roman Catholics the world over have to realize that their TITHE money has been going to paying off child molestation lawsuits for years. Truth is, that is the main source of income in this or any church. Sure, Rome owns much real estate, as well as numerous wineries and other decadent ventures it can siphon money from. Little known fact is, in order to buy the real estate, or any other purchases, you need to use the TITHE money to aquire it do you not? Therefore, those that would say Rome is not using tithe money to pay off child molestation lawsuits is merely lying, or in denial of an obvious reality. This article, as well as many others like it, prove that child molestation was rather a huge problem BEFORE the early months of 2002 when the scandal hit the media in Boston. Sad truth is, undeniable proof is now surfacing all over the world that the Vatican was completely aware of all this all along! The following article confirms this..

Sex Crimes Cover-Up By Vatican?
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6, 2003
CBSNews - For decades, priests in this country abused children in parish after parish while their superiors covered it all up. Now it turns out the orders for this cover up were written in Rome at the highest levels of the Vatican.

CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales has uncovered a church document kept secret for 40 years.

How bad is it? And just how much has the Vatican been hiding from those that fill their pockets with TITHE money? Before reading the next excerpt, understand this is a report on JUST ONE CITY!

The New York Times

789 Children Abused by Priests Since 1940, Massachusetts Says


BOSTON, July 23 — At least 789 children and probably more than 1,000 have been sexually abused by 250 priests and other church workers in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston since 1940, according to a 16-month investigation by the Massachusetts attorney general that was made public today.

See entire article here…

Again, that’s just ONE CITY folks! Have you ever calculated how many cities there are in each state? How about in the United States altogether. Pretty amazing how HUGE that number truly is eh? Now think about ALL the cities of the WORLD! Now do you understand why the following article was penned by the Vatican?

Dismissing all abusive priests is ineffective strategy, Vatican told. April 7, 2003 - VATICAN CITY (CNS)

… an international panel of experts told Vatican officials that dismissing every priest guilty of sexually abusing a minor is not the way to handle the problem.

Rome knows that to dismiss those priests would mean they would have a massive problem on their hands! They MUST keep the pulpits filled, even if it means many of them are pedophiles. If Rome allows for zero tolerance then they would be lacking a GREAT many priests. That would effectively shut down numerous churches, which would in turn shut down numerous tithings. Notice the EXTREMELY conservative set of statistics below.

Current estimates of Roman Catholic priests in the U.S.= 49,000 to 50,000

Estimates of pedophile priests = 3,000 (6.1%) to 8,000 (16.3%)

188 Dioceses in the U.S. Divide 3,000 by 188 = 16 perpetrators per diocese
Divide 8,000 by 188 =
42 perpetrators per diocese

Current experts claim a pedophile could abuse 200-265 children in a lifetime.
200 x 16 perps/diocese =
3,200 victims/diocese
200 x 42 perps/diocese =
8,400 victims/diocese
3,200 victims/diocese x 188 dioceses =
601,600 victims in U.S.
8,400 victims/diocese x 188 dioceses =
1,579,200 victims in U.S.

Average American family consists of 4-6 people
(3,200 victims/diocese) 601,600 victims x 4 family members =
2,406,400 indirect victims
60l,000 victims x 6 family members =
3,609,600 indirect victims
(8,400 victims/diocese) 1,579,200 x 4 family members =
6,316,800 indirect victims
1,579,200 x 6 family members =
9,475,200 indirect victims

These numbers are a reflection of immediate family only and do not reflect the indirect victims within the parishes that are affected.

188 Bishops are responsible for the pain of at least 601,600 direct victims and as many as 9,475,200 indirect victims — a total of as many as 10,076,800 people. Clearly, something is wrong.

Using the lower numbers the number of direct victims and survivors alone could populate a city larger than Boston. Using the higher numbers, it would be the fourth largest city in the U.S.— one between the size of Houston and Chicago..

Keep in mind. This is just ONE aspect of Roman Catholicism. And this is an extremely kind set of estimates. Reality is no doubt far worse. But I don’t want it to be said that I am fabricating a “right wing conspiracy” by this. So, I low-balled all the facts and figures to give an idea of how bad it truly is even on the low end. Reality affords us the truth of how bad it REALLY is.

Notice the following articles that further illustrate the fact that Jesus is in no way associated with this church. Notice how every sin known to man, is not only practiced by the Roman Catholic priests, they also appear to condone, relish in, and even encourage them as well.

Florida Bishops Accused of 'Deafening Silence' in Euthanasia Case

By Jeff Johnson Congressional Bureau Chief

August 07, 2003

Capitol Hill ( - A Catholic media organization Wednesday criticized Florida's Catholic bishops for not speaking out in the case of a Catholic woman who is disabled and whose husband is seeking court permission to let her die of starvation and dehydration. In response, the office of the Florida bishop in whose diocese the woman lives re-released a nearly 10-month-old statement explaining that the church "will refrain from passing judgment."

Refrain from passing judgment? Or would it better worded if they said, “Go ahead and kill yourself, we could care less.” Is this not open evidence that the church of Rome has no respect for human life? Is this not proclaiming loudly that Jesus Christ cannot heal people on their death beds. So why live on? Is this also making it easy to see that the leaders in Rome have no clue as to what the TEN COMMANDMENTS say about killing? I ask… Have they started burning Bibles again in Rome?

Only those that do NOT know the Father in Heaven would have such a flippant attitude towards such blatant sin as this. Is it any wonder the Roman Catholic leaders have stated in unison that you do NOT NEED Jesus as Lord and Saviour to gain Heaven? That's right, ALL the Bishops of the USA have said it. Pope John Paul has said it. And Cardinal Francis Arinze has said it. PLUS, Billy Graham and Robert Shuller have said it as well. Want the documented proof? If so...

Pastor Resigns Following Football Player's Fatal Fall in Church

By Judy Lin Associated Press Writer

Published: Jul 7, 2003

PITTSBURGH (AP) - A pastor of a Roman Catholic church has resigned nearly three weeks after a college student who had been drinking at a church cookout fell to his death from the rafters.

Reality depicts that the Roman Church has had MANY problems with alcohol related deaths for many many years. This just happens to be the most recent. And the majority of alcohol related “legal problems” for Rome involve CONTRIBUTING TO THE DELINQUENCY OF MINORS, as well as hit and run accidents by all "ranks" of their clergy. Which by the way is another method by with the Roman Catholic tithe money is used. Lawyers are certainly not cheap folks. Especially those retained by Rome. They are high priced, and truly the kind of lawyers you would find in courtrooms defending everyone from drug cartels, to Mafia bosses. Big money warrants big liars. Rome uses these high priced lawyers because it is far cheaper for them to occasionally spend millions in tithe money in the "well hidden from media" court cases, then to see the millions in tithe money stopped altogether by people leaving their churches. If they can get these priests off on crimes most people spend lifetimes behind bars for, it will allow for their parishinors to continue on subconsciously lying to themselves about the innocence of these men. And at the same time keep the tithes flowing.

Chgo SunTimes
Sept. 1, 1994 p.11 art. It's Time for Parishes to Go on the Wagon.

Last weekend, a CHURCH-SANCTIONED BEER PARTY turned ugly. The Rev. Steven Lanza, pastor at the Notre Dame De Chicago Catholic Church, 1335 W. Harrison, was arrested for disorderly conduct after a college beer bash held on church property got out of hand.  Ald. Ted Mazola (1st) told me he had dropped off his babysitter and was returning home about 1 a.m Saturday when he saw "about 300 KIDS" who had poured out of the beer blast but were still hanging around the neighborhood. "They were blocking the streets, jumping on cars, ...they pounded on my car and swore at me,... and they were using the front lawns and driveways as public urinals. Hey it wasn't only the guys," the alderman said "Women were doing it too." "This isn't the first time the neighborhood has had a problem with the church throwing or allowing parties, it's more like the 21ST TIME." said Mazola, who lives nearby.

It’s no wonder thousands of children are molested each year by this church. If they can’t get them trapped in altar boys costumes behind the "sanctuary" as so many have reported. They can always appeal to their teenaged sense of adventure and get them drunk when they get a “little” older instead.

Arizona bishop arrested in hit-and-run resigns

By Rene Sanchez, Washington Post, 6/19/2003
PHOENIX -- Bishop Thomas O'Brien, who has led the Roman Catholic diocese here since 1981, resigned yesterday in the wake of his arrest this week on felony charges of leaving the scene of a fatal traffic accident and his recent admission that he'd shielded priests accused of molesting minors from criminal investigators.

Hit and run? And a BISHOP yet? What of the “last rights” they hold so dear in this church? According to Catholic doctrine, the last rights are an absolute necessity when someone dies! This Roman Catholic Bishop not only kills the man with his car, according to Rome's spurious doctrinal issues, he is in essence allowing him to shuffle off the hell because he didn’t perform last rights on his dying soul. I wonder... do you suppose this will be brought up in his court trial?

Oh… and it’s not just the Bishop’s doing this…

Wanted: Four Nuns on the Run After Car Crash

 Apr 9, 11:08 am ET

ROME (Reuters) - Italian police said on Wednesday they were scouring the countryside for four nuns after a hit-and-run accident near the northern city of Bergamo. The nuns, behind the wheel of a Citroen, ignored a stop sign at a crossroads and plowed into a Mercedes driven by a 63-year-old man, who escaped uninjured. Instead of stopping as Italian law requires, the nuns sped off before anyone could even get a glimpse of their car registration. "This is the first time I've ever heard of such a thing happening in all my years in the police. It's extremely strange," Enzo Fiocchi, the police chief heading the search, told Reuters by telephone from the village of Albano Sant'Alessandro.

It’s not as strange as you think chief. In fact, expect more priests and nuns on the run soon. They know their church is no longer willing, or able to afford to help them escape prosecution now. In fact, many have already fled to other countries to try and flee persecution. Rome knows it far cheaper to let them get arrested now. Also expect more boldness from this church as days go by. When all else fails, Rome has ALWAYS opted to try the FORCE card! It's their history... it's in their bones. Besides... it is PROPHETICALLY sound as well.

Chicago Catholics want to 'spread holy fire' with evangelization plan

CHICAGO (CNS) -- For Ruth Krol, a parishioner at St. Columba Church, becoming an "evangelizer" was a challenge and an almost other-worldly experience. Krol volunteered to experiment with a new evangelization plan at her parish called, "Spreading the Holy Fire," developed by the Archdiocese of Chicago's Office for Evangelization.

Is this anything like the “holy fire” Rome used to burn Christians in the past? Or is it like the “holy fire” they used to burn livestock and homes of non-Catholics in Mexico just two years back?

NBC News (ch 15) 5-5-97 One man is beaten and burned to death by an angry mob for the rape of a young girl. Plus 2 more men beaten by a mob for 5 hours for stealing tires. 

Evangelicals Given Ultimatum in Three Towns

MEXICO - (Open Doors, 5/25/2001) (
Local authorities in three small towns in different Mexican states have told
evangelical Christians to change their religion to traditional Catholicism or suffer the consequences -- threatening them with jail, expulsion, the removal of public services such as water and drainage, and even death. In San Nicolás, Ixmiquilpan, in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo, a June deadline is fast approaching on an ultimatum given to 230 evangelicals to renounce their faith or be expelled from their homes and community. State and federal government officials have been unable to resolve the conflict.  Meanwhile, the evangelicals must obtain water from private sources and have no drainage services. The case has attracted wide publicity in the Mexico City press.  In the more southern state of Oaxaca, the town of Arroyo-Arena San Lorenzo La Lana, Choapa, reported similar problems.

Violence is a common occurrence in Rome because that is all Satan truly has to offer. Anyone with a smattering of understanding in these issues knows this. It really confuses me when people look “shocked” when they see Roman Catholic priests doing things only the lost and truly evil love to do.

Priest Charged After Drunken Punch-Up in Rome

A Roman Catholic priest was among four drunken men arrested after they allegedly attacked a tramp and two police officers in Rome. Police say the 35-year-old, who they refused to name, had to be held down by other officers called in to help, after he lashed out at them, kicking and punching. Tourists watched amazed as the priest, complete with dog collar, was bundled into a squad car at the Campo di Fiori square in the centre of the Italian capital. Witnesses said that he and the other three men were drunk as they first insulted and then attacked a tramp who was sitting under a statute in the square. When officers arrived at the scene the men refused to come quietly and allegedly began attacking police with the priest being in the forefront of the attack. A police spokesman said: "Not much charity was being shown by these men especially the priest.

Not only does this drunken priest proceed to beat the police officers, who are obviously more apt to “be peace keepers” than these Roman priests are. But this priest shows his true “Bad Samaritan” fruits be pummeling a homeless man on the street. That act alone should have opened a few eyes that night. I can only hope and pray it did.

Former Priest Convicted of Assaulting Photographer in California

Feb 19, 2003
SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) - A former priest was convicted of assaulting a newspaper photographer outside the courtroom where the cleric was on trial for child molestation. A Sonoma County jury found Donald Kimball, 59, guilty Tuesday of felony assault, vandalism and battery. Sentenced to seven years in the molestation case, Kimball faces a possible additional four years on the assault conviction. A sentencing hearing was set for Thursday. The assault occurred April 9 when San Francisco Chronicle photographer Penni Gladstone, 49, tried to take Kimball's picture outside the courtroom. Witnesses said he thrust the camera into her face, breaking her glasses and gashing her below the eye.

Let it be known unto those reading. I have MANY more articles I can share on this. But I am sure you get the point. These Roman priests are guilty drunken strikers of men! 1 Timothy 3:2-3 tells us that, "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;  Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;"

So far, Rome is proving hands down they are "none of the above."

Nuns get into massage business

By The Associated Press
(4/22/03 - Frankfort, Illinois) — Need a massage? Hire a nun.

Some members of the Franciscan Sisters in Illinois have gone into the massage business so they can minister to both body and spirit. Some see it as a natural extension of nursing. The nuns treat not only churchgoers and retreat participants, but the general public as well for the going rate of 50 to 65 dollars an hour. While other massage therapists offer little in the way of conversation, the nuns encourage discussion of everyday problems and religion. The Franciscan Sisters are located in Joliet, LaGrange, Downers Grove and Frankfort, Illinois.

$50 to $65 an hour? WOW! The Lust of money and flesh can be seen illustrated in one fell swoop.

Investigators arrested Catholic Priest Moises Palaroan on Monday
Palaroan has been the head of the St. Williams church since 1996

CLAY COUNTY, FL - Investigators arrested Catholic Priest Moises Palaroan on Monday for allegedly stealing more than $400,000 dollars from his church and friends.  …The 52-year-old priest is now charged with grand theft. He remains in custody in Clay County on $100,000 bond.

What did he do with all that money? Sadly, the lavish lifestyle of the rectory mansion, and the three feasts a day were insufficient for this priest. What really gets me was he maintained “no fear” before the Creator as he slowly siphoned over $400.000 from the congregation. And all the while doing that for years, he preached to them, performed weddings, funerals, etc.. This allows for us to see that, like the child molesters, criminals like this truly see no wrong in their evil actions. They commit the evils, and at the same time stand before the congregation week after week as their “example” in Christianity. I wonder how many Catholics out there are saying to themselves right now... "I wonder... will our priest be caught doing something illegal soon?" Odds are... YES!

 New documents suggest Vatican-Nazi pact: German press
(AP) Previously unreleased documents from the Vatican's secret archive suggest that it had a tacit non-aggression pact with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

“New” documents? I don’t think they are being very truthful here. The Associated Press should check their own archives before making such ridiculous statements as this. Back in 2000 the Vatican was “exposed” concerning those documents. In fact, the Vatican spun the media to its advantage back then regarding what they referred to as spurious claims by the Jewish nation. The “Mea Culpa” of John Paul II on March 12, 2000 wasn’t quite completely truthful said the Jews. The Jewish people wanted those documents un-earthed back then. But Rome acted as if they never existed, and then started all sorts of trouble for the Jewish nation directly after that. Kinda like their own “Clintonized” version of wag the dog. If I recall correctly, after all was said and done, more than a few people lost their lives because of that Vatican fiasco. Think about it. They died just so the Vatican could “save face.”

 New Jersey Catholic school certified as homeland security site
April 11, 2003 - EMERSON, N.J. (CNS) –

No need to share the article. The headline speaks volumes regarding the “SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE” issue. Jesus most assuredly stated to keep the two separate. The fact that the Roman Catholic church is both a “state” and “Church” at the same time should be all one needs to realize this is NOT a church seeking to do as Jesus Christ proclaimed. And now we see them starting to flex their muscles as they have in the past. It won't be long before you see ALL the Roman Churches being "certified" effectively by the Governments the world over. It's no mistake you have a Roman Catholic church in almost EVERY city on earth. Even small towns of 400 or more have them! I know! I live near many of them.

Matthew 22:21, "…Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

What does Rome have to say to that?

Pope Pius IX, in his "Discorsi" (I., p. 253), said:  "The Caesar who now addresses you, and to whom alone are obedience and fidelity due."

That's right! The Pope back then proclaimed himself CAESAR! And as is well known, Caesar thought himself a god, and a ruler of worldly nations at the same time!

"Long ages ago, when Rome through the neglect of the Western emperors was left to the mercy of the barbarous hordes, the Romans turned to one figure for aid and protection, and asked him to rule them; and thus, . . . commenced the temporal sovereignty of the popes. And meekly stepping to the throne of Caesar, the vicar of Christ took up the scepter to which the emperors and kings of Europe were to bow in reverence through so many ages."--American Catholic Quarterly Review, April, 1911.

Meekly stepping to the throne of Caesar? Wiping out THREE COMPLETE NATIONS to get to that throne is considered meekly? WOW! Such deception!

Vatican Gives Two Thumbs Up to 'Potter'

Mon Feb 3, 4:03 PM ET  By NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press Writer

VATICAN CITY - The Vatican (news - web sites) is giving two thumbs up to the Harry Potter (news - web sites) series. The good vs. evil plot lines of the best-selling books are imbued with Christian morals, the Rev. Don Peter Fleetwood told a Vatican news conference Monday. "I don't see any, any problems in the Harry Potter series," Fleetwood said.

I am not surprised in the least that this priest would see no wrong in the evils of Harry Potter. A “wonderful blindness” is upon him. I won’t take the time to share how evil this witchcraft designed for children truly is. It would literally take quite a few pages to show just how much decadence is being condoned by this Catholic priest. I will however suggest you listen to this 13:50 minute audio clip I did some time ago on this topic. ( )

Vatican crime rate 'soars'

Wednesday, 8 January, 2003, 16:55 GMT
(AP) A Swiss Guard murder was the last serious crime. The world's smallest country - the Vatican - has one of the highest crime rates in the world, a report said.

That’s right. The HOME of the Pope himself has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Imagine if you will a church "commune” that wasn't designed similar to the Vatican. Now imagine that “commune” was merely accused of doing evil. Would they be allowed to stay in business? Or would they be BURNED TO THE GROUND without any crimes being proven, or without any opportunities to speak their piece in a court of law. Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT a “Branch Davidian” by any stretch of the imagination. I never met David Koresh, nor do I know the truth about the man. The media, and the government made that impossible for the average man to attain.  But what I do see is this man and many of his church members, along with their little children being burned alive for "alleged" crimes the Vatican truly does on a daily basis.

Below are a collection of actual headlines that say it all. If you need to see the articles attached to these headlines, you can access them on this page… Also notice at the bottom of that page is the “Quicky Archives” link as well. Most of the articles are located there. There are literally HUNDREDS of these articles online at the site at this time. And just think… if I ever had the time, there would be THOUSANDS more!

Priest, religious educator use Jesus action figure to teach

Catholic Church Is FBI Veteran's New Boss

Priest Sentenced to Prison for Making Drugs, Removed From Duties

Archbishop: Mother Teresa Had 'Evil Spirit' Expelled

Does God really exist? The agony of Teresa

Bishops Say No to Evangelizing Jews

Nuns' order in secret payouts



Five States Sue Vatican in $200 Million-Plus Insurance
Fraud Scheme Involving Martin Frankel

Vatican Exorcism Fails

Virgin Mary Seen as a Model for All Muslims

Magicians Give Pope a Magic Wand

Defecating Figurines Part of Holiday

Vatican Says No Peace Until Israel Quits Territories

The next Jewish pope


Vatican scholars prepare to rewrite the Bible

More Muslims Than Christians to Attend Papal Mass

Pope urged to apologise for Vatican castrations


Radio Announcer Who Criticized Catholic Station in Costa Rica Killed in Ambush

Church Apologizes for 1941 Massacre of Jews

Be A Catholic Or Face Jail In Mexico - Evangelicals Persecuted

'Cliques of gay priests are dividing Church'

Catholic Scholars Proclaim: WORLD PEACE! CHRIST HAS RETURNED!

Priest Calls Holy Spirit... "she"

Pope to pray in Mosque



Vatican accused on modern 'inquisition'


Holy nudity
A priest gets in trouble for posing naked in support of charity.

Papal biographer breaks taboos with book on gay Italian priests


Vatican-Approved Comic Strip Depicts Adventures of the Pope

Catholic Church Worried about Link between Priests and AIDS


Pope Meets Aerosmith in MAXX's' Spiritual Market'

Catholic Priest Arrested In Clinic Attack

Devil defeats the Pope in Vatican exorcism battle

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has been called
upon to investigate claims of World War II era Genocide
by the Vatican and Franciscans.


Miami Priest Arrested in Prostitution Sting

News of Animal Sacrifice in the Catholic Mass

US nuns for hire in 'pray for pay' deal

So.. what eventually happens when you live by the sword? Sadly, this priest found out just recently. Again, don't get me wrong. I am NOT condoning what this crazed man did to this priest in prison. The priest should have not only had the opportunity to live out his sentence. He should have also been allowed the opportunity to repent for his sins before being killed by a crazed fellow inmate. Did he? I truly hope so.

Former priest John Geoghan killed in Boston prison

BOSTON (AP): Former priest John Geoghan, a convicted child molester who became a central figure in the Catholic church's sex abuse scandal, died Saturday after another inmate attacked him in prison, a state corrections spokeswoman said. Geoghan was injured in an incident with another inmate about noon and died shortly after being taken to Leominster Hospital, said Department Of Correction spokeswoman Kelly Nantel. The incident happened just after lunchtime, Nantel said. Geoghan was being held in protective custody to shield him from the general prison population, but he still had some contact with other inmates, Nantel said. The other inmate was being held in isolation and the incident is under investigation, she said. She declined to give further details.

1 Timothy 3:2-3, "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;  Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;"

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To whom this e-mail may concern,
       I am very pleased to see brethren with "present truth" messages on the internet.
Some one shared this info to me and I just had to see it for myself, and of course rejoice at it. I will share this web-site with as many as I possibly can.  This is Sabbath August 2, 2003 at 2:15 pm ET in the afternoon.   I again appreciate the web-site and will be continually looking at it, and of course sharing it with others.  PRAISE THE LORD for you all.....and may the Lord, "Our Righteousness",  continally bless and keep you in His Love and Power.

A.G. B.-1st Elder and Interim Layleader

Just wanted to let you know that you have an awesome and informative site. When I find a site that has done their homework, such as I, and a site has concluded pretty much as my husband Don and I, we must let you know to keep up the fantastic work. Though it's getting more difficult as each generation passes, because the next generation are either clueless or all caught-up in the worldly (pagan) traditions.


Hello hope all is well:

I want to say thank you for your teaching GOD"S WORD, and not scratching anyone's ears. I pray that GOD bless you 100 fold for being HIS servant,

I found your site some years back, I came across your site again last night when I was going through some of my papers that I had printed up over the net. I must say that I am glade to have found you again, I believe in my heart GOD wanted me to come back to your site, I believe nothing just happens, everything happens for a reason, and if we PRAY GOD will reveal to us the reason.

You are a wonderful teacher, and I pray that GOD bless you 100 fold for being HIS servant. MUCH LOVE


You're website is really cool. I enjoyed the slides.


Hello - Nicholas

 I have seen your Web Site for several months... and admire what is being done. I am a fairly new SDA member.   And I think that this site might be cut from the same fabric? If we could have some diaolog centered on the Bible truth's - I would like that.


Hello and God bless. I would like to know if you still have article on backward masking because whenever I click on it says not found. Did you take it off because of its content or you were forced to?


Sorry L.W., but due to attacks by agents of Satan, that portion of the website has been deleted. These agents of Satan were confirmed to be working in tune with the enemy when we found that the only back up copy of this data was destroyed at the same time the page was deleted. The website is on a SAFE server now. And that page may take some time to be rebuilt.


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The Presents of God ministry

Presents of God ministry    =       Po Box 522    =    Fowler, IN 47944    =