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Christian Coalition to Create Image of Beast!


Greetings everyone in these last hours of earth's history. Since March of this year when the "Christian Coalition" made notice that they were planning a huge meeting with government officials in October of this year, many rumors surfaced regarding "national Sunday laws" being lobbied as a result. Some were so convincing in fact that the "C.C." headquarters was contacted for verification. It was of course found they were not planning to lobby Sunday laws at all. At least not yet that is. Fact is, the timing just doesn't fit. What would you consider the prime agenda at this time?

Removing the separation of church and state!

For years the Vatican has been very active in this scheme. In fact, on my "One World Church / Government" series of pages, I have so many articles coming in, that I literally had to shut that section of the site down. I do believe the hundreds of articles on those pages more than adequately prove this point. I see no need to continue adding to the series. I currently have over 200 articles offline on this topic as well. By the way, not all of the articles are coming directly from Rome. A fair portion of them are the direct result of an organization founded by Pat Robertson... The Christian Coalition.

Pat Robertson is what I like to refer to as the prophetic fulfillment / present day leader of the "False Prophet" of Revelation 16:13. He has been VERY instrumental in the last few years alone in bridging the gap between the Vatican and the apostate Protestant churches of today. With the dragon, one can see all three "frogs" are now sitting on the same lily pad. The dragon, which of course is the devil, the beast that has been overwhelmingly defined as the Vatican, and the false prophet that is easily defined as the apostate Protestant churches of today. To give you an idea of just how chummy these three are with each other. Notice the following article...

By David W.Cloud

Pat Robertson and Bill Bright participated in a papal mass in New York's Central Park during John Paul II's October visit to the United States.  According to the Religious News Service, Pat Robertson marched at the head of an ecumenical procession (which included Bright) to the papal altar and was seated with Protestant, Orthodox and other Christian leaders. Robertson is the Charismatic head of the 700 Club and Bright is the head of Campus Crusade for Christ.

The meeting of a large number of "evangelical" leaders with the Pope earlier that same day and the participation of some of them in a papal mass is historic.  (The earlier meeting was reported in the last issue of O Timothy; it included Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship Ministries and Don Argue, president, National Association of Evangelicals.)

Can you see the "unholy trinity" that was prophesied to form? Of course this is not the main reason for this Newsletter. I just thought it was worth mentioning is all.

As many of you are already aware, in the last days the enemy of all that is Christianity must create an image of his beast in Rome. This must be done before he can administer his "mark" upon the people of this world. In Revelation 17:3 it states, "...I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast..."

In prophecy:
Woman = church

In prophecy:
Beast = nation 

In prophecy we understand the Church of Jesus Christ is always described as a woman. Fact is, is she not called the "Bride of Christ" in many areas of Scriptures? It is also understood that Daniel 7:23 tells us this Beast will be "diverse from all kingdoms." How diverse you ask? As we define the prophetic symbols we understand just how diverse. Revelation tells us of this diverse nation. It states it will be a woman sitting on a beast! And prophetically speaking, that is actually a CHURCH joining with a NATION. It is as Daniel said! There will be a kingdom that will arise that will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT than any other kingdom that ever existed on Earth. Revelation describes that kingdom as one that is a church & state joined together. My friends, the Vatican fits this description perfectly! Never has there been a kingdom that was both a church and a nation at the same time! UNTIL THE VATICAN!

Of course, these are only two of MANY prophetic facts concerning the beast in Rome. If you would like to see further research that is both verified in Scripture as well as historic documentation, I suggest the following pages. On these pages you will see that every prophecy that has ever been uttered regarding the Antichrist of prophecy have ALL been fulfilled by the Roman Catholic church!

After viewing the facts, one can see clearly that the beast is in fact residing in the CHURCH & STATE conglomerate of the Roman Catholic Vatican. This then gives us a basic understanding of the "image of the beast." It will be a kingdom that joins church & state together just as the beast in Rome! With that in mind, read the following article...


WASHINGTON, D.C. OCTOBER 14, 2002 - The Christian Coalition announced today that over 15,000 people attended the God Bless America - One Nation Under God, Road to Victory 2002 Conference which was held at the Washington Convention Center on October 11 and 12 and co-sponsored by Joyce Meyer Ministries.

(Photo (L-R) Dr. Pat Robertson, Founder and President Emeritus of the Christian Coalition, Roberta Combs, National President of the Christian Coalition, Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert at the "Christian Solidarity with Israel" rally which took place at the Washington Convention Center during Road To Victory.)

Among the speakers at the Road to Victory conference were: Joyce Meyer, President of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Roberta Combs, President of the Christian Coalition of America, Coalition Founder and President Emeritus Pat Robertson, Rev. James Robison, Dr. E.V. Hill, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Colonel Oliver North, Zig Ziglar, Judge Roy Moore, Pat Boone, David Barton, Armstrong Williams, Don Feder, Phyllis Schlafly, Majority Leader Dick Armey (TX), Majority Whip Tom DeLay (TX), Majority Deputy Whip Roy Blunt (MO), Senator James Inhofe OK), Senator Sam Brownback (KS), Senator Orrin Hatch (UT), Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis (VA), Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL), Congressman Bob Goodlatte (VA), Congressman Lindsey Graham (SC), Congressman Ernest Istook (OK), Congressman Walter Jones (NC), and Congressman Dave Weldon (FL), and others.

...President George W. Bush sent a videotaped message Friday, greeting the attendees of the conference, and promising to continue advocating Pro-Christian values, anti-abortion activism, low taxes, limited government and judges who don't legislate. He thanked the members of the Christian Coalition for praying for him and his family and concluded his address with "God Bless the Christian Coalition and May God continue to bless the United States of America."

..."We were thrilled with the many expressions of Christian love which we witnessed this weekend, from buses which came in from throughout the United States, where participants joined our conference from countries throughout Europe, the Ukraine, Israel and many other countries, we will continue to serve God and experience political success in ensuring that people who hold elected offices have a fear of God," said Roberta Combs, President of the Christian Coalition of America. "We need to take back our country, especially when kids can't even pray in school, that should tell you that there is something wrong."

"The notion of separating church and state with such policies as disallowing prayer in public schools is a deception from Satan," said Joyce Meyer, President of Joyce Meyer Ministries, this past weekend at the conference. "If God is in fact separated from the government, then we can never possibly have a godly government. There's no way for America to be good if she's not godly."

"The Christian Coalition has the largest and best equipped lobbying team in coalition history, and coming out of a successful conference, we expect to make a tremendous difference in government this year, as we mobilize more and more Christians to vote, and we will continue to pray for President and Mrs. Bush," added Combs.

To read entire article,

 Did you notice the list of those attending? Many religious leaders as well as political leaders! Did you also notice the "current" president of the Christian Coalition stated, "we will continue to serve God and experience political success." To serve God as well as experience "political success" at the same time is an open and accepted agreement with that which the beast in Rome is prophetically doing already. The Roman Catholic church has always stated they "serve God." The Vatican has also been one to proclaim "political success" for decades. Now the Christian Coalition, which has all along BEEN a joining of "political & religious" voices is now seeking to spread their "image" unto the United States Governmental structure! Like Hitler has done in the past, and the Mafia does to this day, the Christian Coalition is now taking pointers from the structure of the Roman Catholic church itself. Rome is a political and religious entity, and so is the Christian Coalition.

By the way, did you notice that a woman has been elected president of the Christian Coalition? This is indeed a "politically correct" ploy so as to sweet-talk the masses into acceptance, and at the same time reflect a perfect "motherly image" Rome so amply portrays. Joyce Meyer and many other women preachers, are standing before men usurping their authority in religious jurisprudence. They are going directly against the Gospel order set forth by the Lord Himself in His Word as if they have the power to alter God's Word..

"When Boswell told Johnson one day that he had heard a woman preach that morning at a Quaker's meeting, Johnson replied, "Sir, a woman preaching is like a dog walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all."

We will add that our surprise is all the greater when woman of piety mount the pulpit, for they are acting in plain defiance of the Holy Spirit, who gave these instructions through the pen of the Apostle Paul." -Charles H. Spurgeon

For all the woman reading this now, I wholeheartedly pray you were not offended by what you just read. This is not my intention at all, nor was it the intention of the one speaking the quote. The author was merely trying to make a point when he mentioned a "dog walking on his hind legs" is unnatural. He obviously meant the dog was not created to do that, and therefore he will not be able to do it well. Just as it is true, women were not created to stand behind a pulpit as a preacher let alone a pastor of a church, and definitely not the president of a national Christian organization. If you are not created to do something, you will NOT be able to do it well. To say otherwise is to merely call the Creator a liar.

I feel I must make this point clear because of what we see happening before our eyes today. For women to stand in positions designed by a Creator God for men to stand in, is an open and direct denial of that which the Holy Spirit states in the Word of God as well as in the hearts of ALL true believers. A true godly woman who understands this biblical fact, and believes the Written and infallible Word, would see the truth in that statement as well as understand that you can NOT go against the will of the Father. She would not seek that position at all because she has written verification in His Holy Word that it is not her place to stand. Godly woman know their God given post of duty and are not offended in the least when Truth is brought before their eyes. They realize they stand already in a place that no man could fill. They understand they are created to be as God created them. The godly woman as well as the godly man knows not to question the Creator...

I praise Almighty God for the godly woman of this world that truly walk as the Father intended! They bless all those around them when they do that which no man can do. Fact is, One would think more women would desire the greatest office in the body of believers rather than embrace one that was not assigned as hers in the first place. I have seen a woman prophesy, and it is a wonderful thing to observe!

I would much rather see a woman prophesy the Truth from on High, than to step outside the will of her Creator and attempt to fill a position meant for a man. What we're actually seeing here is a repeat of Bible history from as far back as Adam and Eve. It was Satan's choice to lure FIRST the woman so as to better direct his attack on mankind. As we can see, he is still using his favored methods to this day.

I am not surprised in the least that Joyce Meyer was directed by the enemy to gather these people to Washington for this meeting. I have watched this evil woman climb the "ladder of success" now for some years. I have seen her joke and saunter on her pulpits spouting spurious doctrines while decked out in clothing, jewelry, and face paints not fit for a Christian woman, but expected for a Jezebel. It is truly a no brainer to see her standing as she does today completely accepted and approved by the American public. Her "entertaining" sermons have been literally designed to gain "fans" not fully surrendered Christians. After seeing how quickly she sky-rocketed to fame, it is no great surprise that Pat Robertson would hand over the reigns to a woman as well. He knows the value of a "motherly" image!

With all this and the ancient Roman Catholic "motherly" message being pumped into the people since day one by the Vatican, it was obviously bound to happen. This needs to be done if future events are to fall into place more smoothly. What future events? Are we about to see a woman president in the USA? Is this what the wife of the END TIME president Bill Clinton has been up to? Time will tell. Either way, expect "women" to play a large role in Satan's end time delusions. Case in point, "Our Lady of Fatima" of the Roman Catholic church! It's no mistake the enemy of all mankind would be using the "womanly" figure to attack again. By the way... keep an eye out for some GRAPHIC apparitions coming from Rome in the very near future! Satan will once again have his demons appear as a "woman" calling herself "Mary" to lure his loyal subjects into his next plan of attack.

By the way... Have you ever noticed all the womanly apparitions that come from Rome? No mistake! I would be hard pressed to find any MALE apparitions recorded in this vat of sin. In fact, at present I can't think of ANY! (Not counting the so called apparitions of Padre' Pio's "head" appearing in the REAL Ammityville house of haunted fame.)

So... What was their main agenda at this meeting? I believe it's obvious. With numerous so called "Christian" leaders making political statements, along side numerous political leaders making religious statements, we are in for a UNITED STATES CHURCH OF AMERICA in the very near future! If you don't believe that, then you don't believe prophecy. Plain and simple. They are making an exact duplicate of the Vatican!

Please take a look at the following letter that MANY of us have received in the last week or so. It crossed the desk of the "Office of Legislative Affairs for the Seventh-day Adventist Church" back on October 14. It was to confirm that "Sunday Laws" was not on the table at this time, however other obvious prophetic events were!

----- Original Message -----

To: "Office of Legislative Affairs for the Seventh-day Adventist Church"

Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 5:29 PM
Subject: Religious Liberty Update
Christian Coalition Holds Road to Victory Rally No Focus on Sunday Laws - But Lots to Worrying Rhetoric On October 11 and 12, the Christian Coalition held its "Road to Victory" rally at the Washington Convention Center.  The rally included a parade of powerful politicians, including a video greeting from President Bush in which he referred to the Christian Coalition as his "good friends" and spoke of the values he shares with them.  Congressman Dick Armey, majority leader in the House of Representatives, stated "I would not have been elected to Congress in '84 if the Christian Coalition hadn't taken a chance on me [and George Bush]would not be the President of the United States" if the Christian Coalition hadn't supported him.  The House Majority Whip, Tom DeLay, Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator Sam Brownback, Senator James Inhofe, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Congressman Ernest Istook, Congressman Walter Jones, and a number of other national leaders took part in the rally.

There were themes that speakers came back to time and time again.  Some of the themes were only tangentially related to religious freedom.  These included the need for laws that respect human life, the need to act against pornography and gambling, and the importance of supporting Israel ("those that bless Israel are blessed, those that curse Israel are cursed").  There was also a lot of talk about appointing judges that support the Christian Coalition's agenda, and of the desire of participants to see the Republican party gain a majority in the U.S.

Senate.  Many of the speakers railed against the separation of church and state.  Joyce Meyer, a popular television preacher whose burgeoning ministry co-sponsored the event, summed up the sentiment stating "separation of church and state is a deception of Satan..." She went on to note that the conference was "bringing the spiritual and political together." She also condemned sectarianism, noting that "we need to unite [in order to] get a lot done in Washington.  There are more of us than there are more of them." She promised listeners that "we are going to have a worldwide revival..."

Senator Inhofe promised the cheering crowd that "we are winning" and noted that the Christian Coalition is fighting in the "holiest of wars...  We are a clear majority." Congressman Jones, who was the primary force behind the recently defeated "House of Worship Political Speech Act," stated that he would reintroduce that Act in January, and vowed "we will get it passed." The Act aims to get politics involved in churches and churches involved in politics.

In conclusion, the rally was a celebration of a union of church and state, the promise of a world-wide religious revival, and an impressive flexing of political muscle fueled by religious fervor.  It was hard to sit through many of the speeches without hearing the echoes of prophecy.

Before commenting on the obvious, I must say I have heard this phrase repeated often in the last year or so, and I am getting a bit tired of it. It was stated that, "those that bless Israel are blessed, those that curse Israel are cursed." Is no one reading their Bibles anymore? Physical Israel DENIED Christ did they not? Why would the Lord suggest we go against His will and yoke unequally with those that deny His Son? I am not saying we should ignore the obvious evils being perpetrated against Israel at all. I believe we should help them 100% in this war against terrorism. But I would hope the people stating "those that bless Israel are blessed, those that curse Israel are cursed," would read their Bibles and discover that,  "...they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:  Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.  That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed." -Romans 9:6-8

Biblical fact is, "And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." -Galatians 3:29 The REAL Israel of today is the Commandment keeping, prophecy understanding, Christ obeying body of believers! Common sense affords the reality that we will NOT be blessed if we choose to persecute the REAL Children of God. PERIOD! It is better to define who they are, before assuming who they "might" be.

Want to know the REAL reason everyone wants to be so chummy with Israel? It has NOTHING to do with blessing or cursing the Jews! It's the exact same agenda we saw the Vatican pushing when they asked Hitler to help them. Prophecy denotes Antichrist DESIRES the Capital of Israel as his base of operations. (Daniel 11:45) The Vatican wants to PHYSICALLY sit in, "...the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. " -2 Thessalonians 2:4 Regardless of the fact that Rome cannot even phantom proper prophetic understanding, they STILL WANT THAT CAPITAL! There really is no reason to re-build the temple. It is ONLY Satan's desire to do so, period!

Also keep this in mind. With Jerusalem becoming the CAPITAL OF THE WORLD everyone knows that ALL money will be funneled through that city! And when the "One World Government" starts to flex it's muscles, whoever stands in that position will be RULER OF THE WORLD! Don't think it will happen? Fact is, the ball has already started rolling...

The Guardian Unlimited
'Jerusalem should be a unified world capital'

Top Palestinian calls for special status if no deal is struck  
Suzanne Goldenberg in Jerusalem -Wednesday September 6, 2000

On the eve of a last attempt by President Clinton to untangle the most vexing problem in the Middle East - the status of Jerusalem - one of Yasser Arafat's most trusted lieutenants said yesterday the Palestinians would be willing to make bold compromises on their claims to the holy city.

In a speech to the European parliament in Strasbourg, Ahmed Qureia said the Palestinians would support internationalizing all of Jerusalem - including Arab East Jerusalem, occupied illegally by Israel since 1967 - should the two sides fail to reach a final settlement in the crucial weeks ahead.

"Unless we can reach an agreement on Jerusalem, I have to declare that both parts of Jerusalem east and west should be a unified international Jerusalem... not just the capital of Israel or Palestine, but a capital of the world,"said Mr. Qureia, who is speaker of the Palestinian parliament.

The proposal revives a formula put forward by the UN in 1947 and since repeatedly rejected by Israel, and opposed by the Palestinians, through it still remains part of European foreign policy.

I will give you 666 guess as to WHO will be that ruler. Problem here is, according to prophecy, this "Ruler of the World" will have a VERY short lived reign!

Like Rome, the Christian Coalition is now seeking "friendly relations" with the people of Israel. Not for "spiritual gain" because obviously this is against the will of God to yoke with unbelievers. So, it must therefore be POLITICAL gain as is the "flavor" of the following article...

Christian Coalition plans first solidarity mission

The leadership of the US Christian Coalition is heading to Israel for its first-ever solidarity mission at the invitation of the Tourism Ministry, the group announced over the weekend.

The five-day mission will be headed by Christian Coalition president Roberta Combs. According to Combs, the group decided to schedule the mission after thousands of supporters turned out for a pro-Israel rally in Washington on October 11.

"We urge all friends of Israel to visit and stand with Israel during these difficult times," she said.
The group plans to meet Israeli officials and terror victims and visit holy sites and Jewish communities in the West Bank.

This article sounds now different than ALL the articles connected with "public relations" flowered speeches of the Vatican in Rome. The Christian Coalition is doing exactly as prophecy stated they needed to do. IN OUR LIFETIME! It won't be long now folks.

Now on to the real substance of this meeting. Joyce Meyer stated, "separation of church and state is a deception of Satan..." Again I ask, is ANYONE reading their Bibles? Why is it always those that do NOT understand Biblical-jurisprudence end up becoming those who are called to lead the people? Because it is the END TIMES! Besides the fact that Jesus made it plain regarding the separation of Church & State, what of the prophetic FACTS laid out regarding the IMAGE OF THE BEAST? Are they so blind that they do not see what a babe in Christ can see? Obviously yes. How else would they be able to make such statements regarding that which prophecy declare is so imminent?

Joyce Meyer also stated that the meeting was designed for the sole purpose of "bringing the spiritual and political together." Is this not an open and obvious proclamation that we the American people need to create the exact IMAGE OF THE BEAST as soon as possible?

The Roman Catholic church is a union of "spiritual and political" powers just as prophecy stated the Whore of Babylon would be. And as we can plainly see, our "so called" religious leaders and political henchmen are now joining forces so as to create that IMAGE OF THIS BEAST. Looking at Rome and now looking at the USA is getting be like looking at twins! This meeting in Washington was prophesied to occur. Our religious leaders have boldly and openly declared, "we need to unite [in order to] get a lot done in Washington.  There are more of us than there are more of them."

Incidentally,when they say "there are more of us than there are of them" the "them" is the REAL CHRISTIANS of today! Don't let them make you think otherwise! When you see how Satan is helping them in absolutely every single aspect you realize it is Satan speaking through them! It's obviously a message to the Commandments keeping, prophecy understanding, Christ obeying body of believers! The enemy knows the Remnant of God is a small camp. They hope to make their sheer numbers scare us off. Not to worry tho.. they couldn't do it back in David's day with Goliath, they won't be able to do it today either! Still they will try it. Satan is truly that naive when it comes to the Power of Christ.

I am sure this is no different than what occurred in 538ad when Vigilius desired the seat of Rome as a political as well as religious power. That beast was no doubt formed as easy as the image is being fashioned today. And to further drive the likeness home, we see mention of the "House of Worship Political Speech Act," that was lobbied and lost not too many days prior. As it stated in the article, " The Act aims to get politics involved in churches and churches involved in politics."

How BLUNT can you get? I could have literally posted that quote alone in this newsletter without a single comment and MOST of you reading this would know exactly what was being said here! It's THAT blunt! They are lobbying to be able to create a government that emulates the Vatican exactly!

Laws are being lobbied, and laws are being passed my friends. Soon you will see a Roman Catholic form of Government in the United States! Our very own "so called" religious leaders are lobbying for it as we speak! And this meeting is overwhelming and obvious proof of that fact! If you cannot see this prophetic event unraveling before your eyes today, then I implore you, GET IN YOUR BIBLE AND STUDY! STUDY ! STUDY! Soon the USA will have it's "government funded church" and not long after that, the world itself will be controlled by this Roman Catholic beast prodding the USA government! And almost immediately you will see hundreds of thousands if not millions slaughtered for their faith in the REAL Jesus Christ of the Bible because they will refuse to do what "Catholic" Government demands over "whatsoever saith the Lord!" It is no wonder Pope John Paul II re-instated the office of the Inquisition back in February of 1991 now is it? He knows the Vatican will be the home base of this global government. He also knows this world must be rid of those TRUE Sabbath keeping, prophecy understanding, Christ obeying Christians before his god, the ANTI-Christ can stand supreme.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that he will NEVER see that day! For it is written that the TRUE children of the Christian God will never be defeated!

Isaiah 54:17, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."

Revelation 3:21, "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne."

Revelation 12:11, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."


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Again, thanks for all your efforts to keep those seeking the truth, informed and up to date. When we read, on Sabbath, we read scripture from the Bible and also include studies from your ministry as well. This combination helps our children understand what to look forward to and what to watch out for. When we understand the warnings that the prophets gave us we will know what to do when the evil one arrives. We do not want to be deceived in any way.

When we understand the teachings in the Bible, we are able to “watch” and get ready. What I am finding lately is most people have already made up their minds. Either to believe the first thing they learned or ignore the Gospel all together.

We can see, through current events, prophecy unfolding on a daily basis. Just take a look at MTV. I believe this is what Sodom and Gomorra must have been like. Sin is truly being made out to be acceptable. And the truth wrong. We can’t offend those who are sinning because they are doing it in large groups and hanging titles as part of normal society on themselves. Wow, what awesome times we are living in.

I remember the days, after my discharge from the military and before in 1970, if it feels good, do it. And I was right in the middle of it, feeling good and doing it from the back of a 1957 Pan head Harley. Those were my confused days. I was a Catholic, born and raised. I never liked it. I always questioned it and argued with my family about their doctrine. Eventually I was completely cut off (disowned) from them. After they realized that I had completely left the Catholic Church. 51 years of being in that church. I never read the Bible. I would glance through it, occasionally read Psalms but never considered it to be anything other than just a book.

Recently, because of the Bible, My family and I have given our lives to our Lord. Finally, I am not confused anymore. When we pray for the truth that is exactly what we get. We have not only given our lives to our Lord but also our business. He has taken over.

 We want to be standing when He returns. I am also very thankful to be here, in these last days of earth’s present history. The Holy Spirit has awakened me, and I am realizing He has a plan for me that will soon be set into motion. I wait, anxiously.

Thank you again for your continuing service to our Lord and Savior.
You’re Brother in Christ,
Don G. and Family

Hi Nicholas,

Man what a blessing your site is! So much detail and truth. God lead me to the truth a few months ago. He did it through scripture and a book that mysteriously appeared in my mail box. Then still in denial I had a friend I have been chatting with on the internet for about a year. She said I must meet you for a Bible study. I prayed on it for a while. I never went the day she wanted me to. But the following day I felt compelled to go. When I did she started telling me the things God had already revealed to me. She spoke for about a half hour and I finally told her, stop. All the things you are telling me God has already revealed. I knew then God was telling me this is the way the truth and the life. I never even herd of the SDA, being a Baptist. And thought nothing would ever change my Baptist beliefs. I had a real battle with Satan for a few weeks. I kept denying the truth. But God never left me nor forsook me. I accepted the truth and have been highly favored and blessed every since.

May God highly Bless you Nicholas!

Thank you for the wonderful site.
I must go read more of it now.

Hey Nicholas  :-)

I am visiting your website and want you to know that I think it is AWESOME! I am still learning about Salvation and the end-times (trying to educate myself cuz I don't know a whole lot about it), and your website has helped me a lot. I really appreciate your articles and everything. GOD is using you, it's obvious.


Hello, my name is Seth C. from. Vermont. I just wanted to comment on your beautifly done site. I happen to be talking to my serious Online Christian friend (I'm a serious Christian too) and we happen to be conversing about the end of the world. He said the pope was the antichrist, this immediately confused me. for the fact he was thought to be one of the most holy people on earth. browsing through your website at the request of my friend the shier truth of everything you mentioned (I'm sorry if I am mistaken and the information from your site is from another source, but I don't no who else to congratulate). Doing a follow up study of my new discovery of your site, I found the world wasn't as perfect as I thought it was. Even half the exposure you claimed about the pope was enough to turn the entire world against each other. This was like turning around and seeing a speeding train that had been following me my entire life, however I was to blind to see it. My personal theory is that this whole terrorist attack on America was not only to send the world fighting against each other, but to distract the minds of the world away form the theory that the antichrist is, and was coming to slowly take over the earth. I quickly gained access to the presens of my friend and we immediately explored further into your site.

...great, informative site, we need more like it! :-)

(Regarding the Antichrist Slideshow)

I am speechless! This is amazing my friend! I sit here in Ahhh of what has been revealed to you by God Himself. Thank you so much for keeping me informed. As you know, I am a Minister. It is imperative that I keep Gods children informed.
God Bless,
Brother Jack

Sorry for all the emails, but I just had to let you know that I thought that the Antichrist slideshow is EXCELLENT!!!!  I worked out how to download it all using getright.  Also, I finally worked out how to download all the rest of the sermons of yours that I don’t have.  I can’t wait to listen to them.  I sure hope you get back on the air.  What about that internet radio that you are on?  Anyway, keep up the work bro.

God Bless,


Thank You for all your research.

The Lord has Blessed me several ways through you and your Ministry, my eyes have been Opened  to things  I have been Blinded to. Several times the last couple times you have had a room open, or hold fast I think had opened a room also, mentioned  the book Two Babylon's. I just had a chance to sit and go through a good portion of your news letter, again many times you give exact  page numbers  from this book. I have this book, and have Never never thought about reading the book, you know why? "smiles" because when I started really learning about the catholic faith, the people that I listened to told me that the book was not a good book and would confuse me, and I guess they were right , cause I bet if I did read it I would have questioned alot. But I have this books brand new, I’ve just never read it, after receiveing your news letter and hearing the book refered to so much, Im gonna try to sit and read it.

 God BLess
Barbara Jean 

My fervent prayer Is that you are blessed by the Truth ProvIded In this Newsletter. I also pray you share It with others that are trapped In Babylon.

Truth Is Truth!
John 14:29

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