Pope admits the RCC killed millions of Christians in the past

by the Editors at
September 24, 1998

The Roman Catholic Church will officially request forgiveness for
past errors. Vatican theologians are working on a document that
acknowledges the church's sins for past abuses and oversights.
Wrongdoing committed during the Inquisition and the church's
treatment of Jews is expected to be included, Reuters said.
During the Inquisition, many Jews were forcibly converted and
so-called heretics were tortured to repentance. The document is
part of Pope John Paul II's effort to have the world's 1 billion
Catholics repent for the church's past sins as part of its
millennial celebration. An official day called Request for
Forgiveness will be held March 8, 2000.

Those of you that are truly looking to please God FIRST. SEEKERS!!! This post is for YOU! Do you recall ALL the people from these NG's that proclaimed with GREAT CONFIDENCE that my posts concerning the DOCUMENTED FACT that the Roman Catholic Church TORTURED people years ago to get them to CONVERT to catholicism was FALSE? They said I LIED TO YOU PEOPLE! They said the DOCUMENTED FACTS I shared with you about the church's activity was a LIE! Just ONE case in point, they said that THIS BOOK... was nothing but a pack of bogus hatefilled propaganda and lies! They SCREAMED at me that their church NEVER TORTURED ANYONE EVER!!! Priests have said this, Nuns have said this, Bishops have said this, Cardinals have said this!! They all said this to PREVENT you SEEKERS from believing the TRUTH about what the Church of Babylon has done, is doing, and will continue to do. AND NOW we see their LEADER is going to ADMIT TO ALL THE WORLD that the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH DID IN FACT TORTURE PEOPLE TO GET THEM TO CONVERT TO CATHOLICISM!!!! Would Jesus do this I ask??? Would Jesus strip your flesh form your body while you screamed in agony? Would He boil you in oil while holding a "host" in front of you? Would He cut you in half if you didn't admit the "host" was really HIM incarnate? Would He draw and quarter you for all to see what becomes of those that won't convert? Would He burn you at the stake IN FRONT OF YOUR SPOUSE AND CHILDREN to get you AND THEM to convert? Only Satan and his league of fallen angels can stake this claim. And now the Pope is about to ADMIT the Church has been doing this all along! AFTER HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF DENYING IT in ALL the history books, ALL the newspapers, ALL the media, and from ALL the pulpits! Why do you suppose he is doing this? Email me and request "The Second Window" and I will email it to you for FREE! You will see WHY this Pope is looking for a worldwide "group hug" March 8, 2000. Be prepared though! These FACTS that are NOT for the squeamish!

It's TIME to read it people!

Truth is truth!


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