Get out of the
          cities NOW!!

"Make a chain: for the land is full of
bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." -Ezekiel 7:23
"Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." -Luke 21:26

EVERYTHING you now see regarding Covid-19 is proof you need to GET OUT OF THE CITIES!
THOUSANDS of Reasons to GET OUT!

To parents He sends the warning cry: Gather your children into your own houses; gather them away from those who are disregarding the commandments of God, who are teaching and practicing evil. Get out of the large cities as fast as possible. Establish church schools. Give your children the word of God as the foundation of all their education. This is full of beautiful lessons, and if pupils make it their study in the primary grade below, they will be prepared for the higher grade above.  

-Testimonies volume 6 page 195.1

I started watching for articles on this page began on 09-22-16. After seeing so much violence in the cities I figured it's time to create a page on it. Not sure why I waited to so long, but the fact we have this much violence in such little time confirms the prophecy has been fulfilled. And it will get much worse in the coming days. We have passed the tipping point now. IT IS TIME TO GET OUT of the cities!

ARTICLES for June 2024

VIDEO: Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting at Passing Cars, Killing a Driver in Gun-Controlled California (Allegedly?! They got him on camera!) * Illegal Alien Faces 80 Years to Life in Prison for Attempted Murder of 2 NYC Cops * Arizona Voters to Decide on Giving Police the Power to Arrest Illegal Aliens (WHY DO THEY NEED TO VOTE?!) * Arizona Border Sector Migrant Arrests Jump for Third Straight Week * May Migrant Apprehensions Exceed 3,000 in U.S.-Canadian Border Sector — Another Record * GOP Congressman Reveals Staffer, Friend Robbed ‘at Gunpoint’ in D.C. * At Least 45 Shot During Weekend in Chicago * Sanctuary State Massachusetts: Illegal Alien ‘Got-Away’ Charged with Raping Child * VIDEO: Gwinnett County Transit bus hijacked * 8 ISIS-Linked Tajikistan Nationals Arrested In New York, Pennsylvania, And California Were Talking ‘Bomb-Making” * Mass Shooting Erupts in Downtown Atlanta at Peachtree Center Mall – Multiple Victims Injured and Taken to Hospital * 'Vetted' non-citizens arrested as potential terrorists

VIDEO: We need more Mayors like this * VIDEO: SCARY: Police: Parents of 14-Year-Old Mississippi Carjacker Turned Him in After Seeing Viral Video * VIDEO: Police Bodycam Footage of Building Explosion in Youngstown Released * Times Square Terror: Man Brutally Attacked with Machete Inside McDonald’s * In 1 major city, foreign nationals are responsible for over 50% of gang rapes * Romanian organized crime group targeting places of worship across Maryland, Virginia * Soros-backed DA found to be helping Illegals who are criminals 'evade the law' * Overnight Shooting in Ohio Street Kills 1, Wounds 2 Dozen Others, Some Critically * Backdoor Border: Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants Stay in U.S. Thanks to Case Dismissals * Ohio woman stabs 3-year-old to death outside of grocery store in 'entirely a random act of violence,' say police * VIDEO: Chicago Woman Loses Unborn Baby After Attack from Teens Yelling “We Own the Street!” * VIDEO: Enormous Mass Illegal Crossing of Military-Age Men in San Diego; Illegals Mock Biden’s Open Border by Posing in Front of Border Wall For Selfies * Texas Announces 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrants List * Man accused of shooting two cops is an illegal immigrant, NYPD confirms

ARTICLES for May 2024

Illegal Migrants Hurry to Cross Southern Border * Chicago: Man Shot At Same Address Where Two Were Shot Wednesday * Over 40 Mayors Plead with Joe Biden to Create Jobs Program — for Migrants * Illegal Alien Accused of Causing Crash that Killed Retired U.S. Marine * VIDEO — Police: California 15-Year-Old Tried to Carjack Deputy’s Vehicle During Street Takeover * Migrant Male Arrested After Knife Rampage on French Metro * PHOTO: Man Burned While Shielding Fiancee During Flaming Liquid Attack on NYC Subway * Police: California Man Randomly Punched Elderly Victims, Casually Posed for Pictures * Police: Man Attacks 4 Girls, 2 Adults in Massachusetts Movie Theater Stabbing Spree * ICE Confirms Jordanian Who Tried to Enter Marine Corps Base Entered U.S. Illegally Through Southern Border * VIDEO: Crime numbers are "going down" because DA won't prosecute criminals * VIDEO: Denver Offers How-To Guide on Turning Cities into Taxpayer-Funded Immigrant Sanctuaries * At Least 41 Shot During Memorial Weekend in Chicago * Chicago Police: Venezuelan Immigrant Arrested 10 Times in 10 Months Now Lives in Jail * Lawsuit Claims Toxic Fumes from Los Angeles Landfill are Poisoning People Who Live Nearby * Illegal Alien Arrested at Virginia Truck Stop for Abducting and Taking ‘Indecent Liberties’ with Minor

Report: 84% of Chicago’s Measles Cases Traced to Venezuelan Migrants * ‘Order Will Be Restored Whatever the Cost’ — French Forces Fight Back Against Anti-Colonial Uprising in New Caledonia * VIDEO: 3,500 migrants released into US in one day, sources say * VIDEO: 'MADNESS': Pope Francis denounces attempts to close southern border (Click here to see why he wants the border open) * No Units to Send You’ – Woman Terrified After 911 Call Goes South, Leaves Her with No Help During Home Invasion * VIDEO: Horrifying Discovery: Mobile ‘Rape Dungeon’ Uncovered with Cage, Condoms, and Children’s Toys – Suspected Serial Rapist Illegal Immigrant Arrested * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: WATCH: Police Smack Around Violent Anti-Israel Agitators in Brooklyn * Chicago Mom Stuck for Hours Without Help After Calling 911 During Home Invasion, Dispatcher Tells Her ‘We Have No Units to Send You’ * VIDEO: Boy takes on home invaders, caught on camera * At Least 45 Shot During Weekend in Chicago * VIDEO: Expert warns Sweden is on the ‘brink of civil war’ as country has been gripped by migrant violence * VIDEO: “Like Lord of the Flies” – HUNDREDS of Youths and Adults Beat the Tar Out Each Other During Wild Riot in Florida After Party is Cancelled * VIDEO: Texas Woman Shoots Up McDonald’s Over Missing Hash Browns and Biscuits * Oakland Removes Traffic Lights as It Continues Its Slide Into the Third World * VIDEO: Colorado Man Facing Prison for Allegedly Setting Fire to Wrong Home, Killing Family in Revenge Plot * Alabama: Illegal Alien, Freed into U.S., Charged with Murdering 19-Year-Old Adam Luker * Venezuelan Migrant Accused of Molesting Young Boy in Florida * VIDEO: CAUGHT ON TAPE: Car Thief Causes Insane Hit and Run Crash in Front of Horrified News Crew While They Report on a Local Shooting

Major Report Uncovers CCP-Linked Influence Behind Left-Wing Anti-Israel Protests in U.S. * Joe Biden Increases Immigrant Population by 6.6 Million — Nearly Two Years of American Births * Houston police chief retires suddenly after questions raised about more than 260,000 suspended investigations * Biden Tweaks Asylum Rules to Minimize Media Coverage of Criminal Migrants * Report: Biden’s DHS Will Start Issuing ID Cards to Migrants Crossing Border This Summer * Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto Lobbies Joe Biden for Amnesty After Illegal Alien Is Accused of Killing Staffer * VIDEO: Judge tosses charges for migrants who stormed Texas crossing * Georgia Mom Mauled to Death by Pack of Dogs Days Before Mother’s Day * ‘Axis of Authoritarian States’: UK PM Sunak Warns of Most Dangerous Times Since Cold War * 16 Shot Friday into Saturday Evening * Marine Corp Veteran Charged With Making Threats to Kill White People in Mass Shooting * Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant in Texas Charged in Death of 3-Month-Old Infant * HAITI HELL: As Gangs Seize Control of Another Police Station, Haitians Call for Dismissal and Arrest of Police Chief * Illegal Immigration Overload: Border Town’s Criminal Prosecutions Explode by 5,000% on Biden’s Watch * Catch and Release: Biden’s DHS Freed Illegal Alien Convicted Killer into U.S. * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: WATCH: Serial Offender Accused of Stabbing NYC Tourist in Chest * Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Woman, Attacking Two Homeless People in West Virginia * New Mexico Prosecutors: Migrants Gang Raped Deaf Woman in ‘Multi-Hour Nightmare’ * Teen Who Allegedly Shot 26 Rounds into D.C. Neighborhood Freed by ‘Woke’ Judge * Soon parts of Paris will be off-limits without a QR code * VIDEO: Migrants who attacked NYPD cops reportedly get plea deal * Peter Schweizer: Biden Border Crisis Could Increase Number of Illegal Ballots Cast in 2024 — up to 2.7 Million * ‘Sharp Increase’: More Than 100K Police Officers Attacked on the Job in Two Years * Study: 'Non-citizens' are registered to vote, could decide next president * Should you believe faulty U.S. crime stats or your own lying eyes? * Illegal Immigration Overload: Border Town’s Criminal Prosecutions Explode by 5,000% * VIDEO — Report: 500 with Criminal Records Approved to Work in Massachusetts Day Cares

VIDEO: 'INTERNAL WAR': Attorney sounds alarm on 'sleeper cells' in US * VIDEO — ‘Senseless Killings’: Three-Year-Old Girl in D.C. Fatally Shot While Riding in Car * Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting 11-Year-Old Girl After Being Freed into U.S. * High School Girl Shot When Bullet Came Through School Window in Gun-Controlled D.C. * Report: Firearm-Related Crime Surging in Gun-Controlled Canada * Chicago: Gang Shootout Forces Cinco de Mayo Parade to Halt and Relocate, 25 Arrested * VIDEO: “Let 10 Million Cop Cars Burn!” – Radical Pro-Hamas Terror Group ‘Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade’ Admits to Torching 15 Portland Police Cars in ‘Preemptive Attack’ * Human Trafficking Evidence in Chicago Migrant Facility * 14-Year-Old Boy ‘Largely Decapitated’ in London Sword Attack * Chicago: At Least 23 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning * Mom of illegal accused of hiring hitman to kill witnesses to protect murderer son

FYI: Flight documents: These U.S. cities receive most migrants * Washington Post Editors: Rebuild Middle America with Mass Immigration * Feds: 1.6 Million Foreign Nationals Awaiting Entry to U.S. through Parole Pipeline * VIDEO: Watch: Migrants Brawl Outside Hotel in New York, Swing Sticks, Bats, Belts * VIDEO: GRAPHIC - MASS RIOT RAGES FOR HOURS AT UCLA – Protesters vs. Counter-Protesters – Police Absent! * Elon Musk’s Twitter Censors ALIPAC Ad on Documentation of Noncitizen Voters Citing ‘Hate Speech’ * Biden’s ICE Sued for Withholding Information on Hiding Identities of Criminal Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: WATCH — Police: Seattle 13-Year-Old Stole Woman’s Bag and Punched Her * Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill Includes ‘$3.5 Billion to Supercharge Mass Migration from the Middle East’ * VIDEO: 3 babies overdose on fentanyl near Seattle, 1 dies * Arkansas Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing a Fetus and Body Parts from Corpses, Selling Them on Facebook * Illegal Alien in Florida Arrested For Double Murder of Girlfriend and Her 4-Year-Old Daughter * Biden regime to spend $3,500,000,000 to ‘supercharge mass migration from the Middle East’ * Wyoming Girl Scout Fined $400 for Selling Cookies in Her Grandparents’ Driveway * Infuriating: Beloved 36-Year-Old New York City Firefighter and Military Veteran Dies from a Heart Attack After Being Fired to Pay for Illegal Aliens – Family is Left With Nothing * Sanctuary City Chicago: Police Made More Than 1,000 Arrests of Venezuelan Migrants in 2024 So Far * Report: White House Considers Inviting Gaza Palestinians as Refugees * WATCH: Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protesters Flood Penn Station for Train to Columbia University * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Shock video: Jewish girl at UCLA bludgeoned into unconsciousness * GRAPHIC VIDEOS: 'Total anarchy': Mass riot rages for hours at UCLA, police absent * ‘Mostly Trouble-Free’ Riots: 16 Amazon Delivery Trucks Burnt, Brick Piles Appear on Leftist Protest Routes 

  1. 04-23-24 ARTICLE STACK  Catholic Charities of San Antonio Accused of Misappropriating Federal Funds to Buy Airfare for Migrants * Ukraine Bill Funds More Migration to U.S. * Former Philadelphia Police Officer Found Guilty in Murder of 12-Year-Old * Audio Claiming to Be Haitian Gang Leader ‘Barbecue’ Orders Henchmen to ‘Burn Every House’ * VIDEO: HORROR: Woman Dies After Having Her Throat Slit by Homeless Man at Los Angeles Metro Station in Unprovoked Attack * Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Assaulting Two Girls After Breaking into Michigan Home * Chicago Man Accused of Attempted Carjacking Soon After Being Put on Pretrial Release in Stolen Car Case * DHS Released into U.S. Illegal Alien Wanted for Child Rape in Brazil * Migrants Secure Billions of Dollars in Taxpayer Funding for Housing, Food, Health Care Across Sanctuary States * Judge dismisses riot charges for more than 100 migrants who rushed border
  2. 04-17-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Illegals told to vote for Biden to keep border open 4 more years! * WOW! This is an actual AP Wire: ‘A Healthy U.S. Economy’s Secret Ingredient? Immigrant Workers, Eager to Fill Jobs’ * VIDEO: Squatter horror stories: Fentanyl, prostitution rings, armed robbery * FBI Director Warns of ‘Elevated’ Threats to Public Safety, National Security * VIDEO: ‘Civil War’ Review: Ridiculously Dopey, Anti-Trump Snuff Film * Afghan Migrant on Terrorist Watchlist Twice Freed into U.S. * DHS Offers ‘Temporary’ Amnesty to More than 15,000 Ethiopians in U.S. * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: 'Horrendous’: NYC 16-Year-Old with Rap Sheet Accused of Shoving Elderly Woman Down Church Steps * Villagers Kidnap Mayor Out of Police Car in Southern Mexico * Sen. Bill Hagerty: 20 Illegals Broke in Texas Rancher’s Home, Raided Kitchen * VIDEO: 'ALARMING': US arrests 76 terror watch list migrants * At Least 43 Shot During Weekend in Chicago * Denver Mayor Defunding Police and Fire Depts to Pay for More Migrant Services * Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Imports Over 950,000 Foreign Nationals to U.S., Exceeding Population of South Dakota * MTA: 9-Year-Old Girl Punched in NYC by Man Released Without Bail Days Earlier for Similar Assault * Police: Florida Woman’s Burnt Remains Found After Brutal Carjacking, Abduction in Broad Daylight * Nearly 25,000 Chinese Nationals at U.S. Borders in 6 Months, 37,000% Increase in 3 Years * VIDEO: Female accused of stabbing 1-year-old in stroller in front of parents on Philly street was out on bail after NYC stabbing * VIDEO: Denver slashing police budget to address migrant crisis * After Chicago Approves $70M More for Illegals, Alderman Says “We are Not Taking Care of Our Own’ * VIDEO: “Teen” Opens Fire During Massive Brawl Involving Nearly 50 Teens in Gun Control Paradise California, Resulting in One Fatality * VIDEO: SHOCK VIDEO: Boat Loaded with Migrants Speeds onto California Beach
  3. 04-10-24 ARTICLE STACK New Jersey National Guard’s Weapons of Mass Destruction-Team Conducts Hypothetical Search for Nuclear Bomb at New Jersey Basketball Arena (hmmmm) * VIDEO: 'CORRUPTION': Residents revolt against the 'worst mayor in America' * Sanctuary City Chicago: Tuberculosis Reported at Multiple Migrant Shelters * At Least 15 Shot During Weekend in Chicago * VIDEO: Crowds swarm Virginia police officers in 'street takeover' * No roads for you! Major U.S. city to slap drivers with massive toll to cut traffic * Journalist embeds deep in cartel territory, reveals 'killers and pedophiles' sneaking across border * Liberal Chicago Suburb of Evanston Wants $20M Grant to Make Abandoned Office Building a Migrant Shelter * VIDEO: Mass Shooting in Philadelphia at Ramadan Event…Hundreds Were In Attendance…Several Arrests Have Been Made * HORROR: Illegal Alien in Illinois Brutally Stabs Wife to Death in Front of Their Two Children, Nearly Decapitating Her * Migrants Make Up Nearly Six in Ten Violent Crime Suspects in Germany 
  4. 04-03-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: DEADLY DECISION: Chicago boy killed in home by criminal let out on parole * Joe Biden Spikes Immigrant Population to 51.4 Million * Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Faces Backlash for Migrant Rent Program After Illegal Was Charged with Murder * 2,000+ Migrants in New Government-Assisted Caravan Moving Through Mexico * VIDEO: Sheriff: Illegal Alien Accused of Raping ‘Mentally Incapacitated’ 14-Year-Old Girl in Alabama * VIDEO: Four Killed and Several Injured in Stabbing Attack That Left Illinois Community Shaken * 102-Year-Old Disabled California Man Fined Thousands over Graffiti Left on His Property * NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Dumping $2.4Billion Into Migrant Care, Pushing State-Funded Housing Construction (to house VOTERS) * Germany Goes Green: Cannabis Legalised, Drug Crime Prisoners Released * VIDEO: Gavin Newsom Flooding Crime-Ridden Oakland with 500 Surveillance Cameras * At Least 32 Shot During Easter Weekend in Chicago * Alleged Intruder Dead After Philadelphia Woman Opens Fire * VIDEO: 7 Children Under 17 Shot In Mass Shooting Near Indianapolis Mall * UK population rose by over 4 million since 2011 due in large part to unvetted mass migration * Channel Crisis: Illegal Boat Migration Up 43 Per Cent in Britain over Last Year * Beyond the Headlines: Border INSANITY: Judge Releases VIOLENT Illegal Aliens Into Country * VIDEO: Biden Flew 90% of Illegals in Secret Flight Program to Florida and Texas * Florida Police: Illegal Migrant from Haiti Admits Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl Multiple Times * Sanctuary Massachusetts: Illegal Alien Accused of Fentanyl Trafficking Also Wanted for Murder  
  5. 03-27-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: This is an ‘utter disgrace’ * VIDEO: California police department uses Lego heads to replace faces of suspects in response to new law * VIDEO: WATCH: Large Group of Illegals Push Past Texas Military at El Paso Border * Three Illegal Aliens Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Woman * France Raises Terror Alert to Highest Level After Suspected ISIS Attack in Moscow * 11 Shot in 24 Hours in Atlanta * VIDEO: Border chief issues chilling warning: Keeps me 'up at night' * Michigan Offers Homeowners $500 a Month to House ‘Newcomers’ * Biden’s Parole Pipeline Frees Almost 900K Foreign Nationals into U.S. — Outpacing Populations of 4 States * Chileans Arrested in Orange County, CA Suburb Days After LAPD Forms Task Force to Stop Home Invasions * VIDEO: NYPD officer shot dead, suspects have at least 16 prior arrests * Illegal ‘Got-Aways’ Wanted for Murder, Torture, Kidnapping Found Living in U.S. * Subway ‘Pusher’ Arrested For Shoving Victim to His Death Has History of Mental Illness and Arrests Beginning at 16 * North Carolina: Migrant on terror watch list fires rifle outside convenience store, attacks sheriff’s deputies * Major U.S. city now handing out CASH CARDS to illegal aliens! * Thousands of Migrants Could Be Released En Masse In Days * Biden considering amnesty and green cards for illegals * Previously Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering 25-Year-Old Ruby Garcia * VIDEO: ‘Migrant influencer’ urging illegals to squat in US homes on run from authorities * VIDEO: HORROR: New York City Police Officer Shot and Killed in Broad Daylight by Career Criminal with 21 Prior Arrests – Shooter and Accomplice Identified * The Many Ways a Porous Border Means Crime Without Boundaries * VIDEO: What’s Happening in NYC? Women Randomly Punched in the Face While Walking Down the Street * CRIME PAYS: New York City Begins Distributing Pre-Paid Debit Cards to Illegal Immigrants * BRITAIN CONQUERED? Pakistani Flag Flown From Westminster Abbey… During Holy Week! ("Holy Week" is ANYTHING but holy!) * NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Dumping $2.4Billion Into Migrant Care, Pushing State-Funded Housing Construction
  6. 03-20-24 ARTICLE STACK Nightmare: Squatters take over home, and OWNER gets arrested! * WOW!! Police tell residents to leave car keys where thieves can grab them * Sanctuary Maryland: Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Abusing 6-12-Year-Old Girls * Joe Biden’s Got-Aways: Illegal Alien Wanted for Murder Found Living in Rhode Island * People Smuggling Gangs Making Up to £1.6 Million Per Day From English Channel Boat Migrants * VIDEO: 3 shot dead in Pennsylvania; suspected gunman arrested * VIDEO: ‘Gloves Off’: Tennessee State Senator Calls for Riots After Republican Lawmakers Pass Pro-Police Bill * REPORT: VIDEO: New York District Now Overrun With Illegal Aliens and Prostitution * INVASION: Another 3.2 Million Illegal Aliens Projected to Cross Border This Year, an All-Time Record * VIDEO: WATCH: Migrants Take Selfies After Breaching Border Wall into Arizona * Illegal Migrant Child Labor Rampant in NYC Subways as Authorities Shrug * Two Dead, Five Injured After Shooting in D.C. * Johannesburg, Soweto Run Out of Water as South Africa’s Utilities Face Collapse * REPORT: Self-Proclaimed Hezbollah Terrorist Arrested at Border in Texas * VIDEO: GOLDEN STATE HELL: Massive Brawl Involving Hundreds of Teenagers Erupts at a Southern California Mall, Forcing it to Shut Down Early – Two Teens Arrested * VIDEO: NYC Twin Teenage Girls Stabbed in ‘Senseless’ Attack at Bodega, One Dies * Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns in the U.S. * VIDEO: The Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Armed Suspect Holding Clerks Hostage Inside Denver 7-Eleven Killed After Police Barge Through Door and Unleash a Hailstorm of Bullets (Why so many bullets? He only had a KNIFE) * 66% Concerned Illegal Immigration Creates More Violent Crime * VIDEO: Tucker: Big portion of Haiti's population will be living in Florida * Migration Drives Population of London to Record High, Straining Housing Market and Social Services: Report * Top Leader of Colombian Criminal Gang and Interpol’s Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive Cited and Released — Arrested Again Two Months Later * Chicago Police Release Suspected Venezuelan Gang Gunman When Scared Witness Goes Silent * Appeals court pumps brakes on law allowing arrest of illegals hours after Supremes greenlight it * VIDEO: WATCH: Nonprofit caught on video handing residency papers to man without ID
  7. 03-13-24 ARTICLE STACK 14-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Afghan Migrant’s Vienna Flat After Suspected Sex Assault and Drug Overdose * VIDEO: NYPD: We’re Arresting People with 50, 100 Arrests ‘All the Time’ * VIDEO: Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill Authorizing Arizona Police to Arrest Illegal Aliens * Venezuelan Illegal and Alleged Cartel Member Arrested for Drive-By Shooting in Chicago * VIDEO: Dem Chicago Alderman: Sanctuary Cities See Migrant Surge as ‘Cash Cow’ to Get Money from Feds * Transnational Repression Reaches USA Under Biden as Cuban Dissidents Branded ‘Terrorists’ * VIDEO: Major US city shifts from 'defund police' to deploying troops to public transit * City asks property owners to rent to immigrants amid shelter closings * Dick Durbin Thwarts Bill to Automatically Detain Illegals Charged with Violent Crimes * Illegal Alien from Venezuela Kills 12-Year-Old Missouri Boy After She Crossed Lanes and Hit a Missouri Family Head-On in Collision – Travis Wolfe Was Put on Life Support, He Never Woke Up * Pittsburgh Police Will No Longer Respond to 911 Calls Involving Thefts, Harassment, and Burglary Alarms Due to Staffing Shortages After Former Mayor Froze Police Hiring in Response to the BLM Riots in 2020 * REASON FOR OPEN BORDER = Mississippi Secretary of State Calls on DOJ to Cease Enforcing Biden’s Executive Order that Allows Illegals to Register to Vote * Taco Bell Closing All Dining Rooms in Oakland, California Due to Crime – Will Offer Cashless Drive-Thru Service Only * ‘We’re Just Waiting for Another 9/11’: Migrants Buy Fake Green Cards, Social Security ID from NYC Gangs * U.S. city cuts $5 million from programs to give illegals free housing * VIDEO: 'This is worse than ever': Violent gangs terrorize Haiti * VIDEO: "Worst Immigration-Border Security Crisis in American History
  8. 03-06-24 ARTICLE STACK Suspected Gang War Bombings Break Out in Amsterdam After Shooting of Local Rapper * VIDEO: ‘Enough Is Enough’: NYC Subway Conductor Slashed in Neck Gets 34 Stitches * Report: Squatters Take Over Los Angeles Mansion, Charge $2,000 Rent to OnlyFans Model * Melugin: Over 7,000 Illegals Encountered at Southern Border in One Day on Joe Biden’s Open Border Invitation * VIDEO: “For God’s Sakes, Help Me!” – Elderly Woman on Fixed Income Pleads With Her Colorado City Council to Stop Putting 40,000 Illegal Immigrants With an Estimated Cost of $576 Million Before Residents * VIDEO: MUST SEE… “Joe Biden’s Open Border: An American Nightmare” an Amazing New Flick by Western Lensman * Haiti Hell: State of Emergency and Curfew Imposed After Armed Gang Members Attack Capital Port-Au-Prince and Free Thousands of Prisoners in TWO Massive Jail Breaks! * VIDEO: Arizona cattle rancher shares the brutal reality of Biden’s border crisis * VIDEO: Carjackers target vehicles at Chicago gas stations * New York State Sending National Guard to NYC so Commuters ‘Feel Safe’ * Joe Biden (AGAIN) Uses ‘Secretive Flights’ to Import 320,000 Illegal Aliens to U.S. * Bag checks and troops appear as major city subway violence rockets (9M illegals gave them THE reason) * Biden 'secretly flying' hundreds of thousands of illegals into 43 cities
  9. 02-28-24 ARTICLE STACK  Blood Money’: Leaked U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Documents Reveal How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals with Machine Guns * VIDEO: Suspect in University of Georgia Campus Murder Not a U.S. Citizen * VIDEO: Organized Crime Ring of Teens Steal Nine Luxury Cars at Wisconsin Luxury Dealership Valued at Over $500,000 * San Francisco Store Resorts to Extreme Measures In Attempt to Stop ‘Rampant Shoplifting’ * Expert on Squatters Warns Nation: We’re in for a ‘Nightmare’ Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes * VIDEO: WATCH: Border Patrol Buses Mass Release Military-Age Illegal Aliens to San Diego’s Streets * VIDEO: WATCH: Chicago Jewelry Store Employee Opens Fire on Alleged Robber (He was RELEASED!) * Hundreds of migrants released at bus station after aid money runs out * SHOCK VIDEO: Reckless Man Driving at Obscenely High Speed Mows Down Mother and Daughter Returning from Concert – Suspect Already Freed Thanks to Soft-On-Crime ‘Judge’ * NBC’s Ainsley: ‘May Start to See More Crimes’ Due to Border Surge, ‘A Lot of’ Surge Due to Conditions in Other Nations * At Least 21 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * Honduran Illegal Arrested For Raping 14-Year-Old Girl, Stabbing Man in the Face Multiple Times * CONFIRMED: Man Arrested in Connection With Toddler’s Murder is Illegal Immigrant – New Jersey Judge Previously Ordered Him to be Removed From US, But Sanctuary City Protected Him * Illegal Alien From Venezuela Arrested For Sexual Assault of Minor in Virginia * Public Health Crisis: 2,033 Homeless People Died in Los Angeles in 2023 * Joe Biden Oversees 7.2M Illegal Aliens at Southern Border, Equivalent to 2 Years of U.S. Births
  10. 02-21-24 ARTICLE STACK Hohmann: The Second American Civil War Is Starting * Cities at Breaking Point in California, Colorado, and Maine over Biden Border Crisis * Venezuela’s Maduro Allowed Tren de Aragua Leader to Escape Prison Before Gang Became Menace in NYC * Report: Joe Biden’s DHS Drafts Plan to ‘Mass Release’ Illegal Aliens into U.S. * NYC: Migrant Teen Charged with Robbing Macy’s Store Weeks After Assaulting Officers * Five-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 10-Year-Old Boy Walking Home from School * ‘Sanctuary Church’ Helps Free from Jail Illegal Alien Charged with Migrant Mob Attack on NYPD Officers * VIDEO: WATCH: NYC Subway Cellist Clobbered in Random Attack, Suspect Still at Large * Netherlands: Police Attacked, Cars Torched as Rival Eritrean Migrant Factions Riot at The Hague * ‘Repeated Dangerous Incidents’: California Library Closing Due to Criminal Activity * MAIN REASON for invasion of illegals * Identified: Officers, Medical First Responder, Killed in Minnesota * Four Illegal Aliens Arrested in Chicago for Robbing and Strangling Man on Mass Transit * VIDEO: Terror Watch List Numbers at Border Over 10x What Bothered Me when I Was in Office * VIDEO: WATCH: Migrants Attack Police in New York City Shelter * VIDEO — Police: Robbers Snatch $51K Worth of NYC Gucci Store Merchandise in Broad Daylight * VIDEO: SHOCK VIDEO: Huge Line of Illegals “As Far as the Eye Can See” Traverse Down Steep, Rocky Mountain After Crossing Into San Diego * VIDEO: Biden Border Crisis: Military-Age Syrian Men Illegally Cross Into San Diego * VIDEO: Venezuela Gangs in the Chicago Suburbs? * VIDEO: WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Suggests ‘Non-Police Response’ to Emergencies * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Why no one's stopping border invasion * California library shuts down over drug use and public sex between the bookshelves * State promotes map directing minors to free condoms * White House Has Thrown the ‘Third Border’ Wide Open * 7.2M illegals entered the US under Biden admin, an amount greater than population of 36 states
  11. 02-14-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Migrant encounters top 1 million since October * VIDEO: Assaults on NYPD expected to reach to record-breaking totals * Lawless Meets Driverless: Mob Vandalizes and Torches Self-Driving Waymo Taxi in San Francisco * New York City Expands Curfew to 20 Migrant Shelters Due to Violence * VIDEO: Infuriated residents go off on local officials over migrants * CBP San Diego Sector Caught Over 260 Chinese Illegal Aliens in One Day This Week – Over 20,000 total for CBP in Fiscal Year 2024 * HORROR: Several Minor Teens, Children Shot Inside Bronx Subway Station – Five Injured, One Dead * Report: FBI Fears MS-13 Gang May Join Violent Venezuelan Gang to Terrorize New Yorkers Thanks to Open Borders * 'What are these guys doing here?' U.S. general says Chinese 'coming to kill us' * VIDEO: Late-Night Flights of Illegal Immigrants Uncovered at Phoenix Sky Harbor — Airline Employees and TSA Reveal Details to TGP — “We’re Getting Swamped… Some of Them Smell Really Bad
  12. 02-07-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Alderman Blasts Chicago for Paying Illegals More than $9,000 a Month in Freebies: ‘I’d Come to Chicago, Too’ * VIDEO — ‘It’s Sad’: Beloved Denny’s in Democrat-Run Oakland Closes Permanently Due to Rampant Crime * Migrant Crime Wave Sweeping Sanctuary Cities * VIDEO: “Potential civil war”: Texas residents warn as “Army of God” convoy aims to deter illegal migrants * VIDEO: Illegal immigrants are ‘everywhere,' multiple Americans warn * VIDEO: John Walsh warns of raging crime in America, calls defund the police 'insane' * Mayorkas Doubles Down, Says ‘We Need’ More Migrants Amid Border Debate, Impeachment Fight * VIDEO: New York's ICE Director Demand Action On Migrant Crime In Times Square * VIDEO: ‘Extremely frustrating’: Portland leaders say state laws hinder efforts to clean up city * VIDEO: Crisis in the Northwest: ‘Killing the mentally ill for a dollar a pill’ * ‘Internet Rumors’ Proven True: Border Bill to Allow 8,500 Migrants per Day * SHOCK VIDEO: Aliens on Moped Drag Woman Along NYC Street and Rob Her – Cops Reveal Venezuelan Gang is Linked to Dozens of Similar Attacks – Two Thugs Identified and Arrested * Italy: Seven Muslim migrants gang-rape thirteen-year-old girl * Sweden: Three Explosions Rock Stockholm in Four Days as Country Comes Off Record Year for Bombings * Americans demand border wall, say Biden pushing U.S. into 'civil war'! * VIDEO: Migrant lawlessness is getting WORSE
  13. 01-31-24 ARTICLE STACK Boston, Chicago: Blue Cities Turning Major Airports into Migrant Shelters * Denver becoming overwhelmed after 40,000 spike in migrant population * VIDEO: Harrowing Footage Shows 11-Year-Old Girl Narrowly Escape Kidnapping Attempt – Suspect Nabbed Thanks to Neighbor * VIDEO: Bill Melugin: Illegals from China, Turkey and India Cross Border in San Diego County * SICK: Texas Democrat Posts Tweet Seemingly Calling for Bombing American Citizens Who Support Texas Against the Biden Regime Over the Border – Conservatives Respond * VIDEO: HORRIFYING MOMENT: Two Teens Brutally Attack Woman with Down Syndrome, Kick Her in the Head After She Falls to the Ground * California: Somali jihadi caught crossing border, released, allowed to roam free in US for nearly a year * 46K Migrants Apprehended in Arizona Border Sector in Last 4 Weeks * Three Illegal Aliens Charged with Armed Robbery of Massachusetts Butcher Shop * American voters say Biden 'stoking' fires of a civil war * 'Erase his head from this torso': Indictments in alleged plot to assassinate U.S. residents * Millions of Americans face risk of a toxic 'bomb train' * VIDEO: Migrants attack NYPD officers in shocking video * New Migrant Caravan Leaves Southern Mexico Headed North * Texas Governor Greg Abbott Delivers a Warning to Sanctuary Cities * Close Call: Live WWII-era Grenade Discovered Inside Donation Box at Goodwill Store in Wisconsin * VIDEO: Massive Gas Pipeline Explosion in Oklahoma Panhandle — Pipeline Erupts Into 500-Foot Flames * Former Trump Admin Official in Critical Condition After Being Shot During a Carjacking Spree in D.C.
  14. 01-24-24 ARTICLE STACK PIC: Biden's Border Agenda * Supreme Court Allows Federal Agents to Cut Razor Wire Texas Installed on US-Mexico Border * VIDEO: DOJ Finds ‘Cascading Failures of Leadership’ in Uvalde Police Response to Robb Elementary Shooting * VIDEO: Chicago Organized Retail Burglary Ring Allegedly Led by Newly Arrived Illegal Aliens * ‘Soon, You’re Gonna Know Who I Am,’ Says African Migrant After Crossing Border into U.S. * CBO: Biden Admin Has Released 6.2 Million Illegal Migrants into U.S. in 3 Years, Often Through ‘Parole’ Loophole * VIDEO: In-N-Out Burger Restaurant Closing in Oakland, California Over Rampant Crime Problem * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: NYPD cop kills fleeing man with a cooler * Vermont Resettled Somalis, Shootings Are Up 185% * VIDEO: Is the Arizona migrant who said ‘Soon you’re gonna know who I am’ head of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan? * VIDEO: REALLY?! Thieves Drag Entire ATM from Van in Broad Daylight Following Audacious Bank Robbery in Crime-Ridden California
  15. 01-17-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: This is all by design * Maine Builds New Rent-Free Apartments for Migrants Paid by State’s Taxpayers * 'No one's business is safe': U.S. city using dark scheme to steal property * Virginia Police Warn of Group of Serial Burglars Approaching Homes with Bouquets of Roses * Los Angeles Police Department Wants to Give Badges and Guns to Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: California Targets and Walmarts Lock Up Underwear to Curb Rampant Shoplifting * VIDEO: Prosecutors: Chicago Woman Left Brain Dead After Eight-Time Felon Attacked Her on Train * VIDEO: Anna Paulina Luna Absolutely Eviscerates Democrats' Witness During Hearing On Border Security * VIDEO: Walgreens Closing Boston Location in Poor Neighborhood Due to Theft, Locals Outraged * VIDEO: Illegal Alien African Muslims Pray to Mecca After Crossing Joe Biden’s Open US Border in Lukeville, Arizona
  16. 01-10-24 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Texas sheriff predicts ‘tsunami’ of migrants before inauguration if Trumps wins * VIDEO: Mayorkas told border agents that 'above 85%' of migrants released into US: Sources * Illegal Immigrant Deported Four Times Charged With Killing Colorado Mother, Son In DUI Crash * It’s Official: 50 Texas Counties Declare Border ‘Invasion’ * Sanctuary Fairfax County, VA: Illegal Alien Freed into U.S. as ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Accused of Child Sexual Abuse * Half of UK Asylum Seekers Who Claimed to Be Children Are Actually Adults, with 4,000 Cases Since 2020 * Nolte: 65% of Likely Voters Accurately See ‘Invasion’ at Southern Border * DHS Chief Mayorkas’s Border Fix: Bus More Illegal Aliens into U.S. Towns * Elon Musk issues warning after NYC students pushed out of school to house migrants: 'Will come for your homes' * Surging crime, costs forced 52 businesses to shutter in this blue city last year. Another is about to close * Massachusetts Governor and Lt. Governor Declare Emergency Over Migrant Crisis, Ask Residents to House Illegal Immigrants in Their Homes * VIDEO: Rep. Mark Green: DHS Chief Mayorkas Has Imported 5 Million Illegal Aliens — Outpacing Annual U.S. Births * GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen in Mexico Drop Ice Chests with Human Body Parts in Border City  
  17. 01-03-24 ARTICLE STACK SHOCK VIDEO: Security Footage Reveals Moment Three Armed Thugs Ambush Parked Car and Gun Down Young Mother in New York City * Even the Catholics Are Rebelling Against the Pope's Pro-Migration Policies * France Mobilises 100,000 Police and Soldiers in Paris Amid ‘Very High Terror Threat’ on New Year’s Eve * Mexico Tells Pleading Biden: We’ll Curb 2024 Migrant Flood if You Aid Dictators * VIDEO: Catholic Priest claims Jesus was homeless Palestinian Jew on live TV (He also lied claiming Mary and Joseph were homeless) * VIDEO: December border crossings exceed 300,000 for first time in US history * VIDEO: This is only going to get worse, warns former ICE director * Biden Floods Small Wisconsin Town with 1,000 Migrants * LA HELL: Former 90210 Star Actor Jumped and Viciously Attacked by Urban Bikers While His Daughter Cries in the Car * Multiple Explosions Reported on Roosevelt Island in New York City’s East River * DISASTER: Biden’s Border Crisis Causing Public Health Catastrophe * VIDEOS: Germany Is Falling: Mobs of Military-Age Muslim Migrants Riot and Attack Police; “They Shot at Anything That Moves” * France: Interior Minister says start of 2024 has been ‘calm,’ only 745 vehicles were torched on New Year’s Eve * 151K Migrants Apprehended Last Month in 2 Border Sectors — Shatters Prior Records * VIDEO: Mayor Eric Adams Says New York City ‘Ou t of Room, Literally’ While Giving Free Hotel Rooms to Border Crossers * REPORT: Monthly Migrant Encounters in December Exceed 300K for First Time * Sanctuary USA: Joe Biden Deporting 1 Illegal Alien for Every 70 Illegal Aliens Arriving at Southern Border * VIDEO: WATCH: Reporter describes how Chinese illegals get fast-tracked into U.S. * Armed robber gets bloody surprise from his intended victim * Biden preps to open more border crossings as illegals surge reaches new levels * Leprosy, polio, malaria, TB, measles ... and masses of unscreened illegals
  18. 12-27-23 ARTICLE STACK Muckraker Releases Several “Mass Migration Blueprints” Used by Leftwing NGOs and the UN in the Planned and Organized Invasion into America * VIDEO: African Illegals at Border Carry Instructions to Get to Philly Center * Illegal migrant encounters at Southern border surpass 547,000 in less than 3 months! * VIDEO: Arizona border rancher who saw MS-13 on his ranch has dire warning: 'We have cartel scouts on our mountains' * Leprosy, Polio, Malaria, TB, Measles… and Massive Unscreened Illegal Immigration * Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Total Illegal Aliens That Entered US Under Joe Biden Now More than Population of New Jersey- the 11th Largest State! * VIDEO: Muslim Mob Terrorizes Christmas Shoppers in Small, Peaceful Tennessee City * LARGEST MIGRANT CARAVAN In Over a Year Heading to Open US Border – 15,000 Illegal Migrants in Christmas Caravan and It’s Growing Every Day * Apocalypse Now? Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Position in the Territory of Belarus * In Memoriam: 14 Americans, Legal Immigrants Among Those Allegedly Killed by Illegal Aliens in 2023 * Chinese nationals illegally entering U.S. just hit a new record high * Report: Biden wanted to completely hide China's spy-balloon invasion
  19. 12-20-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Tens of Thousands of Illegals Continue to Catch Train in Mexico Bound For US on Joe Biden’s Open Border Invitation * VIDEO: Homeless Man Threatens to Shoot Atlanta News Crew While Taking Them Hostage * VIDEO: Arizona Border Town Remains Shut Amidst Uncontrolled Flow of Migrants * Revealed: No whites allowed at U.S. mayor's holiday party * Unstoppable Wave of Migrants in Texas Forces Border Patrol Checkpoint Closures * VIDEO: ‘Tranq Tourism’: Content Creators Blasted for Filming Drug Addicts in Philadelphia * ‘Heroic’: Texas Teen Drives Friends to Safety Before Dying of Gunshot Wound in Road Rage Incident * VIDEO: December migrant encounters on track to 'shatter' records * VIDEO: This is by far the worst we've ever experienced along the border: Texas Public Safety officer * COMING CRASH: Vacant Office Space in Crime-Ridden San Francisco Hits Record High * ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Texas Over Law Allowing State and Local Law Enforcement to Arrest Illegal Migrants * Italy: Catholic Church funds illegal migration * Denver’s Dem. Mayor Teams with Catholic Church to House Illegals, Pleads for More Work Permits
  20. 12-13-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: ‘DIRE SITUATION’: US border encounters hit new record under Biden * 'Top secret' migrant camp caught operating out of empty aircraft hanger in Tex as * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Tells Megyn Kelly There Will be Violence if Sham Prosecutions of Trump Continue * Cop goes haywire with Taser threats, now mom wants Supreme ruling * Nude beach for LGBT folks torpedoes plan for kids' playground * VISA OVERSTAY: Tunisian Migrant Arrested in New York For Allegedly Trying to Buy Child
  21. 12-06-23 ARTICLE STACK Americans warned riots are now a campaign 'tactic' * VIDEO: Robberies in liberal city reach staggering number in 2023 * VIDEO: AWFUL: Group of Deranged Women Brutally Assault Helpless Man in Black Friday Brawl and Try to Strip Off His Pants While Another Fight Breaks Out Nearby * In Germany, Police Call Crime Wave By Migrants ‘Frightening’ * Foreign-Born Population Hits 49.5 Million Under Biden – Largest Ever in American History *  * VIDEO: This was an attack against America * VIDEO: DeSantis Flaunts ‘Poop Map,’ Exposing San Francisco Literally Covered in Human Feces — Criticizes City’s Clean Up for Dictators but Not Citizens * Businesses in ‘George Floyd Square’ in Minneapolis Sue Over Rampant Crime * Biden Border Crisis Worsens: 9,400+ Illegal Aliens Flood Over Southern Border IN LAST 24 HOURS * VIDEO: 4 thieves use hammers in brazen robbery at Santa Anita mall. Holiday shoppers are shaken * Antisemitic Mob Descends on Israeli-Owned Restaurant in Philadelphia * Black Residents Sue Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson over Migrant ‘Tent City,’ State Halts Construction over Toxic Chemicals in Soil * The Border Crisis: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You * VIDEO: Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb: Every Illegal Alien Crossing Border Received $5,000 Gift Card * UPDATE: Suspect in Virginia Home Explosion Reported Dead by Police – “All Factors Point to” James Yoo, Asian Man Who Previously Made Bizarre Rants on LinkedIn, Called The US “Worlds Biggest Terrorist” – Social Media Now Scrubbed * VIDEO: PHILLY: Macy’s Security Guard Stabbed to Death by Suspect with Long Rap Sheet Trying to Steal Hats From Store * VIDEO: SHOCK VIDEO: Smuggler Stands on US Soil as He Helps Illegal Aliens Rush Through Hole in Border Wall in Arizona While Border Patrol Agents Do Nothing * US Students’ Math Scores Drop to Lowest Levels Ever in Global Education Assessment as Millions of Illegals Flood Over Border * VIDEO: Nolte: Democrat-run San Francisco Faces Worst Year Ever of Overdose Deaths * VIDEO: ‘We’ve Had Enough,’ Says Texas Border Mayor on Mass Migration Disaster * VIDEO: D.C. Crime Crisis: Restaurateur Spends $4K a Week on Guarded Security for Taco Stand * 15-yr-old gang-raped by 9 men, but no prison for shocking reason * 'Blinking red lights everywhere': FBI sounds alarm on U.S. 'threat matrix' * Christian nationalists party at Mar-a-Lago and warn of God's wrath if Trump loses again
  22. 11-29-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: This was no accident and it will get worse: Former police official * More than 2,500 cops quit the job in major U.S. city just this year * 'Caught in the crossfire': Border-town residents flee as cartels burn homes, battle in streets * Pennsylvania Water System Hacked By Iranian-Backed Hackers, Who Leave Message, “Down with Israel” * VIDEO: SHOCK REPORT: Biden Admin Is Spending $451 BILLION a Year to Pay for Illegal Alien and Asylum Seeker Benefits * VIDEO: Irish Socialist Councillor Lillian Seenoi-Barr Says Irishmen “Terrorists” are the Problem – NOT the Migrants Stabbing Children * ‘I Am Hopeful – that Congress Will Do It” – DHS Secretary Mayorkas Lays Out Amnesty Plan for 12-30 Million Illegal Aliens Here in the US * VIDEO: The Numbers are MASSIVE! Illegal Aliens Spotted Leaving Central Mexico Making Their Way to US Border * VIDEO: Shows Random Bus Station Sitting in Arizona Desert to Pick Up Border Invaders * Tucson Sector Border Patrol Announces It Will Stop Posting Photos of Biden Border Crisis to Social Media Amid Record Surge of Illegals
  23. 11-22-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Chinese national accused of running bio-lab in US * VIDEO: Pro-Palestinian group posts map of NYC targets * VIDEO: This is like something out of a movie script * VIDEO: This is a ‘scary’ problem impacting US national security * Sanctuary State Illinois: Three Colombian Illegal Aliens Charged with Robbing 60-Year-Old Woman of $20K * VIDEO: WATCH — ‘Bad Idea!’: Fight Erupts Between Marines and Civilians on Austin’s Sixth Street * Harvard Poll: 6 in 10 Voters Say Owning a Gun is a Necessary Part of Self-Defense Against Crime * At Least 4 Injured After Shots Fired in Beavercreek, Ohio, Walmart * 'Radio silence': Media quiet after man kills four in multi-location rampage
  24. 11-15-23 ARTICLE STACK Things in Chicago Are So Bad That Venezuelan Illegals Are Fleeing Back to Venezuela * VIDEO: Furious Chicago residents demand end to 'sanctuary' status * Mexican Government Does Nothing as Gulf Cartel Sets Fire to Border Town * 4 dead, including Texas police officer, during hostage standoff: 'Very tragic incident' * VIDEO: Police Use Tear Gas, Flash-Bang Grenades to Push Back on Antifa Militants Protesting Atlanta Police Training Site * ST. LOUIS: NCAA Women’s Basketball Team Stops Near Gateway Arch for Team Photo – Van is Broken Into, Jerseys and Electronics Stolen * VIDEO: Army Veteran Saves Pregnant Woman From Carjacking at Florida Starbucks Drive-Thru * VIDEO: Mob of Looters Ransacks Memphis Gas Stations, FedEx Truck * 15 Shot, Five Killed, During Weekend in Chicago * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Las Vegas Teen Beaten to Death by Mob of 15 After Standing Up for Smaller Friend * City official demands tax money to attack pregnancy centers * VIDEO: Migrants fed up with Chicago head home * VIDEO: Reporters robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco during Xi visit * VIDEO: Homeowner shocked as migrants enter US through his backyard * Australia’s Highest Court Rules Against Indefinite Migrant Detention, Foreign-Born Criminals Released
  25. 11-08-23 ARTICLE STACK Report: Joe Biden to Pay Foreign Countries to Control Inflow of Illegal Immigration to U.S. * VIDEO: Bonfire Night Chaos as Black-Clad Youths Attack Police with Petrol Bombs, Fireworks in Edinburgh * VIDEO: Jewish man dies after confrontation with anti-Israel protesters * VIDEO: “I Was Willing to Die for My Family” – Armed LA Father Flips the Tables on Masked Intruders Threatening Him and Trying to Break into Home with his Wife and Baby Inside * 1,500 Illegal Aliens This Morning Alone Cross Into US Through Tohono Reservation In Arizona * Hamas Ally CAIR Has Been Operating With Impunity Inside America for 30 Years * Congressional Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Facilitate Entry for Thousands of Palestinian Nationals into the US * VIDEO: Alex Marlow: Joe Biden’s Open Border Is a Gift to the Corporations That Fund Him * 'Perfect storm': Major questions highlighted on security of automatic voter registration * Dem city rushes to clear homeless camps ahead of large international summit
  26. 11-01-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: After 2 years of open borders we expected this * VIDEO: ‘IRONIC’: American Jews safer in Saudi Arabia than college campuses * Chicago Halloween party mass shooting: 15 wounded, police seek to shut down establishment * 39-Year Intel Analyst: ‘There WILL Be Multiple Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. Over the Next 14 Months’ * VIDEO: Ohio Conducts Statewide Simulation of Anthrax Attack (another "drill" before it happens?) * VIDEO: Teen Sucker-Punches Innocent Strangers at Houston-Area Park – Says He Did it for Social Media Likes and Clicks * Wide Open Border: 100 Syrians, 50 Iranians Cross US Border in October Alone! * VIDEO: Chicago Faces Another Lawsuit by Residents Fed Up With Illegal Shelters * More Terror Suspects Reaching the U.S.: Here Are ‘Known Unknowns’ of the Biden Border Crisis * Concertina Wire Fails to Hold Migrants Back in Texas Border Town * Red Light District Erupts in New York with Influx of Venezuelan Prostitutes * No doubt: 'Hundreds' from terror watchlist have slipped into U.S. * VIDEO: WATCH: DHS chief can't answer question on how many migrants Biden has released into U.S. * VIDEO: Tucker Carlson and Nigel Farage: 'Starting to notice a pattern?'
  27. 10-25-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Turning Point USA Employee Attacked by Pro-Palestinian Mob * Chaos in Berlin: 65 Police Officers Injured as Pro-Palestine Activists Riot, Set Fires During Banned Protest * Dems now adopt GOP suggestion to split U.S. into 'red' and 'blue' (Civil war was prophesied) * SHOCKER: Feds Sound the Alarm on the Potential Infiltration of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and Hezbollah in US Southern Border * VIDEO: Homeless Sex Offender Offered ‘Free Fentanyl 4 New Users’ Outside San Francisco Grade School * Biden’s Catch and Release Network Frees over Half a Million Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 9 Months * At Least 14 Shot Friday into Saturday Night Across Chicago * D.C. Residents Fear Crime Surge Turning Area into U.S. War Zone * Feds see 75% jump in arrests of illegal aliens on terror watchlist * VIDEO: San Francisco city employees issued bulletproof vests to walk the streets * Report: CBP Warns Terrorist Groups, Including Hamas, Could Pass Through Southern Border * Guatemalan Illegal Alien, Who Is Also a Convicted Sex Offender, Arrested in Massachusetts * Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Biden Regime for Cutting Razor Wire at the Southern Border: ‘This is Illegal’ * VIDEO: ‘We’re Fed Up’: California Apartment Plagued by Violent Teenagers * House Republicans: Joe Biden Has No Authority to Import Palestinians to U.S. Through Parole Loophole * Biden’s 2023 Flood: One Migrant for Every American Newborn * Watchdog Group Sues Biden’s DHS for Hiding ‘Special Amnesty’ Policy to Fly Deported Illegal Aliens Back to U.S. * Biden releases 96% of inadmissible aliens who used its 'CBP One' app * VIDEO: HORROR: DC Preschool Teachers Walking With Toddlers Violently Attacked In Broad Daylight
  28. 10-18-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Is America next? * VIDEO: Major U.S. cities on high alert following threat from ex-Hamas official * 11 Middle Eastern Migrants Found in Texas Border Sector in One Week * VIDEO: US at greatest risk of an attack today in its history * Terror threats for U.S. border agents' families, as cartels pay for their home addresses * Twice-Deported Honduran Illegal Charged with Murders After “Badly Burned” Body, Decomposed Remains Found in Nashville * VIDEO: Ben Bergquam Shows Just How Bad Biden’s Border Crisis Is Getting In Unchecked Locations * VIDEO: Hundreds Flee Texas State Fair As Shooter Goes On Rampage: Suspect Caught And Identified * VIDEO: Texas DPS Drone Captures Footage Of Heavily Armed Cartel Near Rio Grande * VIDEO: Chicago Teens Attack Tesla During ‘Street Takeover’ While Police Watch * Citizens move to boot Soros-backed D.A. as crime swallows U.S. city * Soros-backed D.A. gets carjacked at gunpoint in his own liberal city * Biden DOJ recommends police relax standards, hire people who commit 'isolated' crimes * VIDEO: Resurfaced Video Shows Houston-Based Muslim Children Pledging to Be Soldiers, Martyrs for Iranian Ayatollah
  29. 10-11-23 ARTICLE STACK WARNING: Potential terrorists from Syria reach remote Arizona border crossing * VIDEO: GRAPHIC Portland man lucky to be alive after attack outside his business * U.S. Senator Identifies ‘Gravest Terrorist Threat’ to America * Report: Biden Admin. Losing Track of 99% of Millions of Illegal Immigrants, Border Crisis Worse than Ever * Ben Bergquam: Border Patrol Confirms Significant Numbers Of Syrians And Pakistanis Pouring Into Arizona * Crime Tourism: Four Chilean Nationals Accused of Violently Robbing Michigan Jewelry Stores * Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Diverts Citizens’ Rental Assistance Funding to House Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Seattle-Area Parents Beat Naked Man Accused of Trying to Touch Children at JCPenney * VIDEO: GOP Report: Biden Welcomed 4 Million Illegal Migrants Within 26 Months * 24K Chinese Migrants Apprehended at Southwest Border in FY 2023
  30. 10-04-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: GRAPHIC: HORROR: Homeless Serial Shoplifter with a Violent Record Sets California Store Clerk on Fire * VIDEO: Ted Cruz Accuses Karine Jean-Pierre Of Peddling lies For Biden * VIDEO: 95-year-old veteran kicked out of nursing home to make way for illegal aliens * Sick and Twisted: Scammers Target Parents with AI-Generated Copies of Their Children Begging for Help * Two Million Migrants Apprehended at Southwest Border for 2nd Straight Year * MI Sheriff Warns Residents in Wealthy, Majority Democrat-Voting County: “Organized Transnational Gangs” Are Breaking Into Exclusive Homes… Here’s What He Says They’re Stealing… * German Leftists Freak Out and Call for Censorship After Elon Musk Points Out 8 German NGO Ships Are Dumping Illegal Aliens into Italy and Germany’s Conservative AfD Party Wants It to Stop * Illegal Immigrant Gang Kidnaps Three Girls, Including 11-Year-Old, in Northern Minnesota and Rapes and Tortures Them – Not Making Headlines * Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar Carjacked at Gunpoint by Three Black Males Outside His Apartment in Washington D.C. * VIDEO: NYC Hospital Official: Dealing with Migrant Surge ‘Hardest Work that I’ve Ever Done' * VIDEO: Gov. Kathy Hochul Looks to Fill 18,000 New York Jobs with Border Crossers (low pay slavery) * Minority numbers surging at top companies (BOYCOTT?) * Biden Admin Moves 2K Migrants from Packed Border Facility to Release Elsewhere in Texas * VIDEO: Chinese Military Releases Cartoon Elf Video Threatening Taiwan * Blue city's fentanyl crisis so bad, officials ask all citizens to carry NARCAN * VIDEO: Philadelphia Police: Armed Dirt Biker Smashes Car Window, Head-Butts Woman as Her Children Watch (Police drive by ignoring it) * VIDEO: Portland Safety Official: I Had to Tell People to Not Call 911 Due to Overdoses Flooding Us, We’ve Been ‘Too Tolerant’ * House of Horrors: 11 Illegal Aliens Among Men Accused of Gang Raping Girls in Small Minnesota Town * Sheriff Sounds Alarm on Gangs of Illegal Aliens Getting into U.S. through Border to Burglarize Americans * Nolte: Horror Video Shows Social Justice Activist Stabbed to Death in Democrat-Run New York * Residents of Hispanic Chicago Neighborhood Protest Opening of Migrant Shelter * New Jersey Man Accused of Sexual Assault by Six Women Gets Plea Deal with No Additional Jail Time
  31. 09-27-23 ARTICLE STACK  11K Migrants Caught Entering Arizona Border Sector in One Week, 40K This Month * VIDEO: Activists melt down after liberal city makes drugs illegal again * New Jersey sparks terror fears with 'see something, say something' roadway campaign * VIDEO: ‘WE DON’T FEEL SAFE’: Texas resident details reality of the border crisis * Pope Francis says Europe is not facing a migrant emergency, says countries should open ports * Blue city debates $750 million 'climate investment' amid rampant homelessness, crime, drugs * VIDEO: Victor Reacts: Criminals No Longer Fear the Law! Vegas Teen Brags that He Will Be Out in 30 Days * Harm Reduction” Program That Distributes Crack Pipes In Texas * illegals arriving at border test positive for tuberculosis * Leaked Images Show What Biden Admin Plans to Hand Out to Illegals at Border * Migrants in New York City Pocketing $3,000 a Month Working Illegally While the City Foots Their Bills * VIDEO: National Guardsmen Give Ladder to Illegals During Live Report * Chicago: At Least 30 Shot During Weekend * City slammed for 'racist' trees, is forced to remove them * VIDEO: Shock Video: Illegal Aliens Run Into US in San Diego Through Construction Site on Border Wall * CVS Pharmacy to Close 900 Stores by the End of 2024, Citing Shoplifting as Major Problem * VIDEO: Stores Looted in Philadelphia by “Large Crowds of Juveniles” * ‘Unprecedented Levels of Theft Coupled With Rampant Crime’ Caused $112 Billion in Loss For Retailers Last Year * VIDEO: Teen mob ransacks retailers across major city * VIDEO: Retail giant closes 9 stores in liberal cities as theft reaches crisis point * VIDEO: Customs And Border Protection Cuts Barbed Wire Barrier, Allows Illegal Aliens to Flood Into Eagle Pass, Texas * VIDEO: Migrant Surge in Texas Border Town Outpacing Haitian Crisis of 2021
  32. 09-20-23 ARTICLE STACK Criminals Will Run Wild’: Illinois Becomes First State to Abolish Cash Bail as Fears Mount * MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘Sh-t Is About to Hit the Fan in This Country,’ Trump Is Inciting His ‘Cesspool’ MAGA Base * 'Pay Their Fair Share’: Socialist Lawmakers Push for ‘Migrant Taxes’ on New Yorkers During Immigration Crisis * EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 1,500 Migrants Cross into Texas Border Town in 6 Hours * 8 Shot Dead in Under 48 Hours in Philadelphia * Nearly 20 Shot Friday into Sunday Night in Chicago * VIDEO: Masked Carjackers Follow Aston Martin Driver Home, Violently Beat Him in His Garage in Broad Daylight Robbery * VIDEO: I Fight Kids” – 13-Year-Old Child Savagely Beaten by Female Thug at a Los Angeles McDonald’s While Bystanders Watch and Record * VIDEO: Known border gotaways blow past 1M * The Rig is On: California City Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants the Right to Vote
  33. 09-13-23 ARTICLE STACK Bombshell Federal Probe: Joe Biden’s DHS Losing Track of Almost 20% of Border Crossers Freed into U.S. * VIDEO GRAPHIC: CHICAGO HELL: Three Female Thugs Repeatedly Beat Helpless Man with Metal Object and Steal His Car – Now He Can’t Work * Couple Fatally Shot While Sitting in Car with One-Year-Old in Gun-Controlled California * VIDEO: 300 Mostly West African Migrants Cross Border into Arizona * At Least 27 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * HERE WE GO: Minnesota Begins Process For Issuing Driver’s Licenses to 81,000 Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: Testing the mindset towards civil war? * VIDEO: Riot In Hollywood Erupts as Unruly Crowds Fight Each Other, Assault Officers, and Burn Cars During Skateboarding Event * VIDEO: Nike Permanently Closes Factory Store in Democrat-Run Portland Due to Ongoing Theft And Safety Issues * More Than a Third of Chicago’s 2024 $538 Million Budget Shortfall Tied to Migrant Crisis
  34. 09-06-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: This is like a normal day on the subway * VIDEO: Liberals are finally paying the price for lawlessness * Mayor of Casper, Wyoming Says Homeless Squatters Destroyed Local Motel, Left Hundreds of Pounds of Feces on Streets * Soaring DC Crime: Grocery Chain Ditches Name Brand Laundry Detergents in Favor of Ones No One Wants to Steal * VIDEO: 65-Year-Old Woman Slashed Across Face in Random Attack in New York City – Female Suspect Arrested * VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Activists Protest in Ohio After Pregnant Black Woman Was Shot Dead After She Tried to Run Over Cop * Welcome to America: In First Two Months in NYC, Illegal Arrested at Least 6 Times for 14 Crimes * VIDEO: Beverly Hills: High-End Retail Stores Shuttered amid Smash-and-Grab Epidemic * Sanctuary State NY: Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering 28-Year-Old Man * VIDEO: Retailers Take Desperate Measures Including Fog Machines to Deter Rampant Shoplifting (Seems to work)
  35. 08-30-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Watch: Man Tased and Robbed on Porch of Seattle Home * San Francisco Restaurant Bans Armed Police to Keep Patrons ‘Safer’ * Nolte: Democrat-Run NYC Loses $1 Trillion as Wall Street Firms Flee * Biden Approves Migrant Camp at NYC Airfield Despite Residents’ Opposition * Argentina: Leftist Protest Leader Claims to Have Inspired Nationwide Looting Spree * Gov. Kathy Hochul Announces Jobs Program for Illegal Aliens as 380K New Yorkers are Unemployed * VIDEO: Kasich on Trump Indictments: America Is So Divided, It Could End Up in Civil War * Virginia Thief Steals Package out of FedEx Driver’s Hands * 3 People Dead After Shots Fired in Florida Dollar General Store * Brandon Johnson’s Chicago: At Least 17 Shot Friday into Mid-Afternoon Saturday * Illegal Alien, Freed into U.S. by Biden’s HHS, Denied Bail for Allegedly Raping and Murdering 11-Year-Old Girl * Report: Biden’s Parole Pipeline Welcomed Illegal Alien Now Accused of Fracturing Police Officer’s Skull * VIDEO: WATCH: Mass Youth Brawls Hit California Malls * VIDEO: 'Armed and dangerous' person reported on UNC campus * VIDEO: 49ers, Raiders Fans Fight and Stab Each Other at In-N-Out Burger * Zuckerberg’s Demands More TPS Amnesties for Illegal Migrants * Illegal Alien, Freed into U.S. from Southern Border, Charged with Killing 11-Year-Old boy Aiden Clark * Second TV News Crew Robbed in Same Month in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * Italy Overwhelmed by Record-Breaking Migrant Arrivals * VIDEO: 9 Masked Smash-And-Grab Thieves Ransack Macy’s In Los Angeles, Shove Stolen Merchandise in Trashbags * VIDEO: Florida: Man Caught Poisoning Neighbors with Toxic Opioid Agent in Tampa – UNDERCOVER CAMERA REVEALS THE CRIME * SHOCKING VIDEO: Man Lights Newspapers on Fire in NYC Subway, Throws Them at Random Strangers — Even Kids * VIDEO: Democrat-Run San Francisco Loses Nordstrom After 35 Years * VIDEOS: GRAPHIC: Nolte: Democrat-Run Cities See Explosion of Hate Crimes * Iconic retailer permanently closes in Democrat city thanks to rampant crime
  36. 08-23-23 ARTICLE STACK REPORT: Biden Admin Welds Arizona Border Wall Gates Open * Vatican (AGAIN) Slams ‘Inhuman’ U.S. Southern Border Fence (Yet Rome has a HUGE wall!) * VIDEO: Pittsburgh police report 'active shooter situation' underway * VIDEO: WATCH: 'Unprecedented raid' on 98-year-old's home, she dies next day * ‘It Was So Easy to Get Into the US’: Migrants Waltz Through Border Gates Welded Open by Biden Administration * VIDEO: WATCH: 'This is unfixable': James Woods stunned by out-of-control kids in U.S. city * Sanctuary City Chicago Considers Shipping Border Crossers to Suburbs * VIDEO: Videos From The Streets of San Francisco: Smash and Grab Car Burglars Filmed in Broad Daylight; Homeless Camp Burns on City Sidewalk * VIDEO: D.C. War Zone: Uber Driver From Iraq Survives Hail of Gunfire Just Blocks From the White House * Biden Oversees Record Border Crossers in U.S. with Unresolved Asylum Claims, Outpacing Populations of 11 States * 50K Migrants Apprehended in Texas Based Border Sector in 15 Days * VIDEO: 'UNLIVABLE': Iconic San Fran retailer may leave California after 165 years * NYC Addicts Seen with Needles Hanging from Arms * At Least 29 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning Across Mayor Johnson’s Chicago * Migrants Transferred from Bronx Hotel to Queens Village Tents — Locals Protest Move * Immigration Poll: Overwhelming Majority of N.Y. Voters Call Migrant Flood a Serious Problem * Nearly 40 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * 12-Year-Old Arrested for Armed Carjacking in Democrat-Run D.C. * Human Smugglers March Migrants, Including Children, Across Texas Border into Path of Tropical Storm Harold * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Democrat Utopia: Woman Pistol-Whipped, Dragged on Oakland Street * Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Blames Increase in Theft For 23% Drop in Profit Despite Sales Increasing 3.6% in Q2
  37. 08-16-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Entire Goodhue Police Department resigns; mayor says she was 'blindsided' * Illegal Migrants Getting Immigration Court Dates in 2032 * Chicago Group Asks Gang Members Not to Shoot People Between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. * At Least 23 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * VIDEO: Blue cities face massive crisis: 'Breaking point' * Biden Admin Increases Migrant Releases as Border Policies Crumble Under Another Surge * New Yorkers to Spend $12 Billion on Illegal Immigration — Triple the Cost Previously Projected * Biden’s Parole Pipeline: Illegal Alien Linked to Terrorism Among 1.4 Million Freed into U.S. at Southern Border * VIDEO: Veteran cop quits in scathing fashion: 'This city is a disgrace' * Rideshare Driver Shoots Two Alleged Robbers in Chicago * WATCH: Mob Ransacks Topanga Nordstrom in L.A.; Mayor Karen Bass: ‘Unacceptable’ * VIDEO: VIDEO — ‘Taco Tantrum’: Woman Accused of Punching L.A. Food Vendor Arrested * Biden Asks Congress for Billions to Expand Illegal Migration * Sanctuary State New York: Second Migrant Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman in Hotel Room * English Channel Migrant Crisis to Last At Least Another Five Years, Admits Leaked Govt Document * VIDEO: WATCH: Hero Long Island Police Officer Sideswipes Crazed Female Who Fired a Gun and Threatened Motorists While Standing in the Middle of Intersection * VIDEO: Nolte: San Francisco Crime Forces Staff at Nancy Pelosi Federal Building to Work From Home * Many millions believe violence justified to keep Trump from presidency
  38. 08-09-23 ARTICLE STACK Sanctuary State New York: Migrant Charged with Raping Woman in Front of Toddler * Migrant Apprehensions at One U.S.-Canada Border Sector Exceed Prior 9 Years Combined * VIDEO: Crime, homelessness push Oregon residents to flee * NYC Mayor Eric Adams Considers Opening Migrant Camp in Central Park * Chicago: At Least 25 Shot Friday Through Sunday Afternoon * VIDEO: Outrage as squatters turn abandoned homes into drug dens * New York Officials to Transform Staten Island Assisted Living Facility into Migrant Shelter * VIDEO: Nolte: Democrat-Run Portland’s Wealthiest Taxpayers Are Fleeing * Gun-Controlled Washington, DC, on Pace for Deadliest Year in 2 Decades (Gun Controlled = Only Criminals have guns!) * 15-Year High in Border Crossings in Tucson * VIDEO: Chicago: Nine-Year-Old Girl Executed by Neighbor for Being “Too Loud” * Armed Suspected Cartel Members Seen Entering Texas From Mexico Escaped Capture by Border Patrol * VIDEO: Residents of Deep Blue Brooklyn Outraged After Eric Adams Houses Illegal Immigrants in Popular Neighborhood Park * U.S. on alert after discovering brand-new Chinese migrant smuggling route * VIDEO: 'NO MORE ROOM': Migrant crisis has become 'unsustainable' in this liberal
  39. 08-04-23 ARTICLE STACK Biden’s DHS Adds Illegal Alien Population to U.S. the Size of Nebraska and Hawaii * Migrant Rush Forces International Bridge Closures in Texas * 5 Days, 4,800 Migrants in One Texas Border Sector * VIDEO: Matt Gaetz Grills DHS Chief Mayorkas: Illegal Aliens Getting ‘Disney Fast Pass into the Country’ * Violent crime is rising in the nation’s capital. DC seeks solutions as Congress keeps close watch * VIDEO: 'OUT OF CONTROL': Migrants line NYC streets outside swanky hotel * Poll: 57% of Cubans Intend to Leave Country * Report: 7 Illegal Aliens Among 19 Arrested for Child Sex Crimes in Florida County * Poll: Most Republicans Say U.S. Is ‘Worse Off’ from Mass Immigration * NYC Health Official: Illegal Immigration Bringing Tuberculosis, Polio to New York * VIDEO: WATCH: Mass Looting of Gucci at L.A.’s Century City Mall * VIDEO: Police: Taco Bell Manager Allegedly Murdered by Homeless Worker He Tried to Help * Police: NYC Woman Held at Knifepoint, Forced to Withdraw $8,000 from ATM * Gun sales go stratospheric in last 4 years
  40. 07-26-23 ARTICLE STACK Terror suspects found at border explode 900% under Biden! * Total illegals into U.S. under Biden is more than population of 35 states! * Chicago Alderman Blasts Dangerous Conditions in Mayor’s Designated Shelters for Illegals * Corporate Media Help Biden Hide Growing Illegal Migrant Inflow * UK Terror Threat to Be Raised as Dozens of Islamist Terrorists Set Be to Freed From Prison * Mexico’s National Guard Escorting New Migrant Caravan Headed to U.S. Border * Mayor Eric Adams Giving Fliers to Illegal Aliens at Border Begging Them Not to Resettle in Sanctuary City NYC * Chicago Mayor to House Single Adult Male Border Crossers in Old Hospital Despite Opposition from Residents * VIDEO: Police: Mexican National Viciously Murdered Three Dallas Women * Sanctuary City Los Angeles Protects Nearly 800 Criminal Illegal Aliens from Deportation in 2022 * Sanctuary City Los Angeles Receives Fifth Busload of Migrants from Texas * VIDEO: Tim Ballard: Thousands of Unaccompanied Children ‘Disappearing’ into U.S. Interior * 'Chop her [bleeping] head off': Illegal not guilty after decapitating girlfriend! * Study: Democrat Support for Violence to Coerce Members of Congress, Restore Federal Right to Abortion Rises
  41. 07-19-23 ARTICLE STACK Police: 12-Year-Old Charged with Throwing Acid on 11-Year-Old at Detroit Playground * VIDEO: WATCH: ‘Zombified’ Tranq Addicts Swarm Streets of Democrat-Run Philadelphia * 8-Year-Old Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Car at Gunpoint * VIDEO: WATCH — ‘Fast and Furious’: Oakland Police Fail to Stop Wild ‘Sideshows’ * Border Agents Required to Move Migrants Through Texas Barriers Along Rio Grande * VIDEO: Establishment Media Hide Joe Biden’s Migrant Inflow * VIDEO: Report: Massachusetts Spares ‘Millionaire Destinations’ from Taking in Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: ‘NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT’: Border official gives update on new security * Massachusetts Calls on Residents to Take Border Crossers into Their Homes * Former ICE Agent: Joe Biden’s Policies Creating More Angel Families Than Ever * Tech CEO: Downtown San Francisco ‘Never Going Back’ to its Pre-Pandemic State * At Least 37 Shot Friday into Sunday Afternoon Across Mayor Johnson’s Chicago * VIDEO: Biden’s Agencies Agree to Stop Funding Southern Border Wall Construction * Illinois Supreme Court Ends Cash Bail in Middle of Crime Wave * Three Wounded After Suspect Opens Fire in Gun-Free Times Square * VIDEO: Safeway Adds More Anti-Theft Gates at Several San Francisco Stores * Biden’s HHS Releasing Thousands of Migrant Kids with Tuberculosis into American Communities
  42. 07-12-23 ARTICLE STACK  DHS Chief Mayorkas Ignores Request to Disclose How Many Illegals Have Been Freed into U.S. * VIDEO: You can get away with murder in this city! * Sanctuary State Illinois: Gov. Pritzker Considers Allowing DACA Illegal Aliens to Police Americans as Cops * Migrant Smugglers Busted in Arizona near Border * Accused Murderer Among 2.2M Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS * Century-old Hat Store Closes Union Square Store in Downtown San Francisco * Poll: A Third of Seattle Residents Are Considering Leaving, Citing Crime and Costs * VIDEO: 'Squeezed from Every Direction’: NYPD Cops Continue Leaving Force in Droves * VIDEO: This will lead to the destruction of our society * One-third of blue city's residents consider fleeing amid crime, homelessness crisis * Bank Customer Shoots, Kills Two Alleged Robbers at ATM * Chicago Area 9-Year-Old Shot, Killed While Celebrating Grandma’s Birthday * Honduran Drug Dealers Praise San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policy: ‘You Go to Jail and You Come Out’ * NYPD Searching for Attacker Who Hit Man in Head with Baseball Bat in Broad Daylight * Six Men Arrested for Robbing a Man in His Driveway in Texas * California Proposes ‘Toilet-to-Tap,’ Turning Wastewater into Drinking Water * Top Tory Calls on Britons to Take Illegal Boat Migrants Into Their Homes
  43. 07-05-23 ARTICLE STACK  France Deploys 45,000 Police on Fifth Night of Nationwide Riots * VIDEO: Groups of Chicago Teens Continue Wandering Neighborhoods Destroying Property,Terrorizing People * VIDEO: WATCH: Border Patrol Agents Cut Texas Border Barrier, Let Migrants Enter U.S. * Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to Give Standard Driver’s Licenses to over 300K IllegalAliens * 30 Shot at Block Party Sunday in Gun-Controlled Baltimore * Analysis: Biden’s ‘Got-Away Tsunami’ Imports Illegal Alien Population the Size ofPhiladelphia * Migrant Asylum Entries Increased by 50 Percent Under Biden’s Phone App * Government has unseemly problem with woman giving free help to needy * Stores, Banks, Schools, Town Halls Burnt and Looted in France: Damage Bill A BillionDollars And Counting
  44. 06-28-23 ARTICLE STACK  Analysis: Nearly 17 Million Illegal Aliens in the United States Cost Americans $163 Billion Annually * VIDEO: WATCH: Massive Explosion at Paris’ American Academy Leaves Dozens Injured * VIDEO: Border Patrol Chief: We Need to Work ‘to Instill Some Consequences’ for Some Nationalities Crossing Border and ‘Build Some Wall’ * Downtown San Francisco Dying, 22 Stores Shuttered in Past 18 Months * At Least 30 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * Vacant office space converted to housing as Ukrainian migrants flood New York City * What happens when the Monroe Doctrine dies * Major U.S. city floats bulldozing mall devastated by crime, replacing it with soccer stadium * Democrats try to kill iconic American city sound, introduce European-style alternative * Illegal Alien, Protected by Virginia Sanctuary County, Accused of Attempting to Kidnap 4-Year-Old Girl * Start Walking: NY Cleared to Impose $23 Levy on Drivers Entering City * NYC Milestone: Migrants Outnumber New Yorkers in Homeless Shelters * Open Borders Germany Sees Net Migration Hit Record High of 1.5 Million * VIDEO: France Deploys 2,000 Police After Youth Riots Over Shot Teen
  45. 06-21-23 ARTICLE STACK California Man Convicted of Killing Two Women, Released Same Day * VIDEOS: Massive military movements being reported in multiple states across the US (Annual training - or?) * At Least 21 Shot at Juneteenth Celebration in Gun-Controlled Illinois * Illegal Immigration Drives 110% Increase in NYC Homeless Shelter Population * Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Wants $25M to Pay Rent for Illegal Aliens * 15 Shot, 5 Dead on Juneteenth in Gun-Controlled NYC * Florida Officials Come in Contact with 10K Migrants, Including MS-13 Gang Member on Terror Watch List * Law enforcement 'illegally sneaks on private property, steals camera'
  46. 06-14-23 ARTICLE STACK  France stabbing: Children attacked by (Muslim) knifeman in Annecy playground * VIDEO: Syracuse: 4 Shot, 4 Stabbed, 5 Run Over with Vehicles * Four Wounded When Gunmen Open Fire on Chicago Funeral Procession * VIDEO: Report: Elderly Man and Woman Beat, Robbed in Subway Stop Elevator * Woman Allegedly Fought Off Attempted Rapist Aboard a NYC Subway Train * At Least 32 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * Retailers horrified by radical new bill * U.S. sees 1,000% surge in migrants from Afghanistan, China * Where defendants still are jailed for poverty * U.S. Taxpayers to Foot $135M Bill to Support Illegal Aliens Arriving in NYC * Biden’s DHS Rewards Sanctuary Cities, NGOs with $290M for Resettling Illegal Aliens in U.S. * Report: Chicago Operating ‘Secretive’ Network of Taxpayer-Funded Migrant Shelters ‘Shrouded in Mystery’ * Wanted Killers Among 2 Million Illegal Aliens Freed into U.S. by Biden’s DHS * Obama Judge Says 14th Amendment Gives Muslim Migrants the Right to Invade America * Top congressman: Evidence Biden released migrants with Chinese military ties into U.S.
  47. 06-07-23 ARTICLE STACK  Biden Opens Border to 1 Million+ Illegals Per Year * VIDEO: WATCH: Chicago Father Allegedly Robbed at Gunpoint Outside Home Was ‘Going to Fight Back’ * Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Applauds $51M for Migrants Against Objections from Taxpayers * MS-13 Gang Members, Released into U.S. by Feds, Among Illegal Aliens Charged with 15-Year-Old Boy’s Murder * VIDEO: California approves ‘shocking’ policy giving weekly checks to migrants: Report * VIDEO: Ride-share app uses licensed, armed drivers to protect riders * At Least 52 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago * VIDEO: Men with Machine Guns Open Fire in Gun-Controlled Chicago * VIDEO: WashPost Op-Ed: ‘Let’s Celebrate’ as Migrants Replace Americans * VIDEO: U.S. Companies Plan over 400K Layoffs as Democrats Claim Business Needs More Foreign Workers to Hire * VIDEO: Man Allegedly Tried to Snatch Child from Mom in NYC * Chicago Turns Daley College into Shelter for 400 Border Crossers * VIDEO: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Suggests New Yorkers Open Their Homes to Migrants * Border Crosser Accused of Murdering Woman One Day After Biden’s DHS Freed Him into U.S. * Another Plane Carrying Migrants Arrives in Sacramento * Be-YOU-tiful: Blue-city library to host pride parade for kids * VIDEO: Business owner abandons 'lawless' San Francisco, calls out 'horrific' city leadership: 'We're fed up' * Romanians flooding U.S. border at record numbers, committing fraud across America * Minnesota Taxpayers to Subsidize Free College Tuition for Illegal Aliens
  48. 05-31-23 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: WOW! New York Police Department cruiser seen in video swerving dangerously close to moped * A Maine state trooper shot at a truck approaching the US-Canada border with a sign indicating there was an explosive on board, police say * Biden’s DHS Frees 2.3K Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals into U.S. in Five Months * Nolte: Democrat-Run Oakland Suffers 100 Robberies in Single Week * VIDEO: Democrat Candidate’s Press Conference Interrupted by Drive-By Shooting * Texas Sues Biden Administration for ‘Illegally Pre-Approving’ Migrants Through Mobile App * Twelve Shot on Night One of Brandon Johnson’s First Memorial Day Weekend as Chicago Mayor * Youth Violent Crime Up in NYC, Blame Pointed at ‘Raise the Age’ Law * Four States Send Troops, Cops to Support Texas Border Mission * Report: NYC Migrant Hotel Descends into ‘Free for All’ with Drugs, Alcohol * Now feds want to 'regulate our freedom of association' * 11-Year-Old Charged with Armed Assault in Washington, DC * VIDEO: 'Horrific': See mob of 40 teens unleash 'savage beat down' on U.S. Marines
  49. 05-24-23 ARTICLE STACK  Seven nations have issued advisories to their citizens who intend on traveling to the U.S * VIDEO: Democrats revealed their true reasons for open borders * VIDEO: This is terrifying * 12-Year-Old Carjackers Caught In D.C. * Socialism, Open Borders, Fighting Aged Men, Gangs (Notice they're all Catholic) * No charges filed against teens who police say crashed stolen car, killing Robbins man * VIDEO: Woman shoved into train, man slashed during violent weekend on NYC subways * VIDEO: Chicago suburb cancels Armed Forces Carnival after ‘flash mob’ of 400 teens devolves into fights, chaos * Baja California, Mexico, street racing event devolves into shooting: 10 dead, at least 9 others injured * VIDEO captures group of Los Angeles cyclists attacking man in broad daylight * House Judiciary Report: Illegal MS-13 Gang Member, Accused of Killing Kayla Hamilton, Freed into U.S. by DHS Despite Criminal Record * Williams-Sonoma Latest Retailer to Leave Downtown San Francisco * Cars Torched, Police Attacked with Missiles as Riots Break Out in Cardiff Following Death of Two Teens * VIDEO: Watch–Angel Mom Tells Congress: My Daughter Is Dead Due to Open Borders * Bipartisan lawmakers introduce bill to make illegal aliens legal (Not surprised in the least)
  50. 05-17-23 ARTICLE STACK  New Mexico mass shooting kills multiple civilians in front of church * VIDEO: Explosive border video reveals dark secrets of invading illegals * VIDEO: Shocking video shows soldier appearing to open gate for migrants * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Police release body cam footage showing fatal shooting of woman inHyde Park, New York * A Chicago woman was arrested in a series of baseball bat attacks, police say * VIDEO: ‘Absolutely preposterous’ for networks to ignore this * Homeless Vets booted to allow illegals in Hotel * VIDEO: Mayorkas: Americans’ Priorities Are Subordinate to ‘Nation of Immigrants’ * VIDEO: Pakistan: Deadly Riots Engulf Every Major City After Arrest of Ex-PM Imran Khan * VIDEO: ‘DELIBERATE ACT’: Stark warning issued over Biden admin’s border priorities * Mom helping daughter get ready for prom killed in crossfire of shootout, police andfamily say * VIDEO: Laredo Mayor: Abbott Busing Migrants to Dem Cities ‘Helps’ — Biden Should HaveMade Policy Changes ‘a Long Time Ago’ * VIDEO: Biden-Deployed Soldier Opens Texas Border Gate, Allows Migrants to Enter * VIDEO: Watch: NYC Parents, Students Protest as City Fills School Gyms with Migrants * American city sued for stealing children in middle-of-night raid
  51. 05-10-23 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Manhunt after mass shooting in Mississippi * Three children among victims of Allen mall shooting in Texas * Police given go-ahead to use force against those who have surrendered * Veteran Prosecutor Leaves Democrat-Run Chicago with Blistering Farewell: ‘I Will Not Raise My Son Here’ * VIDEO: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Declares Emergency as City Hits ‘Breaking Point’ from Illegal Immigration * Border Migrant Apprehensions Top 10k for Second Day in a Row * The Brexit Betrayal Continues: UK to See Immigration Figures Hit Record High in 2023, Experts Say * Texas Governor Sends More Migrant-Filled Buses from Border to Sanctuary Cities * Biden plan lets illegals walk free, no tracking, and no court dates!
  52. 05-03-23 ARTICLE STACK  Texas Manhunt, Murders Expose Hidden Population of Illegal Migrants * 700,000 to 1,000,000 are at the border waiting for Title 42 to end * Nolte: San Francisco Whole Foods Made 568 Emergency Calls Before Closing * Texas city holds week-long nuclear training exercise led by FBI, involving military (Not good! We've seen this before?) * Husband duct-taped, shot in head in front of wife * Arrest made in LA caught-on-camera kidnapping of woman who was pistol-whipped, forced into vehicle * 11-year-old shot in head while playing game with family inside Ohio apartment, cops say * At least 108 police injured and 291 held in May Day protests in cities across France * Pope urges Hungarians to ‘open doors’ to migrants * VIDEO: Widow speaks out after husband was killed by illegal immigrant * M’aidez for Macron: Paris Burns as Hundreds of Thousands Rally and Riot Against Globalist Govt on May Day * Chicago Police Department Issues Carjacking Warning as City Gears Up for 2024 Democratic National Convention * Tom Cotton: Joe Biden’s Troops at Southern Border a ‘Publicity Stunt’ to Get Illegal Aliens into U.S. Faster * Recent case of Severe Microwave Syndrome reveals problems with 5G (Remember this?) * 'Deteriorating situation': Popular retailer abandons major U.S. city
  53. 04-26-23 ARTICLE STACK Little Girl, Parents Shot After Basketball Rolls Into Neighbor’s Yard: Report * VIDEO: Armed robber posing as delivery person has home invasion attempt repelled in Connecticut * Police: Woman Abducted off NYC Street, Carried Away in Minivan * Bush, Obama, Clinton Team Up with American Express Global Business Travel to Fly Migrants into American Communities * Democrats Parrot Big Business Agenda for More Immigration: Illegal Aliens ‘Pick the Food We Eat, Clean Our Homes’ * MS-13 Gang Member, Released from Prison, Charged with Killing Uber Eats Driver in ‘Demonic’ Murder * Analysis: Biden Projected to Bring over 2 Million Illegal Aliens to U.S. this Year
  54. 04-19-23 ARTICLE STACK Nolte: NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate Change * VIDEO: Bodycam footage shows police fatally shoot armed homeowner after responding to wrong house * VIDEO: Connecticut man fights off 4 suspects in attempted carjacking in harrowing video * VIDEO: Watch: Disturbing Video Shows Teen Mob Attacking Interracial Couple in Chicago * CRISIS IN KENSINGTON: Where children regularly step over bodies to get to school * Alabama birthday party ends in mass shooting leaving multiple children dead * VIDEO: Chicago mayor-elect condemns 'Teen Takeover' chaos, but says it's 'not constructive to demonize youth' * VIDEO: House Judiciary Committee holds hearing on crime crisis in New York City * VIDEO: Crime victims unload on NYC mayor, DA: 'I don't understand how anybody can feel safe here' * VIDEO: Chicago has descended into ‘mayhem and anarchy’ * VIDEO: China’s ‘Achilles heel’ exposed in takedown of secret NYC police station: Retired four-star general * New Yorkers charged with operating 'secret' Chinese police station in Manhattan, conspiring with communists * Biden’s Border Flood: 180,000 More Migrants in March * Macron Begs French Public for 100 Days to Solve National Crisis as Fiery Riots Continue * REI to Close Its Only Portland Store over Break-Ins, Theft * VIDEO: Ron Johnson: Biden Welcomes Nearly Five Million Illegal Aliens to U.S., Exceeding Populations of 28 States * Nolte: NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate Change * TN Rep. Justin Jones: Tennessee Republicans Want to ‘Reenact the Civil War * Woman on TikTok urges apartment dwellers to delay turning on lights when you get home: Here's why * VIDEO: Texas police destroyed a cancer survivor's house. A new legal maneuver may force the city to pay * VIDEO: Man fights off car thieves in Uptown * VIDEO: Suspect with 11 Prior Arrest Strikes NYPD Officer in the Head with a Bottle in Broad Daylight
  55. 04-12-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Delaware police say multiple people shot at state's largest shopping mall * Building in Marseille, France, collapses after explosion, multiple people believed trapped under rubble * Oregon paper laments homeless crisis, high taxes, violence driving residents to other states * VIDEO: Whole Foods in San Francisco closing one year after opening due to safety concerns: report * VIDEO: Louisville police say 5 dead after suspect linked to Old National Bank location opens fire in Kentucky * Shooting outside community college in Louisville leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded; suspects at large * Police Attacked with Petrol Bombs in Northern Ireland on Peace Agreement Anniversary * Whole Foods Closes in Downtown San Francisco After 1 Year Due to Crime * Nolte: Walmart to Close Four Stores in Democrat-Run Chicago * The Left has killed our great cities * Democrat big-city mayor announces curfew to curb skyrocketing youth violence * 'This was a hate crime': N.Y. woman says man threw concrete slab after seeing inspiring image * Coffee shop set to close downtown Portland location due to ‘extreme violence’ and ‘crime’ * VIDEO: San Francisco crime problem runs deeper than rosy statistics from city, expert says * VIDEO: Squatters take over Florida home for 34 days * VIDEO: Suspect arrested in NYC smoke shop execution caught on tape was out on bail for shooting at cops * Biden’s Countdown to End Title 42: Nearly 400K Migrants May Arrive at Southern Border Every Month
  56. 04-05-23 ARTICLE STACK 38 Camo-Wearing Migrants Found in Arizona 19 Miles North of Mexican Border * 6,000 Known Migrant Border Crossers in One Texas Sector During Past Week * France Burns: Over 1,000 Police and Firefighters Left Injured amid Anti-Macron Riots * Los Angeles County Democrats Propose Plan to ‘Depopulate’ Local Jails Because of ‘Systemic Racism’ * Investigation: Killers, Gang Members Posing as Migrant Children to Get into U.S. (Notice the "He Gets Us" advert on pitcher's mound) * Canadian Police Say Bus Knife Assault Was Islamic State Terrorist Attack * VIDEO: Violent Assaults Across NYC Surge as Officials Exhaust Resources on Trump * VIDEO: Cartel Gunmen in Mexico Run Through Border-City Traffic During Shootout
  57. 03-29-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Los Angeles date night goes sideways when armed man sneaks up behind couple with gun drawn: 'We're all fed up' * Texas Border Sector Reports 10K Known Border Crossers in Single Week * Media hoping for more riots * VIDEO: Transient attempted to rob an Ockley Green student walking to school, officials say * VIDEO: Shooters unload 60 rounds at group of teens in Philadelphia triple shooting: video * VIDEO: Portland suburbs are no longer safe * Detroit murder suspect out on bond accused in fourth killing * VIDEO: Austin city council under fire for police shortage after family in suspected DUI crash waits hours for help * VIDEO: Do women feel safe in New Orleans? Long-time resident says many are fearful amid crime surge * Cracker Barrel becomes latest company to flee Portland amid rising crime, retail theft * VIDEO: LAPD detective sounds alarm on 'killer cop' website: 'This is uncharted territory' * San Francisco hits family with $1,402 fee after they built free library for neighbors: report * VIDEO: WOW - Senator Cruz Eviscerates Mayorkas Over The Biden Border Crisis * VIDEO: Biden Operating ‘Concierge Service’ for Illegal Aliens to Be Quickly Released into U.S. * VIDEO: Sen. John Cornyn: Biden’s DHS Presumably Freeing Chinese Nationals into U.S. After Arriving at Border * Fiery Paris Protests Continue as Nation Revolts Against Macron’s Globalist Government * Report: U.S. Marshals Were Told Not to Arrest Protesters Outside Supreme Court Justices’ Homes
  58. 03-22-23 ARTICLE STACK Anti-capitalist teacher promotes anarchy, 'loves' when students have 'no respect for authority' * UK’s Top Police Force No Longer Trusted by the General Public * 'That's not Goldilocks': Illegal immigrant found in stranger's bed at northern border * Democrat-Run City Bans New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change
  59. 03-15-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Border crisis: over 1000 migrants rush bridge linking Mexico to U.S. in El Paso, Texas: video * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Robbery suspect body slams Texas woman, leaving her paralyzed * Philadelphia man shot over 70 times while on porch of home * Texas Border Sector Reports 10K Known Border Crossers in Single Week * VIDEO: Autistic teen beat by group at NYC subway station caught on camera * Report: Commuters Abandon L.A. Metro as Drug Users Take Over



"The time is near when the large cities will be visited by the judgments of God. In a little while, these cities will be terribly shaken. No matter how large or how strong their buildings, no matter how many safeguards against fire may have been provided, let God touch these buildings, and in a few minutes or a few hours they are in ruins.  {CL 7.2} The ungodly cities of our world are to be swept away by the besom of destruction. In the calamities that are now befalling immense buildings and large portions of cities, God is showing us what will come upon the whole earth.--Testimonies, vol. 7, pp. 82, 83. (1902)  {CL 7.3} (click here for more info on this)

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