Terry Wellham:
The Remnant church of God aka The Church of the Messiah INC. - Clarksville, GA

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Terry Wellham has been approached numerous times over the last year or so to stop stealing Presents of God ministry (poGm) property. I waited this long to post this information online so as to give him (and his associates) ample time to repent. As a Christian I must give him every opportunity to do the right thing. Sadly, all attempts have been exhausted. He has ignored the Law of the land, and the Law of God for so long now that sin is now confirmed to be his chosen path, and this ministry can no longer condone his actions. Hence this public announcement must be made to protect the babe in Christ that may come across his website.

As is noted in the SDR voice magazine, (an illegal magazine run by a secret society headed up by Robert Sessler) Terry Wellham is an associate of Robert Sessler, as well as others on the ecumenical board illegally claiming the name SDRPA. (Robert Sessler actually promotes this man's illegal actions on the links page of his website.) Terry Wellham has been biblically and legally approached numerous times regarding the illegal use of the SDR name as well as copyright infringement of poGm property. (click here for the final email asking him to stop) This man has refused for at least a year to follow the written command of God in commandment #6, or follow the laws of the land regarding trademark and copyright infringement. I am very sad to report he is not to be trusted, as he is now a confirmed criminal according to both United States Trademark and Copyright Law.

He often changes his websites when approached. But then, a few days, or even hours later another one pops up using the SDR name as well as promoting other untrustworthy ministries that illegally use the name. He is not only using all (poGm) studies on his websites, he is seeking donations for them as well as selling poGm DVD's. However, you will notice he does give credit where credit is due, but he also solicits donations to his ministry using my work, and that is illegal according to copyright law.

He has been notified of this a few times and has refused to stop. In fact, if you look at a recent screen capture on March 24, 2013 of his donation page, he is still selling poGm DVD's for his own profit. Even though my most recent email (below) of February 07 has demanded he stop. Also note the "donation" button that appears on every page that posts poGm studies. He has never had permission to solicit donations for any of my work. He can use it, as can any one else. But according to copyright law, he cannot sell them. All of it should be offered freely to the public without any cost whatsoever. Worse yet, he has never contacted me to discuss the funds he has collected thus far. He has been doing this for at least 18 months that I know of.

Illegal Trademark usage is a federal crime, as is copyright infringement. Why does this associate of Robert Sessler continue to sin by breaking the law of the land (See Romans 13:1-7) and thereby break the Law of God? (See Exodus 20:15) I am not sure. Perhaps it's because I told him I won't go against Gospel order and sue him for doing so. However, as the legal owner of the trademark and the copyrighted material, I do have the legal right and obligation to ask them to stop "in writing" as I have done. The numerous emails and screen captures is all that's needed to show I did all I could to protect what's legally mine. That being said, please pray for Terry and Robert Sessler, as they are both in danger of damnation for unrepentant sins.


From: Nicholas [mailto:xxxxxxxx@remnantofgod.org]
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 8:25 PM
To: 'LifePointe'
Subject: SDR TM

Dear Terry,

I would ask that you immediately remove the “Seventh Day Remnant” name from your websites and all materials on and offline immediately. You do not have permission to use the name from Presents of God ministry, the registered holder of the SDR Trademark Reg. No. 4,141,150 Registered May 15, 2012. This email is to inform you that further use of this trademark constitutes a federal crime on your part.

I would also ask that you remove all copyrighted material originated by myself from your sites as it has been confirmed that you are soliciting donations from this same site displaying my work and thereby violating federal copyright law.

There will be no further communication on this matter. This will be the only email you will receive.

In Christ I remain


-John 14:29



 Terry Wellham is a 501c3 government agent

It appears Terry Wellham's Bible site is using malicious software to gather private information from unsuspecting visitors. Click here for a screen shot of what "popped up" when I tried ot visit his "KJVonline.org" site. No, not just anyone can "report" a webpage and have it listed or blackballed without the authorities investigating and making sure the threat is real. And yes, it is very possible that Terry Wellham may be completely unaware of his website being compromised in this manner. In any event, this is not a safe site to surf.

COPYRIGHT Infringement: (again)

Terry Wellham is now using my "symbols in prophecy" page on my site as if it's his own work. Notice the statement at the bottom of that page he posted. It says this...

"The content of this page was provided by Remnant of God. To view the original article Click Here

Notice that both links are purposely broken so as to return the user back to his website. Also notice he mentions the source was from “Remnant of God” in a way so as to prevent the reader from realizing the true RemnantofGod.org URL. This is in direct violation to copyright law. As I have stated on my "terms of use" page on the site for years; if anyone wants to use my work they can, as long as they don't edit the content and they supply a link back to my site.

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