20/12/2013 13:18:22 Homosexuals torture son for child porn
"Prosecutors have requested the bond for a man accused of multiple child pornography related crimes be raised to $1 million after some disturbing new details were revealed about the case. ...Smith said investigators came across numerous photos depicting sexual torture involving a child. Smith said investigators had an interview with the child, who is now 9." --Not an easy story to post, but these are the last days and demons are controlling more people than most realize. Now that homosexuals can marry, you can expect more crimes like this seeing how they now have the right to adopt children.

20/12/2013 13:18:21 NJ teacher screaming at student in YouTube video gets put on leave
"The cellphone video, presumably shot by another student, outraged viewers when it was posted to YouTube Friday. The student's responses are not audible in the video but the teacher clearly did not like what he heard. The adult's language almost feels as if it were lifted from one of the spiteful principals in a John Hughes movie." --WARNING: Blasphemous language is used by the teacher. As we all know, all public schools in the USA are control 100% by the Government. And all private schools are funded by the Government. That being said, it's only a matter of time where cellphones will be outlawed in schools so as to protect the teachers. Will they pass a law that says so many cellphones in one area is harmless to students? Or will they just say they distract the students? No clue.. but it does seem plausible that those phones will be removed.

19/12/2013 13:40:28 One coin for all your cards
"Coin looks like a building ID card, a cryptic white or black mystery item with a flat-iPod vibe. It runs on a lithium battery and, get this, has a magnetic strip that can be custom-programmed to become any swipeable card: a credit card, or a debit, gift, metro, flexible health and transit accounts, CVS, Sephora, Topless Teddy’s. Even National Security Agency top clearance. You name it." --Back in 2005 when I posted the "Global ID" page on the site, I stated that the Real ID card Congress was planning would have to incorporate all the credit cards we own into one card, as well as our marital status, religiosity, educational background, resume, and of course home address if they are ever going to be able to control all the buying and selling on a global basis. As we know, the Real ID card never came to be. It was postponed a few times due to States refusing to use it and suddenly it seemed to drop out sight. Why? I'm not 100% sure, but could it be they were waiting for the technology to be perfected that would allow them to make a card that does in fact hold all your credit, debit and personal info? This new "Coin" card can do just that. Are you ready for what comes next? If not, click here.

19/12/2013 13:40:28 'They shoved people in baking ovens': Syrian rebels execute over 80 civilians
"Over 80 civilians in a town northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus have been executed by Islamist rebels, sources within the Syrian military told RT. Many others were kidnapped to be used as human shields." --Sound familiar? Hitler did the exact same thing with the citizens he felt were less appealing which fell short of his standards. And yes, Adolph Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic. The only reason we see similarities with Hitler and Islam today is because Rome was the power behind both of them.

18/12/2013 14:03:59 Naked migrants sprayed for scabies in Lampedusa
"A video showing naked migrants being sprayed for scabies in Lampedusa has caused outrage in Italy." --It's no mistake, Italy, the home of Rome's Vatican, would use Nazi tactics when dealing with migrants. No, I'm not saying they shouldn't have helped the people remove mites, lice and other problems before entering the nation. But why not do so behind closed doors? Why do it in the same manner Hitler did en masse? Click here to see why.

18/12/2013 14:12:11 Snow in Jerusalem proves Jesus not born December 25
"The views in Jerusalem are spectacular, as the hills of the city turn white and the rooftops in older neighborhoods wear a white contrast to the Jerusalem stone." --The only reason I'm posting this video is to further confirm what I've been saying for decades about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was NOT in Winter. On my "Is Christmas Christian" page I have a section dedicated to proving the Angels could not have appeared to the shepherds tending their flocks outside that time of year because historic fact confirms they always brought the flocks in from the fields around mid-October. Why? Watch the video and see. The Winters are far too cold and dangerous for both sheep or shepherd in the fields.

17/12/2013 12:52:58 Vatican doing as Daniel 11:45 predicted!
--In February of 2012 we saw the Pope gain sovereign authority over the Western wall and the Temple mount. Not long afterwards we saw him go after David's tomb, and now we see the USA plans to help him gain even more just as the prophecy said long ago. This is HUGE! This is one of those final events students of prophecy have been watching for. Only in obedience can God's people hope to see this truth clearly when the time is right to see it.

17/12/2013 12:52:57 Harshest Laws in the World
"Last year, California voters amended the state’s “Three Strike Law,” which had required an automatic 25-year prison sentence for anyone convicted of three felonies. Advocates of the change said the severity of the crimes should be taken into account before sentencing. But there are other laws around the world that make “Three Strikes” look tame in comparison." --Prophecy did say unjust laws would be part of society in the last days. Need I say more?

08/02/2011 13:01:37 Have a Video I can Post?
If you have a video you think I should post on this site that deals with prophetic events in any way shape or form. Or you feel the video you found is something the people that frequent this site needs to see, please e-mail me by clicking the above link at your earliest convenience and I will check it out. Thank you in advance.

16/12/2013 14:42:06 Polygamy gaining acceptance in the Courts
--Students of prophecy have been saying all along that as soon as they legalize homosexual marriage, they will start moving ahead on legalizing polygamy. We also stated they really want to legalize pedophilia first because Rome’s multimillion dollar lawsuits are getting to them. Legalizing pedophila will make the Roman priests appear moral in society’s eyes. But, society simply isn’t ready to legalize child molestation yet. So they have to first legalize homosexual marriage (which they have) and then polygamy. And now we see them doing just that.

16/12/2013 14:44:17 Texas teen Ethan Couch gets 10 years' probation for driving drunk, killing 4
"To the families of the victims, Ethan Couch was a killer on the road, a drunken teenage driver who caused a crash that left four people dead. To the defense, the youth is himself a victim of "affluenza," according to one psychologist, the product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for the boy. To a judge, who sentenced Couch to 10 years' probation but no jail time, he's a defendant in need of treatment." --Unjust laws cannot hope to come about without unjust judges. The system is replete with judges that will rule in ways that guarantee their pockets fill with massive bribes from dad's and CEO's that will pay anything to keep themselves or their loved ones out of jail. This is the only way this kid was able to walk away without any jailtime. Pray for him. An undisciplined life always leads to hellfire. Pray he comes to Christ before too long.

16/12/2013 14:42:06 Cops shoot into minivan full of kids
"Two state police officers are under investigation after shooting into a minivan filled with children. The officers shot at the minivan as the driver fled the scene, eventually leading to a high speed chase. The mother of five driver is facing felony charges." --Wow! That's all I can say!

15/12/2013 14:28:32 'Universe-shattering' twist in Obama birth probe
"When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,” Mike Zullo told WND. “This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.” Zullo explained that because it’s an active investigation that could produce criminal charges, he’s unable to reveal details at the moment." --I wish these guys would just keep quiet UNTIL they have the evidence compiled and ready for distribution. If you recall, Andrew Breitbart died directly after making a similar statement about proof he had that would end Obama's reign in office. So please pray for those involved here. Their days may be numbered if what they have is real. American presidents have no problem killing people. In fact, Obama was recently heard saying "I'm really good at killing people" to his administration aides.

15/12/2013 14:28:32 Small-town cops get bomb-resistant war truck
"There were two murders in Farmington, N.M., in 2011, down from three in 2010. And there were 73 rapes and 40 robberies. Ten arsons and 93 auto thefts also were reported by a crime data website. Think those figures might drop now that the police department is equipped with a new explosive resistant and highly intimidating war machine called an MRAP, a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle that withstands bullets and bombs and is not slowed by water or fire?" --In other words, they are gearing up for the expected police state / martial law even in the small towns. Still think the prophecy about leaving the cities is a farce?

13/12/2013 12:55:41 Triclosan found in 75% of us, FDA knows it's dangerous
"The FDA first proposed that the chemical Triclosan be removed from consumer products in 1978, in reaction to several studies that showed it to be an endocrine disruptor, with potential dangerous effects on development and reproduction. They took no further action. In 1997, they approved Colgate Total for market, even though it contained Triclosan. The NRDC filed to see the paperwork for this approval under FOIA. The FDA has failed to comply, and now the NRDC is suing the FDA. Let's just hope it doesn't take another 35 years for the FDA to start regulating the potentially dangerous chemical." --This is insane! They knew this stuff was dangerous for 35 years, yet they still let all those companies put it the products Americans consume. If the environment with all its pollution, radiation, chemtrails and good old fashioned disasters doesn't cause you harm, the stuff we place in or on our bodies will. And still, some people don't believe the prophecy about many new diseases being the norm in our day is false? Really?!

13/12/2013 12:55:41 Top official in Obama birth mystery killed
"A key Hawaii official in the dispute over Barack Obama’s birth certificate – who lifted state restrictions to allow the White House to present the document to the public has died in a plane crash." --Seems a bit suspicious to me that the only one that died in this crash was the one person that could cause Obama continue problems with his fraudulent birth certificate. Do you recall the journalist that was exposing Obama back in August that died under suspicious conditions? Or what about Andrew Breitbart that suddenly dropped dead after announcing he had videos that would force Obama out of office? Or what of the only witness that saw how Breitbart died after stepping out of the restaurant that day that suddenly vanished? Then there's the photographic technician at Breitbart's autopsy that died of suspicious causes? All this reminds me of the Clinton administration and his many suspicious deaths. Some of which were even ruled suicide with bullet wounds in the back of the head. As expected, in the last days, our leaders will be just as wicked as society demands.

12/12/2013 15:33:06 Czar Obama!
"New poGm video upload" --It was just a matter of time. Obama knows his health care law won't fly unless he can bypass Congress in some areas. And so, he needs to use the tools Clinton setup to make this work. Years ago I stated online that Clinton was the end time president and John Paul II was the end time pope. And now we see this to be the case. Clinton had certain hand-picked advisors around him that helped him to set things in motion in the Whitehouse that would allow for future presidents to have dictatorial powers in the last days. As we can see, Obama certainly has been working his way towards cementing that power for the office of the president for years now. And John Paul II traveled to so many nations, and made so many political friends among some of the most intensely wicked leaders that by the time of his death, 175 nations were in his hip pocket. This allows for any Pope that follows him to have an easy method to spread Catholicism and their NWO plans worldwide. The puzzle pieces are slowly but surely falling in to place, just as our Lord revealed.

12/12/2013 15:33:01 Changes to the US Constitution? New U.S. Constitution?
"A group called "Citizens for Self-governance" met at George Washington's former residence seeking to launch another Constitutional Convention. Their goal: force the Federal Government to relinquish power back to the states. But could this effort end up tearing the nation apart?" --Christian prophecy is THAT accurate! The scoffers are no doubt embarrassed in all this by now. Keep those that doubt in prayer. The coming days are going to shake a lot of peoples foundations in what they thought to be their basic reality.

12/12/2013 15:33:01 Indiana State Police pay thousands for "Stingray" technology
"The Indiana State Police paid $373,995 for a device that could allow authorities to capture cell phone data from unsuspecting individuals, according to a newly released document obtained by the Indiana Star. RT's Ameera David has details." --Unbelievable! This device mimics a cell phone tower so the police can actually trick you into using their system to make a call. While there, they can vacuum all your private data without a warrant?! Amazing how they can repeatedly break the laws of the land while arresting people for not breaking laws. Unjust laws are the norm now and prophecy does say it will get worse. It's tools like "Stingray" that will make enforcing the mark of the beast a childishly easy task for Rome.

12/11/2013 14:36:13 New poGm Video Uploaded
--The little time of trouble wherein Christians are martyred that all the false preachers claim happens AFTER a so called "secret rapture" and during a "7 year tribulation," has already begun. The fact this boldly proves they are false prophets is yet another reason why the main stream media keeps such facts from the general public. After all, not only do the 501c3 preachers have billions to spend now to keep the media quite, they also have the ability to lobby law thanks to George W. Bush declaring them official "government agencies" on March 7, 2006. And yes, I understand the media does report on some of the Christians being killed around the world. But the numbers they give are nowhere near the actual numbers we see in reality.

12/11/2013 14:36:13 'Sexual harassment': Boy, 6, kisses girl on cheek
"A six year old boy is suspended from school in Canon City for kissing a classmate on the cheek. His mother says it’s a crush and the two children like each other. But the school is calling it something else; sexual harassment." --Keep in mind, these people that run the schools who obviously have issues with reality are the very ones that teach our children! No, not all teachers are this inept. But as one can see by the thousands of articles and videos on my "homeschool spurs" page, the numbers of good teachers are rapidly decreasing.

12/10/2013 13:33:37 National Geographic purposely lies about our God
"An uncovered jar holds the remains of a 6,000 year-old baby. Is it proof of child sacrifice?" --Seems apparent to me that National Geographic is hateful towards both Jews and Christians. Like their many corporate cohorts, they seek ways to make the Christian God look bad by not finishing the Biblical account of Abraham and his so called sacrifice of Isaac. They end their comments by saying Abraham must sacrifice Isaac. This proves National Geographic doesn't do proper research. Anyone with a Bible in hand can tell you that Abraham never sacrificed Isaac at all. The Lord sent an angel to stop him. (See Genesis 22:11-13.) But in today's world, making the Creator God appear angry, hateful, tyrannical and downright evil is par for the course Satan has them playing on.

12/10/2013 13:33:37 Hipster church brings in huge crowds
"no comments available." --Churches like this are a blunt fulfillment of end time prophecy. The world seeks to have a way to feel good about themselves while reveling in sin. So they seek out churches that allow them to continue in their sins while still being able to claim Christ Lord and future citizens of Heaven. This is exactly what Isaiah 4:1 predicted for our day! In fact, this church confirms Christianity to be THE only true religion. They do exactly as the Christian God said the wicked would do right before He returns.

12/09/2013 14:53:32 Obamanation : House hearing looks at the President's growing dictatorial powers
"no comments available." --This s what students of prophecy have been saying for decades. A US President has to become a dictator for the Socialist agenda of the Vatican to be implemented successfully. Prophecy simply has to be fulfilled. Whether Obama becomes that dictator makes no difference now. The fact he has stood unchallenged as a Muslim, a foreigner, a liar and a traitor to the US Constitution confirms the foundation for a dictator in the Whitehouse has been laid. If it hadn't been, he would be gone. Whether the coming dictator is Obama or his predecessor is only determined by how quickly they can sufficiently shred the Constitution. That will happen, prophecy confirms it. The only thing obedient Christians don't have is the date that this will occur. But that too doesn't matter if you have your house ready to meet the Lord. If you fail in this prophesied commandment to be ready, your future will be a precarious one at best.

12/05/2013 15:28:12 New poGm video uploaded

--The video I just uploaded it titled, "The TEN TOES of Daniel are lining up!" If you study prophecy you know all about the ten toes in Nebuchadnezzar's dream or the ten kings mentioned in Revelation 17:12. They are RIGHT NOW starting to gather into one proverbial shoe. Worse yet, all the churches missed this! Especially the SDA church that claims to preach or understand present day prophetic fulfillment. I am planning on sharing this and a few other current events that have happened recently this coming Sabbath online. If you want to join us online for church, go to http://www.remnantofgod.org/chat.htm at 1:00 eastern time.

12/09/2013 14:53:32 Socialism 101: Reading, Writing & Socialism
"Philly City Council Approves Zinn Text Book." --John Paul II demanded a socialist form of government so much so that his main Cardinal at the time echoed his desires in writing so as to push his agenda forward. Then we saw Clinton and Bush with many in their administrations working towards that end as well. And now we see the schools, who are in fact funded and employed by the very same government, teaching our children that a socialist form of government is the best form. That way, when they're old enough to vote, and in some cases, that's as little as 5 years, we will have a majority of citizens indoctrinated to that end. Still.. none of this matters as this corrupted form of government is not our Father's form of Government in New Jerusalem.

12/08/2013 14:31:46 Pope Francis Takes Aim At Ideologically Obsessed Christians, Says They Have Illness
"Pope Francis has been very clear about how he feels about ideological purity in religion. He’s been particularly critical of right-wing Christian fundamentalism. Pope Francis has shifted the focus of the Catholic Church to issues facing the poor and the sick. He has railed against economic inequality and has criticized the anti-gay and anti-abortion strains that have come to dominate the Christian Right here in America. Such ideological extremism is dangerous, not only to Christianity, but to the world. And Pope Francis said as much last Thursday." --The ecumenical charge of Rome must be filtered with sinful allowance just so long as it's covered in Catholic ideals. Since Catholic dogma is nearly 90% tradition and 100% unbiblical, all religions will feel at home in Rome just as the Pagans have since 321AD. And so, this Pope will push and push and push until all the wicked of the world see him as a good man worthy of bowing to. Jesus was clear, absolute obedience to His Word is essential to gain wisdom and understanding that is the main fruit of all residents of Heaven. Any step off the path set before us is dangerous and should be avoided as the plagues Rome will soon bathe in. But this Jesuit Pope demands all Christians walk the path as drunkards swaying from one precipice to the other as well as leaping off the path entirely so as to appear more appealing to the world outside the path. Prophecy said their manipulation of the truth would be done in a crafty manner in the end. This Pope is the embodiment of that craftiness that is in SATAN!

12/08/2013 14:31:46 Andre Ellington says getting his dreadlocks ripped out on a play didn't hurt
"Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin had grabbed hold of Ellington's hair and emerged from the pile with his arm outstretched and black strands dangling from his fist. He raised the hair like a trophy, then flung it to the turf. Hair is considered part of the NFL uniform, so Babin was not penalized." --The only reason I post this is because of the way this man tossed the hair to the ground after ripping it from his opponents head during the scuffle. It reminded me of what it no doubt looked like after a Roman gladiator finished off his opponent before Caesar. And yes, as the announcer stated on the video, "it has come to this." Sports is nothing more than Satan's way of slowly but surely cultivating killers that will do Rome's bidding when the mark is enforced with the death penalty. By beholding such things, many will in fact become killers. (No.. I don't watch Sports. And I don't even have a TV to do so)

12/06/2013 17:55:09 Obamacare = International tool to enforce mark of the beast
BREAKING NEWS!! Did I not just say the other day in a video that Obamacare's "international" health codes proved it was a global health care agenda so as to have the infrastructure set in place for the mark of the beast? Notice how the World Bank President is not only using the same terminology Obama does in calling it "affordable health care," notice that the World Health Organization is involved as well! They are the same ones that put the guillotines in Obamacare!

12/06/2013 14:38:27 Planned Parenthood Behind Massive Obamacare Push
"Knock, knock, who's there? Obamacare! This is no joke. Very soon your dinner may be interrupted by a representative from a new outreach campaign educating the public about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it's commonly known." --Obamacare is bad enough with its numerous tech problems and identity theft issues, not to mention the death panels and abortion mandates; but now we find Planned Parenthood, the largest mass murderer on the planet, is actually behind Obama's campaign to convince Americans into signing up for Obamacare? Only in the last days do you find killers seeking to force everyone, including Christians, to condone their killing of an innocent baby every 94 seconds in America!

12/06/2013 14:38:26 Embattled Pryor Invokes God, Bible in New Ad
"Mark Pryor, the incumbent Democratic senator from Arkansas up for reelection next year, is releasing a new TV ad Wednesday in which he invokes his belief in God. ..."I'm not ashamed to say that I believe in God and I believe in His word," says a bespectacled Pryor, who is holding an open Bible." --Obama has harmed the Democratic party so much that some are trying to gather the Republican voters in knowing many in that party are Christians that vote. The boldly illustrated truth however is that no politician on either side of the isle can be seriously considered an obedient Christian according to the written Word of God. The ingrained "system" of campaign bribery every political leader must participate in nullifies their "moral" claims. Sadly, some hate to do it because they do love God, but the system forces them to do so just to get the truth out there. Or so they think. Sadly, that's just one aspect of political office. Still, God can use the wicked as well as the good to get things done. But voting for politicians today? No thanks. It's far too late in the game to make a difference now. Prophecy WILL be fulfilled. Besides, I have yet to meet a Christian that did vote and then discovered later their vote helped a corrupt leader gain office. The guilt of doing so just ain't worth it.

12/05/2013 15:28:12 'Rise of uber-presidency' draws impeachment talk
"Barack Obama is being blamed for creating an “uber-presidency” that some members of Congress say steps on their constitutional powers. ...The “uber-presidency,” King said, has little or no respect for the Constitution. Farenthold said Obama “is grabbing as much power as he can” but Congress also is doing little to draw in the reins." --This is what we have been talking about since Clinton took office years ago and especially when Obama started to shred the Constitution the last few years. It's nice to see the media is talking about it, but it's too little too late. As prophesied, the Constitution will be done away with. Also note that in the video they echo Abraham Lincoln when he said Americans have the "revolutionary right to overthrow" the government. Now do you see why the government has over 600 prison camps on American soil, a Hitler inspired "Homeland security" wherein they purchased 1.8 billion rounds of ammunition, and talk of martial law keeps echoing in Congress? They fear the people will revolt. Sadly, many will. And when they do, the cities will not be a safe place to live. Truth is, they are already unsafe.

12/04/2013 13:11:31 Civil War And The Litmus Test - "Will you shoot Americans?"
"Dr Garrow was recently contacted by a high ranking military official who implored him to reveal the truth about a "litmus test" that is being proposed by the Obama administration to the military asking the question "will you shoot Americans if they won't give you their guns?" --Long before I had the website posted online, I was doing computer work for a prison ministry in which the minister was privy to some "private" info. He showed me the "combat arms survey" back then. I had an offline tract/newsletter ministry back then and when I went online I posted a repeat of that survey back in my January 1999 Truth Provided Newsletter. But in this video, the man being interviewed gives the best explanation I've heard to date as to why the Obama administration has purchased 1.7 billion rounds of ammunition and enough body bags for half the nation. He also brings up that combat arms survey as well! That shocked me that they are still looking for American soldiers to kill Americans. As prophesied, city living is about to become very different and very dangerous very soon.

12/04/2013 13:11:30 Giant ice block hits car in China
"Shocking CCTV has captured the moment a driver in Harbin, China, escaped death after a large block of ice fell on top of a moving car. The luxury Landrover was travelling down a busy main street in China's northernmost major city on Friday afternoon when the ice block struck. Luckily no one was injured, however the car was seriously damaged." --Praise the Lord no one was injured. But this kind of thing happens daily all over the world. Everything from trees falling on people to sinkholes sucking people into oblivion. If you don't think Christ is coming soon, that's one thing. But how can you prepare to meet Him when you only have 1 or 2 seconds to confess and truly repent of the sins you already know will prevent you from gaining entrance into Heaven?

12/03/2013 13:38:41 'Revolution!' Clashes as tens of thousands of pro-EU protesters rally in
"Thousands of Ukrainians protesting the suspension of talks on EU integration filled the iconic Maidan in Kiev despite the ban, and the violent ejection of the rally earlier. Chaotic scenes ensued as a group of 'provocateurs' stormed a government building." --Have you noticed that nearly every nation on earth is presently dealing with unrest like this. Why? Luke 21:25 says, "there shall be ... distress of nations, with perplexity" in the last days. Want to learn more about what was prophesied for our day? Click here and click here.

12/02/2013 15:00:04 New Video Uploaded
--In the video you will see why Obama is relentlessly pushing his so called "affordable" care act, or "Obamacare" as most know it. One of these new medical codes is "#ICD 9 E 978" which is sub titled, "Legal Execution." They have many options on how to kill outlined in this code, and the second one on the list is, and I quote, "beheading, decapitation (by guillotine)." As students of prophecy we already know exactly why that code was penned. It has to do with the enforcement of the mark of the beast. The fact Obamacare is now implementing over 68,000 new "international" medical laws confirms this is not an "American healthcare plan" at all. It's purposely designed to go global. But, are you also aware that America now has a minimum of 30,000 guillotines on US soil right now? If you didn't know about this, watch the video.

12/03/2013 13:38:43 Tom Daley "comes out"
"CNN talks to a sports branding expert Kevin Adler about athlete Tom Daley's news that he is in a same sex relationship." --First off, the main stream loves to promote sinful lifestyles so as to further degrade society. But this is not why I posted this. In the video they mention a few sports figures that have "come out" and we all know about the numerous Hollywood stars that "came out" over the years as well. But here's what struck me in all this. Have you ever seen a heterosexual person declare in the media that they are heterosexual? No, you don't. Why not? It's because heterosexuality is normal. Not only does this confirm homosexuals know deep down they are not "normal" at all. It also confirms they love to push their lifestyle in the face of normal people. Their homosexual pride parades wherein they dress in the most vulgar fashions they can imagine proves that hands down. After all, have you ever seen a heterosexual pride parade wherein people dress strangely and perform sexual acts in broad daylight? (And no, don't email me that Halloween is one example. We all know Halloween is not about heterosexuality at all., It's about death and Satanism.) So my question has to be; if homosexuality is so "normal" as they claim; why is it they're doing the exact opposite of what normal people do?

12/02/2013 15:00:03 Hawaii church claims miracle of myrrh
"The image, known as Iveron Icon of the Holy Theotokos, depicts Mary and baby Jesus and is described by KITV-TV as producing “small drops (of myrrh) that smell like roses.” The outlet reported that Holy Theotokos of Iveron Russian Orthodox Church in Honolulu believes that the substance’s presence is miraculous." --Surprised? I'm not. The Pope met with the Russian Orthodox church leaders 2 weeks ago and suddenly they are experiencing "Catholic" type miracles. And just as Rome has always done, they too are now bowing in worship to a painting. As prophesied, all the world truly does wonder after this beast!

12/01/2013 14:33:45 Church Group Trying to Feed the Homeless Ordered to Stop
"This holiday is supposed to be a day to think of others, which is exactly what church members from Acts 2 Worship Center in Loxahatchee, FL wanted to do. But when the small group tried to deliver food to the homeless living at the park, a park ranger ordered them to stop." --This is not the first time we see this happening. What do I see here? The powers that be cannot stand to allow Christians to look good after so many years of spending untold amounts of money to make them look bad. It's just not good business on their pro-Atheist / Luciferian agenda. Notice by the way that absolutely no ordinances were broken by the Christians. In fact, when asked, the "officials" couldn't even site a single violated ordinance. That means, and I'm only using common sense here, it was only because they were Christians that they were harassed.

12/01/2013 14:33:44 Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare Now Being Audited
"He went on FOX News where his story was picked up by C. Steven Tucker, a health insurance broker who helped him keep his insurance. Now suddenly Bill Elliot is being audited for 2009 with an interview only scheduled in April 2014. Assuming he lives that long. That might be a coincidence, but Tucker is being audited back to 2003. That’s a rather strange coincidence." --Now that this happened, some if not most will fear to speak out or even refuse to bow to Obama. And he knows it. Prophesied unjust laws like this have been part of society for decades now. Most were insignificant annoyances up until recently of course. But with Obamacare comes a very much in your face unjust pack of laws. Sadly, it's going to get much worse.

29/11/2013 13:53:37 Black Friday Brawl and Arrest over a TV at Walmart 2013
"Shoppers resort to animalistic behavior and resort to brawling to get a TV on Black Friday." --Yes, it's black Friday again and as expected, the insanity is being pumped up once again. It's no mistake this "tradition" was started by the enemy of souls. It trains the otherwise calm shopper to go ballistic over saving a few dollars on an item when someone even so much as looks at their prized possession sitting on the shelf. This woman was arrested over a silly TV that does nothing to maintain life. However, when the store shelves empty of food and the real basic necessities of life due to Rome's long planned economic disaster, those that would pound on you for a LCD TV will literally kill you for a loaf of bread or a slab of ribs. Satan is training those under his thumb to revert to an animalistic behavior now so that when it comes time to kill the Christians for keeping the true Sabbath, many people will try to kill us because they see us as a threat to their basic needs in life due to believing the lies their pastors tell them about the calamities they think we are causing for refusing to bow to Rome's prophesied mark. (Also see these videos)

29/11/2013 13:53:37 'The Voice' removes "Lord" from lyrics
"On Tuesday night's (Nov. 26) "The Voice" live show, the Top 8 contestants performed "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?," backed by Seattle's Starbucks Chorus, a vocal group that raises money for local charities. But after the performance, the Twitterverse erupted with complaints that the word "Lord" was dropped from the lyrics." --The thing is, they could have picked from literally billions of songs to sing that night, but they chose that one. I believe they made this choice so as to make a hateful point towards Christians and the Lord we worship. Everywhere we look now we see people figuring out ways to mock the Lord and persecute His people just as prophecy predicted. Not to worry though brethren. They can hate Him all they like. Our King will still return no matter what. And the signs now declare He is coming VERY soon!