20/12/2013 13:30:52 Pope Francis Meets With Head of International Islamic Organization
"The pope met with the head of an international Islamic organization on Friday, a meeting that was characterized as the first-ever for the group. ...Francis also held an ecumenical meeting in March, greeting Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders, as well as those who ascribe to no faith at all. During the occasion, he praised the Muslim leaders that had come for the meeting, remarking that they were men who “adore the one, living, and merciful God and who call upon Him in prayer." --It appears the Pope hates Jesus Christ Himself, or simply despises His written Word. Specifically the passages that declare we must not associate with nonbelievers. Some are found in Amos 3:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 6:14,17, 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 and James 4:4. Either the Pope needs to obey Jesus, who he claims to "replace" as per Vatican dogma, or he needs to openly declare himself Antichrist and get it over with. You can't claim both positions while there are still people on earth with the ability to read a Bible.

20/12/2013 13:30:52 Center For American Progress Panel: End 'Christian Privilege' In Name Of Religious Freedom
"A panel discussion sponsored by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP) on Thursday came to the conclusion that Christian conservatives use religion as a justification for their discriminatory behavior. Americans, they argue, will never enjoy full religious freedom until Christians’ claims for religious liberty are defeated." --Still think the prophecy regarding Christian persecution in America to be a wild eyed idea of some fanatical false prophets? What say ye now? And guess what? All of this is because of Roman Catholic Bishops pressuring politicians to do things the Roman Catholic way in America. And no, before you email me, it's not only about abortion. I agree that abortion is evil, but Rome uses abortion to get their foot in the door to further their agenda in DC. The fact the Vatican admitted killing babies in their favored Pope's "Mea culpa," and the fact Roman Catholic hospitals still abort babies daily or the fact they win lawsuits claiming the Fetus is not a human confirms they don't care about the babies. It's all about power, and the babies grant them that power in DC.

20/12/2013 13:30:52 'Duck Dynasty' performer fired for quoting Bible verse against homosexuality
"Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. … Sin becomes fine. Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” --You know what everyone keeps missing here? The homosexuals are angry that Christians are right. So they get lawmakers to back their sinful lifestyles so that speaking against borders on being illegal. It shows how fearful they truly are when any mention of the Bible angers them. Their ironic claim to live and let live is simply one sided. What I mean is, they demand we stop speaking about their sinful lifestyles. But they want the option to speak against our moral lifestyles. In other words, if you're a homosexual and speak against Christians, you should never be fired. But if you're a Christian and do as Ephesians 5:11 says is your duty, you should be fired. A double standard, yes. But not for long. Their temporary victory is about to become eternal damnation. And by the way, it's no mistake the homosexual agenda is so vile and in your face now-a-days. Could it be the Vatican is pushing their homosexual agenda so that so called Christians that bow to the Pope in worship will demand America cleans up its act? It sure seems plausible to me that all of this is Rome's crafty little way of creating a need for a new and improved "moral" society based on Catholic morals. After all, is this not what the Pope has been demanding when he claims to be the "moral leader of the world?"

19/12/2013 13:51:12 ‘Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored
"One of the worst Christian massacres—complete with mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place in Syria, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent (that is, when not actively trying to minimize matters)." --Jesus said, "Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.  Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets." -Luke 6:22-23

19/12/2013 13:51:11 Pope Francis trashes the ‘prosperity gospel’: Pompous Christians are ugly pagans

“It is an ugly thing,” he said, according to Vatican Radio, “when you see a Christian who doesn’t want to humble himself, who doesn’t want to serve, a Christian who struts about everywhere: it’s ugly, eh? That is not a Christian: that’s a pagan!” --Some needs to alert the Pope that he is the head of the Roman Catholic church. The church wherein 86.2% of its doctrine is based on Pagan theology. Just to name a few, just as Pagans of old, the Pope has a Pagan goddess called "Queen of Heaven." Just as the Pagans of old, the Pope teaches transubstantiation. Just as Pagans of old, the Pope uses a rosary in repetitive prayer rituals. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope embraces the "Day of the Sun god Baal." Just as the Pagans of old the Pope embraces the birthday of Tammuzz on December 25. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope embraces homosexuality. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope demands all to worship hundreds of idols. Just as the Pagans of old, the Pope worships the creature over the Creator. Just as Pagans of old, the Pope baptizes babies. Just as the Pagan leaders of old the Pope claims the title Vicarivs Filii Dei. Just as the Pagans of old the Pope declares himself a "god on earth." Just as the Pagans of old the Pope condones the persecution and killing of Christians. (Click here for more info on Paganism in this church)

19/12/2013 13:51:11 Democrat: Investigate every homeschool parent
"A Democratic state senator in Ohio has proposed a law that would require every homeschooling parent to be investigated and approved by social services agencies before they would be allowed to teach their own children." --Why do this you ask? It's because the majority of homeschooling parents are Christians. Christianity has become a problem for those that want to plant all sorts of sinful ideas into the heads of the children. See my "homeschool spurs" page for thousands of articles and videos confirming they want to prevent Christianity from being an issue for the Government in the future. If they can destroy the faith of the people before they become voting adults, their plans for a Godless society is a sure thing. Or so they hope. They fail to realize that the Lord always converts adults who later cause Him to be glorified. So, they're fighting a losing battle.. again. But then, wisdom in only on the side of the obedient, because the source of true wisdom comes from the Creator God.

18/12/2013 14:20:06 North Dakota to Let Man in Same-Sex Marriage Wed Woman, Too
"North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem filed a legal opinion last week confirming that the state does not recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages, allowing a man married to another man to come to North Dakota and marry a woman without divorcing his husband." --Twisting the law so as to allow for sin to flourish will become more prevalent now that homosexual marriage is legalized. As I illustrated in a video the other day, polygamy will be legalized so as to make way for a much worse decadence. That being of course, pedophilia. If the Lord tarries in His coming much longer, their next legalization after pedophilia will no doubt be bestiality and then necrophilia. In any event, keep the faith, stay obedient, and all will be well.. FOR ETERNITY.

18/12/2013 14:20:06 Gay Rights Mag Names Pope Francis 'Person of the Year' Despite Same-Sex Marriage Stance
"The December issue of The Advocate features Pope Francis with a “NO H8” message photoshopped on his right cheek. Next to his photo is a quote from the pope’s interview with reporters in July, while en route from Brazil to Rome." --He's not only the first Jesuit Pope, he's also the first pro-homosexual pope. This is exactly what I was warning people about in my February 2004 Newsletter. Now, nearly 10 years later we see that Rome's homosexual agenda is in full swing. Will this cause an exodus from Catholicism? Yes, but not in a big way because most in that church are all about being saved while still in sin. But there are a few that will "come out of her" just as prophecy predicted in Revelation 18:1-5. It is for these we proclaim the present truth.

18/12/2013 14:20:06 Facebook can see what users type even if status is not posted
"Facebook has said that it is within its terms of service to see what users are typing even when the status or comment is never posted on the social network. The Menlo Park, Calif., company confirmed that it can track users' unpublished posts after two Facebook researchers disclosed that they had tracked the activity of about 5 million random Facebook users in the U.S. and England." --OK, this has to be the best article to date, out of the over 200 I have posted online that proves Facebook is a government run website. If it was just some people with a popular website, why would they care about your non-published comments? Or why would they care about your political views so much that they delete them when you post them? I am sad to report however that those that are addicted to Facebook won't care any more about their well-being or the well-being of their children any more than a drug addict in the gutter of life cares about his. The reason I say that is, we now have far too much evidence to prove Facebook is extremely dangerous. To ignore all this is to purposely place yourselves and your loved ones in immediate danger. And this is all for the satisfaction of the flesh. So I ask, how is that any different than a drug addict? By the way, staying on Facebook now so as to not admit the Christians or "your parents" were right is no longer a believable excuse. Many already know it's  dangerous now. But they stay online anyway because leaving would mean mom or dad were right! And some just can't handle that reality. Bottom line is this. Do you care about your well-being? Do you care about your child's? Do you really?

17/12/2013 13:01:15 Belgian Senate votes to extend euthanasia to children

"The Belgian Senate has voted in favour of extending its euthanasia law to terminally-ill children. ...The bill seeks to allow children to ask for euthanasia if their illness is terminal, they are in great pain and there is no available treatment. It will now go before the lower house of parliament, where correspondents say it is likely to be approved." --Why is the enemy of souls hurriedly killing off as many as he can? When that latter rain starts to fall more abundantly, he knows the Gideon band will go forth to glorify the Lord. And one way they can do this is to have faith in Christ's healing miracles that open the eyes of many just as they did 2000 years ago. No, faith is not to be based on miracles alone because Satan can do them as well. (See Matthew 24:24) But when God's people pray, and the Lord's hand moves upon a soul in need, those receiving the blessing, as well as those looking on, will eventually discover the truth as we preach it because it was through our faith the Lord's hand was seen by them. And so they will naturally approach us to find out more about the Lord Jesus. After all, is it not written in Romans 10:14, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?" This is what Satan fears the most.

17/12/2013 13:01:15 Cover-up: Media hide key fact in school shooting
"Most notoriously, the Denver Post discovered in its profiling of shooter Karl Halverson Pierson that fellow students described the 18-year-old gunman as “a very opinionated socialist.” Yet by the next day, the Post’s editors had scrubbed the word “socialist” from the article, replacing it with merely “very opinionated.” --Confused as to why they would remove the word "socialist" from the commentary? As prophecy declared so long ago, the powers that be, in this case, Obama, most of Congress, and the entire Vatican priesthood plan to reformat America into a Socialist society. So, ANY negative press regarding socialism before they can do so must be deleted from the press.

17/12/2013 13:01:15 Pope laments 'sad' Christians who always criticize preaching
"The same tendencies are visible today, the Pope continued, among Christians who invariably find fault with the message presented to them by their priests. They are caught up in their own ideologies, he said, and unable to hear the Gospel message." --Problem with that mindset is, the church of Rome does not preach the Gospel message. In fact, it's already been proven that 86.2% of Roman Catholic doctrine is not found in the Bible. Worse yet, the Roman Catholic church leaders admit in writing the bulk of their message was adopted from Paganism! Truth is, it's not "criticizing" when you preach the truth about Antichrist and his prelates. It's our duty according to Ephesians 5:11. What the Pope is doing here is attempting to make the truth we preach about him and his cohorts to be looked at by his followers as "ideological" and unnecessary. But truth is truth. And those in that church that want to follow after the truth WILL eventually see it as it is written and leave the Pope's snare. This is the only reason he speaks out against us. It's merely damage control in his eyes.

16/12/2013 14:50:15 U.S. plan gives Jerusalem holy sites to Vatican
"The exact composition of the international mandate is up for discussion, the sources said, but Kerry’s plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican.." --This is exactly what the prophet Daniel said thousands of years ago! Recently however, some false prophets have stated that Turkey is the King of the north and they would go after the holy sites in Jerusalem instead. But those of us that study the Word of God in obedience to His will know, the prophecy clearly says that Rome is the king Daniel said would do this. In fact, in February of 2012 we saw the Pope gain sovereign authority over the Western wall and the Temple mount. Not long afterwards we saw him go after David's tomb, and now we see the USA plans to help him gain even more just as the prophecy said long ago. This is HUGE! This is one of those final events we have been watching for. Only in obedience can God's people hope to see this truth clearly when the time is right to see it. If you want all the articles confirming the prophecies, click here. Also note that the prophet said in Daniel 11:45 that "he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him." We are THAT close to going home brothers and sisters! Don't lose faith now. Yes, we are in for a rough ride, but if you stay obedient, all will go well.

16/12/2013 14:50:15 Retirement plans attacked for 'savings inequality'
"A report by the Washington-based National Institute on Retirement Security that found a significant racial disparity in retirement savings among working-age households appears to be setting the stage for introducing “income redistribution” concepts into the next round of debate over cutting Social Security benefits." --How many times have I stated over the years that Rome controls the White House? At least 25 years as I can tell. As we can see, whenever a Pope makes a statement regarding his desires, the politicians in DC clamor to do what he asks. Click here to see a few recent articles about the present Pope echoing John Paul II and Benedict XIV's desire to redistribute the wealth in a socialist society, and then read the article linked on this feed about the US Government's plans to mess with Social Security payments. Nuff said?

16/12/2013 14:50:14 Hidden volcano beneath Yellowstone could wipe out human life across North America
"For all its beauty and wonder, Yellowstone National Park is hiding a colossal secret that could spell the end of humanity, at least on the North American continent. A massive "supervolcano" that scientists say could erupt at any moment sits beneath all those beautiful acres of forests, rocks, geysers and hot springs, ready to spew a volume of magma so immense that the entire American landscape could end up buried under several feet of it." --Me thinks they exaggerate just a tad here. However, I can see the entire west coast being obliterated along with most of the midsection of the country and a huge portion of Canada when that volcano erupts. Still, when this thing blows, and it will eventually, it will be devastating. Truth is, it could also be waiting for the final plague when the mountains shake like reeds in the wind at the coming of the Lord. In any event, without Christ in your heart, you will stand alone on that great and dreadful day.

15/12/2013 14:33:50 Google buys Pentagon-funded robotics firm behind fastest-legged robot
"Google has so far refused to reveal what it is planning to do with the new technology, but the internet giant’s robotic efforts, headed by Andy Rubin, will certainly have impressive capability due to the new acquisition. The company also said it will keep the financial aspect of the deal confidential. The tech giant said that it intends to honor the existing military contracts the firm has, but does not plan to become a military contractor." --First of all, when you start funding military projects, you ARE a military contractor. Secondly, what is Google, a supposed "private" Internet company, doing buying up military contracts? It's because like Facebook, Google is an official government entity. All the "allowed" government snooping in Google's search engine as well as gmail accounts confirm that hands down. One can only imagine how far Google earth goes behind closed doors. After all, they have literally mapped the entire American continent right down to pictures of your own home, workplace, parks, schools, and shopping centers. Not to mention many other nations around the world that are being mapped door to door as we speak. And now they own the technology that builds killer robots that can be linked into their global system effortlessly? Can you see how this type of technology can be a must have for the Pope when he enforces his mark?

15/12/2013 14:33:49 Catholic church appears before Australian Royal Commission into sexual abuse
"Making its first appearance before the national Royal Commission into sexual abuse this week, Australia's Catholic church led with another of its characteristic "foot in mouth" moments. Survivors of abuse stormed out of the Sydney courtroom in tears when the church's senior barrister, Peter Gray, commenced his opening address with a quotation from St. Mark's Gospel: "Let the little children come to me; do not stop them: for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." --WOW! When you revel in sin as long as most of the Roman Catholic priests do, you eventually see pedophilia as a right and therefore look for any means by which to sanction your sin. Even if it means using God's Word to make it appear perfectly acceptable to allow pedophiles to be with children because they think the church is the "kingdom of God." Problem is, the Creator God is not a Pope, and Vatican city is not His kingdom. It is the kingdom of Antichrist. In fact, since the priests already declare in writing that their Popes are "God on earth," they are actually looking at the church as the kingdom of THEIR god. And rightly so, as this is what happens when the heart becomes reprobate.

15/12/2013 14:33:49 'Sister Wives' family wins ruling in bigamy suit
"A federal judge ruled Friday that key parts of Utah's polygamy laws are unconstitutional, handing a legal victory to a polygamist family that stars in the TV reality show "Sister Wives." --Students of prophecy have been saying all along that as soon as they legalize homosexual marriage, they will start moving ahead on legalizing polygamy. We also stated they really want to legalize pedophilia first, but they need to get society sufficiently downgraded morally before doing that. That way polygamy has to be legalized first. And now we see them doing just that. Amazing how easy it is to see such things when you stay in the Word, on your knees, and in the omnipotent will of the Father isn't it? With eternal blessings like that, it's a wonder as to why there aren't more obedient Christians on earth. But then, our small numbers were also prophesied.

13/12/2013 13:32:48 Radiation alerts hit U.S. cities
"The warning pinpointed an area “of concern” in St. George, Utah, where it said background radiation levels more than doubled today from the typical reading. ...The report said the “counts per minute” at St. George reach an all-time high of 456, where the average is 222 with a normal deviation of 55. ...The organization reports that several of the individual reactors at Fukushima melted down and exploded, releasing massive doses of radiation into the air and water. Yother said the records show that Seattle, which once was one of the lowest radiation reporting sites in the nation, has been rising ever since the disaster." --In the prophecy regarding the plagues of Revelation, what do you see happening to the people of the world? They get boils, bloody water, heat, etc right? But the obedient people of God have the promised hedge of angels about them. Or as Psalms 91:10-11 says, "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." Truth is, even if you have the chance to move out of the dangerous cities, Fukushima's radiation will eventually go global. As will all the other pollutants presently being dispersed. The only way to escape is to be an obedient child of the living God.

13/12/2013 13:32:48 Italy: Judges see 'romance' in child sex case

"Italy's top appeals court has annulled a five-year jail sentence against a 60-year-old man found in bed with a girl of 11 on the grounds it's a "romantic relationship", it's reported." --Students of prophecy have been expecting this for quite some time. Even more so after homosexual marriage was legalized. But I must admit I am a bit surprised that we would see such a blunt acceptance of pedophilia in Italy, the landlocked home of the Vatican. No, I am not surprised there are pro-pedophile judges in Italy. I am surprised they would allow such a thing in the media seeing how everyone knows about the Vatican is the largest known organized group of pedophiles on earth. One would think they would keep this hush hush until well after they legalize pedophilia. But in essence, is this not what this judge just did? At least for that one man?

13/12/2013 13:32:48 Forced vaccine in New York City
"Of all the toxic heavy metals, mercury is the most devastating to the brain. No legitimate scientist would ever argue that mercury is safe to inject into a child at any dose, and the CDC has never established any "safe" level of mercury in human blood for the simple reason that there's isn't any safe level. Yet the New York City Board of Health has now decided that all children in New York City need to be injected with a devastating dose of toxic mercury as part of their twisted "public health" measure." --Corrupt governments know you cannot effectively control a people that can think. So, as we've seen since the 1960's, you dumb them down as much as possible. Vaccines actually make this process much easier. And no, I can't see "all" our political leaders seeing any benefit in turning people into mindless drones. It's just not economically wise. If you can't think properly, you simply cannot make money. And if you can't make money, you won't be paying taxes to the political leaders. So, it seems like a lose lose situation doesn't it? But I can see Satan on the other hand confusing those he controls into thinking it is a good idea so as to prevent souls from understanding Bible facts so as to join him in hellfire. And he especially doesn't want people being able to decipher all prophetic facts fulfilling all around them. This is why we see so many "bogus bibles" out there with thousands of verses missing. And yes, that too was prophesied. Do a study on the "defiled bread" when you get time.

12/12/2013 15:44:00 Argentine slum honors 'Blue Virgin'
"Thousands of Paraguayan immigrants living along the polluted Riochuelo river in Argentina's capital celebrate their "Blue Virgin" every year with a grueling but joyful 10-hour procession that winds through every corner of their slum. Last year, their feast day's Mass was led by none other than Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has since become their beloved "slum pope." --The Word of God clearly says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." The fact these people live in a slum while following and actually worshipping the Pope proves they need to come out of that wicked church. Only in obedience can the Lord bless those that claim to be His people.

12/12/2013 15:43:59 Black hole found in the internet
"According to Wired, two security researchers at the DefCon hacker conference demonstrated a massive security vulnerability in the worldwide internet traffic-routing system in 2008. It was a vulnerability so severe that it could allow intelligence agencies, corporate spies or criminals to intercept massive amounts of data. It could be carried out in a way that no one would notice because the attackers could simply re-route the traffic to a router they controlled, then forward it to its intended destination once they were done with it." --One can only imagine who's at the other end of that security hole. No, I won't throw out an educated guess so as to prevent the prophetic facts in the Word to come off as a minuscule conspiracy theory to those less educated. But I will say this. Truth is stranger than fiction. Today's generation knows that as a societal fact better than any generation before them!

12/12/2013 15:43:59 You've Never Seen a Snowflake in This Much Detail
"As the saying goes, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov's collection of high-resolution magnified flakes makes this widely-held belief more convincing." --I just had to share this! Look at these amazing pictures! Even the creative imagination of our living and omnipotent God goes way beyond our very limited comprehension! WOW!

12/11/2013 14:47:14 Now Obama gets 'executive power' czar
"A senior progressive strategist and former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton who specializes in the use of executive authority to bypass Congress is reportedly joining the White House. ...The Times reported Podesta will help the White House on “matters related to the health care law, administration organization and executive actions,” with particular focus on so-called climate change issues, according to a person familiar with the plans." --It was just a matter of time. Obama knows his health care law won't fly unless he can bypass Congress in some areas. And so, he needs to use the tools Clinton setup to make this work. Years ago I stated online  that Clinton was the end time president and John Paul II was the end time pope. And now we see this to be the case. Clinton had certain hand-picked advisors around him that helped him to set things in motion in the Whitehouse that would allow for future presidents to have dictatorial powers in the last days. As we can see, Obama certainly has been working his way towards cementing that power for the office of the president for years now. And John Paul II traveled to so many nations, and made so many political friends among some of the most intensely wicked leaders that by the time of his death, 175 nations were in his hip pocket. This allows for any Pope that follows him to have an easy method to spread Catholicism and their NWO plans worldwide. The puzzle pieces are slowly but surely falling in to place, just as our Lord revealed.

12/11/2013 14:47:14 Time magazine names Pope Francis the Person of the Year
"The iconic red border of Time magazine will frame Pope Francis as its 2013 Person of the Year, the magazine announced Wednesday morning. By the judgment of Time’s editorial staff, the pope elected earlier this year after a surprise resignation by predecessor Pope Benedict was the most influential global newsmaker of the past 12 months." --Keep in mind, this Pope is pro-homosexual, is pushing for a socialist society worldwide, and he openly refuses to allow the Vatican to be held responsible for the hundreds of thousands of child molestations worldwide in just the last generation. One would think he would not be slated as "the man of the year." So why is Time magazine promoting him as such? See Revelation 13:3,4 & 17:8.

12/11/2013 14:47:14 New Algorithm Finds You, Even in Untagged Photos
"A new algorithm designed at the University of Toronto has the power to profoundly change the way we find photos among the billions on social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr." --This is exactly what I was talking about the other day! You don't need to "tag" a photo to be found on Facebook. Thanks to Google earth and the billions of photos mapped into that server, if you're in a well-known area outside, or even inside a historical or well-known building, the images surrounding you can be deciphered using a computer to figure out where you're standing. Still.. will this stop people from using Facebook? I doubt it, if they've ignored the last 200+ articles exposing it as a dangerous website, they are set in their ways to revel in denial. The term "I told you so" has already been echoed literally millions of times by now across the globe. This is just one more echo.

12/10/2013 13:45:55 Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers
"As you are about to see, Christians all over the world are being burned alive, beheaded, crucified, tortured to death and imprisoned in metal shipping containers just because of what they believe. This persecution goes on year after year and it is steadily intensifying. But the governments of the western world and the mainstream media are almost entirely ignoring what is happening." --First off, the article also claims only 100,000 Christians die each year. But it has already been found that 200,000 Christians die each year at the hand of Muslims. Worse yet, when you add that number to the thousands killed by China, India and North Korea each year, you find even this article is keeping even more of the actual facts hidden. Secondly, this is blunt evidence that the beast in Rome is once again doing as it did during the Inquisitions. The methods by which it's killing God's people is what's known as the "fingerprint of Rome" by those with eyes that see. In short, the little time of trouble all the false preachers claim happens during a "seven year trib" after a so called "secret rapture" has already begun. And yes, the fact this proves they are false prophets is yet another reason the main stream media keeps such facts from the general public. After all, not only do the 501c3 preachers have billions to spend now, they also have the ability to lobby law thanks to George W. Bush declaring them official "government agencies" on March 7, 2006.

12/10/2013 13:45:55 Study: Erratic TV violence ratings fail parents
"Violent dramas on the broadcast networks carry milder parental cautions than cable shows like "The Walking Dead" but can equal them in graphic gore, a failure of the TV ratings system, a new study found." --This is because Satan knows his time is extremely short! He needs the young to be well educated on how to kill their fellow man so that when the global death sentence against obedient Christians is put forth, he won't have too difficult a time to convince them to kill the remnant people of God. Don't believe me? See my "By beholding most become killers" video when you get time.

12/10/2013 13:45:55 Gather Round for a Pint, At Church?
"As churches struggle to expand their congregations across the country, some have turned to an unlikely attraction, craft beer. --Since these pastors don't love Christ as Lord and only love money as Jesus predicted most will do in this day, they are unable to fill their churches with the faithful. After all, the elect cannot be deceived to sit in such a pew. So, they use that which the world declares enticing to bring the people in that aren't so much interested in Christianity, but plenty interested in slamming a few brewskis. Problem is, if the few attending that do honestly think this is ok would simply read their Bible instead of lifting beers they would discover God's Word says no drunkards are allowed in Heaven. In other words, these are actually churches of Satan incarnate. See 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 for the blunt facts on this.

12/09/2013 15:05:34 Shock claim: Obama worse than a communist
"Critics of Barack Obama, horrified at his “transformation” of America and particularly his government takeovers of large parts of the U.S. economy, have gone so far as to accuse him of being a communist or neo-communist. However, those critics are mistaken, contends a conservative talk host and author whose new book “ Was Hitler a Leftist?” examines the German dictator’s radical agenda in light of today’s leftist movement in the United States. His conclusion? Obama is, at least in some ways, more akin to a “national socialist” than a communist." --Did we not call this? But then, thanks to our Lord's prophetic Word and the Pope's desire to do exactly as He predicted, our job is easy. We read the Word, and then simply quote the Popes. The fact the prophecy is fulfilled not only glorifies the Lord who penned the prophecy, it vindicates His people being obedient to His voice. Everyone talks about the perks and benefits in the career orientated job market. None of this can compare to the blessings of an omnipotent God.

12/09/2013 15:05:34 If Someone Wanted To Destroy America On Purpose…
"Let’s say somebody were [in the White House] and they wanted to destroy this nation. I would create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military. It appears coincidentally that those are the very things that are happening right now.” --This is obviously what Obama, this nation's most biblically hostile president in history, was called to do. For Rome

12/09/2013 15:05:34 Vatican honors Rock singer infamous for homosexual music
"Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican's 71-year-old culture minister, paid his own tribute on Monday to the late rocker Lou Reed, tweeting one of his best-known songs before clarifying he was not condoning any reference to drugs some have seen in the song." --Loud Reed was one of the first, if not THE first to glorify the homosexual lifestyle in Rock music and now we see the Vatican honoring him when he dies? Have you read Daniel 11:37 lately?

12/08/2013 14:43:49 An open letter to Pope Francis
"The harsh reality is that urban "gay" life around the world, including the secret, lives of homosexual deacons, priests, religious and members of the Catholic hierarchy, is intimately tied to Organized Crime by way of illegal drugs, pornography, male prostitution, blackmail, rape, murder, homicides and suicides." --In other words, the Pope has to pander to his partners in crime so as to keep the rickety peace he has fostered. To declare their lifestyles sinful is to break all ties with them and their prophesied agenda. In fact, this Pope has been pushing homosexuality since he was a Cardinal in Argentina. But then, the prophet Daniel did predict this.

12/08/2013 14:43:49 Children used as 'mules to smuggle flares' into football grounds
"The use of pyrotechnics in English football has risen sharply in the last three years, with eight incidents reported in 2010-11, 72 in 2011-12, 172 in 2012-13, and 96 incidents recorded to date this season." --And so many thought I was crazy when I said Sports were designed to enrage the hearts against their fellow man in a video I recently posted? It now looks like an actual war against one team's fans against another as you watch them shoot these flares into the crowds. Don't you just love how the truth always vindicates the obedient who try to warn the masses? Just the other day a woman killed another woman who was the fan of the opposing team because her team lost! Still don't think that "by beholding we become killers" is the truth?

12/08/2013 14:43:49 60% of US tax revenue goes to The Vatican
"On the most recent episode of Flow of Wisdom Radio, I had an opportunity to interview Mrs. Karen Hudes. Karen served as the Sr. Council for the World Bank for at least two decades. During her tenor at the World Bank she uncovers corruption and was then fired illegally. During the interview, we discuss how the Jesuits and the Vatican is a core component to the corruption involving the World Bank and 60% of the U.S. tax revenue goes to the Vatican." --If what she says is true, and her being the "reputable" senior council for the world bank the last two decades suggests she's no conspiracy theorist. Still, it would be hard to know either way seeing how we are in the age of lying. But she does bring up other items of interest that does explain what's been happening lately in America and around the world that lend credence to the thought that Rome does vacuum our taxes. If nothing else, this is a very shocking read at the very least.

12/06/2013 15:00:21 World Bank sets goal for access to health care
"Ensuring greater access to affordable health care is a crucial factor in alleviating poverty and promoting economic growth, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said Friday in announcing ambitious targets for preventing and treating chronic illnesses in developing countries. About 100 million people are impoverished by medical expenses each year. The World Bank and World Health Organization aim by 2020 to reduce that figure by half and by 2030 to eliminate it altogether." --Sounds like Obamacare doesn't it? Did I not just say the other day in a video that Obamacare's "international" health codes proved it was a global health care agenda so as to have the infrastructure set in place for the mark of the beast? Also notice the World Bank President is using the same terminology Obama does in calling "affordable health care."

12/06/2013 15:00:21 Why do Protestants love Pope Francis?
"Protestant evangelist Luis Palau has prayed with Francis and even defended his faith. Timothy George, a respected Baptist theologian, has written an article claiming the Pope is “Our Francis, Too.” And a writer for “The Catholic Herald“ opined that the Argentine Jesuit is “stirring the hearts of evangelicals all over the world.” --They're lying, plain and simple. In fact, this Pope's immoral statements about homosexuals, capitalism, or as his refusal to help protect the children molested by his "employees" keeps his approval rating among "honest" Protestants at the basement level. In other words, the Protestants aren't any more happy with this Pope than the previous ones were. BUT, their religious leaders are in fact clamoring to his side as expected. Not only was it prophesied they would do so, it's also because they are false teachers and birds of a feather naturally do flock together. After all, misery does love. company. What irks me most about articles like this is that the uneducated will believe its content because they find it in print. Rome knows better than anyone that positive PR always moves sheeple towards the author's conceptualized agenda. It's an age old tactic of Rome that has worked on the less educated for eons. Problem is, today the majority are sufficiently "dumbed down" by their own governments, of which has never been more obvious than it is in America today. The good toss of this coin is that Jesus promised His elect can NOT be deceived. This is one of the many blessings of studying His Word. You are always moved by His Spirit to avoid such idiocies as this.

12/06/2013 15:00:21 The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
"no comments associated with the map." --Notice this is if you will. On this animated map we find that the majority of meteor impacts are now hitting the United States of America. But it's a round planet, spinning at a high rate, yet still the meteors consistently find the USA as their favored landing spot? Coincidence? No.. Divine reasoning? Yes.

12/05/2013 15:37:58 WorldNetDaily Ties Pope Francis To The KGB
"In a column entitled “Communism and the Pope,” WND’s Ileana Johnson Paugh writes that she “traces Francis’ thinking to KGB-influence in S. America” and argues that social justice is not connected to the teachings of Jesus Christ but actually a “Soviet communist-led idea” that helped the KGB “infiltrate” the Catholic Church." --Of course the Pope is denying this, even though we can all read the statement John Paul II made, Cardinal Ratzinger echoed, and the present Pope agreed to when it came to spreading the wealth. Still, nothing pounds the nail home better than the statement Cardinal Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI made in 1985. When asked about... "Liberation theology." Ratzinger said.. "The 'absolute good' (and this means building a just socialist society) becomes the moral norm that justifies everything else, including--if necessary--violence, homicide, mendacity." Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ~ US News & World Report, Dec 2, 1985

12/05/2013 15:37:58 Vatican denies legal responsibility for Catholic child abuse
"THE Vatican has told a UN investigating committee that it cannot be held legally competent over the abuses of children carried out by Catholic churchmen because they are subject to national laws, a spokesman said on Wednesday." --If you're Roman Catholic, what say ye now? You know for a fact the Pope is lying. In any other church on the planet, if a leader in the church molests a child the church gets sued. But Rome seems to think otherwise. The Vatican is 98% homosexuals. The priests are dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else. There have been hundreds of thousands of children raped by Catholic priests in this generation alone, and still the Pope claims the church is not at fault? WHO IS? One thing is gnawing at the prelates in Rome, and is seen as clear as day by those that study prophecy is that fact that the prophet Daniel stated the prelates would be homosexuals, and they are exactly that.

12/05/2013 15:37:58 Illinois high school requires parents to self-identify as liberal or conservative
"An assignment sent home from an Oak Forest, IL high school government class is raising eyebrows among parents who are shocked by the questionnaire they and their children are required to fill out. The questionnaire (below) has the parents identify their positions on a number of highly-charged issues, and then places them on a "political spectrum." --This is what happens when you have your children in government schools. Please pray for the Christian children that have no choice but to attend public schools be it financial or other reasons. Pray the Lord places His hedge around them to keep them safe.

12/04/2013 13:20:59 Dallas policy allows police to make up cover stories for officer-involved shootings
"The Dallas Police Department will require any officer who’s involved in a police shooting to wait 72 hours before giving a statement about the shooting." --No, this makes no sense at all, unless of course you're attempting to foster fabricated opinions as to what happened during a shooting. Allowing a shooter 3 days to think about it will grant sufficient time to OK the shooting in their mind as well as create all sorts of self-fabricated "evidences" against the victim in the shooting. This has to be one of the strangest and rather blunt ways to confirm the police are showing signs of corruption from the top down. But then, in a police State, the police have to be considered infallible by the general population. So instead of taking an oath to "serve and protect" the populace, they now must swear to serve and protect the police force. By the way, this is no surprise seeing how a few years ago it became perfectly legal for a police officer to lie to people so as to force self-incriminating evidence out of them. Unjust laws abound just as prophecy predicted.

12/04/2013 13:20:59 Minnesota: Catholic university installs mini-mosques and Islamic foot baths for Muslims
"For the first time in its 128-year history, the University of St. Thomas has its own Islamic prayer rooms, as well as ritual washing stations for observant Muslims. The prayer rooms, which opened in September, reflect the surging number of students from Middle Eastern countries flocking to the Catholic university in St. Paul." --Surprised? Nor am I. The Roman Catholic church much pander to their brainchild so as to assure their agenda is met. What amazes me is the glaringly prejudice manner in which they did this. For over 100 years they've had all sorts of students in that University. Yet never have they done anything like this for Jews, Protestants, Buddhists, or any other religion on earth. Why only the Muslims? Click here to find out why.

12/04/2013 13:20:59 Scientists Find Aggressive New HIV Strain
"Swedish scientists have identified a new strain of HIV that appears to progress much faster than most previously identified variations of the virus. The new strain, known as A3/02, is a recombinant, meaning it is a cross between two previously identified HIV strains. " --Those reveling in sin, whether it be homosexuality or any other sin that wrestles with nature cannot escape the reality that there's no escaping the end results of that which goes against God written will for mankind.

12/03/2013 13:49:56 Texas Wesleyan University Offers Prayer Room for Muslim Students
"Controversy is stirring over a recent news report surrounding a special prayer room at Texas Wesleyan University that was established at the request of a Muslim student group." --Chrislam is spreading far and wide among the churches of today. Including the SDA church. After all, prophecy did say that the Protestant churches would reach out to Rome in agreement right near the end. And we all know Rome invented and then spearheaded the evangelization of the Islamic faith all across the globe. And seeing how all the churches must bow to the Pope's demands since joining under his leadership in the One World Church on June 26, 2000, they have no choice but to do exactly as prophecy said they would.

12/03/2013 13:49:56 Alabama legislator to Raw Story: ‘Our country wasn’t founded on the Koran!’
"Alabama State Rep. DuWayne Bridges proposed an amendment to the state’s constitution on Monday that would allow public schools and other state properties to display the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. When Raw Story telephoned the legislator to ask if similar efforts would be made to display Judaic and Islamic documents, Bridges became angry and hung up." --And rightly so! The simple historic fact is, neither the Jews or the Muslims founded America. It was the Christians that did this. So why is it we are asked to lie to our kids while displaying anti-Christian symbols next to the Ten Commandments? Question: When you visit a Middle East nation wherein Allah is worshipped, do they tolerate Christianity there? No, not at all. Why is it America does? Ask the Pope.

12/03/2013 13:49:55 Web access in schools leads more teachers to access porn
"More Utah teachers are getting caught and sanctioned for downloading pornography or viewing inappropriate websites using school computers, on school grounds or while classes are in session, an analysis by The Salt Lake Tribune shows." --It's bad enough the teachers do this on their own time. Parents would naturally want their children to be taught and protected by teachers with more morals, and so they would hope most teachers would not want to delve into such things. But for the teachers to actually do this during school hours and then go to class to ogle the children with those pornographic images still running through their minds is much much worse, and no doubt the reason so many children are being raped by teachers today. Homeschooling never looked so good!

12/02/2013 15:29:22 SDA Magazine glorifies and echoes John Paul II
"The expression “spiritual formation” originated in Catholic seminaries and religious communities. For religious communities (including monasteries) it is the period of introduction to that community’s life, traditions, and ways of prayer. ...But as John Paul II noted when writing about priestly formation (Pastores Dabo Vobis 45), the Catholic tradition understands that “spiritual formation … is applicable to all the faithful.” ...But a more important lesson we can learn from Catholicism about spiritual formation is that we cannot take it for granted. We cannot just turn it over so that individuals can pursue, pick and choose whatever they happen to like. Spiritual formation is a responsibility of the Christian community–and especially the pastors and teachers to form believers, to guide them on the path of discipleship, to immerse them in the common tradition, to build a community of prayer and service." --In other words, as both Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy predict, the SDA church has embraced Catholicism as a viable religion in Christendom. And before you email me, click here to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes in the SDA church. You may also want to stop at www.SDAapostasy.org as well. There you will find videos, studies, sermons, articles and pictures confirming the SDA church has become a sister to fallen Babylon. And being as such, Revelation 18:1-5 clearly says if you're in that church you need to "come out of her my people."

12/02/2013 15:29:22 Pope Francis: The Christian conforms his way of thinking to God's
"The Christian conforms his way of thinking to God’s, and for this reason rejects ways of thinking that are weak and restricted. This was the central theme of Pope Francis’ homily during Mass on Friday morning in the Casa Sanctae Martha." --This is par for the course in Rome. As prophesied, this church is to be a doctrinally confused church. This Pope, like all before him, speaks out of both sides of his mouth. What I mean is, in this statement he declares the Christian must conform to God's way of thinking; yet not too many weeks ago he declared homosexuality is no big deal, Atheists can get to Heaven without knowing Jesus, and Muslims are our brothers in the faith. As prophesied, Catholicism also teaches many doctrines that lead people away from Jesus. And yes, prophecy also warned us that the man of sin will be very appealing to the sinners while at the same time an open and obvious slanderous example of the Christian faith and Jesus whom he claims to replace. Just as his predecessors before him, Pope Francis is in fact doing exactly that which prophecy said Antichrist will do.

12/02/2013 15:29:22 Woman jailed in squirt gun attack in Port St. Lucie
"Giovanna Borge, 19, was arrested Sept. 27 on a battery charge "for squirting water on (her boyfriend) to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes," the affidavit states." --All I can say regarding this report is that common sense has left the building! er..um shall I say the planet?!

12/01/2013 14:40:11 Texas boy tasered by officer after breaking up school fight, remains in a coma
"A high school student suffered a brain injury and remains in a medically-induced coma after a Texas sheriff’s deputy tasered him without cause following a skirmish in a school hallway. ...Acosta’s son, suffered a “severe brain hemorrhage” when McMillan Tasered him after the boy, known as N.N., had intervened to halt a fight between two females at Cedar Creek High School." --As expected, society and the schools in which it is cultivated, has slumped to a new low. Doing the right thing can now get you in trouble. And in this case, life threatening trouble. Again, I have to say, government schools are NOT a safe place for children! Don't believe me? Click here.

12/01/2013 14:40:10 Nearly 1000 Record Low Temperatures Set
"Almost 1000 record low max temps vs 17 record high temps. Records in the last 7 days: 205 snowfall records. 969 Low Max. 203 Low temps. 17 High Temp. 61 High minimum." --In other words, the "global warming" of Al Gore and associates is exactly as the real and trusted scientists explained over and over again. It's bad science and it's all a lie for political reasons. And now, nature itself has vindicated those with the truth. But will it matter? Those with the lies are also those with the power. For now.

12/01/2013 14:40:10 Child taken from womb by social services
"Essex social services have obtained a court order against a woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and for her child to be taken from her womb by caesarean section." --As we all know by the mass murder of children in the womb since the 1970's that neither the mother or the child in her womb is safe from crazed "officials" assuming they are doing the right thing. Only in the last days is something this horrific considered legal.

29/11/2013 14:04:29 An outbreak of lawlessness
"For all the gnashing of teeth over the lack of comity and civility in Washington, the real problem is not etiquette but the breakdown of political norms, legislative and constitutional. ...As of today, the Senate effectively has no rules. ...A Senate with no rules. A president without boundaries. One day, when a few bottled-up judicial nominees and a malfunctioning health-care Web site are barely a memory, we will still be dealing with the toxic residue of this outbreak of authoritative lawlessness." --This is one powerful article! He hits the nail on the head numerous times regarding how our elected officials ignore even the laws they pass. Worse yet, they then ask American businessmen to break those laws so they can play more political games with the laws. Prophecy is so dead on here about all the unjust laws and how out of control our leaders will be in that I can't imagine how confusing it must be to be sitting in a church where the preachers have no clue as to the fact this was all prophesied. This is exactly what Satan needs to happen across the land as well as across the halls of justice if he is ever going to be able to move Rome to throw his net of control over each and every soul on earth. Well.. except of course the elect that cannot be deceived. (See Matthew 24:24) As prophesied, the man of sin in Rome will play the "savior" (yes I purposely misspelled it!) so as to make all believe he can be trusted as a moral leader that will do the right thing. It's hard to imagine this mess being allowed to fester much longer. But it can and will so as to make it that much more "believable" for those that don't read Bibles that they have a leader in Rome.

29/11/2013 14:04:29 School lesson portrays Obama as messiah

"A new lesson plan for American school students, offered on an open marketplace for educators, is reprising what some devout followers have called Barack Obama for several years already, a messiah. ...The lesson even uses biblical references to describe Obama, explaining how he changed his name from Barry. “One morning, he slipped on the name he’d been born with. The name of his father, Barack. For the first time in his life, he wore it proudly, like a coat of many colors.” --Prophecy does predict many false messiahs will come to stand in our day. In fact, Jesus even said in John 5:43, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive." These teachers and those that actually pray to and worship Obama fail to realize they are not only fulfilling prophecy, they are setting up those children to agree to follow their lead so that the ancient government structure of Rome wherein Caesar was worshipped can be resurrected. Truth is, all Catholics have already agreed to worship the Pope as well as Mary, so getting the rest of the churches that have agreed to allow the Pope to lead them will be a cake walk. So again, I state adamantly, government school is not a safe place for children. PERIOD!