15/12/2011 13:12:08 Politics, Religion and the Tea Party
"With a powerful Tea Party movement framing Republican policy in Washington and across the United States, Fault Lines looks into the links between the Tea Party movement, the Christian conservative movement, and Republican politics ahead of the GOP primaries. As the race to be the Republican nominee in the 2012 Presidential election heats up, Fault lines follows the Iowa campaign trail, to understand how the far-right conservative movement is reshaping the American political debate, and to open a window onto the political landscape of the United States, its religious sensibilities, its fears, and possibly its future." -Just as we expected decades ago when the so called "need" of a religious grass roots movement was realized by students of prophecy as a soon coming event in our nation, we see the Christians in this nation are playing right into the hands of politicians prodded by Rome to play the part as godly men and women. If a so called "religious" candidate gains office it will be the beginning of the end for religious freedom in America. So many believe their politicians out of sheer need to because it's so bad now. But we did learn something with George W. Bush who claimed to be a born again Christian. He used the Christians in this nation to get elected and then torture was legalized by this so called Christian President and we went to war and killed hundreds of thousands of men women and children. Truth is, we now realize the term "Christian Politician" is an oxymoron statement in bold letters. This is why most of us within the remnant have either stopped voting or never voted altogether. Prophecy will be fulfilled. This is the only thing we as Christians can trust. We then must act accordingly and get ready to meet our Lord in the air.

15/12/2011 13:12:06 Teen shot after Facebook rendez-vous
"A teenage girl was shot Tuesday night after meeting up with people she met on Facebook. Now, Fishers Police have a 15-year-old in custody for the shooting." -Just one more reason to make sure your children stay off Facebook. Especially if they're teens. We all know how trusting a teenager can be of their ability to know someone. We've all been there in life at least once or twice. However, in today's world it can mean the difference between life and death. Yes, the shooting was an accident. But why quadruple your chances for such mishaps by making friends with people you really have no clue about? Just 15 years ago it was considered absolutely insane for people to physically meet with people their met online. Today it's being pushed as the norm!

15/12/2011 13:19:31 Parent: Bus driver told kid Santa fake
"A parent says his daughter's bus driver told her Santa Claus was fake and Jesus Christ was not born on Christmas." -The bus driver actually told the truth that can be easily proven. (click here) Yet the school prefers the child being taught a lie so they re-assigned the bus driver instead of educating the child properly. Truth is, Christmas is not about Jesus at all. An easy way to prove that is to do what this man did and watch the sparks fly. I am convinced if I had a room with 100 kids in it, I know if I asked them what Christmas meant to them they would all shout "new toys!." By the way, this is the third story that hit the News on this very same topic in the last week. Santa is indeed worshipped today much more than Jesus Christ! But then, that's to be expected since Jesus is coming back so soon. A global sense of denial is being fueled by the enemy of souls for obvious reasons.

14/12/2011 14:20:42 Pentagon provides military grade weapons to local police
"Local law enforcement has been getting assistance from the Pentagon. The recent militarization of the police at the Occupy protests has proved this true. The Pentagon program is getting military-grade weapons in the hands of local law enforcement in the US to use on American citizens." -This is a bold sign that a Police State is soon in coming to America. The people are protesting corrupt politicians that grease the palms of wealthy Corporate moguls, and instead of removing the corruption, they add to it by trampling on the Constitution by arming the police with Military weapons. As this mushrooms out of control, living in a city will be like living in a war torn third world country. They are actually using methods Israeli soldiers have "perfected" the last 63 years upon Muslims that "occupied" their region. It has now gotten to the point were the police in every city will be trained to "prevent" protests like the occupy movement by using actual military tactics. This will create the perfect atmosphere that not only corrupts the police force as it did in Nazi Germany; it will make enforcing the mark of the beast that much easier once these "well trained" police are ingrained in society. And all of this was orchestrated by the Roman Catholic church no less! And no, that's not a biased statement. We found this to be a fact a few weeks ago when it was discovered Jesuits are funding the Occupy Movement!

14/12/2011 14:20:42 Moses parts 'Red Sea' of hoops fans in amazing pregame ritual
"...an unnamed student shows up before each game and strolls right up to the edge of the student section dressed as the biblical figure Moses. He carries a broom, gets the "Red Sea" fan group started (they wave their hands as if they're all waves) and then, with a thunderous slam of the broom, demands that the Red Sea parts. Incredibly, it does so with phenomenal precision, allowing Moses to gallop up the stands, reach the top and then start another "Let's go Central!" chant in earnest." -Amazing! You can't speak of Jesus Christ or anything from the Bible in government schools today, but if you want to mock the Lord and His Word as well as His historic events it's perfectly acceptable?! Just one more reason to remove your Christian children from government schools. And by the way, Moses didn't split the Red Sea. The Bible they are obviously not reading says clearly in Exodus 14:21 that, "...the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided."

14/12/2011 14:20:42 India's Deadly Secret
"Why an estimated 40 million girls have gone "missing" in India." -One million girls are killed by abortions each and every year in India. That's 40,000,000 dead little girls since 1980! Why do they kill them you ask? It's all about the money as usual! Boy can bring in money for the family. What happens is, the baby is born, the doctor brings the child to the parents. if it's a girl, the parents kill it. Is it any wonder they also kill Christians in India? The Lord is sending His people there to warn them of their eternal plight if they don't stop killing their babies. Since they worship the money more than anything else, the message of the Christian goes against all they love, so, they hunt, persecute and kill them. But not for much longer I am happy to announce.

13/12/2011 13:12:09 The shocking video Muslims don't want you to see!!
"Watch this video about the shocking similarites between Muslim and Nazi beliefs. Listen to a former Palestinian terrorist. What is being taught to Muslim children will shock and amaze you!!" -We know Rome invented Hitler and his third Reich. We know Rome invented Islam and their current agenda. Is it any wonder they are displaying the same fruits? Perhaps now some will finally see the Vatican is behind it all? Well.. perhaps in a few years maybe. However, prophecy does say ALL will finally realize the Vatican is evil. That means the truth will finally be vindicated. However, most that discover this will find out too late. The plagues will have already started and their fate will be eternally sealed.

13/12/2011 13:12:09 Bible Banning at Walter Reed Medical Center
Why does the military do this? It's for the same reason there are so many strip clubs near army bases. Satan knows those working in the military are more apt to die in their profession than most. So, he makes sure they are kept in as sinful a state as possible for when that day comes. The fact they prevent people from sharing Christ or His Word with those soldiers that lay dying confirms this hands down. The other toss of the coin is, removing the Bible allows for an ignorance of Christ's love and peaceful message from being made known to the soldiers. That way when the time comes to use the military force against peace loving Christians in FEMA camps, or on city streets, the commanders won't have to deal with soldiers that know Christians are gentle. They will think we are terrorists and worthy of violent handling. We are hated that much! But not for long dear ones. Our King is nearer than most realize.

13/12/2011 13:12:08 Oil Spill Contaminates River in Colombia
"An oil spill in Colombia has contaminated the Pamplonita River, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the city of Cucuta without drinking water." -That is one fast moving river! As fast as that water's moving that oil is undoubtedly going to pollute hundreds of miles of residential or farm land before this is all over. Does anyone know if there's a website out there that's logged all the oil spills of the last few years? I know I have all the articles in the archives. But I don't have them compiled in one area. It sure would be nice to see this huge pile of spills listed in one place so as to get the whole picture.

12/12/2011 12:57:09 Government says Christians are terrorists
"Homeland security says any pro-lifers, and people who believe in the end time Bible prophecies are terrorists. Obviously Christians believe in not killing babies ( pro-life ), and obviously Christians believe in the end time Bible prophecy. Basically Christians are being targeted, and singled out." -No I am not a fan of "resistance" as the author of this video appears to suggest. I do however resist ungodliness as a Christian yes, in that I obey God rather than man. (Acts 5:29) Still, I like the way the author compiled the many media statements to illustrate that yes, Christians are indeed being tagged as "terrorists" by the powers that be, and the media is doing all it can to help them perform their prophesied agenda. The days of Christians meeting in the caves, hills and forests are rapidly coming upon us. In fact, in countries like China, Saudi Arabia, India and others, those days are already here! It's only natural that they would come to America as well.

12/12/2011 12:57:09 Condo Owners Miffed By Removal Of Virgin Mary Statue
"I have to pay a fine," he said. "Would that be extortion or kidnapping? You tell me, I don't know." -This is how Roman Catholics are taught to treat their idols. The man actually feels there's a "presence" in that statue. For him to say it's kidnapping fro them to take it confirms this as fact. But then, this is Catholicism at the core. Catholics are literally taught that those statues are alive to some extent. If not, then explain why people bow to them and actually speak to them in prayer.

12/12/2011 12:57:08 First Family attends Church
"President Barack Obama and his family attend a church service at St. John's Church." -I really didn't want to post this video, but I can't get past the fact it illustrates political hypocrisy at its best. All those running for president are pandering to Christianity today so as to win the election. As we expected decades ago, a grass roots movement, they now call the Tea Party, was known by students of prophecy as inevitable and will be designed to convince the American people they needed a "godly" man in office. Everyone knows the Obama's have not been big fans of church. In fact, Obama refuses to attend national day of prayer and any Christian church since becoming president. (However he just recently celebrated Ramadan in the Whitehouse) Many articles have been posted online showing the Obama's lack of church attendance. But now that an election year is upon them, he goes to church? This truly amazes me because law after law is passed that goes directly against Christ and His people, yet politicians continue to clamor to the Christians to get their votes. Not all Christians are this naive however, so Rome insisted on flooding the nation with Roman Catholics by opening the borders near the end of the Bush administration. Truth is, most remnant Christians never vote anyway. Why? To do so is to condone the immoral laws they pass. As for me and my house, we already have a King. We're just pilgrims on our way home.

12/11/2011 14:00:20 Blessing of the Children in St. Peter's Square
"Crowds of children, holding baby Jesus figurines, attend Angelus in the Vatican after a pastoral visit to a Roman parish by Pope Benedict." -Roman Catholics are told by their teachers they are not idol worshipers. Yet every single day they bow before statues, kiss rosaries, and ask the pope to bless figurines. They do this because they blindly trust their leaders. Their leaders take advantage of their trusting nature simply because Satan loves to go after Christians. Revelation 18:1-5 clearly states they need to come out of this church and others like it because some of them ARE God's people! So, our job is clear. We need to let them know what the Word of God says about such things before they are found trapped in this church when the great and dreadful day arrives.

12/11/2011 14:00:19 Woman Caught Making Meth Inside Walmart
This is absolutely insane!! Prophecy says the pleasures of the flesh will run the lives of most today. It has gotten so bad that this women actually started cooking Meth in a Walmart for the sake of fleshly pleasure. The method by which it's made means it could have exploded and killed any number of people! But her lust of the flesh put all that behind her. It's acts like this that make it so important to have Jesus in your life. You truly never know what's happening all around you that can literally end your life. Are you ready to die? Will you die a death that will see you rising to Jesus when He comes to awaken you? If you're not 100% sure, then click here.

12/11/2011 14:00:19 Staffers abandoned patients during fire
"Officials in India revoke a hospital's license after a fire broke out killing more than 80 people, mostly patients." -This reminds me of the hirelings Jesus speaks of in John 10:12,13. The doctors fled the danger when the fire came just like the pastors today that fled the truth when Government pressure came upon them to do things their way. What's happening in India is up close and personal wherein most people would be appalled because they can see it with their eyes. Sadly, what happens in churches is hidden behind religious garb and tradition wherein no one is appalled until it's way too late.

12/09/2011 12:59:35 New video uploaded
Most people would never believe this without seeing it for themselves, so, here you go. Prophecy said we would know who the man of sin is in the last days, and sure enough, he is doing all he can to claim that title!

12/09/2011 12:59:35 New Military Powers The Road To Tyranny
What many fail to realize is Rome needs a police State to be set up in order to be able to use a Hitler type method of force against their own citizens that protest against the government. Granting these military powers is a must if they're ever going to be successful. Still, Obama has stated he will veto the Bill, but only because of a small provision that's in it. The Bill itself is not a problem for him. Thing is, even if he does veto it, they will only go back to the drawing board to make the Bill less offensive in order to get it passed. This is how they've been able to pass all sorts of unjust laws lately. In any event, please keep this in prayer as this will allow Christians to be detained in military compounds simply because they are Christian. The fact Hillary is pushing to make the Homosexual lifestyle a protected entity globally wherein only Bible believing Christians will be considered criminals boldly illustrates Satan is setting up a world wide web of control only our God can protect us from. Now do you see why it's so important to get close to Christ? We need Him now more than any other time in the history of the church.

12/09/2011 12:59:35 Hospital fire in India kills dozens
"A fire in a Kolkata hospital kills at least 73 people, mostly patients." -Calamities like this are on the increase all around the world. Small plane crashes, train accidents, bus crashes, boats are sinking and of course fires like this are taking many lives. Keep in mind however that this is not including the many earthquakes, storms, and other disasters prophecy says is the norm for our day. For a growing list, click here.

12/08/2011 15:10:39 Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near mercury

"Theorists have seized on the images captured from the "coronal mass ejection" (CME) last week as suggestive of alien life hanging out in our own cosmic backyard. Specifically, the solar flare washing over Mercury appears to hit another object of comparable size." -The only reason I'm posting this is because it's been popping up on numerous media sites and blogs. One can see Satan's minions are very busy pushing a belief system he can use to help push the Vatican agenda forward. Rome started the UFO craze hundreds of years ago with paintings in the Vatican and the last few decades they have escalated their message. Now that Hollywood and NASA have chimed in with their two cents on this, one can expect all sorts of "evidence" will start to arise soon. As history proved time and time again, sheeple are very easy to deceive en masse. I wonder if somewhere someone has a trillion dollar holographic machine pointed at the sky ready to be lit up so as to create an image wherein all the world (well.. most of it) will think they're looking at a mother ship. Then as Ronald Reagan suggested, (via Papal prodding) an alien force, or "outside universal threat," would be needed to cause all of mankind to join as one in a common cause to stop war. Yes, it seems idiotic, but then, millions of Americans still think a plane hit the Pentagon on 911 yet let no debris and no wing shaped holes in the building. So, if they want to make billions believe in little green men to help Rome with their UFO agenda, I have no doubt they can do it. But will they? Time will tell.

12/08/2011 15:10:39 Boozy Bears: The treat tricking parents
FYI: "Most people wouldn't think twice if they saw gummy bears in a child's backpack, but Cape Coral Police are warning parents to watch out for this snack. Some people are using them as a new way to get drunk. They're called boozy bears or drunk gummies; teens tell us they're an easy way to get a buzz." -The media claimed they weren't showing the kids how to make the alcohol filled gummie bears, but they are showing the kids that others have done it to get high. So how easy will it be for the kids to get information on how to make them since most parents let their kids use Facebook? The media can make as many disclaimers as they want, they know exactly what they're doing when they opt to go for rating instead of common sense reporting.

12/08/2011 15:10:39 4 yr old arrested for shoplifting!?
"Your daughter stole and she's banned from the store, and we're pressing charges. And she needs to sign this form saying she understands she can't come into any Safeways." -Am I missing something here? Are they talking about a woman that ransacked Safeway and stole numerous items? No. Are they talking about a hardened criminal? No. Are they at least talking about a teenager with a short history of shoplifting offenses? No. They're talking about a 4 year old little girl!

12/07/2011 14:54:53 Fukushima 45 ton radioactive water leak poisons ocean
"About 45 tons of radioactive water has reportedly leaked out of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, that was badly damaged in March's earthquake and tsunami. Some of the toxic water may have found its way into the ocean during the weekend. RT talks to David Wagner from Country Risk Solutions in Tokyo." -What's worse is what the man said in the video near the start! This is actually considered a small leak compared to what has already been dumped into the ocean. And still some wonder why wildlife in the waters and on land are dying in droves today?

12/07/2011 14:54:53 New Malaria Strain - 800,000 die from disease each year
"Declining malaria deaths in Africa and progress toward an effective malaria vaccine are raising hopes the disease will soon be eradicated worldwide. But researchers at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this week unveiled a new global malaria map that raises new concerns about the disease." -In other words, thanks to AMA methods being used worldwide, the bug is never wiped out. It's actually allowed to flourish once it adapts to their methods. When money is the driving force behind the medicines instead of human lives, you're always going to have to deal with new strains. This is why so many new strains of infections are surfacing so often today. The drug industry really doesn't want a cure all because it would cut into their profits. They want a way to make money on long term sickness that cause the people to buy their drugs for relief. The fact billions of dollars are made annually in "treating" diabetes, a disease that can be healed permanently in a few days proves this hands down.

12/07/2011 14:54:53 Pensacola cop tasers teen then murders him with patrol car
"Pensacola Cop Gerald Ard, tasered teenager Victor Steen from his patrol car while in pursuit. Stunned, Victor falls from his bike and is subsequently run over and murdered by cop. Cops then threaten by standers filming the crime." -This is hopefully just an accident, but when you research the News as often as I do, you begin to notice more and more violence like this on the part of the police. Police brutality is on the rise, of this no one will doubt. This is why it is illegal in some States to film police. The 86,700 videos on YouTube is making their ability to prevent lawsuits impossible. Could this be why they're voting on whether to form a Police State lately? Could it be they know it's gotten so bad that the only way to cover their end is to make it impossible for the people to do anything about it? Prophecy says we will have many unjust laws, and we already have plenty. So, a Police State would just be par for the course as far as I can see. Still, a "big event" would be needed that dwarfs 911 so as to make it easy to implement. Will they do it? Time will tell.

12/06/2011 12:46:02 If You Go to Church, Heed This Warning
"Recently the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, held an invitation-only call. ...The focus of the call was on getting faith-based organizations to sponsor flu clinics with Walgreens. Basically, they want to move inside your church, mosque or synagogue, and set up shop, with your pastor, priest, imam and rabbi on hand to convince you to get a flu shot." -Why do they do think they can get the churches to do this? As prophesied 2000 years ago by Jesus Himself, most preachers have opted to bow in worship to money as their god and received a 501c3 tax ID code. With that contract comes certain requirements they must agree upon if they want to avoid sales tax. One of course is that they do not preach Present Truth in prophecy regarding the Antichrist. This is why guys liek Van Impe and most SDA preachers have stopped exposing the Pope. The IRS hides that clause in fine print by claiming it's illegal to preach "political statements" from the pulpit. Since the Pope is both a relgious as well as a political leader, they cannot expose him using current events and prophecy without jeopardizing their tax free status. The other part of the contract is that they must do as the government demands when called upon for assitance. They must comply as of March 7, 2006 when Bush signed it into Law they all 501C3 churches and ministries are now considered agents of the government. In fact, they tested this power of theirs out in 2005 with Katrina when they forced the pastors to help the police go door to door flashing Romans 13:1,2 out of context so as to remove guns from peoples homes. When they saw how easy it was to force the pastors to comply, Bush made it law 19 months later.

12/06/2011 12:46:02 Who Knew: "Saint Nicholas?"
"Who was Saint Nicholas, the historical inspiration for Santa Claus? The early Christian saint, known for his generosity and love of children, lived 1,700 years ago in what is now Turkey." -First of all, Santa Claus is actually a Roman Catholic invention filled with Paganism, mockery and blasphemy. Click here for a list of facts most are unaware of regarding this so called saint. It's no mistake they left all the historic facts out in that video when glorifying Santa Claus. One such fact is that the term "Santa" is female in gender and always used for female "saints" such as Santa Maria, and Santa Lucia and so on.Why is a male saint named "Nicholas' being called "Santa" you ask? Either he's really a lady dressed as a man, or a man using a woman's name. In either case there is no mistake Santa is obviously perverted. But then, this is the Roman Catholic church that invented him/her. One can only expect a homosexual twist on the Vatican saint seeing how Rome is the largest known organized group of homosexual men.

12/06/2011 12:46:02 Elderly Woman Claims TSA Agents Strip-Searched Her
"Lenore Zimmerman, of Long Island, was en route to Florida on Nov. 29 when she said she was moved to a private room and forced to remove her clothes by TSA officials. She alleged she wanted to be patted down rather than go through a body scanner because she feared it would interfere with her defibrillator." -Of course the TSA later denied this in an article the very next day. But then just yesterday another elderly woman was stripped searched at the same airport!? This is why many Christians boycott air travel today. They strip you naked using "special" cameras, they poison your body using x-rays, and now they strip search people? No thanks.. I'll drive instead.

12/05/2011 13:03:40 Crazy riot at Walmart over black friday items
Notice how the Walmart employee is simply trying to bring items to a certain area of the store. The crowd surrounds him and stops him dead in his tracks. Then, after one girl grabs one of the items on the pallet, the rest of the people follow her lead as the sheeple they are programmed to be! Now, think about how they will act when the food runs out as planned by those in government that seek more unjust laws. Or think about how they will act when their survival is threatened by false claims by the same government in the coming days. The powers that be has them perfectly trained to react in a crazed fashion. Prophecy says the people will be told calamities are increasing and souls are dying because Sabbath keepers refuse to keep Sunday holy. After watching how people act on Black Friday to save a few dollars. Do you think it would be difficult for them to surround the homes of remnant believers to kill them so as to stop the calamities?

12/05/2011 13:03:39 China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War
"On November 21st, America, UK and Canada announced more sanctions against Iran. France also proposed to adopt new sanctions to force Tehran to stop it's nuclear project. On Nov 23rd, the spokesman of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s Foreign Ministry said in a regular press conference held in Beijing that China is opposed to unilateral sanctions against Iran." -If World War III is initiated over this, one can expect that the USA will not be able to prevent causalities on their own soil this time. With so many nations angry with us, one can rest assured we will be attacked. The fact that China now has 3000 Nuclear ICBM's capable of reaching America thanks to Cinton's treasonous act of giving them micro-technology during his administration, we will probably have to deal with a nuclear strike or two. The fact China already shot a warhead over our bow just off the West Coast last year suggests they aren't kidding. All in all, this is not only a war as well as a rumor of war; it's also the means by which some men's hearts will start failing them for fear just as prophecy predicted.

12/05/2011 13:03:39 East African children dying from mysterious disease
"A mysterious disease is killing thousands of children in Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania. The cause of the "nodding disease" is as yet unknown but it only affects children between the ages of five and 15. Thought to be an epileptic neurological effect of the Onchocerca volvulus parasitic worm that causes Onchocerciasis or river blindness, victims suffer seizures that often start with nodding of the head, giving it its name." -Doctors have no clue as to what this is of course. But then, many new diseases are prophesied to pop up today. One can expect such things thanks to what mankind has done to the environment we live in. Still, it is a big planet, and that is part of problem. What I mean is. Take for example the Fukeshima Nuclear meltdown that is still wafting radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere as well as the ocean. Jet streams and weather patterns will allow for these deadly toxins to not only spread, but they can actually cause them to concentrate in certain areas of the planet by simply moving them about with air currents. Could it be some disaster hundreds or even thousands of miles from these people caused this? Yes, that's very possible. But it's also possible their rivers, lakes and streams are the culprit as well seeing how this has been an issue globally for decades now. In any event, disease is prophesied to increase, and so it is.

12/04/2011 13:43:28 Muslim Man Accepts Jesus on Live TV
"In front of millions of Muslim viewers, a Muslim man accepts Jesus as his Saviour on live satellite TV!" -This was a blessing to behold! I like the way the first caller brings up the fact that Muslim Scholars refuse to come on the program because they know the Koran has very evil demands within it that they cannot explain away effectively, so they ignore the host's calls to come on his show. If you want to skip all that, the Muslim that accepts Christ as Lord starts at 2:48 in the video. The Lord is moving all around the World! Maranatha!

12/04/2011 13:43:27 Keep Torture Alive
This is something we've expected since 1929 when the Vatican's mortal wound started to heal. Historic fact has revealed that torture is a Vatican fingerprint, and we already know Rome has taken control of the Uniteds States Government via the White House since Ronald Reagan's second term, so again, this was expected. Bottom line is this. We have 6000 years of recorded historic fact that proves torture simply doesn't work and does not bring about reliable information. In fact, most American politicians have already stated on record that they would never trust any data received via torture, and therefore cannot be used when discussing the need for new legislation. So, why use it? The only way to be able to answer that questions is for the person asking to do a little homework and dig into the characteristics of Antichrist first. When you do this you will be able to see how hateful, how angry, and how bloodthirsty the Popes of Rome really are. Then and only then will you realize why they do this.

12/04/2011 13:43:27 Trigger happy taser use?
"There's been a dramatic increase in the number of times police are firing tasers, according to figures obtained by Channel 4 News." -This is legalized torture. No two ways about it. In times of war, and in the Vatican itself, electricity has always been used to inflict torture upon people, and now it is perfectly legal to do so in most countries. Keep in mind, if this is getting out of hand in the UK it's only because it has already gotten out of hand in America first. We have always been the trailblazers when it comes to insanity like this.

12/02/2011 13:58:18 What you need to know about the National Defense Authorization Act
"Published on Dec 1, 2011 by Current Keith and Raha Wala, an attorney with Human Rights First, analyze the terms of the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill currently being debated by the Senate that includes a series of provisions allowing the American military to imprison American citizens indefinitely without charge or trial." -Yes, Obama said he would veto the Bill, but the fact they are discussing such a thing rings loudly to prophetic fulfillment. They have to draft some kind of law that allows them the "legal" option to throw anyone in jail they deem a threat. This includes Christians that they and the media have already tagged more than once as "terrorists." As Daniel predicted, the Antichrist will use craftiness to get the agenda met that will make God's people a "legal" threat to those with tthe power to kill them. So expect more actions like this in Congress as we get closer to the arrival of our Sovereign King. Especially after they orchestrate their next "big event" that rallies the fearful nations behind them.

12/02/2011 13:58:18 Pastors charged after telling 'gays' about sin

"Their hearing will be in Houston Municipal Court, which is run by Barbara E. Hartle, who, according to the Dallas Voice, is listed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund as "one of only a few out members of the Texas judiciary." -In other words, they have set up these preachers to lose before even going to court. Have you ever noticed this? Just as this preacher did, so do many others. He is warning drunks, thieves, adulterers, liars and others that their sin is sending them to Hell. But do we see drunks, thieves, adulterers and liars attacking them for preaching? No we don't because they know they are in sin. For some strange reason homosexuals miss that fact. Perhaps this is what some preachers should focus on? If you watch the video you will also see the police actually attacked the preacher. Unjust laws abound, but mostly against Christians. Will this stop them from preaching? Not at all. In fact, when the Latter Rain starts falling more abundantly the police will be overwhelmed with preachers that the powers that be will have to pass laws to shut us up. But then, we expect that don't we?

12/02/2011 13:58:18 Banks are like Government-Sponsored Mafias
"Take this with the ever unfolding scandal of Jon Corzine and the missing billions from MF Global, and you have more signs of crony capitalism, fraud, embezzlement and insider trading everywhere." -It was said long ago that whoever controls the money controls the nation. As you watch this video and see how they discuss the absolute power being wielded by the banks, you realize why the Vatican keeps demanding a one world bank be formed. If the few leading banks have this kind of power to manipulate multiple nations into doing as they please by threatening their economy with collapse like an enforcer for the mob does your kneecaps, imagine how bad it will be when there finally is a one world bank. If they do as they do now with the limited power they presently have. It will be astronomically worse when they have the power over every nation on earth. But then, according to prophecy, that is the plan.

12/01/2011 12:33:57 Church must restore its image as safe place for all
"We were anxious to respond to concerns about the information deficit around the incidence of child abuse and the standard of child safeguarding practice in dioceses. We were very conscious also of the public anger at the failures of church leaders in their handling of allegations of abuse in the past." -Instead of repenting, or declaring a need for a spiritual reformation in the Roman Catholic church, they are planning a positive PR campaign? In other words. Christ isn't part of the equation anymore. It's only their image they are concerned with. Truth is, the fact they changed the History books in the hopes of hiding the truth that they killed 83 times more people than Hitler caused many to realize long ago it's never been about lifting up Christ, but protecting their own image instead. Praise the Lord the truth is being proclaimed far and wide on this. Soon, everyone will have no doubt as to who the Antichrist is. You simply can't stop that ball of truth from rolling down the hill anymore.