15/12/2011 13:23:07 WH OKs military detention of terrorism suspects
 "The White House is signing off on a controversial new law that would authorize the U.S. military to arrest and indefinitely detain alleged al Qaeda members or other terrorist operatives captured on American soil....By signing this defense spending bill, President Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in U.S. law" -Did we not declare they would do this for literally decades? The vagueness of this new and well prophesied unjust law makes it easy for the military to jail Christians they merely "suspect" are involved in terrorist activities, or as prophecy dictates, will be blamed for the disasters threatening the nation as a whole. If you live in a city, and your neighbor hates you because of your faith, he can actually report you and you're then carted off to a military complex, or as Hitler calls it, A "concentration camp" to be incarcerated for indefinite periods of time. Usually till death. With this new law American citizens can be imprisoned for years on end without ever seeing a lawyer, or a judge for that matter. Prophecy said they would do away with the Constitution, and today Obama, and his cohorts in Congress have done just that! Now, think about this as well. Christians have already been tagged "terrorists" by the media more then once recently. As students of prophecy we know Christians will be blamed for the "terror filled" calamities that will come on this nations and the world. It will then become law that every American citizen should turn in and and all Christians that have refused the Roman mandate of Sunday Laws that they claim will stop the calamities. Christians will then be considered national terrorists and legally held without bond, council or trial in jail. Are YOU read to stand with Christ when that day comes? If not, you need to strengthen your faith? How do you do that you ask? Read Romans 10:17

15/12/2011 13:23:06 Thousands of Birds Crash Land in Utah Wal-Mart Parking Lot
"Thousands of migrating birds were killed or injured after seemingly mistaking parking lots, football fields and various other snow-covered areas of southern Utah for bodies of water and dropping to the ground in what a state wildlife specialist called the worst mass bird crash anyone has ever seen." -Migrating birds use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate their migration. Some may think this is hard to believe, but they are much better at doing this than mankind is with all his technological bells and whistles. That being the case, for thousands of birds to crash off course like this is not because they mistook a parking lot for a lake. Especially after the trailing birds saw the deaths of the birds that crashed before them. If you're not convinced this is normal for these last days, click here to see that yes, as prophesied, millions of animals, birds, fish and insects are dying in very large numbers all around the world!

15/12/2011 13:23:06 Giant plumes of methane bubbling to surface of Arctic Ocean
"Russian scientists have discovered hundreds of plumes of methane gas, some 1,000 meters in diameter, bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean. Scientists are concerned that as the Arctic Shelf recedes, the unprecedented levels of gas released could greatly accelerate global climate change. ...We carried out checks at about 115 stationary points and discovered methane fields of a fantastic scale, I think on a scale not seen before. Some plumes were a kilometer or more wide and the emissions went directly into the atmosphere, the concentration was a hundred times higher than normal." -As we get closer to the end, we know that the weather will get very intense. This is merely a means to that end. Many of us have already seen the Lord answer our prayers regarding bad weather headed our way over the last few years. Many of us are about to discover first hand that our Heavenly Father has trained us how to pray more effectively for the days ahead. Are you ready? Are you sure!?

14/12/2011 14:31:30 God Is Saving the Broncos ...Says Colorado Pastor
"Pastor Wayne Hanson, who runs Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO where Tim's dad often speaks tells TMZ God is actively intervening in Denver Broncos football games ...and aiding Tim on the field because of his strong faith. Hanson tells us, "It's not luck. Luck isn't winning 6 games in a row. It's favor. God's favor." -First of all, football is a very violent sport, and the Lord God that this pastor assumes is blessing football said long ago in Luke 3:14 that we should, "Do violence to no man." Secondly, football, like all sports today, are a spin off of the Roman games in the Coliseum wherein Christians were usually set on fire to light the night games as well as fed to lions during game changes to keep the crowds entertained. These so called "games" later became the "Olympics" which of course later became many different sports we see today. How I ask would a peaceful and loving Christian God condone all this? Or why would this pastor declare the God of the Bible would contradict His own written Word? It's because like most pastors today, he has been taught by Roman priests in the many Bible colleges extrabiblical heresies. Please pray for this pastor as his is a judgment no man would cherish. Pray for Tim also as he is obviously trying his best to share his faith. This is the guy that places Bible verses in the black paint under his eyes during a game.

14/12/2011 14:31:30 Shunning Facebook, and Living to Tell About It
"Tyson Balcomb quit Facebook after a chance encounter on an elevator. He found himself standing next to a woman he had never met, yet through Facebook he knew what her older brother looked like, that she was from a tiny island off the coast of Washington and that she had recently visited the Space Needle in Seattle." -This is an article everyone on Facebook needs to read! After you read it, click here for more bad news.

14/12/2011 14:31:29 What you do in bedroom private? Not to Obama

"Want a job with the federal government? You may want to list your sexual orientation, preferably one of the alternative lifestyle choices to enhance your chances." -Do you recall many years ago when job applications started to ask for your nationality, and then actually worded as "your race"? Now they want to know if your homosexual or normal on job applications? Next, it will be your religious affiliation. Don't believe me? Have you seen the draft for the Real ID card? Asking for this information allows for the powers that be to weed out the Christians in how they answer the questions. They know most Christians will go underground soon and questions like this on job apps, or the future global ID cards will be needed because most Christians won't lie. No matter, Jesus is still coming back.

14/12/2011 14:42:17 U.S. Unprepared for disaster arriving from Japan nuke plant
"The problem now is that scientists are at a loss as to how to contain this pending disaster. What if large quantities of radioactive materials, which leaked into the sea when Fukushima went critical, slowly poison seas around the world, leading to contaminated seafood and widespread die-offs of ocean life? What will this do to living things on the West Coast?" -Prophecy said the animals, fish, birds and insects would die right before Jesus comes. Thanks to the many oil spills and Fukushima disaster, not to mention Chernobyl and other recent disasters, we now know how this happens.

13/12/2011 13:25:39 Vaccinated Kids 2-5 More Diseases Than Unvaccinated
FYI: "A German study released in September 2011 of about 8000 UNVACCINATED children, newborn to 19 years, show vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children." -The proof is in the pudding as they say. I'm sure this study won't find it's way to many hospitals or expectant mothers any time soon. Perhaps a "word of mouth" campaign is in order here? We've known this all along, but at least now we documented proof to back it up. So, please spread the word.

13/12/2011 13:25:39 Pharmacist posts med histories on Facebook
"The brouhaha dates back to the summer of 2009 when a conflict erupted among a group of women over a man who attended their church, according to the province's privacy watchdog." -When you're on Facebook, along with millions of others, you can expect problems like this. Nuff said?

13/12/2011 13:25:39 Transgender lessons for pupils aged five
"Children as young as five could be given lessons on 'transgender equality' under Government plans. Information about transgender people is set to be included in the curriculum for personal, social and health education lessons, which are taught in thousands of primary and secondary schools." -Seriously. Do we really want to keep that second job to creature comforts and toys for the garage? Or would we rather want to "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6. Not only does homeschooling prevent your child from all that the government plans to teach them, it blesses your child with an intellect usually 2 to 4 times higher than government schooled kids.

13/12/2011 13:25:39 Rabbi, Pope discuss Europe's moral crisis
"After a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on December 12, Britain's Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks spoke at length with Vatican Radio about the need for Jews and Christians to work together in restoring Europe's moral sense." -The Jews are known for hating Jesus Christ and His message. The Pope is known for hating Jesus Christ and His message. Yet these two will help fix the morality issues in Europe? How's that possible when they are actually the reason for the crisis. The tens of millions of molested children in the Vatican's history along with the hundreds of millions murdered shouts loudly to all that have ears to hear that the Roman Catholic prelates are anything but moral. Once you deny Christ and His truths you have no other recourse but to embrace Satan and his lies. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out. Only in the last days do we see the people accepting the most immoral people as moral. But then, as prophecy also stated, the grand majority have the same mindset as those that drowned in Noah's day. The fact there are over 1 Billion Catholics still trusting these evil men and the media still calling the Pope "holy Father" proves, they truly love the darkness more than the light.

13/12/2011 13:25:38 Pennsylvania priest arrested, accused of possessing child porn
"A Roman Catholic priest was arrested on charges he viewed child pornography in the rectory of his Pittsburgh-area church, the diocese said on Sunday. The Rev. Bartley Sorensen, 62, pastor of St. John Fisher Church in Churchill, Pennsylvania, was arraigned on charges of possession of child pornography, a third-degree felony, according to the Diocese of Pittsburgh." -As I said years ago when the ever ongoing scandal was uncovered here in the States, these priests are pedophiles and they have no intention of stopping their lust for strange flesh. The fact they've been doing this since 60AD confirms this is Roman Catholicism's main fruit. Second only to torturing and murdering Christians of course. And no, I am not being the least bit sarcastic here. Their history is that bad!

12/12/2011 12:28:29 Downloading new skills to our brains can become reality soon?
"This process is called Decoded Neurofeedback, or 'DecNef'. No medication is needed and the subject doesn't even have to be awake, he or she simply has their brain activity changed to a 'target' pattern, which could be anything from that of a star footballer to a master chess player." -If you ever read this true story I posted on my site many years ago you would probably have an inkling as to why it became "law" that all TV's became digital a few years ago. The science is already here where they can manipulate the brain enough to cause seizures by simply watching TV or playing video games. Now, imagine the technology this article is talking about being unleashed on all TV's in a nation on a specific date. Will the Lord allow this to happen? Time will tell, but one thing is already happening is they are using digital TV to cause people to buy products. Soon they will be able to cause people to do whatever they ask. Like... kill Christians. Prophecy does say they will pass laws to make it legal when Rome proclaims the death penalty on all Christians refusing to bow to Sunday Laws. But how will they get the people to do it? Truth is, most people are already being mentally reprogrammed as we speak. Sports, violent movies, satanic music, and videos games are obviously preparing all of them to be as violent as needed while at the same time ignorant of Christ and His love for them. Could it be this new technology is all that's needed to turn them into mindless killers? Again... time will tell. (And no, I don't wear a tin foil hat. Please understand I didn't right the article in the link. I merely posted it.)

12/12/2011 12:28:29 Toyota 'Acts of God' Disrupt Rebound as Forecast Cut in Half
"It's acts of God after other acts of God," Jody Lurie, an analyst at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in Philadelphia, said in a phone interview. "If the U.S. automakers are doing some kind of voodoo to get Toyota out of the top spot, it's definitely worked." -Voodoo!? Amazing how in one sentence they blame God for the disasters, then the next suggest that very same God is associated with the demonic acts of voodoo? When you worship money, and then your money is threatened, you will most assuredly show your teeth at any God outside your worship. Still, it is good to see some actually realize something strange is happening in the world. It confirms the true God and His prophetic Word in the minds of many just as easy as Pharaoh's men in the midst of the Red Sea understood too late when they shouted, "let us flee from the face of Israel; for the LORD fighteth for them." -Exodus 14:25

12/12/2011 12:28:29 Illegal alien deportations suspended for hundreds of thousands
"Recently, and quietly, various officials within the Obama Administration announced a plan to suspend the deportation orders of 300,000 illegal aliens who have already been issued such orders by a U.S. court of law." -Why do this you ask? Obama is slated to lose by a landslide in the 2012 election. Obama is a Vatican pawn who has shown he will do anything they ask of him. They desperately need him to stay in office another four years to get their agenda met. Millions of Roman Catholic illegal aliens have entered this country thanks to Bush lowering the borders, and they now have the right to vote for whoever their priest suggests. Now do you see why they pushed to open the borders, allow illegals to vote, and suspend the few that are targeted for deportation? Still, if this doesn't work, I'm almost convinced that Obama will invade Iran to guarantee a second term, "terrorists" will nuke a major city, and Obama will be installed as Dictator. Am I predicting this? No, just assuming.

12/12/2011 12:28:28 Federal agents raid Mormon food storage
"As was the plan all along, the so-called "War on Terror" has officially devolved into a war on the American people. ...the federal government is now actively collecting the names of individuals that are preparing for the future by buying and storing emergency food supplies." -Truth is, it's always been that way. Antichrist hates Christians with a hellish passion and he will do anything he can to make their lives miserable. Truth is, remnant Christians see no need to stockpile food. Unless of course a blizzard is headed their way. And then we only stockpile for upwards of a week. But to stock pile food for when we cannot buy and sell due to Rome's mark being enforced would declare we have no faith in the Lord's promise found in Isaiah 33:16. Mormons need to trust the Lord and not their stockpile. After all, stockpiles of food will only make you a target for the hungry mobs when that day comes. Need I remind you of how crazy people get on Black Friday to save a few dollars? Imagine how it will get when the grocery store shelves go dry and they know you have food. Just one more reason to get out of the city.

12/12/2011 12:28:28 Kids, ages 8 and 10, rob classmates with toy gun
"A pair of elementary school students may face criminal charges after allegedly threatening a group of classmates with a toy gun to snag some candy and chips." -So, is this a required course in elementary school now? Or is this just par for the course of having your child raised by immoral people in government schools? In any event, schools are not a safe place for kids. If they don't actually get hurt, they will be the ones taught to hurt others.

12/11/2011 13:44:16 'Real' Christian Churches in US Forced to Go Underground Soon?
"Christian churches in America will soon be forced to go underground if they want to stay true to their beliefs and to God, a conservative broadcast commentator warned. ...the government in America has criminalized biblical preaching and prevented thousands of churches and clergymen from practicing their faith without threat of penalty from the authorities, he charged." -This is true in that whenever we preach biblical Christian values and truths we are in danger of being fined and evern arrested. Most are also unaware that when they get a 501c3 they are legally bound not to preach as the Bible commands. So yes, "real" Christian churches will eventually have to go underground. In fact, many are preparing to do so as we speak.

12/11/2011 13:44:15 FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic
"After years of sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping no one would notice, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that's fatal in high doses. But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It's added to the chicken feed on purpose!" -It was prophesied long ago that "clean" foods would become inedible, and so it has. Now do you see why remnant Christians have been moved the last few decades to go vegan? We're simply getting ready for the Heavenly diet.

12/11/2011 13:44:16 Zimbabwe's President Says He Will Not Retire
"Zimbabwe's 87-year-old president said Saturday he will not retire before proposed elections next year and will stay on also to lead the country against what he called a Western campaign for regime change." -If any of us have learned anything with the Ghaddafi situation, we know this guy is about to be murdered by the powers that be next. Prophecy says there will be a one world government, and Rome will use the American military to get there. So, unless things change drastically in this region, or this man caves, he will most assuredly wind up just as dead as Hussein and Ghaddafi.

12/11/2011 13:44:15 Officials: Calif. parents asked man to beat child
"An Irvine couple who suspected their 15-year-old son of smoking turned to a man believed to be relied on in their church to violently discipline children, authorities said. ...Kim hit the child with a metal pole about a dozen times, causing severe bruising on his legs, according to Bachmann. The pole was about an inch in diameter, investigators said." -No doubt this will make Christians look even more evil in the eyes of many. But then this is what Satan's going for here. 

12/11/2011 13:44:15 Japan megaquake shifted gravity satellite orbits
"The Tohoku earthquake that rattled Japan on 11 March changed Earth's gravitational field enough to affect the orbits of satellites. The satellites' altered courses suggest that the earthquake was stronger and deeper than instruments on Earth indicated." -It's stories like this that make my job easier when it comes to exposing the fact that scientists simply don't know it all. Creation is a lot more complex than any man can imagine. But most are willing and ready to take a scientists word as if it's gospel. Take evolution for example. 100% of it is based on hypothesis, yet most believe it as fact. In any event, the shifting of the planet will of course mess with the weather due to Jet Streams moving along with the planet. Once again we see Global Warming proven wrong by simple reality kicking in.

12/11/2011 13:44:15 New Study Verifies Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic
"The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this time by researchers from the University of Brazil. Marking the sixth major study in recent months to condemn the use of mercury in medicine, the new study reveals that mercury causes serious brain damage, and is linked to autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer's disease in adults." -Will this stop the AMA from forcing parents to vaccinate babies and school children? Not a chance! The hundreds of billions they make on their victims later on in life are way too profitable for them to give up. This is something we have to expect in the last days when the love of money far outshines the love of your fellow man.

12/11/2011 13:44:14 Climate conference approves landmark deal
"A U.N. climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement Sunday on a complex and far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change for the coming decades. ...The deal also set up the bodies that will collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of dollars a year for poor countries." -In other words, Rome's NWO needs a way to spread the wealth so the poor countries will have the means necessary to set up methods by which they can enforce the mark. So, they will tax the rich countries and give that money to the poor countries to do the work. And all of this is based on proven bad science called, global warming? At least now we know why Al Gore was asked to push this agenda.

12/09/2011 12:51:11 Home burns while firefighters watch, again
"A local family watches their home burn to the ground and just a few feet behind them, firefighters watch, too. It's happened multiple times before in one local community: firefighters refuse to respond because the homeowner didn't pay a fire subscription fee. The last time this happened, the city of South Fulton, Tennessee, received a lot of heat nationwide for this policy. That was more than a year ago but nothing has changed." -The firefighters show up to protect the neighboring homes that do "pay up." Where's the human compassion to simply aim the hose since they're already there? Many families have lost all they owned because their town leaders passed an unjust law they simply could not afford to pay. The love of many has waxed very cold indeed!

12/09/2011 12:51:11 Facebook Flaw Means Anyone Can See Private Photos
"A surprising security hole in Facebook allows almost anyone to see pictures marked as private, an online forum revealed late Monday." -This will be the 93rd article posted to my "Dangers of Facebook" page. I think I've said more than enough so that any rational thinking person can understand that Facebook is dangerous. Yes, I understand the fun of it all, and I understand it does appear to bring old friends together at times. But the days are coming soon when everyone will understand first hand that they may have waited too long to heed the warnings.

12/09/2011 12:51:11 India wants websites to screen derogatory content
"India's top telecommunications official said Tuesday that Internet giants such as Facebook and Google have ignored his demands to screen derogatory material from their sites, so the government would have to act on its own." -As the Internet becomes more powerful in society, controlling it will become necessary by those that society deems evil. This is why my website has been censored and my ability to send mass emails to people that subscribe cut off years ago. Those in power are usually there because they have embraced all that Satan offers to get them there. Unlike Jesus, they accepted his offer of wealth, power, and fame. When Christians warn others of the dangers of such lifestyles, it's only natural for those in power to use their power to try and quench them. What they always fail to realize is, the minute they shut up one Christian, a few more step up. Rome learned that the hard way during the Inquisition.

12/08/2011 14:50:26 Charge for cash transactions proposed
"A recent Nationalbanken report showed that the cost of using cash amounted to 5.8 billion kroner in 2009. This cost is higher than those incurred from all other forms of payment, including the Dankort debit card, credit cards, bank transfers and direct debits. ...Other arguments against cash are that money and coins are unsanitary, and that carrying cash makes you vulnerable to theft." -Yes, you can be robbed of the few dollars you have on hand, but what they conveniently leave out is the fact that if you are robbed of your debit card, you will lose all the money you have to your name. I would rather be robbed of my spare change than everything in my account. Still, prophecy does illustrate the need for a cashless society. This is merely a means to that end.

12/08/2011 14:50:26 Clinton: Religious Beliefs Standing in Way of Protecting LGBT People
"Religious beliefs and cultural values do not justify the failure to uphold the human rights of homosexuals, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the United Nations in Geneva on Tuesday." -In most nations, including the USA not too many years ago homosexuality was considered a felony. In some nations it was actually punishable by death. Today, as prophecy predicted, it's considered an "alternative" lifestyle. (See Luke 17:28-30) What's worse is, only true remnant Christians have a problem with ignoring Biblical jurisprudence. So once again, we are to be targeted as the problem when it comes to allowing such decadence to flourish. Politicians that are willing puppets of Satan have made our society what it is today. May God have mercy on their souls.

12/08/2011 14:50:26 Birth Control Pills May Keep Nuns Healthy, Study Says
"Nuns should be offered the contraceptive pill, on health grounds, since it would cut their risk of getting cancer, according to a study in The Lancet." -First of all, taking birth control pills to avoid cancer simply isn't true. If it were true, absolutely everyone on earth would be taking them. What is true however is there are literally hundreds of thousands of dead babies under most of the Roman Catholic convents all around the world. Some of the babies were actually dissolved by lime. The nuns would have relations with the few priests that weren't homosexual, they would get pregnant. Their clothing or "habit" as it's called allowed them to hide the pregnancy to full term. They would give birth, and then they would either kill the baby instantly and place it in a wall or under a floor or in what some would call a dungeon. Some convents would just bring the baby to the dungeon and let it die of starvation within a few days. All this coming from a church that claims to be against abortion. Keep in mind, most convents are attached to schools where the nuns teach and watch over children while dead babies are inside the walls and floors just a few feet away. Just one more reason this church is called the "Whore of Babylon" in prophecy.

12/08/2011 15:08:42 Obama offers plan for U.S. to be global LGBT sex cop
"The Obama administration has announced it intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S." -It's bad enough we are hated by billions for our terrorist tactics in other nations; Now Christians the world over will look at the United States as the guardian of homosexuals instead of a nation founded on Christian morals. But then, that's right, you guessed it, that too was prophesied..

12/08/2011 14:50:26 Dad bites off man's finger at nativity
"Parents waiting excitedly for their kids' Christmas performance were horrified as another father stormed into the primary school hall and launched himself at the victim. They wrestled for a few moments until one dad screamed as the other latched his teeth on to his finger. The attacker then bit through the digit before "spitting blood out like an animal." -Inside the school, and right in front of the children! The children are in danger in schools from teachers, fellow students, principles, crazed lunatics from off the street, and now crazed parents. I repeat, the public school system is not a safe place for children! Click here to see hundreds of articles and videos proving that as fact.

12/08/2011 14:50:26 Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive
"The Library of Congress and Twitter have signed an agreement that will see an archive of every public Tweet ever sent handed over to the library's repository of historical documents." -You know what's bad about all this? Millions will still use Twitter allowing the Federal government to have access to all their "tweets" from day one. Yes, I understand they're public anyway. But now, the government has a compiled database to scan at their leisure for words you may have said in a fit of rage.

12/07/2011 14:38:01 Greatest Threat to Civil Liberties Americans Face
"a law recently passed by the Senate currently which would place domestic terror investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military and which would open the door for trial-free, indefinite detention of anyone, including American citizens, so long as the government calls them terrorists." -Twice in the media Christians have been called "terrorists." If no other prophetic event makes sense to you, would the passing of this law at least spark an interest!?

12/07/2011 14:38:01 Morning-After Pill on Supermarket Shelves
"The Washington Post reports that, under President Obama and his Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the Food and Drug Administration is considering letting "anyone of any age buy the controversial morning-after pill Plan B directly off drugstore and supermarket shelves without a prescription." -Only in the last days will mankind be evil enough to see no wrong in selling drugs that kill babies on supermarket shelves, and yes, these are babies in the womb at the moment of conception. Proof? Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." How can God "know" someone unless they WERE a "someone?"

12/07/2011 14:38:01 Devils parade in St. Nicholas procession
"Revelers costumed as demonic creatures take part in a Krampus procession on Dec. 4 in Prad near Merano, Italy. In the tradition the devils accompany St. Nicholas when he visits little children to determine who has been good or bad. The tradition is still practiced in Austria, southern Germany and the South Tyrol region of northern Italy." -This is a good illustration of how Roman Catholicism truly is at the core. The Vatican tries to hide it, but they have been caught many times over the eons performing Satanic rituals, and even one time caught red handed holding a Satanic black mass in the Vatican. So, having their followers dress up like demons is par for the course in this church, while at the same time a good way for Satan to indoctrinate souls into killers when that day comes wherein all Remnant Christians are allowed to be killed "legally."

12/07/2011 14:38:01 Vatican university hosts unusual tattoo conference
"I was gobsmacked," said Oxford historian Jane Caplan, who wrote a seminal anthology on tattoos in U.S. and European history. "It seemed so unlikely," particularly Levy's guiding hand in helping organize a tattoo conference at the Vatican." -This is par for the course in Rome. The Bible says not to tattoo the body. (See Levitcus 19:28) Instead of following the Word of God, Rome sets up a display to promote tattooing. This is why Catholics are taught to have a problem with Sola Scriptura. Because the Bible goes against most of what Rome teaches, they diminish the Bible in the eyes of the people to make it appear less viable in their lives. That is what Antichrist does. Whenever the Bible says no, the Vatican steps up to say yes! This is why over 86% of Roman Catholic doctrine is not found in the Bible. Prophecy says they will preach another Jesus, and historic fact, as well as Roman Catholic dogma shouts loudly, PROPHECY FULFILLED!

12/07/2011 14:38:00 Florida's problem officers remain on the job
"Despite 'moral character violations', allegations of violence, drugs, theft and forcible sex, Florida officers keep their badges." -It's simple. The powers that be need a military force on the streets to enforce all the new unjust laws coming out of D.C. Seeing how many people refuse to become cops for a multitude of reasons, those already on the force that act out are allowed to stay on the job out of sheer necessity. This also causes society to deep even lower into the caverns of disrepair. That being said, can you see who's behind this comedy of errors? I'm sure every student of the Bible knows the answer to that question!

12/06/2011 12:28:29 Catholics Come Home TV Ads set to roll
"Come mid-December, those ads, which have been utilized in 30 dioceses, will air nationally on prime-time network television for the very first time. Beginning Dec. 16 and running through the feast of the Epiphany, Jan. 8, the ads will air more than 400 times, reaching more than 250 million television viewers in over 10,000 U.S. cities and every diocese." -Those of us that study prophecy have been expecting this for decades. Especially after June 26, 2000 when the One World Church was formed with the Pope as the elected leader. With the exception of the prophesied remnant church, every church, including the SDA church have become paying members of the end time Babylonian church due to the fact all of them have adopted Roman Catholic theology into their statement of faith. The timing is right for Rome to strike on this, and once can expect an influx into this church because it preaches you can actually be saved while still in your sin. What better offer for those poor souls that love the darkness more than the light in these last days? (By the way, they did a test 2 minute "commercial" in 2010 that I exposed in detail. Click here to see it)

12/06/2011 12:28:29 They're Building A Top Secret Underground Bunker
"Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, appeared on Fox News this afternoon to share that, actually, the White House is building a "top secret" underground bunker so that government may continue to function "in the event of an attack, be it nuclear, biological, or radiological." -I kinda figured this was what they were planning all along, especially after hearing about China's 3000 nukes, and Rome's desire to go into Iran via their puppet government's military arsenal. Prophecy does predict it will get rather intense due to mad men in power in the end, and this sort of activity shows them right on schedule. The fact they're building massive bunkers to protect their own lives instead of those they are elected to protect suggests Satan has a lot more control over our leaders than most want to admit. Praise the Lord our God also has men working in D.C. as well., Please pray for all of them. The lost and the found.

12/06/2011 12:28:29 Morning after pill campaign 'vulgar'
"A poster for the scheme, featuring the word 'sex' in fairy lights, asks: "Getting 'turned on' this Christmas?" -It's happening as we predicted years ago when this pill was invented. They said back then when it was created that the pill would only be used if a girl was raped. That's bad enough in and of itself! Still, I knew they weren't going to allow it to end there. It's easy to see they were lying because of the way society is driven by sex and money today. Sure enough, as expected, they are now advertising the pill as if it's a party favor for promiscuity. What most women don't realize is, the pill only works if a baby is conceived! It then kills the baby! Murder is now conveniently offered in pill form! If you're a Christian you know exactly what you're looking at here I'm sure. Society has become literally demonic when it becomes fashionable to kill your baby after a night of premarital or adulterous sex. Billions are literally lining up as we speak to jump into the flames of Hell! Our job is clear. We need to preach like never before brothers and sisters.

12/05/2011 13:13:25 Office of Religious Freedom in Canada
"The lines go on to indicate Baird met with Canada's ambassador to the Holy See in Rome, the Aga Khan, and the U.S. ambassador at large for international religious freedom." -In other words, as it is in Russia, China, and some Middle Eastern nations, religious freedom is defined by saying, if you're Roman Catholic, you are free to worship. After all, they cannot possibly monitor all religions, so they pick one and make it the national choice. Is that freedom? No, not at all. Is this prophetic? Indeed it is! Will this stop real Christians from meeting? It didn't stop them when Rome was feeding them to the lions as a form of entertainment in the Coliseum. It didn't stop them when Rome was burning them at the stake all over Europe, and it won't stop them when Rome uses modern methods to kill them either. The Loud Cry is prophesied to go forth, and so it will!

12/05/2011 13:13:25 News Anchor Tells Viewers 'There is No Santa'
"The station was flooded with angry responses to the segment, with parents demanding an apology. Robinson, who has been on the station since 1987, apologized to her audience the following day on a segment called "The Talker," which shares reader opinions." -Imagine that! The reporter tells the truth and so many parents call in and complain that the station forces her to apologize for telling the truth! Now the parents can safely continue to lie to their children, and worse yet, they teach them how to lie! How do they do that you ask? Evetually the child will discover Santa Clause is a lie. When that day comes, he will learn that lying is a very powerful tool. How so? He now knows his parents lied to him, and he also knows firsthand that HE BELIEVED THEM! He now has rock hard evidence lying works, and his own parents taught him that! Scripture said Satan uses crafty methods. This is just one of them.

12/05/2011 13:13:25 Napolitano says lone wolf terror threat growing
"U.S. Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano says the risk of "lone wolf" attackers is on the rise as the global terrorist threat has shifted in recent years." -Maybe it's just me but, I can't help thinking that the reason so many politicians are fearing terrorists is because they know what they're doing is angering people. The other toss of the coin is, with their new "lone wolf" declaration they can now tag every single solitary citizen as a potential threat! No longer do you have to be part of a group to be considered a problem. Now you can become a problem by simply breathing. This will allow for even more of the prophesied unjust laws to be passed in our day.

12/05/2011 13:13:25 Brother of Deceased NHL Player Charged in His Death
"NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard had been out of drug rehab for just one day before his younger brother gave him an unprescribed narcotic pain pill at the start of an evening of night-clubbing, drug-taking and heavy drinking that resulted in his death, prosecutors alleged Friday." -This is so sad on so many levels. But mostly on the AMA of course. The number of people that die every year from taking "legal" drugs literally dwarfs the number that die from "illegal" drugs, cancer and DUI accidents comnined! Yet because the AMA has such power and large amounts of money funneling into Washington, everyone looks the other way! No, I am not suggesting legalizing drugs, but I am suggesting ALL AMA drugs that have been proven dangerous be pulled off the market immediately. Yes, I know, that's nothing more than a pipe dream. Still, Jesus is coming soon, and all this insanity will end on that very day. It will make Heaven that much sweeter!

12/04/2011 13:51:19 Preacher to FBI: Put up or shut up!
"A street preacher known for challenging unconstitutional restrictions on speech and other First Amendment rights now is challenging the FBI, alleging he was put on the organization's terror watch list and was placed under investigation for no more than his "nonviolent religious speech which government officials perceive as controversial." -Can you see the hypocrisy here? The government will let false Christians like the Westboro Baptists preach hate at funerals, weddings and other public gatherings, but the minute you preach love you're tagged a terrorist. Well, truth is, this isn't the first time Christians were called terrorists and it won't be the last.

12/04/2011 13:51:19 Senate votes to end Bill of Rights
"In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America. This bill, passed late last night in a 93-7 vote, declares the entire USA to be a "battleground" upon which U.S. military forces can operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity." -And still some will say it a bogus prophecy that the USA will do away with the Constitution? Truth is, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

12/04/2011 13:51:18 "Honour" attacks hit 3,000 in a year
This is a very violent religion, and we now have proof Rome invented it to do as she is doing today. As we also know, the Vatican is a very violent church. Historic records don't lie. We also know violence will be used to enforce the mark of the beast. Looking back in history we see how Rome used hitler to do very violent acts, and we know Rome is behind Islam today. That being the case, does it make sense they will use Islam today to enforce the mark? If that doesn't ring true to you, then let me ask you this. Prophecy says people that refuse the mark of the beast will be decapitated, right? (See Revelation 20:4) What group of people alive today are known the world over for beheading people?

12/04/2011 13:51:18 Minister: China wants to invest in US roads, rails
"China wants to convert some of its mountain of U.S. government debt into investment in renovating American roads and subways, the commerce minister said Friday. Speaking to a business group, Chen Deming said China wants closer cooperation with the United States in infrastructure, clean energy and technology. ...We hope to achieve cooperation in the area of infrastructure," Chen told members of the American Chamber of Commerce in China." -How is this a problem? Firstly, China is a Communist nation. For them to have this much control in our infrastructure will allow them the political power they need to sway all sorts of legislative policy in their direction by dangling their "financial help" before the eyes of money worshiping politicians. Obama as well as the Pope that controls him, are socialists. They are doing all they can to destroy the Constitution to bring about their socialist society just as prophecy predicted. But, it's going slowly for the most part. However, with three socialist powers working in D.C., America is doomed to fall much quicker. But then, that too is to be expected as her just deserts for persecuting God's people.

12/04/2011 13:51:18 Bill Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military
"Senate on Thursday evening voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals, or bestiality." -Jesus said it will be as it was in Noah's and Lot's day when He returns. That day has clearly arrived. How long we will be vexed as Lot was while residing here is all on His remnant church. The Lord is waiting for us to go forth with the Loud Cry and bring them in now. His love is so amazing that He doesn't want to come too soon and lose one precious soul. Still, that day is going to come even if those that ignore the truth we preach continue to do so. The only reason those that hate the truth we preach won't be ready when He comes is because they chose not to be ready. So many prophecies have been fulfilled in just the last ten years alone that they will be completely without excuse when that Easter Sky splits in two. It is then they will be forced to repeat the eternally devastating words found in Jeremiah 8:20 that says, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved."

12/04/2011 14:11:09 Big Hole in White House Lawn Prompts Equally Big Questions
"The cavernous hole has inspired much speculation. Is it an Olympic-size swimming pool for the fitness-conscious first couple? A more spacious bunker? A place, perhaps, to hide the deficit?" -With all the talk about a terrorist using a nuke in D.C., I wonder too. Truth is, the History channel has even gone so far as to make a video about just such an event. Are they planning another more spectacular 911 this time in D.C.? If you ask me, it seems like the perfect way to get rid of all Congressional opposition to Rome's agenda and build a "brand new" government that will do as prophecy predicts. After all, Rome has never been shy about mass murder. This is why they are called "the beast" in prophecy. We already know 911 was an inside job, and we know Pearl Harbor was "allowed" as well thanks to recent documents being released. So, knowing how these guys operate makes one always assume the worst. Still, one can only hope they're just building a swimming pool.

12/02/2011 14:10:26 UK's top Catholic bishop endorses gay civil unions
"Archbishop of Westminster, England, has publicly expressed support for homosexual civil unions, a move that appears to put him at odds with a clear Vatican decree against supporting such unions confirmed by Pope John Paul II and then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict) in 2003." -What many fail to realize is this is how Rome works. They act as if the Bishop is a rogue Bishop that Rome is unable to control, when all they have to do is excommunicate him and the drama ends. But, he isn't the first to do this, and he won't be the last. Eventually Rome will adopt a "lenient" version of homosexual "acceptance" so as to make it appear they are still in the right while pleasing those that embrace the sin openly. The history of Roman Catholic doctrine is literally bulging with all sorts of compromises like this usually take decades to "soften" the masses into compliance. No matter, it will all be over soon and we will be Home without so much as a thought about any of this insanity.

12/02/2011 14:10:26 Bachmann insists harsh interrogations (torture) be restored
Many politicians as well as leaders in the military have declared numerous times that using torture is waste of time because those being tortured usually tell the official whatever they want to hear to stop the torture. And 9 times out of 10 it's a lie because they really don't know the answers to the questions in the first place. They just want the torture to stop. That being said. For Bachman to be so adamant about torture proves 2 things here. She knows she is very weak in the polls, but she knows her political god in Rome invented modern day torture. So one has to wonder if she's proclaiming she will do whatever Rome asks of her as long as she can sit in the White House? We may not know the answer to that question until the day comes when it is shouted from the rooftops before all right before Hellfire destroys Satan and his followers. Still, it seems rather odd that such a stance is taken. But then, these are the last days and legalized torture is already being used by police that carry tasers on tens of thousands of citizens annually. So talk like this is par for the course I guess.

12/02/2011 14:10:26 Wind storms lash America's west
"High wind warnings and advisories were also issued for Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico. The blustery weather is expected to eventually hit Oklahoma, Missouri and Indiana. ...The winds reached 123 mph at a ski resort northwest of Denver and topped 102 mph in Utah." -Keep in mind, this is without tornadoes! This simply isn't natural by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is prophetic.

12/02/2011 14:10:25 World Financial System on Brink of Collapse
"The current global financial system is in a "self-reinforcing process of disintegration," Mr. Soros warned, and "the consequences could be quite disastrous. You have to do what you can to stop it developing in that direction." -Actually, what I see here is the banks are purposely setting themselves up to fail so that when their preplanned grand disaster, or series of disasters occur, the fragile banking system will collapse. That way the Vatican's demand for a one world bank will appear a good idea and rise out of the ashes with the Pope sitting as the globe's "moral authority" to assure it doesn't happen again.

12/02/2011 14:22:08 Global surveillance supermarket offered to dictators
"The ease with which totalitarian regimes can buy western technology to intercept and store every electronic communication made by their citizens has been revealed in a joint document release by Wikileaks, the pressure group Privacy International and several media organisations." -Talk about the ultimate money making opportunity! We just passed 7 billion souls on earth! That means someone stands to make 7 billion sales on their product that can track each citizen! It's beginning to become clear even to scoffers that the prefabricated lies regarding 911 and other so called middle eastern terrorists is being milked to allow for a global network of information gathering upon every citizen to be set up. If you study prophecy you know that they cannot enforce the mark of the beast without such a network. And to think, all Satan had to do to assure it gets done is to tempt someone to make hundreds of billions in profit by offering such a system! Mankind is as easy to play as a fiddle it seems. "For the love of money is the root of all evil." -1 Timothy 6:10

12/01/2011 12:55:02 Pope Benedict XVI's astronomer: the Catholic Church welcomes aliens
"Highly evolved extra terrestrial lifeforms may be living in space and would be welcomed into the church - "no matter how many tentacles", one of the Pope's astronomers has said." -In this statement the Pope's sanctioned astronomer is declaring the God of the Bible is not the same as the God of creation. How? The God of the Bible created man IN HIS IMAGE. And as we can plainly see by looking in a mirror, mankind has no tentacle, therefore it's only wise to proclaim God has no "tentacles." Still, some may think this article or the comments it contains are all in good fun.  But are you aware the Vatican is the one that started the UFO craze hundreds of years ago? Click here for proof.