12/03/2010 13:56:22 High School Player Flagged For Touchdown Nod to God
"A high school football player in Tacoma, Wash., got flagged for dropping to his knee and pointing to the sky after scoring a touchdown during a playoff game. ...He was called for unsportsmanlike conduct, a 15 yard penalty—the same amount of yards a lineman would receive after steamrolling a quarterback well after a play." -It's bad enough they're teaching the kids the embrace Roman games that cripple quite a few teens each and every year, and when the kids acknowledge God they are punished!? Just one more reason to get your children out of the schools. Click here for hundreds of more reasons.

12/02/2010 15:08:16 A pill to block out the bad memories
"In a medical breakthrough, researchers have discovered that proteins can be removed from the brain’s fear centre to wipe out traumatic memories." -This is what happens when there is no God in your life. Memories, good and bad, are designed by our loving Father to teach us lessons in life we need to learn so as to better see His hand and walk closer to Him. Removing such memories can cause deception to build a firm grasp on a life. Especially if the memory erased wasn't used by the Lord as of yet to bring that child closer to Him. But then prophecy does say Rome will use drugs to deceive the masses. And so they are doing just that.

12/01/2010 13:02:47 Dad gets jail for son's visit home
"A father has been jailed and is facing a trial where he could be sent to prison for up to 10 years after bringing his son, who was "state-napped" by police on the instructions from social services workers in 2009, back to his home for a day-and-a-half visit with relatives." -I agree with the author of the article when he says, "Only menace here is government drunk with its own power." The government is now speaking as a dragon just as prophecy said it would long ago. The only reason this is happening is because the Vatican has gained control of D.C. which was also prophesied to happen. No, there is nothing we can do about this because prophecy said it would happen. Nor would we wan to because it means we are right on track to see the soon arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eastern sky. Will He come in our lifetime? One can only hope! Maranatha!

12/01/2010 13:02:47 Girl arrested for allegedly burning Qur'an
"A 15-year-old girl has been arrested in the West Midlands on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after allegedly burning an English-language version of the Qur'an and then posting video footage of the act on Facebook." -Why is it people that burn bibles or make paintings of Jesus to urinate on, or make billboards that blaspheme Jesus Christ aren't arrested? It's because we are getting close to the end where prophecy said peace loving Christians will be hated and persecuted while violent Muslims are protected. Satan has his control and loving it. As short lived as it is, this has to be "his heaven" for lack of a better term. Praise the Lord it's all about to end.

12/01/2010 13:07:58 Across Texas, 60,000 babies of noncitizens get U.S. birthright
"Parkland Memorial Hospital delivers more of those babies than any other hospital in the state. Last year at Parkland, 11,071 babies were born to women who were noncitizens, about 74 percent of total deliveries. ...State Rep. Rafael Anchía, D-Dallas, accused Republicans of using the births to generate an explosive election issue. "They're pulling the pin on the immigration grenade," he said. "It's all about the November elections and continuing to use the immigration issue as a wedge to win votes this fall." -What's worse? Democrats that pander to Rome's political falderal or Republicans? Not much difference is there. So... why vote? No matter who you vote for, Rome wins.

30/11/2010 14:41:12 Drug made me a sex-crazed transvestite
"A former IT manager told on Monday how he blew 400 000 (about R4.4 million) on a luxury lifestyle and became a sex-crazed transvestite because of a drug he took to combat the effects of Parkinson's disease." -Is it not written in prophecy that Rome will use drugs to deceive the masses? This is just one small aspect of how bad it gets for some. Usually, it's just a "gentle" change that lures them off the path. The fact these drugs come with a bevy of side effects that can cripple and even kill, it's man's own fault when he allows such temple destroying toxins into his body. Especially since there are natural methods that work much better!

30/11/2010 14:41:12 Obama: Shiva the Destroyer?
"Newsweek's depiction of President Obama on its latest cover has irked some Indian Americans who, fresh off Obama's visit to the world's largest democracy, are not happy with the image of the U.S. president as the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva." -First Obama poses as Messiah, then he is actually prayed to by groups of worshippers on camera, and now he is depicted as a false goddess of destruction? What they hope to do is get people used to the idea that their leaders are gods just as prophecy predicted. And some STILL don't think we're in the last days?

30/11/2010 14:41:12 Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal farming
"Canada's National Farmers Union wants the Canada-EU trade deal scrapped. US farmers face the same assault by agribusiness and the biotech industry under S 510. Epoch Times noted: “ Under provisions in CETA [Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement], using saved seed could result in a farmer's land, equipment, and crops being seized for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights attached to plant varieties owned by corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer." -What many fail to realize, they already did this in America using crafty lies to con the farmers into compliance. Now the farmers have to buy seed every year that is modified to survive pesticides. That was the con they used to get the farmers interested. Problem is, the seeds cannot produce fruit that has viable seeds so the farmers need to buy new ones each year. This way they can control the food. Not to worry though. Remnant Christians have been promised their bread and water will be given them.

29/11/2010 14:53:04 Swedish parents jailed for 'spanking' kids
"A Swedish court has jailed the parents of three children who were regularly beaten since the age of three in what they claimed was a method of discipline prescribed in the Bible." -In other words, big government demands you ignore biblical jurisprudence and if you refuse they will go after you. Prophecy said unjust laws would flourish in our day, and we all can see that fulfilled easily. This is also how they will enforce the mark of the beast when that day comes. There isn't a single verse from Genesis to Revelation declaring Sunday is Sabbath, yet they will demand people keep Sunday holy in the coming days. In fact, the Blue Laws already demand government agencies keep Sunday holy in the USA thanks to our first Roman Catholic president, John F. Kennedy.

29/11/2010 14:53:04 Sharia Law in Real Estate?
"Guidance Residential has been nominated for the "Best Islamic Home Finance Provider" Award in the 2009 Islamic Business & Finance Awards." -Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac are gone and penniless so now the Islamic organization, "guidance residential," has been formed to help people get homes under Sharia Law. Will they make Sharia Law financing appear attractive enough to Americans that have lost their homes? Ok.. dumb question. But think about this fact. Whoever controls the money controls the laws. This is a no-brainer for those of us with eyes that see. Now imagine Muslims stockpiling billions of American dollars thanks to Americans paying mortgages to them. Now do you see why they wan to start banking here? Only under the guidance of a Muslim president is this possible. Soon, Muslims will have billions of dollars to play with in the halls of justice so as to pay off politicians to lobby for more prophesied unjust laws. This is exactly what Rome needs to push her agenda forward!

29/11/2010 14:53:04 Barack Obama urges global co-operation to secure growth
"President Barack Obama has pleaded with world leaders to put aside their differences and work together for global economic recovery." -Those of us that study prophecy, as well as have eyes that see Satan dangling golden carrots before the eyes of money hungry politicians, we've known all along that they would be able to create a New World Order by using money. Now do you see why so many nations are in "supposed" economic turmoil? The only way to make them join as one under Roman rule is to make it appear their cash is in danger. In other words, they created the "fix" long before they broke the system. Even though we look through a glass darkly on many things this side of eternity. However this is as easy to see as the noonday sun for even the babe in Christ! That's what John 14:29 says happens when  the prophetic event has passed. Prophetic hindsight is always 20/20.

29/11/2010 14:53:03 Obama deal aids al-Qaida backers?
"The WikiLeaks revelation that Saudi donors are the chief financiers of al-Qaida comes just days after President Obama quietly moved forward with plans to sell $60 billion worth of fighter jets and military equipment to the Saudis – the largest weapons sale to a nation in U.S. history." -And some still don't believe that Obama is a Muslim or that he is doing what he can to help them while in office? And by the way, have you noticed? Whenever he does things that are bluntly pro-Islam in nature, you never hear the Vatican complain. Why? They invented Islam to help them fight Sabbath keepers.

28/11/2010 13:09:42 US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites
"As part of a new expansion of government power over information, the Department of Homeland Security has begun seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous "Department of Justice" logo on the web site. See an example at http://torrent-finder.com" -No, the websites weren't threats to national security by any means. The DHS shut them down for "copyright infringement." Sound familiar? Again, the events predicted on this website have come to fruition. This is why it's such a blessing to be in God's will. Not only are your prayers answered, the remnant people also have the ability to understand Bible prophecy and put the proverbial 2 + 2 together. This is also why we are hated so much. Rome doesn't much like it when God's people can tell you today what  the Pope's plan to do tomorrow. (Also see this article)

28/11/2010 13:09:42 Poll: Most under 35 never heard of King James Bible
"A new poll taken for the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible reveals that a majority of those under 35 in the United Kingdom don't even know about the work, which has been described as a significant part of the estimated 100 million Bible sales annually, making it the best best-seller, ever." -I'm not surprised at all. Rome has been very busy making sure people use bogus bibles with thousands of verses missing for decades now. The KJV is a threat to them for good reason. It holds unvarnished TRUTH they cannot hope to hide! Truth is, Rome has a long hatred of the KJV seeing how it's original preface exposed the Popes as Antichrist.

28/11/2010 13:09:42 TSA: Travelers Who Refuse Scanning Can’t Leave, Will Be Fined
"Once a person submits to the screening process, they can not just decide to leave” warned Sari Koshetz, a TSA spokesperson. TSA officials say that anyone refusing both the “full body scanners” and the “enhanced pat down” procedures will be taken into custody." -These police State tactics in airports is insane, yes. But thanks to the food additives, fluoride, MSG, prescription drugs, and chemtrails, most Americans are too complacent to care. And to think, this is just the birthpangs of how bad it's going to get!

28/11/2010 13:26:29 Obama’s Claiming More Power Over Americans Than King George III, Says Virginia Attorney General
"Virginia Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli, who has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the health-care law signed by President Barack Obama last March, says Obama and the Congress that enacted that law--which mandates that individuals must buy government-approved health insurance plans--are seeking a power over the lives of Americans that even King George III did not claim to possess." -In other words, as planned, the office of the president is quickly becoming the office of a Herod.

28/11/2010 13:09:42 Catholics in US overwhelmingly support homosexual unions
"...the survey found that Catholics overwhelmingly support legal recognition of homosexual unions. 41% of white Catholics, and 46% of Latino Catholics, support same-sex marriage, while an additional 36% of white Catholics, and 22% of Latino Catholics, support same-sex civil unions." -When you look at all the homosexuals in the priesthood one has to realize that their flock will be supportive of their favorite priest. Of course, the lackadaisical dogma of Rome allows for alternative lifestyles to be acceptable as long as Rome can play the moral card so as to give the appearance of godliness while at the same time denying the power thereof. What a wicked web they weave! Is it any wonder Roman Catholic priests are dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else?

26/11/2010 13:34:30 SANDF may use drone against poachers
"The SA National Defence Force is considering using an unmanned drone helicopter to "target" rhino poachers, Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Thursday. She told a news conference in Pretoria she wanted state weapons company Denel to further develop an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) it was working on so it could be used to help SA National Parks catch rhino poachers." -As predicted the drones which were originally invented for war purposes only, have made it into the private sector. Of course, they will say it's to help them in their war against crime, and this is true. But soon Remnant Christians will be considered criminals merely because they choose to worship the God of the Bible.

26/11/2010 13:34:30 Lack of winter rains even worse than predicted
"With no significant rainfall thus far, the dire predictions about this winter have become a reality, the Water Authority said on Thursday. With November nearing its end, Lake Kinneret will likely receive the least water since records started being kept in 1927." -Is this not just deserts for those that deny the Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah? They can pray all they want for water but the Lord will only bless and protect those that obey Him. Not those that boldly deny Him. Still, He is merciful to those that don't obey Him for now. However, the day of reckoning is speeding towards mankind as we speak. According to Christian prophecy, that mercy will not be included in His soon coming wrath. If they continue to deny Jesus as Lord all the way up until the day probation closes, then they will know what it means to fall into the hands of the Living God.

26/11/2010 13:34:30 Priest in sex case now charged with trying to hire hitman
"A Catholic priest charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy in 2008 in the rural parish where he worked west of here was rearrested last week in Dallas and charged with trying to hire someone to kill his alleged victim. Father John M. Fiala, 52, was in Dallas County Jail on one count of solicitation to commit murder and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child, officials said. A judge set bail at $700,000." -As historic fact confirms, Roman Catholicism is all about death. This isn't the first time a priest has done this, and it won't be the last. Yet, this church is still allowed to stay open with Government approval? No matter.. the King of the Eternal Government is about to put an end to it forever.

25/11/2010 13:30:33 Christians are now considered "hate groups" by homosexuals
"Lumping Christian groups in with violent, racist gangs is a form of 'bracketing,' a political tactic described in the gay strategy manual 'After the Ball.' It's guilt by association and it's meant to intimidate," Knight told WND." -Truth is, the groups they call Christians in the article are mostly Roman Catholic in nature, still, they will tag any Christian that proclaims homosexuality a sin as being a hate group. Sadly, their hatred towards those that love them enough to warn them of eternal damnation says it all. Jesus said the homosexuals will flourish right before He ends the world, and so they are doing just that. So be it! Maranatha! 

25/11/2010 13:30:32 Harry Potter is a Christ, Baptist professor says
"Harry Potter is one of the most clearly identifiable examples of a Christ figure in contemporary fiction,” said Garrett, English professor at Baylor University. ...As I started reading the books and watching the movies, I began to notice a lot of affinity to the Christian faith,” said Garrett, who previously has written explorations of spirituality and Christian themes in the Matrix movie series, comic books and the music of U2." -This is of course no mistake and to be expected as J.K. Rowling, Hollywood producers, and U2 are all obviously possessed by Satan to do his work in luring souls to Hell. To Look at wicked novels, movies, or even Rock music as if Christ Jesus approves and is somehow emulated proves Satan is active using Christian attributes in a twisted manner to gain notoriety and acceptance. Most deceived will clamor to those things that reflect, even in the slightest way, a similitude to Christ so as to remove the guilt of partaking. After all, this is why there are so many successful denomination of Christianity in the world today. Satan knows that if he mixes just enough truth with error he can get those that don't read Bibles to embrace it as truth.

25/11/2010 13:30:32 China, Russia quit dollar
"China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday." -Will this cause problems in USA? Yes, it will. How bad? Time will tell. However, as we witnessed most politicians during the last decade doing all they can to destroy the economy, I suspect sooner rather than later. Thing is, this is what Rome needs China and Russia to do if they ever expect to get a global currency created. Too many nations still rely on the dollar and they need to set the stage for their already admitted desire to control the world's economy. Basic reality is, all leaders know Rome can successfully fund a global dollar since they all know Rome has more wealth then all 195 nations combined. That includes the USA!

25/11/2010 13:30:32 Is there evidence of a Universe before the "big bang?"
"By Penrose’s estimation, our universe is not the first – nor will it be the last – to spawn from a dense mass of highly-ordered everything into the complex universe we see around us. In fact, it’s that high degree of order that was apparently present at the universe’s birth that set him on this line of thought. The current Big Bang model doesn’t supply a reason as to why a low entropy, highly ordered state existed at the birth of our universe unless things were set in order before the Big Bang occurred." -It's amazing how much evidence keeps piling up against the evolutionist's theories. Still, some blinded by hatred of Truth refuse to budge. I wonder, will they claim it's all an illusion when the Lord appears in the Eastern sky causing the mountains to shake like reeds in the wind? No.. they may think they will today. But when that eastern sky splits, they will know exactly who that is on the Throne! That's why they ask the mountains to cover them! They know they deserve to die for denying the Author of life.

24/11/2010 14:30:01 Pupils 'taught to carry out Sharia punishments'
"Pupils at Islamic schools across the country are being taught to chop off a criminal's hand and that Jews are conspiring to take over the world, a BBC investigation claimed on Monday. ...The schools are part of the "Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in the UK and Ireland" organisation. The BBC investigation claimed that one school in London is owned by the Saudi government." -If Rome, the inventor of Islam, doesn't have plans to use Sharia Law, which includes beheading criminals as prophecy says those who refuse the mark may face, then why are they training young people to enforce Sharia law?

24/11/2010 14:30:01 Americans 'likely' to get cancer from airport scanners
FYI: "A Columbia University expert in radiation today confirmed that it is quite "likely" that the radiation from screening machines being installed nationwide by the Transportation Security Authority to use on airline passengers will cause cancer. The word comes from David J. Brenner, of Columbia's Center for Radiological Research, and whose research involves radiation biology, low dose risk estimation and radiotherapy." -Do Christians have a religious right not to be scanned? According to 1 Corinthians 3:17, yes we do! Plus, click here for another article that shows the latex gloves the TSA workers use are never changed between pat downs. Therefore, they can easily spread disease here as well, which also gives the Christian the religious right not to be scanned. Worse yet, now these scanners are showing up in courtrooms making everyday life suspect to government control. And for those of you (like me) that refuse to fly, it appears the trains and boats are next in line for the scanners. Hitler's 4th Reich is coming to fruition! 

24/11/2010 14:30:00 Daily HIV pill use yields strong results
"Men who faithfully take a daily pill that contains drugs to treat HIV can reduce their risk of catching the deadly virus by up to 73 percent, the National Institutes of Health said in a study released Tuesday." -Why go for 73% when abstinence is 100% effective? This will not only give those that take part in such immoral activities the option to go for it, but it will also give them a false sense of security making them susceptible for infection. 73% is a far cry from 100%, but people love to play the odds and gamble with their very lives as is apparent with all the sinful lifestyles today! Some will actually get sick, die, and wind up in Hell fire all for a few brief moments of pleasure. But thenthe pleasure filled mind set is prophesied for our day. So this is just par for the course.

24/11/2010 14:45:49 Benedict heralds possibility of resignation if his health fails
"Benedict said: "Yes, if a Pope clearly realises that he is no longer physically, psychologically and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and, under some circumstances, also an obligation, to resign." -Do you believe him? Not like because John Paul II was crippled mentally before he "suddenly" died. No, it appears that like Obama with his probable decision not to run in 2012 if Arizona, Texas, or Georgia pass legislation demanding presidents prove citizenship, the Pope knows the heat is on and he may have to resign to avoid legal problems he can't handle. So, he may resign when the Pedophile accusations against him become too difficult to spin. We are living in amazing times are we not? They continue to lie even though they know billions know they're lying. This happens when they actually worship the father of lies. They have no reverent fear of the true and ever living God. Well.. at least not yet anyway. Soon they will try to hide in the underground.bunkers that have built.

23/11/2010 14:20:00 U.N.'s Islam-protection plan revives
"The circumstances that are coming together at this point include the announcement in Pakistan of the death penalty by hanging for a Christian woman who was accused by her Muslim neighbors of "blaspheming" Islam. ...How can an innocent person be accused, have a case in court after a false [report], and then be given the death sentence, without even once taking into consideration what he or she has to say?" she asked. ...The plan, if ultimately adopted, could put additional teeth in Muslim and communist nations' efforts to attack Christians within their borders. There could even be attempts to apply its regulations inside the U.S." -This is exactly what prophecy says will be the norm for Christians in our day! We will be accused of crimes we never committed and then refused the option to face out accusers, or even due process of law to discover innocence or guilt. And now the UN seeks to legally protect Islam's right to kill using their anti-blasphemy law. Christians are the target right now! Do we need any more proof Christianity is feared globally?

23/11/2010 14:20:00 The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders
"The entire European Project is now at risk of disintegration, with strategic and economic consequences that are very hard to predict. ...the gamble of launching a premature and dysfunctional currency without a central treasury, or debt union, or economic government, to back it up and before the economies, legal systems, wage bargaining practices, productivity growth, and interest rate sensitivity, of North and South Europe had come anywhere near sustainable convergence may now backfire horribly." -It appears Rome is setting the stage to take over. Will it happen in this manufactured crash? Or is this going to be used like the one in the USA to grab control of essential sections of society so as to create Rome's socialist structure Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict is so proud of? Time will tell.

23/11/2010 14:20:00 Experts: Mystery contrail was from Chinese missile
"Two governmental military experts with extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems have examined the television video and conclude the mysterious contrail originating some 30 miles off the coast near Los Angeles did not come from a jet but rather, they say the exhaust and the billowing plume emanated from a single source nozzle of a missile, probably made in China. They further suggest the missile was fired from a submerged Chinese nuclear submarine off America's coast, and point out that the timing of the alleged Chinese missile shot coincided with an increasing confrontation between the U.S. and China, and was likely meant to send a message to Washington." -I've been waiting to see if a believable explanation would surface before posting. In other words, as suspected, they lied to us with at least 3 separate scenarios as to what the column of smoke was about. Some "experts" said it was an illusion. Pentagon officials said it was a plane contrail. And finally some said it was the work of amateur missile enthusiasts. Whatever the reasons, we cannot hide the fact that Obama is angering the officials in China lately. A land with over 100 million soldiers who have technology comparable to our own when it comes to ICBMs thanks to Bill Clinton giving them micro technology years ago in what some claim was an open act of treason. In short, America may be on the brink of Nuclear war and no one seems to care. Will this add to the prophesied fear welling up in men's hearts? Indeed it will if they aren't Christians who have not been given that spirit of fear.

23/11/2010 14:28:11 RAF jets scrambled twice in one week to intercept Russian nuclear bombers
"RAF fighter jets have been scrambled to intercept Russian nuclear bombers near British airspace twice in the last week, it emerged today.The alarm was raised after the huge Tupolev Tu95 'Bears' were spotted on Monday and Tuesday, flying in a Nato-policed zone close to the UK. Tornados from RAF Leuchars in Fife were despatched to identify and escort the bombers back to international air space. The incident is the the latest in a long line of cat-and-mouse engagements between RAF fighters and Russian aircraft, as the Kremlin seeks to test Western response times." -Christ did say there would be wars and rumors of war. So, this is to be expected. The fact these are nuclear bombers just adds that much more to the fear in the hearts of men who do not have Christ as Lord.