29/11/2013 13:53:37 Black Friday Brawl and Arrest over a TV at Walmart 2013
"Shoppers resort to animalistic behavior and resort to brawling to get a TV on Black Friday." --Yes, it's black Friday again and as expected, the insanity is being pumped up once again. It's no mistake this "tradition" was started by the enemy of souls. It trains the otherwise calm shopper to go ballistic over saving a few dollars on an item when someone even so much as looks at their prized possession sitting on the shelf. This woman was arrested over a silly TV that does nothing to maintain life. However, when the store shelves empty of food and the real basic necessities of life due to Rome's long planned economic disaster, those that would pound on you for a LCD TV will literally kill you for a loaf of bread or a slab of ribs. Satan is training those under his thumb to revert to an animalistic behavior now so that when it comes time to kill the Christians for keeping the true Sabbath, many people will try to kill us because they see us as a threat to their basic needs in life due to believing the lies their pastors tell them about the calamities they think we are causing for refusing to bow to Rome's prophesied mark. (Also see these videos)

29/11/2013 13:53:37 'The Voice' removes "Lord" from lyrics
"On Tuesday night's (Nov. 26) "The Voice" live show, the Top 8 contestants performed "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?," backed by Seattle's Starbucks Chorus, a vocal group that raises money for local charities. But after the performance, the Twitterverse erupted with complaints that the word "Lord" was dropped from the lyrics." --The thing is, they could have picked from literally billions of songs to sing that night, but they chose that one. I believe they made this choice so as to make a hateful point towards Christians and the Lord we worship. Everywhere we look now we see people figuring out ways to mock the Lord and persecute His people just as prophecy predicted. Not to worry though brethren. They can hate Him all they like. Our King will still return no matter what. And the signs now declare He is coming VERY soon!

28/11/2013 12:12:05 Obamacare : Love it or Hate it, Obamacare redistributes YOUR Wealth
"no comments available." --It's finally hit the mainstream media about how Obamacare is redistributing the wealth, and it's not just Fox News now. Still, will they stop all this? Not likely. They may re-write the law or hide it in another Bill later on so as to pull the onus off of some, but the fact is, Rome demanded this via John Paul II's lips, Benedict XVI's lips and now Francis' lips, and as ancient as well as recent history has proven, what Rome wants Rome gets. Even if it means many have to die in the process.

28/11/2013 12:12:05 Knock this out: Media's absurd claim on black mobs
"The “Knockout Game”, featured prominently on many Fox News shows last week along with other major media outlets, is just an urban myth, contends the New York Times. But relatives and friends of three people in St. Louis who have died as a result of the “game” beg to differ. So would police there who have set up a special unit to investigate the crimes. And so would an author who has documented hundreds of such attacks nationwide." --Why does the media keep hiding the fact that black teens are attacking white people all over the nation? They have to follow orders to protect the president from looking like he's unable to lead even those from his own community. Problem is, many of those in his own community have also realized he is unable to lead. For the media to continue now is to make themselves look even worse. Still, as prophecy predicted long ago in Ezekiel 7:23, "the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence."

27/11/2013 13:46:58 Startling predictions now coming true at breakneck speed
"Obama’s plot to “drag the economy down” and redistribute American wealth to the rest of the world – and financially cripple the nation – he explains, “is a transfer of hundreds of billions, in fact trillions of dollars, out of the United States and into other countries." --At 1:45 in the video he states Obama's methods "redistributes wealth away from America to the rest of the world." For those of you that I harp on the Popes too much or that I am biased towards exposing them; do you recall what John Paul II commanded in 1988, which Benedict XVI then spoke on and now Francis has been pushing as well lately regarding the spreading of the wealth? This is what most "so called" pastors keep missing because they disobey the Lord and then are refused wisdom; when the Pope makes a demand, all one needs to do is watch how American politicians and then the rest of the world 's leaders start to do as he demands. The prophecy regarding all the world wondering after the beast in Rome isn't just for the common man. All the political leaders follow this man as well!

27/11/2013 13:46:58 FDA approves addictive opioid 10X stronger than Vicodin
"The FDA just approved a controversial, highly addictive painkiller known as Zohydro. It's 5-10 times stronger than Vicodin and retains its potency even when crushed, making it an easy target for abuse. What's worse is, the company who will manufacture it ALSO manufactures a drug for painkiller addiction. That is the Circle of Life in doped up America." --As illustrated in the video, the painkillers the AMA pushes is nothing more than legalized heroin. It's base element is exactly the same as the street drug. In fact, statistics now prove that the AMA painkillers are abused in America twice as much as all the drugs on the street COMBINED! Yet, they still push these drugs in pharmacies because it makes a crazy amount of money. Was this prophesied? Yes, look in 2 Timothy 3:1-4 and Revelation 18:23.

26/11/2013 14:28:47 Staged Attack Coming As Result of Iran Nuclear Deal
"In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains that a Staged Attack is coming as a result of Iran's Nuclear Deal." --Just the other day my wife and I were talking about how this Iran deal is allowing for a false flag attack in Israel, or the USA, and now I see someone made a video on it. Truth is, this opens the door on just about any level when it comes to false flagging. A smorgasbord if you will. I can't help feeling that some "supposed middle eastern terrorist" will stroll into a subway with a suitcase or backpack nuke and Iran will be blamed for it so WWIII can begin. Reason being is, if they tried to do this before lifting sanctions in Iran, most would balk at the idea that Iran did it because of how easily it was proven Bush lied about WMD's in Iraq. But with lifting sanctions and granting Iran the proverbial "ok" to develop nuclear material, the blame can stick much better now. But because this is a multilevel opportunity, one can also switch players as per the political landscape at the time and make Israel appear the aggressor using the exact same scenario but this time the false flag could make them appear to be attacking in self-defense. Still, these are only two play scripts they could be working on of at least half a dozen or so that pops into my head alone. In any event, we know our leaders are mostly liars and very sinister at heart. I am sure the following year is going to drastically change a lot of the norms in society, and not for the better. By the way, the guy on screen says at 4:07 in the video that he has "never been more nervous" in his life with all that's happening. Have you read Luke 21:26 lately? That's right, many people are fearful today just as prophecy predicted.

26/11/2013 14:28:46 Dramatic New Video of Arkansas School Bus Hijacking Released
"Emergency 911 calls and dash cam show children being rescued with help of bus driver." --Is it clear yet? Satan is targeting the children. What better place to get at them en masse than in school? If the killers don't get to the children first, the teachers, janitors, bus drivers, counselors, nurses, lunch ladies, principals and fellow students will. And if they all fail, the perverted and corrupted lesson books will eventually succeed later on in life. In short, school is not a safe place for children!

25/11/2013 14:22:12 Enroll America Director Conspires to Release Private Data
"Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare and Chris Tarango, Texas Enroll America Communications Director who Project Veritas caught on tape agreeing to help obtain a private list of potential Obamacare enrollee data for election/political purposes. Tarango goes so far to say he’ll “Do whatever it ******* takes.” --In this age of lying, Satan is going to have his pawns in all the high places. So expect the common man to have to deal with the prophesied unjust laws and a bevy of persecuting factors just to get through his day to day life. When it comes to men at the top, who stand to make millions and even billions on an individual basis, rest assured they will do whatever it takes to assure the money keeps flowing into their silk lined pockets. Still, with Christ as your Saviour, the hedge of angels will protect you even here. If you choose not to walk with Him, then don't complain when your world comes crashing down all around you. He offered to help.. you just have to accept Him.

25/11/2013 14:22:13 Knockout Game Violence Alarms Authorities
"An increasing number of people are sucker punching random people on the street." --Still think you and your family are safe in the cities? If so, would it help to see that this was prophesied? It says in Ezekiel 7:23 that, "the city is full of violence." Yes, I understand it's not easy to move or find a home outside the city. But if you actually try and trust the Lord to help you, you will actually find one. Truth is, if you wait much longer, martial law will make it next to impossible to get out. As we see the government slumping lower and lower into corruption like never before in our history, you have to realize that sooner or later the people will revolt and that will leave the government no choice but to lock the cities down with armed soldiers on every corner to prevent protests. Also keep in mind, before they can even hope to enforce martial law they have to stop the riots.

24/11/2013 14:16:35 Insurance for 2 kids with cancer cancelled!
"Krista says an insurance agent told her that Hunter's information got lost when they made changes under the new Affordable Care Act. Now, Krista is on a mission to re-gain that insurance, but they're running out of time before his next chemo treatment, and the agent says they can't expedite." --This is what we have been warning people of since Obamacare was first mentioned. This is bound to happen all over the country if they don't stop him. Whatever happens will be our Father's will, but please pray that the people of God are ready to do what prophecy says they will do. One of the signs that follow God's people is the healing of the sick just as the apostles healed many after the former rain fell on them. These innocent children deserve a chance and all those involved can be blessed by the visible movement of God's hand. Now that Obama is forcing them off AMA medication, it's going to force the parents to look for other methods of healing. That in itself is a blessing in that chemo is not really designed to heal anyone. It's designed to create more patients that funnel more money to the wholly corrupted AMA. So again, I implore you to pray and get into the Word like never before and seek the Lord's hand upon you. Everything from natural healing methods we already know about to actual miracles are about to be realized in a big way all over the world. Prophecy declares the Lord will use His people to glorify Himself right before this all ends. But He can only use you if you are an obedient child of God! This includes pride. I mention that because some will be tempted to seek self-glory for what the Lord is doing. If you have a desire for the limelight, the Lord cannot use you any more than he could use Simon Magus of old. So again, pray and study His Word daily. You never know when He will call on you to help someone He sends your way.

24/11/2013 14:16:35 NSA has collected bulk data on Americans since Reagan
"The National Security Agency has grown in power since the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The secretive spy agency has faced scandals during two successive presidential administrations, first under President George W. Bush, and now under President Barack Obama. But the NSA's bulk collection of Americans' metadata began long before that, at the beginning of President Ronald Reagan's administration." --It was also Reagan's administration that bowed in worship the power of Rome and allowed the Jesuit order internal access to the Whitehouse in his second term. So many people worship Reagan as if he was some great and wonderful president. But the basic reality is, he was a Hollywood actor who "acted" the part given him so as to have that now glorified manufactured persona placed upon him. And as we all know just by reading history books, political power can be exemplified easily if the man at the top is presented well enough for the people to trust and even worship him. Case in point. Most voted for Obama because of his campaign promises and appealing manners in 2008. Some even worshipped him and actually prayed to him! But reality has now set in, and the truth is known by all. He too "played a part."

22/11/2013 14:03:32 Muslim Holiday Ashoura: Islamic Blood Rituals on American Streets

"Once again the annual bloody ritual of Ashura is upon us. Muslims flagellate themselves and their children with whips and chains until bloody to commemorate the death of our President’s namesake, Hussein. Why is this savagery tolerated in the US, considering that blood borne illnesses could be hazardous and such? But it’s more important to adhere to and to respect the sharia and not offend Islam. That is the priority." --When you look at the pictures and the videos on this page, does it not remind you of the blood rituals of Roman Catholics? That's because both religions are written by Rome. Sadly, this is also why the SDA church and 3ABN declare Allah is the god of the Christian. Rome penned the Islamic faith and Rome has taken over the SDA church. That being said, how is it SDA's are still claiming the church is blessed of God when the bloodthirsty of the world are openly embraced as brothers and sisters of the SDA church? How can the SDA leaders declare Allah is God after seeing how Muslims kill at least one Christian every 2 minutes? It's because Muslims are brothers to Rome. And the SDA church has become a sister to fallen Babylon just as Jesus predicted in the Word and Spirit of Prophecy warned of long ago.

22/11/2013 14:03:31 Muslim peace conference in Norway: all muslims agree that stoning is ok
"Muslim "peace conference" in Norway confirming that all muslims want murder by stoning method, not only radicals. Muslim ask, "what shall media and politicians say now, shall they deport us?" --Finally, a Muslim admits the term "extremist" is a lie. The killing of Christians, the stoning of their own people, and / or any other strange doctrine of Allah is obviously agreed upon by all Muslims. The speaker purposely has the camera face the audience to ask all in attendance those questions and absolutely all of them agreed 100% with what their Koran says. Perhaps now some will understand what's up here. Also keep in mind, that their Koran says it's ok to lie as long as Allah benefits by the lie. This is why Obama, who is a Muslim claims to be a Christian. And yes, Islam has benefited greatly since Obama took office. What's revealed in this video is the fact that Muslims who claim they don't believe in such things as stoning or killing Christians are in fact lying to keep hidden in plain sight. Either they are obedient to Allah, or they are not. You can't claim Allah god and refuse to do as his Koran demands.

21/11/2013 12:53:33 US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country as Refugees - ABC News
"Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan." --First of all, this is a mainstream News report. (ABC) We know ABC is controlled by the US Government. For them to report on such a thing that makes the government appear lacking in any way would never be allowed, unless of course they had plans to use this type of reporting to push for additional unjust laws. 911 is a perfect example. The government "appeared" to fail miserably on that day, even though fail-safes were in place that easily proved it would be impossible for two airplanes to hit the towers. Still, this type of reporting is something we need to watch now. If ABC and other mainstream news sources start to push the idea that we have many active terrorists on US soil, we can expect the politicians to seek more ways to remove freedoms from US citizens. Rome needs to be able to control the people so as to enforce the mark. But they cannot do so without hiding their agenda from the people. And now that Obama has angered upwards of 70% of the people, they need to prevent civil unrest at the same time. So, reports like this are bound to increase.

21/11/2013 12:53:33 Minnesota hospitals train to prevent, react to violence
"Tuesday’s episode was only an exercise, and the gunman was only firing balls of paint. But the “active-shooter” drill was just the latest example of the way hospitals and clinics are preparing themselves to prevent and respond to violence that is increasingly common for health care providers." --It appears the doctors are running scared now. First of all, I see no news reports of hospitals being attacked by crazed gunman. Do you? Truth is, hospitals have had armed security guards for decades. What I do see is how Hospitals are going to have to deal with very angry people soon as Obamacare is set up. When your loved one is dying and the inept government doctors are unable to help them, people will naturally get very angry. And so, they are now training doctors on how to defend themselves. What a mess!

20/11/2013 13:45:14 A spike in eucharistic adoration
"A look at the growing popularity of eucharistic adoration in Ireland." --This is what students of prophecy have been watching for the last few decades. During the Inquisitions when the Vatican killed over 500,000,000 Christians, their main reason for doing so was the Christians refusal to worship the Vatican's Eucharist as a "God on earth." We have expected this type of worship and then persecution to rear its ugly head again and specifically in nations where Rome can hide their genocidal attacks against those that refuse to bow to the Eucharist. With a Vatican managed media and the already well known Islamic rampage against Christians across the globe, it's beginning to look more and more like the Roman Catholic Inquisition has returned. In fact, in 1991 Pope John Paul II reopened the "Office of Inquisition" and renamed it "The Holy Office" and had Cardinal Ratzinger run it for him. As we are aware, Ratzinger then became Pope at the exact same time Islam became more violent against Christians. Coincidence? Judging by their well documented and prophesied bloodthirsty history, I think not.

20/11/2013 13:45:14 Muslims Tie Girl To A Tree, Burn Her With Cigarettes And Gang Rape Her
"Watch this video of the account of this Christian girl, who Rescue Christians saved, of the unendurable pains she suffered under the Muslims." --So again, I need to ask the Catholic church that teaches Islam in their schools and the SDA church who's leaders declare on camera that the God of the Christian and the god of the Muslim are on in the same, DO YOU READ BIBLES?!

15/11/2013 13:27:46 New Video Uploaded to John1429.org
--This ten minute video (title = The Bible as Hate Speech) was made from a Truth Provided Audio clip I did back in September of 2003. In the video I highlight an article about Canada pushing forth into law a Bill that declares the Bible is to be seen as hate speech when it comes to anti-homosexual remarks made by Christians. This is what spearheaded the Vatican's homosexual agenda on the North American Continent that finally made its way into American politics which of course brought about homosexual marriage in the USA.

19/11/2013 13:24:02 What Is Inside Trade Agreement Leaks?

"no comments available." --Notice what is said right off the bat in this video. It was stated that this trade agreement will control 40% of all goods and services in the world! In prophecy we know all about the ten horns gathering as one. This trade agreement was prophesied and the "club of Rome" has just made a HUGE leap towards its final destiny in prophetic history. It's one thing to have the North American Union controlling all the good and services on the North American Continent. As students of prophecy we knew this was step one for them and we knew this trade agreement with the European Union  (EU) was coming. Some thought it would take decades I'm sure; but others knew they would have to fast-track their efforts so as to catch those with eyes that see off guard. Let me just say, THEY FAILED. The moment Obama and His Roman puppeteers crossed the water to connect with the EU on this long prophesied NWO the Vatican is set to inflict, we knew this was the lifting of the capstone to a position that will soon find its resting place! 40% may not seem like a big deal to some, even though the profits look to be in the trillions. But when the other nations sitting on the wayside get a glimpse of the power and control as well as untold riches to be had, 40 will soon become 50, 60 and then 100% of the world will be in Rome's camp. The prophecy of Daniel 2 WILL be fulfilled! And as we know all too well today, money always moves the greedy ones, and most leaders today worship money. We are living in amazing times folks. But I must say, if you're not ready to meet Christ now, you best wise up and get ready while you still have time to do so. And for those of you that are ready, you need to get busy doing the work or helping those that do. We need to work "while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." (John 9:4) This may take them some time to lock down, but even here it can escalate faster than most imagine. especially when they use false flag attacks to push their laws forward. All need to cherish the time they have now to learn of Christ so as to be ready to meet Him as Saviour and King.

19/11/2013 13:24:02 Proof U.S. Attacked the Philippines with Weather Warfare?
"Regional Radar shows all 3 locations were Hot at the exact time of this disaster!" --This is the second video (see first here) I've been sent on this wherein different researchers independent of each other have come up with the exact same data. Worse yet, see this video wherein a scientist admits they are using weather modification technology on camera. He does flip flop and say it's only "alleged" and no government has admitted to doing this. But that's a lie. Germany and Russia (and others?) admitted to testing this technology. Still, one of the things I'm not in agreement with here is it may not be an out and out attack from USA forces on the Philippines. After all, their president has bowed to the USA, Rome and Islam in many ways the last decade alone. I believe our military leaders may just be testing their new toy to kill people using violent weather. The Philippine people were simply guinea pigs in all this. After all, it's not like they haven't been caught doing this before. Did we not see all the crazed scientists test nuclear warheads all over the planet since 1945 already? Common sense dictates that you have to know the military will test any weapon their scientists build. They simply can't help themselves any more than a little boy can that has a handful of firecrackers and a few toy soldiers. And most will agree that this typhoon was most assuredly very unnatural in its makeup. Not to mention the data surrounding its growth and off the chart intensity.

18/11/2013 13:32:05 U.S. war readiness in jeopardy as pilots flee
"As if to dramatically illustrate repeated claims top generals have made to WND of a purge of senior officers and a degradation of military readiness under President Obama’s leadership, stunning testimony at a recent Senate committee hearing shows America may soon be unable to fight and win a war." --They can flaunt the fear mongering all they like, obedient Christians know who authors the fear and we're not buying it. The basic political fact is, Rome knows what they're doing here. Yes, like Lenin and Hitler, Obama is following orders and weakening the military so as to assure a socialist form of government. But will we really be left vulnerable? Only to the extent that Rome can use it to their advantage. What I mean is; sure, they can cripple the military, but that only leaves us vulnerable to those with the power to attack us. But the truth here is, the ones with the power will be the ones controlling the socialist American dictator in the first place. They may allow certain "attacks" to make us appear vulnerable to keep the people in line yes, but seriously, do you not think they would have sown up all opposition before assuring the American money pit would still be able to keep their silk lined pockets filled? No, the "Club of Rome" or "ten toes" as prophecy calls it, are simply getting all their ducks in a row is all.

18/11/2013 13:32:05 Oprah Winfrey: Older people in South must die to end racism
"During an interview with the BBC Friday, she not only said that President Obama is treated with disrespect because he’s black, but also that entire generations of racists are going to have to die for racism to end." --What she fails to admit or maybe even realize is, the black mobs all throughout America attacking innocent white people only because of their skin color proves she's wrong about where the root of racism resides today. Or perhaps she too is lying? As for her comments about Obama. The Senator yelled out "you're a liar" because he is a liar. Everyone knows that now due to his lies about Obamacare. In fact, there are many articles, like the one titled "Obama has rebranded himself as a liar, forever" that are setting in stone that which Oprah is ignoring. Bottom line is, it had nothing to do with his race when that man called him a liar. But in this age of lying, as was prophesied for our day, most will stand boldly before the masses and lie as if it's truth. But for those that embrace the truth and the God that penned it, we have the eyes to see what's truly going on here. Satan knows his time is short so he is doing all he can to keep his pawns on center stage.

17/11/2013 13:30:27 Rome opens its doors to Saudi muslim dance, music and fashion
"For a few moments, the heart of Rome beat to the rhythm of Saudi music. It marked 80 years of friendship between Italy and Saudi Arabia. To celebrate, the Middle Eastern showcased its culture at a special event at Piazza del Popolo, a very strategic location." --What most, including Catholics, miss here is the Vatican is not only a State, it is considered a church. Allowing Muslims to dance and sing like this is no different than letting Muslims preach their strange culture in a church setting. As expected, Rome is going to continue to flaunt their love for Islam, who have now slowed their forward motion of attack against Christians the world over to the tune of one martyred Christian every 2 minutes. Centuries ago, if someone attacked your people, there would be war to protect your people. Today, the Vatican rewards Islam for killing Christians. By the way, this proves Christians are not "Rome's people." Sadly, Muslims also kill Catholics. That further confirms Rome kills their own as well. But then, many knew that when Roman Catholic Dictator Adolph Hitler ran rampant. In any event, for Rome to embrace Islam like this while EVERYONE knows how bloodthirsty they are, only further confirms the prophecy regarding the man of sin in Rome.

17/11/2013 13:30:27 Thousands to participate in global 'March Against the Mainstream Media'
"People around the world will protest the mainstream media on Saturday, as they participate in the "March Against the Mainstream Media." Thousands of people are expected to take to the streets and march to the studios of the various mainstream news networks. The protests will be an "attack against the credibility of the mainstream media in an attempt to steer its viewers away from its lies and towards alternative media sources," the organizers said. RT's Ameera David speaks with one of those organizers, Jet Barnett, about what he expects the rally will achieve." --Finally, after 2 decades of warning people about the government controlled media, the people are taking notice. Still, these marches won't stop the lies and continued fictional reports via the mainstream media at all. In this age of lying, Satan rules. However, it will help spread the word among those that watch the News and soon we will see more people open to the truth. That mass exodus from the couch of complacency will also bring more souls into the mindset that the prophetic as well as Gospel truth that has been regularly ridiculed by the mainstream will now deserve a second look. And that is when YOU, the obedient remnant can be used of God to show them what the Lord has revealed about what's happening right now and how it matches perfectly with Christian prophecy. And yes, expect a new push by the Government to censor and even remove free speech once the truth starts to spread. Not to worry.. they won't be successful where it counts.

15/11/2013 13:27:46 Pfizer Tracking Unvaccinated Children Through Health Insurance
"If you are a parent who has made the decision not to vaccinate your child Big Pharma knows, according to a postcard sent in by a Next News viewer. In the notice mailed by Pfizer Inc. they indicate that they possess "records that your child may not have received a recommended vaccine." The postcard reminds the parents to contact their health provider to schedule an appointment." --Not only does this prove they lied (again) about keeping medical records private in Obamacare, it shows they will use this new law to pressure families to poison their children with their vaccines so as to generate more profits for the AMA who share much of their financial winnings with politicians that pass such laws. What most miss is, if the vaccines truly worked, why is it they fear unvaccinated children? According to them, the vaccinated kids are immune. Truth is, they fear them because they know the vaccines don't work as advertised. This means they are "vaccinating" for a completely different reason.

14/11/2013 14:24:38 Pittsburgh shooting false flag: "actors" used & area lockdown
"No comments regarding video." --Notice also how a literal parade of army vehicles are allowed to drive through the neighborhoods supposedly looking for the shooters. An obvious slip of the tongue from the woman on camera? Could it be the Lord is not going to allow the wool to be pulled over EVERY eye when the wicked make plans to control the masses. But the obvious question is. If the shooters were real, is it not common sense to assume that they would see that huge motorcade coming a mile away, and then run off and hide further? Of course they would, and the police know that. The truth becomes clear just by how they drove down the blocks. They wanted everyone in the homes to see the power of the military in their neighborhood. Why? The people need to be conditioned for the socialist society that makes martial law look perfectly normal. Lenin did it, Hitler did it and now Rome is doing it just as prophecy said they would. In short.. it's obvious, they're making plans to control the cities by force. That being said, why is it some still think the prophecy regarding leaving the cities is a joke?

14/11/2013 14:24:38 Cops probe man's "rear end" after stop-sign violation
"According to police, Eckert rolled through a stop sign while driving out of the store’s parking lot. He was promptly pulled over and asked to step out of his vehicle. What happened next is documented in police reports, medical reports and a federal lawsuit." --This is absolutely and unequivocally insane! They not only searched him, 3 times and failed to find anything, they gave him multiple enemas and then forced him to have a colonoscopy?! They found nothing in the first few searches / enemas. So after they looked through his stool, which they forced him to "release" on the floor in front of them, they still decided to place surgical instruments inside his body? This is what a police state can do to anyone that merely "looks" suspicious to them. Remember when I said it will get much worse? Strange thing is, it's actually going to get even worse than this.

13/11/2013 13:49:11 CBS says it was 'misled' in Benghazi report
"US broadcaster CBS apologized to viewers Friday, saying it was misled in a report aired last month about last year's attack on a US mission in Libya that left four Americans dead. In the report, an ex-security officer named Dylan Davies gave harrowing details of what he said he did the night of the attack, but CBS said it has now learned he was not telling the truth." --Will it make a difference? One can only hope. Still, in this prophesied age of lying, those in power to make a difference here will no doubt pander to the lie than share the truth. So no, I don't believe it will make a difference.

13/11/2013 13:49:11 Tube cloud rolls over Texas
"This roll cloud rolled in right at sunrise on Monday, November 4, and stretched horizon to horizon around Timbercreek Canyon in Texas, US. Todd Mask, who captured this video, said the cloud was “like a horizontal vortex” and was “rolling like an ocean wave” --Seriously, is this normal? Because I must say I've never seen anything like this before. Has anyone ever seen a cloud formation like this? It looks totally unnatural.

11/12/2013 14:31:16 Devastating US-EU trade pact would make genocide a legitimate business model
"The United States and the European Union are negotiating a free-trade agreement they hail as mutually beneficial but in actuality would allow corporations to supersede countries’ sovereignty and legal framework, says Max Keiser of RT’s The Keiser Report." --This is exactly what the Vatican's plans were on day one when they initiated their New World Order. You cannot gather the "ten horns" working together unless you remove the sovereignty of each nation. It appears finally that Rome has figured out a way to make that act appear profitable. And of course, if you show political leaders a way to make more of the money they worship, they will most assuredly go for it. Christian prophecy doesn't say how they do it, it just says they will do it. And now, we see how.

11/12/2013 14:31:16 Hot Mic Catches Obama Saying "Jesus" [Name in Vain] After Veterans Day Wreath Laying Ceremony...
"Really? Obama lays wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day - Climbs the steps - and says "Jesus" as he enters the building. And he’s not saying it as part of a prayer..." --A real Christian would never do that. But Obama is not a real Christian. In fact, he's a Muslim. And in the Koran it is perfectly acceptable to live a lie and even declare many lies if it benefits Islam. And as we all know, Muslims have no problem taking our Lord's name in vain. I must say, it's amazing how many things have been caught on "hot mics" since Obama took office.