17/11/2011 13:29:14 DC Shooting Suspect Could Be Threat to Obama, Police Say
"Police believe the suspect, 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega of Idaho, is mentally ill. Ortega has an extensive record, ranging from domestic violence to drug charges. Sources say a police investigation has uncovered evidence suggesting Ortega has a fixation on the White House." -First of all, I hope they catch him. No one needs to die no matter how corrupt they are. Please pray for Obama's safety. But did you notice what the media stated about the shooter? They said he was "mentally ill." However, when they listed his "record" or talked with his family and friends, there was no sign of confirmation that he had any form of mental illness whatsoever. One would think his family members would have said something. So why call him "mentally ill?" Obama and his administration is highly corrupt. Literally tens of millions of Americans now know this. This is why he's trying to get millions of Mexicans into the country to vote. It's very possible the shooter is perfectly sane (according to AMA standards) and simply fed up at what Obama and his cabinet is doing. Or worse yet, he could be an "OWS" participant. So, to prevent negative P.R to flourish this close to an election by allowing the people to think he's just a regular guy that knows Obama is corrupt, they tag him as insane so as to make everyone think, only an insane person would try to harm the president. If "normal" people are taking pot shots at the president, then it could go bad for Obama. So again, please keep praying for our leaders. It's getting crazy and it's about to get much worse.

17/11/2011 13:29:14 Jesus Walks into a Wrestling Ring...
"Wrestling for Jesus, an award winning documentary, follows Timothy Blackmon, a rural South Carolina man who decided the best way to share his faith was to form an amateur Christian wrestling league to spread the Word. Blackmon, who goes by the nickname "T-Money," faces challenge after challenge financial, marital, spiritual as he tries to work with this rag-tag-team group of grizzled old bikers and young skinny wrestlers." -If just one single solitary Bible verse was read and then believed by the pastor of this church, they would not be blaspheming Christ's character by beating each other up, while teaching young children it's acceptable in the name of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus is the most gentle man to ever walk the earth. To assume He would approve of all this is spiritually insane! What Bible verse is the pastor ignoring you ask? Luke 3:14 where it says, "Do violence to no man." Is it any wonder most people don't take Christianity serious anymore with churches like this out there?

17/11/2011 13:29:14 Government Sachs Europe branch?
"Critics in Europe are very uneasy about the new Italian ECB chief, the Greek premier and the prime minister-designate of Italy's past or present relations with the Goldman Sachs bank. Key European crisis figures Mario Draghi, Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti all have backgrounds with 'Government Sachs'. Goldman Sachs is seen by many as among the most political firms on Wall Street. It was dubbed 'Government Sachs' in the US, as many of its staff have held high level US Government jobs." -Now do you see why the global economy is in such a mess? Do you recall in May of 1999 where all politicians were required to meet with the Pope in a Bilderberg meeting in Portugal? They made plans then to fast track the New World Order. And do you recall the "Red Mass" during the Bush administration where most politicians gathered in agreement to go forward with Rome's plans? Today's "troubles" in the economy are the fruit of their labors towards a one world currency. And don't think for a minute that all this chaos is just that, chaos. Antichrist needs to "step up to save the day" very soon. It has to be insanely out of wack in society for his "suggestion" to appear to be a Godsend to all concerned. So, expect it to get worse. Much worse!

16/11/2011 12:20:11 Parody Of Our Modern Church Service

This may seem comical at first, but it is actually a very good depiction of how the churches have become the new "local" entertainment industry of today. This is what happens when the Law of God is ignored for the tradition of men. (See Mark 7:7,8) As the Christian church slowly but surely embraced Vatican dogma, it became natural to pander to the flesh over the years. After all, Sunday Sabbath, Eternal life in fire, Secret rapture, Christmas, Easter and a host of other strange Pagan doctrines and rituals have purposely designed to do just that. Therefore, as the centuries rolled by, and the Christian churches slowly walked away from Christ, it was bound to happen that they would become entertainment halls today. The Word proclaims in 2 Timothy 4:3, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;" This is today's church!

16/11/2011 12:20:11 Teachers caught on tape bullying special-needs girl
"Parents sent her to school wearing hidden recording device: 'We were shocked'" -It appears it was an excellent idea to wire their daughter! In fact, I wonder what would happen if all students were required to wear portable cameras today? Would the teaxchers be better behaved? But then, just as some States outlaw citizens from taping rogue cops, I'm sure teachers will do the same so as to keep the lawsuits down. After all, they are both working for the same government that prophecy says will become extremely evil in the last days.

15/11/2011 13:14:45 Mother Faces 93 Days In Jail For Vegetable Garden!
How can the city council think it's acceptable to harass law biding citizens over a vegetable garden? Well, when you think about how it's becoming illegal to have vegetable gardens in some States, and illegal to take your veggies across State lines, you kinda get the big picture here. The city code was vague in that it said the plants needed to be "suitable" on her lawn. However, nowhere did it say plants that are edible are unsuitable. I'm sure many are watching how this one pans out I'm sure.

15/11/2011 13:14:44 "Topsy-turvy" weather could continue
Snow flurries last week, this week crazy wind storms. (without rain) Then thunderstorms and tornadoes? One day it's in the 70's the next, lower 30's. I've lived in the Midwest my entire life and I have to say that I've never seen weather like this before. I thought it was strange last year when we went from Summer to Winter with only a few weeks of Fall. But this year we're seeing even stranger weather. But then, students of prophecy knew this was inevitable eh?

15/11/2011 13:14:44 Crow uses sequence of three tools
Ok guys, you know who you are. What do you say now when you assume all animals are dumb as rocks? Just because they have a brain the size of a thumbnail doesn't mean our Creator cannot form that brain to do as it must do to survive. After all, have you seen how some birds make their nests? I challenge everyone that scoffs at a Creator to try and do that without anyone showing you how to do it. And no, the baby bird is never taught by the mother bird. That baby is still in an egg inside the mother while she builds the nest. That nest is complete sometimes for up to a week before you see any eggs in it. And before the mother builds the nest next year, the baby has already flown off into its own way of life thereby preventing its mother from educating it on how to build the very nest it will need before the Summer ends.

14/11/2011 12:14:07 New video uploaded
This is a short video defining the prophetic symbols found in the parable Christ shared regarding the woman with the ten silver pieces. (See Luke 15:8-10) I hope you are blessed by it. I also pray you share it with those that may be riding the fence on keeping God's Law. After all, if they break one, they've broken them all.  (For many more videos, please visit John1429.org)

14/11/2011 12:14:07 Even The Troops Are Waking Up
I've posted this video before, it like others, it bears repeating. The truths this young man reveals have never been truer than they are today. The days when going to war defending the land or the godly morals of a nation have long since gone. In fact, a war like this hasn't been fought in hundreds of years. As we can so clearly see today, our precious sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and even moms and dads are dying so as to fill the pockets of greedy politicians who's only reason for war is to push the agenda of Antichrist with the promise that if this is done they will gain great wealth and power. This has to stop. In fact, it's about to stop very soon. But not before it gets far worse. "Because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" -1 Peter 5:8

14/11/2011 12:14:07 MSNBC Reporter SLAMS NYC Police Brutality!
When you see videos like this with very accurate depictions of the truth being shared in the media, you know it's getting bad. Real bad! Bottom line is, even the media moguls have to deal with real people from time to time that simply get fed up. This guy literally looses it, but in a good way as far as I can see. What he's describing, and showing point blank in his comments is the birth of an American Police State. For years this ministry, and I'm sure many others, have been warning the people this is coming to all nations. That being the case, it's any wonder there isn't a mass exodus from the cities. At present, you still have the option to get out of the cities. But when martial law comes, you're locked in.

13/11/2011 12:00:41 Cain & Bachman declare Waterboarding is Not Torture
"It took Cain less than a minute to come out against "torture," but in favor of torture during the GOP debate in South Carolina Saturday night." -So why would Cain suddenly flip flop and declare one minute, waterboarding is torture, and the next not? And why would Bachman also take that stand? It's simple. Bachman is failing in the poles and Cain is trying to get out from under a scandal, therefore, pandering to Rome's desire to use torture would gain them Vatican approval, which will also boost their media attention. As Daniel said long ago, the use of craftiness on the part of the Vatican will be how she gains power over man. Both Bachman and Cain, as well as all other politicians are in it for the money. And Rome knows how to use the love of money to get her agenda met. And by the way, the majority of politicians know waterboarding is not effective. In fact, most of them stated so in writing. Only those with a strong desire to please Antichrist will look the other way.

11/11/2011 14:51:38 Occupy Cal: Police brutally beat, arrest Berkeley students
I just got this video moments ago, so I decided to post it with today's stack. It's actions like this by the police in the video that will cause the people to react in a very bad way. The people in this crowd are 100% peaceful. But watch how the police provoke them to violence by jabbing them violently in the ribs, the gut, the back and even head with billy clubs! Even though they did this the people remained peaceful because they know if they did the same thing the police are doing, they'll end up in jail. Worse yet, the kids in the front can't escape the assault because of the huge crowd behind them, so the cops keep attacking them. This is how a police State is born. The fact the police won't get arrested or even disciplined for breaking the law will also fuel the anger of the people. This is by no means going to end well at all!

11/11/2011 13:52:49 CCTV shows buildings collapsing in second Turkey earthquake
"CCTV footage from the time of Wednesday's deadly earthquake in eastern Turkey, which killed at least ten people, has shown the huge force with which it hit and the panic which followed." -I only post this as a way to illustrate to those still dragging their feet towards Christ. This is how every single building will react when the Eastern sky splits. Are you ready? Are you sure!? Fact is, not many prophecies are left to fulfill. Click here for a list of prophecies you may not know has already come and gone.

11/11/2011 13:52:48 Religious Leaders Join 'Occupy San Francisco' Rally

"Bay Area clergy members were among dozens of protesters who marched through downtown San Francisco this morning in support of the "Occupy SF" movement. More than 100 marchers left Justin Herman Plaza shortly after 10:30 a.m. Kristy Siefkin reports." -I read somewhere years ago (I don't recall where) that the Vatican owned upwards of 80% of the real estate in San Francisco. San Francisco is also known as the homosexual capital of the world? It's no mistake we see "religious leaders" picking this city to join the movement. And don't think because Roman Catholic priests are "missing" from the video that they aren't there. This is the genius behind the madness. as of June 26, 2000 the Would Council of Churches has caused all denominations with membership to be under the leadership of the Pope. That way, as the prophet Daniel predicted, they can do their evil acts using craftiness by using pawns from every church to tout their dogma. Also notice that every single so called "Reverend" that speaks in the video is a woman. In other words, nary a one of these leaders abides by Biblical Jursprudence, regardless of their denomination. But then that is a prerequisite to joining the WCC.

11/11/2011 13:52:48 Anthem: 'Strung Up You'll Bleed,' 'Your Blood Is Our Paint'
"Despite the violence of the anti-war protests, the '60s demonstrations were about giving peace a chance. The Occupy Wall Street crowd has a new anthem that is anything but peaceful. The song tells how opponents will have their "body destroyed" or when "strung up you'll bleed, like the pig you became." -I hope I'm wrong but I can't help feeling that this occupy movement is going to force the government to put an end to it using another fabricated 911 attack. Especially now that songs like this are posted with violent statements within them. We've already witnessed prophecy for the last century wherein streets are filled with crime. It's about to get much worse. And no, I don't think they will target the occupy people themselves. If there was a "so called" disaster where many of them died instantly, they know the public would know they did it to shut them up. That being the case, one can only wonder what city will be targeted that is outside the fray of protestors as a way to fuel "patriotism" as they did in 911. And no, I am not supporting the occupy movement at all. I don't think protesting like this is going to be effective. But I do defend their right to protest if they chose to.

11/10/2011 14:34:31 2 Ex-Teachers at Catholic School Sue Archdiocese of Miami
"Two former teachers of St. Anthony Catholic School in Fort Lauderdale filed lawsuits on Tuesday against the Archdiocese of Miami alleging that they were fired for reporting what they suspect was sexually abusive behavior by the former principal toward a seventh grade student." -What this means is, just as Ratzinger commanded years ago in his inter church memo that is now causing him legal headaches, the media will be told the Vatican will do the right thing, but the staff will continue business as usual when it comes to child molestation. We now have documented facts to back that up.

11/10/2011 14:34:31 Catholic Church Caught Child Trafficking 300,000 Kids
"The Protect Your Children Foundation is keeping track and exposing the organized crime of the Catholic Church so far in order to alert and warn the nations. The Catholic Church has murdered over 50,000 native children in Canada at Residential schools administered by nuns, 500,000 children stolen by nuns in Catholic Mother-Baby homes in Australia, another 500,000 in Canada. Not to mention more than 30,000 women tortured and abused in Ireland's Magdalene Laundries and more than 30,000 children abused in the Catholic residential schools of Ireland, to name a few." -The Roman Catholic church is without a doubt the most evil organization ever known to man in all of its 6000 year history. Of this no one can express doubt now. There's just too much evidence piling up. But then that was expected. What truly upsets most is the fact they get away with most of their awful crimes by playing the part of the Christian with the easily manipulated authorities only because the authorities are Roman Catholic as well. But their free ride is about to end. As we get closer to the end, we also get closer to the day Rome will burn at the hands of God. May our Lord have mercy on their souls and the souls that help them do the evils they do. Also see this video when you get time.

11/10/2011 14:34:31 Ohio Gym Teacher Jailed for Sex With Students
"A popular Ohio high school gym teacher has been sentenced to four years in jail after a judge rejected her insanity defense and convicted her on 16 counts of sexual battery for sleeping with several of her former students." -Another day, another teacher headed for jail. The American school system is not a safe place for children of any age! Don't believe me? Click here.

11/09/2011 13:40:09 Government willing to use 'force' on homeschool kids
"German education officials say they are willing to use "force" as their options dwindle in a years-long fight against a homeschooling family, according to a report today from the Home School Legal Defense Association." -The German government is going after this family with claws unfurled and teeth showing only because if this family is succesful, many German families will decide to pull their children out of government schools as well. Most are unaware that this same attack is upon Christian familes in the USA. Only here they do it in a more crafty manner, just as the prophet Daniel predicted. Here, the economy forces both the mother and the father to work to make ends meet, thus forcing them to place their children in school if for nothing else than to have a cheap babysitting service. This is why we see preschools starting as early as age three in most states! What has this done to our society? Have you looked around lately at all the decadence within our young people? The teachers, who teach evolution, homosexuality, Godlessness, and a bevy of other evil mindsets are training the children up to become very evil adults. And they do so with the uninformed permission of the parents. Just as prophecy predicted, we now have a generation who's thoughts are evil continually! And this is all thanks to government schooling. Click here for hundreds of other articles and videos confirming this as the cold hard facts for today's public school system!

11/09/2011 13:40:09 Wales cliff collapses
"A cliff collapses at a caravan park in South Wales, leaving 15 caravans teetering on the edge of a precipice." -First of all, no concern for human lives allowed for some familes to park their trailers on the edge of that cliff in the first place. I praise God the cliff didn't collapse further. Had it collapse a mere two or three feet further the homes nearest the edge would be easily destroyed at the base of the cliff with everyone in them. The fact it happened while they slept brings chills to many spines I'm sure. In any event, the video shows how close they came to dying. Why post this you ask? Can any one of us know for a fact we are safe, even in our beds as we sleep if we have not Jesus Christ as Lord and His ministering angels protecting us? Since no one can surely say when we will die, why not embrace Jesus as Lord now? That way, even in sleep we will be at perfect peace. Psalms 4:8 says, "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety."

11/08/2011 12:31:58 Quakes and now tornadoes in Oklahoma!
"On Monday afternoon, StormChasingVideo.com Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan was near Tipton, OK where he caught this extraordinary tornado footage." -Quakes and tornadoes makes for a deadly combination. At least this twister appears to have been mostly in the open fields outside the cities. The way the storm dipped horizontally (at 0:35-) reminds me of a twister I was once forced to drive alongside some years ago as I tried to get home before it touched down. I made it in the garage the exact second the hail came down in torrents. And yes, prayer was answered again, the twister never touched down. Although the side of my car was pretty much pelted from the top soil of the empty cornfields as I drove alongside.

11/08/2011 12:31:58 NWO monkey experiment
"An experiment done with five monkeys demonstrates how we are being manipulated by government." -I shared this video somewhere on the site a year or so ago. But as we have seen the last few years go by with all sorts of police brutality and strange laws against the people, I thought maybe it bears repeating. We know the NWO order is here, albeit just "on paper" for now. How it proceeds in the coming days to become part of our reality will be just as we see in this video. Most people are sheeple that will do whatever the crowd around them is doing. However, most fail to understand why. Perhaps this video will clear that up for some.

11/08/2011 12:31:57 November 5 is Move Your Money Day
Yes, I understand it's November 8. But the question has arrived regarding this movement. So, for those of you that don't understand the ins and outs or the "move your money" campaign, this video clears it up pretty well. Strange thing is, what the people don't seem to realize is, when they make the big banks fail, and they will if this keeps up, it will cause the economy to tank as well. But then, as students of prophecy we do know that is the plan after all.

11/07/2011 13:13:10 Abramoff turns anchor's stomach with extent of corruption in Washington
"Jack Abramoff, onetime power broker for the elite of Washington, D.C., is holding no punches in exposing corruption on Capitol Hill and warning it may run deeper and wider than most Americans can even imagine." -Anyone that thinks all the corruption in D.C. that I expose on this site daily is merely my biased opinion and has no prophetic undertones whatsoever as to how evil it will be in our day, you need to watch this video! This man was caught doing this, jailed, and now he is speaking out.

11/07/2011 13:13:10 High School Coach Dies In Church Boxing Match
"The family of a former University of Tulsa football player is suing the church where 24-year-old George Clinkscale III died during an unsanctioned boxing match. He left behind a 2-year-old daughter and a fiancee, who gave birth to his second child two weeks ago." -His church has obviously failed in a big way. Jesus said "do violence to no man" (Luke 3:14) Yet this church held a boxing match? Is it any wonder this young man the church hired to coach the match also saw no wrong in having children out of wedlock? The article said he left behind a "fiancee." Not a wife. This is what today's churches following after the beast offer now. Money making schemes and no moral values whatsoever. But then. that too was prophesied.

11/07/2011 13:13:10 Assange could face torture in US
"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may find himself on Swedish soil very soon, after losing his battle against extradition from Britain. There, he'll have to answer sexual misconduct allegations, which he denies and describes as politically-motivated. UK-based investigative journalist Tony Gosling says mainstream media can't produce investigative work so Assange is very crucial and everyone needs to defend him." -Amazing how torture is now considered an acceptable method of interrogation in today's world. But then, prophecy does say Rome will be the main player in today's laws, and we all know Rome's fingerprints are all over the use of torture for eons. What gets me is how nonchalantly the reporter keeps mentioning torture! 20 years ago this kind of talk would be impossible! Now can you see how easily the transformation will be to allow talk of killing Christians in the coming days? Yes, to some Christian prophecy seems a bit way out there when it comes to the events leading up to and including the enforcement of the Vatican's mark. But just 40 years ago it was considered literally insane for mommies to kill their babies just to keep their girlish figure! Now? It's a billion dollar a year industry! If we have learned anything over the last few decades is, mankind is an easily manipulated puppet in the hands of Satan.

11/06/2011 11:07:04 Scientists Under Attack
"Using stunning visuals filmed on three continents, veteran German filmmaker Bertram Verhaag tracks the fate of these two scientists at the hands of a multi-billion dollar industry that is desperate to hide the dangers of their genetically modified organisms (GMOs)." -Those so called scientists that make billions in forcing GMO products on the massed will and have been known to do everything they can to stop real scientists that prove what they're doing is deadly to all forms of life on earth. Yet, because so much money is to be had, they do it anyway. Prophecy said scientists would be liars in our day, and prophecy also said disease would run rampant today. With their lies they are actually forcing billions of innocent souls on earth to be subject to disease causing agents in the very foods they eat!

11/06/2011 11:07:04 Obama Justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians!
"Prolonged attention" means just that. Soon our government will imprison civilians indefinitely without any real crime being committed. They will jail you simply because they think you will commit a crime. Prophecy does say unjust laws will be the norm today, and they are indeed passing such laws every month. Now do you see why they already built nearly 1000 huge prison camps on American soil already? Seriously, why waste all that hard earned cash to build those FEMA camps unless they planned to use them?

11/06/2011 11:07:04 Emergency Alert System Test - November 9 at 2pm EST
FYI: "FEMA wants everyone to know about the upcoming Emergency Alert System (EAS) test and how it may impact them. Please share this message with your communities and through your social networks." -Let your deaf and blind friends and neighbors know about this so they don't get frightened when the test starts. Some stations won't be able to show the "crawl" on the bottom of the screen that says it's a TEST. However, an audible voice will say it's a test if need be. Still, a deaf person won't hear that alert.

11/06/2011 11:12:36 Police Drone Near Houston Could Carry Weapons
"A Houston area law enforcement agency is prepared to launch an unmanned drone that could someday carry weapons, Local 2 Investigates reported Friday." -Years ago when they started using these in Iraq, the U.S. Government insisted it would never be used in civilian airspace. I don't recall how many times I declared both on and offline over the last few years that that was a bold faced lie. It was confirmed to be a lie when we saw them testing these drones over Texas and Florida not long after their announcement. But with this actual working drone in a civilian municipality, with the ability to carry weapons has granted me the rock hard confirmation to know I was 100% correct. This is what's so amazing about Christian prophecy the Lord has given His people. It allows you to see the writing between the lines as well.

11/04/2011 12:45:41 New Video Uploaded
This is a video that was done as an experiment wherein I hope to do numerous News videos per month. Hopefully one a week depending on the workload. The video is a collection of articles important to Christians in today's world. Depending on how this one runs will be the deciding factor in whether or not this will become a weekly or biweekly post. In any event, the articles are important to say the least.

11/04/2011 12:45:40 Italy agrees to monitoring - sources
"Italy, under fierce pressure from financial markets and European peers, has agreed to have the IMF and EU monitor its progress with long delayed reforms of pensions, labour markets and privatisation." -This is exactly what the Pope wants here. It's not housed in a global bank "building" as some may have assumed. But it has generated "the need" for the formation of a global authority to watch over the banks just the same. And it was an easy thing to predict that Italy would be the first to jump into compliance due to Papal pressure to lead the pack. After all, the Vatican is housed on Italian soil. I'm sure many more banks are about to join in this one world bank authority soon. Just as the Pope used the European Union as a way to test the New World Order, he is right now doing the same thing with the EU banks.

11/04/2011 12:45:40 Obama is a Muslim- Gaddafi Speech
Is this why Gaddafi was hunted, tortured and killed? No, I am not defending the man, but for him to declare Obama a Muslim, where no other leaders have stated the same, and then he winds up dead, speaks boldly to what many understand to be the truth about Obama. Still, if this doesn't convince you he's a Muslim; click here for scores of facts picturs and videos proving Obama is indeed a Muslim.

11/04/2011 12:45:40 'Iran cornerstone of possible world war 3 over Mid East'
"Tensions are once again mounting against Iran ahead of a crucial report by the UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, due next week. Meanwhile, Israel has tested a new ballistic missile. ­Some reports go even further and suggest the idea of a military strike on the Islamic Republic is being pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And British media say that with Iran remaining resilient against international sanctions, the attack could come as soon as next November." -Jesus Christ said in Matthew 24:6-8 that we will expereince wars and rumors of war before the famines, pestilence and quakes in many places arrive to constitute the "beginning of sorrows." Sound like today?