18/11/2011 14:58:25 Science panel: Get ready for extreme weather
"Top international climate scientists and disaster experts meeting in Africa had a sharp message Friday for the world's political leaders: Get ready for more dangerous and "unprecedented extreme weather" caused by global warming. Making preparations, they say, will save lives and money. These experts fear that without preparedness, crazy weather extremes may overwhelm some locations, making some places unlivable." -I posted something about this a few days ago, but it bears repeating. We know the scientists lie. In fact, prophecy says they would. But what most fail to realize is, weather is prophesied to get crazy and it has absolutely nothing to do with global warming, and everything to do with the soon arrival of the Creator Himself.

18/11/2011 15:15:01 EPA targets families with wood burning stoves
"Most wood-burning stove companies in the US actually went out of business shortly after the EPA established its original certification requirements for wood stoves back in the 1990s. Many of the companies simply could not develop a complying product that actually worked. Today, the EPA is once again revisiting these New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) guidelines in order to push even more people away from the old stoves." -What's really strange here is, Obama drafted a law in February of 2009 that gave families a tax credit for purchasing wood stoves, and now the EPA is looking to make it even harder to manufacture them? Confusion runs rampant in a government when corruption is it grand design. But there is an order to this chaos as well. If you cannot get a wood burning stove, then you must use gas or electric to heat your home. But when they remove our ability to buy and sell, we won't be able to heat our homes UNLESS we have a wood burning stove. Nuff said?

18/11/2011 15:15:02 "Experts" Push For Lithium To Be Added To Our Drinking Water

"Apparently there are not enough chemicals already added to our drinking water, as there is now a call by "experts" to further poison our water supplies by adding Lithium. Their main reason is to decrease suicide and violent crime rates." -Was this prophesied you ask? Yes it was. Revelation 18:23 says the Antichrist will be guilty of using sorcery to deceive all nations. The word "sorcery" is the English translation of the Greek word "pharmakeia." That is were we get the word "pharmacy" today. Some may feel that as long as you don't drink the water, you'll be ok. But I have to ask, do you cook with it? Do you bath in it? Yes, boiling the water may destroy most of the toxins. But I don't know anyone that baths or showers in boiling water. Worse yet, when you shower or bath your pours open wider and all those toxins have an easy entry. This is why soaps and shampoos are putting drugs like laurel sulfate in them now. Yes, I know I know, it sounds like a big conspiracy theory right? But let me ask you this. Is not the government corrupt? Does not prophecy say they will do this in Revelation 18:23? And didn't Hitler use fluoride in his day to drug the people? And has it not been proven Rome employed Hitler? And do we not see those very same methods being embraced today by the United States Government?

17/11/2011 13:57:16 Occupy epidemic! Brace yourself for United States of Chaos
"The Occupy movement is set to launch nationwide chaos today as part of a new, revolutionary phase of the anti-capitalist campaign. The New York division aims to deploy a "three-course meal" of so-called direct action that apparently includes the blocking of subways and bridges as well as shutting down the stock market, as WND was first to report earlier this week. Such confrontational tactics are now set for cities across the U.S." -As the amount of days get lessened for Satan to pull more souls into Hellfire with him, the people will become more and more violent and unruly with each passing day. As prophesied, we will see "the city full of violence" (Ezekiel 7:23) before too long. How will the powers that be respond? By invoking martial law while at the same time more societal chaos. Antichrist needs to have everything in a crumbled heap before his "suggestions" to fix it all will be believable to the masses under his rule. That being the case, do you still think it's safe to live in the city?

17/11/2011 13:57:15 Lesbians mull action against Christian baker
"An Iowa baker who politely declined to provide a wedding cake for two lesbians based on her Christian values may face legal action from the couple. Same-sex "marriage" was legalized in Iowa in 2009 by the state Supreme Court, and a 2007 state civil rights act disallows discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in matters of employment, education, housing, and public accommodation." -What so many fail to realize is that abortion and alcohol are also "legal" in this country. That doesn't mean every Christian should be sued for refusing to kill their babies while in a drunken stupor. However, seeing how those in sin fear exposure, they will do all they can to persecute Christians into compliance. Many will bow as we see in almost every major corporation and most churches. But some Christians won't back down, and those that love sin but hate the Saviour will react in am expected manner. After all, Jesus did say in John 3:20, "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved."

17/11/2011 13:57:15 Pamela Anderson to play the Virgin Mary?
"Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, famed for nude photo shoots and a homemade porn video with Tommy Lee, is to play mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms on Canadian TV this Christmas." -This is what the Pagan festival of Christmas was designed from the start to do. Over the years it has slowly but surely turned Jesus Christ into a side show freak where anyone that has a mind to can make a few bucks exploiting Him and His message of salvation. With the exception of the "actual names" used in the modern day Christmas story, 100% of every aspect of Christmas is Pagan to the core. Need a list of facts and well documented sources to prove this to your loved ones? Click here.

17/11/2011 13:57:15 Priest held after exorcism murder
"A priest and members of his congregation have been arrested for killing a child in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday. Lt-Col Priscilla Naidu said the 22-year-old priest and four of his congregants were arrested on Wednesday. Naidu said they killed the seven-year-old girl while conducting a violent exorcism a week ago." -What most fail to realize is, the exorcist of the Roman Church is a special breed of men. They have been historically known to be extremely violent in nature. Besides ignoring Luke 3:14, where it says to "do violence to no man," Rome also seems to ignore how Jesus and His Apostles used mere words to cause the demons to flee in fear from the victim. No theatrics, no so called "holy water." No chantings in Latin. No rosary recitals, and certainly no pummeling of the victim. Roman prelates know they have no the faith to cast out the demons, so they chose rather to "compromise" or "debate" with the demon in the hopes of convincing it to leave. This would sometimes take days to even weeks on end and in some cases years of repeated visits, which also filled the priest's pockets with cash. Yet all Jesus would do is say, "Hold thy peace, and come out of him." (Mark 1:25) I timed that statement and found it can be expressed in as little as 2 whole seconds!

17/11/2011 13:57:15 U.S. Debt Tops $15 Trillion Mark Today
"The deficit has ballooned to nearly $48,000 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. This year alone, the U.S. will spend $1.3 trillion more than it takes in." -Keep in mind the overwhelming majority of this nation's debt is from the federal reserve itself. That is a private owned bank by the way. The term "federal" is a lie to confuse the citizens into thinking it's part of the government. Worse yet, very few men benefit by the income of that bank. They have so much money now that it's easy to see they could never possibly spend it all in 100 lifetimes. Thing is, we are in the very last days. And as James 5:3 predicts, they are heaping their treasures for nothing. Absolutely nothing!

16/11/2011 12:32:52 Priest attacks parishioner with a knife after he cursed God

"The priest went into his car, picked up a knife, and attacked the parishioner, ...They were both reported for public order offences. The paper also said both of them were under the influence of alcohol." -What most Catholics fail to see here are two Bible doctrines being ignored. #1, Jesus said in Luke 3:14 that a "Roman" Soldier no less, should "do violence to no man." #2, 1 Corinthians 6:10 declares no "drunkards" are allowed in Heaven. That being the case, Mr and Mrs Catholic, do you really want a violent drunk teaching you and your family how to get to Heaven when the Bible declares the not only the meek, but the sober are Heaven bound?

16/11/2011 12:32:51 Facebook virus: Sends images of violence & hardcore porn
"Facebook users, beware: There is a nasty virus quickly spreading across the social network that floods accounts with gruesome images of beastiality, hardcore pornography, self-mutilation and a variety of other very-NSFW pictures, reports Emil Protalinski at ZDnet. Facebook has confirmed the presence of the virus, and says it is currently investigating the matter." -Still want your children on Facebook? Yes I understand viruses can be had by any computer. But most computers have virus protection. However, when you log on to a computer system that's opened its portals to the world, you run the risk of enjoying all the viruses their have on their servers. So again, are you sure you want your children on Facebook? Think about this as well. You may not care if their computer gets a virus, but if they're on your home Network, where 99.9% of the time they are, YOU get the virus too! After all, if the virus can hop around facebook's multibillion dollar network, your's is bound to be much easier to infiltrate.

16/11/2011 12:32:51 Masonic Lodge in Italy appoints Catholic priest as chaplain
"In an unusual show of "openness" to the Catholic Church, a Masonic lodge in Italy has announced the appointment of a Catholic priest as chaplain. The news was announced during an address to members of the lodge by Grand Master Fabio Venzi of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Italy. During his address announcing the appointment of the priest, whom he did not identify by name, Venzi explained what he considers to be the relationship between freemasonry and the Catholic Church." -What many fail to realize is, the Satanic cult of the Mason has been part of the Vatican interior structure for hundreds of years. Proof? Click here.

16/11/2011 12:32:51 Post office near default? Losses mount to $5.1B
"Based on current losses, the Postal Service says it will run out of money or come dangerously close next September, forcing it to halt service." -This will cause many ministries like mine that rely solely on the post office to receive donations to stay afloat. PayPal and other online services refuse to allow me full access to their services unless I bow to their demands for a 501C3. Sometimes they do allow access, but for crazy fees making it not worth using. Without the post office we will be shut down permanently. As students of prophecy we know all too well that Satan is manufacturing ways to stop the flow of finances into the remnant church so as to stop the flow of truth we are called to preach. Does the remnant church have to worry? Not at all. 1 John 4:4 clearly says, "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world."

16/11/2011 12:47:21 Girl suspended over Confederate flag shirt
"A Kreps Middle School parent who says her daughter was suspended for wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the image of the confederate flag says the school overstepped its boundaries and violated her daughter's right to free speech." -Does this not prove the government school system is filled with hypocrites? Just yesterday I posted an article where a judge allowed Mexican students to wear foreign flags, but prevented Americans students from wearing American flags, and now a student is suspended for doing what a judge in California allowed? And parents are supposed to trust the schools not to confuse the kids? Yes, I understand some look at the confederate flag as being racist, and it usually is displayed as such. But wouldn't the flag of Mexico be seen just as racist when it is displayed in a way to anger Americans? Hypocrisy is indeed a fruit we see all too often in today's world. But subjecting the kids to it is downright insane. And no, I don't think it would be right for the kid to wear the confederate flag, any more than I would think it's ok for Mexican flags to be worn on U.S. soil. Not because I'm racist, but because I know exactly why some wear the foreign flags. To fuel the flames of hate. Praise the Lord New Jerusalem won't have such issues!

15/11/2011 12:27:00 Regions must brace for weather extremes: UN climate panel

  "A 20-page draft "summary for policymakers" obtained by AFP says in essence that global warming will create weather on steroids. It also notes that these amped-up events, cyclones, heat waves, diluvian rains, drought, will hit the world unevenly. ...In the worst scenario, human settlement in some areas could be wiped out, the report warns." -As prophesied, they will lie about the reason for the calamities the Lord is allowing on the planet due to sin as well as His near arrival. As the calamities get much worse, we will also notice the Loud Cry getting louder. When the people start to understand the Present Truth you preach regarding coming out of Babylon, the pastors with the new found power to lobby law thanks to their 501C3 status, will use the calamities as an excuse to stop the global exodus of Christians from their Babylonian churches by enforcing Sunday Laws. These are exciting times brothers and sisters! The signs are all around us! As the Latter Rain starts to fall more abundantly, use all the historic facts that confirm certain fulfillments of prophetic events as well as the modern day fulfillments we see in the News daily to preach the truth upon those the Lord sends your way. So, please don't worry about the laws being passed to shut us up, don't worry about the calamities prophecy says will increase, don't worry about the hate they display towards Christians, and don't worry about those that attack you in a bevy of ways to quench the truth the Lord has called you to share. In fact, everything we expereince was prophesied! We can use all those fulfillments, lies and attacks to further prove that yes, prophecy has indeed been fulfilled! Jesus is coming soon! 

15/11/2011 12:27:00 Catholic bishops say religious freedom waning
"Catholic bishops said on Monday that religious freedom had been whittled away by same-sex marriage, abortion and healthcare legislation, and vowed to ramp up efforts to protect it." -This is the ultimate in Antichrist playing both sides against the middle. It's amazing to see how the largest known group of homosexual pedophiles, are suggesting they will do all they can to protect religious freedom? It's now common knowledge now that it was Rome that spearheaded the homosexual agenda to make their lifestyles appear normal to all. They have also been exposed as pro-abortionists via their political connections as well as actual Catholic hospitals being caught red-handed aborting children, and their fingerprints are all over Obamacare that will allow more control when it comes time to enforce their mark. The Vatican is the well documented house of Antichrist. This bishop, who works directly for the most evil man on earth, is going to do all he can to protect religious freedom? This is how roman catholocism becomes the "legal" religion of the land. They use their political power to make anyone that is a threat to'"religious freedom" become criminals. In other words, those of us with the present truth within our hearts to preach to souls trapped in such churches will become criminals just as our Lord, His apostles, and hundreds of millions of His followers over the centuries. So be it! This is what our Lord has prepared us for all along anyway.

15/11/2011 12:27:00 Evangelicals play up 'sexy abstinence' in purity campaigns
"It used to be that evangelicals in the U.S. copied the "just say no" stance when it came to purity campaigns. Now, they've shifted their sexual abstinence mantra to "just say yes" and have great sex when you're married, according to an author interview in the November issue of Christianity Today." -No, they don't preach about true love and the Christian blessings realized by pure marriages sanctioned by God Himself. No, they say look forward to "great sex" when you get married!? As prophesied the pleasures of the flesh are what move the masses today.

15/11/2011 12:27:00 Court: School can ban American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo
"A federal court judge ruled that officials at a California high school had a legal right to send home students wearing shirts showing the American flag on Cinco de Mayo because there was a reasonable fear that the images could lead to violence." -So let me get this straight. Instead of sending home all the non-Americans for celebrating a Mexican holiday on U.S. soil, they decide rather to send the American kids home? This shows how inept some of our leaders are today. Doing this will only cause American kids to hate Mexican kids, while at the same time destroy their love for their country. Perhaps, this is what they're planning? Thinking out loud, I have to wonder what would happen if all the American kids came to school that day wearing American flags. Would they close the school? ...just a thought.

15/11/2011 12:26:59 Get Ready for a New Human Species
"The ability to engineer life is going to spark a revolution that will dwarf the industrial and digital revolutions, says Juan Enriquez, a writer, investor, and managing director of Excel Venture Management. Thanks to new genomics technologies, scientists have not only been able to read organisms' genomes faster than ever before, they can also write increasingly complex changes into those genomes, creating organisms with new capabilities." -Hitler would be doing joyous backflips if he were alive today! What amazes me is how mankind, who was created by a perfect God, seems to think he can improve on that creation. What they fail to realize is, they don't have anywhere near the wisdom of the Creator. Messing with the genome will no doubt bring about freaks, and deadly formations they never could imagine. Just because they can read a DNA strand faster doesn't mean they know any more about how it's formed, or how it interacts on levels they never contemplated. Such idiocy in scientific circles surely does fulfill the prophecy Jesus stated wherein the thoughts of men's hearts are evil continually today! (See Matthew 24:37)

14/11/2011 12:23:07 A church for those who never liked church
"The pastor preaches in designer jeans and skateboarding shoes. He tweets links to his blog and chats with churchgoers on Facebook. As members walk into the movie theater or auditorium for services, the pastor and his wife are in the front row, singing along and pumping their fists to loud pop music, played by a live band featuring electric guitars. Suburban megachurches, move over. There's a hipper game in town. "We know a lot of people have left their mainline churches because it's boring," said Tory Farina, 31, lead pastor at High Point Church in Inver Grove Heights. "They felt they were forced to go. We want them to love it....Our Sunday services feel like a concert." -Jesus said 2000 years ago that today's churches will tickle the ears of their members so as to gain financially by their attendance. Need I say more?

14/11/2011 12:23:07 US doctors conducting human experimentation in Africa
"A new policy brief faults prominent institutions and drug companies like Pfizer, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Population Council, for their involvement in unethical and illegal human experimentation in Africa. ...600 impoverished African-American men were observed in a study on the progression of untreated syphilis. Some of the men were intentionally infected with the disease and all of them were denied the cure. Regrettably, the report notes, no one was held accountable for this crime against humanity." -The AMA has such insane amounts of money that they have no fear in experimenting on humans just as Hitler's doctors did. With their massive wealth they are able to avoid prosecution on all levels in all nations. But not for long, The Eternal Judge is on His way. Please pray for these doctors. They deserve salvation just as much as you do.

14/11/2011 12:23:07 Priest advocates welcoming, not hunting, immigrants
"Wilson said parishioners found children separated from families, coordinated food and legal services, and visited people in jail. Some in the parish questioned the priest, he said, and urged him to tell the "illegals" that they should uphold the law. "I don't preach U.S. law," Wilson recalled saying. "I preach God's law." -First of all, he does not preach God's Law. His church removed Commandment #2, and admitted in writing they changed Commandment #4. Secondly, the Word of God says to obey the laws of the land as long as they don't force us to break God's Law. Thirdly, yes, of course all Catholic priests will be for amnesty as well as allowing Roman Catholic Illegals to enter the country. Especially so close to an election, and especially when their man in the Oval office looks to lose by a landslide. Millions of Roman Catholic votes is needed if they're going to be able to keep Obama in office. Is it any wonder Obama seeks to pass laws allowing illegals to vote?

14/11/2011 12:23:07 Orlando abortion clinic offering $50 coupons
"Regardless of one's personal or political views on abortion, most people on both sides of the aisle would probably take issue with a clinic marketing coupon deals on the procedure as nonchalantly as if it were a manicure or spa-facial. On Monday, LifeNews reported that a coupon promising discount Sunday abortions for a "limited" time only, was issued by the Orlando Women's Center as if they were advertising a "fire sale." -You do realize what they're up to here aren't you? Most abortions are done on teenagers who rarely have two nickels to rub together. These teens are also up in the air as to the moral implications of killing their babies. They wonder, is it wrong to kill my baby? Then suddenly, as they're contemplating whether or not they shoudl committ murder, they see a coupon offering a discount to do just that? Of course they won't be able to refuse! May God have mercy on the souls of those pandering for the souls of our children.

14/11/2011 12:23:07 Constitution? Bah! We demand jobs!
"A partner of Occupy Wall Street has launched a massive push for a public works program under the banner of "Occupy the Jobs" in which the government would be required to provide jobs at union wages for more than 30 million unemployed and underemployed workers. The concept bears a striking resemblance to proposals by Cass Sunstein, President Obama's regulatory czar, who has sought a new Bill of Rights in which the government is constitutionally required to offer each citizen a "useful" job. Another major Occupy goal, a new U.S. Constitution, is similar to a Sunstein-initiated effort involving other senior White House officials and funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new, "progressive" U.S. Constitution." -This reminds me of what I stated a few months ago as the number of Americans on Welfare was exceeding 40 million. It was beginning to look like the government was looking for a way to get as many Americans as possible working for them. All those futuristic movies wherein we saw just that decades ago appear to have been harbingers. After all, do they not like to announce their plans in advance in a bevy of ways so as to soften the blow once the people have been "conditioned" enough to accept it? Truth is, it was prophesied the U.S. Constitution would be done away with. Now do you see the fingerprints of corrupt politicians in the Occupy movement? Daniel did say craftiness would be Antichrist's main tool in his attack, did he not? Looking at the global Occupy movement on the surface is usually missed by those used to allowing TV's, videos games, and other strange pastimes to manipulate their brains into mush. Praise the Lord there are still some that can see the forest despite all the trees blocking their view.

13/11/2011 11:12:06 NASA: "The world is not about to end. No, really"
"Aside from falling satellites--one of which apparently threatened to rain space junk down perhaps a little too close to a couple of heavily populated Chinese cities--there was that aircraft-carrier-size asteroid that didn't, repeat didn't, sideswipe the Earth this past week (though it got closer than the moon). Now there's the specter of a giant solar flare turning the Earth into a crispy critter sometime next year. But don't worry, our friends at NASA cheerfully assure us in a recent post on the agency's Web site, this version of the apocalypse isn't likely to occur either." -It has been prophesied scientists will lie in the end, it was also prophesied many would say "the end is not yet nigh." The Vatican stated it years ago, and now NASA is saying it.

13/11/2011 11:12:06 Nature is fooled into flowering in a "second spring"
"Poppies in the long grass, frogs croaking for mates, wasps droning lazily at the window, tomatoes and strawberries ripening in garden pots and crickets buzzing at dusk: these are the sights and sounds of an English summer. Except that they have all been recorded in the last week or so, even as shops are decking out in shiny baubles and cranking out Christmas carols." -Now isn't that interesting? This is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of. Perhaps now some people will stop looking at the Bible prophecies as being boring; now that events like this are occurring daily.

13/11/2011 11:12:06 End of an era: Italy's Berlusconi resigns
"Italy is under intense pressure to quickly put in place a new and effective government to replace him, one that can push through even more painful reforms and austerity measures to deal with its staggering debts." -Is this not what we expected a few days ago when Italy agreed to trailblaze the Vatican agenda of a New World Order in the EU? To be a fly on the wall in the meetings for the next few months would be very interesting to say the least. Especially as the 2012 elections are about to begin.

13/11/2011 11:12:06 Swedish Lutheran church hosts 'techno Mass
"Simon Klemenjak does some street dance moves and throws his hands up in the air to cheer on the crowd before he starts singing to the techno beat in front of the altar in the Church of All Saints in Stockholm. Instead of praying silently and singing gentle hymns, the congregation inside raves to techno sounds in ultraviolet lighting at Friday's "techno Mass" more like a disco at a youth center than a service conducted by the Lutheran church." -This evil activity was prophesied for the ear tickling pastors! How I ask does one uplift Jesus and alert the people to the seriousness of the times with such "church" services? You don't! That's exactly what Satan's going for here. As long as you keep the church services "fun and exciting," the people will have a spirit of "peace and safety" just as prophecy predicted they would for today. When their pastors aren't warning them of danger, they figure all is well and continue on in life as if nothing is going to change. But 1 Thessalonians 5:3 clearly says, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

11/11/2011 13:34:53 Pope meets with Holy Land rabbi, imam, Druse

"A delegation of Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Druse religious leaders in Israel met Thursday with Pope Benedict XVI in a high-profile display of their efforts to promote interfaith peace initiatives in the region." -This is why Roman Catholics are taught to not trust their Bibles. If they were to trust them, as is their duty per 2Timothy 3:16,17 they would know tthe Pope is an impostor. After, if the Pope was a real Christian, he would know the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:14, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" As usual, the Pope of Rome does the exact opposite of that which is written in the Christian Bible. But then, that is why the Popes have been called "anti-Christ" all throughout history by the forefathers of absolutely every denomination. Yes, prophecy can be that blunt at times.

11/11/2011 13:34:53 Detroit Prayer Event Puts Muslim Community on Edge
"Our concern is that we are literally being demonized by the organizers of this group," said Dawud Walid, executive director of Council on American-Islamic Relations' Michigan chapter, which last week urged local mosques and Islamic schools to increase security." -No disrespect intended to the Muslim of course, but let's just look at the historic facts for a moment shall we? It's not the the prayers that "demonize" Islam, it's the 200,000+ Christians killed by Islam every year. It's the 175,000+ Christians tortured every year by Islam. It's the Christian churches that are burned down by Islam. It's the execution of Muslims in Islamic courts that convert to Christianity. It's Shariah Law that allows for all this as well as the beating of Islamic women and the "honor" killing of their own daughters that demonize Islam. Reality is our best witness today. Truth is, the prayers of Christians don't demonize Islam at all. In fact, the prayers actually show love for those trapped in the web of Islam.

11/11/2011 13:34:53 NJ students text parents to say bus driver drunk
"A New Jersey bus driver has been charged with drunken driving after a middle school student texted home with "Mommy I think our bus driver is drunk she's not driving right." -How would you like to get a text like that from one of your children knowing there's nothing you can do to stop the drunk that's driving them around the neighborhood? Without Jesus and the inner peace He gives along with the assurance your prayers are being heard for your child, I would expect it would be extremely unsettling to say the least!

11/11/2011 13:34:53 Over 75% 'honey' sold in grocery stores contains no honey
FYI: "Just because those cute little bear-shaped bottles at the grocery store say "honey" on them does not necessarily mean that they actually contain honey. A comprehensive investigation conducted by Food Safety News (FSN) has found that the vast majority of so-called honey products sold at grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores, and restaurants do not contain any pollen, which means they are not real honey." -The safest place to get honey as well as other food products is at health food stores. Yes, it's considerably more expensive at such stores, but then now you know why. It's far cheaper to "process the food" in massive manufacturing plants to make it stretch farther so as to gain financially, than it is to grow it and package it the proper way. Here's an obvious perk to buying it in health food stores as well. Since it's more expensive, you're forced to eat less of it, which in turn helps you lose weight and become even healthier.

11/11/2011 13:47:44 Pepsi Getting Heat for Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Research
"Shareholders of PepsiCo have filed a resolution with the Securities and Exchange Commission in an effort to force the company to stop contracting with a research firm that uses cells from aborted babies in its process of producing artificial flavor enhancers. According to LifeNews.com, Pepsi has “ignored concerns and criticism from dozens of pro-life groups and tens of thousands of pro-life people who voiced their opposition to PepsiCo contracting with biotech company Senomyx even after it was found to be testing their food additives using fetal cells from abortions." -They were exposed for doing this back in June of this year. Yet they continue?! What's worse, the AMA abortion clinics are still supplying them with the flesh of murdered children to enhance their product? When will all this madness end? ...Soon! Very soon!

11/11/2011 13:48:56 Nuns accused of assaulting kids
"The children between the ages of 3 to 18 alleged to have been whipped with a pipe under their feet and others instructed by the nuns to whip other children. ...There were no beds for children to sleep. They slept on the floor and only the nuns slept on beds. There was no kitchen or dining hall." -This is what happens when a mother either places their child up for adoption, or the mother dies. The Roman Catholic church takes the children, and then the terror begins. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Literally, dozens of countries have now come forward to expose this evil organization masquerading as Christians. We are soon to see prophecy fulfilled in this church. It will be easy to spot. Smoke will be rising from the ruins of the Vatican. (See Revelation 18:9,10,21)

11/10/2011 14:16:38 Catholic chapel with rotten man and child hanging from chains
"The chapel holds 5.000 skeletons. Some of these skulls have been scribbled with graffiti. Two desiccated corpses, one of which is a child, dangle from a chain." -This is what Satan calls his trophy case. I never knew there was more than one Vatican approved church like this. I did a video about one of them where they actually let tourists saunter through after buying tickets! How can anyone in their right mind even think to consider the Roman Catholic church as a Christian church anymore after seeing such things as this. They murder, torture, molest, rape, steal and even start wars and commit genocide. All of these crimes have been confirmed and still, this church is allowed to remain open? Praise the Lord Jesus it's not for much longer I am happy to proclaim. See Revelation 18:5-10 on this. Please pray for all the dear Catholic people still trapped in this church. What so sad is, many of them have been deceived into thinking this is all acceptable. The thousands of hateful letters and actual death threats proves this hands down.

11/10/2011 14:16:38 Facebook has stolen my soul
"I'm trying to cut down on Facebook. But it's impossible. First, I rely on Facebook for my entire social life. Second, I visit the website up to 40 times a day, checking it in the same compulsive way I used to smoke. Third, I can't work out how to leave. Facebook's settings are beyond baffling. This weekend I tried to shut down my wall, and despite an hour of shouting and pleading, got absolutely nowhere." -Now that's not good! This is about to be a common problem for most. In fact, I'm sure there are some that are just as addicted as this guy is. And when they go out in the real world they become wallflowers at social gatherings because they lack the social skills that Facebook robbed from them. Months on end sitting in front of a screen instead of conversing with a real face to talk to makes one become a lifeless drone who cannot think for themselves. It's sheeple like this that will happily stand in line to receive the mark of the Roman beast upon their foreheads without any thought of danger whatsoever. The minds that have not been turned into mush by watching TV are now being stirred into a gelatinous goo by Facebook.

11/10/2011 14:16:38 Italy at breaking point; fears grow of euro zone split
"Italian borrowing costs reached breaking point on Wednesday after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's insistence on elections instead of an interim government threatened prolonged instability and kindled fears of a split in the euro zone." -Just as the European Union was a test for the coming NWO, the EU economic collapse is also a test that will be played out globally after getting all the kinks out. One can see the obvious behind Italy trailblazing the problem as well. After all, Rome sits on their soil.

11/10/2011 14:16:38 Mexico security forces use torture in drug war: report
"Mexico's security forces are committing widespread human rights violations such as torture and forced disappearances in their battle against drug cartels, a report by Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday." -Historically speaking, the Vatican is the father of torture. Mexico is 82.7 Roman Catholic. Nuff said? And by the way. Torture has been legal in the USA ever since they started using tasers on their own citizens. Those devices are nothing more than electro-shock devices to subdue people using PAIN. That is the basic definition of how a taser works. But then, this was expected since Rome has taken over the United States Government just as prophecy stated they would.

11/10/2011 14:16:37 Alabama county files biggest municipal bankruptcy
"Alabama's Jefferson County filed for bankruptcy court protection on Wednesday in the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. Commissioners for the county, which is home to Birmingham, the state's biggest city and economic powerhouse, voted 4-1 to declare bankruptcy after meeting behind closed doors for two days in a last ditch-attempt to restructure its debt out of court." Is this dominoe number one? Time will tell. I wonder if any of them have read James 5:3 lately.

11/09/2011 13:30:31 150 Killed In Attack On Nigeria Churches, Police
"Islamic militants shouting "Allahu Akbar", or 'Allah is great', carried out coordinated gun and bomb attacks on churches and police stations in northern Nigeria, killing at least 150 people and injuring some 100 others, aid workers and witnesses confirmed Saturday, November 5." -And still, some government leaders, the last two Popes, most protestant preachers, and now two SDA pastors declare Allah is the same God of the Christian!? As prophesied, they are all stretching forth their hand across the Gulf to join hands with the Antichrist in Rome.

11/09/2011 13:30:30 Iranian Officials Pressure Imprisoned Pastor to Return to Islam
"Iranian officials are trying to convince an imprisoned pastor to return to Islam while he awaits word from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on whether he should be executed for converting to Christianity." -Keep in mind, they announced just last month that he was no longer being executed for converting to Christianity, but for rape. They changed the charges to please Rome's ecumenical council. However, now they're trying to convert him back to Islam? So which is it? Rape or conversion?! As sad as this all is, it's worse for the Pastor who is the victim here. Even though all of us know of the lies behind all of this, he still may be killed for his faith. So please keep praying for him that he stands firm in Jesus. After all, Jesus did say in Luke 17:33, "Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it."

11/09/2011 13:30:30 Iran prepping for missile attack on Israel
"Iran has been preparing Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon to retaliate in the case of Israeli strikes against Tehran's nuclear sites," -As students of prophecy we know all too well that wars and rumors of wars is the norm for our day. However, the timing of this is quite telling. It reminds me of how the media pumped up the hatred of Saddam Hussein before invading Iraq. Now that they're pulling out of Iraq, it seems the timing is perfect to pump up the hatred on Iran's leader, Ahmadinejad. After all, if we're not wasting billions per week in Iraq, we can now afford to do so in Iran. This is why I believe we should pray for our military so often. Not only are they in harms way, the majority of them have no idea they aren't fighting for peace, justice and the American way. Nor are they fighting an enemy that can threaten our shores. They are fighting so that the insanely rich can get even richer. Only in the last days do we see men in power using innocent people as pawns on a Monopoly playing board. May God have mercy on their souls.

11/09/2011 13:30:30 Bering Sea Superstorm Slamming West Alaska
"The Bering Sea Superstorm is currently in progress; punishing the west Alaska coast with hurricane-force winds, destructive waves and surge, severe erosion and blowing snow. The storm will continue to unleash its fury for the better part of Wednesday." -This is touted as the worst storm on record. Prophecy says the record books will be blown out of the water in the coming days when it comes to storms. The tornadoes in the States the last few years proved that hands down. It's just Alaska's turn to experience prophetic reality.

11/08/2011 12:11:48 Pastor's corporal punishment kills children

"Hana, 11, was found naked and emaciated in the backyard, having died of hypothermia and malnutrition. She had been deprived of food for days at a time, and made to sleep in an unheated barn. Hana, originally from Ethiopia, also had been beaten with a plastic tube, as recommended by Michael Pearl. Carri Williams had praised the book which advises that "a little fasting is good training" and had given a copy to a friend, local authorities say." -No real Christians force their children to go without food for days, beat them senseless, and force them to sleep in an unheated barn. But this article, like many others, are all part of a worldwide Satanic attack on the true Christian church. People like this are not Christians! It's just that simple. But most people don't read Bibles and know what real Christianity is. Therefore, many non-Christians lay claim to the title simply because Satan knows in so doing will make real Christians look bad. Why do people claim to be Christian when they are not? They do so to take away their reproach. (See Isaiah 4:1) Does this approach work for Satan you ask? Historic fact is, Muslims to this day hate all Christians because of what the Roman Catholic Vatican did to them during the Crusades. However, since Muslims don't read Christian Bibles, they are unaware that Roman Catholics are not what the Bible defines as true Christians at all. In fact, if they did just a little research they would find that over 86% of their doctrines are Pagan in origin. But since the Vatican claim to be a Christian church, Muslims and everyone else that knows about the evils of the Vatican assume since real Christians hold that same title, they too are to be hated for what Rome did to them.

11/08/2011 12:11:48 Globalists Push for Global Internet Treaty
"The London summit is hosted by Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who said the purpose is to "discuss ideas and expected behaviour in cyberspace." -In other words, preaching the present truth about the Antichrist will become illegal if in fact they go forward in this manner. Please pray that we are able to once again get the Truth Provided Newsletter up and running. But this time indefinitely. The enemy loves to attack the work when it exposes his agenda, and I have no doubt this website will one day become illegal and forced offline.

11/08/2011 12:11:47 Genetically modified rice created to produce human blood
"The protein, extracted from rice plants containing human genes, could be used in hospitals to treat burns victims and help patients who have suffered severe blood loss." -Did you catch that? Rice can now carry human genes! And they consider this a good advancement in scientific technology? Truth is, with this type of technology, corn, soybean, or even apples and oranges can be made to carry the human genome. As disturbing as that sounds, is it possible they are already turning people into cannibals? After all, cows have been eating cow flesh in their feed for decades. This is where "mad cow" came from. So... it does make one wonder...

11/08/2011 12:11:47 Ancient stone carving of stegosaurus
"here's a recent "Today's Creation Moment" presenting evidence that man and dinosaurs really did live at the same time" -This is something that's bound to get under the skin of most evolutionists I'm sure. Yet another ancient stone carving of a dinosaur, and this time a stegosaurus. If you would like more info that evolutionists can't refute, click here.

11/08/2011 12:11:47 U.S. Govt knew TSA scanners caused cancer in 1998!
"An explosive report has exposed the carcinogenic effects of X-ray body scanners, finding that up to 100 United States airline passengers each year could get cancer from the machines. Despite the report coming out years ago, millions of Americans still walk through the carcinogenic TSA X-ray body scanners, also known as naked body scanners." -Only a nationwide boycott would slow this idiocy. But do people care enough about their lives? Not really, the massive consumption of unhealthy foods they know are slowly killing them says they don't. Does the Lord speak on such things? See 1 Corinthians 3:17

11/07/2011 12:48:43 Persecuted Christian? Don't expect these pastors to speak up
"About half of all the pastors in America's churches today do not want to tell their congregations that there are forces in the world that persecute Christians for their beliefs, because it's a "downer," according to the results of a startling new poll." -Half? No, I would have to think that number is much higher than half seeing how the pastors today are all about money. To tell their church members being Christian can cause persecution upon them will empty their pews rather quickly. The pastors are no dummies. They know the people will leave if they know Christians are widely hated because they don't preach truth that instills courage to stand firm in Christ no matter what. The other toss of the coin is, many of their members are there for the entertainment and business connections. If they found out being known as "Christian" was unpopular, they would leave as well for fear of losing business connections.

11/07/2011 12:48:43 Clerics live it up in Vatican for Law's 80th
"Cardinal Bernard Law was treated to a lavish birthday spread, the company of a conclave of clerics and even the music of a mariachi band in a four-star Italian hotel, where guests rolled up in Vatican Mercedes sedans and left singing the praises of the fallen prelate promoted to his Holy City post after decades of covering up clergy sex abuse in Boston." -And what does prophecy say about what they did? Romans 1:32 says, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." Bernard Law is the ultimate example that the Roman Catholic Pope, or the religion he teaches is Christian in any way shape or form. After this monstrous priest was caught red handed helping men to rape and terrorize little boys, the Pope promoted him to a higher office in the Vatican so as to escape jail time. And still, Roman Catholics remain in this church. Why do they do this you ask? See John 3:19

11/07/2011 12:48:43 Catholic Church sells pornography
"Germany's biggest Catholic-owned publishing house has been rocked by disclosures that it has been selling thousands of pornographic novels with titles such as Sluts Boarding School and Lawyer's Whore with the full assent of the country's leading bishops." -This needs to be proclaimed far and wide because many honest people of God are trapped in this church thinking it's a Christian church. Prophecy says that soon those that were forced into worshipping the Pope will turn on the Vatican once they snap out of it and discover it was bone evil from the start. Why? It's because truth regarding their fraudulent ways spiritually as well as physically will be made known to all in a "loud" way.

11/07/2011 12:48:43 Is the CIA "following" you on Twitter, Facebook?
"In an anonymous industrial park in Virginia, the CIA is following tweets up to 5 million a day. Now don't panic, chances are they're not "following" you. But the idea is that when rebels, militants, activists or diplomats broadcast information on Twitter or elsewhere, America's spies scoop it up." -Eight years ago the phrase "Christian Terrorist" was coined by the mainstream media. Since that day all Christians, especially vocal ones that understand prophecy have been considered "potential" terrorists. That being the case, if you're a prophecy understanding Christian, then yes, odds are they are "following" you on all social networks. This is where basic discernment 101 comes in. It doesn't take a water walking child of God to see the truth on this one.

11/07/2011 12:48:43 Big quake follows increase in Oklahoma rumblings
"Clouds of dust belched from the corners of almost every room in Joe Reneau's house as the biggest earthquake in Oklahoma history rocked the two-story building." -Talk about your "divers places" for a quake! This is by far completely outside the norm for this area. Still, this is to be expected today as we get closer to our Lord's return. Please keep everyone in that area in prayer. We have brethren who have a wonderful work to do in that State.

11/06/2011 10:34:48 CIA mines social media data
"In an anonymous industrial park, CIA analysts who jokingly call themselves the "ninja librarians" are mining the mass of information people publish about themselves overseas, tracking everything from common public opinion to revolutions. The group's effort gives the White House a daily snapshot of the world built from tweets, newspaper articles and Facebook updates." -You know what's really sad about this? I've told this to everyone I know that's on Facebook, but only a few have understood it and deleted their Facebook accounts. The overwhelming majority stay on it because of the excitement and "friends" they can have online. They are literally putting their lives and the lives of their own children in extreme danger for the fun of enjoying Facebook! And think about it, these are mostly electronic friendships! What ever happened to face to face friendships wherein a billion people weren't privy to your comments? Jesus said the love of many will wax cold, and this is one way we can see that fulfilled when "fun" is put before family members. As another prophecy predicted pleasures of the flesh would rule hearts rather than love. You do realize this is the smoking gun we've been watching for don't you? This ministry has been saying for years Facebook would do this, and now they have done as predicted. Also see the article titled, "AP Exclusive: CIA tracks revolt by Tweet, Facebook." Still, if this isn't enough to convince you to get off Facebook, click here to see 85 more articles and videos exposing facebook.

11/06/2011 10:34:48 Vatican stunned by Irish embassy closure
"Catholic Ireland's stunning decision to close its embassy to the Vatican is a huge blow to the Holy See's prestige and may be followed by other countries which feel the missions are too expensive, diplomatic sources said on Friday. The closure brought relations between Ireland and the Vatican, once ironclad allies, to an all-time low following the row earlier this year over the Irish Church's handling of sex abuse cases and accusations that the Vatican had encouraged secrecy." -One can only hope more nations do follow Ireland's example. Truth is, prophecy does say the nations forced into compliance with the Vatican will eventually turn on her. Even though some may see this as a bit premature, others are on their knees proclaiming, Maranatha!

11/06/2011 10:34:48 Vatican document discovers disease and then recommends more disease
"..the same document goes on to call for a world central bank administered by a world political authority. This is about as naive as those who favored the creation of the Fed because they imagined that the Fed would control the expansion of credit in the banking system. Actually, it is worse than that because we've had a full century of experience to know that central banking does not lead to responsibility, regulated credit flows, and sound money but precisely the opposite. This is the doctor who calls for poison to fix poisoning, who administers heroine to stop a cocaine addiction." -Only those possessed by Satan can be lead around like a dog on a leash like this. But then, the Vatican has been proven to be Satan's main hub of operations on earth.

11/06/2011 10:34:48 Vatican wants 'boring' sermons spiced up
"The Vatican's top cultural official on Friday hit out at sermons he said were too often dreary and bland and urged Catholic priests not to shy away from spicing up their preaching." -If you've ever been at a Catholic Mass you know how mind numbingly boring it truly is. Main reason is, it's the exact same ritual each week, year after year, and as prophecy predicted, it would be a dead and lifeless church. And before you email me, understand that I was a devout Catholic for years. I not only taught Catholic doctrine, I went to Mass daily and even served as a Eucharistic minister before I discovered the truth. So I know first hand how dead this church is. So what does the Vatican plan to do instead of sharing truth that always cuts hearts and blesses the soul, which in turn makes the sermon more enticing to the heart? They want the priest to "spice it up" just like the preachertainers in the so called Protestant churches. Do you recall the prophecy that predicted they would give the people what they want to hear rather than what they need so as to fill the churches and make the pastors rich? Like all the sisters of Babylon have been doing for decades, Rome has now decided as well to "tickle the ears" of their congregants.

11/06/2011 10:34:48 Your Facebook comments to appear on Google

"Mind what you say in Facebook comments, Google will soon be indexing them and serving them up as part of the company's standard search results." -I'm sure Satan will use this to his benefit to break up families as well as churches in the coming days. Worse yet, once on Google servers, it won't matter if you delete the comments or not, they will be online till Christ gets here so that everyone that wants to can use them against you before family, friends and church members can do so with glee. Even if the person has been forgiven and changed their opinion. Those comments will remain online so as to possibly re-open old wounds. Don't believe me? Check out the online Usenet Newsgroups that were spawned by the very old Bulletin boards where comments were made against this ministry over ten years ago for Bible studies I posted online to try and help souls see the danger they were in while worshiping in Babylon. Even though some of those people are either dead or have been converted years ago, their hateful and easily proven unbiblical comments are still online. Some of those people became true Christians. But when someone searches online in these still popular Newsgroups, what happens when they find those strange comments they made long ago? Satan can tempt them to look at them in an evil way now and ignore all the good truths they shared with them since converting to Christ. Are you sure you want your comments etched is stone forever!? This is why I was so very careful when I posted to the Newsgroups years ago. I knew that decades after posting them some people would be blessed by the truths I shared because Christ said His Word won't come back void to Him. In fact, I know some are still affected by those truths to this day. So again, are you sure you want your comments on Facebook to be seen by loved ones and friends for the rest of your life on Earth!?

11/04/2011 12:55:05 Vatican's Frightening Call for an End to Economic Freedom
"The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace has long been a source of radical political thinking within the Catholic Church. This week's statement by the Council, "Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public," confirmed the radical economic agenda of the leftist intellectuals who hold sway there. Outside the classroom of a major university, it would be hard to find a more socialism-based economic plan than the one espoused in the statement." -Surprised? I'm not. The present Pope has stated in writing a socialist form of Government is best and Hitler, who was a pawn of the Vatican did exactly that. So, again, I'm not surprised that such things are being spoken by Rome. Especially as we experience a pro-socialist "Occupy Wall street" movement gaining momentum all around the World. As usual, Rome fostered the movement, and then uses it to push their long prophesied agenda.

11/04/2011 12:55:05 Roman Catholic Bishops selling porn
"In a press release, the major German publishing company owned by the Catholic Bishops of Germany says the company is considering suing the "slanderers" who have accused it of profiting from porn, because the erotic offerings sold on its website does not meet the legal definition of pornography." -It's not slander when it's fact. Erotica is porn! But when you're so used to indulging in such things, it appears tame when placed next to X rated porn. Truth is, true Christians know that even PG rated films have porn in them. But like these Vatican Bishops, society has come to accept pornographic images as long as Hollywood tags them acceptable. The fact these Bishops can't see this proves they are not Christians as the Bible defines. Jesus did say looking upon a women with lust is the same as committing adultery in the heart in Matthew 5:28. That Biblically means these bishops are actually helping millions to break Commandment #7 just as prophecy said they would. That act alone proves Jesus is not the God of Catholicism by any means. The fact the gates of Hell have prevailed against this church multiple times proves that hands down. (See Matthew 16:18)

11/04/2011 12:55:04 Obama passes amnesty by a back door ICE directive
"Last Friday, with no fanfare, no press coverage, and with every effort made to hide his actions from the American people, President Obama snuck through the spirit of the DREAM Act via an ICE memo. Opposed by a majority of the American people and twice defeated in Congress, the DREAM Act grants amnesty to any illegal alien residing in the United States if s/he agrees to enlist in the U.S. military or enter college." -You know what this means? As far as statistics show, all the Mexicans crossing the border illegally are Roman Catholics. The Vatican has a vested interest in Obama staying in office. They need him to bring about their socialist form of government needed to enforce the mark. With amnesty, not only do these loyal Roman Catholic Mexicans have the ability to stay on U.S. soil legally; they can now have the legal right to vote for Obama as instructed by their priests.

11/04/2011 12:55:04 Obama adviser urges 'militancy' in Occupy protests
"Three days before an Occupy Oakland protest turned violent, United Steelworkers international president Leo Gerard, an adviser to President Obama, called for "more militancy" in Occupy movements across the U.S." -Militancy defined means to become combative. Does this not suggest some corrupt government officials are involved? Three days after he makes the suggestion, we have riots in Oakland. Was it the original protestors that turned violent? Or did government officials get impatient when they saw two days elapse without riots? They need the riots to have a valid reason for the cops to use force. Judging by how peaceful the occupy protestors have been all along, and then 3 days after the "suggestion" violence is realize speaks volumes to what's happening here. Just do the math. Click here to see a video where at the end they show a pic of many "protestors" dressed in black. This is the exact same tactic the government used at the WTO protests back in 2000. And again, no I am not in agreement with any of the protests.

11/04/2011 12:55:04 'Church' Promises Free Alcohol, Cigarettes, Funky Music
"It will be a rare spectacle this Friday, November 4, when a Christian ministry devoted to the conversion of people considered as gross sinners holds its "Guys Night" in Lagos. Smoking, drinking of alcohol and dancing to immoral music, all of which are considered sin by much of Christendom, will not only be tolerated at the event but would indeed by actively supported by the organisers." -This is what happens when people that are not called to pastor churches stand as pastor anyway. Without the ability to discern the Word of God, or even be obedient to their calling, sinfulness becomes acceptable method of evangelization simply because rebellion is already a fruit they embrace. Yes, Christ calls all sinners to Him. But He never calls their sin to come along in their new found walk. In fact, He said in John 5:14, "...sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee."