11/11/2010 13:08:51 Baghdad attacks on Christians prompt archbishop's call for mass exodus
"The Islamic State of Iraq, a front group for al-Qaida, had heralded attacks on Christians in a web statement posted after the church massacre. It gave the Coptic Church in Egypt 48 hours to "free" the wives of two priests whom it claimed had converted to Islam and were being held against their will. Failure to do so, it pledged, would lead to "swords above the necks of Christians". After the warning, the Iraqi Orthodox archbishop, Athanasios Dawood, called for Christians to emigrate." -Please understand, these are Catholics and not Christians they're talking about here in Iraq. Why would the Vatican ask them to leave their Country? Rome already has Iraq under their thumb. They don't need the Catholic vote or influence anymore. Iraq is theirs now. Like the illegals flooding into America to create a massive Catholic voting block of control, the Catholics in Iraq can create the same control in the UK or any other nation the Vatican suggests they flee to. So, it's merely Rome playing Chess again with people's lives for their wicked benefit. So be it. It just means our Lord and Saviour is that much closer!

11/10/2010 14:04:47 Local News Station Uncovers Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border
The Vatican controlled government of America is purposely allowing the borders to stay wide open so Roman Catholic illegals can influence the vote and terrorists from other nations can enter in unscathed so as to give the administration the next man-made crisis it needs to build the new Vatican inspired, Hitler tested and approved prophesied unjust laws. This will definitely lead to another 911. Strangely enough, none of the politicians will be held responsible for the deaths of Americans any more than they did on September 11. The worst they can expect is to happen is they are voted out of office. This is one more VERY good reason to get out of the cities! After all, if this next "attack" causes martial law, you won't be able to get out of the cites.

11/09/2010 13:28:10 James Files confesses in JFK assassination
"CIA arranged for several marksmen, at least 2 positioned at the Grassy Knoll. Instruction: ensure a shot to JFK's HEAD. James Earl Files, at the Grassy Knoll, was aiming for JFK's left eye (Files' perspective) but as the Zapruder film shows, JFK responded to Jackie's embrace by turning slightly toward her after his neck was pierced, so File's shot hit JFK instead at JFK's left temple, at a sufficient angle relative to JFK's slightly turned head so that the bullet exited the back of the head. Implicated: G.H.W. BUSH & LBJ, and others in the Shadow Government." -This is one strange, yet quite expected turn of events. I'm sure in the coming days when they're done with their main film it will get much worse in D.C. on this. Or.. they will be stopped cold just like JFK was. Time will tell.

11/09/2010 13:29:30 Activist Stomped on Outside Paul and Conway Senate Debate in Kentucky

"The fifth and final campaign debate between U.S. Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway was marred Monday by a confrontation outside the venue in Lexington, K.Y. in which an activist was pushed to the curb and stepped on, FOX 41 reported." -Her only crime was supporting an opposing candidate? American politics bring out the worst in people, yes. But when it gets to this extreme, one can obviously see a prophetic fulfillment regarding the lack of love for their fellow man. And who helps get the people upset and in a rage like this? It's not just politicians. It's people like the ones in this video (click here) that get people angry. The media fuels this hatred from coast to coast and no one seems to care or even try to stop it. If a Christian preaches on a street corner, and his sermon "supposedly" upsets someone enough to assault someone, they are arrested and jailed for hate speech. But when the media does it it's perfectly acceptable.

11/08/2010 13:47:04 Muslim Demographics
"Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims." -I shared a video similar to this one some time ago. This video seems to go into greater depth, so I am compelled to share it. One thing they do not mention is, the Christian population is indeed growing faster than the Muslims. However, those Christian denominations are already joined with Roman Catholicism in doctrine and tradition. With Rome's ecumenical push towards Islam, the growth of Christians corrupted by Rome won't make much of a dent on Islam's growth anyway. So, I agree with the video author. This is a call to action. We need to share our faith even more so now than ever before.

11/08/2010 13:47:04 Blue-Colored UFO in Centreville
"Some people in Centreville are talking about a bright blue light spotted moving in the sky Wednesday night. But no one seems to have an explanation for this unidentified flying object." -What used to be laughed at by the media in recent years is now being broadcast as if it's an actual possibility. Soon it will be considered valid News I'm sure! Rome's UFO agenda is something they have been planning for hundreds of years, so they won't be letting up any time soon. The paintings in the Vatican with UFO's proves this hands down. Problem is, most Christians today don't understand basic Bible theology regarding the fact UFO's are nothing more than demons, or government agencies prodded by demons to fabricate such things. All the Hollywood movies over the years along with the Comic books, novels, and tabloid stories pumping all this falderal has gotten billions to think we are about to be visited by super intelligent beings from other worlds. How ironic eh? The good angels have been doing that since time began! Yet only the fallen angels seem to be exciting the masses. Well, that too was prophesied. Maranatha!

11/07/2010 11:02:25 Lord James of Blackheath, Speech on Foundation X
"This is just weird. Massive scam or money laundering on the part of the Vatican Bank? Who knows..." -Most that hear what thus man says cannot seem to put 2 + 2 together so as to come up with the true sum of 666. Rome is most assuredly building the global currency they need to have in play if their prophesied agenda is to come to fruition. It is imperative that certain major players on the market collapse so as to bring this all about. They need to get the USA and UK economies to collapse so Rome can step up to save the day with their new and improved global currency. Time will tell if this "foundation X" is in fact a hidden arm of the Vatican itself. But those of us that study already know what we're looking at. I've been saying it for decades in fact that the Vatican has more wealth than all the richest people combined in all of history. And by the way, when Sir James talks about their "extraordinary wealth," he is talking about a wealth so massive it can actually shore up a global economy. However, near the end of the video he actually admits that the Vatican is the only one known on on planet earth to have such a wealth status when you peer into their "on record" bank accounts. God only knows what they have in hidden vaults. Does not prophecy declare that all the merchants, and all the gold will be found to be controlled by the Vatican in the end? This English politician ends his speech by declaring they need to know what's going on. All I can say to you Sir James is, it's in your Bible!

11/07/2010 11:02:25 Biggest blast yet at Mt. Merapi, volcano death toll up to 122
"A least 78 people have been killed in the latest blast from Indonesia's volatile Mount Merapi - its most powerful eruption in a century. It takes the death toll to 122 since the volcano became active again last week after lying dormant for four years. Residents are being treated for burns and respiratory problems. 75,000 people have been evacuated from central Java." -This is a 'raw video" in that no comments have been edited in as of yet. But then, what is shown on the video needs no explanation. Sad, but a rapidly growing common sight for today's end time world. Also check out this video of a Harbour collapsing into the sea! Want to see more disasters from all around the world? Click here for the big list.

11/05/2010 14:58:56 Tomas floods hard-hit Haiti
"Hurricane Tomas flooded the earthquake-shattered remains of a Haitian town on Friday, forcing families who had already lost their homes in one disaster to flee another." -What's worse is that many people tried to flee the area just ahead of the Hurricane but the very last plane to leave had some sort of engine trouble and crashed killing all 68 people on board. See the big list of disasters here.

11/05/2010 15:01:18 E-voting without fraud
This video shows an excellent way to prevent voter fraud 100% as far as I can see. It's amazingly simple while at the same time verifiable. Each person that votes can check to make sure after the votes are counted that their vote is intact by going to a website where it is displayed exactly as they submitted it. However, will the powers that be actually do something like this today with all the vote fraud we see happening now? I had to be skeptic, but I doubt it. As we know, the Vatican as well as her puppets needs to have the ability to lie and get away with the lie without anyone being privy to it. So, no. I don't think this will become the norm anytime soon. However, I can still hope. One last thing.. no, I do not vote. In fact, I never even registered to vote in my life. Why? I have yet to see anyone I can trust that will not help pass evil laws or lie while in office to protect their interests. Yes, some have said to me, "you should at least vote for the lesser of two evils." But I say to them, in either case I will still be helping and condoning evil. So, no thanks. I prefer not to mess up my walk with the Lord, and I like knowing my prayers are being heard. Especially in today's world!

11/03/2010 13:23:54 What in the world are they spraying?
Ok, I'm going to out on a limb here and share something some of you may deem a bit odd. But it has to be said. I only watched the first (of seven) of these videos and I have to say it's enough to alarm me into asking each of you, the remnant people, to pray the Lord protects His people from the adverse affect of these toxins raining down on them. After all, the Word does say the elect can NOT be deceived. So we do have a promise we can rely on. It's already been proven that aluminum can adversely affect the human brain. Aluminum is the main ingredient in chemtrails. Our leaders will continue to do more and more evil simply because the enemy of souls has convinced them the money to be made supersedes the moral obligation not to do it. Prophecy says the beast will use drugs to deceive the nations. Is it not the brain that helps us make decisions? When we look at the fluoride in most city water that Hitler used first in his day to weaken the minds of millions, as well as the medically dosed air we breath thanks to these chemtrails covering our atmosphere, we can see this prophecy is being fulfilled as we speak. Without Christ in your life to protect you, you are truly all on your own out there! What's worse, even if you don't drink the city water or step outside too often, many people still use the drugs the AMA pushes on them like a demonic dope dealers on street corners in billions of their SPAM emails or TV commercials every single hour of the day. It won't be long before most people on earth will be too chemically disconnected and confused to be able to understand the differences between right from wrong. This will of course make it child's play for Rome to convince them it's perfectly acceptable to kill the remnant people when they pass their prophesied Sunday Laws. Yes, what I just stated does seem too far-fetched for some people to believe right now. But knowing it's the end times, and knowing Christian prophecy is 100% accurate, and knowing they will do as prophecy says they will do, what other explanation can their be for the mind altering chemicals in those chemtrails, the fluoride in the water, the chemicals in processed foods, the demonic suggestions in sports, movies, video games and music? Either you believe the prophecy is true, or you don't. No gray areas here.

11/02/2010 13:50:56 The sign of the cross
NEW POGM VIDEO Roman Catholics are unaware of the Satanic symbolism all throughout the church of Rome. Worse yet, their blindness has allowed their leaders to convince them to perform Satanic rituals upon themselves before each and every prayer.

11/02/2010 13:50:57 Video of new powerful Merapi volcano eruption in Indonesia
"Indonesia's deadly volcano has unleashed another powerful eruption, although there were no immediate reports of new casualties. Mount Merapi, one of the world's most active volcanoes, has killed at least 38 people since eruptions began a week ago. Indonesia is situated in an area nicknamed the Pacific "Ring of Fire'' which is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity." -They say this region is "prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity." Yet this planet was not created to kill its residents. Could it be the prophesied signs of the end are rapidly increasing? Yes, that's a dumb question, but many people need to wake up and ask themselves if they believe that before it's too late. If you do an online search for "earthquakes and volcanic activity" you will find some pretty shocking statistics that even the most hardened scoffer has to think twice with. For the big list of disasters, click here.

11/01/2010 14:00:34 EU Confronts Transhumanism With Technolife Project
"Human enhancement, through surgical alterations, genetic manipulations, or cybernetic implants, could greatly increase what we are capable of, yet they also change our concept of humanity." -This is one sick video! Worse yet, this is something they are doing now! They claim we are born incomplete suggesting the Creator is a faulty God, and they, the scientists, can offer us happiness. This goes directly against God and His perfection in creation, but then, that's their plan. They think they can "improve" on perfection like the man with the tattoo or the woman seeking a face lift. But the Word of God says plainly in Isaiah 45:9, "Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?" It's no wonder this is happening now. The closer we get to the end, the more demented our scientists become.

11/01/2010 14:00:34 Iraq official: 52 dead after Catholic church siege
"At least 52 people were killed after al-Qaida-linked gunmen took an entire congregation hostage in Baghdad." -It's no mistake this happened in a Catholic church in war torn Iraq. There have been many events in history where Catholic churches were bombed and innocent Catholics were killed for political reasons. Many in Iraq know exactly who is behind the invasion of Iraq. Especially after Bush and the Pope met before the war, and then later Bush declared the Pope a god on earth on camera. No, I am not saying the Catholic people deserved to die at all. They deserve salvation just as much as the next guy. Besides, our Lord winks at their times of ignorance as much as He does ours. So please pray for their families in this time of great sadness. As we look at what's happening here one can see the political benefits for the Pope when he uses the persecution card so as to hide his war crimes in plain site. He's done this exact same thing before. In fact, he is being investigated and sued for this as we speak. When the Vatican does their many evil acts, they blame it on others as they did with their man Hitler. And when some of the people act out against the political powers of the Pope in violent ways, Rome takes advantage of their evil acts to declare he  is being persecuted for his "Christian" faith, when in fact Roman Catholics is 86.2% Paganism. Bottom line is, Jesus is coming soon, and everyone on earth will know what's up when the sins of the Pope and his political puppets are shouted from the rooftops. That fact alone settles the hearts of many with peace knowing our God is still in control! The Christian God loves everyone so much that He allows them ample time to get right with Him before finalizing their eternal destiny. So keep praying. There is still hope for those that do such horrible acts as the Pope and his political enemies. It's so sad that Rome and Islam think it's acceptable for people to die simply to make a political point!

31/10/2010 13:08:09 Arizona hail storm
"This was taken Tuesday, Oct. 5th around 59th Ave. & Cactus, in Phoenix, AZ." -This is the most violent hail storm I've ever seen! And to think, the one that is soon to come at the commencement of the seventh plague will be far worse. In fact, it will make this one appear to be a drizzle! Worse yet, the hail stones in plague seven are 125lb each!

31/10/2010 13:08:09 Pagans celebrate Halloween as part of the country’s newest religion
"Inside a witches' coven, where the coming of the god of darkness is marked on the day also known as Halloween. In a riverside meadow in the Dorset town of Weymouth, a witch is using a broom to sweep a sacred circle in the grass. The rest of the coven stand, some in hooded gowns, in a circle around an iron cauldron where a fire is burning." -Prophecy did say this "religion" would flourish in our day right before Jesus returns. Many scoffers that say this religion, along barbaric acts like beheading people, would never resurface in our modern age because of how uncivilized it was back when such things were the norm. They believe there assumption such things would never repeat proves the Bible to be bogus. Well... they were wrong again. Prayerfully some will now wake up.

29/10/2010 15:05:39 Candid Camera: The power of conformity
This is supposed to be a funny video, and it is. But that's not why I post it. I wanted to use it to illustrate how easy some people, or "sheeple" as I affectively like to call them, are manipulated by the masses. Especially the young! This is something absolutely every governing official has learned early in their careers as they were taught how to garner support for their agenda in political office. Once elected, some have even gone so far as to continue in their manipulation of the masses in gathering support for their unjust laws simply because it benefits their profit margin. As people become more and more dependant upon each other, and less and less dependant upon their God as prophecy predicts, the leaders will have them right where they need them to be. Except of course for the prophesied remnant church "which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth." -Revelation 14:4

29/10/2010 15:05:38 Town buried in ash as volcano erupts in Russia's Kamchatka
"Part of Kamchatka, in Russia's Far East, has been buried in ash, after a volcano on the peninsula erupted. Schools and offices had to be closed, and there were little signs of life for several hours. Thousands of people were forced to stay at home or urged to wear respiratory masks if outside. Ash clouds have stretched thousands of kilometers across the peninsula and meteorologists say, they're likely to remain for another few days." -Are you thinking it's getting worse out there with so many volcanoes erupting? You're right. It is. See this big list here.

28/10/2010 14:46:09 Oakland Neighborhood Resisting Smart Meters
"CBS 5 Investigates has talked to numerous customers who have complained about bills suddenly doubling. PG&E recently admitted more than 20,000 customers may have received inaccurate bills." -It's not only that the technology is unstable and can double and even triple electric bills that getting some people worried. This technology is also very invasive. They just put these meters on my home a few months ago. The thing I don't like about it is the fact they can actually ration your electric use if need be. I was also told they can tell what size refrigerator you have. That means, if they deem it too old or wasteful, they can force you to get a new one.

28/10/2010 14:46:08 Entire police force in Los Ramones, Mexico quits after gunmen attack headquarters
"All 14 police officers in Los Ramones, a rural town in northern Mexico, fled the force in terror after gunmen fired more than 1,000 bullets and flung six grenades at their headquarters on Monday night." -Does this make some think comforting thoughts when they see the influx of Mexican illegals into this country? No, I don't think so. In fact, this actually adds to all the prophesied fear already being pumped into the hearts of many on a daily basis. Trusting Christ makes it all go away because He has not given us a spirit of fear. Especially since all that's happening was prophesied long ago proving our God is still in control.

27/10/2010 15:41:38 Riki Ott on the Gulf: "These people have oil in their bodies." 2/3
"In this interview with Rose Aguilar, Riki Ott talks about the health crisis caused by the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. She says she's currently dealing with three or four autopsies and knows of people who are down to 4.7% of their lung capacity and have enlarged hearts. "These people have oil in their bodies," she said. She believes four to five million people in the Gulf were exposed to either acute or intermediate levels of oil at dangerous levels." -It's so sad, our governing officials have forced the media to suppress the facts causing millions of people to get sick. Some get deathly ill as well because their doctors are accepting tens of thousands in bribes to ignore their symptoms. As usual, it's all about the money. Do you still live near the Gulf? What's your health worth to you?

27/10/2010 15:41:38 Scores killed as tsunami and volcano strike Indonesia
"Scores killed as tsunami and volcano strike Indonesia Rescuers in Indonesia are scrambling to reach survivors after a tsunami and a volcanic eruption struck within 24 hours of each other, killing more than 150 people and leaving hundreds more missing." -Please keep them in prayer as newest totals shows 272 dead. See the big list of disasters here.

26/10/2010 13:44:12 Iran begins loading fuel into Bushehr nuclear power plant
"The US withdrew its opposition to the plant after Russia satisfied concerns over how it would be fueled and the fate of the spent fuel rods." -Do you believe that? I don't. Especially after learning that both Iran and Venezuela made a global announcement 6 days ago that they were all for the New World Order! In other words, it looks more like Iran and Venezuela finally bowed to the Pope so they can now go forward with business as usual. The fact the Iranian official is standing in front of a global map as he speaks for his people's interests in this video suggests clearly that they are now part of the global prophesied agenda of Rome.

26/10/2010 13:44:12 Crude Awakening - USA
"Are the beaches of America's Gulf Coast really 'open for business' after the BP oil spill? An intensive investigation uncovers a series of cover-ups in place of a long-term fix." -It's as we expected. I also expect more stories like this in the coming months. Or at least until they totally tie up the lose ends in their media machine. Also notice the man with all the sores on his arms. All the toxins in the sea water make for an excellent avenue by which the prophesied boils can easily come to fruition. Keep in mind, this isn't the first video I've posted wherein it appears to be boils on peoples skin after being in contact with Gulf Waters.

25/10/2010 13:55:48 They hid themselves
My newest video uploaded to John1429.org is all about the fulfillment of Revelation 6:15 and how the people of the world will be looking for places to hide inside mountains and caves when Jesus returns. They are actually doing that right now! Worse yet, some are making millions of dollars selling space in these bunkers that are designed to "ride out the apocalypse." Or so they think. If you are one that doesn't think we are near the end of life on earth, you need to see this 4 minute video.

24/10/2010 12:22:49 Bank for India's sex workers
"A bank in India is helping sex workers save their money for a brighter future." -Is this insane or what? It's beginning to become much clearer to many minds I'm sure as to why India hates Christians so much that they jail, torture and kill them on a regular basis. It's not so much for their faith, as it is for the way the Christian God moves His people into moral lifestyles that cut into India's profit margin. Basic reality is, this is why Christians are persecuted in America already. So, it's a no-brainer it would be seen elsewhere.

24/10/2010 12:22:49 Subway hero
FYI: It's nice to see that there are still some people out there that will do what they can to help their follow man. In today's world this is an extreme rarity. So seeing something like this is a blessing to behold to say the least. I thought it would be good to post online as many of us are tired of all the negative News.

22/10/2010 14:08:42 Cholera kills 142 & threatens thousands more in Haiti
"A cholera outbreak has killed at least 142 people in rural central Haiti and left more than one-thousand people infected. Health workers say that laboratory tests confirmed the illness. Aid groups are rushing in medicine to combat the county's deadliest health problem since its devastating earthquake. Many people still live in unsanitary conditions after January's massive quake which killed some 300-thousand people." -Prophecy did say there would be more pestilence and disease in our day than in days past. And so it is as prophecy predicted. See the big list here.

22/10/2010 14:08:41 Toxic spill in Hungary hits home in Texas
"Many people say the recent toxic alumina spill in Hungary is unlikely to happen in the US, but there are three alumina refineries in the US, including one at Point Comfort, Texas that are a constant source of pollution. " -When I watched this I realized something most have been 'conditioned' to overlook as normal for our day. How many of us have seen similar signs as the one posted in this video that warns people not to eat the fish they catch in rivers, lakes or streams? The planet has slowly been polluted far longer than many of us realize, and the recent disasters are only escalating the damage way of the scale now. Still.. some don't believe in Christian prophecy wherein it says mankind will try to destroy the planet? Amazing!

21/10/2010 13:53:44 State Legislature Corruption]
"Nightline" investigates a nationwide rash of state legislators behaving badly." -As the report shows, at least 80 lawmakers have been indicted or convicted and sent to prison in the USA in just the last 5 years alone. What's worse is, the laws they got passed after receiving bribes in a bevy of ways are never repealed! This is why we have so many strange laws today that remove freedoms and persecute Christians. The love of money has made a real mess just Scriptures said it would.

21/10/2010 13:53:44 Fraudulent Claims Hurting Foreclosure Victims?
It's bad enough the government is playing games with the money so as to create an economy that will create a real need for a cashless and global economy. But to kick the people when they're down by using fraudulent methods is just plan evil. But then, these are bankers we're talking about, and we as Christians know full well what happens when money becomes a god for some people. Prophecy does declare the use of fraud will be a common part of life in our day, and so it is.