11/03/2011 15:03:30 Peaceful Occupy protest degenerates into riot
"We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos, 'protester says' -They say it was the end result of the protestors trying to enter a vacant building aftre midnight. What they aren't saying is they've been protesting for 6 weeks without a riot. However, once the city wide strike began, and the port was shut down, things went from bad to worse very quickly. Why? Large sums of money were being lost. Many believe this is what got the police to go on the offensive. The fact they protested for 6 weeks without rioting, but then less than 24 hours after the strike ensued it goes crazy makes one believe it's all about the money yet again. Is this not what we figured would happen all along? And by the way, as many of you know, I am against protests of any form. Had the people gotten off their couches years ago none of this would be happening right now. But then, the prophecy concerning their desire to feed the flesh with pleasure made them willing recipiants to complacency. Now that their "creature comforts" are hindered, anger has set in, and the "occupy movement" was born. If something doesn't soon to end this peacefully, it will get very ugly and spread like wildfire. Do you recall all the Newsletters, radio broadcasts sermons where prophecy was outlined that declared martial law and then a socialist form of government was headed our way? Now do you see why most Christians have left the cities?

11/03/2011 15:03:30 Police use Facebook to hunt down machete attacker
"Police are still seeking the first victim and want him to come forward. Rodriguez said he was happy to have a tool like Facebook. "We turned to Facebook for help... Seegers turned himself in because he felt all this pressure from everywhere." -WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! Yes, it's good to see criminals, especially violent ones getting arrested and locked up. However, at the same time, as students of prophecy, we know very well that Christians will eventually become "criminals" according to unjust laws that are also prophesied. The simple reality is, seeing how we are soon to be hunted, and we know Facebook is a one major tool the police like to use due now to its ability to cut their work load drastically; I have to ask... Since we know we will be hunted soon for our faith, why make it easy for them? Truth is, the Lord grants us an understanding of prophecy for a reason. It's not only so we can be better prepared spiritually so as to meet the Lord Jesus in the air. It also grants us the wisdom on what to do and what not to do before that day comes. I have to say, Facebook is one major "NOT" if you seek to protect your family.

11/03/2011 15:03:30 U.S. Army PETMAN Robot
Science fiction? Not any more! These are the things nightmares are made out of. One can expect we will be seeing these robots on city streets soon. Especially when the police refuse to do what governing officials demand of them in the coming days. After all, even the police have hearts. Bottom line is, robots will do whatever their programming demands of them without asking questions. In any event, this is one eerie looking robot to say the least!

11/02/2011 14:19:52 Report: Prescription Drug Deaths Skyrocket
"More people die in America every year from prescription drug abuse than die from heroin and cocaine combined. That stunning finding comes in a new report Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." -AMA doctors are selling drugs to make as much money as possible, this much is now painfully obvious. As you watch the video you'll see that the reporter outlines the AMA sell enough drugs now to medicate every American daily for one month!! The doctors of this nation have literally succumbed to the temptation of riches and have become legalized drug pushers! Just a week or so ago I posted an article where statistics showed AMA drug deaths outnumbered traffic fatalities, and now this!? Can you imagine if any other corporation were found to be responsible for even one tenth of this insanity how quickly they would be shut down? But the AMA pumps billions of dollars into the hands of greedy politicians to assure the authorities ignore the facts. The numbers of deaths have gotten so large now that it has literally become a spiritual death knell upon every individual doctor that's about to ring very loud when that Eastern Sky splits open. Pray for them to see the bloodcurdling insanity in all this and repent before it's too late.

11/02/2011 14:19:52 The President of Hollywood According to Tom and Jerry
I couldn't believe this when I saw it! This is actually a cartoon made for children? Notice how they use "in your face" truth to make it appear to be a joke, while at the same time make Satan look entertaining and all powerful. Kids know movies are "fun" and if it's all due to Satan, they now see good qualities in that fallen angel. Yes, common sense tells us by their fruits alone, Satan is indeed the president of Hollywood. But many may look at this cartoon as a way to say we're wrong. Especially impressionable children. Thing is, without eyes to see, they will actually miss the truth even though it's staring them square in the face.

11/02/2011 14:19:52 Smart phone's easily tracked
FYI: "Sophisticated commercial tracking software will now allow anyone to spy on your movements." -No longer does a tracker need to get your phone in hand to program it to track your every move or even listen in on all your conversation on and off the phone. They can send you a link, you click on it, then your phone is automatically programmed. That being the case, don't click links people send you and that software will never be installed. What's really upsetting is, there is software to do this! Imagine how easy it will be for authorities to track Christians on the run during the enforcement of Rome's mark.

11/01/2011 12:04:44 Halloween Mass
"The following clips were captured at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Aliso Viejo, California. The parish bulletin encouraged parishioners to wear Halloween costumes to Mass. The segment includes Eucharistic Ministers dressed as a huntsman and a devil, as well as an organist dressed as a devil. The 6 min clip ends with Fr. Fred Bailey leaving before the end of Mass, returning shortly thereafter in his "Barney" costume." -This is Catholicism at its best! Or should I say worst? There are so many evil acts performed in this video, I simply don't feel like listing them. You simply have to see it to believe it! They are actually being taught they can worship Christ while dressing like Satan in this church. Besides the fact the Catholic Mass is actually an ancient Pagan ritual, even if it was considered Biblical, which of course the Word says it is not, how can they do any of this when 1 Corinthians 10:21 says, "Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils." It's because Catholic churches are wholly against the Christian Bible. Their own statements of hatred for it proves this hands down, as does their attempts at re-writing it.

11/01/2011 12:04:43 Mexicans prepare for Day of the Dead festival
"Mexicans prepare for the traditional Day of the Dead festival, when families honour and pray for dead loved ones. At the Jamaica flower market in Mexico City, people buy flowers and festive sugar skulls to use for traditional decorations." -Is it any wonder Roman Catholic drug cartels behead dozens of people each month in Mexico? This preoccupation with death in Vatican churches was bound to foster such bloodshed. It's no wonder they still worship the dead each year with morbid skulls made out of sugar as a "treat." Like Halloween, it makes demonic activity appear fun and exciting to children who love to indulge in sweets. And before you email me and declare Roman Catholics don't worship the dead, and have a love for skulls that is outside the norm. See this video. (At the end of the video is proof Roman priests worship skulls)

11/01/2011 12:04:43 Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Are Killing Us!
FYI: "The energy efficient light bulbs in your house are affecting yours and your neighbour's health." -Wow! I had no idea! I wonder if this is why the government wants to get rid of the incandescent bulbs eh? Another problem with these bulbs is they don't last 7 years as advertised. I have a box full of dead bulbs. I guess it's back to the store eh? This time for LED's

31/10/2011 13:18:57 Occupy Vatican?
I don't usually care for these two in how they report the News. They have a tendency to get a little goofy. But they do bring up a valid point in this clip. The banks of the world have been used by Rome to cause all sorts of wars, assassinations and murders because of their fighting over the money. So what does the Vatican suggest as a fix all to the problem? Make an even bigger bank that anyone with common sense can tell you will generate even more bloodshed. Why doesn't the Vatican see this as a major problem for all souls on earth? Truth is, they do see it clearly. They've been working towards this day since 1929! After all, judging by their history, bloodshed has always been the tool they use to bring about their "change."

31/10/2011 13:18:57 Occupy Phoenix with AR-15's

Have not students of prophecy predicted this was coming!? This is what the corruption in Government was bound to lead to all along. These border guards are simply doing what the Constitution says is the people's right. Because our government is so corrupt, the people feel the need to arm themselves to protest. Amazing how is always gets worse with every passing day isn't it? Yes, it was bound to come to this. I just hope and pray our corrupt governing officials don't do something stupid that forces these border guards to "defend themselves against all enemies foreign AND domestic." Truth is, the way they see it now is they believe the local police as well as those that force them to attack protesters, are considered "domestic enemies." against the people. The fact we now have literally millions of videos and articles about police brutality makes many believe they're right. Still, in any event, prophecy will be fulfilled here. Even if it means it has to come to this. If this "armed" version of protest spreads, one can expect Rome will once again see their NWO plans stained with the blood of innocent souls. It's just one more major reason to get out of the cities brothers and sisters! If you can't see the wick burning on this powder keg, there may be a wonderful blindness upon you.

31/10/2011 13:18:56 Typhoon causes massive Philippines flooding
"Typhoon Nalgae hits Philippine island, causing massive flooding as well as landslides and power outages." -This region is already hurting from a typhoon last Tuesday, yet the storms keep coming. Please pray for them. The government won't be able to help them much, and so the people will simply be forced to go back to their homes filled with mold and other contaminants from the flood waters and eventually some will succumb to disease in that region, which also lends itself to prophetic fulfillment.

30/10/2011 11:46:43 Freedom of religion only on basis of Shariah!
"When asked by CNSNews.com whether Afghanistan should repeal its laws that make it a crime for a Muslim to convert to Christianity, Afghan Ambassador to the United States Eklil Hakimi did not answer directly but said that while his country's constitution provides for "freedom of religion" it also says that "nothing will be contradictory to Sharia law." -A so called Christian president goes to war in a Muslim nation. Defeats it, and Christianity is now illegal in that country? Satan is running scared brothers and sisters! He knows the power of God upon His people is something he can't handle. So he is going to make it as difficult as he can for every Christian to share their faith. Will he succeed? Not at all. We have God's Word on that! And by the way, what this Islamic leader said in this video is exactly what the leaders in other nations said recently when they said Catholicism is the only "legal" religion in their countries. So be it. You can keep man's laws. I prefer the law of the Creator of those men instead. At least with His law you do have perfect peace.

30/10/2011 11:46:43 Scientist admits presence of SV40 and AIDS in vaccines
"In this shocking footage, a top Merck vaccine scientist (Dr. Maurice Hilleman) openly admits the presence of deadly SV40 in Polio vaccines. This guy is the developer of the MMR vaccine for Merck." -This is one of the things about those who seek to deceive. They are eventually found out. Prophecy says disease will run rampant today, and we can see how this was known by our Lord when He saw what mankind would do to their own in our day. May God have mercy on their souls! (If you know of a way to expose the doctors that pushed these vaccines over the last few decades, please contact this ministry! I know of some loved ones adversely affected by these toxic vaccines.)

30/10/2011 11:46:41 Multikulti breeds distrust in Germany
"The German government's attempts to unite different religious groups seem to be turning sour. Introducing lessons on Islam in schools was meant to help integrate the country's three million Muslims. But the policy is having some undesired effects." -As expected, the present Pope's homeland is pushing Islam on German children in the schools. If you notice, most that "convert" to Islam are the same types of people that "converted: to Catholicism during the Inquisition. They fear that if they don't join them, they will be tortured and killed because Islam, like Catholicism, is all about using force instead of truth to grow. Praise the Lord there are still some in Germany as well as other countries that refuse to bow to Rome and their evil tactics. Soon those few will be blessed with the Latter Rain and then you will see why Satan is so fearful of God's people. They actually allow God to work instead of the flesh!

28/10/2011 12:28:57 "Ninos Rabados": Spain's Stolen Children
"A firestorm in Spain is brewing over a decade's long, systematic cover-up that snatched babies away from their mothers and placed them into the arms of the dictator Generalissimo Franco's regime. It is estimated that between 1950 and the early 80's, 300,000 babies were taken from parents deemed "undesirable" and sold to loyalists of General Franco. This pipeline is also thought to have been orchestrated with direct aid of the Catholic Church in Spain and has left a country wondering the fate of the "Ninos Rabados", the stolen children." -Yes this is a repeat to an article I posted earlier, but it bears repeating.

28/10/2011 12:28:57 ACORN infiltrates 'Occupy' movement
"The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds." -The protests are "supposedly" about corruption in the global market thanks to the bankers that play in them. Keep in mind however that no one in ACORN was ever arrested when they were caught red handed last year. This is due to the fact they are directly connected to corrupt government officials. Now these same corrupt politicians are working inside the 'Occupy' movement. That being the case, do we need anymore proof these protests are all part of the NWO movers and shakers so as to bring all the bankers under one roof for better control? Don't believe me? Ask the Pope why he demanded a "Central World Bank" entity to be formed the other day.

28/10/2011 12:28:57 Veteran Wounded By Police At Occupy Oakland
"After protesters ran to the aid of a badly-injured person, Oakland Police deliberately lobbed a flash grenade into the crowd." -No, the author of that statement isn't making it up to gain video hits. You can see this clearly in the video! This is an open and obvious attack on the American people by their very own governing officials. What's worse is, what if a protestor were to throw a flash grenade into the police? They would be beaten and arrested immediately. So far, only one city in the USA is dealing with Nazi tactics from the police. However, if this keeps up, all the cities will be dealing with it. In fact, I would expect cities without protests will be "policed" as a way to prevent the people from protesting. Can you read the writing on the wall yet? Students of prophecy know exactly where this is leading I'm sure.

27/10/2011 14:16:08 Judge Rules American Courts Can Use Sharia Law
This is not the first time, and it won't be the last either. What most people fail to realize is, Sharia Law is a religious law, and enforcing it in our courts is a violation of the Constitution. Rome is using Islam to et her agenda met. Yes, all the judges ignore the fact Sharia is a Vatican inspired law, but they ignore that for a reason. Still, all sorts of Christians the world over have been ridiculing students of prophecy when we have said for almost a decade that America will allow Sharia Law in their courts in baby steps until finally it becomes part of the "Church & State" Conglomerate Antichrist forces upon us once they change our Constitution. Now that the "baby steps" are in the past, what say ye now Mr and Mrs Scoffer? This is one thing I love about Christian prophecy. You never have to be worried about being caught up in a lie via the pulpit. The other blessing is that if you truly study Bible prophecy, and when I say Bible prophecy, I'm not talking about the Hal Lindsey, Jack VanImpe, John Hagee, Scofield inspired false prophecies. These guys have been exposed thousands of times as false prophets by even babes in Christ that actually trust their Bibles. Students like this won't have to worry of being tagged a false prophet, because they know the Bible defines it's own prophetic symbols! And NO, real students of prophecy NEVER claim the title "prophet" because we know what Scripture says about "one" of the fruits of a prophet. They seek to glorify God and not self!

27/10/2011 14:16:08 Young boy wishes to join Girl Scouts
"Bobby Montoya is a 7-year-old boy from Denver. Unlike a lot of young boys, Bobby has no desire to join the Boy Scouts. Instead, he wants to be a Girl Scout." -This is what happens when parents have absolutely no proper sense of right and wrong governing their lives. They reflect these seeds of confusion upon their own children. And like in this case, where there is no father figure, or in the case where two lesbians are raising a boy to be a girl, they force a lifestyle upon the child that is wholly unnatural. We will see more and more of this as homosexuals push their perversion more towards main stream "acceptance" just as prophecy said they would. Please pray for these children, as well as their parents. Especially if the parents become Christians. The guilt of forcing this evil lifestyle on their own child can be devastating to some once they snap out of it. Oh.. and by the way, they said YES! They will be allowing a boy to join the Girl Scouts!

27/10/2011 14:16:07 The revolution will be livestreamed
"The violence that erupted during the Occupy Oakland protest on Tuesday night, like most events in the social media age, was captured on digital video cameras by protesters and news reporters." -If this keeps up, martial law will come to these cities. But then, we've been warning people about this for decades. Now that's it's here and getting bad enough where martial law is a viable option, you still won't hear Christians who care about you say, "I told you so." No, we won't gloat over what prophecy predicted at all. We will however continue to ask, "Do you still think it's safe to live in the cities?"

26/10/2011 11:54:56 Catholic Church Stole And Sold Infants
"Between 1960 and 1989, as many as 300,000 newborn infants may have been trafficked by the Catholic Church, initially with the full knowledge and co-operation of the regime of dictator Francisco Franco. After Franco's death in 1975, the Spanish government's involvement is alleged to have been a case of government negligence and failure to regulate the adoption industry." -It never ends with this church does it? Oh wait. Strike that last statement. IT WILL END, very soon. Decadence like this simply isn't allowed in Heaven.

26/10/2011 11:54:55 CDC Panel Votes to Extend HPV Vaccine to Young Boys
"All males starting at age 11 should receive the HPV vaccine Gardasil to protect themselves against sexually transmitted forms of human papillomavirus, the cause of most cervical and anal cancers as well as most mouth and throat cancers, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee voted today." -It's not bad enough this lethal vaccine actually killing young girls, they now want to kill young boys as well!? Now do you see why I created a page titled, AMA Insanity on the site?

25/10/2011 11:29:03 6000 Dead Birds Wash Up On Ontario Shores
"Thousands of dead birds wash up on Ontario shores, botulism blamed." -No, it wasn't botulism. In fact, they admit in the video they aren't sure what happened. But they will run with the botulism claim for as long as needed. Truth is, if it was botulism, then there would be many different species of fish washing up as well dead birds. But of course, they won't say that out loud. (click here for the growing list of dead wildlife)

25/10/2011 11:29:03 Riot Police Turn Violent
What are they thinking!? The protestors are perfectly peaceful. That much is clear in the video! But because the powers that be don't like being exposed as corrupt, they use force to get the people to stop. Sounds oxymoronic to me. Not only is the "Occupy" protests spreading like a cancer, the fruits of a "Police State" are also spreading far and wide. Yet another "win win" for Rome who knows a Police State is a necessity when enforcing the mark. It's amazing when you think about how many benefits are realized for Antichrist in these protests. In another video (click here) you can actually witness the Mayor of Vancouver state he will use violence if necessary to break up the peaceful demonstrations. If they keep this up, one can expect a powder keg reaction by the people. And then there will be a real need for martial law, and like Kent State, you will see unarmed innocent people killed. Why will it get this bad? Money! That's right, the only reason they want to break up the protesters is admitted in the video. The city is losing money due to the hiring extra police. Not to mention business slow downs due to crowds blocking their access. Ironic isn't it? Lack of money is the reason for the protests, and lack of money is the reason for the police to attack. This is nothing more than a Hell inspired scenario.

25/10/2011 11:29:03 Constitutional right to Peacefully Assemble?
Whether I support or don't support anyone's right to protest is not the issue here. I post this video because the reporter that was arrested for actually "obeying the law" needs to be seen and heard. She unknowingly brings up valid points that point towards prophetic fulfillment. In a Police State the police can change the laws at their discretion, and for just about any reason they deem necessary. This kind of power will eventually spread into all parts of society and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. It won't matter if you're protesting or not. The police will do as they please just as the Nazi's did in their day. These protests are fueling the need for a Police State just as Rome planned it would. In short, you need to get right with God immediately because soon, His kingdom will be the only one mankind will know of that's actually based on peace.

24/10/2011 14:34:15 Clinton on Gaddafi: "We Came, We Saw, He Died"
"Hillary Clinton had a good ole time on Thursday finding out that Libyan dictator Col. Moammar Gaddafi died. In the second of two videos showing her reaction to different stages of reports, in this case the confirmation of Gaddafi's death, Clinton proclaims "We came, we saw, he died." For those who have not recently brushed up on theirr Roman history, that is a reference to Julius Caesar's famous line "veni, vidi, vici," which means "I came, I saw, I conquered." -Notice her giddiness and glee? This confirms the American government will benefit highly from this man's murder. Why else would she be so happy when finding out he's dead? Just a few decades ago when it was reported that enemies died, it was considered a sad and solemn thing it had to come to that. Now-a-days our leaders are filled with overwhelming joy when a fellow human being is beaten by a mob and then killed!. This doesn't look good at all when it comes to the so called "moral image" of Washington D.C. does it? And by the way, I don't think it's a mere coincidence Hillary Clinton would borrow from an ancient quote of Julius Caesar when cheering Ghadaffi's death. It appears she merely stroking the scarllet stole of Rome so as to assure her political position holds firm. Historic fact is, this is a must for any "Herod" under Caesar. By the way, Hillary's call to "invesitage" Gadhaffi's death in other articles now appears transparent at best. But then, politics have never been based on truth.

24/10/2011 14:34:15 Postgame Haka dancers in Utah pepper sprayed by police
"When they began dancing instead, Roosevelt police began using pepper spray to displace the crowd. "I've never seen anything like it," Union fan Jason Kelly told the Deseret News. "It was totally unprovoked." -No, I don't condone Sports, dancing, or especially drunken festivities that lead to such action. I post this as a way to illustrate the fruits of a police state. No law was broken by the "dancers" at all. It's just that the police wanted them to stop dancing. So they sprayed them.

24/10/2011 14:34:15 New software system realistically adds objects into photos
This irked me when I saw it. So I had to post it. This new technology can actually place lifelike objects in photos wherein they look like they belong there. Knowing how mankind is just as evil as he was back in Noah's day, one can only imagine how this can be used in courtrooms all across the land to make innocent people appear to be guilty by doctoring photos or videos with this technology. This goes way beyond photoshopping! And no, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Just looke at the technology with a tad bit of common sense and you can see how it will be possible for the enemy of souls to use this in the coming days against innocent victims.

23/10/2011 13:32:57 Hundreds feared dead in Turkey quake

"A large earthquake strikes southeastern Turkey near the border with Iran, and hundreds are feared dead after buildings collapsed." -As the reporter stated, earthquakes are a "near daily occurrence" in that region. Thing is, that region is mostly Muslim and the Koran does not have real prophecy in it that's an absolute necessity in these last days. People need to get right with God as He gets closer to the planet. Thanks to all the false religions as well as false Christian pastors that refuse to preach prophecy,. literally billions have no idea the quakes, floods, disease, famines, climate change and other strange goings on were prophesied. But then, that's why Satan formed the false religions and trained the wolves on pulpits.

23/10/2011 13:32:57 Greeks Dying From Financial Despair
"No vessels have been entering or leaving Athens' main port, Piraeus, frozen by strikes and many people are sinking into serious depression." -They actually reported that suicides have jumped up by a whopping 40% and HIV infections increased by 50% because of the economic hardships! All because of money?! This is how Satan does it in fact. He makes people rely on money to the point of worshiping it and then pulls it away to watch them literally go crazy without it. It's so sad that so many go into eternity headed for Hell over a few lousy dollars when Jesus was so close by to them so as to remove all that fear! Praise the Lord for the peace He gives His people. Even if our income is taken away 100%, as prophecy says will happen, we still trust our Father to do as He promised. And He does just that! (See Isaiah 33:16)

23/10/2011 13:32:56 Another oil leak for stranded Rena
"The cargo ship stranded off the coast of New Zealand has sprung a fresh oil leak." -Another day, another toxic disaster to add to the already impossible to clean mess in our oceans. And to think, none of this would have happened had the powers that be decied long ago to use salt water or even hemp to fuel the billions of cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships instead of oil. Seriously, look at how plentiful saltwater is! Or how easy it is to grow and harvest hemp that never needs insecticides! Greed is what caused all this, but then the love of money was prophesied, as were the obvious end result.

21/10/2011 13:08:12 ANOTHER SDA pastor says Allah is God!?
That's right! Another Seventh Day Adventist Pastor by the name of John Carter has recently declared Allah, and the Christian God are one in the same! This is of course regardless of the fact that Allah commands Muslims to kill Christians. See SDAapostasy.org for much more information, studies, doc files, videos, flash animations, articles, and pictures proving the SDA church is in fact Babylon just as both Scripture and SOP predicted they would be today.

21/10/2011 13:08:12 U.S. Farms Get Devastating Bite From Asian Bug
"Kudzu, the "plant that ate the South," has finally met an insect in the U.S. that's just as voracious. But the so-called "kudzu bug" is also fond of another plant that's big money for U.S. farmers. Soybeans." -I know all too well about these little guys. Every harvest season our south facing walls on our home are literally covered with these little guys! If it wasn't for keeping up on the caulking each fall we would be inundated. Most call them"ladybugs," but here we call them stinkbugs. (they reek of chlorophyll when you kill them) Not sure why they didn't mention Indiana as being in the mix, but if that means they are much worse south of here, it must be real bad for them! But then, this is par for the course in these last days.

21/10/2011 13:08:11 Wacky new trend sees tourists eat snake hearts
"It outrages animal rights groups and grosses out most of the rest of us, but snake eating is the bizarre attraction drawing adventurous backpackers to a tiny village in Vietnam." -GRAPHIC CONTENT!! Is this not evidence that prophecy has been fulfilled? Jesus predicted 2000 years ago that mens hearts were to be very evil today. In fact, He said they would be just as evil as they were in Noah's day? To rip the heart of a live snake out of it's body with your teeth and then eat it is literally and one would think, certifiably insane! But in many circles today, it's only considered a "trend."

20/10/2011 14:09:50 Thai flooding getting worse! 320 dead so far!
"It's the worst flood to hit the country in half a century. By Thursday, the death toll had risen to 320, with nearly 9 others million affected, authorities said." -That's one HUGE flood brothers and sisters! It's creeping towards biblical proportions in fact! Just one more sign of the times. (page has multiple videos)