15/10/2012 12:48:21 Americans losing their religion?
"Today, the congregations are looking a little sparse." --This lack of faith is exactly what was prophesied. (See Luke 18:8) This is exactly what Antichrist needs so as to be able to have enough leeway in moving the sheeple in one specific direction. Since most don't believe anything in Scripture, and those that do believe somewhat are so messed up that an a "angel of light" appears to them with ease, ALL OF THEM (Atheists included) will beat a path to that Antichrist's door. Since the atheists don't read Bibles, and the ones that do read them have thousands of verses missing, a shiny glowing supernatural manifestation of Satan's fleeting powers will draw billions to their knees. However, the elect cannot be deceived because they not only understand prophecy, they obey Jesus' command to not go there. (See Matthew 24:23-27)

15/10/2012 12:48:21 Catholic Church profits from XXX Porn
"The Protect Your Children Foundation is committed to exposing all the lies and crimes of religion worlwide to alert the nations of the dangers these criminal organizations pose in our communities." --It's amazing how the Catholic leaders come up with such weak excuses claiming they invest in porn companies in the hopes of changing them. Yet, when the reporter asked outright why they never table meetings in all the years they have invested in the industry, which in turn helps them flourish, he never answers the question. If they are investing to "help them" as they say, then why haven't they helped them with even a single meeting in all the years they sent them millions? It's because this church is filled to the rafters with evil people just as Christ warned. The gates of Hell HAVE prevailed. Even their beloved Pope John Paul II admitted that in his mea culpa of March 2000. Prophecy said the church of Rome is where Satan would set up headquarters so as to try and soil the truth found in Christianity. And so he has.

14/10/2012 14:14:26 'Elected leaders in Italy, Greece replaced by Eurocrats'
"RT talks to Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament who gives his take on what exactly is wrong within the EU." --This is exactly what Antichrist needs to have happen globally. I've said it from the beginning. The EU is nothing more than a large scale New World Order testing grounds of the Vatican that will eventually be implemented worldwide. They know that if you run the countries with officials immune to ballot boxes, you can bypass the desires of the people and pass laws that benefit the officials. This was prophesied and this will happen! By the way, some scoffers still refuse to acknowledge the fact the Vatican is the father of the NWO in the EU. Click here for some pictures that will convince even the hardened scoffer.

14/10/2012 14:14:25 UK seeks big welfare cuts despite child poverty
"And as the UK government introduces more cuts, it's the least protected that take the biggest hit. Recent data suggests 15 percent of children regularly go without hot meals. Despite intervention from charities, things are only getting worse." --How easy will it be for the Vatican to enforce their mark when they bring a loaf of bread to a starving family with the demand, if they want it, they need to bow to the Pope and his mark? Truth is, it's already been proven by reputable sources that the Vatican has enough money to feed every starving child on earth for literally centuries. But they refuse to do so because in so doing they can generate a greater number that will be easily controlled when that day comes to do as prophecy says they will do.

10/12/2012 14:15:01 Bullied Canadian teen leaves behind chilling YouTube video
"Her YouTube video started out innocently enough. The Canadian teen, her face obscured from the camera, held a stack of cards each filled with messages in black marker. ...On Wednesday, Amanda Todd's body was found in her home, police in the Vancouver-area city of Coquitlam said. She took her own life." --This precious little soul was snuffed out thanks to years or torment in government schools! What's worse? A teen committing suicide? Or a teen causing someone to commit suicide? In any event, both teens got to this wicked position thanks government schooling. Think I'm exaggerating about how bad it is in government schools? Click here.

10/11/2012 14:18:59 Minority Report: Fiction Has Become Reality
"Ten years ago, Steven Spielberg's blockbuster film Minority Report unveiled a chilling vision of futuristic law enforcement. But was it only fiction? In this week's vodcast, John Whitehead examines new, sci-fi like technologies now in the hands of an increasingly invasive government." --No Hollywood movie makers are not prophets. Just government funded drones employed to get the masses used to certain conditions the government plans to enforce long before doing so.

10/09/2012 12:54:47 Mom Glued Daughter's Hands To Wall, Faces Life In Prison
"A Dallas woman who super-glued her 2-year-old daughter's hands to a wall also beat the girl so badly that she suffered bleeding on her brain, a doctor testified Monday during the mother's sentencing hearing." --What can a 2 year old little girl do to cause her mother to beat her half to death? Nothing; it's just a sign of the times we live in. When speaking of our day, Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Seriously! How can anyone looking into the face of a 2 year old child see a reason to hate them? Especially their own mother?! Christian prophecy is that accurate!

10/09/2012 12:54:47 Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America - YouTube
"Spain's police state has spiraled out of control as riot police are now running throughout the streets beating everyone in sight, men and woman, young and old." --This is what happens when those that make the laws break the laws. Who polices the police, in a police State? No one does. Those that seek to change all this as the author of the video tries to do, won't stop what's already begun. All we can do now is prepare for  the Lord's coming. They can make all the heart-wrenching videos they want to try and get the people to revolt against the government. Prophecy will still be fulfilled! You can't stop this anymore than you can a megaton boulder from rolling down a mountain side. It will reach the end of its path.

10/08/2012 13:42:06 PORK!! The consequences of eating it!!
"video has no description." --If you have a weak stomach I don't advise watching this video. I know pork will cause worms to grow in your body and even travel to your joints wherein they can cause arthritis like pain, but I never knew they could do this!

10/08/2012 13:39:07 Cop king-hits parade-goer over 'silly string
"This is the moment a US police sergeant floored a woman after she sprayed some 'silly string' from an aerosol can." --That's right, she was a woman, and she only sprayed silly string. Also notice that she is at least half the weight of the cop that decked her. Why is it she will be charged with assault, and he won't be? Prophecy said long ago the lamb horned beast (USA) would eventually speak as a dragon. We are in the infant stages of the inevitable police State that is soon to be the norm.

10/07/2012 13:03:16 SY performs "Gangnam Style" for a crowd of 80,000 fans.
"Video has no comments" --No, I am not suggesting we all start dancing Gangnam Style. It's the most ridiculous thing I've seen in decades in fact. What I want you to notice is how easy it is for this man to control 80,000 people with just a few well-chosen words and actions. The camera man pans the crowd twice so you can see this. One pan happens near the start, and one more time at the end. Notice how everyone in that massive crowd are dancing as the man on the stage suggests! This reminds me of everyone bowing before the 90ft idol Nebuchadnezzar set up back then! And he used "music" to get the crowds to obey as well. (Read Daniel 3) That being said, how easy will it be for Antichrist to get them all to follow the prophesied commands of a leader who is beloved by billions? Keep in mind, this is just one concert and only 80,000 people. There are literally thousands of concerts go on around the world each and every week with tens of thousands of sheeple packed in their to obey the commands shouted from the stage. There are also hundreds of thousands of large churches now the world over with the same power over their flocks each and every Sunday. It sure looks like the powers that be are doing exactly as prophecy said they would.

10/07/2012 13:03:16 Peace cross sparks free speech debate
"Atheist group fighting to take memorial down." --Here we go again, only now the Atheists are jumping on the free speech bandwagon Rome and the USA started with their strategically placed Youtube video about Islam. Atheists have all along used the court system to go after Christian symbols. This has been a fact of life for decades. But now they realize with this "ban free speech" agenda they may have an easier row to hoe here. So why not test the waters and see if they can benefit as well? The fact they're going after a cross that has stood tall since 1925 suggests they feel they finally have a chance. It's not like that cross was just erected and started a firestorm of rabid Atheists calling every media outlet last weekend. This cross has been there 87 years! No matter though. This stone cross is not going to matter when the mountains begin shaking like reeds in the wind anyway. And real Christians don't worship crosses. We worship He who hung on the cross that prophecy spoke of more than any man alive. His name is Jesus Christ. King of kings and Lord of Lords!

10/05/2012 12:37:25 Disabled girl bullied, mocked by neighbours
"A 10-year-old US girl suffering from cerebral palsy is too afraid to leave her house because her neighbours continually mock her disability." --This is so so sad. This precious little soul is only 10 years old! A time in life when they are so vulnerable to being ridiculed. It's bad enough children her own age are prone to such hurtful and heart rendering words, but an adult is doing this to her? How can people be so hateful, hurtful and unloving to such a child as this? Truth is, they aren't able to unless Satan has absolute control over them. Jesus said the love of many will wax cold in the very last days and this is just one of literally millions of examples proving His prophetic statement is now a bold and undeniable fact of today's end time society.

10/05/2012 12:41:04 Teens on a Bus Brutally Sucker Punch Elderly Bus Driver
"no comments share by author of the video" --After watching the previous video wherein a grown man mocks and ridicules a 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy, it doesn't surprise me that the youth in this very same society think it's perfectly accepted or "cool" to sucker punch a defenseless old man. What cowards these people are. They pick on those that cannot possibly defend themselves so as to look stronger to those around them. When will this all stop? As soon as the one who declared "the meek shall inherit the earth" arrives to give us our reward.

10/04/2012 11:06:57 Underneath a glacier timelapse
"No video comments" --This is amazing! We all know glaciers move, but never before to my knowledge has mankind ever seen a glacier move like this one. In this video we see a view using timelapse photography that you just have to see to believe! Keep in mind that as you watch this, the ice you see is 350 feet thick. That's as tall as three water towers staked on top each other! Everyone looks at the planet as a big old lump of useless earth that we know is alive, but for all intents and purposes looks dead because it doesn't seem to move much. This video changes all that! Our Lord's creation truly does glorify Him!

10/04/2012 11:10:12 Another cop caught lying
"In the police report, it looked like an open-and-shut case: A Fort Lauderdale police officer responded to a complaint of a man blasting loud music in his back yard, the homeowner refused to turn it off and walked away when the officer tried to arrest him." --Problem is, the cop had no idea his victim had a security system filming the cop arresting him. Police can lie to get you to incriminate yourself. That law was passed years ago. It appears, just as expected, they are now "legally" lying when they make reports on you as well. Truth is, the fact there was nothing done to the cop that lied suggests this is department policy in most police departments In a stressed economy they, like anyone else, need to generate a positive cash flow if they expect to stay in the black financially. Arresting people grants them that money. Now do you see why some states make it illegal to videotape cops? Just one more unjust law proving Christian prophecy is trustworthy.

10/03/2012 14:26:40 Dr seeking Senate seat shares diagnosis of ObamaCare
"Bellar, a Republican candidate running for office in the state's 18th district, gave the extended one-liner while warming up the crowd at a recent event for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Someone captured it on video, and now the doctor's diagnosis of the Affordable Care Act is an Internet sensation with more than 2 million views." --What this woman presents in this video is all true. She tries to share it all in one sentence, but has to stop three times because of the audience laughing. Not because it's a joke, or she's trying to be funny, but because it's actually true what she's saying and it hilarious that no one in the government seems to realize it!

10/03/2012 14:27:44 Mom arrested after 'nosey' neighbor's complaint
"no comments in video" --It's neighbors like this that the enemy of souls will count on when the mark of the beast is enforced, just as Hitler relied on his brown shirts. If you're a Christian and you live in a city you will be targeted. When your neighbors don't allow the Holy Spirit to guide them, there's only one other "spirit" left to guide them. If you don't think Satan can move people to do things for him, explain all the crime that happens daily.

10/02/2012 08:58:12 Chinese hack attack on White House computer
"America is on the losing end of an aggressive cyberconflict waged by nation states, organized cybercriminals and hacktivists, he said. "We need to give this critical priority, it needs to be a discussion at every level of our government and we must rapidly adopt new technologies to protect our nation from this threat." --In other words, as we've been saying all along, they are looking for ways to censor the Internet, or at least each "unofficial" user. In short, their "timing" on all this is suspect to say the least.

10/02/2012 11:32:09 LAPD commander removed in probe of rough arrest
"A Los Angeles Police Department commanding officer has been removed amid an internal investigation into a videotaped beating in which officers tackled a handcuffed registered nurse to the ground, police Chief Charlie Beck said Wednesday." --This is not easy to watch. The police are appearing more and more like they're being trained to do this, but usually out of view of their patrol car cameras. Some may view this as a harbinger to the up coming police state. Thanks to security cameras popping up just about everywhere now, these police officiers got caught. And again, no. Not all cops are bad. But the numbers that are bad are growing at a rapid pace, Especially since big cities are seeing ex-military applying to become police officers.

10/01/2012 13:16:50 Cops to answer in court for 'stoning' of Christians
"Hundreds of angry Muslims threw chunks of concrete and eggs at a team of Christians, spraying them with urine and cursing at them, all while police stood by and then threatened the victims with "disorderly conduct." Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Somalia? No. Dearborn, Mich." --This is the second time this happened in Michigan. I'm positive it won't be the last.

10/01/2012 13:17:31 Teens laugh as they record woman being beaten
"A group of teens violently attacked a mentally challenged woman at random in Chester and recorded the entire incident on tape." --Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." And Ezekiel 7:23 said, "Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." This is present day society. No one can doubt that. Even a scoffer must admit this prophecy fulfilled.

30/09/2012 13:13:47 Spain: After Months of droughts, floods rush in
"Video had no comments" --Calamities will continue and their numbers will increase all the way up to when they enforce Sunday Laws. And then the plagues will indeed be upon those that refuse to obey the Creator who is soon to arrive. Then, the calamities we witness now will be considered mild in comparison.

30/09/2012 13:13:47 Obama using free cell phones to get votes
"A viral video of an Obama supporter touting her "Obama phone" has put the spotlight on an obscure federal program that provides discounted phone service to qualifying low-income Americans. "Keep Obama as president, ...He gave us a phone." --This is so sad. They are out of work, on federal assistance, and because Obama gives them a cheap phone, they want him to stay in office. Is that a reason to vote? For some.. it appears so. This proves politicians know people won't vote for them on policy. They vote for them in the same way some mothers buy unhealthy sugar coated cereal for their children. For the free toys.

28/09/2012 13:14:59 Back to Church Sunday Promo for any Sunday
 ANTICHRIST SAYS: "Use this video in your church to promote a special day where the church invites its neighbors back to church." --Still think the prophecy about Sunday Laws is a farce? If you do, it's only because you're in a church that doesn't preach prophecy. (Hint: You can learn to study prophecy on your own too.)

28/09/2012 13:14:58 Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting
"Organic Spies conducted an undercover hidden camera sting of Whole Foods Market for selling unlabeled GMO foods." --Do you shop at "Whole Foods" because you were told they guarantee never to have GMO items in their stores? Get ready for a shock!

27/09/2012 13:36:33 Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'
"No comment" --This is an amazing way to get the truth out there about how, if you're not careful, you can be taken advantage of very easily. And I mean VERY easily! After watching this quick video, some may finally realize how dangerous Facebook, Twitter, MySPace, and other social sites really are.

27/09/2012 13:36:33 Madonna: 'We have a black Muslim in the WhiteHouse'
"Madonna asked everyone in the audience of her Washington, DC performance Monday night to vote for President Obama because he is a "black Muslim." --Be forewarned! She not only uses offensive language in this video, she demands the crowd do so as well! In this clip she boldly declares it's a good thing to have a "black Muslim" who is "fighting for gay rights" in the Whitehouse. And she got the entire crowd to agree with her! Just so you know, there are two reasons I posted this offensive video. #1, this illustrates how easy it is for celebrities to move the sheeple to elect people that will eventually control them. #2, as we learned with Reagon, what happens in Hollywood is directly connected and influenced by what happens in D.C. It's drug induced slip up like this one from Madonna that allows the common man to get a glimpse into their deceptiveness once in a while. They know a lot more about Obama than most anyone else. But thanks to the Internet, some of that information is coming forward. Still, we already knew Obama was a Muslim. It's just nice to get conformation now and again.