13/10/2010 13:45:45 New Vatican evangelization office unveiled
"Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday outlined his most tangible initiative yet to try to revive Christianity, creating a Vatican office for re-evangelizing Europe and other traditionally Christian regions where the faith is falling by the wayside. In an official decree, Benedict said the new office would work with bishops to promote church doctrine, use modern communication methods to get the church's message out and mobilize missionary-type activities using members of religious orders and new religious movements." -Why does Rome have the power to do this in the European Union? Because Rome created their new constitution as well as their New World Order (NWO) so as to test out their prophesied NWO on all nations. As prophesied they must make Catholicism appear to be Christianity so as to gather all the Protestants back into their fold so as to better surround the remnant Christians that refuse. This is why you see Roman Catholic doctrine being embraced by all denominations, including the Seventh Day Adventist church. Prophecy says their wound will heal and this is yet another prophetic milestone in their agenda towards that end.

13/10/2010 13:45:45 An 'Unprecedented' Bat Die-Off Could Devastate U.S. Agriculture
"For several years now, scientists have been sounding alarms about a devastating fungus, White-Nose Syndrome (WNS), that has literally decimated bat populations in the Northeastern U.S. The fungus leaves a white substance on the bat's nose, wings and body, and disrupts the bat's hibernation patterns, forcing it to burn through its fat reserves, which quickly leads to starvation. Earlier this year, a survey of the bat population in New Jersey estimated that 90% of that state's bats had been killed off." -90% of the bats are dead! Does this alarm you? It should seeing how we are also seeing record die-offs of honey bees and other necessary animals and insects. To give you an idea of what this can lead to if all the bats die, are you aware that one bat can eat as many as 3000 mosquitoes a night, that's a lot of mosquitoes staying alive that can feed on you every night. Not to mention this will allow the West Nile virus a fantastic breeding ground on every warm blooded being on the planet, will a massive influx of trillions of mosquitoes cause a spread of other diseases since mosquitoes prefer blood?

13/10/2010 13:45:45 McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months
"Vladimir Lenin, King Tut and the McDonald's Happy Meal: What do they all have in common? A shocking resistance to Mother Nature's cycle of decomposition and biodegradability, apparently. That's the disturbing point brought home by the latest project of New York City-based artist and photographer Sally Davies, who bought a McDonald's Happy Meal back in April and left it out in her kitchen to see how well it would hold up over time. The results? "The only change that I can see is that it has become hard as a rock," Davies told the U.K. Daily Mail." -There is also a link on this page that leads to a teacher who has had a McDonald's hamburger on exhibit since 1996 that's hasn't rotted in the least. What does this mean? Even the normal organisms that cause things to decompose won't touch this stuff. But intelligent beings like humans eat millions of these burgers each and every hour of the day! And yes, I have to say it... Is this not "food for thought?"

10/12/2010 14:13:21 420 banks demand 1-world currency
"The Institute of International Finance, a group that represents 420 of the world's largest banks and finance houses, has issued yet another call for a one-world global currency, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports. ...An IIF policy letter authored by Dallara and dated Oct. 4 made clear that global currency coordination was needed, in the group's view, to prevent a looming currency war." -I wonder if any of the scoffers have been watching this, and if so will they ever admit Christian prophecy was correct?

10/12/2010 14:13:20 South Carolina Man Fights to Keep Religious Signs on His Property
"A South Carolina man says his constitutional rights have been violated after he was told by his local government to remove the Bible-themed signs he had posted on his property." -The American lamb horned beast is most assuredly showing it's fangs today, just as prophecy predicted it would.

10/11/2010 14:57:36 Campbell's Soup catering to Islam
"The Canadian division of the Campbell's Soup company, known to generations for its "M'mmm, m'mmm, good" slogan, is selling products approved as "halal" for Muslims by an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the massive movement that has spawned terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida and Hamas.. The move has triggered a Facebook-based boycott plan and the outrage of a multitude of online forum participants..." -That's right, Campbell's food is now "offered up to idols" before going to market so as to please the Muslims. What does the Christian Bible say about this? In Acts 15:29 it says, "That ye abstain from meats offered to idols.." Christians cannot eat Campbell's food now without actually being in sin!

10/11/2010 14:57:36 Campaign gets Bibles to children ... in school!

"That organization is famous for handing out to children at schools copies of the Bible, which the volunteers often provided at their own expense. But in today's world, school districts are sharply censoring any such activities. Court cases have erupted in just the past few years in Maryland, Florida and Missouri over Bible distributions on public property." -Why in America where Christianity is slowly but surely being outlawed, is the government schooling program testing the use of Bibles in three States? Because Christianity in it's real sense angers and scares the daylights out of them. Satan knows the theology behind Proverbs 22:6 works well, so he goes after the youth to get their minds poisoned with his version of Christianity. It doesn't matter how many laws the government dumps on Christians to make their lives miserable. History has proven that Christians will still flourish. But if you go after their children, then you will have less Christians to deal with in as little as ten years. Or so they think! In any event, they are doing this so as to try and make their job easier when it comes time to outlaw true Biblical Christianity. Could it be they hope to stop the prophesied revival that's coming soon? It appears yes, this is their plan. Will they succeed? It was prophesied that the church may appear as if it's about to fall, but it does not. The sinners claiming to be Christians will be finally sifted out. In fact, that "shaking" has already begun! (click here for the big list exposing the school system)

10/10/2010 14:16:14 Federal agencies raid Christian ministry

"Two federal agencies, backed up by state and local police, have swooped down on a peaceful Portsmouth, R.I., ministry like Eliot Ness busting up one of Al Capone's Prohibition-era breweries. "They came in screaming and hollering, 'This is a raid, hands up.' I saw a gun in my face," said Jim Feijo, founder of Daniel Chapter One, a ministry that supports itself in part by providing health counseling and nutritional supplements. Feijo also provides nutritional counseling to world-class athletes. The raid was spearheaded by the FDA and the IRS, Feijo told WND. Feijo has no idea why the government raided his offices, but he noted that the raid came Sept. 22, a week after a federal judge refused to allow the FTC to levy a massive fine against Daniel Chapter One for refusing to send a letter to customers saying in effect that their products were worthless." -You know what this means? The AMA is running scared. Why else would they shut down a Christian ministry that uses natural methods to heal? They fear loosing customers when the word gets out these methods work and the AMA is not healing anyone. If the real doctors using God's methods heal you, they lose a customer. This is why they invent drugs that allow you to stay just sick enough to keep you on their drugs. Will they make all supplements illegal? This is the rumor. Will it matter after the prophecy regarding the"signs that follow the real Christians is fulfilled? It will to those in need of a miracle.

10/10/2010 14:16:14 Catch a thief from your armchair and win cash
"Anyone who owns a laptop computer can now fight crime from the safety of their home and win cash prizes for catching thieves red-handed, under a new British monitoring scheme that went live this week. The service works by employing an army of registered armchair snoopers who watch hours of CCTV footage from cameras in stores and high street venues across the country." -What will this lead to? When there are cameras on every city street your neighbors will be looking to turn anyone in to the police they deem suspicious in the hopes of winning cold hard cash! Especially when they are trying to survive on foods tamps, every extra dollar will help! Hitler used this method by using fear in his day. Today's governments use it today by offering cash. and who is behind all this? The exact same church that helped Hitler kill 6 million Jews and untold numbers of Christians.

10/10/2010 14:16:14 Census to cost almost R2bn
"Johannesburg- South Africa will undergo its biggest census exercise ever in October 2011, providing the most comprehensive picture of society and the economy in the post-apartheid era, but it will come at a cost to the taxpayer of just shy of R2bn. ...The aim is to improve the quality of life of all people and so it is important to answer the questions." -They just did this here in America a few months ago, and now they plan to do this is Africa as well. Other nations are no doubt following suit all around the world. Why? Rome needs to know were absolutely every soul is so that they can be used by Satan to try and force a mark upon them when that day comes. The fact they are asking personal questions that have nothing to do with counting heads proves they need as much info on every person they can so as to better track them down if need be. Now do you see why the government is involved so deeply with Internet chat rooms and social networks like Facebook? Some may shout "paranoia" when such things are suggested. But I'm sure those slaughtered in Hitler's day, and during the Roman Catholic Inquisitions would have preferred some advance warning. Christian prophecy does say they WILL do this, so... did our Lord lie when He declared they will try to force "every" soul on earth to bow to Antichrist?

10/08/2010 14:55:56 Bangladesh Christians Captured, Forced to Return to Buddhism
"The Buddhists held a pastor, a church secretary, a village leader and five members from a Baptist church in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. The captives were all forced to wear Buddhist robes, shave their heads, bow down before a statue of Buddha and clean the temple; they were also threatened with beatings and even death if they tried to escape. ...They are not allowed to pray to Jesus, nor read Bibles, but they say they are still Christian in their hearts," said Josette Lindem" -One question, would Shadrach, Meshach, or Abednego still be considered followers of our God if they bowed down to Babylon's false god? No! Their statements that they still held Jesus in their hearts is a lie brothers and sisters. Over 500 million were killed for their faith when the Popes tortured and killed them. But many more did bow to the Vatican's "Eucharistic god" and were spared. I'm sure many of them felt they were still "Christians in their hearts" as well. But according to my Bible, "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." (Mark 8:38) In other words, when that day comes for all Christians to make that final decision for or against the mark of the Roman Catholic beast, Jesus will not be accepting anyone as His faithful child when they accept the mark "thinking they are still Christians in their hearts" so as to escape death. You cannot be saved from God's wrath by receiving the mark of the beast by simply "thinking" you're still a Christian. You have to literally BE a Christian! For it is also written in Matthew 16:25, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." Bottom line, don't let the weak Christian confuse you into thinking it's ok to bow to false gods while thinking you "hold Jesus in your heart." It simply doesn't work that way. Martyrdom is not hiding your faith to spare your life, it's expressing your faith even if it means the loss of life!

10/08/2010 14:19:12 So. Africa Treasury urges embrace of globalisation
"As trade union Cosatu decried "Walmartisation", the proposed takeover of SA retailer Massmart by US giant Walmart, a National Treasury official urged South Africans to embrace globilisation in order to create jobs. “We must embrace globalisation instead of sloganeereing and toyi-toying against it,” said National Treasury director general Lesetja Kganyago on Thursday." -Notice how the majority of new laws and methods to bring about a one world government always have something to do with money? Satan knows most of mankind worships money, so he dangles the dollar in front of their faces like the farmer dangles a carrot in front of a donkey to get billions to do his bidding. What a mess! Absolutely every wicked law has some corrupt politician making millions behind it. This is truly "as in the days of Noah!"

10/08/2010 14:19:12 ANC sends top officials to China
"Two weeks of intensive training by the Chinese Communist Party face senior leaders of the ANC. At least 35 senior ANC figures have already been on the programme, where they attend lectures about Chinese national planning and the Communist Party's political education system. ...The report quotes the ANC as wanting all members of its national executive committee to take part in Chinese Communist party lessons, "as part of the ongoing political education for the leadership of our movement," according to a report delivered at the party's policy conference last week. ...It suggests that China's array of state-owned enterprises, in many cases run like private corporations though under government control, are also being looked at as a model for South Africa to adopt. Many of South Africa's state monopolies have floundered in recent years, racked by management problems and needing large government bailouts." -The New World Order will of course need to be based on the ancient Roman governing policies wherein Caesar was emperor. We call that Communism today. Don't believe me? See my blog entry entitled "The Governing policies of Antrichrist" and you will indeed see that Rome craves this type of control like a demon craves the soul.

10/08/2010 14:19:11 Judge approves '1 of most oppressive measures in history'
"A federal judge has concluded Congress can demand that Americans buy government-approved health insurance in the first ruling of its kind on Obamacare, but he also has opened a door for people to challenge the plan in court. The ruling means the Supreme Court eventually could have the opportunity to decide whether Obamacare is constitutional and to redefine the scope of the Commerce Clause, which Washington now interprets as allowing such government requirements. Since the Roosevelt administration, controversial Supreme Court interpretations of the clause have been used to broadly expand the powers of the federal government." -Have you seen what is in this law? Much of it has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with controlling each and every citizen from coast to coast with a "ready reserve force" that echoes that of Hitler's civilian forces..

10/07/2010 13:27:43 Christian flag removed from War memorial
"A meeting of the King, N.C., City Council was packed on Monday with dozens of citizens who asked city officials to put the Christian flag back up at the local Veterans War Memorial. The council had voted to take down the flag rather than spend the estimated $200,000 to $300,000 it would cost to fight the American Civil Liberties Union in a First Amendment lawsuit." -This is how they are able to get anti-Christian laws passed as well. They do the constitutional illegal act and then sit back waiting to see if the Christians will sue them knowing they can't afford it in the first place. No matter, our Heavenly Counselor is aware of their crimes and is about to render His final verdict!

10/07/2010 13:27:43 Official participant at the 'One Nation' rally: Communist Party USA
"Various communist and socialist groups were photographed and filmed during the Oct. 2 “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington, D.C. But groups can show up at any event they want to and there is not much that organizers can do about it. The real controversy lies in whether they were officially invited to participate. In this context, the involvement of the Communist Party USA, a group that served as a subversive pawn of Moscow for decades, is relevant and newsworthy." -And who do you think is behind the push for a socialist / communist form of government in the USA and the World? The Pope!

10/07/2010 13:27:43 Child duct taped to wall while mom parties
"Police said the couple was "high after a night of partying" and taped him to the wall for entertainment. The affadavit says photos taken on Hamm's digital camera showed the boy crying while he was taped. Hamm was sentenced to at least 10 days in jail and two years of probation. Honea was sentenced to 36 to 60 months behind bars for intentional child abuse." -The desire to please the flesh with sex, drugs and rock and roll now supercede the love of a mother! You won't believe the pictures! Truth is, Jesus did say the love of many would wax cold today. And so it has.

10/06/2010 13:57:40 SnapScouts!
"Want to earn tons of cool badges and prizes while competing with you friends to see who can be the best American? Download the SnapScouts app for your Android phone (iPhone app coming soon) and get started patrolling your neighborhood. It's up to you to keep America safe! If you see something suspicious, Snap it! If you see someone who doesn't belong, Snap it! Not sure if someone or something is suspicious? Snap it anyway! Play with your friends and family to see who can get the best prizes. Join the SnapScouts today!" -This is directly from Hitler's toolbox! They are actually getting your neighbors to spy on you  to help the local government make money prosecuting people! Even if there's no crime being committed, but you feel they are "suspicious," they want you to send their pictures in anyway. Can you imagine how many people are going to be arrested for crimes they never commit now? This is one more major reason to get out of the cities! Especially if you're a Christian because the media is already getting everyone used to the idea that Christians are to be hated anyway so, why stay in town?

10/06/2010 13:57:40 China's dark side: On Yellow River, corpses mean cash
"Bodies floating in the Yellow River near Changpo Village in China's Gansu Province. Wei Jinpeng makes a living selling the bodies to families who come to claim them." -No more morals, no more compassion, no more love of your neighbor! What's this world coming to? Oh yes, I remember now... AN END!

10/06/2010 13:57:40 Potent cancer fighter lies in Keys algae beds
"Who knew that plants and animals indigenous to the Florida Keys are such a promising contributor to the nation's medicine cabinet?" -This is why it's so easy to see why the AMA is not longer trusted anymore when it comes to valid medicine that heals 100% and doesn't turn you into a lifelong prescription buying customer. Like the Roman prelates that declare all other religions are wrong, the AMA has said the same thing about the real doctors who understood eons ago that natural methods work far better than any of the toxic waste they pump into our bodies to fight cancers and other diseases today. They can't let you know there is a cure for Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes and a host of other money making diseases because they would loose customers. There are no more "patients" in hospitals. Only paying customers.

10/05/2010 14:37:21 Eye-popping power grab: Licensing of U.S. colleges
"Federal scheme poses 'greatest threat to academic freedom in our lifetime' President Obama's Department of Education, where Secretary Arne Duncan appointed a longtime homosexual activist who was part of the sometimes-violent Act Up organization to head his "safe schools" office, now is proposing to force colleges and universities to submit to a political agenda, according to critics. " -It was only a matter of time before this happened. After all, are not all schools, both public and private controlled by the Federal dollars that pump into their schools after "certain" conditions are met? Just one more reason to homeschool your children. For hundreds of more reasons, click here.

10/05/2010 14:37:21 Druids are now an official religion in Britain
"The decision will give the neo-pagan religion, known for its cloaked worshippers at Stonehenge and other sites, tax advantages and is expected to lead to broader acceptance." -In other words, like the 501C3 churches and ministries here in America that created the image of the beast to get their tax breaks, Druids have also joined their churches with their State so as to make an image to the beast in Rome. Jesus said there would be preachers of filthy lucre (money) in our day, and it seems even non-Christian religions can't escape the lure of the almighty dollar.

10/05/2010 14:37:20 US Apologizes for 1940s STD Study That Infected Guatemalans With Syphilis
"In 1946, American researchers performed an appalling experiment, infecting unwitting Guatemalans with a potentially deadly disease in the name of public health. In an effort to see if penicillin could prevent or treat syphilis, government scientists went to the impoverished Central American country to deliberately infect nearly 700 men and women including prisoners, inmates in insane asylums, and even some soldiers with the potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease." -In 1946 the United States Government was nowhere near as wicked and deceptive as it is today. That being said, one can only imagine what they're doing right now!

10/05/2010 14:43:57 Study Shows Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Link to Birth Defect
"A major new scientific study has confirmed growing conviction that the world’s most widely used chemical herbicide, Monsanto Corporation’s Roundup is toxic and a danger to human as well as animal organisms. The latest scientific research carried out by a multinational scientific team headed by Professor Andrés Carrasco, head of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School and member of Argentina’s National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, presents alarming demonstration that Monsanto and the GMO agribusiness industry have systematically lied about the safety of their Roundup. Roundup in far lower concentrations than used in agriculture is linked to birth defects. The health implications are huge. All major GMO crops on the market today are genetically manipulated to “tolerate” the herbicide Roundup. " -I live in farm country and every farmer out here uses the "roundup ready" seeds in their crops. The majority of the crops are used for animal feed and fuel of course, but some of these strange crops do in fact make it to market. Still, even if they didn't the animals that eat these GMO crops are later sold as beef or their milk is sent to market. It was prophesied that in our day even the "clean" foods would become inedible. And so they have.

10/04/2010 13:50:29 Now 'under God' dropped from Gettysburg Address!
"We now have positive evidence they know exactly what they are doing. Barack Obama twice in recent days has dropped from a quotation from the Declaration of Independence a reference to the "Creator," and now a columnist at First Things has documented how a self-described "leading progressive legal organization" has simply dropped "under God" from the Gettysburg address." -As prophesied, this nation would start off as a Christian nation and then end up an Atheist one in the end. So be it! What they fail to realize is their actions also bring about the return of our Lord as much as our efforts to spread the present truth expedite that day. It's a holy war and regardless of what they may think, they have already lost.

10/04/2010 13:50:29 Bombshell! 1-world government by 2025
"Do you still doubt that globalization is an agenda for global governance? If so, consult a new report just published by the U.S. National Intelligence Council in conjunction with the European Union Institute for Securities Studies, titled "Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Junction," Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports. Upon studying the 69-page document, Corsi noted the conclusion is inescapable that the U.S. and EU intelligence apparatus is setting the stage for one-world government by 2025." -Now do you see why remnant Christians are hated so much? We can tell you today, what the Pope and his puppets are going to do tomorrow. No, we aren't prophets. But as 1 Thessalonians 5:4 intimates, we do understand prophecy and big government doesn't like the idea that we can, and will alert the people as to their "secret" plans. Sometimes the Lord allows us to do this even years before the leaders are aware of them. Hopefully this will open the eyes of some scoffers that still think our message is less than true.

10/04/2010 13:50:29 Is it alien or human?
"A teenage girl crawled into a long-abandoned mine tunnel in Mexico in the 1930s and came across two skeletons – one of which was unlike anything previously found on Earth. Or so the story goes. ...It is the skull of a severely deformed child who suffered from a rare medical condition, say the many sceptical scientists and medical experts. Wrong, says ‘alternative knowledge’ expert Lloyd Pye and other paranormal researchers; it is the ‘Starchild Skull’ a skull belonging to an alien-human hybrid." -Who would have thought that this skull, which scientists stated was a "deformed skull" 80 years ago, would suddenly be tagged an alien-human hybrid directly after some "retired" air force pilots stated they believe aliens turned off nukes back in the late 1940's? Ok, stop laughing. I agree, figuring this was about to happen was a nobrainer. Makes one wonder what they'll "find" next eh?

10/04/2010 13:57:06 Unions reach out to weed workers in California
"In a suburban oasis amid golden hills north of San Francisco, members of the United Food and Commercial Workers union are processing thousands of marijuana cigarettes a day, rolling joints in rice paper cylinders from Amsterdam." -No one needs to be a prophet to see this one coming. If and when they pass the bill in November to legalize the use of pot for "adult recreation" they are going to have to have a large supply ready for the masses. Could this be why Amsterdam is ramping up production? Do they have inside information on this? Or is the media merely blowing smoke again? (pun intended)

10/04/2010 13:55:47 21 Volcanoes Across Country Ready to Erupt
"Twenty-one volcanoes across Indonesia could erupt at any time, leading to natural disasters, officials have warned. An official from the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG) told the Jakarta Globe on Friday that the alert for 18 volcanoes had been raised from Level 1, or “normal,” to Level 2, or “beware.” -21 volcanoes? Now I understand one is bad enough, but 21!?

10/03/2010 13:00:20 You can't advertise with us, you're 'Christian'
"A bookstore in Kittanning, Pa., was told its advertisement in a local restaurant's holiday menu was rejected by the ad publisher, simply because the store had the word "Christian" in its name. ... the salesman returned a few hours later and told him, "We have a problem. I contacted headquarters. Our company has rejected your ad. They told me I have to return your check. We don't take religious advertising. They are exercising the clause in the contract you signed [stating] their right to cancel with you." Specifically, the clause in the contract with Brecht-Pacific Publishing, Incorporated, located in Longview, Wash., states the publisher "reserves the right to refuse, edit or omit any portion of any ad that we think is offensive, sensitive, questionable or otherwise not in good taste." -There you have it. Christianity is now considered "offensive, sensitive, questionable or otherwise not in good taste." It's becoming much clearer now that Christians are once again hated as they were 2000 years ago for merely claiming Jesus Christ is Lord. And yes, that too was prophesied.

10/03/2010 13:00:20 US judge asks Vatican to serve court paper to pope
"A federal U.S. judge is asking the Vatican to cooperate in serving the pope and two other top officials with court papers that stem from decades-old allegations of sexual abuse by a priest in Wisconsin. The request is an incremental step in a lawsuit that accuses the officials of conspiring to keep the allegations against the Milwaukee priest quiet. The Vatican is not obliged to comply with the request." -Pray for this judge. He may have bitten off more than he can chew here. He is actually going up against the prophesied Antichrist.

10/03/2010 13:00:20 Video Game Site Sells Girls by the Minute
"The newly relaunched website Gamecrush is banking on that demographic -- not just on guys' love of video games, but also on their inability to meet women. They offer pasty gamers of all stripes the chance -- via a webcam connection -- to find a comely companion for games ranging from Halo: Reach and Starcraft 2 to Tic-Tac-Toe. They've just got to pay. Female company doesn't come cheap, and Gamecrush's services run 60 cents a minute, plus tip." -In other words, girls from all walks of life are now being taught it's ok to sell your "companionship" to men. Will this indoctrinate them into prostitution? Yes it will. Prophecy says there will be widespread immorality, especially when it comes to sex, so this is nothing more than Satan's way to get as many as possible into sin without their knowledge of it. Imagine is everyone merely opened a Bible once a day. Satan would have no power! It's really that easy! But, mankind loves their sin. So be it!

10/03/2010 13:06:22 State downgrades pot possession to infraction
"Citing the need to reduce spending on prosecution and courts, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a measure that makes marijuana possession an infraction, on par with traffic and littering tickets. The Republican governor's unexpected support for the measure comes one month before voters decide whether to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana in California." -Guess what will happen now. Millions of pot smokers will go for the gusto and make sure they always have at least an ounce of pot on them knowing it's just a slap on the wrist. What do you think will happen when they finally do vote on whether or not to legalize it as "adult recreation?" Will we see a slam dunk on this one? Like alcohol, they call it "adult recreation" to make the sinful destruction of the body by the ingested toxins seem less wicked. Truth is, this method of gilding the lily has always worked. For example, want to murder your baby by ripping it's little body limb from limb like Rome did to millions of Christians? What? That sounds too offensive to you? Ok, then, how about aborting your baby instead? Better?