10/07/2011 13:37:24 Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list'
"American militants like Anwar al-Awlaki are placed on a kill or capture list by a secretive panel of senior government officials, which then informs the president of its decisions, according to officials." -This panel will no doubt be used by Satan to make sure Christians get on that list. Yes, I understand completely how it's designed to kill who they deem "terrorists." But the truth is, the U.S. Government looks at the Bible as a book of hate speech already and so far they have tagged two Christians as "terrorists" in the not so distant past. So, this is nothing but par for the course they're playing on.

10/06/2011 12:30:00 Push for Pope's trial in clergy child abuse cases
"Lobby groups are pushing for the trial of Pope Benedict XVI at the International Criminal Court over widespread abuse of children by the clergy." -It's getting bad for Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict the 16th. But then, this is expected, as there is documentation signed by him proving he did help many priests escape prosecution and even instructed churches on how to do so in writing. Still, I can't help wonder that this will end in the same way it did when John Paul II became embarrassing to the Vatican. He "suddenly" died of a disease that usually takes decades to kill, and in the last 5 to 10 years renders the victim speechless, immobile, and finally bed ridden.

10/06/2011 12:30:00 Media say Pope may resign in April
"For now," Socci writes, "he is saying that this may be true (Joseph Ratzinger's personal assumption), but I hope the story does not reach the news. But this rumor is circulating high up in the Vatican and therefore deserves close attention. The Pope has not rejected the possibility of his resignation when he turns 85 in April next year." -Could this be the Pope's way of steering the embarrassing media reports off track regarding the molestation scandal he is involved in up to his elbows? Will he leave Rome before he is forced into an international courtroom? Truth is, I can't help to wonder if they will even allow him to go to court, let alone leave the Vatican alive. This announcement may be Ratzinger's last ditch effort to prevent his own murder. After all, the prelates of Rome have killed many over the years that either refused their plans, or became too embarrassing for them to keep in high office. John Paul II of course being the most recent. So please keep Jospeh Ratzinger in your prayers. He needs Jesu sin his life before it's too late.

10/06/2011 12:30:00 Judge: Americans do not have right to choose food
"A Wisconsin judge has decided in a fight over families' access to milk from cows they own, that Americans "do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow." -With this type of unjust law, one can expect law makers will build on it in coming days to make even more rights disappear. The 911 spawned Romeland Security Laws prove this hands down. No matter, let them have their day as long as the Lord allows. When Jesus gets here, we won't have to deal with such power crazed demands any longer. Still, keep praying for our leaders because they too deserve what we have been promised.

10/06/2011 12:30:00 2,000 chaplains nix idea of same-sex ceremonies
"The Department of Defense may want to set up a conflict between its policy and federal law written by Congress and signed by the president, but several thousand evangelical Christian chaplains in the military will have no part of it. That's according to an announcement today from the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, whose members are various Christian church denominations or groups that "endorse" chaplains for the United States military." -In these last days with all the decadence and corruption everywhere you turn, it's nice to see there are still some out there that would rather "obey God rather than men." -Acts 5:29

10/06/2011 12:29:59 California quarry shooting
"Police search a neighborhood in Cupertino, Calif., Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011 looking for a shooting suspect." -Notice what the police are wearing. Does this not suggest they are trying to get the people used to seeing soldiers in their neighborhoods? It certainly looks that way. When martial law hits in most major cities, and it will eventually, uniformed soldiers in camouflage will be a regular item I'm sure.

10/05/2011 11:14:29 Man rips out his own eyes during Catholic Mass
"Aldo Bianchini, 46, who was born in Britain but lives in Italy, tore both his eyes out with his bare hands in front of a 300-strong congregation attending the church of St. Andrea's in Viareggio, on Sunday, news agency AGI reported. Emergency responders said Bianchini was calm and lucid when they arrived at the scene and told them a "voice told him" to rip his eyes out, according to news agency ANSA." -The "voice" that told him to do this was of course a demon. As an ex-Catholic, I can tell you by eye witness account that demonic apparitions and possessions inside the Roman Catholic churches is indeed a regular occurrence. Satan has so much control over the church and most of its members that his minions are often allowed to spill into our reality. Still, with all this evidence stacked up against this church, they have over 1 billion people in this church. Main reason being is, Catholic doctrine declares you can be saved "IN" your sins, and not "FROM" your sins as Scripture declares. This is why it's so popular. They claim you can still go to Heaven while in open sin. Therefore, as prophesied, the majority will embrace the Roman church as well as churches that emulate her doctrines simply because they love their sin over and above their Creator. Are you Catholic? Do you want to know how to escape this trap and gain Jesus as a true Saviour? If so, click here.

10/05/2011 11:14:28 The mysterious suicide that has rocked the Vatican
"On a Monday morning in July, a gunshot rang out in the administration section of Milan's San Raffaele hospital. Seconds later, a frightened secretary entered the office of the institution's vice-president, Mario Cal, and found him lying in a pool of blood." -Jesus clearly stated 2000 years ago that it is by their fruits you will know them! It's that simple. And by the way, this isn't the first time someone was killed inside the Vatican. I'm sure it won't be the last either. This church is all about death. The 500,000,000 Christians killed by this church proves this hands down.

10/05/2011 11:14:28 27 Yrs: No Deaths from Vitamins, 3 Million from AMA Drugs
"Over the past 27 years, the complete timeframe that the data has been available, there have been 0 deaths as a result of vitamins and over 3 million deaths related to prescription drug use. In fact, going back 54 years there have only been 11 claims of vitamin-related death, all of which provided no substantial evidence to link vitamins to the cause of death. The news comes after a recent statistically analysis found that pharmaceutical drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the US." -The only reason this is allowed to continue is because the AMA pumps millions of dollars into the hands of politicians each and every month so as to assure they can continue making money. This is par for the course in the last days. Money now means much more to most in power than does the lives of their fellowman.

10/05/2011 11:14:28 China: US currency bill would have repercussions
"China stepped up its criticism Tuesday of a proposed U.S. law to punish countries with artificially low currencies, saying there would be serious repercussions for the world's two biggest economies if it is passed." -In other words, China knows, as do many others, that the USA is trying to collapse all economies worldwide so as to bring about the Vatican's global currency as well as global rule. Many U.S. politicians are of course against this Bill becoming law. But Rome needs this if they are ever to gain the power they had with the Caesars. Passing this Law will allow Rome to be that much closer to their long prophesied agenda.

10/04/2011 13:32:53 Muslim Extremists in Nigeria Kill Christians in Two States
"Muslim extremists bent on ridding Nigeria's volatile middle region of Christianity killed five Christians in Niger state on Thursday (Sept. 22) and three others the previous week in the north-central state of Kaduna, including a 13-year-old girl, sources said." -One can always tell when the media is bowing to Vatican interests when they claim Muslims that kill Christians are "extremists." Their Koran insists on killing Christians! That means they are obedient or "fundamentalist" Muslims in reality. The fact Muslims kill 200,000 Christians a year on average proves this hands down. But Rome must keep up appearances so as to keep the one world church filling its pews. So, they tag those that kill God's people "extremist," and refuse to report on it in any great detail so as to hide the fact they are simply doing as their religion demands.

10/04/2011 13:32:53 Christians live in good conditions in Iran, Vatican says
"Vatican Minister of interreligious discourse Cardinal Toran said in a meeting with visiting Iranian parliamentarians on Sunday that Iranian Christians are living in a very good conditions." -This article's timing was perfectly placed because just yesterday Iran announced they weren't going to kill a Christian pastor for apostasy, but for rape instead. Rome's work in Iran woudl be threatened if it appeared intolerant towards non-Catholics. So, they changed the charges of apostasy to rape, so Rome can still declare Christians live well in Iran. Truth is however, only Catholic "Christians" live well in Iran. As is obvious, if you're non-Catholic you will be accused of crimes you never committed. But then, that's exactly what prophecy said would happen in our day. Catholics may "live well" in Iran now, but when Jesus gets here, Catholic "Christians" will not be considered "living well" by Christ unless they first obey His Word and leave Roman Catholicism as Revelation 18:1-5 says is their duty.

10/04/2011 13:32:53 Millions of Bees Mysteriously Die in Florida
"Florida officials are abuzz as to how millions of honey bees were killed in Brevard County. Several beekeepers in the county have reported lost colonies this week. Charles Smith of Smith Family Honey Company told Stuart News Thursday he lost 400 beehives. He says the bees appeared to have been poisoned." -Poisoned? I have no doubt the chemtrails had something to do with this, but to have someone actually poison them? I doubt that. Reason being is, this isn't the first massive kill off of bees lately. And I'm sure it won't be the last. Click here for a huge list of strange deaths in wildlife.

10/04/2011 13:32:53 Photos: Obama marched with New Black Panthers
"Newly resurfaced photographs show President Obama appearing and marching with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Ala., in March 2007. BigGovernment.com posted the photographs, reporting the images were captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before they were scrubbed." -This is not good! What amazes me is that this wasn't brought up back then so as to prevent what Rome did using Obama the last few years. Still, it's looking more and more like Obama won't be in the Oval office in 2012. Unless of course he "wags the dog" and generates a problem that suspends the elections. And just so you know, the "New Black Panthers" started in 1989 and were lead by Nation of Islam minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad in the 1990's to 2001. Just one more piece of evidence proving Obama is in fact a Muslim! Click here for dozens more.

10/04/2011 13:44:29 Pastor changes mind, Homosexuality is not a sin?
"Bert Oelschig's mind was made up. The Bible was clear; homosexuality is a sin. ...In June, Oelschig was invited to speak at an ELCA senate convention, where he planned to call for the vote on gay clergy to be overturned. ..."We were shocked," said Mike Anderson, council president and a lifelong member of Trinity, sitting beside Oelschig at the table. "He caught us totally off guard." -In other words, instead of speaking on the sin of homosexuality at that scheduled meeting, he spoke on the "blessings' of it! This is how Rome always works. They have one of their men act as if they are against a certain doctrine or movement within the church. That man then builds a gathering of like minded people so that when the timing is right, he flip flops and suddenly agrees with the evil doctrine. When they do this many that have left the church are lured back in as loyal followers of the man. By the way, this is how the SDA church has been able to lure some separated brethren back into the fold recently as well. One good example is John Grosboll. He proclaimed the SDA church evil for years from SDA pulpits. When his popularity grew enough, the church then kicked him out. Then, as expected, separated brethren clamored to his side thinking they had a hero in their ranks. Then a few years later he went right back into Babylon and brought many of those separated brethren with him. In other words, as is always the case, this Lutheran pastor in the article was never anti-homosexual at all. He just played the part for Rome to gain in the end result.

10/03/2011 12:44:19 Pastor to be put to death for rape, not apostasy
"Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani will be put to death for several charges of rape and extortion, charges that differ greatly from his original sentence of apostasy, the semi official Fars News agency reported Friday." -In other words, as prophesied, he will be accused and executed for crimes he did not commit simply because he is a Christian. They did this to Jesus 2000 years ago, and the Vatican did this to hundreds of millions as well. Iran knows to kill him for "religious" reasons will strain their relations with the Vatican, who is presently working at forcing all "religions" to gather under her roof in their ecumenical One World Church. So, as Rome has done so often in the past, they have now convinced the leaders in Iran to swap the charges so as to allow the Christian to die, but not in a way that depicts religious intolerance.

10/03/2011 12:44:19 A Russian Sect Honors Putin as a Saint
"Mother Fotina once led a "Center for Cosmo-Energetic Medicine," and now she prays to Vladimir Putin. Her sect, in a village east of Moscow, honors Russia's once and future president as a reincarnation of St. Paul. The group represents a rising trend in Russia, but its origins are surprisingly mundane." -Prophecy says Rome will once again rule the world via the Vatican. As we also know, the Vatican's Pope declares himself a "God on earth" in writing often. And as History proves, so did Caesar's Herod. Therefore, for Rome to be truly as she was before, her "governors" or "Herod's" as they were once called, must rule the prophesied 10 kingdoms in the New World Order. These men will no doubt seek worship by the blinded masses they rule over. This is why Obama has been "prayed" to and actually given the title of "Messiah" more than a few times. This is also why Putin is being prayed to right now. I'm sure if someone told you just 10 years ago that a Russian leader would be worshipped, or an American president would be tagged Messiah, you would laugh out loud. Not so funny now, is it?

10/03/2011 12:44:18 Internet firms co-opted for surveillance: experts
"Internet companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are increasingly co-opted for surveillance work as the information they gather proves irresistible to law enforcement agencies, Web experts said this week. Although such companies try to keep their users' information private, their business models depend on exploiting it to sell targeted advertising, and when governments demand they hand it over, they have little choice but to comply." -How easy is it to circumvent this? Stop using Google, Twitter and Facebook. Will most stop? No. But they will hear a global chorus of echoes proclaiming "I told you so" in the coming days!

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If any of you that frequent this site for updates in the News find it hard to stop by daily, I do send out a compilation of the more pertinent articles each month. I used to email the Truth Provided Newsletter years ago, but since AOL, Google, and a few other mainstream Internet Corporations block my emails, I was forced to snail mail the Newsletter. The only reason I am mentioning this now is the Newsletter will be going out this week, so if you need to, please subscribe now. By the way, each Newsletter can be used as a tract to alert people of what time it is.

10/02/2011 11:19:16 Kazakhstan prohibits churches in private homes
"Long antagonistic to a wide spectrum of religious faiths, the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan passed new regulations that critics are calling a blow to religious freedom. The Kazakh house of parliament approved the bill Thursday. Backers say it will help combat religious extremism. ...As a result, it will be legal to be a Roman Catholic, but illegal to be a Southern Baptist. ...This new law has simply legalized the current practice of persecuting unregistered minority religious groups " -Just like some countries use "terrorism" to pass unjust laws, they will use "religious extremism" to try and stop Christians from gathering. And the fact Antichrist's religion of Roman Catholicism is somehow legal, but all other illegal, is nothing short of a harbinger as to how it will be like globally very soon. Still, it was "illegal" for Christians to meet in the Catacombs 2000 years ago. But that didn't stop a single Christians from obeying God rather than man. However, laws like this will separate the true Christians from the lukewarm I'm sure. Truth is, the "shaking" has already begun. Now do you see why the Vatican used Lyndon Johnson back in 1954 to "invent" the 501C3 tax code that most Churches today have signed up for so they can receive Government funding as long as they agree not to preach prophecy? Soon, those churches in America, or any other nation for that matter, that haven't "registered" with the government will find themselves in real trouble. So be it. This is where our God shines the most!

10/02/2011 11:19:16 A Muslim President, After All
"Election 2012: Hispanics, blacks and others among President Obama's base may be abandoning him, but Muslims are holding fast. Apparently, theirs is a special bond born of shared interests." -Finally! A mainstream media admission that Obama is in fact a Muslim. What took them so long? Well.. They were waiting for an election year to speak up. After all, this is when the gloves usually come off anyway. Truth is, I have literally dozens of documented facts proving Obama is a Muslim. But I like this one in the stack just the same. By the way, do you recall how it looked "kinda bad" for Clinton when he was heading for his second term? There was talk of him causing a problem that would allow for the suspending of the election so as to gain a second year by default. After all, he did start a war to try and squelch the Lewinski scandal. Still, Clinton had popularity on his side. Obama is now looking at the same problem. He wants a second term, so the scuttlebutt has started again about suspending the elections. But now, it looks more probable as Obama's popularity has tanked. More than a few predict he will lose by a landslide. Rome needs this Muslim in office. Unless they can find someone to replace him that will bow to the Pope, one can only imagine how they will get Obama to stay in the Oval Office. In any event, pray that they don't cause another 911. Rome is VERY evil. Killing tens of thousands, or even 500,000,000 as they did from 538AD to 1798AD, doesn't phase them in the least. But then, this is to be expeted of the prophesied house of Antichrist.

10/02/2011 11:19:16 Priest Under Fire for Serving Communion to Dog
"The Anglican Church in Canada is dealing with fallout following a published report that a priest gave Communion to a dog." -Keep in mind, as of 2009 the Anglican Church has become Roman Catholic. This is what happens when your theology is wholly based on the flesh and not the Creator of that flesh. Giving communion to a dog is downright demonic. Yet, in today's end time society, one can't expect a major exodus from this church no matter what they do. Most people simply don't love God anymore. But then, Jesus did say when He comes back there will be very little faith to be found. (See Luke 18:8)

10/02/2011 11:19:16 700 arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest
"Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday, shutting down car lanes and setting up yet another tense showdown with the NYPD. Roughly 700 people were arrested after standing in the roadway, blocking the Brooklyn-bound lanes." -This is the THIRD week they have been protesting. But the media prevented it from airing to prevent it getting as bad as the Middle East. Yes, in some ways that's a good thing because we really don't need riots and anarchy in the streets. But in reality, this boldly proves the media is controlled across the board. Only on YouTube did you see videos about this. Not even small media outlets were allowed to report on this! The only reason they're reporting now is because the protests are over.

10/02/2011 11:19:15 Til 2013 do us part? Mexico mulls 2-year marriage
"Leftists in the city's assembly who have already riled conservatives by legalizing gay marriage proposed a reform to the civil code this week that would allow couples to decide on the length of their commitment, opting out of a lifetime." -The homosexuals ask for the right to marry, and because they only seek to mock God's blessing of marriage in the first place, they now want a way to opt out easily? This is truly satanic on all counts. They mock the marriage by marrying homosexuals, and now they allow the homosexuals to get out of the marriage after they've had their fling. After all, the homosexual lifestyle has never been known to be monogamous by any means. Our society is truly as Jesus said it would be when He returns. It's just like Sodom and Gomorrah! And by the way, this new law will also allow heterosexual marriages the option to dissolve marriages within 2 years. Satan needed this mockery to become the norm, and he used the homosexual community to do it. So sad... if they only knew how much Satan hates them and hoe much Jesus loves them, they wouldn't look at His Word as hateful. The Lord's way is truly filled with peace and happiness, but the enemy of their souls has gotten them to look at their own flesh for happiness. Please keep praying for them. They deserve Jesus just as much as we do.

10/02/2011 12:13:26 Compiled Articles
Cantaloupe illnesses and deaths expected to rise - Small plane crashes in Indonesia; 18 feared dead - 2nd typhoon in week lashes rain-soaked Philippines - Several hurt when Amtrak train, truck collide - Filipinos still trapped on roofs; typhoons kill 59 - Cambodia Floods Leaves At Least 150 Dead

30/09/2011 15:05:47 Mysterious glowing tide in California
"It could be the grim denouement from a science fiction film, as the silhouette of a man solemnly watches a glowing sea, with a child perched atop his shoulders. But this is not cinema tricker; it's a natural phenomena caused by a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens when a naturally-occurring micro-organism in the water is disturbed, causing a chemical reaction which emits light." -I do not live on the coast, so I cannot say for sure that this is true or not. So I will have to rely on YOU, the reader, to send me an email saying you saw this before. However, in today's world wherein it was prophesied scientists will lie to hide the facts about what's actually happening. I wonder if I will get any emails at all.  UPDATE: Well, it seems I got quite a few emails. This is actually happening. However, I did find some videos that prove it's a red tide that does this. Strange as it may seem, it's red during the day, but glows blue at night.

30/09/2011 15:29:53 China - Pregnant Women Hunted & Child Aborted
"Pregnant women lacking birth permits are hunted down like criminals by population planning police in China and forcibly aborted." -In this bloodthirsty generation I have no doubt some of these police consider this a sport! Keep praying for these mothers. This is so wrong on so many levels!

30/09/2011 15:05:47 Libyan intelligence documents show ties to CIA
"The CIA worked closely with Moammar Gadhafi's intelligence services in the rendition of terror suspects to Libya for interrogation, according to documents seen Saturday by the AP, cooperation that could spark tensions between Washington and Libya's new rulers." -Ok, so most of us knew this already. But it is nice to see it in writing just the same. As prophesied, Rome needs that region sown up and bowing to the Pope. And as we all know, since Reagan "faced the Mall" in his second inauguration, we know Rome has been the one pulling the strings in D.C. ever since. So again, it's no surprise they would be manipulating both ends against the middle in many nations to get that which prophecy says will be theirs. I say, let them have it. This may the only Heaven some will experience. Well.. at least their definition of "Heaven" that is.

30/09/2011 15:05:47 The Rape Of Amy Alkon
"She contacted a lawyer about the possibility of filing charges, but was told it probably wouldn't go anywhere. Alas, this is America, where government-sanctioned sexual assault is now allowed by law. Put on a fancy uniform, get a week's training, and anyone can grope as many of his fellow men or women as he pleases." -This is why I no longer fly. I either have to allow them to strip me naked using modern technology, or I have to allow them to touch me in areas I simply don't want touched. I suspect if every Christian were to stop using airports, these scanners and gropers would disappear overnight.

29/09/2011 14:39:15 Christian Pastor faces potential execution
"Just days after Iran released two Americans accused of spying, an Iranian court has upheld the apostasy conviction and execution sentence of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. The 11th branch of Iran's Gilan Provincial Court has determined that Nadarkhani has Islamic ancestry and therefore must recant his faith in Jesus Christ. ...When asked to "repent" by the judges, Youcef stated, "Repent means to return. What should I return to? To the blasphemy that I had before my faith in Christ?" The judges replied , "To the religion of your ancestors, Islam." To which he replied, "I cannot." -This is exactly, down to the very letter what the Roman Catholic church did during the Inquisition wherein they killed over 500,000,000 Christians that refused to "return to the religion of their ancestors" This is the fruit of Antichrist in Islam which confirms beyond a shadow of doubt that Rome created Islam to kill Christians in the same way they created Hitler to kill the Jews! This man may lose his life simply because of his faith in Jesus Christ. Mr and Mrs Scoffer, do you STILL think the prophesied time of trouble has yet to start?

29/09/2011 14:39:15 Tyson Fresh Meats recalls 131,000 pounds of ground beef
FYI: "The recall involves beef sold as Kroger brands at Kroger Co. supermarkets; Butcher's Beef at Food Lion supermarkets; and generic beef sold to SAV-A-LOT, Spectrum Foods, Supervalu and the Defense Commissary Agency, company spokesman Gary Mickelson told The Associated Press." -Yes I am aware that the remnant people do not eat meat. But there are some new believers in the church that may still eat it. It is for them I post this alert. It has been prophesied that clean meats and dairy will become inedible in the coming days. For all intents and purposes, that day has come.

29/09/2011 14:39:15 Wisconsin: No Right to Produce or Eat Food
"In scary legal news a Wisconsin judge had gone completely loopy declaring that citizens have no right to produce or eat the foods of their own choice." -Yes it sounds absolutely insane; but this is a judge, and his demands will become law if nothing is done to stop him. In these last days, more and more judges will go off the deep end of common sense like this I'm sure. Still, we can pray and ask the Lord to either stop this insanity, or at least give the people of God affected by this the grace to bear it. And yes, it's no mistake we see massive food recalls, laws preventing the sale of vegetables, and judges like this in our day. The powers that be want to force the population to rely on them because in so doing will make enforcing the mark that much easier.

29/09/2011 14:39:15 Mexican cartels control access to US-Mexico border
"The assessment predicts that Mexican drug traffickers will maintain dominance of the U.S. illicit drug market for years to come in part because of their "control of the smuggling routes across" the border." -This proves hands down our leaders don't care about the citizens of this nation. It's all about the money. In years past, this would be considered an act of war. But there's no money to be had in going to war with Mexico. But we do go to war in the oil rich fields of the Middle East where they are no threat to our safety. ...Nuff said?

29/09/2011 14:39:14 What Your Cell Phone Could Be Telling the Government
"The law is unclear about how easy it should be for the government to get its hands on this locational data, which can reveal whether you've been going to church, attending a Tea Party rally, spending the night at a date's house or visiting a cancer-treatment center." -Keep in mind it's an election year now. The timing of this article is crucial in that they want to let everyone know, they know who you support by the way you visit certain places in the nation, whether it be a church or a rally. In short, this is their way of "stealthily" threatening anyone attending churches or a Tea Party rally they deem to be anti-them. It's a political article indeed! They hope to scare enough people to stop them from helping the opposition. No, I am not for or against tea party rallies. But I am for attending church! And as we know, most politicians look at Christians in a very negative way, no matter what party you support. Truth is, the real underlying problem in all this is they DO have the technology to do as they threaten in this article right now. Still, a remnant Christians we have no fear. For it is written in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." We know if fear wells up in our hearts, we know exactly who is pushing it! With that understanding we can simply say, "...The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; even the LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?" (Zechariah 3:2) And who is Jerusalem today? See this short video.

29/09/2011 15:01:39 Naomi Campbell's Eye-Catching Fantasy Home
"As lavish birthday gifts go, it's hard to top this one: Naomi Campbell received an island vacation home for her 41st birthday from her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, according to numerous online reports. It's shaped like the Egyptian Eye of Horus on a location known as Cleopatra Island in Turkey's Gulf of Gokova." -The original name of that "eye" is actually Osiris. Still, it holds the same demon no matter what mankind calls it. This "eye of Horus" or "Satan" as he is called today that is found all over the Vatican, it's churches, and the back of the U.S. Dollar! And this woman is the type of person millions look to her as wholesome entertainment?! Yes, she is. But then, it is prophesied that even though the people know she is an open sinner headed to Hell, they not only do the same as she does, they have pleasure in watching her do it. (See Romans 1:32)

28/09/2011 13:17:19 Jail Or Church?
 "Starting next week, the program will allow a city judge to sentence misdemeanor offenders to work off their sentences in jail and pay a fine, or go to church every Sunday for a year. Offenders who select church can pick the place of worship but must check in weekly with the pastor and the police department." -Forcing people to go to church is a bold violation of both a Biblical doctrine and constitutional law regarding the separation of church & State. But then this is exactly what prophecy says the Roman Catholic church will force all nations to do in our day. That being said, are you ready for what's about to happen? Are you sure!?

28/09/2011 13:17:19 Iranian Parliament Dispatches Delegation to Vatican
"Iran and the Vatican have long had good ties and interactions. The two sides' cooperation mostly pertain to culture, media, gatherings and exhibitions." -The Vatican claims to be a Christian religion. Yet the Christian Bible clearly says in 2 Thessalonians 3:14, "And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed." Do Muslims obey the Christian Bible? No, they kill Christians. So why does the Vatican "have company" with them. It's because as prophecy also predicted and history confirmed, Rome kills Christians too. Just over 500,000,000 to be exact. That's over 83 times more than Hitler! Who by the way killed the Jews for the Vatican.

28/09/2011 13:17:19 Iran just months from N-bomb
"We believe if Iran broke out now they could have a bomb in six months," said David Albright, a former weapons inspector who runs the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington. "They've done this right in front of our faces." -Does this mean Iran is America's next target? Or does this mean Iran, who has diplomatic relations with the Vatican is about to do something drastic for the Antichrist? Time will tell. In any event, as Christians we have nothing to be concerned about. Our Lord is STILL coming back! Maranatha!

28/09/2011 13:17:19 Rick Perry's vaccine shocker
"Of the 35 million doses of Gardasil distributed in the U.S., only about 0.05 percent of individuals who have been vaccinated have reported some kind of side effect, ...But it sounds so different when you refer to a paltry 0.05 percent of a large number of people rather than explaining just what happened to the 17,500 individuals who have suffered side effects like Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell's Palsy and even death. The election campaign issue is that Perry issued an executive order requiring young girls in Texas to be given the vaccine. He did allow an opt-out procedure, and his order was countermanded by the state legislature before the inoculations began." -Forced medication is exactly what Hitler did in his day. Rome created Hitler. Need I say more?

28/09/2011 13:17:19 Mom Says Prickly School Cop Killed Her Son
"A 14-year-old boy got into a fight at a school bus stop and the school district's police officer responded by shooting him to death, the boy's mother says. She says the cop had been reprimanded 16 times in the previous 4 years, suspended without pay 5 times, and "recommended for termination for insubordination," but the school kept him on the force "without remedial training." -It's the same old story again and again. Since the love of many has waxed cold as Jesus predicted for today, no one really cares if a dangerous situation exists. They only do something about it when someone actually dies! Reason being is, they believe the lawsuit at the end result of their negligence is usually cheaper to deal with than actually fixing the problem up front. This is why stop signs and guard rails are usually put up AFTER someone dies at dangerous intersections.

28/09/2011 13:36:29 Article Compilation

Huge floods in Manila as typhoon hits Philippines37 students killed in Pakistan bus plunge after brakes fail during school trip - Shanghai Subway Crash Injures Hundreds - 5.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Northwest Territories - Canary Islands Government Raises El Hierro Volcanic Risk Level - India hammered by major floods, 2 million displaced - U.S. listeria outbreak kills 13, infects 72: CDC - Seven killed in Delhi following building collapse   

27/09/2011 14:36:18 Scot misses game because of faith
 "Murray refuses to play on Sundays, saying it would go against his religious principles that came to the fore when he was recovering from injury in 2005. "Euan Murray is discounted because it's Sunday," Scotland coach Andy Robinson said of the tighthead prop." -In years past this would never be an issue worthy of reporting in the mainstream News. But in today's media wherein Rome needs all the help they can get, one can rest assured any "celebrity" choosing to keep the Roman Sabbath holy as if it was the Christian Sabbath is bound to make News.

27/09/2011 14:36:18 Syria TV says Christians will chopped up and fed to dogs.
"Many Syrian Christians, the website reads, are terrorised; in some cities, like Homs, they are even afraid to leave their houses. Some churches have already been burned down." -As prophesied, the time of trouble has arrived in many countries around the world. Soon it will be apparent in all nations, especially the USA.

27/09/2011 14:36:18 Why the Antichrist Matters in Politic
"THE end is near, or so it seems to a segment of Christians aligned with the religious right. The global economic meltdown, numerous natural disasters and the threat of radical Islam have fueled a conviction among some evangelicals that these are the last days. While such beliefs might be dismissed as the rantings of a small but vocal minority, apocalyptic fears helped drive the antigovernment movements of the 1930s and '40s and could help define the 2012 presidential campaign as well." -So, just as Satan planned in 1930-40, the powers that be will ignore the prophetic events of today and use them to their advantage to prevent a repeat of the 1930's and 40's. This is how spiritually inept some people can become when they refuse to open Bibles. Now do you understand how Satan was able to convince the presidential candidates to "act" like Christians in this 2012 campaign for election? As I've said so many times before, they will do anything to further their careers, even if it means to claim Christ Lord. By the way, as you read the article, notice how they proclaim Antichrist's false doctrines and false prophetic assumptions as actual Biblical facts. Ironic isn't it? On one hand they hope to avoid being tagged Antichrist, while on the other hand they can't help but to use Antichrist's false doctrines as a way to appease the Christians who have been taught the false prophesies in the first place. Oh what a tangled web they weave!

27/09/2011 14:36:18 Killer earthquakes on the rise
"The last decade has seen an intensification in earthquake activities. The 2004 Sumatra quake in Indonesia, which registered 9.3 on the Richter scale, has triggered stress in many areas. The Sikkim earthquake could be a manifestation of this stress. Earthquakes, some scientists believe, are on the rise. The earthquake in Fukushima in Japan had a magnitude of 8.9 and was the largest in the recorded history of Japan. The February 2010 Chile earthquake registered a similar magnitude as the Japan quake while the January 2010 quake in Haiti had a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale." -Will it get better? Not according to Christian prophecy. In fact, it's about to get a lot worse.

27/09/2011 14:36:18 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls go online
"Surfers can search high-resolution images of the scrolls for specific passages, zoom in and out, and translate verses into English." -Praise the Lord this is finally online. Now we can easily show beyond a shadow of doubt that the King James Bible is the only Bible that actually matches the Dead Sea Scrolls. All the modern day Bible scoffers will now be hushed, and all the bogus bibles will be exposed. Still, will this make all of Christendom rush into the truth as it is written and be eternally blessed? No, only the elect will have the heart felt desire to be blessed. The rest will stay in their NIV's, NASB's and other Catholic Bibles. But then, that too was prophesied.

27/09/2011 14:52:52 Public school coaches told not to participate in prayer
"Some football coaches are in trouble for something they did with their players. They said a prayer." -If someone told you 20 years ago that praying in school would literally become illegal, I'm sure most would think if that ever happened it would mean we need to get very serious about our faith because such a law would prove we are very near the end. That being said, has anyone ever told you such things 20 years ago? And if so... are you finally serious?

27/09/2011 14:52:52 Police pounce on business for showing Bible
"A woman who had been in the restaurant complained to police. A statement from the Lancashire department said officers were "duty bound" to investigate, and they concluded the business could be in breach of the law. The law warns "people who play images or sounds that stir up hatred again homosexuals could be guilty of an offense," according to a London Daily Mail report." -The owner posted some Bible verses regarding homosexuality that, according to the law, are now considered "offensive." But I thought Homosexuals didn't think those Bible verses were valid anymore? The fact they they are offended not only proves they know the passages are actually still valid, it also proves Jesus was right when He said in John 3:20, "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved."

26/09/2011 07:21:58 10 Commandments for Zambia
 "For the first time this country has a Catholic president and our government will support the church," Sata said, recalling that the nation was predominantly Catholic." -Problem with that statement is, #1, The commandments of the Catholic church are not the commandments of the Bible. #2, the Vatican is home to Antichrist. Still, this was prophesied, and this does declare we are that much closer to home when governments openly declare their loyalty to the Antichrist. Rest assured this will cause true Christians in Zambia to be persecuted in the coming days.

26/09/2011 07:21:57 Mexico Evangelicals Leave Village Amid Crucifixion Threats
"At least 70 evangelical Christians in Mexico's east-central region were homeless Saturday, September 17, after being expelled by local authorities from their village where traditional Catholics reportedly threatened to "crucify or lynch" them." -The Catholics in Mexico did this very same thing in June of 2001, and now they are doing it again. Worse yet, with our borders being wide open, there are now millions of Roman Catholics in America that see no wrong in killing people that refuse to bow to their Pope. Now do you see the prophesied fruits of this church and how they match perfectly with Islam? Do you also see how easy it will be to convince Roman Catholics to kill non-Catholics? As prophesied, the bloodthirsty fruits of this beast are about to be realized in our day!

26/09/2011 07:21:57 Freedom of religion panel about to expire
"The author of a bill to extend the life of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has said the White House wouldn't mind closing down the committee forever. It's only a few days from oblivion." -What gets me is why this committee was needed in the first place. And now after many rely on it to ward off "legal" problems, they are going to close it? Oh.. wait a minute! I get it now.. that's why they opened it in the first place! To make them rely on it! That way when they remove it, it cripples the Christians that trusted it. Now do you see why trusting GOD and not man is the wise choice? Mankind is nothing but a pawn of Satan.

26/09/2011 07:21:57 Homosexuals kill cash sources for Christian charities
"A shopping network that contributes some of its profits to leading Christian family organizations is battling an Internet-organized campaign by homosexual-rights activists. The Charitable Give Back Group, formerly known as the Christian Values Network, says activist websites that enable users to create their own "cause" boast they have prompted hundreds of corporations to cut ties with the shopping network because it contributes to "anti-gay" non-profit organizations." -Prophecy does say Christians will have their funds interrupted by antichristian organizations. This is of course one way of doing just that.

25/09/2011 13:28:31 Armor bearers provide last defense in church security
"On Sunday mornings, while members of the congregation at the Faith & Power Worship Center in Apopka close their eyes and bow their heads in prayer, one man keeps his head up, his eyes open. He is Minister David Sepulveda. And he is armed. "It's not there for everyone to see," he said, "but it's there." -In other words, there is no faith in God protecting His people in this church. Just like the Pope with his "secret service" armed guards that trot along side the bulletproof popemobile, the pastors of the world are becoming less and less dedendant upon God and more dependent on the flesh.

25/09/2011 13:28:31 Fifth Graders Quizzed on Proper Condom Use
"Does your fifth grader know how to use a condom? They may soon learn if they go to school in Washington, D.C." -Fifth graders are TEN YEARS OLD! That's anywhere from 3 to 6 years before puberty, yet our government is teaching them how to have safe sex? Is this not an open sign that the Unites States Government is controlled by the largest known Pedophile organization, that is not only the richest nation on earth, it is the most powerful political entity? You're correct, I am speaking of the Roman Catholic Vatican. How is this not considered child molestation when teachers are allowed to teach them how to become sexually active at such a young ages? Is this not what a pedophile does when "seducing" his victim?

25/09/2011 13:28:31 Why conservative Christians flock to a Chicago gay bar
"He works to try and bring Christians and gay people together in open conversation about sexuality and spirituality, and that includes running a large-scale meeting four times a year at Roscoe's, one of America's most famous gay bars." -In other words, they know the Christians have a power behind them they cannot fight. So they are trying to make the Christians "feel" as if homosexuality is respectable by befriending them. Bottom line is, any Christian that enters a bar to discuss the pros and cons of homosexuality is no real Christian in the first place. This is exactly how Catholicism was able to "befriend" all denominations in their prophesied ecumenical charge. Satan knows it worked for Rome, so he is using the same tactics here as well.

25/09/2011 13:28:31 Official: Mexico finds 11 bodies in horrified port
"A Mexican official says at least 11 bodies have been left at several places in and around the Gulf port city of Veracruz, two days after gunmen dumped 35 bodies on a busy avenue of the metropolis." -This is what happens when the wicked discover the police cannot control them anymore. That fact alone should awaken some as to the dangers of living in cities. Especially after anarchy hits. Problem is, once that day comes, it will be nearly impossible to get out of the city alive. Prophecy says bloody crimes will become the norm. Truth is however, this has already been the case for decades. It's just that now it's so close to the end that the insanity is spreading and demonic acts of violence are becoming more frequent. Have you noticed? As the planet itself becomes more and more violent in the storms, quakes, volcanoes, and accidents, mankind becomes more violent.

25/09/2011 13:28:31 Pope rebuffs Lutheran appeals for doctrinal compromise
"At a historic meeting with Lutheran leaders Friday, Pope Benedict XVI rebuffed appeals for doctrinal change, saying faith could not be negotiated." -If Catholic faith cannot be negotiated, then why is over 86% of Roman Catholic doctrine not to be found anywhere in the Bible? You see? This is how easy it is to expose Antichrist. However, if like most Catholics you don't read a Bible, you won't know the Pope just spoke a bold faced lie regarding his own dogmatic origins. He says "faith cannot be negotiated" Yet the Popes have changed the Bible, created new traditions, and "negotiated" changes in the Catholic "faith" multiple times over the History of the church. In short, what he's really saying here is, what HE deems unchangeable will remain unchangeable. Period! After all, have not the Popes declared time and time again that their creed has been "above the Bible" all along? Click here for a few examples.

25/09/2011 13:55:58 Article compilation
Landslides leave at least 17 dead at a plant hit by India quake - Typhoon hits Tokyo, heads for nuke crisis zone - Mount Tambora Eruption Fears Mount - Tourist flight crashes in Nepal, killing 19 aboard

23/09/2011 13:20:20 Another airport changes runway markings
"The slowly drifting location of Earth's magnetic north pole means the Hillsboro Airport's main runway underwent a name change early this week from 12/30 to 13/31. ...Runways are designated according to the points on a compass, and the changing location of true magnetic north meant the runway sometimes is renamed." -Sometimes need to be renamed? No, this has never happened before. Unless of course you're talking about the other airports that had to do this within the last 12 months. The planet was created by the Christian God. Just as His people He created are readying for His return, so is the planet. All of creation bows to His command. This will become very evident when that Eastern Sky literally splits upon His command.

23/09/2011 13:20:20 Pope Highlights Bond With Muslims
"The pope stressed the importance of religion in modern society and said he believes there can be a "fruitful collaboration" between Christians and Muslims." -This is more of the same documented proof the Pope is not a Christian. In fact, it proves all those church leaders in tthe past were right when they declared in writing, he is Antichrist. What he teaches goes directly against Scriptural command regarding yoking with unbelievers. For those Catholics that need proof of what I just said, see Amos 3:3, 1 Cor. 15:33, 2 Cor. 6:14,17, 2 Thess. 3:14, and James 4:4. And if you think the Bible can be ignored by tradition, click here for evidence as to why your church leaders fear the Word of God with such a passion.

23/09/2011 13:20:20 Belief in God Boils Down to a Gut Feeling

"For many people, believing in God comes down to a gut feeling that a benevolent deity is out there. A study now finds that gut feelings may be very important in determining who goes to church every Sunday and who avoids the pews." -Firstly, Sunday is not the Sabbath, so the author of the article's gut is actually lying to her there. Secondly, for those of you that used to be in the occult know, one of Satan's pet names is "Dr Feelgood" to his ardent followers. Belief in Christ is not about "the gut" as this article assumes. Christ appeals to the HEART! In fact, Romans 10:10 says, "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." However, if Satan can get people to "feel" as if they are in the right church, they will stay. After all, how many of us have heard someone say "I feel in my gut that God wants me to do this," and then not long after doing the deed it becomes apparent it wasn't God that spoke to their gut at all. This article is tthe ultimate example of the foundation of theology in Christendom today. But then, that too was prophesied. See 2 Corinthians 11:4