10/01/2010 14:47:16 Six signs of a cult
This is another new video from Presents of God ministry. I forgot to post an alert to it when I placed it online a week or so back. It shows the 6 major signs of how to define a cult. Strange as it may seem to some, the Roman Catholic church exhibit all six of these characteristics! But because they have such political clout, most leaders look the other way.

10/01/2010 14:41:57 What would you do: Man stealing bike in park
This is a set up. They place hidden cameras and get an actor to steal a bike using tools. Over 100 people walk by, and some even ask him what he's doing and his answers openly suggest he's stealing the bike. Worse yet, the first one they show that asks him questions is a pastor with his family and he walks away teaching his kids to walk away without calling the police is ok! This is today's society! Only one elderly couple actually try to do something. Now for the real sad truth. When they replace the actor with another actor it gets crazy. The new actor is black and everyone tries to stop him! This is nuts! It shows most people are racist. Bottom line, if we can't help, or even get along with each other down here, simply because of the color of skin, how are we going to be worthy of citizenship in Heaven wherein all races reside?

30/09/2010 13:20:39 UFO believers say ET could come calling on Metro
"The seven former USAF officers claimed, in a press conference this week at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., that they spotted UFO's hovering over nuclear missile silos and storage areas in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. They described the UFO as a glowing red object hovering over the front gate of the facilities. Margie Kay is the Kansas City president of MUFON, an international organization that investigates UFO's. She says having retired USAF officers speak out gives believers like her credibility." -Yes, just as planned those "retired" officers did in fact give the UFO agenda a major boost in believability. But I wonder if anyone noticed this? Yes, Rome was the first to push the UFO agenda eons ago, but did anyone notice that back in November of 2009 the Vatican made an official statement that E.T. does exist? This is how Rome always works. They seed the general public with her insane desires and if they nibble at the lie as if it were truth, she runs with it more openly and then the media of the day gets the masses to fall for it. A bit obvious yes, but keep in mind. There are millions out there loving every minute of this. Now they no longer come off as kooks. Now they appear credible. Well.. at least to the gullible. Praise the Lord the elect can not be deceived! That's one more perk of being a Christian. Jesus protects you from lies as well.

30/09/2010 13:20:39 Extinction risk for a fifth of the world's plant life
"Researchers are warning that as much as one-fifth of the world's plant life is at risk of extinction. The study was led by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London, which also runs the Millennium Seed Bank where billions of seeds are stored for safety." -Prophecy does describe a time of great trial for all in the coming days. And no, I'm not talking about the great tribulation. As students of prophecy we know now thanks to all sorts of historic facts available today that match Christ's prophetic statements regarding same, that the great trib has come and gone. But Rome had to "change history" so as to prevent everyone from knowing they killed over 500 million people during their prophesied 1260 year bloody reign. If the people knew today that Rome killed just over 83 times more people than Hitler, they would have no chance gaining the world wide following they have today. It's the time of Jcaob's trouble we are moving towards today. Looking around we see all sorts of evidence that we are indeed well on our way towards that great trial right now. Still.. it won't be that difficult for the Christians. The wicked will of course have to deal with the lack of food and plagues because they never trusted the Creator God in the first place. According to Isaiah 33:16 and Psalm 91:10 the remnant church won't have any problems with food or plagues! Maranatha!

29/09/2010 14:41:52 Atheists and Agnostics Score Best in Religion Poll
"The faithful were not as knowledgeable about different religions in survey." -Notice the people they are interviewing are actually Roman Catholics and NONE of them know the basic Bible questions. Truth is, Christians don't go to "Mass." Catholics do. This is why Roman Catholicism is so popular. You can just "say" you're a Christian and they accept you with open arms. This religion is as prophesied. It's Satan's masterpiece! What's worse, Atheists knew more about the Bible than they did. In fact, many so called Protestants failed as well. Also notice how whenever a religious picture is needed in the video, or a "church leader" is speaking they are all Roman Catholic. In other words, Rome owns the media as well now. But then, who cares. After all, birds of a feather will flock together. I prefer to live in the Truth as it was prophesied for the remnant people. So I'll keep my Bible close by thank you.

29/09/2010 14:41:52 Germans in the woods
This is a very sad story about a solider during World War 2 and what happened to him after he killed a young German soldier. It's a very short video with a very intense message proving that war makes wounds that last an entire lifetime! The man speaking lived all of his 90 years with this memory. Please pray for our soldiers. The doctors call it post traumatic stress disorder to make their own guilt seem easier to deal. But it's nothing more than a memory of the atrocity of war that may never go away for some.

28/09/2010 13:38:39 UFOs eyes nukes, ex-Air Force personnel say
"Seven former U.S. Air Force personnel gathered in Washington Monday to recount UFO sightings over nuclear weapons facilities in decades past – accounts that a UFO researcher says show extraterrestrial beings are interested in the world’s nuclear arms race and may be sending humans a message." -Did you notice that this is on a main stream blog owned by CNN? Ok.. I'm going to go in depth a bit more than I usually do here where only those of you that have deeply studied your Bibles and the Spirit or Prophecy may understand. As we see the media acting as if aliens from other worlds we can't help but to wonder, are they planning to do another false flag attack? Or are they just planning to help Rome do what they started a few hundreds of years ago with their UFO agenda? In any event, this is obviously becoming part of the end time scenario of deception in this age of lying. Those that study the Word know that there are no little green men. God created man in His image, not the image of demons. And yes, those little green men were first spoke of in the books of the occult eons ago as actual demonic manifestations. Still, according to the truth we know as students of prophecy, there are real people living on the "unfallen" worlds. As we also know, they are not allowed to come here. To think there are none is to think rather highly of ourselves by thinking God created only us on earth when there are trillions of planets out there as we speak. According to the Word of God, Satan was only sent to this planet for a reason. We are being tested to see who will stand as ambassadors to Christ throughout eternity. It's so sad when you think about how many people forfeit such a blessing because they love their sin so much. None of the people on the unfallen worlds would have permission from the Lord to travel to earth, nor would they want to because of Satan being here. We are to be the ones being tested in this furnace of affliction, not them. They didn't eat of the tree that our first parents Adam and Eve did. The Lord needs people that truly love Him and not the world because He has amazing plans for them throughout eternity. They have to be trusted not to fail when they are called into action. That being said, the leaders of our world are being duped by actual demons masquerading as little green men, or maybe human looking men. Who know, who cares. Do these leaders that have been duped have the necessary political clout to allow Rome to use them as she plans in the coming days? We will soon find out.

28/09/2010 13:38:38 Scientists question thoroughness of Gulf seafood testing
"At the height of the oil spill, more than one third of the Gulf's federal waters were closed as a precaution, amid fears of what the oil could be doing to the water and marine life." -Notice how one "offcial" is testing the fish. He is merely sniffing it! Amazing how the government says the fish is safe to eat, but independent scientists say no way! Another reason to follow the remnant Christians of today that have begun to keep a Vegan diet. After all, there won't be any meat eating in Heaven, so why not prepare now? Now do you see why the Lord rained manna?

27/09/2010 15:01:39 How spies can eavesdrop on your computer without the use of the Internet or a computer virus.
For those living in the cities this has to be very unsettling. There has been technology out there thanks to our military where they can eavesdrop on whatever you're typing on your computer screen. There's no longer any need for them to hack into your Network, nor is there even a need for them to have Internet access for that matter. All they need is for you to be using your computer near by and a special antenna and they are in. This is one more reason to move out of the cities. Especially if you live in an apartment or condominium complex where only a piece of drywall separates you from your neighbors.

27/09/2010 15:01:39 Oil spill truth: Tarballs on Horn Island, MS
"Today, an investigative team from the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise found oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon spill on the shores of Horn Island, just off the coast of Mississippi. Tarballs at various stages of weathering and various sizes were found on both the leeward and windward sides of the islands. On one beach, a protected turtle nest had been marked just a few feet away from tarballs." -This is one of the benefits of spilling oil near beaches. The natural movements of the waves along with the way sand is easily manipulated by water allows for the oil to be eventually covered by the sand. Now do you see why it's illegal to dig on some beaches now?

27/09/2010 15:01:39 Disturbing discovery of crabs filled with black substance
"A pair of fishermen in Mississippi made an alarming discovery that has many wondering what's happening below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico. They found several full-sized crabs filled with some sort of black substance. While it's tough to find oil on the surface along the beaches in Mississippi, Hancock County EMA director, Brian Adam said oil is there, you just can't see it." -We are going to get reports like this for decades. However, as we see the government passing strange laws about digging in the sand, or fishing in the area, one can rest assured that soon the media will stop allowing these stories to air as well. Or the government will make reporting on them illegal. Once they do that, those that pollute the oceans will have the ability to do all sorts of insane things without the slightest risk of being caught. Did not Jesus say when He returns that He will destroy those that destroy the earth? Look around, people are right now doing as He said they would do!

26/09/2010 12:43:45 River disappears overnight
"The Iska River in Slovenia vanished overnight after residents reported hearing loud crashing sounds. CBSNews.com's Felipe Maya reports." -This has to be one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Does it seem natural to you? Could it be yet another sign of the times? Ok.. I agree.. I have to stop asking the dumb questions.

26/09/2010 12:43:46 Fire sweeps through Scotland Neck woods
"More than 200 acres along N.C. Highway 258 near Douglas Hill Farm Road burned in a wildfire Saturday." -That's right, there are now fires in North Carolina. It's amazing when you look at how many fires are burning in the USA right now. Does it appear strange to you? Or prophetic? Want to see how bad it is globally? Click here to see the big list of disasters popping up all over the world.

26/09/2010 12:43:46 Seven States now under flood warnings
The upper Midwest is starting to see massive floods all over the place, and now seven States are under flood warnings. America is now experiencing fires, floods, poisoned waters, record unemployment, disease, suicide, drugs, serial killings, rape, poliitcal corruption, incredibly evil TV shows, movies and music just to name a few, all at the same time. Thing is, this is happening everyone around the world as we speak. Click here for the big list.

26/09/2010 12:51:29 Programmer admits to creating vote rigging software in 2000's US election
I shared this video years ago, but it is something worth repeating. No, I am not posting it because a mid-term election is coming this November. I post it to let everyone know that not only are we in the age of lying, most are unaware of just how corrupt our governments are. The thing I noticed in this video besides the obvious is the strange way a Congressmen is asking the questions near the end of the video. It actually sounds like he's interviewing the guy to do a job for him next. No, I'm not accusing him of that. It's just that the line of questioning seems odd to me. In any event, it has become apparent now that the only government we can trust today is the Government of New Jerusalem in the Kingdom of Heaven.

24/09/2010 15:16:27 See what has the IRS stopped in its tracks!
 "At least 100, and perhaps as many as several hundred, Christian pastors on Sunday will speak out on biblical issues and the political candidates on the November election ballot in direct violation of Internal Revenue Service regulations. Then they'll package up recordings or transcripts of their sermons and send them to the IRS, with a dare to the government agency to come after them for their comments." -Now that Bush signed it into Law that 501C3 pastors can lobby law, it appears they are now seeking to flex their muscles in changing the fabric of the 501C3 wherein it prevents them from speaking politically from their pulpits. And yes, Glenn Beck is behind all this as planned. Will this lead the preachers of filthy lucre into gaining more power in D.C.? Yes it will. The end result being will eventually lead to Sunday Laws.

24/09/2010 15:16:27 Taliban stone woman to death in Pakistan
"Video from Dubai-based TV station purports to show gruesome execution." -This is Sharia Law at work. This is what Rome is trying to push in the USA and all the other countries around the world so as to have the fear generating power over the masses! And George W. Bush saids this was a "peaceful religion?" Yes, we are indeed living in the age of lying now.

23/09/2010 13:38:42 Report: U.S. ignoring creeping threat from Sharia Law
"A group of national security experts is urging the Obama administration to change its current stance on the link between terrorism and Islam. The Center for Security Policy released its report on Islamic Sharia law Wednesday, saying the U.S. is "euphemistically" labeling the threat of Islam as mere "violent extremism." -It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that this can only happen if you have a Muslim president.

23/09/2010 13:38:42 Credit card of the future
This is no doubt going to be implemented in the "Real ID Cards" eventually just as I intimated a few years ago. Being a computer programmer I can make an educated guess when it comes to such things, and as I suggested years ago they will be placing all of your data inside these cards. In fact, the Real ID already does this, but this new card makes it even more feasible for the consumer to be able to place a number of their credit cards within one programmable card. This will help Rome immensely when it comes time to turn off your ability to buy and sell. A simple flick of a switch and you become public enemy #1.

22/09/2010 14:44:21 Worst monsoon ever, Pakistan FM says
"World leaders discuss Pakistan recovery in New York, with Pakistan's FM saying the country faces a 'calamity of biblical proportions'." -Even a Muslim nation uses the Bible to describe a disaster in their land. I wonder why that is. Anyway, it's amazing how large this flood is! For more info on how many disasters are happening now worldwide,click here.

22/09/2010 14:44:20 Computers show how wind could have parted Red Sea
"Simulations by US scientists show how the movement of wind could have opened up a land bridge at one location. This would have enabled people to walk across exposed mud flats to safety." -The Bible did say in Exodus 14:21, "And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided." One thing though, if the wind was more directed than the simulation shows it would also been stayed on both their left and right and not just their right as the computer suggests. Of course the computer simulation cannot account for the miraculous. But then, no computer or man can explain a miracle especially when it goes beyond the limits of nature. What I do like about this simulation is, science proves it could have happened just as the Bible said it happened. Hopefully, that's all it will take for some scoffers to accept Christ.

22/09/2010 14:47:51 Fish or frankenfish? FDA weighs altered salmon
"Genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as conventional fish appears to be safe, an advisory committee told the Food and Drug Administration Monday." -It's not bad enough we see all sorts of strange reactions in humans to the growth hormones already in most livestock, they now want to make these monster fish legal to eat? If growth hormones make for children hitting puberty early and adults becoming obese, what will these genetically modified fish do? Just one more reason to become Vegan!

21/09/2010 15:53:02 It's illegal to make sandcastles in Pensacola Florida beaches
"Once again we're out here on the Gulf Islands National Seashore. I wanted to show you this sand castle out here that some one had abandoned and you can see that while they were building it, they encountered this, quite a few gooey tarballs out here on the Gulf Side Beach. We were told last week, that doing something like this, building a sand castle, was illegal." -This speaks volumes when it comes to corruption. To actually tell people they cant make sandcastles proves they hope to keep "something" hidden. When we see this kind of lying going on as a normal procedure, we can understand many more lies are the norm on all sorts of topics when it comes to the leaders of this world. This proves Satan has them right where he needs them to be. So sad, they too could be saved if they only stop all this idiocy. Keep praying.. they deserve to live in Heaven like anyone else.

21/09/2010 15:53:02 Terror arrest in Chicago
As far as this guy knew, the bomb he got from the undercover FBI agent was real. He then proceeded to plant it outside a bar in Chicago just as their concert goers were letting out. Had the bomb been real, dozens or more people would have been killed. Again, this happened in Chicago, not the Middle East! This is just one more reason to to as Christian prophecy says the people of God will do in the last days. They will get out of the cities!

21/09/2010 15:56:49 Wildfire burns through Utah
"More than 1,600 homes have been evacuated as fire spreads." -Is anyone noticing how many wildfires are popping up all over America? Worse yet, is anyone noticing how many disasters are happening worldwide now? If you're one that needs a crash course on how bad it's getting now, click here.

20/09/2010 12:12:12 The big picture of the Milky Way
This is an amazing video of how two major companies came together to create a massive panoramic view using 800,000 pictures of the Milky Way. When you look at this you can easily see God glorified in His creation, while at the same time feel so saddened that there are billions of people that will never be able to travel from planet to planet to look upon those things God has created throughout eternity because they have chosen to deny the Creator of all this! "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." -1 Corinthians 2:9

20/09/2010 12:12:12 Optical illusion used as high-tech speed bump
What they're doing here is painting an image on the street that appears to look like a little girl chasing a ball in the middle of the road. As you drive towards the image it appears to rise from the street due to the way it's painted using a forward perspective. At first glance this looks like a good idea. But, there are drunk drivers everywhere t there now.! And they like to speed. That being said, what happens when a drunk rolls up on this picture at high speed, thinks it's a real child and swerves to avoid it killing real children on the Side of the road? There's a lot to be said for thinking ahead.

19/09/2010 14:18:23 Wellesley, Massachusetts public school students learn to pray to Allah
"In late May of 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school students took a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center - a controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque run by the Muslim American Society of Bostn. There, the students were separated by gender and the boys were asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer. Several of the public school boys took part." -The government schools outlawed prayers in school during the Kennedy administration. Since then all Christian activity in schools has been persecuted and shut down. But here we see them teaching students how to pray to Allah?! Keep in mind, public schools are government schools! Do we need anymore evidence the Obama administration is all about pushing Islam forward as the religion of America? Notice at 7:40 in the video they show that a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Raymond Helmick is a fervent supporter of this Muslim Mosque that is trying to indoctrinate our children. But as Rome has always done, he condemns their actions towards prostelytizing. On one had he supports the Mosque, on the other he condemns it. That is how Rome works! They play both sides of the fence to benefit their prophesied agenda. (Want to see how bad it's getting in the schools? Click here!)

19/09/2010 14:18:22 CEO of Home Depot lays it on the line
"Bernie Marcus, the co-founder and former CEO of Home Depot. Marcus spends over 10 minutes laying out the problems with the absurd anti-business, anti-hard work, anti-personal responsibility policies and rhetoric seeping out of Washington D.C. these days… and he does so in a basic, “barstool wisdom” style of speaking. It’s just a fantastic breakdown of what’s going on in America." -Yes, I agree with Marcus that D.C. is regulating people out of business, and yes it's true that the majority of jobs in America are found in small businesses. So why is the Vatican forcing Congress to regulate small businesses down to the bone while at the same time sucking them dry so as to help pay the national debt, which will cause more to go into bankruptcy? If Rome can get the majority of the people in America out of work, like they have in other nations that are mostly Roman Catholic, they will have to rely on their governing officials to feed, cloth and house them. How hard will it be to enforce the mark on people that survive solely on what you give them? Not hard at all.

17/09/2010 14:38:06 Scientists investigating oil spill unsettled by calls from federal commission
FYI: "Some independent scientists, who have been looking into oil spill contamination in the Gulf of Mexico, said they have received some unsettling phone calls..." -When I tried to get the entire story the article was pulled immediately before I could get any more info on it. But the video (so far) is still online. It seems the Federal Commission Obama set up to watch over the Gulf doesn't like scientists in that area testing the waters. Why? From what I hear the scientists saying is, it's because the few fish that do remain in the area are too toxic to eat and the Government doesn't want that getting out. If the local fishermen quit working because their catch can't be sold to consumers, then BP will have more lawsuits to pay out. Just as prophesied, the fish are now too unhealthy to eat. By the way, this is another reason Christians are hated. Satan knows we understand prophecy. He also knows we will warn the people with the courage Elijah had! So, he spurs the many into hating Christians. Don't believe me? Explain why "true Christians" are hated even though they never killed anyone and they are historically gentle and loving to everyone they meet. Common sense declares Christians aren't a threat "physically" at all. They are only a threat to Satan and his agenda spiritually. As prophesied, this is a Holy war!

17/09/2010 14:42:11 Thousands more dead fish turn up in La. waters
"Thousands more dead fish have turned up in Plaquemines Parish, the second large such kill in the area in the past few days. (Sept. 17)" -They keep making excuses as to what's killing the fish as if no one sees the wide eyed "coincidence" where so many fish are dying all around the world directly after all the oil spills. In short. They never cleaned up the oil, nor can they hope to. They just sunk it to hide it so as to save money on lawsuits. Now it will take even longer for it to all go away. That being said, expect the fish kills to continue and grow in number. Problem is, also expect the media to hide the reports more and more. After all, this is the age of lying.

17/09/2010 14:44:08 Brief but strong Strom sweeps through NY
"A fast-moving storm packing winds of up to 100 mph ripped through the city Thursday, knocking down trees and power lines, tearing off roofs in one Brooklyn neighborhood and leaving at least one person dead." -In New York City? This is the first time in my life that I've ever heard of such a thing happening in New York, let alone that far north. But then weather was supposed to get a bit crazy near the end.