10/01/2010 14:31:44 Chinese Christians Attacked
"Members of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Changchunli Church in Ji'nan, Shandong province, were attacked by a mob of over 200 people last week, according to ChinaAid Association (CAA). Zhao Jing and Cong Mei, information officers of China Human Rights Defenders, received the complaint on Sept. 23, 2010, stating that a large group of young people dressed in police attire broke into tents inhabited by the members of Changchunli Church at a construction site in Wanda Square. Sixteen people, including elderly and women, sustained serious injuries, along with one person that was left permanently blind in one eye, according to CAA." -Now if the people being attacked were homosexuals we would see quite an uproar as well as brand new laws looking to combat homophobia enforced. But since most in big government are anti-Christian in nature, we won't see any new laws to combat Christianphobia. No matter... Jesus will take care of all this real soon.

10/01/2010 14:25:03 Stuxnet 'cyber superweapon' infects millions of PCs in China
"The Stuxnet computer worm has wreaked havoc in China, infecting millions of computers around the country, state media reported this week. Stuxnet is feared by experts around the globe as it can break into computers that control machinery at the heart of industry, allowing an attacker to assume control of critical systems like pumps, motors, alarms and valves. It could, technically, make factory boilers explode, destroy gas pipelines or even cause a nuclear plant to malfunction." -Remind you of anything? Perhaps the Y2K crisis that never came? This is how they plan to remove the general publics ability to place websites on the Internet. Will they pass the law out of fear of such a virus? Or will they cause another false flag attack so as to convince the people we need to shut down the Internet. Time will tell. In any event, it appears that either the USA or Israel is behind this virus because we all know they both don't like the idea of Iran having Nuclear abilities. This "stuxnet" virus has showed up in Iran and it actualy has a "biblical" link to it suggesting Israel, or someone wanting Israel to take the blame is behind it. In either case, it's something to keep an eye on.

10/01/2010 14:25:03 Bakery displays morals, now faces eviction
"The bakery "Just Cookies" has operated in a city-owned market for over 20 years. The president of the board that oversees the market told the Indianapolis Star that he would "hate to lose them" as a tenant but that could very well happen because owner David Stockton took a moral stand and did not want to endorse homosexual activity." -Why can't homosexuals just look for another cookie shop to do their business? It's because they fear Christians being allowed the upper hand in anything, especially when it comes to morals because the very fact we exist suggests to them the Bible is true which in turn makes them aware they are most assuredly headed for Hell. So like the child that hides under the covers to escape the non-existant boogey man, they try to hide their lifestyle under a cover of political protection. Pray for them. Their fear and deception runs very deep.

10/01/2010 14:25:03 Airport scanners are being used as porn
"The 3D full-body scanners procured for thorough body check of passengers at the nation’s major airports for security reasons are now being abused by security officials from the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), THISDAY can confirm. They use the machines, installed in the wake of the Farouk AbdulMutallab affair, to watch the naked images of female passengers for fun." -And no one saw this coming? Ok, actually we did, but then who in power listens to Christians now-a-days?

30/09/2010 13:05:31 Ethiopian Muslims Burn Down Christian Homes, Farms
"Twenty-five Muslims burned down ten Christian homes, leaving eighty Christians homeless in Ethiopia, a Washington-based rights' group said Thursday, September 30. ...The assailants asked the Christians to leave their homes and told them, 'We will show you what we are going to do to your homes, and if you inform this to anyone we will burn you the way we burn your homes.' Then they set the Christian homes on fire and began celebrating by singing near the burned homes," ICC quoted a Christian leader, who apparently spoke anonymously due to security concerns." -Singing near the homes as they burned? Most seem to forget that Satan is the angel of music. The demons in these men couldn't contain their joy of seeing Christians persecuted, so of course they break out in song. Now do you see why music is such a mess today? Satan is jumping for joy in how much control he has over the masses. Especially those that claim to be Christians. It's time to get serious brothers and sisters.

30/09/2010 13:05:30 Rush Limbaugh: Obama twisting Holy Scripture
"Is President Obama, who once demeaned Jesus' Sermon on the Mount as "radical," actively trying to socialize Jesus and corrupt Christianity? The answer is yes, according to conservative radio giant Rush Limbaugh, who is claiming the commander in chief is not only trying to socialize America, but also the Christian religion by twisting Scripture." -In other words, nothing is sacred in D.C. What's sad about this is many people still look at Obama as if he's some sort of Messiah. Thinking as they do proves they don't open Bibles. That being said, Obama can actually convince these types that his version of Christianity is best. Don't believe me? Check out Oprah's version and how many followers she's sucked in. She is considered to be the largest cult on earth, second only the cult of the Vatican. In today's world, all you need is money and or power and you can literally become a god to many. By the way, this is the mindset Rome hopes to cultivate in these last days. Truth is, Caesar took advantage of the masses like this in his day, and Rome is prophesied to have her mortal wound healed soon as well. So expect a resurgence of Papal worship in the world. Truth is, the media, and every Roman Catholic already does this when they call the pope "Holy Father." A term ONLY attributed to God the Father in Scripture!

30/09/2010 13:05:30 Woman armed with Bible chases off robber
"The woman told police the man said, "I'm not stupid," and "I just got out of prison. I need some money." That's when she told him: "God changed my life. He can change yours." That's when she said the man laughed and said, "I have a master's degree in theology." She offered the robber a Bible. That's when he sighed, put the gun down to his side, said "I'm leaving," and ran out the door." -This is happening more frequent than the media wants to admit lately. Jesus is very active now in the lives of His people. If ever it was a good time to be a Christian, now is it! Especially since the Latter Rain is starting to drizzle. Soon the Lord will be glorified like never before and many will come to Christ and be eternally saved from what's about to happen.

29/09/2010 14:33:28 Bible prophecy on target
"Bible prophecy tells us that one day Muslim Arab hatred is going to erupt in an attempt, through war, to destroy the Jewish nation and people. This event seems to be more and more imminent." -Why am I posting this article? To let you all see how the media uses lies to keep the REAL Bible prophecies covered up. All through the article he mentions how he thinks the Muslim hatred of Israel is a prophetic fulfillment. Anyone that understand real Bible prophecy knows he's lying. Yes, they hate Israel, and yes they hate Jews. But the Middle East is not the fulfillment of the persecution of Israel. The real Israel are the remnant Sabbath keeping Christians. The fact the Muslims kill a few Jews per month is sad, yes indeed. But in 11 months of 2009 they averaged killing 15,000 Christians a month and just as many tortured. That's 165,000 Christians dead in 11 months, yet this guy says the hatred of the Jew is a prophesied event? If you the reader do not get this, then take a look at my "Who is Israel" page (and video) and you will see why they want you to keep watching the Middle East as they kill as many of the real Israel all around you each and every day of the week. Yes, the Roman Catholic brainchild called Islam do hate "infidels." But Rome has apparently only given orders to kill mostly Christians lately.

29/09/2010 14:33:28 Eight Churches Shut Down in Syria
"At least eight house churches in northern Syria have been closed down by the government as part of a crackdown on evangelical Christians in country, a Washington-based rights group said Tuesday, September 28. International Christian Concern (ICC) said Syria's government ordered their closure as authorities deemed them inappropriate. Many congregations in Syria can not afford to build a church and therefore hold worship services at homes of individual believers or purchase apartments to turn them into places of worship." -The church began and spread globally by meeting for worship in homes, it will most assuredly end in the exact same manner. Maranatha!

29/09/2010 14:33:28 EXCLUSIVE-Cyber bill would give U.S. emergency powers
"Proposed cybersecurity legislation circulating on Capitol Hill would give the president the power to declare an emergency in the case of big online attacks and force some businesses to beef up their cyber defenses and submit to scrutiny. ...Industries, companies or portions of companies could be temporarily shut down, or be required to take other steps to address threats. The emergency declaration would last for 30 days, unless the president renews it. It cannot last more than 90 days without action from Congress." -30 days is in fact long enough to bankrupt any business in America because most are now living week by week. It's amazing how many new laws are being drafted on a regular basis now isn't it? Soon you won't be able to mow your lawn without being in danger of breaking some new law. But then, this type of control is what Rome's all about. No matter. It will short lived at best. So when it gets down to the wire and they are declaring certain laws that will make life difficult for what they hope to be for eons, the Lord will return within a very short time and we're out of here. So, have faith and keep in the Word. Even if they were to have their way for a whole year, the remnant Christian can and will overcome anyway! It's part of the reason we're here! We are being groomed as ambassadors for the eternal Christ!

28/09/2010 13:34:56 Hailstorm leaves Guarulhos ice-covered
"A heavy rain and hail storm left several districts of the municipality of Greater Săo Paulo covered with hail stones. Sao Paulo, Brazil. The rain and hail that hit the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo caused flooding and damage on Tuesday afternoon." -Keep in mind, this is Guarulhos in the tropical climate of Brazil. It is also the 10th largest suburb on the planet which means a lot of people witnessed this first hand. Is our Lord trying to wake some people up? One can only hope. For the big list, click here.

28/09/2010 13:34:56 Hundreds feared dead after landslide buries Mexico town
"Hundreds of people were buried in their homes early Tuesday after a rain-soaked mountainside gave way in southwestern Mexico, officials said. Donato Vargas, an official in Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec reached by phone, said 500 people were missing and that 300 homes were buried after the slide hit around 4 a.m. local time. ...Parts of Mexico are enduring their worst rainy season on record, which has triggered heavy flooding and forced thousands of people from their homes in vulnerable parts. Huge swaths of riverside communities in southern Mexico were still under water Tuesday" -Just one more sign of the times. For the big list, click here

28/09/2010 13:34:56 Global food risk from China-Russia pincer
"World food supplies are caught in a pincer as China becomes a net importer of corn for the first time in modern history and Russia's drought inflicts even more damage than expected, raising the risk of a global grain shock in 2011. The Moscow bank Uralsib said half of Russia's potato crop has been lost and the country's wheat crisis will drag on for a second year, forcing the Kremlin to draw on world stocks. ...Ominously, a corn crunch is also creeping up on the world. Global stocks are at their lowest level for 37 years, at a stock to use ratio of 13pc. "This is getting extremely tight," said Mr Chandler, questioning whether the US should divert 36pc of its corn crop into ethanol for fuel." -Are the rumors true that the Vatican is planning to empty grocery stores in 2011 so as to create more laws to control the masses? Time will tell.

27/09/2010 14:59:36 Australia faces worst plague of locusts in 75 years
"Australia's Darling river is running with water again after a drought in the middle of the decade reduced it to a trickle. But the rains feeding the continent's fourth-longest river are not the undiluted good news you might expect. For the cloudbursts also create ideal conditions for an unwelcome pest the Australian plague locust. ...It is impossible to say how many billions of bugs will take wing, but many experts fear this year's infestation could be the worst since records began 75 years ago." -In other words, it's the worst plague of locusts for the Aussies to ever witness because they only started keeping records 75 years ago. Just one more sign of the times. For more signs, click here.

27/09/2010 14:50:14 U.S. Wants to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet
"Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations for the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is “going dark” as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone. Essentially, officials want Congress to require all services that enable communications including encrypted e-mail transmitters like BlackBerry, social networking Web sites like Facebook and software that allows direct “peer to peer” messaging like Skype to be technically capable of complying if served with a wiretap order. The mandate would include being able to intercept and unscramble encrypted messages." -If you have done your homework, you know that there is no real "war on terrorism" at all. It's all a smokescreen so the Vatican can force the last 17 nations on earth that still refuse to bow to the Pope to finally bow. The fringe benefit, and real reason for the law is that it also gives them the opportunity to try and control each and every soul on earth.

27/09/2010 14:50:14 United Nations to appoint space ambassador to act as first contact for aliens visiting Earth
"If aliens ever land on Earth there will no longer be any confusion over who will greet them with the news the United Nations is set to appoint an astrophysicist to be their first human contact. Mazlan Othman is expected to be tasked with coordinating humanity's response to an extraterrestrial visit, if ever required." -Who is really behind all this talk of aliens, and what is their agenda? The Roman Catholic church started this agenda centuries ago. They even have paintings in the Vatican and some of their churches that are hundreds of years old with UFO's painted in them! They are the first ones to do this and they do in fact have a sinister reason for doing so. After all, Daniel did prophesy that they would be a crafty group in Rome in the last days. And so they are.

27/09/2010 14:50:13 Aliens 'hit our nukes': They even landed at a Suffolk base, claim airmen
"It may sound like a Spielberg movie plot, but if senior U.S. airmen are to be believed, this scenario is not science fiction. They claim that since 1948, aliens have been hovering over UK and U.S. nuclear missile sites and deactivating the weapons– once even landing in a British base. Furthermore, they warn, our governments are hushing the activity up." -Let's see.. a few hundred years ago the Vatican started preaching about aliens landing on the planet and even suggesting Mary was impregnated by one to give birth to Jesus Christ. Then the US government starts purposely acting like there are aliens in Area 51 so millions of Americans would start believing in little green men. Novels and comic books start to convince the people that don't read or trust Bibles that there really are little green men. Then Hollywood starts making dozens of movies about aliens that are both friendly and murderous on a regular basis. Next we see regular TV starts to entertain the people with shows like Star Trek, Babylon 6, and 3rd rock from the Sun to make aliens a common household word. Rock and Rollers like David Bowie  and others start righting songs suggesting God is an alien who seeded the planet with humans. Then, as the previous article shows, the U.N. appoints an ambassador for "first contact" just yesterday, and now retired airmen start to "admit" there are aliens attacking our Nuclear silos? Strangely enough this is all coming to fruition when holographic technology is capable of making images appear before you in 3D seem real. I wonder... are they planning yet another major deception soon so as to create even more controlling laws? Ok.. another dumb question.

26/09/2010 12:40:28 'ACLU-crafted court order criminalizes Christianity'
"According to Liberty Counsel, under the decree and the official district guidelines, "teachers are always considered to be acting in their 'official capacity' whenever a student is present, even at private functions off campus.Teachers cannot pray, bow their heads, or fold their hands to show agreement with anyone who does pray. Teachers and staff cannot 'Reply' to an e-mail sent by a parent if the parent's e-mail refers to God or Scripture. Teachers either have to delete such references from the original e-mail or reply by initiating a new e-mail. Teachers and staff are also required to stop students from praying in their own private club meetings. During witness testimony, Winkler cried as she described how she and a coworker, who had recently lost a child, had to hide in a closet to pray." -Want to avoid having your child attend government schools where Christianity is becoming illegal while all other religions, especially Islam become legal? One word... Homeschool.

26/09/2010 12:40:28 Pastors as leftist shills?
"These same clergy are used by these groups to support abortion on demand, sexual diversity, same-sex marriage, secularized education, cleansing the public square of biblical Christianity, etc. What we have to realize is that if conservative, Bible-believing pastors do not engage and contend with them, they are left as the de facto voice of the church." -This is why the government has such an easy way of criminalizing Christianity lately in society as well as in the schools. Pastors like this that have political ties with Planned Parenthood, a "legal" government killing field, make it easy for antichristian agendas to flourish in public schools as well as Congress. In other words, like the Roman prelates, they are only acting as if they are Christians so as to get their foot in the political doors so as to bring about a Satanic agenda.

24/09/2010 15:08:55 Seattle church invites Muslims to dinner
"A Seattle-area church is reaching out to Muslims by having area pastors sit down over dinner with imams affiliated with the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations to share their religious beliefs. Michael Ly, associate pastor of Soma church in Renton, Wash., believes the project will open doors for further understanding between the two faiths." -What does the very Bible these Christians pastor's say they preach from say about this? Just two of the many verses say, "And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed." (2 Thessalonians 3:14) and James 4:4 that says, "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." Is it any wonder the Christian churches are so corrupt today? They ignore simple commands from the Christian God! SHAME ON YOU!!

24/09/2010 15:08:54 Catholic school converts to Islamic faith
"More than nine-in-10 of the school's pupils were Catholic a decade ago but that number plummeted to just three per cent this year. The local diocese admitted the school which must have a Catholic head teacher and devote 10 per cent of the timetable to Christian-based religious education was no longer “serving the needs” of the community." -This proves Roman Catholicism is not a Christian religion. For hundreds of years they have allowed children of all faiths to attend their schools to teach them the basics and never do they try to convert the children to Christ. I know, I went to Catholic school as a child for four years and finished my education in public schools later on. The only difference between the two was that nuns taught in the Catholic schools. The fact this school is converting to Islam is rock hard proof they do not teach Jesus Christ to the children in these schools as Saviour. If they did, Islam would never have grown as it has under their care. And now they will focus on Islam from now on in this school? What does that say about Rome helping Islam? A LOT!

24/09/2010 15:08:54 Reality TV pushing Polygamy
"The Browns are a fairly typical, supersize, reality-TV family, with 12 kids (and another on the way), astronomical grocery bills, and the burden of having to approach a visit to McDonald’s as a full-blown logistical crisis. The difference with the Browns, as explained in terms as goofy as possible by head-of-household Kody, is that “she’s a sister from the same mister,” he says, wrapping his arm around his daughter, “and he’s a brother from another mother,” doing the same with his son. Translation: the Browns are polygamists." -How is this not illegal or at least frowned upon by the FCC? It's all due to homosexual marriages being pushed into existence by the Vatican. Ok, yes... the Vatican speaks out against homosexuality "publicly." But as anyone that has researched Rome's homosexual agenda will tell you, the majority of Catholic politicians have brought this into our society so as to make the perverted lifestyles of the child rapists in Rome seem less evil so as to lower the dollar amounts on their many lawsuits going on in many nations all around the world. Bottom line, only Rome benefits by legalizing homosexual marriage and pedophelia. And thanks to these perverted infections in our society today, anything goes now. Polygamy is the obvious next step, and soon everything from bestiality to marriage between siblings will follow.

23/09/2010 13:26:29 Obama goes to church to hear a Muslim speaker!
"on Sunday, September 19, 2010, the Obama family attended church for only the third time in a year. They went on foot to the St. John’s Episcopal Church situated across the Lafayette Park. But what is widely not reported by the White House and the MSM is that on that particular Sunday in that particular church, Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, was the guest speaker. He was there to speak on the subject of “Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle-East.” -First of all, he won't attend church most of the time and will not attend any Christian functions, and when asked to speak at Christian churches or colleges he insists on having all Christian symbols covered up. But now that a Muslim is speaking at a church nearby, he attends!? Worse yet, that church is a 501C3 church, which means it's illegal to speak politically from that church pulpit, yet he not only attends, but lets him speak freely? Is he a Muslim? Yes, he is. See the proof here. Obama is Rome's man that will bring Islam to the West. September 11 was merely a jumping off point.

23/09/2010 13:26:29 ' Notre Dame 88' get green light to grill college chief
"A judge in Indiana has approved a request to depose a key school administrator by lawyers representing the "Notre Dame 88," pro-life activists who were arrested on orders from the Catholic university while they protested the school's speaking invitation to the devoutly pro-abortion President Barack Obama. " -This is why it can be so frustrating when trying to evangelize Catholics. They say their pope and his prelates are anti-abortion, yet in Pope John Paul II's mea culpa in March of 2000 he admitted the church nuns and many prelates aborted babies all along. And recently a few Roman Catholic hospitals were found to be performing thousands of abortions and now a Roman Catholic university as well known as Notre Dame has their fellow Catholics arrested for holding up signs that merely say Obama is pro-abortion. This is the definition of Babylon. CoNfUsIoN.

22/09/2010 14:49:33 We can build whatever animal you want to eat, say scientists
"AquaBounty submitted its first application for FDA approval in 1995, but the agency decided not until two years ago to consider applications for genetically engineered animals - a move seen as a breakthrough by the biotechnology industry." -Who would have thought that after the FDA shows signs of approving "frankenfish" that scientists would then start to consider making all sorts of strange animals for human consumption. Ok.. so most of us already figured that would be the end result. Still, I am so praising the Lord that I am a Vegan! Judging by how the FDA allows cancerous animals and mad cows to go to market, one can only imagine what's going to happen to people that eat these strange foods.

22/09/2010 14:49:33 Cops: Indiana kids died after 10 hours in closet
"A woman charged in the deaths of two of her children told officers she locked them and three siblings inside a closet so she could visit a neighbor, then found the boy and girl dead when she returned about 10 hours later, authorities said. ...she allegedly put the five children in an upstairs closet about 6 a.m. Sunday and placed a bed in front of the door so they couldn't get out. Police said the closet was about 6 feet long and 18 inches deep." -This is becoming more and more common today. Why you ask? When speaking of our day, Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

22/09/2010 14:49:33 33 dead in Typhoon Fanapi
"Typhoon Fanapi, one of the strongest storms to hit China in years, has left 33 dead and 42 missing in devastating flooding and landslides in the nation's south, state press said on Wednesday." -For more info on how many disasters are happening now worldwide, click here.

22/09/2010 14:52:37 Catholic church sex abuse scandals around the world
"The Catholic Church has faced a raft of allegations of child sex abuse by priests and an inadequate response by bishops. Here is a round-up of some of those events:" -It's good to see some of what the Vatican is doing compiled in one area. But it's still not telling the whole story! Prophecy said these men would "not have a desire for women" and sadly, that type of homosexual perversion always leads to even worse forms of perversion. What's worse, these men are still considered "godly" by 1.2 billion Catholics. This is how blind some can be when sin is preferred over Christ. If Catholicism was a much smaller religion it would be called a cult outright and every member would be investigated for child endangerment. But because it's the prophesied political power that it is, over 1 billion people are reveling in sin.

21/09/2010 15:58:20 Christchurch (NZ) earthquakes approaching 700 in 13 days
"Since September 4 Christchurch in New Zealand is being pounded by earthquakes, one after the other they are coming and some are fairly medium sized earthquakes. Those tremors, aftershocks or earthquakes are now approaching almost 700 earthquakes in just 13 days. That is either the biggest earthquake swarm we have heard off or something else is brewing beneath New Zealand." -Prophetically speaking, earthquakes always mean God is near in coming or near in speaking. Did not the mountain shake when the Lord spoke His Law from Mt Sinai? And did not Christ declare earthquakes would increase right before He returns? This "new fault line" in New Zealand is obviously moving into a strategic position for when God's wrath is released on those that deny His Son. How long will it be? No clue.. we cannot know the day or the hour. But we can know the season.

21/09/2010 15:58:20 Vatican Bank Head in Money Laundering Probe
"The head of the Vatican bank is under investigation for suspected money laundering and police have frozen 23 million euros ($30.21 million) of its funds, Italian judicial sources said on Tuesday. Neither Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, who has been at the helm of the bank for a year, nor the Vatican spokesman would comment immediately on the case, which involves alleged violations of European Union money laundering regulations." -AGAIN? How many times has this bank been in the News the last few decades? At least this time no one was murdered. This is one thing I like about my calling. I am never at a loss to prove the Antichrist s indeed running things in the Roman Catholic Vatican. This church has so many evil acts listed against them it's impossible to keep up with them.