16/09/2010 13:58:02 Arab festival 2010: Dearborn police defending Islam against the Constitution
This happens to be the norm in America right now. Muslims have the right to force police to arrest Christians even if it means going directly against the United States Constitution. Who is behind this attack on our Constitution? The very same ones that invented Islam in the first place. The Roman Catholic church stated some time ago the following... "But Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?" -The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes. The basic facts are they used the police to do did this in Europe until on December 1, 2009 they had a brand new pro-Roman Catholic Constitution. They are now doing the exact same thing in America.

16/09/2010 13:58:02 Bill Gates: End-of-life care vs saving teachers jobs
In this video we see multi-billionaire Bill Gates making the argument that it's not good to lay off teachers so as to have the funds to give someone that's dying three more months of life. This is what happens when money rules your life. Being the richest man on earth, it's obvious who is in control here. Please pray for Bill. In all this we see no common sense is placed on the table that says no one knows if it's going to be 3 months, 6 months or even ten years of life added to the dying soul. Human health is fickle, especially when the sick one does not have Christ as Lord. How do they know the person will die in 3 months? Especially since there are millions living in America right now that have been told years ago they had only 3 months to live. I've known more than a few in my life alone. What puzzles me here is how they put the teacher above the dying as if the teacher has more to offer. The failing school system shouts boldly otherwise. Still, if they're so worried about the teachers, then take money from the armed forces, scientific research on why beetles have spots, bogus cancer research, foreign aid that is never paid back, or hundreds of other strange government spending programs that amount to nothing. Problem is, if they do that, they will have no excuse to form the death panels. Satan needs to get many in Christ-less graves as soon as possible. So expect this to be a hotbed issue for some time..

15/09/2010 14:12:09 Unbelievable Fishkill in Louisiana - all types, even mammals
"Dead whale and thousands of dead fish found near Venice shipping canal, WWL-TV New Orleans, September 13, 2010" -You are not going to believe this! When I first saw a pic of this fishkill I thought I was looking at a gravel road. There are that many dead fish! And the reporter also says it looks like a gravel road! Worse yet, notice how the "official" says it's due to a lack of oxygen in the water. That excuse is so over used by officials today. Yet they still use it all over the world! What they fail to realize is, mammals are dying too, proving it has nothing to do with the oxygen in the water! And whenever there's a kill from lack of oxygen it only kills one species, not many like we see happening here and everywhere else. They cannot admit the obvious due to the fact it would cause trillions in lawsuits the world over for BP. They are lying just like it was prophesied they would to try and cover the fact that they have caused a global disaster no one can fix. ...Except Christ! Maranatha!

15/09/2010 14:12:09 Wekiva football player dies
"A family is mourning the loss of their 15-year-old son, a freshman football player at Wekiva High School who died at a hospital after he collapsed during practice." -Just one more reason to homeschool children with a Christian foundation. Competitive sports is not of God in any way shape or form. They originated from Pagan Olympics of old. Sports are ok for exercise of course. But to add "scoring" to the mix makes for exalting and degrading of your fellowman. It also leads to gambling and other bad behavior. Please pray for this family during their time of grief.

14/09/2010 14:19:16 Police: Thieves robbed homes based on Facebook posts
FYI: "Nashua police are crediting an alert off-duty police officer who heard fireworks with cracking a burglary ring that targeted homes known to be empty because of Facebook postings. ...We know for a fact that some of these players, some of these criminals, were looking on these sites and identifying their targets through these social networking sites." -Just one more reason to avoid social networking sites!

14/09/2010 14:20:16 Is Gulf oil sitting on the Ocean floor?
"Scientists contradict government reports that 75 percent of oil had disappeared." -It's good to see "real" scientists are still out there exposing the lies regarding the Gulf oil spill. Notice how she says that she has not seen a single shrimp or worm in the Gulf since the spill? We now have scientific documentation that the basic food chain has been killed off in the Gulf. Any fish that are in the area, or wander in that need those lifeforms to survive will eventually starve to death, as will those that rely on them for food and so on and so on. There is now a 2 inch blanket of oil saturated sediment on the surface that extends 70 miles from the oil rig in all directins. That's a LOT of oil that the government said was 75% gone. We are most assuredly in the age of lying. With all the millions of fish dying all around the world, no one seems to notice that the smaller fish and lifeforms that have died in the Gulf should be counted as well. It has to be in the billions when it comes to shrimp alone when you think about how small they are. And to think, there are plans to drill for more oil off shore in many other countries around the world as we speak. Why? They saw how easily Corexit made it "appear" all was well on the surface.

13/09/2010 14:57:58 Ant hurricane
I just thought you would like to see this. I've never seen anything like it before in my life, and I've seen ants gather in large numbers many times. I'm no ant specialist, but I wonder, are they circling a queen, or just having a celebration? In any event, it is wise to "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:" -Proverbs 6:6

13/09/2010 14:57:58 Timelapse of a forest
This is another video I thought you would like to see. As we know, only the Christian God is declared a Creator. All the other false gods of the world cannot stake such a claim as this, nor can they so much as offer a peep. The video is just over 2 minutes long, and it only shows a very small portion of what our God does on a daily basis for His creation in a small section of a forest. To be so thoughtful and loving for such small creatures makes you wonder why so many don't see Him as a loving Father to His people as well.

09/12/2010 13:38:10 Catholic priest's shame, Claudy bombing
"detectives in 1972 had concluded that Fr Chesney was an IRA leader and had been involved in the bombing. Both Protestants and Catholics were killed in the blasts. The youngest victim was eight-year-old Kathryn Eakin who was cleaning the windows of her family's grocery store when the first bomb exploded." -It's bad enough the Roman Catholic Pope and his priests have covered-up child rape since 60 A.D., they also covered up terrorist priests who actually go out and kill people with bombs. Compile this with the Vatican war crimes they are right now being investigated and sued for and it's easy to see how prophecy predicts the leaders in the NWO leaders will eventually "hate the whore."

09/12/2010 13:38:10 Cop filmed throwing woman into cell
"Video footage showed Sergeant Mark Andrews dragging Pamela Somerville across the floor of Melksham Police Station, Wiltshire, before shoving her into the holding room. Ms Somerville, then 57, had been arrested after being found sleeping in her car and allegedly refusing a breathalyser test. She hit her head on the ground when she was thrown into the cell and sustained a gash above her eye." -When she gets up you can see all the blood dripping unto the floor. As I see more and more of these violent police videos I can't help wondering if they are about to remove all video cameras from police stations so as to protect the cops. No, not all cops are like this praise God. but as we get closer to the end, more and more will emulate Hitler's tactics. Sadly, some large cities have already started. YouTube is literally drenched with videos proving this. Still... our God saw this happening 6000 years ago. So, trust Him. He knows what you can and cannot handle. 1 Corinthians 10:13 confirms this.

09/10/2010 14:36:04 Soft core Calvin Klein ad featured on Sesame Street YouTube channel
"While pre-schoolers are watching Elmo they are also catching glimpses of erotic, self-described "Uncensored" content." -With today's technology this type of ad could have been easily prevented on this pre-schoolers channels. But they didn't prevent it at all. Society is most assuredly doing all it can to spawn children who will be in bondage to the sins of the flesh.

09/10/2010 14:36:02 Another oil spill, this time in Romeoville, IL
"Crews have been on the scene for 18 hours cleaning up an oil leak in Romeoville. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports from the scene." -It's beginning to look more and more and more like the USA is being punished for offending the Creator God. Truth is, this nation's leaders deserve everything they get. May God have mercy on their souls. Please pray the leaders that are open to the Lord do in fact get on the right path. No, they won't stop the prophesied events headed our way, but at least they may make it home to Heaven.

09/09/2010 12:30:10 Warning signs of a major quake?
"Oklahoma quake cluster raising concerns." -Six small earthquakes on one day (Sabbath) in Oklahoma. They say this is "ordinary," but the planet wasn't created to fall apart like this. As prophesied, it's happening just as our Lord said it would. What amazes me is no one seems to notice how accurate Christian prophecy is. But they will clamor to read horoscopes and crystal balls with complete faith. Even thought they have been at best only 18% correct. That's means they're 82% wrong! In short... it will be their very own fault they're not ready when Jesus splits that Eastern sky.

09/09/2010 12:32:02 Dozens of houses burn to the ground in Detroit
"Downed power line, heavy winds lead to dozens of house fires." -Amazing how strange things like this keep happening. Somany disasters all around the world due to Nature running amuck. Just the other day we had wind gusts of 81.5 mph on a Sunny day right here in Indiana. Strange indeed I must say! Nary a cloud in the sky! What gets me about this is, with all our technology they can't figure out a way to automatically cut power to electric lines once they fall from a pole? How many people have died, and how many homes and businesses have to be lost due to this happening every single day all around the world before they do something? Truth is, don't expect them to anytime soon. Due to the love of many waxing cold as Jesus predicted, they see this as an "acceptable loss."

09/08/2010 14:27:42 Florida pastor to burn Koran

"Terry Jones knows his plan to burn Korans on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks is radical, and that's exactly what he wants. He believes it is what Jesus Christ would do." -I wasn't planning on commenting on this Pentecostal pastor as I see it as nothing more than a fame generating fiasco. But I have been getting emails asking me to comment, so I guess I have to say something. Yes I do believe Islam is of the devil just like this pastor does. But so is Satanism, Catholicism, Hinduism, drugs, sex, rock and roll etc. Why not burn their books as well? Truth is, I don't see anything wrong with burning the Koran, especially if it's done to make a point to his Christian flock. After all, it's just a book. But I wouldn't do it in front of Muslims. As we watch this unfold it's apparent he is making sure the media is involved. That's grandstanding plain and simple. Yes, I think it's proper for a Christian to proclaim the truth boldly and without apology. After all, the Bible doesn't say "sin begets a tummy ache." It's say sin begets death. Still, to purposely make oneself a target for ridicule makes Christianity look unloving. Yes, Jesus called the Pharisees liars and hypocrites to their face. But the key here is He did it "to their face," not from a pre planned community insult. Burning the Koran looks just as unChristlike as Westboro Baptists claiming "God hates fags." This is not how we are to evangelize people. Nor do we portray Christians that trust the Lord by carrying guns on our hips like this pastor's doing. If this pastor truly had a Christ like burden for the Muslims, then he should approach them one on one to share Jesus with them. Matthew 5:44 says, "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" You will get many more to listen by sharing Christ than you will by grandstanding on the TV news with a torch in one hand and a Koran in the other. We already know they think that book is holy. Sharing truth with them one on one is the only way this will work. The only thing I can see him doing now is angering the Muslims, just like the Westboro crowd angers homosexuals. Bottom line is, no, Jesus would not burn the Koran in a public forum, nor would He carry a 40 caliber pistol designed to kill His fellow man on his hip. He would walk up to a Muslim and tell Him gently and lovingly to His face that he is in sin and can be saved from Hell if He accepts Him as Lord. But no, He wouldn't publicly insult him for his lack of understanding. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to love thy neighbor, but only if he is a Christian. That's not how you spread Christianty.

09/08/2010 14:27:42 Conn. Christian seminary trains Muslims, Jews
"A Connecticut Christian seminary has the only program in the country that also teaches muslims and jews to be chaplains. AP's Bonny Ghosh visits the school that is generating interfaith controversy." -This is spiritually unhinged! It's no doubt fuled by the Vatican because they need everyone to gather as one to sing kumbaya. How can they see it's acceptable to join in studying the Bible as well as the Koran in the same school? There are so many Christian Bible passages that specifically teach this is sin! How is it possible to teach using the Bible when the Bible specifically says don't do this? The only way is to use the Bibles Rome has re-written that push the ecumenical charge. Loving the Muslim and sharing Christ with them is one thing. Sitting next to them in a "Christian" school to learn their Koran is not of God. James 4:4 says, "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." It's beginning to be more and more impossible to find real Christians now-a-days. But then, when you have schools that teach like this, is it any wonder?

09/07/2010 13:31:02 Colorado wildfire destroys dozens of homes
"Authorities near Boulder says a wind-driven wildfire has destroyed numerous homes and has prompted the evacuation of at least 1,000 people. Firefighters and aerial tankers are trying to control the blaze. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports." -The video actually says 3500 were evacuated. Does anyone find it odd that the USA has so many wildfires?

09/07/2010 13:31:02 Police: Man allowed wife to be eaten by maggots
"An Ohio man has been indicted in the death of his wife after authorities say she was found with rotting bed sores and maggots on her." -No, he didn't allow her to be eaten in his home after she died. She was very much alive when he allowed the maggots to eat her via bed sores and the like. Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." And so it has.

09/06/2010 14:37:56 Family pit bull mauls 85-year old grandmother
"A family pet killed a grandmother in McMinn County, Tenn. The sheriff says a woman's pit bull attacked her for no reason. 85-year-old Mattie Daugherty had her dog for nine years." -This is happening more and more and more now with this specific breed of dog. Why are they still allowed to be pets? Especially after seeing this dog wouldn't let go even after it was shot!

09/06/2010 14:39:48 Cops taser Calif. man in his living room
He slipped and fell and hurt himself, but as you see on the video the cops wanted to take him to the hospital because he was "depressed." When he refused, and even though he showed no violent actions towards police, they tasered him 3 times. And they caught it on tape. Notice how he is just getting up off the couch when they tazed him! It's become apparent now that this is how the cops are trained today. Later in the clip their superiors actually admit they did the right thing in taxing him. This is what a police state is like. No, I don't post this video to make you hate cops. Most of them are good men and women, and they have been ordained to be in the position they are in. But in some cities they are being trained like this as we see is the case in this city. Soon this training method will be the norm nationwide, and then globally.

09/05/2010 13:51:54 9/11 truthers locked up for life under new law
This is a strange truth that is being shared in this video in that yes, if you think the government was in on the 911 disaster they can legally have you thrown in jail. Or if you claim Obama isn't an American citizen, or the chemtrails are evil, or no one really stepped on the moon, etc. You can be targeted as a problem and worthy of interrogation. What's worse, the military is the one that enforces this new law. They can detain you indefinitely without any avenues of escape even if you have proof they made an error. Still, even if the Christian is arrested, does it matter? Is there not a God in Israel that will stand beside His people in such trial? Amen?

09/03/2010 15:36:31 Eminent domain through the back door
"Montgomery, Alabama's plan to tear down what it considers blighted, run-down homes comes under fire." -This is big government gone crazy. They are tearing down people homes without their permission. If they cannot afford to tear down their own homes, the city does it for them and then bills them for the destruction. No love for your fellow man has grown to such an extent that no one working in this city seems to notice they are destroying peoples lives! Sadly, hundreds of homes have already been demolished. Please keep these people in prayer. Most of the time it's not their fault they're poor. In this case, it's more likely the government's failure to keep the economy strong that caused their poverty. And now that very same government is kicking them hard when they're down.

09/03/2010 15:36:31 The biggest company you never heard of
This is insane when you think about how much power one company can have in today's technologically advanced society. Only in the end times can one company have so many services to offer and most of them for government programs, including the military. What really frosts my bonnet on such a thing as this is, this is just one company that can do so much. How many more are there out there? Not many I'm sure because it would be best to have massive control with less CEO's at the helm so that Rome can get into absolutely every aspect of society when it's time to do what prophecy says they are about to do soon.

09/02/2010 13:48:00 Muslims: 'We don't want to take over this country'
Do you believe them? I'm not so sure I do. The video may be nothing more than a P.R. campaign. I guess the main reason I don't believe them is what I see happening all over the world. Take Paris for example where the cops help Muslims perform public prayers. This is actually illegal in that nation. If a Christian tried it they would be promptly arrested. Yet Muslims, who no doubt said they didn't want to take over Europe in years gone by, are now allowed to ignore the law. Click here to see another video on this. They're literally blocking streets to allow Muslim to perform the same illegal activity that would get Christians thrown in jail. Seems obvious Christians have no rights, yet Muslims do. Truth is, we know Rome invented Islam. With that in mind, it's beginning to look more and more plausible that Rome plans to use the unsuspecting Muslims to enforce the mark. Why else would they go to the trouble of creating that religion in the first place? Prophetic fact is, in the coming days, Christians will be beheaded for their faith. What modern day religion on earth is known for beheading people? Islam is. Need I say more? Well, actually yes. Rome has done beheadings, and just recently I saw pics (that I won't share) of victims in Mexico that were beheaded by Roman Catholic drug Cartels. These aren't the only similarities between Islam and Rome of course. Suffice it to say, if your eyes are open you can see what we see. These are exciting days for the Christian. No fear or anxiety, but a strong desire to see our Lord in the air! Maranatha!

09/02/2010 13:48:00 Satanic church allowed to use OK convention center
They plan to hold a Satanic ritual on October 21, 2010. This reminds me of the time a Witches coven rented a Roman Catholic Knights of Columbus hall for the same reason at the same time of year. After calls, (one form me as well) and many complaints to local officials, the Catholic church decided to stop the proceedings. Will this happen in Oklahoma? No clue. It's been a few years since then and there are a lot more wicked people in power today. So.. time will tell. In any event, this does declare we're near the end when Devil worshippers are considered a legal religion!

09/02/2010 14:03:16 NOPD Captain: Riley gave orders to shoot looters
"A New Orleans Police Department Captain says he and other officers were given orders to shoot looters in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina." -This proves the prophecy regarding the "love of many will wax cold" has been fulfilled in our day. The police are instructed by their superiors to actually kill people that are looting after the hurricane! Since when is it punishable by death for stealing? Basic reality in all this is, many of the people looting were doing so for basic food and supplies. They were in desperate need thansk to the fact the U.S. Government dragged their feet in helping them. I still believe to this day it was planned to hold back aid so as to see how well the authorities would be able to quench anarchy. They need to test such things so that they will be ready when they cause future problems wherein the people will revolt. Amazing thing in all this is, the Christians won't be in that number rioting in the streets. They know the Lord will give them what they need. And still, they will be targeted as the problem. Lack of Bible study causes many to be very blind to basic truths.

09/01/2010 15:21:55 Could this technology be ready in as little as 7 years?
Truth is, it's already here. It just needs to be implemented. This video is about how government plans to use technology to track each and everyone of us in as little as seven years. Whether it be by using fingerprints to buy groceries, eye scans to enter buildings, facial recognition to find us in a crowd, or microchips under the skin to identify us and our medical history. It's always claimed it's for our benefit of course. And it can be seen that it is for ourt benefit as well. But when they enforce the mark of the beast, and you're on the run, you won't be able to hide in a crowd or even enter a building without alerting the authorities that are looking for you. Now do you see why it was prophecied that the people of God would leave the cities? Not a lot of cameras in the cornfields.

08/01/2010 15:21:55 Christians on the defensive
"If it'd said 'Allah Akbar', the council wouldn't have dared to try and remove it," says Marianne Bons, a member of the Dutch Reformed Protestant Church. She's talking about a farm roof on which 'Jesus saves' is painted in enormous letters. The council says the text has to go. The farm's owner, evangelical Christian Joop van Ooijen, is refusing to obey. The affair has united Christians of all persuasions behind the message." -These people are actually Sabbath keeping Christians. Please keep them in prayer. They are being persecuted for their faith. Also pray for those persecuting them. They are being tested as well.