09/12/2013 16:24:08 Jihadists give tours of captured Christian sites in Syria
"No comments were posted in the article." The reporter says the Muslims are demanding the Christians deny Christ and convert to Islam or face beheading. Is this not exactly what prophecy says they will do? And is this not also a smoking gun/fingerprint of Vatican influence within the pages of the Koran at the same time?

09/12/2013 16:24:08 Tony Abbott- Jesuit Trained Rhodes Scholar
"Australian Prime Minister candidate Tony Abbott is a Jesuit trained Rhodes Scholar that was to be in the priesthood before he got into politics." --Rome has won a major victory here. This man is not only an obedient Roman Catholic politician, like William Jefferson Clinton who was also trained by Jesuits. Abbott is also a Jesuit trained politician to boot. Australia is about to find out the hard way how oppressive Rome can be in their very own homeland very soon. And yes.. Tony Abbot did in fact win the election. He is right now the new Prime Minister of Australia!

09/06/2013 14:31:09 New Video Uploaded!
This new video is based on an article I reported on the Truth Provided Broadcast back in October of 2003. It seems the Bible is now illegal and cannot be placed or shared in Canadian hospitals. They make up any excuse then can to make the Bible appear dangerous or "annoying to others" as they're doing here, so as to assure those that vote will be in agreement with that which their leaders desire. They know, if the Bible is readily available people will read it. And if people read it, they will not be in agreement with their leaders. The video is tilted "Bible Banned in Canadian Hospitals." Just click the headline of this article to go to www.John1429.org and it will start to play automatically.  

09/11/2013 15:26:39 Pope: The Church is our Mother: she gives us life and accompanies us
"During his weekly general audience, Pope Francis described the Church as a Mother. He explained that just like a parent, the Church gives life, nourishes and accompanies her children throughout life." --In literally thousands of Bible verses we are taught it is our God that gives life and nourishes each and every one of us daily. But the Pope, being the prophesied man of sin, must demand his followers deny the Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit so as to follow him and his dogma. As the people are led to look to creation, instead of their Creator for such things, Satan has them right where he needs them to be.

09/11/2013 15:26:39 Various religious faiths join Pope during prayer vigil
"Nearly 100,000 people prayed for peace alongside Pope Francis during Saturday's vigil. The same number as the victims killed during two and a half years of violence in Syria." --Almost every false and worldly religion known to man was praying that day to their false gods along with the Pope as their leader. This is the ultimate sign that he is not only the man of sin; He is also one that hates Christ and His written Word wherein it states clearly in 2 Thessalonians 3:6,14 Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us. And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed." Instead of doing the will of the true and ever living God, wherein many will be moved to repentance as an end result, this Pope, and all the other false leaders gathered with him embrace the many demonic gods just as prophecy predicted they would so as to gather Satan's forces together as one. It's no mistake this is being done in the Vatican square as well. Satan's coming out day is very near. Soon, all we will see on earth is two religions squaring off. One that obeys, glorifies and honors the Creator God, and all the rest gathered with Rome that will seek to kill those that honor the Lord.

09/10/2013 14:17:54 Chemtrail Poisons are Ruining Your Health from Above, and You may Not Know
"Just one of the chemicals being sprayed profusely in chemtrails, aluminum, causes all sorts of health problems. The chemical attacks the nervous system, primarily, and cause everything from disturbed sleep, nervousness, emotional instability, memory loss, headaches, and impaired even impaired intellect. Whether this is an intentional or accidental side effect of chemtrails spraying remains to be uncovered." --It appears deliberate. Reason being is, as the man stated on the video, the flu shots of a years ago carried the shingles gene. It then lays dormant in the body until "turned on" by another chemical. Directly after the chemtrails were sprayed that had the chemical that "turned on" the shingles gene, Walgreens began a widespread shingles vaccine campaign that netted them millions! Three things: #1, They are in fact using this to make money. #2. they are testing bio-chemical warfare on their own citizens! #3, if they're testing how to sicken us, what's stopping them from testing mind altering drugs on us? After all, was that not prophesied to happen? (See Revelation 18:23) The only way to protect against such an attack is to have the promised hedge of angels all around you. And only obedient Christians can claim that.

09/10/2013 14:17:53 'US citizen has no right to free speech?' State Dept spokesperson grilled over Snowden
"After Russian and international human rights advocates and lawyers met with Snowden at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on Friday, the US said it was disappointed in Russia for considering the whistleblowers asylum. During a daily press briefing State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki was given a thorough grilling on the Snowden affair by journalists, including AP's Matthew Lee and CNN's Elise Labott and was left lost for words at almost every turn." --They claim Snowden is not a "whistleblower." They also claim he is wanted for felony crimes committed in the USA. If that's true, why then are they trying to stop him from having the ability to speak? If he's not a whistleblower, then nothing he says should matter. Sometimes it's just that easy to expose the lie.

09/09/2013 14:11:37 ‘It’s a Sin, But I’m Not Against It’ - Christians affirm homosexuality!
"Responses to a recent survey conducted at the 2013 Charlotte Pride Fest highlighted the ongoing ‘moral malaise’ of modern society, a Christian commentator reports." --Christian prophecy is amazing isn't it? Not only did Jesus say homosexulaity would flourish right before He returns, he also had Paul state the following in Romans 1:32, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." These "Christians" are doing exactly as the prophecy stated they would do. Please pray for them. They may not have long to repent.

09/09/2013 14:11:36 9/11 & Operation Gladio
"'Bigger than Watergate': US 'regular' meetings with Al-Qaeda's leader; documented White House 'false flag terrorism' moving people 'like sheep" --This is one shocking video! Before Rome took the Whitehouse as their own in Reagan's second term, activity like this was unheard of, or at the very least extremely rare. Now it seems it has become common policy to use false flag attacks at home and abroad to move their political agenda forward. Only Rome has been prophesied to do this and has been documented as known to do this in history. Better yet, prophecy also predicted Rome would use the USA in the last days to do her bidding. After all, Rome is the smallest nation on earth. They needed to be able to control the USA in order to have access to our military forces. This video makes it much easier to shine a light on that smoking gun. Literally.

09/08/2013 12:09:01 Archbishop urges Christians to ‘repent’ over ‘wicked’ attitude to homosexuality
"The Most Rev Justin Welby told an audience of traditional born-again Christians that they must “repent” over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated in the past and said most young people viewed Christians as no better than racists on the issue." --It is overly evil men like this who stand as leaders in the church that will be used of Satan to make obedient Christians hated the world over. True Christians do not show "wicked attitudes" towards homosexuals or anyone that sins openly.  They show compassionate concern for the plight of all sinners. But because the church's leaders are homosexual themselves, as prophecy predicted, those that obey the Lord will be looked upon hateful to them. This is always how Satan works. He makes the love of the Lord appear to be hatred so as to manipulate the hearts of those he controls into attacking God's peaceful people. So be it. Jesus is soon to come anyway as victorious and as eternal KING!

09/08/2013 12:09:00 Saint Mary’s University champion non-consensual sex with underage girls
"In a video posted on Instagram, orientation officials lead students in chanting: “SMU boys we like them YOUNG! Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that a__.” --This is what I've been warning people about for literally decades. If you allow the blatantly immoral prelates of Rome to educate your children, the demons they possess will be more than happy to gather around and even within your children as well. But then, this is also just deserts of all those parents that have ignored the overwhelming evidence that their priests do in fact molest their children. You parents know for a fact this is all true. But you have shown you don't care to protect your children. Therefore you give permission to Satan to do as he pleases with them. Nothing short of absolute repentance and an exodus from this church can save you and your children. Will you do it? Sadly, prophecy does predict most of you won't. Still.. we do pray for you because we know a small number will leave.

09/06/2013 14:31:08 Russia proves Assad did not use chemical weapons
"Russia has released expert findings showing that a chemical attack in Syria was apparently conducted by the rebels, and not the regime; while in US, Obama's push for a strike on Syria has passed the first hurdle - after the Senate committee voted in favor of the resolution." --This Russian announcement was done for two reasons. #1, it alerts the world with credible sources that Obama is lying about Syria so as to start a war, and any action taken by Russia to stop him will be justified. #2, since Russia now knows for a fact Obama is lying, they will side with Syria on this if Obama attacks. The fact China, a friend of Syria and Russia, is right now sending warships to the coast of Syria, confirms this will bring about World War III if Obama refuses to back down. What will Obama decide? Time will tell. Knowing Rome and their many puppets in Washington as we do, it doesn't look good at all. This is why "videos like this" warning Congress and the world of what's at stake have been popping up online. Still, will it matter? Especially since Obama just initiated a surprise meeting with Putin today? Could it be he has a way to "convince: him to go along with his plans to bomb Syria? Again.. time will tell.

09/06/2013 14:31:08 Ecumenism: Pope Francis meets with leader of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
"Pope Francis welcomed Moran Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicos for the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. It's based in in Kerala State in India, and even though it is not in full communion with Rome, ecumenical ties have increased in the past few years." --In other words, now that the USA is ready to pounce on Syria, the Pope is no doubt declaring they need to do as he demands. Will there be war in Syria? It all depends on who bows to the Pope first.

30/08/2013 12:56:53 New Video Uploaded!

--This video is a remake of an old Truth Provided Audio clip I did back in May of 2003. It's title is "Cultivating the Scoffer." I not only expose a few psychics and well as some very popular "so called" prophets of our day as false prophets. I illustrate how they are used by Satan to cultivate doubt in the hearts of many. I pray this video helps some realize why the false prophets do as they do. Just go to http://www.john1429.org and this video will begin to play immediately.

09/05/2013 15:28:35 Elementary students taught that government is 'your family'
"Fourth-graders learning bad lesson?" --This is exactly what Hitler did with the children in his nation directly before he came to power. And right after they "learned" this, they became loyal to him to the point where these children actually turned their own parents in to be killed. And now we see Obama doing this with our children? See this video to see what I mean.

09/05/2013 15:28:35 Sinkholes swallowing up the earth all over the world
"What are sink holes? Why do Sink Holes exist? The largest sink holes popping up everywhere. Sink holes are swallowing people and houses. No one knows why sink holes are happening. There are sink holes around the world now." --The music in the video reminds me of the ancient Roman / Pagan Gregorian chant that is sung often in the Vatican churches. But the pictures in the video don't lie. Truth is, it's not the first time "sink holes" have occurred. See Numbers 16:32, Numbers 26:10 and Psalm 106:17.

09/04/2013 14:29:50 Rush: Syrians gassed with help from U.S.?
"Limbaugh told listeners he was prepared to brush his friends’ opinions aside until he read an article by Yossef Bodansky, former director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, which claims that the chemical weapons attack was carried out by al Qaida terrorists posing as Syrian rebels, and that the U.S. may have had foreknowledge of the attack." --Finally someone in the mainstream is seeing what those outside the mainstream have reported on from the start. Truth is usually stranger than fiction. It looks bad for Obama and his cohorts now that evidence has surfaced suggesting Assad was framed so as to allow Obama a reason to go into Syria. My opinion? Rome has its sights on Syria just as they did for Afghanistan and Iraq and still have for Sudan and Iran. These nations refuse to bow in worship to the Pope, even after Arafat did so on camera. So as is par for the course in Rome, they will do whatever is necessary to get them to. As soon as "every" nation on earth is forced to change their constitutions to allow for Sunday Laws, as 175 has done thus far, it is then you will see the mark of the beast enforced. Watching these wars and rumors of wars is merely a barometer of sorts letting the students of prophecy know how close we are.

09/04/2013 14:29:49 NSA broke privacy rules "thousands of times each year," report says
"The National Security Agency broke privacy rules "thousands of times each year" since 2008, The Washington Post reported, citing an internal audit and other documents." --As prophesied, many that stand as leaders in this nation are actually considered to be criminals by every sense of the word. This is our society today and this is how the end times were prophesied to be. Sadly, prophecy also says it's going to get much worse when it comes to tactics for control.

09/03/2013 14:11:13 Driver Narrowly Escapes Being Crushed By Giant Boulder in Taiwan
"A dashcam camera in a following car captured the white sedan driving on a road along the country's northern coast during Tropical Storm Kong-rey's flooding weather. Out of nowhere, a massive boulder rolls down the mountain, sits up on its point, and looks as if it's going to crush the car. Instead it 'u-turns' and rolls back safely, saving the driver from disaster." --Was the driver a Christian? Did the promised hedge of angels protect him? We will find out later when we get home of course. But my question to you is; would YOU have that hedge of angels about you when unforeseen disaster rolls your way? Truth is, even if the boulder did crush the car; if the driver was a Christian, he would later be granted eternal life anyway when the Lord returns to awaken him out of his grave. In short.. it's a win win situation... but only for the Christian. For everyone else, it's only death and damnation.

09/03/2013 14:11:13 Police not interested in brutal beating on tape
"A couple’s early-morning walk in the world famous French Quarter of New Orleans turned into a nightmare when they were beaten savagely by three black attackers in a horrifying scene that was caught on camera. Then it got worse: The responding police officer decided it wasn’t worth filing a report." --In a police state, the police make all the rules. If they don't want to investigate, they simply won't investigate. All we see happening here is the birth pangs of socialism. Which by the way was the published command of the previous Pope.

09/02/2013 13:15:49 Careless crackdown on whistleblowers won't stop
"Monday marks one thousand days of confinement for WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, most of it under house arrest." --What most Americans are missing here is that after 1000 days have transpired since he released documents exposing the US Government, it has been found that all of it was true. Yet, he is still in danger of being killed or jailed for life? And not one political leader seems to care? The enemy of souls is educating his pawns on how to hate those that speak truth. This is why the hatred of Christians has escalated over the last few years as well.

09/02/2013 13:15:49 The ARGUS-IS plane has real-time 1.8 gigapixel resolution
"no comments found on video" --I posted this video from a different source a year or so back. But I feel it bears repeating in that it shows how easily the powers that be can track each and every human on the face of the earth at any given time. Worse yet, they can even back-track you hours, days, weeks, months or even years AFTER you left the area! Still think the mark of the beast cannot be enforced in our day?

09/01/2013 14:17:15 Church Sign: "Jesus had two dads and He turned out just fine"
"One church's hilarious, and effective, statement against Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin has gone viral after a local citizen put a photo of the church signboard online." --Amazing, they not only report on this sign as if it's "hilarious, and effective", they declare it to be "wise." But it's not only the most blasphemous statement to date, second only to the Pope's prophesied claim to be a "God on earth." It's also absolutely horrendous. What they're intimating here is that Joseph and God the Father were homosexual lovers! What they fail to realize is, the God of Joseph stated plainly in both the Old and New Testament that homosexuality is a damnable sin. So, how can this sign be "wise" by any stretch of the imagination? But seeing how we are very near the end, where Jesus said homosexuals would run rampant across the land, it is prophetic to say the least. This church is a definite "sign" of the times!

09/01/2013 14:17:14 Obama authorizes military strike on Syria
"President Barack Obama announced from the White House grounds Saturday that the U.S. should take military action against Syria, but said he would wait long enough to first seek congressional approval." --When you watch the video, check out how he says "I will seek authorization..from Congress." He acts as if this is something new he's doing and he's somehow special for doing so. But the truth is, that's actually what he's supposed to do before going to war. Methinks he thus fear the people who by majority now know he's playing the part of dictator way too often. And by the way, when you read the comments on this page or check the media outlets, why is it no one is bringing up the fact that the Syrians were winning? They didn't need to attack their own. Only those losing the war that are cornered respond with desperate measures. Looks to me like they (the Syrians) are being set up just like Saddam Hussein was. Plus... doesn't' anyone remember their plans to attack Syria years ago?

30/08/2013 12:56:53 Gardasil video ignores side effects including 'death'
"A new video by the federal government intended to encourage the use of a virus vaccine that has been linked to seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, memory loss, Guillain-Barré syndrome and even death includes a warning that the side effects could be merely “dizziness and stomach aches.” --Did they not know many would know they're lying? Yes, of course they knew. But they do it anyway because there's money to be made from those uneducated enough to take these drugs. When you have a pool of over 300 million potential customers at your disposal, even if 50% refuse to buy your product, over 150 million may!

29/08/2013 13:20:57 Jordan's king discuss need for dialogue in Syria with pope Francis

"Seemingly caught in the midst of the current Middle East crisis, Jordan's King Abdullah II and his wife, Queen Rania, met with Pope Francis for a brief audience at the Vatican." --What business does a "church" have in politics? None! UNLESS that church is home to Satan, the author of corrupt politics. The Vatican is not just a "church." It's also a political entity just as prophecy predicted it would be. Also keep in mind that the Syrian people by majority are Muslim. There is no need to speak to the Pope UNLESS it's as students of prophecy have been stating for eons. The Popes control the politics of the world because, as prophecy also predicts, he has plans to rule the planet. So of course, in today's age of lying and corrupt politics, Syria needs to talk with the Pope. His prophesied love affair with Islam dictates loudly that it's only due to the Pope's influence in that region that we see war in the first place.

29/08/2013 13:20:57 Black mob-in-training bullies white girl, 3
"This is the worst video of black mob violence you will see today. Maybe ever: Four black children beat and taunt a three-year old white girl. Then the cameraman posted it on Facebook over the weekend with the heading, “When white people piss black people off.” --All these children are innocent and beautiful. But their actions are very guilty and ugly. Still, they are children and they can only do as they are taught in the home. Since the love of many has waxed so cold, something as trivial as skin color has made many overly angry. May God have mercy on their souls and the souls of their parents.

28/08/2013 14:49:44 Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself
"A mother in Montana is outraged that a high school teacher who admitted raping her 14-year-old daughter received only a month in prison, while her daughter took her own life." --The judge actually reasoned the 14 yr old child was "in as much control of the situation" as the rapist was, and therefore a lenient sentence was necessary. Yet the fact she killer herself afterwards proves he was dead wrong about her "control of the situation." This teacher was responsible for her death as well. Yet he only got 30 days in jail? Knowing what time it is, and how insanity is becoming the norm in high office, could this be a trend towards allowing teachers to attack just as the Vatican allows priests? After all, both are now run by the same beast, and both are repeat offenders. It has become downright dangerous for children to go to school now, so rather than remove the bad element, they slap their wrists and move them to a different school? Sound familiar?

28/08/2013 14:49:44 Beer-brewing monks celebrate 1 year of production
"Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy, celebrate their first year of beer production." --The monk claims on camera that many don't come to church at all. But because they sell beer, the monks can have "religious" contact with them. No, they don't preach to them, the monks just believe they are holy and the people are blessed by their presence. This is how strange Catholicism is. And all of this is besides the fact Scripture says alcohol defiles the body and drunkards are not allowed in Heaven. They sell 15,000 bottles of beer every month. One can only image how many thousands of lives they destroy each and every month! Even a little child that has lost a loved one due to alcohol knows how this devilish brew destroys lives. Yet these so called leaders of the faith can't see it? Just one more reason to "come out of her my people." -Revelation 18:4

27/08/2013 14:00:10 Leaked Documents: U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack
"Make no mistake this was a crime against humanity... but the gas was NOT used by the Syrian government, it was used by the NATO backed rebels. In this video we're going to show you definitive evidence to support this claim and we're going explain the U.S. and NATO's motive for committing such an atrocity. The leaked documents that we are going to be presenting are available for you to download yourself." --In this prophesied age of lying, false flag attacks will continue on as the norm. Prophecy says the USA will be used by the Vatican to enforce her mark worldwide. But as anyone with half an ounce of gray matter will tell you, Rome has to be in control of the US Government long before they do that. Students of prophecy have been warning people about Rome's victory over the USA as far back as Reagan's second term. Due to the fact lies are more attractive than the truth for those in power, as well as on couches, all that was exposed and well documented was ignored, and now we see Rome using the American military exactly as we expected. And still.. many scoff?

27/08/2013 14:00:10 Fiji's new constitution protects government from prosecution
"In April the first draft of Fiji's constitution was criticised by human rights groups. The Attorney General has amended it and released a final version, but critics are again calling it flawed." --When governmental leaders are corrupt they will look for any way possible to protect themselves from prosecution and exposure. And so their newly ratified constitution will no doubt be called to reflect this desire and their media outlets will have to be regulated as we see here in America wherein the majority of News reports are either enhanced with fiction, or fictional outright. Soon, all the nations will follow suit, especially those convinced by Rome to create new Constitutions, so as to allow for Sunday laws, and criminal acts will flourish in the so called halls of justice. That was prophesied, and that will happen.

26/08/2013 13:08:08 Bar mitzvah video sparks debate over culture of excess
"For some boys reaching the age of bar mitzvah, donning a prayer shawl and reading from the Torah is exciting enough. But Sam Horowitz knew he wanted more. The Dallas teen is the star of a bar mitzvah video that has gone viral in the past two weeks, earning Horowitz a guest appearance on “Good Morning America” and more than 760,000 views on YouTube (and counting), though the actual bar mitzvah happened last year." --Wow! What a shocker!! Instead of glorifying the Lord and His Word at a traditional (though now Scripturally obsolete) Bar Mitzvah, some young Jews opt rather to glorify the flesh and the music of Hell before all their peers. But then this was expected to happen after 2000 years of denying their own Bible prophecies regarding Messiah Jesus. Who by the way also prophesied of their spiritual demise in the days He returns.

26/08/2013 13:08:08 We Pay, They Spy: NSA backs Silicon Valley with taxpayers' money
"Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook - all of them received millions of taxpayer's dollars from the NSA, in return for helping to illegally spy on unsuspecting web users." --It truly boggles my mind at how blatantly bold our elected officials are in the crimes they commit now-a-days. Not only do they do these illegal acts before the eyes of billions, they force us to pay them to do so. Prophecy did say however that injustice would be the norm in our day. That being said, don't let this anger you. Satan loves to do such things so that we are tempted to hate. And we all know what Jesus said about hating our fellowman. In case you forgot what the Word says on this, see 1 John 3:15.

25/08/2013 12:02:33 Hispanic Americans leaving Catholicism for Islam
"With more than 50 million Hispanics living in the US, the Latino community is now the country's biggest minority. While most are brought up within the Catholic Church, a number of them are turning to Islam." --As most evangelists will tell you, Hispanics are a very zealous people when it comes to their faith. That being said, can you see why so many are converting to Islam? No, it's not because it's the right thing to do; it's because they have been lied to for so long by Rome that they were easy targets of Islamic evangelists. Especially since their Pope sanctions Islam as if it is of God. When you base your faith on lie, "new and improved" lies will work just as well. And now that 50 million Mexicans are living in America, one can see a means by which to grant a strong political base when their numbers grow exponentially. Now do you see why the Vatican has their schools teaching Islam? Satan has already been admitted as the one that runs this church. He doesn't care if they kill the Christians for Rome or for Islam, as long as the task is done. When it comes to pawns, Rome is the largest pawn of Satan. Her fruits have confirmed that 100 fold.

25/08/2013 12:02:33 Students not told 'kidnapping' actually SWAT training
"A SWAT training exercise in Ohio has generated a lot of online outrage after it was reported that students aboard the bus when a “gunman” hijacked it and tied up children were not told it was an exercise." --They literally terrorized those children! What were they thinking?! What's worse, the people that fabricated the entire ordeal saw absolutely no wrong in doing this? What if one of the kids broke a window and jumped out of the bus out of sheer terror and died? What if one of them attacked the gunman and got hurt in the process. What if the teens stormed the driver and purposely crashed the bus to try and save some lives? What were they thinking?!

23/08/2013 13:52:41 Worst assault on Christians since the Middle Ages?
"no comments found on video." --You know it's getting bad when a mainstream media outlet leads with a story about Christians being persecuted. Yes, these are "Coptic" Christians, and yes they embrace many Roman Catholic doctrines. But for the most part, like most Catholics, these people have no idea they have been lied to by their leaders. We must understand that since our Lord winks at our ignorance, he also winks at theirs. (See Acts 17:30 & 1 Timothy 1:13) So pray they not only come to the truth as it is in Christ Jesus; but that they get to safety before the Muslims, who are sanctioned by all so called Christians churches in America, including the SDA and RCC church. In America, it's much easier to destroy Christians by simply manipulating their faith and morals to lure them to complacency. In other countries where most people aren't jaded by the American dream (nightmare) these people won't fall for such idiocies. So, the only option left is to destroy their churches and actually kill them.

23/08/2013 13:52:41 Busted! U.S. Backs False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria!
"They scrubbed it ...But we got the cached Copy !!! 4 now! This as close as it gets to having proof they have a plan for this ! Get the cached copy before its gone!" --As expected, eventually the truth does come out. But I must say I never thought it would come out this fast! Even though they state in this article that the US was behind the "idea" to pull off a chemical attack and blame it on Syria, as students of prophecy we know Rome now controls the US Government. In any event, they tried to hide all this from the public and we now have the proof the article was removed so as to hide their expected agenda. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

22/08/2013 15:42:58 Welfare pays more than minimum wage in most states
"Welfare pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, creating little incentive for Americans to take entry-level work and likely increasing their long-term dependency on government help, according to a new study by the libertarian think tank Cato Institute." --This is exactly what the government planned for. They do this to make people dependent so that when it comes time to enforce the mark, the millions of families they have on welfare will have absolutely no choice but to do as Rome demands, or their welfare is cut off. The man in the video claims welfare is designed to only be "temporary." But that's simply not true. I know people that have been on it for decades and I know for a fact you can get thousands per month if you have a big family. When you're getting all that free money and food stamps every month for years on end, you become at ease and complacent to the point you have no incentive to hone a craft or seek a career. Why bother getting a job when the government will pay you to sit at home watching TV all day?

22/08/2013 15:42:58 Teen Murder Suspects Were 'Bored and Had Nothing to Do'
"Oklahoma teenagers allegedly gunned down an Aussie college student in broad daylight." --Prophecy stated our cities would be "full of violence" before Jesus arrives. (See Ezekiel 7:23) That day has arrived 100 times over already. Not only is this a good reason to get out of the cities as prophecy also commands, it's also paramount you understand that unless you're walking with Christ in obedience, if you are taken down by another "bored" killer, you will have lost all chance to repent and gain eternal life. In today's world, even the young know they can die any moment now. It's not just the old that contemplate death on a regular basis now. Even our young are subject to this harsh cold reality of the end days we live in now that Satan's time is short and his pawns are ramping up his attack.

21/08/2013 14:47:38 Constitution-Free Border Zones
"As new revelations of NSA abuses continue to emerge on a daily basis, even the most politically oblivious Americans are now aware that the 4th Amendment has for all intents and purposes been consigned to the dustbin of history. This will be no surprise at all, however, for those who have been following the escalating chain of abuses that have been taking place in America's border areas for decades now." --The NSA now emulates Hitler and his tactics word for word. Prophecy said they would do away with the US Constitution and we now see very clearly that they are right now doing just that!

21/08/2013 14:47:37 Watch 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson's Antiabortion Speech
"The family members in A&E's monster hit reality series "Duck Dynasty" have always been upfront but not in-your-face about their faith on camera. Off camera, though, the Robertsons are not afraid to loudly proclaim their religious beliefs, including their stance against abortion." --I don't know this man, nor do I know of his religious background. But what I do know is the historic facts he laid out in this speech are accurate. Why is it that all that truth he mentions become literally illegal to share on American streets and especially around abortion clinics today? 4 simple words... It's the End Times.

20/08/2013 14:41:47 NSA abuse 'huge' as agency revels in terror powers
"Obama vowed that there are plenty of checks and balances on NSA surveillance to keep the agency in line. But an internal audit shows thousands of interceptions each year that are illegal even by the agency's admission. So how did it become so powerful?" --It's not as important to ask "how," but to ask "why." Prophecy declared long ago that the United States would become very evil, especially towards Christians. (click here for more info) Satan knows his time is very short, so he is doing all he can to make his pawns in leadership positions hate the Christians and then pinpoint the locations of those that threaten his agenda. Not to worry obedient ones, we have many promises from our Lord that all will be perfectly ok very soon. Including the promise found in Isaiah 54:17 that says, "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."

20/08/2013 14:41:46 Snowden's suspected encrypted email service forced to close
"The encrypted email service believed to have been used by Edward Snowden has suspended operations. In a statement on the company's website Lavabit's owner suggested he had received a search order from the US government and then been gagged from talking about it. Since then a second US-based encrypted email service has closed its doors." --This is a shocking development to say the least! I got word of it a few days ago but held off on posting it to make sure it was as I thought. Sadly, it was. Some registered users of our online Conference Rooms use Lavabit email and now their emails bounce back as well. Since Snowden used Lavabit to encrypt his emails, all users of Lavabit are now affected. No, the government can't read their emails, because they are encrypted. But the government did force Lavabit to close its doors so as to prevent Snowden from going further. Now here's the obvious annoyances in all this. Because the government wants this obvious illegal action against Lavabit kept quiet, you won't see any huge government seals posted on Lavabit's site as you did on other websites that were shut down. Still, Lavabit did post a public statement on their main page, and it does expose the United States Government as behind their "decision" to close.

19/08/2013 15:53:45 "God Is Dead" Drawing to Remain Displayed in Public School Classroom
“It made my daughter very uncomfortable,” Crystal Mitchell told WAGA-TV. “If my child can’t pray in school and they’ve taken religion out of school, for this to be plastered on the walls of school, is a huge concern for me.” --How can they claim the mention of God is off limits when they allow posters that do in fact mention Him like this? It teaches the children that double standards are commonplace in society and can be used to your advantage as long as it's used to belittle those with faith. Atheists constantly complained when kids were allowed to pray in Schools, so Roman Catholic John F. Kennedy outlawed prayer in schools. If that's the way it's to be in this "Christian" nation, then any mention of the God that is prayed to, even if it's done in a negative manner must also be outlawed. But as we see here, they have no plans to remove the poster. Kennedy's unjust law within a Christian nation is why all images of Christianity have been banned from schools. But then isn't this poster also considered illegal? Calling it "art" as the Principle assumes is the exact same tactic pornographers have been using for decades so as to force-feed the general public all sorts of smut. As soon as Jesus gets here they will find out just how deadly their "art" was to them, their friends and their very own children. May the very God they claim is dead have mercy on their souls.

19/08/2013 15:53:45 California lawmaker pulls son from class over transgender law
"A Republican state lawmaker says a new California law allowing transgender students to choose which restroom and locker room they use is part of the reason at least one of his sons will not return to his local public school this fall." --The only thing about this is the fact that there are still some lawmakers that have some inkling as to what common sense reality dictates when it comes to simple Christian morals.

08/09/2013 13:59:29 New Video Uploaded!

This video is titled, "Vatican's Love for Violence and Death." This video touches on something Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said before he became Pope. What amazes me is how they act as if historic fact simply doesn't exist when it comes to their own violent and well documented acts against mankind. Again, this video, like that last few, won't be posted on my YouTube page because YouTube deleted a video after the Roman Catholic church asked them to, citing copyright infringement, which is an easy to see bold faced lie. But I will let the Lord deal with the likes of these. May God have mercy on their souls for, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10:31) Besides, the videos are getting plenty of hits per day at John1429.org now so, we don't need YouTube anymore anyway. When you get to John1429.org just click on the very first video. It's the one highlighted in yellow.

18/08/2013 14:19:18 Oakland shooting caught on dashboard cam
"At least six people were near the intersection, but it did not deter the gunman from shooting. About 15 feet away from the gunman, a teenage witness did not run away, hide or duck from the gunfire, as if it’s just another day in Oakland." --This is one of the easier prophecies to see fulfilled in our day. Ezekiel 7:23 says, "the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." It's so bad in most cities now that those shooting don't care how many witnesses are present when they murder people, and the bystanders themselves simply consider the gunplay as normal as conversation between people on the street. The fact that teenager nearby didn't bother to duck and cover says it all.

18/08/2013 14:19:18 Nasa's Biggest find yet? Earth's Twin Discovered?
"New planet may be able to support life." --It's discoveries like this that bolster the message of the remnant people. So many, including some Christians believe that life can only exist on planet Earth. But I have to say, that's one boldly self-centered mindset to think we are the only living beings in the entire Universe. Why would the Lord create trillions of planets but only put life on one of them?

16/08/2013 14:21:33 Gruesome Story of Murdered Tennessee Couple
"According to theblaze.com after a radio caller made him aware of the extremely disturbing story of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian in Knoxville, Tenn., Glenn Beck researched the case and was horrified at what he found. Though the details are hard to hear, Beck told the couple's story in excruciating detail during his show on TheBlaze TV Tuesday. The killings occurred in 2007; however, Beck says the media failed to give the case adequate coverage due to special interests or negligence." --May God have mercy on the souls of these murderers as well as those that allow them to flourish.

16/08/2013 14:21:32 Raw: Strong Earthquake Rocks New Zealand
FYI: "A magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook New Zealand on Friday. At least six aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or stronger were also felt. Some homes and roads were damaged. (Aug .16)" --Notice the woman at 12 seconds into the video. She obviously saw the research online that shows the overwhelming majority of people that crouched down next to desks and other furniture survived while those under such things were crushed. The debris crushes the furniture, but it often leaves a triangular area of space next to the furniture. (If I could remember the video I saw on this I would post it) I share this as a warning to those in areas prone to earthquakes. But then, everyone can use this info in that the entire planet is now prone to earthquakes due to prophetic fulfillment.

15/08/2013 13:33:39 Pope Francis prays to Mary, Queen of Peace, for Egypt

THE POPE SAID: "Unfortunately, painful news has come from Egypt. I wish to ensure my prayers for all the victims and their families, the injured and all those who are suffering. Let us pray together for peace, dialogue and reconciliation in that dear nation and throughout the world. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us. Let us all say it, Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us." --When one prays, it is an act of worship towards the entity in which the prayer is addressed. Just as the Pagan's of old prayed to and offered "cakes" to the "Queen of Heaven," (See Jeremiah 7:18) the Popes of Rome pray to, offer "hot cross buns" and declare Mary "Queen of Heaven" and worthy of worship.

15/08/2013 13:33:39 USA is 70 to 211 TRILLION in debt!
"In the second edition of Venture Capital, Katie Pilbeam talks about the worrying new estimations on US debt figures with Jim Rogers, a legendary investor author of Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets." --That's right, we were lied to again. And now, it is just as prophecy said it will be when it comes to the economy. Something this big was not only prophesied, it was planned by the enemy of souls as a way to bring about the need for both a cashless society as well as a digital currency that will grant them childlike ease to stop all from "buying and selling" when it comes time to enforce Rome's mark. Stay in the Word daily and be often in prayer obedient ones. We will need all the strength our King has promised to us in the coming days.

14/08/2013 15:36:38 Pope Francis plans to consecrate the world to Our Lady
"The statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima will travel all the way from Portugal to the Vatican, where Pope Francis is planning on consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." --What many fail to realize, especially Catholics is, this confirms Catholicism is not a Christian religion. It's a Marian religion. In fact, Rome calls Mary "Queen of Heaven" just as the Pagans of old called their goddess. (See her name mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18) Worse yet is the fact that instead of consecrating the world to Jesus the Creator, the Pope is doing so to a created being, "Mary" just as Romans 1:22-27 predicted those that worship creatures instead of the Creator would do in the last days. On top of all this, the Pope is also teaching all Catholics and those that look to their Pope as a religious leader to worship idols in that he is uplifting a statue as if it's a real living being. And finally, to claim Mary's heart was "immaculate" is to call the Word of God a lie wherein it says none but Christ are free from the stain of sin. So many souls are right now being lead into the pit of Hellfire by the unholy fathers of Rome, but then prophecy did say that all the world will wonder after this beast.