31/08/2010 15:09:31 Matthew Simmons Discusses BP's Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico
"Matthew Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, talks with Bloomberg's Mark Crumpton, Lizzie O'Leary and Julie Hyman about BP Plc's oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico." -It's amazing what's shared in this interview. What get's me is that none of the TV News Networks shared this interview as fars as I can recall. Simmons, who is the one that knows better than anyone else, says there is a massive lake of oil and toxins on the Gulf floor and it's as we suspected. What they capped on TV for all to see was not the main gusher. He states clearly in the interview that BP killed the Gulf of Mexico. That is a amount of water he's talking about! That toxic kill off is now spreading all around the world killing fish as we can see by the many articles and videos. Plagues 1,2 & 3 are obviously being "held back" for now. But for how long? No man knows. What man does know is, those plagues are a certainty now! No way around this. What most don't know is, this killing off of billions of living organisms, from microscopic in nature to large fish and mammals with create a massive soup of bacteria that will eventually mutate into a huge viral plague that will supercede the 1918 Spanish flu disaster. For much more well documented info on this, see this article.

31/08/2010 15:09:30 Corexit killing fish in Massachusetts!
This is ridiculous! Where the water is naturally warm, they say "cold water is killing the fish" and where the water is naturally cold they say "warm water is killing the fish." Are you buying it? I know I'm not! Is it just a coincidence that in scores of locations all around the world we are seeing this happen right after the BP oil and the lethal toxin Corexit starts the reach their areas? That's what they want everyone to believe of course. But since BP is one of the largest and richest oil drilling companies with billions to spare on paying off the media and politicians, one can expect the lies will continue all the way up until the water turns into the blood of a dead man.

31/08/2010 15:09:30 Another tornado made of fire!
"In Hawaii, a terrifying combination of strong winds and brush fires created this "fire tornado." State officials captured this video last week of a fire caught up in a swirling twister on the Big Island." -This video is much longer than the other fire tornado video in Brazil. Plus, you can hear the wind swirling as well as see the massive amount of smoke spinning up with the twister of fire! Scary stuff indeed! I've been on this planet just over half a century and never have I seen something like this!

30/08/2010 15:15:13 Glenn Beck calls for national revival
 "Forty-seven years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech,” Fox News host Glenn Beck stood Saturday close to the spot at the Lincoln Memorial where the civil rights leader called for racial equality, urging the nation to return to "faith, hope and charity." ...The focus of the rally was more explicitly religious than political, with many speakers openly professing their Christian faith, including Beck. At points, it felt like a mixture of old-fashioned tent revival and a special (tamer than normal) episode of Beck’s show." -Again, how many times has this ministry warned that when you have many evil presidents ruining this nation, one right after the other, sooner or later someone with the public's ear was going to create a revival to get God back in D.C.? Is it not prophecied Satan will generate a false revival to get the people to follow his version of religion? No, Beck is not a preacher, nor is he a pastor. In fact, he's just a Mormon! This man is being used by Satan to help push a Church & State form of law in the USA by monopolizing on the apparent wickedness in D.C. It's a no brainer, America will accept his suggestions because they are tired of the wicked leaders that ignore the majority of Americans. Problem with Beck's suggestion is, the Republicans are just as evil as the Democrats! When the time is right, and the people are convinced their leaders speak for God, Rome will convince the law makers that Sunday Laws are needed. No, they won't say the Laws are needed to try and quench the Loud Cry we the Remnant people are preaching that empties their churches. They will claim the Law is needed to stop the calamities all around the world, which in fact are due to their sins. They obviously figure that since it "worked" to bring religion into politics, which they believe made things better. It should also work to make nature better by enforcing a day of worship on all mankind. Prophecy says they will pass Sunday laws. When they do this, I am sure the majority in this nation will cheer their leaders and declare America is finally back in tune with God! When in fact, they have just gathered as one against Him and His Law! Then, His wrath will be made clear, and the end will come! Are you ready? Are you sure!?

30/08/2010 15:15:13 "I have free speech!"
"This 10-minute clip of a protester with a Lyndon LaRouche "Impeach Obama Now" sign clashing with state fair security appeared yesterday on YouTube and is gaining buzz this morning." -This is not an easy video to watch. The man did absolutely nothing wrong. But because he had a banner that said "Impeach Obama" on it, he was forced to the ground and arrested! They won't even let him stand up after they cuffed him. In fact, a woman has to give him water while he's lying there. Free speech is gone in the USA.

30/08/2010 15:37:23 Thousands flee Indonesia volcano
"Thousands of Indonesians have spent the night in emergency shelters after fleeing an erupting volcano on the island of Sumatra. ...Mount Sinabung, some 60km (40 miles) south-west of Sumatra's main city Medan, has not erupted for 400 years." -This volcano hasn't so much as burped in 400 years, but now it's spewing all sorts of ash and lava. Better yet, it's one of many volcanoes in the ring of fire that encircles the globe and most assuredly will be used by our Lord to place His wrath upon those that have for so long ignored His love and mercy only to revel in sin as well as persecute His people for no other reason than simple hatred. Maranatha!

29/08/2010 13:33:44 Sinking oil in Pensacola Bay
I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes! This is why BP is getting away with all this. The oil is so wide spread that it actually looks like everything is normal at first glance. The oil has been chemically dispersed so well using Corexit that most of it sinks. (This is why millions of fish are dying) With this massive spread of oil comes a new strange reality I'm sure even BP didn't expect. The sheen stays afloat as we all know. But because there's so much of it now, the entire Bay looks normal to the naked eye! Truth is, it's all under a massive sheen that's so large it looks like all the water is the same color. What's worse is, this is happening hundreds of miles away from the oil platform itself.

29/08/2010 13:33:44 "Cold water" kills millions of fish and alligators in Bolivia

First off, this video is in Spanish, so someone translated it using a computer generated voice. Still, the video does show enough dead fish, alligators, dolphins, and turtles to verify something big time has happened in Bolivia. They claim it's because of cold water, but cold water never killed fish like this before. Nor was the water cold enough to die in mass numbers like this. Other articles like the one I listed above in the "Headlines" section state it's because of an unusually cold Winter in the Antarctic. Yet Al Gore, and many "reputable" scientists said it was an unsually warm Winter in Antarctic! Prophecy says pestilence will be the norm right before Jesus returns for many. All these dead fish in the waters all around the world will most assuredly posion the Ocean and inland waters even more now creating the perfect environment for the spread of disease as well as bring about plagues # 1,2 & 3. This is just the start of how bad that BP oil spill is going to get in the coming days. Problem is, most of these videos are being censored online. So, check it out as soon as possible before the authorities have the videos removed.

29/08/2010 13:48:16 Central Indiana seeing a rise in bed bugs
The only reason I'm posting this video is because this is happening in many big cities all across America now. It seems it's "especially acute in parts of Ohio" right now. They have gotten so bad that there is a list now of the 15 most infested cities to check on before visiting. New York tops the list! There are so many articles talking about this problem in big cities all across the nation that I simply can't post them all. This is just one more pestilence that is occurring, and one more reason to follow the prophecied warning to get out of the cities!

27/08/2010 13:54:20 Beat Whitey Night - Attacks mar Iowa State Fair - NBC-2.com WBBH News
"Des Moines police are investigating a string of attacks at the Iowa State Fair, and say they may be racially motivated." -They say they "may" be racially motivated? This "political correctness" has to stop! It was a racist act and it needs to be stated as such! The teens boldly declared it was "beat whitey night" and proceeded to beat on innocent white kids mercilessly. And the cops don't know it was a racial thing? Just as we suspected, the politically motivated hatred in this country is fueling a race war that may very well get completely out of hand! With illegals flooding into our borders, KKK meetings, Nazi rallies, and now this, one can easily see a pot boiling on the stove. When one group gets attacked, they usually attack back later on with revenge, which then causes the instigators to repeat their earlier attacks, which causes the victims to lash out, and so on and so forth. If this is allowed to swell out of hand, then we will all know this was part of the master plan. Civil unrest gives the authorities the right to declare martial law. I've never seen the government spend billions on any one thing without plans to use it in the future. That being said, are you aware there are right now in this nation at last count 600 concentration camps just sitting there waiting to be used!

27/08/2010 13:54:20 Timelapse: Asteroid discoveries in our solar system from 1980 to 2010
Keep in mind this is just showing the last 30 years! What does this tell us? Two things as far as I can see. #1, we truly do have a God protecting us from all that danger out there. #2, generating enough hailstones to obliterate the planet in plague #7 is not going to be a difficult task for our God in any way shape or form!

25/08/2010 13:36:35 Have a video?
Do you have a video that you think is prophetic in nature that you think Presents of God ministry should post online for all the world to see? If so, please send me an email with the llink to the video and I will check it out. By the way, do not send the video in the email as my server will reject it. Please only send the link.

25/08/2010 13:34:57 Rare fire tornado caught on film
"Severe drought and strong dry winds in Sao Paolo have caused a rare fire tornado in the northwest city of Aracatuba. A three month drought in the region has led to brush fires across Brazil, creating the conditions for the fire tornado." -If this is happening before the plagues hit, can you imagine how bad it will be when they do hit? Especially plague #4?

24/08/2010 13:54:17 Oil dispersants are only carcinogenic to animals
"Doctors along the Gulf Coast are looking well beyond the cleanup of beaches and marshes and into the potential long-term health concerns of the oil spill. And already there is evidence that people have chemicals in their blood systems from the cleanup." -It seems not all of the AMA doctors have agreed to bow to BP money and ignore the facts. The Lord has His people everywhere.

24/08/2010 13:54:17 Woman ticketed for driving too slow
"Jeanette Sedillo said was driving on Reinken Road in Belen, N.M., after 10 p.m. Wednesday when a state police officer pulled beside her and told her to get off the road. Sedillo pulled into a parking lot, questioning what she did wrong. Apparently, going too fast was not the problem: the officer wrote her a ticket for driving 6 mph under the speed limit." -Did you catch that? She wasn't going 20 or 30mph under, she was going 6mph under! There's two reasons the cop did this. #1, the municipality needs the money. #2, they need to make the people aware that they are being watched every second and will be dealt with for the slightest infraction. This will cultivate a mind in the people were they fear police. That is what Hitler did, and that is what they're doing today. By the time Martial Law is enacted they want to have the people already obeying orders on instinct. The few that refuse will be easily dealt with simply because their numbers are so small. Rome is counting on the "sheeple" to make their agenda easier.

23/08/2010 13:32:41 Charged with rape: Wikileaks' Assange wanted in Sweden
"The founder of the Wikileaks website Julian Assange has been accused of rape in Sweden. Authorities say they have issued a warrant for his arrest. The website has said the charges are "without basis" and that they had previously been warned to expect "dirty tricks". Assange was in Sweden last week where he announced the whistleblower website is set to publish a final batch of secret documents on the war in Afghanistan." -Is he being charged with rape so the USA can shut down his website exposing their war crimes? It appears so.

23/08/2010 13:32:41 Franken: Net Neutrality "Biggest Issue Since Freedom of Religion"
"Net Neutrality is the biggest issue since Freedom of Religion, which until last week I thought we had worked out." -A 13 minute video of Sen. Al Franken clearly explaining Net Neutrality and what big corporations want to do with the Internet. It's all about money again. They can have their cake and eat it too here. Small ministries and churches that preach Present Truth don't (at present) have the funds to buy bandwidth if they set it up like this. So most of the voices will be stopped online. Those that do have the money will be easier to find as well when they set up the bandwidth limits making Rome's job of persecution that much more effective. In any event, when the brook Cherith dried up, Elijah moved on into new avenues of the work at hand. So shall we.

22/08/2010 10:45:06 Top secret America
"Washington Post reporters Dana Priest and William M. Arkin spent two years investigating the government's response to 9/11. Top Secret America explores what they found." -This is something many of us already knew about. But, to find out there are around 1 million government workers in top secret positions makes it more and more apparent that you never really know who your next door neighbor is. Just one more reason to get close to Christ and get out of the city. Christian discernment is an amazing blessing that can be used to both glorify God as well as protect one's family by keepign one step ahead like David did in his day when Saul sought his life.

22/08/2010 10:45:06 Adelaide infamous street preachers
As soon as these Aussie preachers open their mouths they get dragged of to jail for "disorderly behaviour." Imagine that, preaching salvation is now considered disorder! Notice however, when the reporters ask the shoppers if they are being bothered by the Christian preachers they all said no. The shop keepers are to blame here because "they believe" the Christians are scaring off shoppers. But as you can see clearly, they lied. As close as we are to the end, so many still prefer to pander to the flesh instead of getting ready to meet their God! And yes.. this was prophecied as well.

20/08/2010 15:12:40 No mosque at Ground Zero
This is not a political statement. It's all about Islam and how Satan is using it to take control of America and then the world. Rome needs their global police force like they did their police force in Hitler's day. Back then, they didn't have a majority of nations in agreement with her, hence World War II was the end result. What bothers me about all this is, it took a man from London to speak up to wake up some Americans on this. They were able to stop the building of a mosque in London, hopefully they will stop it in the USA. However, this still won't stop Rome from using the Muslims like they did Hitler in his day. Islam has spread around the world for a prophetic reason. It wasn't to convert billions.It was created by Rome so they can control billions. Most peopel fear Muslims because of their bloodthirsty ways just liek most feared Nazi's. Rome has always used fear to their advantage. They're are doing it again just as prophecied!

20/08/2010 15:12:40 Growing number "incorrectly" call Obama a Muslim
It seems there are a lot more American's waking up to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a Muslim. They say it's 18% in this video, but as we have seen so many times in the past, the Government controlled media will lie to protect their hidden agenda. The number is actually far higher than 18% I'm sure. When you have a man photographed wearing Muslim clothing, bowing to Muslim leaders, removing Christian symbols from places he speaks, and refusing to take part in Christian events, like the national day of prayer, yet joining in Islam's Ramadan celebrations, you tend to see that yes, he is a Muslim. This is also confirmed when you see pro-Islamic laws being passed, his approval of a Mosque at ground zero, as well as numerous other tell tale signs. The fact the media is pushing this video online in hundreds of sites including YouTube as well as TV News, (I saw it with my own eyes) you beging to realize Rome is trying to spin the truth about Obama. Their plans to bring Sharia Law to America are threatened by the facts many Americans are now seeing. Plus, most are unware that there is a doctrine in the Quran that ok's masquerading as a Christian to benefit Islam. Amazing thing here is, this is exactly what Jesuits have admitted in writing to be doing for Rome. Is it just a mere coincidence that Catholicism and Islam have so many similar doctrines and bloodstained historic facts expsoign them? No.. truth is simply truth.

19/08/2010 14:45:23 Massive egg recall
FYI: "A massive egg recall is underway after hundreds of people became sick with what is believed to be salmonella poisoning." -I know most of you that frequent this website don't eat eggs, but some do, so this video is for you if in fact you have the following lot numbers on your eggs. P-1026, P-1413, & P-1946. By the way, Ellen White did predict that near the end dairy products will become unsafe to eat. Meat has already been unsafe for years, soon the eggs will be unsafe on a regular basis as well.

19/08/2010 14:45:23 Torture video outrage in the Philippines
WARNING! Not an easy video to watch! "A cell-phone video, showing a suspected robber screaming in pain as an alleged police chief yanks on a rope tied to the victim's genitals, has sparked outrage in the Philippines." -Keep in mind, the overwhelming majority of the Filipino people are Roman Catholic. This of course includes the police. Just like during the Roman Catholic Inquisition, Vatican torture tactics were used. Truth is, as we saw in the USA, as soon as Rome had control of D.C. in the mid 1980's torture became more and more acceptable in certain American holdings. In recent years it became the norm in military interrogations. Biblical facts remain, torture is a Vatican fingerprint. All has been, always will be.

19/08/2010 14:45:23 Fears new superbug could go global
"An enzyme called NDM-1 has been found in the UK and is proving resistant to most antibiotics.." -When I look at the small amount of people that became infected by the so called pandemic of the "swine flu," as compared to the millions with regular flu, and now this so called superbug is gearing up, I can't help wonder if this is just another global commercial of the medical profession to sell more drugs. Especially since God given natural methods are so much more effective than these side effect ridden drugs and sorceries. As I see all this, I can't help think, here we go again. Someone in power just made an investment in a new drug that will be slated as the wonder cure for this so called superbug.

18/08/2010 14:56:46 Is Armageddon just days away?
"News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor has touched off a countdown to a point of no return, a deadline by which Israel would have to launch an attack on Iran's Bushehr reactor before it becomes effectively "immune" to any assault, says former Bush administration U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton. Once the fuel rods are loaded, Bolton told Fox News on Friday afternoon, it makes it essentially immune from attack by Israel. Because once the rods are in the reactor an attack on the reactor risks spreading radiation in the air, and perhaps into the water of the Persian Gulf." So.. will Israel start a war they cannot hope to win, and one that may very well generate a global war? Time will tell. In any event, "wars and rumors of war" have become the norm for our society just as Jesus prophecied.

18/08/2010 14:56:45 Superpower promo - Exploring the extraordinary power of the Internet - BBC
This is commercial for a new broadcast matket launching in the UK. But in it's own way it can be seen as a one minute documentary of just how powerful the Internet can be. It's actually quite true in that a simple thought agreed upon around the world by hundreds of millions of people can, and has upset the plans of the Vatican and her pawns quite easily in days past and days ahead. No, the commercial doesn't touch on that, nor was it created for that purpose. By sheer accident (?) it does however illustrate, in an innocent sort of way, why they fear the Internet so much. Now do you see why they want to censor it? They say it's to "protect us" like usual. But they said the same thing when they passed hundreds of other laws through the years. No, they didn't protect us at all. They just made it easier for them to control us for when Rome enforces their mark. If the Internet is allowed to freely post the facts for billions to see, Rome will have a very rough go of it. So, soon the Internet will be censored, and they will be able to control the people in each of the ten regions, they call "kingdoms" on earth. But then.. that too was prophecied.

18/08/2010 15:04:10 Gulf oil testing proves Ocean's food change in danger
"Two reports published Tuesday express concern about the lingering effects of oil spilled from the ruptured BP well into the Gulf of Mexico. A team from Georgia Sea Grant and the University of Georgia released a report that estimates that 70 to 79 percent of the oil that gushed from the well "has not been recovered and remains a threat to the ecosystem," the university said in a release. ...Plankton and other organisms at the base of the food chain showed a "strong toxic response" to the crude, and the oil could resurface later, according to researchers. The dispersant is moving the oil down out of the surface and into the deeper waters, where it can affect phytoplankton and other marine life." -Of course the Federal reports downplay this immensely. Fact remains, the microscopic lifeforms that feed small fish, who in turn feed larger fish and so on, are in grave danger. This mess isn't going away no matter how much the media pawns tries to spin it. They are killing the ocean. Soon Christ will return to "destroy them which destroy the earth." -Revelation 11:18

17/08/2010 14:46:25 Street preacher arrested on sidewalk
No megaphone is being used, no people are being approached or harassed. To top it off the preacher is on a public sidewalk where hundreds of people are walking by. Still, CNN security comes up and tells him he cannot use the sidewalk because it's their property. Yet when the preacher asks why they don't ask the hundreds of other people on the sidewalk to leave, he gets arrested. I wonder, if Ted Turner's ex-wife, (Jane Fonda) who claims to be a born again Christian was on that sidewalk, would he arrest her too? I wonder if street preachers ever tried this. Go to the CNN sidewalk... preach boldly for 15 or 30 minutes... Then move on down the road and do it someplace else. If the preachers keep moving one step ahead of the security guards, perhaps it would be more difficult for them to arrest them. -just being wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

17/08/2010 14:46:25 Pictures of pollen
When you look at the beauty of these pictures you can see God's hand clearly in His creation. They're using a scanning electron microscope to get these amazing images. The detail on these extremely small bits of pollen is so amazing! It shows they are purposely designed to do a specific work in nature. Each one is unique in the way it is formed and the job it is created to do. Just looking at the way they are so different from each other proves mankind is so foolish to think there is no God!